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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 3, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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♪ >> it is national sandwich day. i would put this out on twitter. some places folks can get a good sand witch. sit back to watch "outnumbered." see you back here in a hour. >> "outnumbered" the starts right now. harris: we begin with a fox news alert. we're waiting for two rallies to begin as presidential candidates hit key swing states in the final five days of the campaign. new polling shows the race is squeaky tight. the crowd awaits donald trump's rally in florida and at same time mr. trump's former rival ted cruz is hitting the trail with vice-presidential candidate mike pence. that is in iowa. we'll have it for you. this is "outnumbered." here today, sandra smith. democratic strategist julie roginsky, fuchs news legal analyst and host of "justice with judge jeanine," i get excited, the judge is here. sandra: i hope she gets that excited for brian. harris: we'll see how it works
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out. i don't know. today's #oneluckyguy, co-host of fox and friend brian kilmeade. she looks pretty excited. his latest book, thomas jefferson and the tripoli pirates. the forgotten war that changed american history. now out in paperback. hello. >> great to see you, ladies. you haven't had me on the couch. you keep it in great shape. you will be able to get your deposit back. harris: last time we were here we put a stuffed bear in your seat. >> i remember that. it was wonderful to have that. sandra: good to have you. >> i don't know how we're ending the show. i will not give it away. it has to do with sandra's smile. sandra: why i am so tired. julie: are you most excited person ever? sandra: what amazing, historic night for the chicago conduction. harris: i watched with her on twitter. >> feel bad for indians. not to put down cleveland which we love. harris: and a little rain delay.
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>> but the country is happy for chicago. sandra: they are. there. >> there is no resentment. sandra: if only harry carrey lived to see the day. harris: on that cheery note, wait for the campaigns to begin. ratcheting up attacks on each other with five days to go. hillary clinton going after donald trump for treatment of women, and questioning his fitness to be a role model for our nation's children. >> just think about what what happens if he were to win for women and girls. our girls would grow up with a president who loudly and proudly ranks women about their looks. remember what he said about carly fiorina a distinguished woman with a tremendous record of accomplishment. trump said nobody will vote for her. look at her face. [booing]
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he bragged about doing things to women without their consent. just imagine what that would mean to girls and women. harris: donald trump attacked clinton on her emails, even as he was taking a gentle pock at himself about staying on message >> you think hillary will restore honesty to government? i don't think so, folks. hillary wants to blame everyone else for her mounting legal troubles but she has no one to blame but herself. hillary is the one who set up an illegal private email server to shield her criminal activity. we have to be nice and cool. nice and cool. right? stay on point, donald, stay on point. [laughter] [cheering] no side tracks, donald. nice and easy. nice. because i've been watching hillary the last few days. she is totally unhinged.
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harris: meanwhile new quinnepiac polls showing candidates running neck-and-neck in key battleground states n florida, only one point separates clinton and trump. in north carolina the democrat hold as 3-point lead, 47-44% within the margin of error. in ohio the republican is up by five, 46-41%. pennsylvania which has not been for a republican since the 1980's. he is closing in on clinton's lead, trailing by five points. i said squeaky tight, brian. >> he is on a roll. donald trump started on obamacare an being so disciplined on the stump maybe he is getting it and listening to different people. if you watch his rallies carrying them all weekend long he is being disciplined. obamacare is close to collapse.d now they're running from it. a lot of these things have nothing to do with donald trump. a lot has to do he is hitting his stride. that is making everything coming
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together. we're in a race too close to call. harris: we're in the presence of a judge. >> here's the thing. not only does, is donald, he is seeming more clearly on message. she is a little more hysterical. woe didn't see it in that sound but she is almost screaming at people. is this what you want? she is becoming unhinged because now what she sees is the fbi reopening an investigation, not the same stuff but the reopen of the clinton foundation stuff and fact it was never closed. four separate departments or offices in the fbi, california, arkansas, new york and washington, kept it open. and now she sees the combination, the intersection of wikileaks, the emails, the news reports, and her movements within the state department as very damaging stuff. there's talk of her being indicted. harris: so there is one thing, and certainly if you consider the indictment, that is whole
