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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 4, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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presidential candidate, mike huckabee, and he is outnumbered and good to have you on a busy day. >> it's a busy day, i am definitely outnumbered, no doubt about that it will be fun. >> great to have you. so much to get to. let's get started donald trump set to speak any minute in the key swing state of new hampshire as some analysts say the race could come down to that state's four electoral votes, giving the republican nominee enough to win the white house. new suffolk university "boston globe" poll show donald trump and hillary clinton now tied in the granite state, both at 42%. as the candidates are ramming up their attacks in the final stretch. >> she has no right to be running. if she wins, it would create a
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constitutional crisis that. >> if donald trump wins the election, we would have a commander-in-chief who is completely out of his depth and whose ideas are incredibly dangerous. >> she is disqualified for running for president of the united states. she is disqualified. of the most dishonest person ever to run for office. >> offering a dog whistle to his most hateful supporters. he retweets white supremacists and spreads racially-tinged conspiracy theories. donald trump was endorsed by the official newspaper of the ku klux klan. sandra: meantime, a new "abc news/washington post" tracking poll shows a tight race nationally. clinton is now up by just 3 points, 47-44%. did i mention there is just four days left to go, governor? new hampshire, donald trump campaigning there today about to speak at a rally. how important is that state? >> every state is important. new hampshire is one of those he
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needs to win. you could look at florida, nevada there are all important the i think donald trump wins tuesday night. i don't think it will be as close as everybody thinks. a lot of people will vote for trump because they don't want to tell anybody, they will be called a racist, seen phobe. i hear it from people i talk to, from flight attendants to servers and restaurants a bellman, hotels, people that normally don't vote for republican. they're not just voting. sandra: where is the surprise going to be governor? right now the electoral math is working in favor of hillary clinton. polls show she is up nationally. where is is the surprise boeing to be? we have our eyes on new hampshire. >> pennsylvania, for example, why would clintons go there on eve of election if they were in that much control of pennsylvania? the truth they are not.
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putting every big gun if pennsylvania before the night of the election. you never go to a place you already won. you go to places you have to shore up or you're worried about. they're worried about pennsylvania. that is why they're there monday night. >> they're worried about a lot of states. bill clinton is in colorado. in colorado, this very day on this friday >> iowa is tilted toward trump. arizona, meghan is looking good for donald trump. >> virginia is fascinating, hillary clinton was so confident in virginia she pulled out. she didn't have any campaign stops or headquarters. now it is back in play for donald trump. i think governor is 100% accurate. the other thing i want to emphasize, my good girlfriend in phoenix who don't pay a lot of attention to politics, very mixed on election. what pushed a lot of them over
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the edge, this anthony weiner stuff. the idea that people in hillary clinton campaign knew he was sexting under age teenagers. they can say whatever want donald trump saying thing. you're talking about condoning pedophilia. for that for a lot of my girlfriends made the switch. sandra: let's bring this back to new hampshire. both candidates show it is very much in play. new hampshire, independent voters 52% said the fbi announcement made them less likely to vote for clinton. 40% said it wouldn't affect their vote at all. melissa: so interesting. new hampshire is interesting place. where i had my first on camera job. everybody has informed opinion. spotlight, likes to be unpredictable i think. they like the idea they're turning one way or the other based on what is going out, they're that plugged in. it will be interesting way it goes. i have my ice on florida. florida is always where it comes back down to.
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i have family in florida. people are very tense. they're watching it. harris: so you're watching that. what about marco rubio has been difference for donald trump, do you think? melissa: that is interesting. they seem to work together to kind of draft off each other. isn't that a interesting way for this to end? harris: yeah. melissa: tells you long road we've been down, two people at each other's throats who now in the end need each other. harris: need each other's throats. melissa: yeah. it has been an interesting race all around. i am thankful to have had a front seat to it, because it really has been one or the ages. i always love too later, oh, you could tell it was going that way at time. harris: you won't say that this time. melissa: right here sitting here, it is hard to tell what is going on. >> there are minor differences between donald trump and marco rubio, let's say compared to differences between anybody and hillary clinton. we're talking about somebody who
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has run for all practical purposes a criminal enterprise in the name of the state department and a non-profit foundation that gave less than 6% to actual charity. rest of it was just to enrich them personally, their friends. travel and live like princes and princess the people are sick of that. meghan: simple as hope and change are big fat lie. people are disappointed last eight years. hillary is extension of obama and corrupt. you don't know what you get with donald trump but it is not more of the same. harris: i have a question about swinging left and right in these states when so many people have already voted? make we're overshooting idea of early in-person voting to not giving enough deference to tuesday? >> i think there is still plenty of time. to meghan's point, i made this comment i think donald trump is like a car that bumps a lot of other cars and dents fenders everywhere. he is kind of reckless out there you but his car is pointed in the right direction.
