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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 4, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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5:00 a.m. why would you want to watch anything else? >> we'll have it covered all night long. 67 hours straight. >> i can't believe that we're almost at the finish line. >> we're here. "fox and friends" starts right now. have a good friday. well, i'll tell you what, i am ready to grab that a baton. he's going to have to bend down for me to be able to reach it because you know erks a tall man. >> if we win in november, we'll once again have a government of, by and for the people. >> you have trump who looks like the happy -- hillary looks like she didn't get candy on halloween, shut her door and turned the lights off. >> to get contracts in haiti, they actually said is this contractor an f.o.b., friend of
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bill. that's classic pay to play. >> who is beholden to no one but you, the american people. >> we got work to do to finish what we started eight years ago. >> if you are so sick, if your doctor gives you the worst prognosis, doesn't make a bit of difference. you get out of bed and you vote. >> i didn't know we had a horn section. >> the avenue of americas. america is going to vote in four days. that means four days until the end of the robo call. >> let it sink in. we love fridays, but this is the last friday before the election of 2016.
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>> right. unless it's 269-269 and we go into overtime. that's what you said in 2000. >> it won't. i'm telling you. >> see if there's any hanging chads. >> concerned about the street. did everybody hit the snooze button. >> not enough people for new york city. >> there are people out there. >> 30 more minutes and there will be a lot of people. >> we have team coverage. we have reporters all over the country covering the election. >> campaign tout in null force this friday morning. they're crisscrossing the country. >> as the race tightens with four days until the election. >> that's true. we have fox team coverage. mike emanuel is with the clinton camp in pennsylvania. we're going to start with our senior national correspondent who is in atkinson, new hampshire. good morning, john. ainsley, steve, brian, good morning. if kilmeade keeps talking about 269-269, we'll make him stay up all day and all night to cover it. trust me. >> you never know.
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>> we're in the granite state. president obama won this last -- george bush won it in 2000. this was the season donald trump, first primary win and a new boston globe poll has it all even up at 42 apiece. when he talked to the atkinson country club at noon, he'll be talking about the fbi investigation, hillary clinton's e-mail scandal as he did last night in selma, north carolina, saying the 650,000 e-mails, many of which are newfound on anthony weiner's laptop suggest that hillary clinton may have perjured herself when she was talking about all this. here's trump from last night. >> remember when they said they're duplicates. they're duplicates. how can it be. when 650,000 are what's -- how can that be duplicates? >> hillary, therefore, committed perjury. >> trump's wife melania back on the campaign trail for the first time since her speech at the
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republican national convention revealing that as first lady, she would take on cyber bullying as her signature issue. here she is from yesterday. >> it will be my honor and privilege to serve this country. i will be an advocate for women and for children. >> donald trump tweeting out from his 757 yesterday watching my beautiful wife melania speak about our love of country and family. we will make you all very proud. donald trump will head to -- push it forward in the next couple of days hitting six battleground states now and sunday morning and on from there. brian, steve, ainsley. >> all right. no rest for the weary. >> watching that yesterday, i'm saying to myself, why isn't there more melania? she's composed. >> saving the best for the end. >> she's going to be, i think there are three speeches she's going to make before the
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election. >> let's see what happens. they definitely need the female vote to increase on their side. meanwhile, hillary clinton desperately trying to distract voters from the growing -- >> her tactics might not be working. >> let's talk to mike emanuel with the clinton campaign in pittsburgh on this friday morning. michael. >> steve, ainsley, brian, good morning to you. hillary clinton will be spending a lot of time in the final days of this campaign here in battleground pennsylvania. the latest cbs news new york times national poll reveals a very close race heading into the final weekend of this campaign. clinton, 45%. donald trump 42% and the third party candidate, gary johnson and jill steinat 5% and 4%. clinton was in the tar heel state yesterday, north carolina, she was there with pharrell
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williams and bernie sanders. she talked about injustice in the world and no surprise, she took an attack on donald trump. >> he retweets white -- you got to ask yourself, do any of us, any of us who believe in our constitution, who believe in the rule of law, that is not who america is and we're not going to let it ever go back to that. >> clinton's close aide, huma abedin has been off the campaign trail for a week since her e-mails reignited the probe of clinton's investigation. headlined a fundraiser in washington after her campaign told us that she had been working out of the brooklyn headquarters this week. finally, the race here in pennsylvania. the real clear politics average of recent polls has clinton up three over trump.
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46.8 to 43.8. after today, clinton has two more visits to pennsylvania scheduled. trying to nail down a critical state. ainsley, steve, brian? >> i see, mike, everybody -- a state everybody thought she had nailed down. mike emanuel, great job. >> he mentioned a poll. there's an interesting poll, investors business daily, combined with t.i.p.p., they have found that currently donald trump is leading with catholics by 20 points. which is astounding. >> why do you think as a catholic that is? >> absolutely. >> i want to bring something else. that wikileaks e-mail that talked about catholics basically being a backwards religion that they're going to have a group out there that will bring them into modern society. >> we've been reporting a lot about anthony weiner's laptop. there's enough information, state department e-mails were
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actually found. more were found on anthony weiner's laptop. that's not really supposed to happen. imagine if you logged on to your g-mail account and you had an e-mail from the state department. you would be alarmed. >> why are state department e-mails on an alleged pedophile's laptop? >> here's the thing. she apparently backed up her smartphone to that particular laptop. what's important about this, we had heard there could be as many as 650,000 e-mails on that laptop. they are not duplicates of anything. >> underline that. that's huge news. >> what that means is these are work e-mails from hillary clinton when she was secretary of state. these are the work e-mails they were supposed to turn over. the fbi is looking at it saying we don't know if they're important. we never got these before. >> two things that stand out. it's like why does he have these e-mails on his laptop. >> they shared it. >> i know.
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>> but it shows at carelessness we just happened to come across these because anthony weiner happened to get in trouble with the law. what else is out there on our spouse's laptops? >> huma abedin is by the way just a staffer ziemt you know in quantico they're poring over this laptop and going to different software programs to get rid of duplicates. cbs is reporting these are fresh e-mails. they're not duplicates. right there, that is news emerging that you can't sideline. >> one other thing. we were telling you yesterday about how the fbi agency essentially is melting down. you've got the agents who are saying, we need to go forward with this investigation into the clinton foundation and then you've got the career politicians saying there's not enough there.
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>> there's a couple -- politicians in the fbi? >> who are prosecutors. >> they referred to the fbi right now as trumplandia. one current fbi agent says hillary clinton is the anti-christ personified to a large swath of fbi personnel and the reason they're leaking these stories is because they are pro-trump and the clintons are corrupt and they feel they have to do what they can do and what that means is leaking -- >> if they're in there with a pro-trump agenda, that sidelines their credibility. i mean, that's terrible. >> well, maybe -- >> explaining the motivation why these are coming out. >> i do see what you're saying. maybe they feel that way because they have inside information that we don't have on the -- >> anyway, a lot going on, on in friday. we'll keep you updated on all sorts of election news. right now heather nauert joins us with a whole bunch of other stuff. >> good morning to all of you. thousands of tourists scrambling
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their way to find their way out of a pitch black casino after a massive power outage in paris in las vegas. look at video shot. a contractor accidentally, oops, cut into the main power line. nearly a dozen people had to be rescued from the elevators there. >> this just in. the power at the resort slowly coming back on this morning and guests not returning there after spending the night at nearby hotels. then a gruesome discovery to talk about in south carolina after a woman is found chained, like a dog, inside a metal container in the woods. her captor was keeping her alive by feeding her. the man who owns the property, a registered sex offender is under arrest. authorities fear there could be more victims. >> we're trying to make sure that we don't have a serial killer on our hands. >> sports burglary, south carolina.
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they heard the victim banging on that container in a wooded area they were searching. they had been looking for kayla brown and her boyfriend since they were missing in late august. police still don't know where he is. an activist says the -- gets shot by a bullet during a live interview. >> [ bleep ]. >> erin says she was not making aggressive gestures when she was hit in the back by police. protesters were a clashing with law enforcement as they rally against the completion of the pipeline from north dk dakota to illinois. a police officer pulls over a truck to find out that the woman was having a heart attack. >> what do you got going on? >> heart attack. >> the officer pulled the woman to the side of the road and then begins cpr. >> she's gone. >> no she's not. >> how terrifying. >> the officer got her breathing
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again and this morning, we're happy to tell you, she was in stable condition at a hospital in oklahoma. thank goodness for that police officer there. those are your headlines. >> right place at the right time. >> heroes. >> thanks, heather. mainstream media has been writing donald trump off since the start. >> surprise that rocked the race for president on friday may not have rocked it enough to move the needle with voters. >> okay, lester. does the mainstream media have it all wrong? that is coming up next. could paul ryan's days as speaker of the house be numbered? we have the late-breaking details.