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another ball of wax. which i would imagine president obama would have to weigh in on at some point. with the word, whether or not he will pardon her. i would think we would hear from him. >> even before that, loretta lynch, the won who met with the target's husband on the tarmac would have to give him access to a grand jury. that is what people don't understand. jim comey doing the investigation along with all the separate fbi offices can do nothing without access to a grand jury. only the attorney general can give him that. harris: do you think she will do it? >> she has already been renewed. >> already said a after meeting on tarmac i will keep loretta lynch. do you think that was a bribe? not for me to say. harris: sandra: julie on the couch this week went as far to say this week we saw pivot from donald trump so many, even his own supporters have been looking for. a few days out has the race changed dramatically and he is one on message --
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>> let's be realistic. i said this all along. it is about math, not momentum. momentum catches up to math. mat are math and statistics is statisticses. ultimately the firewall, her white college educated women. he is beatings him by 27 points. harris: that category. >> romney won him by six. this is her firewall. and on the campaign trail with alicia mao dodd dough. ultimately you look at polling -- machado. the advantage to this cycle versus previous cycles. we not necessarily know how individuals voted but have indication how people voted already in early voting. among people who voted in florida, north carolina, democrats seem to have the advantage. so when you look at polling take into account -- harris: except for the black vote. looked specifically at north carolina this morning. >> the black vote comes in typically later than the white
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vote in north carolina. harris: you said early voting. >> but if you look at early voting in florida, for example, in four-way race she is beating him with republicans, 27%. >> i don't think so. there is more republicans shown up in florida -- >> but you're first understanding. they're crossing party lines. 27% of republicans who voted according to this poll voted for her and crossing back to vote for rubio. >> that would make sense in the early voting. no the after obamacare around not after fbi -- >> the votes are cast. harris: some people have been voting for a while. >> that is the point, my point is the votes are cast. >> up to a week ago. >> right. >> but coming from a week, from last friday, everything is changing. >> 27%. think about that. you have 27% of early voting republicans already voted for her. that is insane. >> isn't it true always been gender gap and women and democratic party. >> with women overall, not with white college educated this is very critical, not with white
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college educated women. romney won the demographic. she is winning 27 points. he is down by 27 points. >> picked up five points in the last week. sandra: talk about what is happening on stage in iowa, joining pence is texas senator ted cruz, donald trump's former rival. harris: will he help him? sandra: does this help him the last few days? >> when you look at surrogates, it is all democrats. they have biden, bill clinton. donald trump hasn't had it. this is beginning to unveil something that could make an impact. ted cruz and pence together is good combination. >> a great combination. harris: to the point, some of surrogates for trump desperately need to be women given all that happened last month 1/2. women for trump led by laura trump. sandra: kellyian conway with you. >> melania coming it. harris: she will be speaking later today about her immigration story, melania.
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look how many more democrats have come out that. is only place where you say donald trump got hurt by the establishment because he didn't have all those. >> one thing happening rapid rate is republicans falling in line with donald trump. enthusiasm. they see corruption behind it. i think this election is yet to be decided. harris: you jonah goldberg before. >> he is never trump per. harris: let me tell you what he did today. he did new electoral map. did our own at foxx. saw him on twitter. asked him about it, he had both of them in the 200s. hillary clinton had a little bit of lead, not longer that 307, 320. his was tightening. i was curious to know why. you said it, he is not trump supporter. he sees still plenty of time. >> look at colorado, harris, a dead-heat in colorado. tied at 39. harris: pennsylvania is another story where people can change the votes at least could up until november 1st. >> they taught them how to do it.
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enthusiasm is on donald's side. that is the difference. >> tell you like pennsylvania. like charlie brown with football and pennsylvania is the lucy. >> 1988. george bush 41 did it. it could happen. >> anything is possible. >> jobs, jobs, jobs in pennsylvania. harris: all right. we want you to spend november 8th with all of us fox news. all day, all night. we'll have biggest and best coverage and best analysis as we wait to find out who will be our next president. fnc as the cool kids call it, is the only place to be on election day. popcorn and your night is made. >> we're not sleeping. harris: bombshells rocking hillary clinton's campaign at a fast and furious pace now. latest, quote, avalanche of evidence, our sources in the fbi say is mounting in their probe of alleged pay-to-play involving clinton family charity.