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with hillary, you have a drunk driver driving the wrong way on the freeway and a lot of people are going to get hurt and killed. that is the difference between trump and hillary. as you call them the happy warrior trump, and very unhappy hillary. trump versus the grump. that is what which have. sandra: when you put it that way. >> how do i really feel? harris: how do you really feel? big chances in other important states, changes. we already told you about new hampshire. fox's decision team moving to lean democrat to toss-up. it shifted ohio from tossup to lean republican. when to indian and missouri, fox changed them from lean republican to solid republican. donald trump lead is growing in red states that hillary clinton was hoping to flip. according to new nbc, "wall street journal," marist poll, trump holds convincing lead in arizona, ahead by five points. as well as in texas where he is up by nine.
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in georgia, trump is also ahead, by a sliver, one point. >> i don't buy it. donald trump will win georgia by far larger margin than one point. not realistic georgia, sent two republican senators, solidly republican state with republican governor, republican majorities in the house and senate, that they will really scratch their heads about whether they're going to vote for hillary clinton while she is under criminal investigation, one of the most liberal people. georgia is very pro-life state, even among democrats. you will not have somebody getting votes of people for a candidate who's for partial-birth abortion, taxpayer-funded and expansion of planned parenthood. ain't going to happen. just mark that one down. harris: going into the final weaken before election day, where would you tell each much these candidates to put their powder, if you will? obamacare for trump or does he kind of talk about clinton foundation an emails. for hillary clinton does she defend herself or go negative on donald trump? what do you think?
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>> hillary should huddle with her lawyers to talk about strategy for future. harris: governor is throwing some shade! >> you teed that one up, harris. what can i say. people have to get a reason to vote for her. right now there are lot of reasons to vote against her. her election brings crisis to the process. donald trump has to he remind people how rough it has been under obamacare. we've been decimated in our respect around the world. iranian deal a disaster. our friendship with israel at stake. the economy in tatters. job rates totally in the toilet. ask people, are you better off, ifou like more of this on steroids, hillary is your girl. she gill which of awe bunch more. sandra: four days out. we have to work on math a little bit more, governor. if we look at electoral map, if hillary wins states already rated solid democrat along with those leaning towards her right now, she would have 283 electoral votes.
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you need 270? meghan: can i add on to governor saying, there is something in politics the bradley effect. i know people in my life don't want to say they're vote forge trump because they live in major cities and don't want to be harassed. they're called the ivanka trump voter. professional woman. i do think this into thought, people for me, even when i go out i don't want to be harassed about republican all the time this is real thing that happens. there is 64,000-dollar question are people being honest and candid when they're polled? harris: my question would be if you look at electoral college, how are they represented? there is something called faithless electoral voter which is really scary. people don't vote in line with what they have been told to do or just fail to vote, if you will. so i mean there is that element that we would pray we wouldn't see. meghan: it is hurting her. african-americans are not coming out for her the way they came out for obama. it means more women coming out.
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especially discussing the ivanka trump voter. talking about young, single, college educated white woman which is crem day la crem that hillary clinton and donald trump need. i just read this article about this. i really think there is possibility people are lying about their voting for. there is old adage in politics, called the bradley effect. melissa: saw that anecdotally. i need those people looking at map like you're saying. larry sabato said something interest you're saying more than 50% of the people quote-unquote undecided end up just not voting. harris: right. melissa: talking about swaying the people. those are not real votes. i think it spreads out electoral map. guy benson talking couple hours ago, florida, ohio, and iowa going for trump, maybe north carolina. then he needs 11 more beyond that. those are some of those spots where i think you see what you're saying. harris: may be electoral split is what he was talking about in some places too. i'm curious because he needed to pick up another 11 according to
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guy benson. melissa: right, right exactly. harris: that is where the math comes down. you have run, you how do you scoop it up? this is not like going down to get neighbor to vote. that is not what electoral vote is. >> all the traditional rules don't matter. donald trump is disruptive candidate and divisive candidate. meghan admitting they're not voting for trump. they look at choice. safe neighborhood for my kids. educational opportunities. doesn't matter whether black or white. you would rather have school choice rather than stuck in a government school that fails your kids. look at philosophically an administratively this become as much easier lift. hard-working union folks will not tell the union hall, by the way i am voting for trump. they don't want to get screamed at. they're pro-life and church going people. hillary holds them in utter contempt. she considers them a basket of
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"deplorables." they will vote for trump. harris: we'll have coverage from all over the nation and very best analysis for you. we want to be a part of your election night coverage, place to stop. if you're voting or getting ready to vote, post the picture on facebook, twitter or instagram, hashtag, oh, look, melissa writing it down. #fox news 2016. see it really as something special. be part of it. donald trump will take the stage very soon. it's a rally in the battle ground state of new hampshire. we've been talking about the importance of that state this hour. with his message, will it be, with four days left in the race, what will he be talking about specifically? we're live on campaign trail. his wife stumped this week as well. melania trump making her first campaign speech since the republican national convention in july. why now? can she make a difference this late in the game?