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which is good for me a 200-degree range of sight... hey! ... and bad for the barkley twins. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. with our most vitamin d three ever. all right. four days until election day. the race is a virtual dead heat. donald trump is closing in on hillary clinton. just three points nationally according to "the new york times" cbs poll. the big question is what's happening when it comes to 270 electoral votes. popular vote means nothing. here to map it out, we'll focus on a few different scenarios. caitlin, let's start with this. let's clear it out here. let's go to the original first
3:18 am
page. >> okamaybe we won't. >> if we look at everything trending and where it's leadings hillary clinton waiting with 273 electoral votes. >> looking at the averages, clinton clearly has an advantage in terms of the electoral college and in terms of the fundamental race. the race is narrowing. there are scenarios where if we flip a couple states, donald trump has a path. >> the news that's coming out, new hampshire, it is trending. now to a virtual tie to trumpland am. >> this is a fascinating race right now. clinton was ahead by eight points. now it's less than a point. many polls yesterday coming out saying the race is tied. there's only four electoral votes. how much can it matter? if you look at the fundamentals of this race, where it stands now, if you flip new hampshire
3:19 am
as one scenario and maine has -- divides their electoral college in half by congressional district. >> right. >> he could get. >> i didn't know this. you could get a point out of maine and four out of new hampshire. >> that will flip an advantage to trump. that also assumes that he wins florida, ohio, nevada in some cases. he has to really run the table everywhere else. in other words, get the romney map, pick up a few battleground states and flip at least one blue state. you can look at a scenario, new hampshire is involved in that. >> mitt romney did swing and miss on every battleground state. if you call north carolina a battleground, you give that to mitt romney. trump is trailing slightly in north carolina. but the african-american vote has been down. >> in north carolina, it's a fascinating state. they've both been in the state. it's a toss-up at this point.
3:20 am
it's tied in the real clear politics average. the clinton campaign thinks they can win. they clears the map. trump has no path without north carolina. that's why they're focusing heavily there. >> fascinating, caitlin, that president obama now has a 58% approval rating. so now he's doing something unprecedent unprecedented. he's the lead dog over the candidates going to the key spots. he's the one pounding north carolina. he's the one going to florida. this is unbelievable. >> he's the top surrogate. >> right. you think about that, too. was eisenhower helping nixon. was reagan helping out bush? no and no. >> this is unprecedented if you think about it. it's because of the approval ratings, you said he's very effective for hillary clinton. >> the map froze but we didn't. that's a lesson to every kid going to school today. believe in yourself, not your maps. >> always take notes in case. >> steve and ainsley. >> see how tal ened you were. >> you got an a-plus brian.
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coming up -- >> according to hillary clinton, if you're a woman and you're voting for trump, you've lost your mind. is hillary right? our next guest says yes. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? really?ot email any, um, classified material. the fbi said there were 110 classified emails that were exchanged... hillary lied. and another lie? i respect the second amendment. but behind closed doors, hillary told liberal elites...
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the supreme court is wrong on the second amendment. hillary will lie about anything to get elected. the nra institute for legislative action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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18 months in a row. that's how long federal gun background check have been on the rise. 18 months in a row. millions of americans are concerned about stricter gun control if hillary clinton becomes president next tuesday. next 48. that's how many states are now asking the feds for help with cyber security days before the election. 48 of them. the biggest concern? hackers changing electronic votes if that's possible.
3:25 am
>> and finally, 207. that's how many times president obama referred to himself while stumping for somebody else. in this case hillary clinton. the website american mirror did the counting. there was a lot of it. ainsley? >> thank you, steve. hillary clinton hopes that women will be the key to winning the white house four days from election day. but some women say they simply cannot support her. a north carolina stay-at-home mom writing this. while i would have loved to make history by voting in the first president of my gender, i'm voting for trump. it's not because i'm blind to his many
3:26 am
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i was with him last night and she lives in georgia. she said ainsley. what's your message to me? do i need to vote? she said i'm not in support of either one of these candidates.
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i lived in the same dilemma. however, when you have a candidate who has promised to uphold the affordable health care act and expand on its power, that power that's going to continue to hike premiums and not only premiums, but the additional costs that come now with 2017, for example, there is now a six-tier prescription coverage formula that is now in play -- the prescription that is were previously available to you at o a. fordable costs now moving into different tiers costing you more. out of network specialists is not double but quadruple the
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amount. we're going to 5,000, 7,000, $15,000 deductibles. >> kate lynn, the cheaper obamacare is -- >> thank you so much and giving us your perspective. >> thank you. >> we're going to be watching north carolina. neck and neck in your state. thanks. are paul ryan's days as speaker of the house numbered? we have the late breaking details. >> hillary clinton in attacks on the final stretch. >> he thinks belittling makes him a bigger man. >> she wants to blame everyone else, but she has really no one else to blame but herself. >> but who scored the bigger hit? ed rollins is in the ring. the man who worked for president nixon, reagan and bush is here to score the fight. with steve doocy. i have asthma...
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to give him the best day ever. that's the joy of rewarding connections. learn more at president obama announced his intention to run for a third term as president. will you be supporting him this time around? >> wow. oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, he did make that announcement. yeah. if it happens, of course. >> what do you think about president obama's argument that quote his orchid collection would not survive a move? >> i call him on that. it's total b.s. they can go anywhere as long as they have the proper environment. >> were you and your mother chanting along with the campaign slogan, if it ain't barack, don't fix it? >> yeah. >> are you going to support him this time around? >> he's doing a third term? >> no way. >> oh, my god, like everybody is
3:34 am
going to be oh, my god, everybody going to be -- if obama going to -- [ laughter ] >> these people right here, obama is going to be the president of the -- [ laughter ] >> i tell you what, though, it was his approval rating. maybe -- >> maybe stick with barack obama, maybe he does want to run again. >> if you want the real news, you can watch fox news as we count down to the election. we're going to be live starting at 5:00 a.m. on sunday morning and all week long we'll have complete analysis and results straight through election day starting at 4:00 a.m. on monday. >> we're going to be on, on sunday. >> more face time for you, brian. >> for us. we'll all be together. just throw away the remote. you got it right here. all you need. >> steve, don't say that. you said that and everyone mailed in their remotors.
3:35 am
>> i said -- some people say we only watch fox. i say fine, send me your remote. i got about 5,000 remotes. >> it was for a year. >> that's great. >> the remotes belong to the cable company. keep them. put them down. >> you'll get charged a lot of money. >> 45 minutes before the top of the hour. heather has more news. >> people could mail you cell phones. you get the micro tax. the brick. >> good morning to all of you. off to a good day. hillary clinton may be in for the november surprise of a lifetime. wikileaks founder julian assange says this has nothing do with russia. listen to this interview. >> clinton stated multiple times that russia was the source of our publications. that's false. i think someone who is eaten alive by their ambition.
3:36 am
>> assange saying that clinton's ambitions made her sick at the 9/11 memorial along with some other things. he promises more bomb shells when that interview airs on russian tv saturday. interesting that it's russian tv. could house speaker paul ryan's days as speaker be numbered? anonymously telling the website, hill that he'll be asked step down after the election. he faces an uphill battle to lead a full year term leading the house gop. a spokeswoman for ryan denies that report, though. the fbi investigating its own twitter account after a slew of mysterious tweets. the account in question, the fbi records vault. it had been inactive for more than a year before posting a series of allegedly pro-trump tweets. including one that described donald trump's father as a philanthropist. it wasn't until a tweet surfaced about bill clinton's controversial pardon about mark rich that the account gained new
3:37 am
attention. here's more proof this morning that donald trump may be right about the issue of voter fraud after all. dozens of ballots are sent to one house in california. a woman there finding nearly 90 ballots at her mailbox addressed to different people. the l.a. county gop chairman says add this to a number of voting problems in that state. >> we've had a lot of people say they've registered to vote and haven't gotten a ballot and called up and there's supposedly no record that they've been registered to vote. >> the election office says that mysterious lal lot dump appears to be an isolated incident resulting from a computer glitch. that's what they always say. the race to the white house is a knock down drag out fight with the kraids going toe to toe until the final election decision in four days. we're keeping score each week in the title boxing ring with former prize fighter and political analyst, rocky
3:38 am
rollins. now known as ed rollins who runs the pro-trump super pac. >> thank you. >> ed, two weeks ago we were here in the ring and what did you think donald trump's chances were of becoming president? >> i thought it was possible not probable. today i think it's very, very possible. >> what changed? >> i mean this started out as a marcus of queens bury rules, it's moved to baseball bats and rocks and stones and he's a much better street fighter. and equally as important, 2/3 of the country don't think she's honest. ten days have been about her integrity. >> indeed. we'll know for sure on wednesday morning. in the meantime, let's look at sound bites from the week. hillary versus donald trump on disgracing democracy. who wins? watch this. >> donald trump is doing his best to confuse, mislead and discourage the american people. i mean, he's such a downer,
3:39 am
right? it's time for him to stop fear mongering, stop distracting from what's really at stake and frankly, stop disgracing our democracy. we can't let him get away with this. >> i will continue to address and expose the criminal corruption of hillary clinton and its threat to the vsurvival of our democracy. but i also want to spend these next nine days with the wonderful people of this country talking about my vision for making america great again and let's talk positive. >> all right. round one, ed, goes to? >> trump easily. she talked about misleading the american public. she and her husband have been misleading the public for a 20-year period. my sense is that's what this week was about. as i said, 2/3 of the country don't think she's honest with the fbi investigations and what have you. sort of reinforcing that. >> next sound bite round.