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their push to seek indictments. you heard the judge say it. a live report on that. guess who is coming up? melania trump on the trail. first event since the republican convention. her mission to soften her had us's image among women voters. can she do it? we wait tore trump trum to step up to the lech turn in the -- waiting for donald trump to step up to the lecturn in the battleground state of florida. we're waiting for him. stay close. "when the ship comes in" by the hollies
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sandra: fox news alert. we await donald trump at a rally in jacksonville, florida, new details about the clinton foundation are sending shockwaves throughout the presidential race. fbi sources telling fox news the agency's investigation into
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alleged pay-to-play involve being the clinton family charity has been going on more than a year and it has now taken on a quote, very high priority. they say there's an avalanche of evidence and that barring some sort of obstruction, agents investigating would likely to continue to push to try to get an indictment. all this, as "the wall street journal" reports there were some pretty fierce turf battles between fbi investigators and doj officials over whether they had enough to pursue an aggressive probe into the clinton foundation. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has more from washington. hey, catherine. reporter: thanks, sandra. you're right, "wall street journal" is reporting this morning a secret audio recording with informant discussing clinton foundation led to bitter and internal beatle between the fbi and justice department over how to proceed in the clinton foundation investigation. we're working here at fox to independently confirm that information. though what we know through our reporting is that the fbi's investigation of the clinton
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found is not dead. fbi agents are working quietly on this case out of four offices across the country, including southern california, arkansas, washington, d.c. and new york city with multiple sources telling fox news that the justice department has been tapping the brakes on this case in some instances, blocking access to a grand jury. and despite earlier reporting, fox news has confirmed that computers belonging to clinton's personal attorney cheryl mills there on the left and heather samuelson were not destroyed as part of immunity deal with the justice department in the email case. both lawyers are central to these investigations because they are the ones who decided which clinton emails were government work, deleting the rest. so those computers are still in evidence and still available to fbi investigators in the clinton investigation on the foundation. while protocol is not to discuss ongoing investigations in a new interview the president seems to
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dismiss fbi director comey's decision to reinitiate the hillary clinton email investigation. >> hillary clinton having been in the arena for 30 years, often times gets knocked around and people say crazy stuff about her and, when she makes a mistake, an honest mistake, it ends up being blown up as if it is just some crazy thing. reporter: but it is rao lilly important to have some context here because the president really does have a stake in the outcome because the state department revealed earlier this year he did correspond with hillary clinton using that personal email address. >> i can confirm that as part of this monthly foia production of former secretary clinton's emails the state department will be denying in full seven email chains found in 22 documents representing 37 pages. reporter: and in this april fbi interview, clinton aide huma
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abedin told agents she notified the white house every time clinton changed her email address so the president's high security devices, including his blackberry, would not block those emails. meanwhile the clinton foundation told our mike emanuel this morning that it is unaware of any federal probe into the charity and has not received any subpoenas for documents. bottom line to people at home, there are two separate tracks in the investigation. there is email, mishandling of classified information, that has been reinitiated by the fbi just in the last week and there is the clinton foundation. we reported expansion to the clinton foundation in january. now we have new evidence it is ongoing and intensifying. sandra: catherine herridge thank you so much for the update. and breaking news. we want to get to this breaking news. donald trump stepping up to the podium at a rally in florida. let's listen. >> we're leading all over. we'll have something very special. get out there on tuesday. don't fail. who has already voted by the
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way? [cheering] that's pretty good. that is about 82%. got to vote. we're on the cusp of something that is so amazing, it is historic change, a transfer of power from a failed political establishment. we're going to return that power to you, the american people. [cheering] there is more breaking news that i would like to share with you right now. it was reported last night that the fbi is conducting a criminal investigation into hillary clinton's pay for play corruption during her tenure as secretary of state. in other words the fbi is investigating how hillary clinton put the office of secretary of state up for sale
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in violation of federal law. the investigation is described as a high priority. [cheering] it is far-reaching and has been going on for more than one year. it is reporting that an avalanche of information is coming in. the fbi agents say their investigation is likely to yield an indictment. [cheering] >> lock her up! lock her up! lock her up!