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♪ sandra: as donald trump is campaigning in the battleground state of new hampshire today, his wife, speaking on the campaign trail for the first time since the convention. melania trump addressing the crowd near philadelphia yesterday in an effort to appeal to suburban women delivering an anti-bullying message. >> i'm an immigrant, and let me tell you no one values the freedom an opportunity of america more than me. both as an independent woman, and as a someone who immigrated to america. do we want a country that respects women and provides them
9:19 am
with equal opportunity? our culture has gotten too mean and too rough. it is never okay when a 12-year-old girl or boy is mocked, bullied or attacked. sandra: so melania trump, out on the trail. is she helping him? >> you i think so. she is charming, beautiful and intelligent and strong. there is nobody who can look at melania or be around her and think she is some shrinking violet because she is not. she is extraordinarily, thoughtful, independent, intelligent woman. she comes across this way. she has been banged by the liberals how can she talk about cyberbullying? she is talking about 12-year-olds. it is different from what you do in your entire engagement with adults who have chosen to be on the arena floor versus what is happening to kids.
9:20 am
that is not hard to figure out. sandra: donald trump needs a lot of help with women. does this reach out to more women? does it help? meghan: i think it is smart especially area of pennsylvania where they sent her. i'm glad she is giving more speeches. i wish she had done it sooner. my criticism, why do you love donald trump? what is your relationship like when you go home at night? family members of elected officials much like governor huckabee's daughter sarah, your role is to humanize the candidate. not that i don't think cyberbullying is not important or significant, but this is her choice, platform as first lady i want to know from beginning to end, ivanka all of them, i want to know what it is like when the cameras off. meghan: i think that was clever move. bear with me. immediately people pounced on her. how could she talk about people being mean on internet when they are husband is known for. maybe the subliminal message they're sending, someone in the white house cares about this
9:21 am
maybe she will be in more control. maybe she is going to persuade him to get off the twitter. maybe she is one who has been doing it. maybe that is part of the message they're sending. i also loved the irony yesterday when people got on twitter an on social media to mean tweet her. harris: exactly. melissa: for saying that you shouldn't be mean online. do you realize what you're doing, right? harris: how much on the wrong side of history are those people when you're talking about cyberbullying among children? come on. some of us are moms here on the couch, parents on the couch. how can not be a good topic? that is good topic no matter who is talking about it. i think the most powerful words she spoke, given entire range of things we've seen this season that has been well over a year 1/2, i am an immigrant. this is how i chose to love freedom in this country so much and to do it legally. >> i agree. harris: powerful words. >> her affirmation of what it means to be a u.s. citizen and all, many of us, all of us sitting on the couch we're
9:22 am
citizens by accident how the genetic code worked. she is the citizen by choice. she could have lived lived in ay country on earth. she chose to do it the right way. sandra: as far as playing to the female vote, those are saying too late to have her out on trail. where was she when the video surfaced. >> they have been rough on her. sandra: they have been rough on her. his presence was not there as well as his daughter. meghan: she was crucified by rnc, crucified by the media. there is traditional in presidential politics hammer conservative spouses as much as possible. governor huckabee knows that i know that better than anyone. there is triple standard for conservative women stand behind conservative men. i am glad to see she is. harris: when you were talking about the billy bush comment on the tape and all lewd comments said by donald trump. didn't help, just teenagers. i think the preparation may be
9:23 am
for that was not as strong as it could have been. she had time since then. that was first time we heard her since the convention. there have been some opportunities i think this was her strongest one. meghan: forget what michelle obama was like on the campaign trail in '07, 08. before she become the person she is now. harris: suddenly proud of america. meghan: she was not fantastic on the campaign trail for a long time. this takes time. doesn't come natural to spouses. i wish people would give her a little bit of a break. >> well-said. sandra: there is growing concern about cyber attacks and voter fraud. officials say nearly every state has asked the feds for help shoring up their election systems but two have already been hacked. should we be worried? plus as the clock ticks down, two top republicans who have complicated relationships with donald trump, are hitting the campaign trail on his behalf. are wary republicans finally coming home? ♪
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♪ meghan: we continue to wait to hear from donald trump. he is set to speak at a rally in new hampshire with just four days to go before election day.