3:40 am
hillary clinton and donald trump with nair best attack lines. >> you know, it's not okay to insult people. it's not okay. he calls women ugly, disgusting, nasty all the time. he calls women pigs, ranks bods is on a scale 1 to 10. he thinks belittling women makes him a better man. i don't think there's a woman who -- >> she wants to blame everyone else for her mounting legal troubles but she has really no one else to blame but herself. hillary is the one who set up an illegal private e-mail server to shield her criminal activity. hillary is the one who lied so many times in congress and to the fbi, 39 times to the fbi. it was hillary who destroyed
3:41 am
33,000 e-mails after receiving subpoenas from the united states. >> all right. ed, round two goes to? >> again to trump. this may be her best line of attack. he's been insensitive in his lifetime. she's been dishonest. the choice of you want someone intencenssensitive versus someo is habitually -- >> final sound bite. >> hillary versus trump. their closing arguments. >> about what we can accomplish. we're going to have the biggest tax cut since ronald reagan. we're going to rebuild our military and take care of our great veterans. we will save the second amendment, which is under siege and we will appoint justices to the united states supreme court who will uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. hillary has been there for 30
3:42 am
years. and she's accomplished nothing. she's the candidate of yesterday. and we are the movement of the future. >> stand up for what we can do together because that's what this election ultimately comes down to. it's about our future, it's about who we are as a country. i will wake up every day in that white house trying to figure out what i can do to help you and you and you. america's best days are still ahead of us. don't buy into that dark, pessimistic vision. we're going to build the future we want together and we're going to prove once and for all that love trumps hate. >> final round is -- >> i'm going to call it even. both of them are making strong closinga. it's a charitable throw to her. at the end of the darks it was her best message of the three. >> four days out, you see it --
3:43 am
>> i see trump edging this out. i think he's got the momentum and the argument when people walk in the voting booth, you want someone insensitive, a business person, a change agent versus someone with i long history of being dishonest. >> you've been doing this a long time. is there a possibility there could be a landslide. >> there's a momentum towards him. she could squeak it out still. the momentum is coming to him. people are going to make up their minds this weekend, those who haven't already. i think it could tip to him. very much like reagan in 1980. he was very close going in and became ten-point victory in a 44-state landslide. >> it's been a pleasure having you. >> appreciate it very much. >> you're in the ring. excellent analysis. meanwhile, straight ahead, you know how important the state of florida is in this election. looks like there's trouble in paradise for hillary. >> one candidate stands out best to me as someone who is going to not shy away from issues of life
3:44 am
and liberty. >> of course, i don't want someone who is hiding things. >> we are live in florida coming up next. you're watching "fox and friends" on this friday. does everybody make santa cookies? everybody i know. how does he eat them all? he's working hard all night... he gets hungry. why do you spray that? well, it magically keeps the dough from sticking to our cookie cutter. with pam nothing gets stuck. ♪
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four days to the finale and it's an all-out fight for florida the last weekend before the election. >> the sunshine state, as always, playing a pivotal role in picking the next president. >> phil keating is live in miami with the latest polls. good morning. >> good morning, people. florida. the quad reinial toss-up state is once again a toss-up. as far as early voting goes, the hispanic vote is up significantly here in florida, while the african-american vote is down substantially. for that reason, president obama last night led a rally in jacksonville and hillary clinton returned to south florida this weekend. as always, florida is the big
3:48 am
electoral college prize with its 29 electoral votes. could go either way at this point. to win, you need to get nationally to 270. if the election were today, our fox news political team currently scores it like this. clinton 283 votes in the bank, trump at 192. toss-up 63. but donald trump does not think hillary clinton should look at that and be feeling confident, but instead worry. >> just out a few minutes ago, the new rasmussen poll has us 3 up right now nationwide. we're leading in florida. we're leading in ohio. we're leading in iowa. i think we're leading in north carolina, which is big. doing well in pennsylvania. but we are leading all over. >> at this very moment, not in florida at least.
3:49 am
it's an absolute tie according to the real clear politics political poll average. 46.1 to 46.1. early voting here continues today as well as saturday and sunday for most of the state. so far, more than 40% of florida's registered voters have already cast their ballot. that is more than 5 million people. >> wow. >> back to you in new york. >> that means the lines will be a little bit shorter. thank you so much, phil. >> that's right. the lines at the early voting places, there rpt that many in every county. it's only one or two in counties like palm beach and so the wait can be an hour or two to do early voting. >> interesting. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up on this friday, big show still ahead, rudy giuliani and judge jeanine join us. >> some say hillary put our national security at risk with her private server.
3:50 am
did she also put our military at risk? that's next. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. ♪ test test test test test test. test test test test test.
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stunning new details emerging from the investigation into hillary clinton's secret server. now sources are telling fox with 99% accuracy at least five foreign governments hacked into her emails, giving them access to u.s. secrets. what kind of danger does that put everyone in? >> let's ask. she's a former adviser for inspired elearning.
3:54 am
we look at this as laymen and we think this is bad. what's the danger? >> this is bad. this is really bad because if there was top secret information that talked about capabilities or potentially even talked about people who were in covered status, this could put those people and those capabilities in grave danger, but what's even worse is that there's the potential for our national security to be at huge risk, and the potential for another 9/11-style attack if right threat actors got the right information. >> tyler -- >> this is a very terrible thing. >> so explain to the folks at home why they should care about this because of a lot of experience in this. most people are trying to put food on the table, going to work every day. they are not paying attention as much as we all are because we're immersed in all of this. what's your message to the folks
3:55 am
at home when they go to the polls on tuesday? >> when you go to the polls on tuesday, make sure you do your research and make sure that you understand that there is potential for one of the candidates to have significantly not been honest, to have not taken security seriously, who felt above the law by having this private email server, and we won't even go into the foundation. >> when you talk about the actual cyber hits, you are talking about drone strike locations? are you talking about people, pakistani or afghani government that might be working for us? you are talking about people within the cia whose names might be relevant there. you are talking about operations in mud huts that could be locations for our intelligence apparatus. >> absolutely. and capabilities that have been developed to protect our country that have cost the taxpayers
3:56 am
millions of -- billions of dollars. >> do you think operations have been halted because of information that was found on her server? >> i would not be surprised, and the biggest problem is we know as of now, the word is there's at least five foreign threat actors that have infiltrated this system. we may not know -- there could be significantly more, and when doing a forensic analysis, you may not just have the evidence, so you may not know exactly how many attacks there have been. >> if you want to know what the emails are, we know this, the 650,000 on weiner's laptop, they were not duplicates, so they are fresh. that's more information. tyler cohen-wood, thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. you are welcome. hillary might have expose the the nation to serious security dangers. coming up, we're going to be
3:57 am
talking about a navy s.e.a.l. who took a photo with his phone and he got locked up for a year. is there a double standard there? >> i'm going to say yes. >> and coming up next is rudy giuliani. he might be donald trump's mvp. bp engineers use robotic ultrasound technology, so they can detect and repair corrosion before it ever becomes a problem. because safety is never being satisfied.
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call now and request your free decision guide... and start gathering the information you need to help you go long™. if your doctor gives you the worst prognosis, doesn't make a damn bit of difference. you get out of bed and you vote. >> let's get out and vote. please go. take people there. we will show once and for all love trumps hate. >> your choice is the trump or the grump. >> they want to look they are going somewhere. not sorry they have gone somewhere. >> this is not an ordinary something. it is a movement.
4:01 am
>> my experience in white collar criminal defense, if i were hillary clinton, i would be really, really worried at this point. >> you know, when i look alt these great admirals and these great generals, to think of her being their boss? i don't think so. >> the last time the cubs won, women couldn't vote. i think women are making up for that in this election. ♪ our house band for the day, "the rolling stones." thanks a lot, guys. >> we're four days away from the election. >> we're starting things up for now right through the election. you can turn on fox and you will get the very latest, since you
4:02 am
are tuning in right now, look who is here, trump surrogate and former mayor of new york city, rudy giuliani. >> good morning. >> how are you? >> back from a four-day trip from every place you are thinking about. >> real quickly, the state of the race right now. >> right now, i think if we held the election today, he wins by 2, 3% nationally and maybe by two states in terms of electoral votes. by the time we get to tuesday, i think it will be bigger, the two blue states -- >> it's moving in this direction. >> the two blue states you think are ready to go red? >> i think michigan. and pennsylvania. >> pennsylvania or michigan? >> i was in philadelphia yesterday, right in the heart of democratic town with the f.o.p., because the police officers of philadelphia support donald trump. that's a democratic city. all of the police officers of pennsylvania support him. we did a big ceremony at their lodge and i was at the
4:03 am
republican headquarters with all the workers getting out to work. their job is interesting. their job is to hold the vote to about -- keep it to about 22% in philadelphia. romney was below 22% and he lost. if we can get him to 22% in philadelphia, then he can win the state. >> where is he now? where is he now? >> he's probably about 23, 24 -- >> let's check into the latest, mr. mayor. we woke up this morning and we're reading the latest about the email stuff and anthony weiner's laptop and there are state department emails that are found on his laptop. >> not duplicates and apparently these are some of the email that they were supposed to turn over but didn't. >> illegal, whether they are classified or unclassified, because they are government documents. so the reckless statute that says if you are grossly negligent pertains to government records. not just classified material. so if any of that is government records, even -- not classified, that would be a misdemeanor. it's classified, it's a felony
4:04 am
for him and whoever put it there, and -- >> is huma in trouble or hillary? >> huma is definitely in trouble. now we've taken the recklessness and we're extended it to making it available to a sexual pervert. >> it's still not intent. >> you don't need intent. >> comey says you don't need intent. >> he's not a judge. he's not congress. >> that's one of the reasons why -- >> congress set up a grossly negligent standard for a reason if you want to read the legislative history. they want to scare people to be careful with the handling of sensitive information. intent, that will put you in jail for a long time. grossly negligent, you will get three years for this. >> there are rules. >> people have been prosecuted for this. even if i was sympathetic,
4:05 am
because they actually made a mistake. we know she had intent. comey is dead wrong, when you destroy 33,000 emails, when you acid wash them, that's the evidence we use as prosecutors to prove intent. >> as people make their final decision over the next four days, you've got donald trump who has said some coarse things no doubt about it, but then you got her, she's currently under a federal criminal investigation. >> she's definitely guilty. i can tell you that from just reading -- >> absolutely guilty, is that what you said? >> absolutely. i think judge jeanine is going to explain to you the ubs case. clearly she went to geneva because they got millions of dollars from ubs. she sold -- she let 20% of our uranium go to russia because they got $30 million and their friends made over $100 million on that deal. that's what we call a quid pro quo.