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but just remember, the system is rigged. just remember that. it shows that the political leadership at department of justice trying to protect hillary clinton and interfering with the fib best criminal investigation. by comparison, four-star general, james cartwright, highly is in serious trouble for doing to what clinton did, may go to jail five years. general cartwright, four-star general respected by everybody, a tiny, tiny fraction may go to jail for now five years. general petraeus's live and
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reputation has been destroyed doing nothing, nothing by comparison to what hillary clinton did. she shouldn't even be allowed to run for the office of president. [cheering] she shouldn't be allowed. and that is where the system is rigged. she shouldn't be allowed. it was also reported that the laptops of clinton's top aides which had been slated for destruction were not in fact destroyed. good job by the fbi. the fbi is success fully using them to gather information for their criminal investigation. further, they have found new emails as part of the 650,000
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emails just recently found. can you imagine 650,000? what do these people do? no wonder nothing gets done in government. 650,000. i guess she will save those 650. you remember the 33? the 650,000, the wedding and some yoga, right? no less than five foreign intelligence agencies successfully hacked into the clinton's illegal and not secure server accessed classified information to create a ongoing security threat to the united states. think of what happened to so many people think of what happened to some people.
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hillary clinton engaged in massive, far-reaching criminal conduct and equally far-reaching cover-up. she created an illegal email server to shield and guard her activities. so simple. so simple. should have happened a long time ago, folks. now we're going through phase two, which sounds like it is even worse than phase one. should have happened in phase one. but she was protected by the department of justice. [booing] she illegally transmitted confidential information and lied about it to congress. she illegally destroyed federal records including 33,000 emails after receiving a congressional subpoena. and she made 13 phones disappear some, with a hammer.
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who in this room has gotten rid of a phone and then smashed the hell out of it with a hammer? anybody. raise your hand please. raise your hand? i see one hand over there. i see a hand there. what business are you in? she engaged in corrupt pay for play at the state department for personal enrichment. she lied to the fbi and lied to the american people, many, many times. remember she lied 39 times. i don't recall, i don't recall. those are all lies because she recalled everyone of them. she is are sad events for our country. a high-ranking government official caught selling her public office and endangering national security and engaging in a massive criminal cover-up.
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if she were to win it would create unprecedented constitutional crisis. here we go again with clinton. remember impeachment and problems. she is likely under investigation for many, many years. likely to conclude in a criminal trial. this is not what we need this country folks. we need somebody that will go to work to bring our jobs back. take care of our military. to strengthen up our borders. [applause] this is not what we need. this will be a mess. they say it. they say it. this is going to be a mess for many years to come before they figure it all out. we don't need that. we need a president that will go
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in and do the job. i just left by the way, miami. in leaving i see air force one. i said to myself, i wonder who could that be? and it is our president. [booing] and he's down here campaigning for "crooked hillary." now why, why isn't he back in the office, sometimes referred to as the oval office, why isn't he back in the white house bringing our jobs back? and helping our veterans right? why? why isn't he back working. he is campaigning every day. i actually think considering that she is under criminal investigation, i think he is actually got a conflict.
9:30 am
one of the things that taught us wikileaks. he knew she had a lot of wrong things going on, you know that. that also came out. obama new what was going on, by the way. in case you didn't know. he knew. this guy ought to be the back at the office working. he will not be there very long, thank goodness. but he ought to be back in the office working. [cheering] we don't win anymore with our country. we don't win with our military. we don't win with trade. this guy ought to get back in the office and stop campaigning. if we win on november 8th. we will once again have a government of, by and for the people. [cheering] real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing obamacare.