9:29 am
on the trail, it is rallying cry for the gop ticket, especially vp nominee mike pence, telling republican party it is time to come home. now house speaker paul ryan, who tried to distance himself from donald trump throughout the campaign season will appear with pence tomorrow in wisconsin. his cam putting out a statement, wisconsin is battleground state and everyone needs to get out and vote. ted cruz made his first appearance on the campaign trail urging people to vote for the gop nominee and republicans up and down the ballot. i will go to you first, governor huckabee. i think mike pence has been really good ambassador between people who had trouble with trump and saying come home on election day. how much of an asset do you think he has been? >> mike pence has been a great asset. he has given comfort to faith voters. comfort to fiscal voters about people concerned about experience in government. meets all the criteria. checks the boxes. he is a great guy and very
9:30 am
articulate guy. important to see republicans coming back home. where are they going to go? if they sit this out and they act like they can't vote for trump, they're voting for hillary. finally a lot of them the light bulb came on. they don't want to realize being held responsible for hillary clinton being president of the united states. i am glad to see former presidential candidates not very clear where they stand. some others we're still waiting on them. look, that pledge that we signed, it wasn't just a verbal one. i will say something a lot of people don't know. why was it so important for us to sign the pledge? was that unfair? no, it was very fair for the rnc to ask us to sign. here's why. when you're a presidential candidate you get access to millions of dollars worth of data and information and research that the party has assembled. now in exchange for the access to that data, information and lists you pledge you're going to support the party nominee. that is a fair deal. so if a person says, yeah, i will take all of those benefits
9:31 am
and says, i will not support the nominee -- harris: did donald trump do that? >> you bet he did. he signed that pledge, very publicly he signed it. harris: why wouldn't they they reciprocate and do what they said they were going to do? >> good question. i'm mad at them. they violated their word. their word is dirt. if you signed by the piece of paper, by gosh, live up to it. you agreed to do. you took the benefits. pay the price. meghan: $64,000 questions if ted cruz ultimately hurt himself making big stand at convention, voting with your conscience and slowly coming back? harris: i don't think so. i don't think so because he lives in border state. if you deliver a border state in a time when immigration, illegal immigration and crossing the border, building walls is such a focus, you deliver the state for the candidate, republican nominee or whatever, i don't think that hurts you politically. i think people will think you reached up higher, above your personal position against that
9:32 am
person, and voted for your state. meghan: had a real effect originally though. harris: i don't think any counts until they vote. paul ryan made sure he got out there, that he had voted in janesville, wisconsin, and that his vote was cast for the republican nominee. put that to bed. so no matter what else happens he cast his vote. that sets the example for his party. sandra: would donald trump be in much different place four days from the election if he had gotten earlier support from the key republicans? >> yeah it would have helped him a whole lot. it would have solidified the party already rallied around him. democrats are good about circling wagons around their people no matter how ridiculous may seem to do it. republicans tend to be a lot more independent. you know you have a lot of them say no, i'm not coming in unless this condition or that condition is met. i fine that offensive. i'm a republican. i made that choice. when her dad runs i'm out there getting hoarse, screaming to the last moment of the election for him. mitt romney, mitt and i were
9:33 am
rivals in 2008 but i went out there in '12. i campaigned for him. that is what we do. if you're going to be part of a party, sign up, saddle up, ride with the horse you got. meghan: bernie sanders looks like he is in pain with hillary clinton. pictures he is barely hugging her. angry to be there. >> he is not feeling the bern. no bern being felt. meghan: not feeling it. meghan: just four-days before americans head to the polls, new concerns about cyber attacks and voter fraud. a law enforcement official telling fox that 4states approached department of homeland security to help shore up their election systems. in the last several months a senior intel source says illinois and arizona's systems were successfully infiltrated. in illinois, the hackers reportedly stole voter data. in arizona they penetrated an internet facing system and quote, looked around. but we're told that the u.s. government has high confidence
9:34 am
in the elections system. insists that the skewing of a vote count would be extremely difficult. i think this is one of the most important issues of this election. is this idea that we have to be able to say it was free and fair election. it wasn't interference. bring up idea of voter fraud, anyone who says it gets vilified, it is important that people feel confident. what do you think about this, governor. >> voter fraud is real. i don't think it swings a election because some votes are cast. we had a city councilmen in eastern arkansas, 125 absentee ballots on his kitchen table writing them. it it exists. i'm not so worried about where person votes twice. i'm worried about electronic voting and whether those machines have absolute foolproof integrity.