4:06 am
here's the best indication that they will one. huma abedin and cheryl mills got paid for both which is unfathomable. had he signed an agreement to keep them separate. if you are keeping them separate, your two top people don't get paid by both. they were not volunteers. they were paid. >> the word the fbi is being ripped apart. there's an anti trump and anti hillary segment there. what's going on? >> this has been going on since july, since the day comey did this. the reaction of the fbi agents who are retired, that i know, is almost uniformly that comey made the wrong decision, that she
4:07 am
should have been prosecuted back in july, and from that point on, i've been hearing from the retired agents that the justice department was obstructing the investigation of the clinton foundation which might in fact be more serious because it was a vast fraud, multimillions of dollars. >> and, mayor, because james comey did not recommend charges back in july, that's one of the reasons why now at the 11th hour -- >> it's hillary's fault. >> these fbi agents are leaking to the press what's going on with the investigation. >> who are they? the fbi is not the clinton lackeys, like the justice department, who kept podesta out of jail. he wrote in an email he kept me out of jail. this guy has been leaking information to podesta. should be fired immediately.
4:08 am
the justice department i worked in, he would have been fired three days ago and his door would have been locked and everything would have been seized in his office. >> a couple of days before this all broke, you are on with martha maccallum, you said something coming out. what did you know? a lot of networks are suggesting you were part of that. >> all i heard is former fbi agents telling me that there's a revolution coming on in the fbi and it's to a boiling point. >> you expected something. >> honestly, to tell you the truths, i thought it was three or four weeks ago. way back in july this started. i think they kept get stymied, looking for subpoenas, looking for records. she said in her interview, for example, that she didn't have a memory of her exit interview from the cia because she lost her memory did after the
4:09 am
concussion. the good fbi agents want to verify that. is she telling the truth? they weren't allowed to get the medical records. you do that to an honest fbi agent. doing his job. he gets angry. i did nothing to get it out. i had no role in it. did i hear about it? darn right i heard about it. i didn't even repeat the language. >> we have a special announcement to make this morning. we've been reporting on this police officers killed in iowa. this is frank stiller. we came to know mayor giuliani, the country did, knew him, because your ties to new york, for me in south carolina, 9/11 hits. we know you.
4:10 am
he lost his precious brother in 9/11 and started a foundation. now you are doing something special. first tell us about your foundation. then we'll make the big announcement. >> on 9/11, my brother was on his way home after working the squad one and he heard what happened. he went to the brooklyn battery tunnel. he strapped his gear on and just ran through, and you know, did what so many first responders. >> ran through the tunnel. >> that's your brother right there. >> with all his equipment. >> how old was he? >> 34. father of five. >> oh, my goodness. >> we've been doing many things to honor him and all those who perished on that day. the other day, the mayor called me from iowa, said frank, what are we going to do? you know, it's just another horrific -- >> there they are from des moines, iowa. >> they were assassinated. >> what we're doing is we raised money, we paid off their
4:11 am
mortgages and rent vated their home and we would like to do the same for these two great officers that gave their lives in the line of duty. one of them has a family. a couple kids, and -- >> just recently bought a home. we're going to take over that mortgage today. >> you are kidding? >> yes. we're going to take on that mortgage. >> i should tell you one of reasons i called frank i was two miles away from where the shooting took place in iowa there campaigning for donald trump. when i woke up in the morning, bo wagner who is the police officer a first grade detective had gotten the information. he was up all night and up set. he said these two police officers were ambushed. they build home for cat
4:12 am
trafficically wounded warriors. that's their main mission. they do a big race of 35,000 people at the end of september. this man is a saint. his family is even nicer than him. >> that's a lot. >> frank, do you talk to the wives of these police officers? >> we don't want top intrude on them but we want them to know that america cares and you guys are such a great happen. last time we were here with the five police officers in dallas, we were able to raise half a million dollars and help those five families. tunnel to towers. >> it's not done to get any credit, just to spur people on, giving them a $10,000 contribution to start it off. >> that's wonderful, thank you. >> and every dollar will go to the families. >> every dollar. >> if you would like to help out in tv , it's tunnel to >> we know they will. >> my brother ran through the tunnel to the towers.
4:13 am
tunnel to coming up, she was in hiding until last night. huma abedin making an appearance last night, and mike emanuel has the details from the campaign trail coming up next. >> good morning, mike. talk about running on empty, wait until you hear what happened to the owner of a gas station because he supported donald trump. it may change where you decide to gas up this morning. ♪ by the hollies
4:14 am
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four days until the election and hillary clinton desperately trying to distract folks away from the growing fbi federal investigation. >> and the networks are helping her elsewhere, but new polls suggest her tactics might not be working. >> mike emanuel is traveling with the clinton campaign in pittsburgh this morning. mike, what's the latest? >> good morning to you. time becoming ever more precious in this campaign, hillary clinton is hitting three states today. pennsylvania, michigan, and ohio. let's take a look at the latest
4:18 am
national numbers. the cbs "new york times" poll reveals a very close race heading into the campaign's final weekend. clinton 45%. donald trump 42%. third party candidates gary johnson and jill stein are in single digits. clinton was in battleground state north carolina yesterday with former rival bernie sanders and singer pharrell williams and clinton launched this attack on trump. >> if he doesn't respect all americans, how can we trust him to serve all americans? do we want this man appointing judges? >> no! >> do we want him controlling the justice department? >> no! >> people who are voting for him, that's what they would get. >> where's huma? she's been off the campaign trail for a week since her emails on her estranged husband's laptop reignited the probe into clinton.
4:19 am
she head lined a fund-raiser in washington after working out of the baltimore headquarters. clinton is heading to michigan. hillary clinton will play on defense here in pennsylvania and michigan today. >> right along the river down there in pittsburgh, mike. thank you very much. >> one thing to point out, she's not collapsing. trump seems to be going up. it's a situation where she's holding and trump is coming up and i also think that there might be -- the last minute -- maybe a hillary clinton deal made with the libertarian contact -- candidate, jill stein to get the 1 or 2% or gary johnson. >> what was the adjective you used? she's at a stalemate?
4:20 am
she's not. >> real clear politics average is she's ahead by 1.5. two weeks ago she was ahead by 7. one other thing, apparently we're having trouble with the channel on the direct tv channel. >> again? >> apparently so. i got an email who says there's a kparys, three days in a row, unable to get fox news. it's a technical thing. we're wog on it. >> go to your roof and adjust your dish. hillary is not chasing charges for her email scandal, but up next, a navy s.e.a.l. who took a picture of his training manual got locked up. his story will have you seeing red. >> how is this for a tweet? i would rather see donald trump's life end. that's from a journalist. what happened to him? well, he tweeted back -- i can't give it away. >> it's a tease. ♪
4:21 am
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4:24 am
. >> listen to this one. plikeds at the -- politics at the gas pump. shell is pulling its branding from one particular gas station after it refused to take down pro trump signs. the tennessee gas station receiving some backlash from customers and from residents. but the family who owns that gas station says their messages are protected by the first amendment and now they are suing shell. and this election might be too much for heart patients to handle.
4:25 am
that is why a long island, new york, hospital is banning political debates in the gym and their heart center. a manager posting the sign about the ban after seeing patients with weak hearts getting upset. just days before fbi director james comey reopened the investigation into hillary clinton's private server, a group of lawyers held a private forum critiquing his handling of the investigation. one of those told the story about a navy s.e.a.l. who had a photo of a cell phone of one page of the training manual. why wasn't the former secretary of state held to the same standard for doing what seems to be a lot worse? here to react is the federal security clearance attorney and -- who represented that s.e.a.l., sean bigley. sean, first off, tell me about
4:26 am
the navy s.e.a.l. and what he did wrong? >> good morning, brian. this was someone we had the privilege representing a year ago. he risked his life repeatedly for the united states but he had one momentary lapse of judgment in which he decided to take a cell phone photograph of a page -- a single page in a classified training manual for the purpose of being able to study that later and when his commanders found out about it, he was immediately outprocessed from the navy. they moved to revoke his security clearance and he spent a year fighting that decision that we were ultimately able to get overturned. >> now, he's back in action. what a year it was. it was a bad decision. my goodness, how many times do you take a picture in order to study? it seems to be a resourceful move but it jepd ardized security technically. fast forward to hillary clinton, private server. set it up. all the facts we've been going over. how do they compare? >> well, i mean, frankly the way
4:27 am
in which the hillary case has played out is a tremendous different than the way we represent our clients. we've had good, honest people who have lost their security clearance and their career for doing things far less. when i heard about this decision initially, i was shocked. >> the whole thing we heard from james comey in july was, it's about intent. she set it up for convenience. she didn't intended it. she didn't like the state department's system. so does intent matter? >> well, that's the irony here. the short answer is no. if you look at the classified information statutes, really all is required is negligence. it begs the question what was her purpose in setting this up.