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it has just been announced that the residents of florida are going to experience a massive double-digit premium hike. who has got their number yet? does anybody know? should i tell you? do you want me to depress everybody? just put your head down and start crying and leave. i won't tell you. i don't want to tell you, you know why? you will be so depressed. i don't like people leaving early crying. you will not like it, folks. in the great state of arizona, as an example, premiums are going up 116%. and it doesn't work. obamacare doesn't work. i am repealing it. we'll replace it with something so much better and something cheaper. [cheering] hillary will double up. over 90% of the counties in
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florida are losing obamacare insurers incomes year. think of it. good luck in that negotiation. in minnesota where the premium increase will be close to 60%, the democratic governor said the affordable care act is no longer affordable. oh, did he take heat. him and bill clinton. did bill clinton take heat? he said it is crazy, obamacare. he said it is crazy. they lied to us. president lied to us 28 times. said you can keep your doctor, keep your plan. kept lying and lying and lying? premiums are surging. companies are leaving and insurers are fleeing. doctors are leaving and deductibles are through the roof sometimes $15,000. you have to spend $15,000 before you start using it. hillary clinton doesn't want
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want to get rid of it. she wants to double down making it much more expensive than it is right now. it is now ridiculous. number one cost right now. bigger than your mortgage. bigger than your rent. first time that ever happened. i'm asking for your vote so we can replace obamacare and save health care for every family in florida and our country. [cheering] real change also means restoring honesty to government. hillary was given the debate questions in advance by donna brazile. [booing]. by the way, can you imagine if those questions, because the dishonest media, among the world's most dishonest people, by the way -- [booing]
9:34 am
it is not even a big story. mainstream media hardly covers it. they hardly talk -- think about it, she got the debate questions against bernie sanders. probably got them against me too but we won those very easily, we won those debates. i don't care if she got them. [cheering] except it shows how dishonest. think of this, supposing i got the debate questions? it would be front page of the "the washington post." it would be front page of "the new york times." he must immediately withdraw from the race. what he did was disgraceful. tell you what? they don't even write about it. so donna brazile was fired from cnn. that's good. why wasn't she fired from the dnc? what she did, totally dishonest. did you see her on television other night.
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where did he get them? where did you get them? she is going, questioner was asking them. where did you get those questions? where did you get them? well, ah, i got them, well -- i got them, i don't know where i got them. i'll tell you what. she should be fired. she should be fired. much more importantly, hillary clinton should be fired. [cheering] hillary clinton. done that brazile couldn't answer the questions. she looked like a fool on television. you know what is worse? she took the questions an gave them to "crooked hillary." that's cheating. "crooked hillary" saying i'm sorry, i can't accept them, we have to report this incident. she took the questions and went in and had good answers for bernie. at some point doesn't bernie
9:36 am
sanders get tired of it? they're calling him all the names and cheating on him? doesn't he tell his supporters to go vote for trump at some point? i haven't seen some story where hillary clinton, they blame donna brazile a little bit, very little. can you imagine if it was me that got the questions? you know what i'm saying they would reinstitute the lech up tick chair. front page news. she is the probably the most dishonest person to ever run for the office of president. i believe that. [cheering] the clintons of the sordid past, some day they start writing about these dishonest people right there. some day they will ask the question and they will do a front page headline, why didn't hillary clinton report that she got confidential guarded questions to a debate? and some day some day these
9:37 am
people will write a story about it in the dishonest mainstream media. my plan is to end government corruption. [cheering] we understand it. i want entire corrupt washington establishment to hear and heed the words we all have to say, we, all of us, all of us. a lot of us. there is a lot of, there is movement we've never seen before in this country. we don't want to blow it now. you're allowed to vote earlier. we don't want to blow it on november 8th. this is a movement like they have never seen before. all of them. even the ones that dislike me, there are quite a few of those people. but all of them. this is a movement like they have never seen in the country. but it will end quickly.
9:38 am
it will go ahead and end quickly and don't vote on november 8th. we'll make america great again, folks. we'll make america great again. [applause] when we win on november 8th, we're going to washington, d.c., and we are going to drain the swamp. [cheering] right. at the core of my contract is the my plan to bring back our jobs. they have been stolen. florida has lost one in four of its manufacturing jobs since nafta, a deal signed by bill clinton and supported by his lovely wife hillary. america has lost 730,000, 70,000 is the typo. for weeks i've been saying it.
9:39 am
we're going to get them back, folks. we're living through the greatest job theft in the history of the world. think of it. greatest jobs theft in the history of the world. a trump administration will stop jobs from leaving america. we will stop the jobs from leaving the state of florida. i can tell you. , quickly. very quickly. [cheering] we don't mind it is 115 degrees in this room, right? do we mind. [shouting] is hot in this room. that is okay. we lose a couple of pounds. not the worst thing in the world, right? from now it will be america first.
9:40 am
trump administration will negotiate nafta. we'll stand up to foreign product dumping, currency manipulation and all unfair subsidy behavior which is a lot. we will also immediately stop the job-killing trans-pacific partnership, a disaster. another disasterous potential deal. to bring back jobs, we'll lower taxes on american business, from 35% to 15%. [cheering] we'll can sell billions of global warming payments to the united nations. and we'll use that money to support america's environmental and national infrastructure. by the way, folks, we're sending billions and billions of dollars, we're making our companies non-competitive.
9:41 am
other companies are, throughout the world are killing us. and other countries don't adhere whatever the here is what we want, we want crystal clean water.t immaculat. and we want great safety. above that, folks, let's go to town and let's employ a lot of people. [cheering] we're going to spend a lot of money on our infrastructure, including deepening which you need of the harbor at jack port? do we all know jack port? [cheering] we will become a rich nation once again. to be a rich nation, must also be a safe nation. in chicago, 3715 people have
9:42 am
been shot since january 1st. think of that. think of that. almost 4,000 people. 4,000 people have been shot since january 1st. nationwide murders have experienced their largest single year increase in 45 years. now the press doesn't tell you that because. the press is guarding hillary clinton and the press doesn't want them, know real facts about your jobs. about all of the things, about our military, which is bogged down in mosul. remember i said, why can't we ever like go in there quietly, secretly and do the job, right? remember i said the element of surprise? and they came, oh, what does trump know -- i know plenty, believe me. they're bogged down. it's a tough situation. before we're going to mosul. i keep saying every time i turn the television, why do they have
9:43 am
to say it? we're going to get leaders of isis, we're going four months. we're going in, leader of isis are in mosul. four months. three months ago. we're going into mosul. we'll get those leaders. problem is, after we said it the first time within about 12 minutes they were gone. we're led by stupid people. remember that. stupid people. [cheering] wouldn't it be nice if we didn't talk, did the job and you had a news conference a week later. wouldn't that be nice? to announce good results? these are not good results. a trump administration. will work with local and federal law enforcement to end this growing crime wave. it is very substantial. every child in america has right to grow up in safety and in peace.
9:44 am
we will also keep you safe from terrorism. hillary clinton wants 500% increase of syrian refugees coming into the country. [booing]. they will be pouring into the country. that is above obama's unbelievable thousands and thousands coming in. her plan would mean generations of terrorism and extremism, spreading across your schools and your communities. and that is one of the reasons we have all of those women for trump signs, okay? believe me. [cheering] the women don't want this. by the way, i have to tell you i think i have tremendous support from women, tremendous. i think tremendous. [cheering] we have tremendous support. we're going to keep our country safe. you know they say, what will you do for women? start off, with we'll keep our country safe.
9:45 am
is that good, is that a good starter? i think we'll do tremendously with women. we're doing tremendously with african-americans, you see that you see what is going on. you see it. you see what is going on. these characters in the back, they're very discouraged because all these lines, people with hats on saying make america great, buttons, shirts. but big reports about tremendous support from groups that i was not supposed to have as much support from, it is throwing, it is throwing them a little bit off balance. they're not happy. they're not happy. the protected one is not being very well-protected. when i'm elected president we will suspend the syrian refugee program and we will keep -- [cheering] we will keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our country, okay? believe me. [cheering] keep them out.
9:46 am
we'll build safe havens and do things over in syria. we'll get other countries to pay for it. we have 20 trillion in debt but we'll get the gulf states, they have a lot of money. they have a tremendous amount of money. they will pay for it, i promise. we have to take care of people. but honestly we have enough, folks, we have enough problems in this country. look at what's happening to germany. look what's happening to france. look at paris. i have a friend every year he goes to paris. i haven't seen him in a while. paris, the city of lights, he tells me. for years, paris, paris. i see him like a month ago. how was paris this summer? i don't go to paris, are you kidding me? it is no longer paris. he hasn't been there in a long time. we're going to have our country be great again, folks, okay? we'll have -- we'll do it properly, we're going to do it properly. we'll do it through love, in a
9:47 am
lot of different ways but we'll have our country be great. a trump administration will also secure, defend the borders of the united states. [cheering] yes, we will build a great wall. [cheering] [shouting] usa! >> and mexico, which is making a fortune with us, just a fortune, at the border, and through trade deficits, our trade deficit with mexico is enormous.