4:28 am
that's something that i don't think has ever adequately been answered by the clinton camp. either she set it up for the purpose of her own convenience, which means she placed her own convenience over national security, or she did it for the purpose of hiding her actions from public oversight, from congressional scrutiny, in which she placed her own politics over national security. i don't know which one is worse for her judgment. >> sean, in your business, it's all about precedent. the next time you get a client that take a picture on a nuclear submarine to send home or to takes a picture of a manual just so they could study it and they end up in a lot of trouble. will you go back and talk about the secretary of state in order to better serve your client? >> absolutely. this is something that i've raised previously in my writing. the horrible precedent that has been set by this case. most of these cases are done behind closed doors. there really isn't a public precedent out there that we can use to leverage in these cases. this is the first. this is the first where we have
4:29 am
somebody that high up the food chain who is consciously and willfully disregarded their security obligations and, so, really, these cases are all about character. they are predictive determinations about somebody's honesty, their integrity, their judgment. to make those determinations, the government looks at the track record, and in this case you have a horrible track record, but if she's elected in just a few days, she's going to be coming in with that along with all of her people who will then be running the very agencies that are denying everyone else security clearances. >> and every lawyer is going to say what about her, instead of i'm with her, what about her? what about my guy? what about my woman, my ensign, my sergeant, my captain who took a picture on a nuclear submarine to send home and next thing you know they are in jail for a year and your navy s.e.a.l. almost lost his career. this is a brand-new precedent whether you vote for hillary clinton or not. sean bigley, thank you very
4:30 am
much. >> thank you, brian. veterans died at the hands of veterans affairs, you know that. one network things it's funny. details next. and judge pirro says why can't they be prosecuted? she's walking in with steve. i wonder what they are saying. i did not email any, um, classified material.
4:31 am
really? the fbi said there were 110 classified emails that were exchanged... hillary lied. and another lie? i respect the second amendment. but behind closed doors, hillary told liberal elites... the supreme court is wrong on the second amendment. hillary will lie about anything to get elected. the nra institute for legislative action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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will it be you? talk you to your doctor or pharmacist about me, single shot zostavax. you've got a shot against shingles. "the new york times" magazine said that as of this summer bill clinton still had a locker at donald trump's west chester golf club. even stranger it was in the women's locker room. >> did i come in here by mistake again? my bad. >> love the music too. look who is here. judge jeanine pirro, she's going to be busy this weekend to talk about what's going on. >> she might not. you might zig instead of zag. >> what do you want me to talk about? you are co-hosting with me, aren't you?
4:35 am
>> yes. i'm negotiating right now. >> we're talking about what is going on. it's the last show before the election and certainly with the clinton foundation, we've been talking about this for a while, but now that we have wikileaks, there's no dove tailing. you've got the intent. not that you intent, comey, you were wrong about that and i am a judge. it's clear what their intent was. their intent was to hide. to set up the server so she could operate not only outside of the guidelines and the rules and the federal requirements, but that she could operate an organized criminal enterprise in the name of a 501-c-3 charity. >> you say from what you've seen from wikileaks, it's a clear case, and you say -- you told our producer, she has got to go to jail. >> yes. this is a case of a rico. it's racketeering influencing corruption organization. >> like the mob. >> like the mop. she's a capo. they got the conciliary.
4:36 am
how do they do an investigation this serious and this weighty that impacts all of us, where millions and tens and hundreds of millions of dollars are being exchanged with other countries while she's in a position of power. this is just the most corrupted department of justice i've seen and i think eric holder was bad. >> is this why she's hasn't done any interviews since the middle of september? she's running for president. hasn't done any sitdown one oin ones since september 14th? is it because she wants to hide stuff and doesn't want to answer questions? >> that's at this point because anything she says can and will be used against her in a court of law. she's listening not to just her political advisers. she doesn't know the truth. she can't remember the truth. she's a pathological liar. but also legal advisers.
4:37 am
>> one of the most fascinating things to emerge from the "wall street journal" and the "new york post". they were going after a suspect and recording these conversations and that's when this whole thing -- the circle was closed. they saw the pay-for-play with the clinton foundation. that's when the new york field office said we have to pursue this. they began to pursue it and the justice department said not impressed. just hearsay. is that even the right term to use when you are tailing a suspect for some kind of criminal behavior? >> the department of justice has been corrupted. it's not hearsay. what it is you've got someone who is giving information on another case that is an unrelated case that's being recorded. that is how as a prosecutor and law enforcement, i've did this for 30 years, if i found out from another case information on a case that i could use on another case, of course you are going to use it. it doesn't mean that it's hearsay or it's not useable. i'm going to use that information and tie it into what
4:38 am
i've already got. >> the new news today, and this was broken by cbs, is that apparently -- and this is the reason why james comey came out last friday, apparently they have found email on the weiner laptop that were not duplicates. they were things from hillary clinton's department of state business. they were work email that were never turned over. >> gee, what a shock! she handed over all of her work-related emails, doesn't she? the ones that she gave to her attorneys who did not have clearance to have classified information who decided themselves instead of, you know, the state department, that they should be eliminated. she bleached bitted. they hammered the black berries, and lo and behold, ain't that karma, guys. there it is on the alleged
4:39 am
pervert's laptop. >> i figured out why my mom likes you. you belong in my kitchen in christmas and thanksgiving. my mom and her sisters has the same tone as you. you are not yelling but you are yelling. >> i am not. >> it's passion. it's passion. >> am i yelling? joel -- >> you drove him out. >> you are just passionate about your topic. in the beginning i thought you were yelling, but -- >> no, i'm not yelling, and here's the thing. i think the american people are fed up and we're all frustrated with what has gone on in this country. we have worked too hard to get to where we are to put someone in office who is laughing at us, who lies to us, who is corrupted, and who has made hundreds of millions of dollars and i think the story that's not getting any attention is the irs looking at how they abuse the clinton foundation and they have done this investigation for four months that inyour --.
4:40 am
inures to their benefit. >> judge, do me a favor, can you scream to the top of your lungs to heather? >> i can't do that. can you do the news? >> she's fantastic. i love you. >> i love the energy. >> her mom watches too. let's get the two moms together. good morning to you. i have a couple of headlines to bring you. could paul ryan's days as house speaker be numbered? four house republicans anonymously telling the white house, the hill, that they expect ryan to step down after tuesday's election, rumors are swirling that he faces an uphill battle for a full two-year term for leading the house republicans. they deny that report. an l.a. reporter putting himself in the center of a major donald trump controversy and now the newspaper is telling him you are fired. it started from a tweet from "time magazine" that said see
4:41 am
donald trump's life in photos. the reporter replying to the tweet, i would rather see donald trump's life end. he said it was a joke and quickly deleted it. many didn't find it funny. kremlin media have been told by julian assange that the hack has nothing to do with russia. he's promising more bomb shells like this. >> isil, isis is funded by saudi arabia and ka -- qatar, money from the very people who are giving money to the clinton foundation? >> yes. >> wow. well, that full interview will air this saturday. abc apparently thinks our heroes are not getting the care they need or deserve. they think it's funny?
4:42 am
the network producing a sitcom that takes place at a va hospital. the story line, a c plus team of employees under funded, under staffed, have stopped overworking themselves. that's until a shot hot -- hot shot new chief of surgery steps in to turn them into their a team. those are your headlines. >> it sounds hilarious. can't stop laughing. we're still off on directv. our friends down in florida just wrote, steve, mark and i are in our bathroom watching you on our small tv that has cable. >> that's so nice. >> they are calling directv. >> what's their name? >> the stallmans. roommates from college. >> that's going to be the cleanest bathroom in the country. all eyes are on hillary and donald but your vote matters more than them. coming up next, how your hunting
4:43 am
and fishing rights could be affected? it was her first solo performance on the trail so what did me lane i can't trump say and how did it resonate with the crowd. john roberts is live. he's next. our eyes...they have a 200-degree range of sight... he's next. hey! ... and bad for the barkley twins. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. with our most vitamin d three ever.
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4:46 am
now for some quick headlines. a pilot lucky to be alive after his plane engine cut out midair in the sky. >> not good. >> bad time. >> clear the building. clear the building. cler the building now. >> get out! >> oh, my goodness. look at that. plane coming down on a geneva, florida, race track. sheriff deputies were right there taking a driving test. the pilot without a scratch. >> a fighter jet dropping
4:47 am
missiles over michigan. the state national guard is trying to figure out how they fell off a plane over the northern lower peninsula last week. thankfully, nobody was hurt. that could have been really bad. >> yep. donald trump and his campaign taking advantage of every minute between now and tuesday's presidential election. >> the campaign riding a wave of momentum from hillary clinton's latest legal woes. hitting battleground states later today. you can see right there. >> there's nothing for me left to do right now except for introducing a reporter, he goes by the title of fox news senior national correspondent. he stands 6'1". please welcome john roberts. >> reporter: good morning. this is the part of the campaign that you don't know where are that things are moving so fast. every time we're in new hampshire, the granite state, we know exactly where we are. we're in at kinson, new
4:48 am
hampshire. this is a state that's been blue since 2001. he would like to flip it red. take a look at this. a new boston globe poll has got the race in new hampshire all even up at 42 apiece. donald trump will be talking about the fbi investigation into hillary clinton's emails. yesterday, he was in selma, north carolina, down the road from ft. bragg where he suggested that hillary clinton, with the way she's handled all of this, including that unsecured server has dishonored america's military heroes. >> service men and have risked their lives. hillary thought nothing of putting classified information on her illegal server which our enemies have hacked. >> information we've gotten from bret baier's reporting that the fbi has a very high confidence
4:49 am
level that hillary clinton's unsecured server was hacked by no if youer than five foreign intelligence agencies. melania trumper first speech yesterday. she said sher signature issue will be cyber bullying. >> we have to find a better way to talk to each other, to disagree with each other, to respect each other. we must find better ways to honor and support the basic goodness of our children, especially in social media. >> donald trump obviously very proud of his life and her speech yesterday. tweeting from his airplane as he was watching from the big screen, watching my beautiful wife melania speak about our love of country and family. we will make you all very proud. i tell you brian how much we love new hampshire, we can
4:50 am
hardly wait for 2018 when we can come back here again. >> oh, no. one day at a time, please. >> believe me, there's people lining up thinking about it already. thanks a lot, john. appreciate it. coming up, all eyes are on hillary clinton and donald trump, but your vote matters more than two of them. coming up, your hunting and fishing rights could be an issue. we have more next.