9:48 am
it is enormous with everybody. why should they be different? mexico will pay for the wall, believe me. 100%. [cheering] they might not know it yet but they're paying for the wall. we received first-ever endorsement from our i.c.e. and border patrol officers. they tell us, the border crisis is the worst it's ever been. it is a national emergency. the immigration office warned in a letter that hillary clinton's plan is the most radical immigration proposal in u.s. history, and that it will lead to the loss of thousands and thousands of lives. that is what they wrote us. as secretary of state, hillary clinton allowed many, many people, the most dangerous and violent criminals in the world, to go free because their home countries very intelligently wouldn't accept them back.
9:49 am
so it would take a killer, a drug lord, a vicious gang member, bring them back to their countries, and they would say, turn that plane around and get them out of here. [cheering] and hillary clinton's state department, would say, oh, wow, that's too bad. we'll accept them. they go on our streets and they kill people. hillary clinton supports, and i guarranty you one thing, in four years or eight years, i guarranty you one thing, there won't be one instance, not one, where one of these murdersers or drug people, or gang members, not one instance, folks where that plane will come back with that person on that plane. i guarranty you that. there won't be one instance. [cheering] hillary clinton supports totally open borders. there goes your country. and strongly supports sanctuary
9:50 am
cities like san francisco where kate steinle was murdered by an illegal immigrant who was deported at least five times. [booing] and we're putting very, very strong language in, it will be submitted, first day i'm in office. when they come in once, we deport them. when they come in twice, they go to jail for five years. when they come in another one, it will be 10 years. and you know what is going to happen? sort of pretty simple. they are here, get caught again, they go to jail for five years. guess what's going to happen? they're never coming back, folks. our people don't want to do it. our weak, weak politicians don't want to do that. a trump administration will cancel all federal funding to sank wear which cities. [cheering] we'll end illegal immigration. we'll stop drugs from pouring into your communities and
9:51 am
poisoning our youth and everybody else. we will deport all criminal aliens quickly from our country. we will also repeal the obama-clinton defense sequester around rebuild our badly-depleted military. [cheering] we're going to rebuild them. our navy is the smallest -- have you heard this? to me this is sad. and then you wonder why china, who is making a fortune with us, they make our product. they take our money and they're fine. i have a great relationship. i have made a fortune with china. biggest bank in the world is a tenant of mine in new york, china, biggest bank in the world from china. but you know what? you know what? they're building right now a tremendous fortress in the south china sea. not supposed to be doing it because they are doing it because they have no respect for obama. they laugh at hillary. they think hillary is a joke.
9:52 am
she's a joke. she's a joke. you know what, they dream, they dream, they go to sleep at night these tough leaders, you know they're tough and smart. they're smart and really tough. they go to dream at night, they go to sleep, and they dream that hillary clinton becomes president. that is what their dream is. [booing] i made a lot of money with china. i'm not sure they like the idea of me i will be honest with you. that is okay. we'll get along great with china. we'll get along better with china now. i guarranty they won't build for thes in the middle of sea of the what they're doing is totally a violation. they no longer respect obama and no longer respect our country. our navy is the smallest it has been since world war i. we will build a 350 ship navy our country needs, desires and
9:53 am
must have. [cheering] that means brand new state of the art ships it places like mayport, right here in jacksonville. [cheering] i'm honored, and this is a great honor for me. to have the endorsement of more than 200 top admirals and generals, and 22 medal of honor recipients. [cheering] i'm also honored to have the greatest temperment that anybody has because we know how to win. [cheering] she spends a billion dollars, she spends so much money -- i see these ads. people that know me, they say, how can they say that? now we, you know what? we have a temperment -- we have a certain temperament. it is a temperment knowing how to win, knowing how to win. the leaders of our country, boy,
9:54 am
you talk about temperment. interestingly, whether it is podesta or bernie sanders, podesta said hillary has bad instincts. i'll be honest, i have read things that he has said about hillary on wikileaks and if i were hillary i would fire podesta so fast. he says such demeaning things about her. she has bad instincts. you read some. things, that is incredible. you have to work with people and it was all behind her back. to say the things he said about her, she should look at him, say, podesta, you're fired. [cheering] but she can't do that. she probably needs him as a witness in the criminal case. so she can't do it. our new foreign policy will put america first. hillary brought death and disaster to iraq, syria, libya.
9:55 am
she empowered iran and she unleashed isis. she wants to get rid of isis? she is the one that started it, came through the vacuum. now it is in 32 countries. i watched her during the debate meekly talk about isis. and i said to her, you've been here for 30 years, hillary. you started isis. you were secretary of state when it started. why are you going to get rid of it? you can't get rid of anything. you don't know what you're doing. now she wants to start a shooting war in syria in conflict with a nuclear-armed russia, that could very well lead to world war iii. remember, putin has no respect for her either. has no respect for her. doesn't like her around doesn't respect her. doesn't like obama and doesn't respect him. hillary and the failed washington establishment spent $6 million in the middle east on wars we never win and now it is
9:56 am
in worse shape than ever before. wars we never win, folks. they dragged us into foreign wars that made us less safe. they took us, opened up our borders. you know it is interesting we fight for their borders, but at home we have open borders. try and figure that one out. we fight like hell for their borders, we spend trillions of dollars to do it, but at home, we have open borders. and they have shipped our jobs on top of everything and our wealth, to other countries. that is going to end very quickly. [cheering] our jobs are coming back. and our companies aren't leaving. and if our companies wan to leave, there are consequences. if they want to go to mexico or some other country or build a plant and make air conditions like carrier is doing or build cars like ford is doing, ford is moving entire massive division down, all small car production, they want to do that, you tell
9:57 am
them, very nicely, i'm sorry, i always joke that i want to make those calls so badly. i don't want to put anybody in charge of those calls. they're so easy. and they're short. and our politicians should have done this for years. but you tell them, that when you make your air condition be, whatever you might be, mexico, enjoy the weather, when that car or product comes through our very strong border, now it will be a very strong border, there will be a 35% tax. [cheering] you know what will happen, nobody is going to leave, folks. they're taken care of by special interest groups who want that to happen. there will be 35% tax and nobody is leaving. once that do leave, that's okay too. we'll make a lot of money. nobody ever says it. does anybody say it like trump be right? so simple. all americans, say it is time for new leadership.
9:58 am
think of what we can accomplish in the furs 100 days of a trump administration. [cheering] we're going to have the biggest tax cuts since ronald reagan and hillary is raise taxes very substantially. she is raising your taxes. we'll eliminate everyone necessary job killing regulation. we'll can sell every illegal obama executive order. we're going to rebuild our military and take care of our great, great, great veterans they have never been taken care of properly. 22 suicides today. not going to happen. we'll take care of our veterans. i appreciate all the support i get from the military. there is big article on front page of "new york times." they say, boy does trump have support from the military and by the way, law enforcement. by military including big leagues, our veterans, right you know?
9:59 am
how many veterans are lear right now. lots. big, big stories. veterans and military and law enforcement. we're going to provide school choice. the we'll put an end to common core. we're going to support the great men and women of law enforcement. we're going to support them. [cheering] we're going to save our second amen great people. you know we have the endorsement of the nra. these are great people. [cheering] the earliest they have ever give inch. and we will appoint justices to the united states supreme court who will uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. so important. so important. [cheering] it is time to cut our ties with the failed and bitter politics of the past. hillary clinton has been there for 30 years.
10:00 am
she has accomplished nothing. just words. and just made things worse. she is a candidate of yesterday. it is going to be really interesting to see what happens to her, isn't it? [cheering] i wonder. is very unfair. so dew think that justice will be done. i see the audience. like i don't know. who knows? we are are going to see. i tell you what,


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