4:51 am
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4:53 am
let's get down to business. election day is just four days away but there is more at stake november 8th than just president of the united states. lots of things to think about. >> yes. on prop 16.
4:54 am
amendment 3 is a win-win. >> this year, millions of americans may have their lives changed if certain ballot measures are passed. >> children could be exposed to ads promoting marijuana gummy candy. >> i know that the ice is melting. >> well, here to break down the issues at the bottom of the ballot is john stolssell, the host of the john stossel. the first one, hunting and fishing, a lot of our viewers like to do that. >> a couple of states now have bills that say we should have a constitutional right in the state constitution to hunt and fish. why do they need that? they feel so attack by the environmental groups that they want it in their constitution. they will vote on that. >> just like that. who knows how it's going to turn out. we'll let you know on wednesday. let's talk animal rights. >> massachusetts, for example. it's cruel to house chickens in
4:55 am
those little cages. gives them more space. california did this. it raised the price of eggs 22 cents but the animal rights people say we need to do this for the animals. some animals peck each other to death when they have more space. it's not clear that it's kinder to the animal. >> when you good to the grossry store, they say paper or plastic. >> not in california if this passes. they are going to ban all plastic bags. environmental reasons. it's so dubious because the bags you are supposed to bring to the store, instead of plastic bags, they feel filthy, people don't wash these bags. >> what's the other thing on the ballot? >> they want to force porn stars to wear condom. they are not doing it. you got to report every couple of weeks. >> marijuana, in particular, the little girl was talking about marijuana gummy candy.
4:56 am
>> that's an ad against marijuana legalization. four states are moving to legalize medical marijuana and five states all marijuana. >> what about tobacco tax? >> a lot of states are raising tobacco taxes. >> that's where the money is. people are buying? >> right. $5 in new york per pack. they are raising it in missouri. >> the tax on a pack of cigarettes is $5.38? >> that causes black market selling. >> the pack calls $5 and the tax is $5. it's about a $10 purchase. >> right, right. >> you got to talk about ton more than trump and clinton. check him out at 9:00 p.m. eastern on fox business. well, october is over, but the surprises are not. ed henry is live with the potential wikileaks bomb shells expected over this november weekend.
4:57 am
>> speaking of, can hillary clinton recover for tuesday? geraldo rivera is here to way in on that. in your mutual fund. we invested in your fund to help us pay for a college education for our son. we've enclosed a picture of our son so that you can get a sense there are real people out here trusting you with their hard-earned money. ♪ at fidelity, we don't just manage money, we manage people's money. ♪
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a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about opdivo. bristol-myers squibb thanks the patients, nurses, and physicians involved in opdivo clinical trials. if you are so sick, if your doctor gives you the worst prognosis, doesn't make a damn bit of difference. you get out of bed and you vote! >> so let's get out and vote! >> you have trump who looks like the happy warrior, hillary looks like the lady who didn't give anybody candy on halloween and shut her door and turned the lights off. >> we've got work to do to finish off what we started eight years ago. >> i'm ready to grab that baton. he's going to have to bend down for me to be able to reach it
5:01 am
because he's a tall man. >> if we win on november 8th, we will once again have a government of, by, and for the people. ♪ that's where we are broadcasting live right now on the main floor in our new studio and we're getting ready for election coverage on tuesday. >> that's right. >> it could go all night. >> we've got a big set up on 48th and sixth avenue on election night, stop by our plaza, we've got these brand-new jumbo trons. we're live on the air right now right through the election and look who is here. that's studio f right there on the ground floor right here at 1211 avenue of the americas. >> it used to be charles schwab. don't go in there for investments. >> you could do that.
5:02 am
fox business is up there. >> i have the corona beer franchise right by the flalaffel truck. >> we need the beer. this has been quite an election season. >> they are neck and neck because of these email things and the latest -- and this morning -- >> obamacare is nothing compared to the emails. with all due respect, brian. >> tell us why. >> i think that the -- what the emails did was just throw enough mud on hillary clinton that reminded everyone of all of the shady, seedy aspects of her life, and whether you are right, left, conservative, liberal, republican or democrat, you recognize that the clintons have many dark chapters in their life. a lot of them have been exaggerated by their enemies. a lot of them have been stoked almost out of recognition, yet they have taken a massive toll
5:03 am
and people are voting for her like this now and donald trump for all of his misgivings and flaws is the change candidate. >> you say some of the seedy things from her history or dark things. we're talking about things that are illegal. according to cbs news, apparently on wieners laptop, they have found email from the time that hillary clinton was secretary of state. these have never been seen before. they are not duplicates which means these are some of the work email that she was supposed to turn over, but they didn't, and that's against the law. >> let me say before we go another step unequivocally. this will come to be known as the james comey election because when the fbi director broke with longstanding fbi policy and released this bomb shell 11 days before an election, it may be -- what is the truth exactly? we don't know what the truth is. >> if you found this out in
5:04 am
january, you would be outraged, geraldo rivera. >> if the shoe was on the other foot, and if this was some disclosure about donald trump by the fbi 11 days before the election, you would have exactly the same response. >> i don't think so. this is unprecedented and we have to recognize that. that has nothing to do with the truth or the substance of the allegations. >> if a tape came out of something that donald trump did in his business that would hurt him in the election and somebody in the fbi in cog an investigation -- doing an investigation had this and he had promise nd july, if i find out any information on a trump investigation, i will bring it forward, and he finds out and he brings it forward, that -- you have no complaints because it's something that donald trump did. this is something hillary clinton did and as far as i know nothing else is here, leave her alone. >> i predict that just as j. edgar hoover intrusion in the private life of martin luther king have sullied the bureau, so
5:05 am
too has james comey's. if huma abedin knowingly shared secrets on that computer she shared with her pervert husband, if she said, oh, anthony look at this, kim jung il is going to launch a rocket next wednesday, that is a crime. that's very similar to what david pe trace did paula bromwell. that is a real, real concern. >> absolutely. the reason we know about some of these things are the fbi now is leaking like a sieve. you got the agents that are furious and they are mad that comey didn't suggest charges. rudy was with us earlier.
5:06 am
he said this about that. >> the reaction of the fbi agents who are retired, that i know, is almost uniformly that comey made the wrong decision. that she should have been prosecuted back in july, and from that point on, i've been hearing from the retired agents that the justice department was obstructing the investigation of the clinton foundation which might in fact be more serious because it would be a vast fraud, multimillions of dollars. >> well, i agree that the clinton foundation is fertile territory for investigating. let me say this about mayor giuliani. notice he said the word retired fbi agents twice in that small sound bite we heard. he's not been saying about retired fbi agents. he's been bragging about his sources within the bureau how disgruntled agents are with the decisions of management up until 7 days ago. >> he did say to us.
5:07 am
he wasn't talking to anybody currently. >> the procedure of the fbi is not to intervene in elections up to 60 days before the race, so too is it a violation of fbi protocol and regulation for anyone outside the bureau being fed information by active agents, that's why it's retired agents. why should the fbi be any different than the rest of america? we are a divided nation. look at these polls now. it is unbelievably close. donald trump son the verge of the biggest upset in the of american politics. >> she doesn't have anybody to blame by herself. people are talking about comey and the timing of this. he only found out a few weeks ago because of anthony weiner these emails are on there. if he had known that in july, he would have said that. >> we have seen a 7 to 10 point swing in the polls because of
5:08 am
the comey's revelation. it's still happening. just as in july director comey said this was excessive, unforgivable negligence, but not the intent needed for this to be a criminal violation, i predict the same thing will be emphasized 60 days, 90 days, a year from now, they will say we've now reviewed the 650,000 emails, and we find nothing that was obviously classified before she sent it. there's excessive negligence but no crime here, but history will already -- reality would already have elected donald trump the president. it's that you don't get -- you don't get a do over here. >> you are responsible for your actions in life and her actions were you hand over the emails when i asked you for them, you didn't. i had to hunt for them and i had to find all this stuff on my own. she should have come clean right away. >> i agree, she should not have had a private server. why not? there are so many real issues concerning hillary clinton. >> that is a real issue. >> look at syria, iraq.
5:09 am
look at -- >> people have been killed. >> those are real issues. this is a total political situation. >> put it there. >> we're out of time. >> that's why i don't get on television much around here. >> you are here on every friday here. heather, tell us what's happened. good morning. i've got a serious story to tell you right now. this is a fox news alert. there's a terror warning here at home just ahead of our election. u.s. intelligence officials telling cbs news that al qaeda could be planning attacks in new york, texas, and virginia next week. no word on any specific targets. the report says the intel's credibility is still being assessed. that is important to note but the fbi remaining vigilant out of an abundance of caution. we'll keep working this story and bring you the latest as we get it. thousands of tourists scrambling to find a way out of
5:10 am
a pitch black pawj -- power outage. a contractor cut the main power line there. good news, the power is back on at that resort. walmart shoppers running for their lives after an employee opened fire. two men got in a fight earlier in the day. witnesses subscribing the -- describe being the scene as complete chaos. where's huema? she was in hiding until last night. where was she? mike emanuel has details next live from pittsburgh. experts say voter fraud is not a problem. so why did one voter just get 100 ballots sent to his house?
5:11 am
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>> brian is doing dime diamond cutters in the corner. hillary clinton desperately trying to distract away from the growing fbi investigation. >> new polls suggest her tactic may not be working to her benefit. >> we'll find out. mike emanuel is traveling with the clinton campaign in pittsburgh this morning. overall, they are still optimistic? >> mike do you hear anything? >> yeah. it sounds like it went out. >> you know, this happens a lot at the clubs. i walk over and people pretend they can't hear me. >> mike emanuel, i think we've established contact with you. give us your report from pittsburgh. >> reporter: hillary clinton has three visits to pennsylvania in the remaining days. today, tomorrow night with singer katy perry and her final rally with the president and the
5:16 am
first lady. the cbs "new york times" national poll has clinton 45%. donald trump 42%. third party candidates gary johnson, 5% and jill stein 4%. clinton campaigned in battleground north carolina yesterday. it's gotten a lot of attention from their candidates and their surrogates in recent days. clinton had some help from bernie sanders and singer pharrell williams. >> he retweets white supremacist s theories. >> that is not who america is and we're not going to let it ever go back to that. >> clinton's closest campaign aides huma abedin was in washington last night head lining a fund-raiser for hillary
5:17 am
clinton. she's been off the campaign trail for the past week since her emails reignited the fbi probe of clinton. finally, pennsylvania, the real clear politics averages of recent polls, revealed 46.8 for clinton, 43.8 for trump. clinton is not taking any chances. expecting to take a lot of time in the remaining days. sorry for our technical difficulties here, guys. >> it happens. >> i'm holding a grudge. i'm not speaking to him. meanwhile, hillary clinton's lead has collapsed since word the fbi was reopening their investigation into her email, so what difference does it make especially on tuesday? a fair-and-balanced debate coming up live. the president admits obamacare premiums are going up. he says it's all part of the plan. >> premiums are going up. it's true premiums are going up for a handful of people who don't get tax credits. that's important.
5:18 am
we're going to work as hard as we can something about it. we would have already done it if republicans would have helped. >> what's the truth? and who is paying for those -- >> i blame the republicans for obamacare. who doesn't? ♪
5:19 am
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5:21 am
time now for your news by the number, 18 months in a row, that's how long federal gun background checks are on the rise. millions of americans are concerned about stricter gun control if hillary clinton wins the election. 48, that's how many states are asking the feds for help with cyber security just days before the election. the biggest concern that hackers
5:22 am
change that electronic votes. 207, that is how many times president obama referred to himself while stumping for hillary clinton in jacksonville, florida. the website american mirror did the counting so that, steve, you didn't have to. >> thank you very much. four days until america votes and after news that the fbi was reopening the hillary clinton email investigation the race has tightened significantly. a week before the bombshell from james comey, hillary clinton was up 6.4 points, now her lead has strunk -- shrunk to just 1.3 points. will clinton's troubles with the fbi really impact the way people vote? here to debate, we've kristin sultis anderson and the founder
5:23 am
of liz. >> hillary clinton was up by 10, now they are tied. it does look like it's about this email thing. people when they look at it, they go, hmm, that doesn't sound legal. >> you got to be worried. the fact that the numbers are closer now might actually help democrats turn out. people on my team -- >> that's a good spin. >> it's the honest truth. people on my side of the aisle, when they feel it's a run away race, they tend to be less excited about turning out. >> what about this criminal activity? turn out for criminal activity? >> i don't think there's any evidence that's the case. i think even the letter that comey sent to congress says we're not sure what it shows. that's not a fair argument. >> kristin, there is the new news today from cbs is apparently on anthony weiner's laptop, they have found hillary clinton email from when she was
5:24 am
secretary of state, not duplicates, work email, that was supposed to be turned over. not turning it over is against the law. >> if you already think that hillary clinton is a crook, you already think hillary clinton is a crook and if you already love her at this point, you are pretty much immune to any bad headlines about her. a lot of what i think you are seeing in polls are shifts in enthusiasm shifts. rather than shifts in deciding you know, i was going to vote for hillary clinton, this 150th email story is going to mick me switch to trump. in the polls, abc "washington post" poll in the presidential elections going back to 1992, they had clinton up by 12 and a week and a half later had trump up by one and what they said in their methodology notes this is about people who bended to like hillary clinton being more willing to answer the phone when trump was under story.
5:25 am
today, abc's poll came out, had clinton up by 3. you are seeing the reversion back to the mean. the state of the race it's been all along. a very slight clinton advantage. harder pass for trump. certainly with states like colorado tightening, that opens up new pathways for trump to win. >> the trend lines are going to trump right now. >> the only poll that matters is on election day. we're heading into gotv weekend, get out the vote. all about turning out the base. the goal for both campaigns is to make sure they connect with their people and get those people out to cast their ballots. all about last 15 seconds. turnout and the question is enthusiasm to take a poll the same thing as enthusiasm to go to the polls. that's the big mystery we'll find out on tuesday. >> we're going to know on wednesday, aren't we? ladies, thank you very much.
5:26 am
great conversation with you this morning. coming up, fox news alert, it will be the last jobs employment report before the election. it's going to be with us in three minutes. it could change everything. that's what happened four years ago. we're going to give it to you live. brand-new evidence that hillary knew her email server was not so secure two years ago. ed henry poring over brand-new wikileaks documents. what he found coming up.
5:27 am
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5:29 am
this is a fox business alert. 8:29 joins us. maria bartiromo is joining us. a big announcement is coming out. >> we're waiting for the numbers
5:30 am
for the jobs report in october. we're expecting the unemployment rate to tick down to 4.9%. this is the last major report before the election we're going to peter barnes. he's going to have the numbers live as soon as it hits the tape. he's in washington now. >> 161,thu new jobs in october, maria. 161,000 new nonfarm payroll jobs the last report before the election. a bit below economist's expectations of 175,000 jobs. the unemployment rate did tick back to 4.9%. previous jobs numbers were revised up from august and september. workers got a nice bump in pay in october. average hourly rates went up 10 cents. >> the numbers below expectations, guys.
5:31 am
we were expecting 175,000, steve, but look what we got. we actually got a weaker than expected number, even though people were expecting a pretty good number ahead of the election. >> maria, not only is it always interesting to find out where the economy is heading, but especially now with the election, people wondering what kind of economy do we want going forward. more of the same or something new. last time, four years ago, the good numbers really impacted positively for president obama, didn't they? >> they sure did. you did get a sense that maybe there was promise that things would turn around. the bottom line when you look at these two candidates, which approach will be better as it relates to economic growth and jobs. we know that donald trump wants to lower taxes, he wants to roll back regulations. we know that hillary clinton wants to raise taxes, she wants to raise wages. these are things voters are thinking about as we head to the polls as we see numbers that are
5:32 am
underwhelming. people are expecting a lot better. this could have a lot of impact on the voters. >> it fits the narrative, maria, that we are in a weak environment. we aren't adding enough jobs to stimulate this economy in a meaningful way so here we are right back where we have been pretty much every month in this cycle. i know it was bad in 2008. >> yeah, it was awful. >> but ten years later, trish. >> exactly. you should see that much more growth in comparison, that many more jobs being added and we don't have it. >> maria, i got bad news. the sighd ssh -- simulcast is going to come to a cloets -- close. we're out of money. >> i don't know about that. i just saw the numbers.
5:33 am
>> thank you. meanwhile, as we roll on live from fox news channel. hillary clinton's campaign desperately trying to plug the wic -- wikileak. >> more bomb shells that those in her inner circle new her private server wasn't so private. >> ed henry has been poring all over the new leaks. we'vegun getting -- we've been getting your hits all night. i'm fascinated to see how many journalists were in bed. >> one of the most funny was the email where john podesta had a whole bunch of mainstream media reporters invited to his house,
5:34 am
he cooked for them. we weren't invited. but that's okay. huma abedin and cheryl mills talking about how much hillary clinton hates al gore which is odd because he was out in florida with her a couple weeks ago, saying he endorsed her. there's no love lost. that point about not disliking gore. i can't put it in email why they hate each other. look back to 2014, an exchange between hillary clinton and john podesta. she writes, any idea who is fighters attacked islamist positions in tripoli, libya? >> yes, and interesting but not for this channel. >> that's hillary clinton openly on this server saying i want to
5:35 am
talk to you about which fighters were out there in libya? there's other stuff they did put into email and they are going to leak it out. he's denying that russia hacked this scpiet what -- despite what democrats are saying. before the election, more will come out. he did the interview on russia today. if you want to deny that russia is involved, as the democrats are saying, maybe find another show. >> he said absolutely not. >> keep in mind, what we have heard through the leaks to bret, is that at least five foreign countries, five to seven, have their fingerprints inside that server. so it could have been any of those countries. >> sure. >> it could have been russia. it could have been england. it could have been israel. it could have been north korea, and the list goes on. >> serious intelligence info. >> any idea of when the next
5:36 am
batch is going to come out? >> well, yesterday, they typically come out about 9:00 a.m. eastern, and they usually hemmer is getting the best stuff. him and martha. they are getting close to the election. fox is doing special coverage. it looks like wikileaks is doing special coverage. yesterday, they had two document dumps, not one. that's the first time we've seen it. they called it a huma special. it could be at any time. they have promised 50,000 emails from john podesta's account by election day. they have done about 40,000 already. from huma, a couple of year ago, they new in clintonville about anthony weiner texting naked pictures to people and john podesta said time to put on the hazmat suits. julian assange said a couple of days ago, in the next batch,
5:37 am
said there would be information that would put her in jail. have we seen that stuff yet? >> no, we haven't. we've seen a lot of stuff out there that's been damaging to hillary clinton. a whole series of emails from her staff from march of 2015 where they are saying we don't think she's turned over all official email. why is that important? hillary clinton went out in the united nations said i turned everything over to the state department. her own staff was doubting that. is that criminal? she's sworn statements in various lawsuits under the penalty of perjury saying i turned everything he over. if even her staff is doubting that, that's a problem and could obviously lead to something. there's been nothing that's sort of a smoking gun. look, they are promising there's more coming in the next few days. one that was interesting was one of john podesta friends, not criminal, but comical, he wrote to him after the nevada caucuses
5:38 am
wrote bernie needs to be ground to a pulp. podesta says where would you stick the knife in? maybe that's hard ball politics. last night, hillary clinton was on the stump with bernie sanders. they are all friends. just lick al gore. >> he did not look happy last night. he never looks happy. >> i disagree. he's a happy warrior. >> we disagree that. >> it's either criminal or comical. >> pretty much. >> it's a wide range. thank you, ed. good seeing you. have a good weekend. let's head over to heather with more headlines. >> i'm so stunned by the viciousness. i guess that's what politicians do. good morning to all of you. i hope you are off to a good day. couple news headlines right now. president obama dismissing concerns over those rising obamacare premiums. listen to this. >> premiums are going up. well, now, it is true premiums are going up for a handful of
5:39 am
people who don't get tax credits. that's important. >> that handful he's referring to is actually 2.2 million of us. on average consumers will see a 25% increase in obamacare premiums next year. well, could paul ryan's days as house speaker be numbered? four house republicans are anonymously telling the website, the hill, that they expect ryan to step down after tuesday's election. rumors are swirling because he faces an uphill battle to lead a full two-year term, leaving republicans upset over comments like this. >> now you have a presumptive nominee, donald trump, will you support him? >> well, to be perfectly candid with you jake, i'm just not ready to do that at this point. i'm not there right now. >> spokeswoman for paul ryan denies that report.
5:40 am
dozens of ballots are sent to one house. a woman finding nearly 90 ballots addressed to different people in her mailbox. add this to another -- a number of voting problems in this state. >> you got a lot of people who say they have registered to vote and they haven't gotten a ballot. they called up and there is supposedly no record that they have not been registered to vote. >> they say it's a computer glitch. i -- a dramatic rescue caught on camera. a police officer discovers a woman is having a heart attack. the woman's husband was racing to get her to the hospital when she fell unconscious. the blanchard, oklahoma, police officer, helped pull her out of the truck and started cpr. what a hero that officer was. saying, no, she is not gone.
5:41 am
the officer got her breathing again, and she's now in stable condition this morning. what a hero and we were happy to tell you that story. speaking of happy. we've got a whole bunch of happy people outside our window this morning. >> new york city marathon weekend. i think we have a lot of people running the marathon. >> that's right. we're working on sunday. all the streets are blocked off. >> fantastic. >> come in early, brian. >> i might as well come in early. >> sleep on that sofa in your office. coming up, straight ahead, a warning about your washing machine. hundreds are exploding. the major recall next. you know how important florida is in the election and it looks like there's trouble in paradise for mrs. clinton. >> i cannot understand how anyone could vote for someone that could deceive our country like this.
5:42 am
if i lied, i would be in jail for doing the same thing. >> of course, i don't want someone who is, you know, hiding things. >> so who is -- who are those people going to vote for? we're live in the sunshine state coming up next. early voting. >> sunshine! it's friday! millions of women worldwide trust tena with their bladder matters. thanks to its triple protections from leaks, odor and moisture. tena lets you be you ♪ approaching medicare eligibility?
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we have some quick headlines for you on this friday. almost all kids in america are eating too much salt. a new study finds 90% of children consume 1,000 milligrams of sodium more than the recommended amount each day. pizza, cold cuts, processed snacks, those are some top salt culprits. and an explosive danger possibly lurking in your house.
5:46 am
samsung recalling nearly 3 million top loading dishwashers nationwide after hundreds of reports of tops explode off the dishwashers. >> dishwashers? >> yeah. nine injuries, including a broken jaw have been reported. >> i don't think that's a dishwasher. >> i'm trying to look. >> i think that's a washer. >> a washing machine. >> it is not a dishwasher. >> i was wrong and i apologize. >> you can put your dishes in that. >> you can but they will break. meanwhile, it's an an all out fight in florida. the sunshine state always playing a role in picking the next president. we're live in miami. what's going to happen? >> how close to call is florida this morning, it is as too close to call as you can get. that's why tomorrow, saturday, donald trump and hillary clinton will return to florida to urge people to vote early. for trump, it will be his fifth time since early voting began last monday. for hillary clinton, it will be
5:47 am
number six. why? the obvious, florida the biggest electoral college prize with its 29 electoral votes. it's still a toss-up. could go either way. to win nationally, you need 270 electoral votes. if it were held this morning, currently scoring, clinton at 283, trump at 192. toss up 63. donald trump doesn't buy it. saying bigmo, momentum is with him. >> just out a few minutes ago, the new rasmussen poll that's three up, right now, 3 up nationwide. we're leading in florida. we're leading in ohio. we're leading in iowa. i think we're leading in north carolina. which is big. doing well in pennsylvania,
5:48 am
right there. but we are leading all over. >> in florida, however, not so fast. the crown swing state is an absolute tie according to the latest real clear politics political poll average. 46.1 to 46.1. it is a dead heat. early voting continues today and for most of the state lasts until sunday. back to you. >> all right. phil, thank you very much. donald trump hammering home that hillary clinton is not fit to be president. >> that loan is big problems. for which she got away with murder. >> well, our next guest says the clinton family runs like an organized crime family that will never get caught. former assistant fbi director james calp strum is next. >> let's check with martha. >> we've got four days to go in this whole thing and larry
5:49 am
sabato is here looking deep into the crystal ball with serious data that will be of interest to you. reince priebus is here as well. november is obamacare month and everything rolls over and you get a look at the new premiums. people and companies making very big decisions just days away from the election and the cubs parade, whoo! when we come back.
5:51 am
5:52 am
33,000 email were deleted after receiving a congressional subpoena. that alone is big problems. for which she got away with murder.
5:53 am
honestly, she has no right to be running. you know that. >> that's what donald trump really feels. he's been responding to the news at the top of every speech. sounding off on hillary clinton's emails which is an evolving story. >> but what would happen if she wins the white house while still under investigation? joining us now to answer that is former fbi assistant director james calstrum. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> what will happen if she wins and she's still under investigation? >> it will continue the investigation. i mean, james comey, if he's still the director, i would hope would stand up and say, look, we have legitimate reasons to investigate this thing. please impanel a grand jury. i don't think the justice department will. it won't happen under this administration. i don't think it would happen under her administration either. it's going to be left in the hands of the congress. i would hope the fbi would still continue investigating because the fbi is about investigating laws of the united states for the people of the united states. this isn't politics. they don't take sides in
5:54 am
politics. this is a legitimate investigation that's being stymied by the justice department who will not approve of a grand jury. >> so 40 minutes ago, we were talking to geraldo rivera. said it was so strong for james comey to come out with this before the election. this is an evolving process. the nypd had it, they are investigating weiner. they hand it over to fbi field agents. the fbi field agents say i got something for your investigation james comey and two week later he tells us. what's wrong with that process? >> there's nothing wrong with that process. i've said on tv for the last week. i don't know what's on that computer. i hear all gargle about what's on there. >> what do you hear? >> it's pretty substantial. there's classified information. there's some salacious information coming that's supposed to be block buster. i don't know what it is. the nypd had the computer. that's public. that's in the public domain. the chief over there has talked about this. he also said if it doesn't come
5:55 am
out, it's so horrendous, if this information doesn't come out, he's going to release that. i don't know that's kind of moving on the news right now. >> this is people of the fbi who want trump to win and that's what they are doing. they are playing politics. >> the fib isn't about that. it's not about trump winning or hillary clinton winning. it's about the due process of the united states and the rule of law for the united states which has been held back for almost a year, more than a year now by the justice department by not approving a grand jury. so you cannot have a major criminal investigation. it never happens in the fbi. it never happened in my 28 years where you can't serve subpoenas, can't serve search warrants. they have all the probable cause in the world. as you saw in the first time around with james comey, they were begging for stuff. could i have your computer, you know, i'll give you immunity. that's not how we work. that's not how that happened. >> you wouldn't street us like that. >> we wouldn't treat anybody. we have this young navy guy in
5:56 am
the submarine that took a few pictures. didn't disclose them to anybody. he's in federal prison. and his little wife, a young wife and little baby there and his mother is making the rounds. she's an emotional wreck. unbelievable. >> will you be able to stay around for the after the show show. >> i can stay for a while, sure. >> we're getting started. coming up, we've got big news about tucker carlson. >> that's exactly right. he's going prime time. we're so proud of him. we have more details and your reaction coming up. >> smart guy. ♪ (vo) maybe it was here, when you hit 300,000 miles. or here, when you walked away without a scratch. maybe it was the day your baby came home.
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5:59 am
a huge congratulations in order for our friend tucker carlson. >> what a cute picture. the "fox & friends" weekend co-host is moving to prime time. you are going to find him every night at 7:00 eastern time.
6:00 am
>> we're going to miss it him. >> tucker carlson, highly intelligent, very articulate and comedic, at the same time, good luck, bro. >> have a wonderful weekend. we'll see you back here sunday! bill: good morning. four days to go and the finish line is in sight. good morning, i'm bill hemmer live in "america's newsroom." martha: good morning. i'm martha maccallum. they are all over the critical battleground states. i have got donald trump spending the day in the morning in new hampshire, then


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