9:35 am
that is much harder to catch than somebody who cycles back through the parking lot and comes in votes a different name. melissa: harris, we're talking about that here, the cyber level. every system is under attack every day. you know if you have a credit card, a bank account, there is constant tampering. so why would it not be attempted at least at the voting level? harris: this is opportunity for elections officials this is when really politics are local, right? this is the opportunity to stand up in the local community to say these are the steps we've taken and start good communication in smaller towns and neighborhoods, fan out from there. i think that is critical. us looking from afar into a different state will be really difficult to do as we saw with florida, and hanging chads. it was local election officials that had to figure all that out. that being said, associated press is reported because people have concerns about impersonation fraud. a billion votes cast since 2000 and 2012. they only found about three dozen accounts of that.
9:36 am
so, i mean that is something that we can look to, that they are catching that impersonation fraud but electronically, i think these elections officials have to be honest with us what they're doing to make sure it doesn't happen. sandra: what we report on all the time, melissa, on business side, businesses sinking millions and millions of dollars to prevent hacks like this from occurring, makes you wonder as american voter what we're doing to protect our election system to keep it fair in this country? do we need to be doing more considering this is sort of an inevitable, based on the technology that we have? >> you have to keep in mind a lot of counties and individual precincts are using very old technology. this is not intentional part of local officials. they're operating with budgets they have. sometimes they can't modernize and put security systems in place. a word of thanks, we need to pause, all those people who volunteer and are election officials, there are thousands
9:37 am
of them across america, who sit there, day after day, early voting and all day long, we owe our heartfelt thanks to those folks. it is thankless job. a tough one. in no way are we besmirching integrity of the poll workers we're concerned about ballot security. i want to make that very clear. i know nobody said that there is a lot of hard work behind the election scenes. harris: i'm glad you brought that up. we are calling on them to do more. they have to be watchdogs in even bigger way. meghan: i was going to say voting in general needs a lot of reforming. like to be easier for people to register. people still get confused. i've actually been part of organization, why tuesday. moving voting to weekends. people don't have to miss work. harris: two-day voting. meghan: anything makes it easier for modern working people with double jobs or many children. it shouldn't be that complicated or that hard male heal great point. down to the wire in 2016.
9:38 am
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♪ harris: hillary clinton is bringing out her top you are surrogates for a final rally in philadelphia monday night, election eve we're talking about. she will be joined by president obama and first lady, who clinton has been leaning heavily on as she tries to energize millenials and minority voters. bill and chelsea clinton expected to be there monday on battleground state of pennsylvania which she sees as firewall she needs to win. melissa, i will come to you first. when it comes to surrogates, what works and what doesn't?
9:43 am
melissa: it is interesting. a lot of people want to hear jay-z sing. i don't feel people think i am stumping for hillary is passionate or authentic. different when he was -- most effective surrogates for michael moore, for donald trump, talking about the forgotten man or forgotten person. the person in michigan who played by the rules, working so hard, day after day. they're not getting handouts of people who aren't working. they're not on the inside circle getting that access, that path. instead he really said, i understand the trump voter, you're kind of missing it. he last outlined the case very well. not what he means to do but it is the exact person who has been inflamed by the system and really dare i say, screwed over, by how things have been. harris: such an interesting example because that forgotten person in michigan looks like everybody. there is not a specific demographic. it is just a person who hasn't had a job in really long time. melissa: has a job, working so
9:44 am
hard and can't make ends meet and still paying taxes and doing their thing. why am i falling behind? harris: michael moore put out video and says he understands why people will vote trump. >> 40 years of wage stagnation. 40 years of -- people's homes foreclosed on. people lost their jobs. they lost their pensions. they're working two jobs to replace the one they used to have. this is the frustration. hillary, does she understand that? she most certainly does not. is she sympathetic to it? she says she is but if you read wikileaks you find out she really feels like all those people are great unwashed of america. she shouldn't bother with them. folks at wells fargo, they're doing fine. folks at aig, they're okay. goldman sachs, humming along just great. but you know, what michael moore said, i thought the most graphic point, won't be quite as graphic, he said basically election of donald trump is essentially the middle finger to the power elites and to say to them, now it is our turn. sandra: go ahead.
9:45 am
i was going to ask you about chelsea clinton. because in philadelphia hillary clinton will bring her out. i will bring the same question about melania and donald trump. does chelsea help her mother when she speaks on her behalf? >> i you believe she does but her connection in the clinton foundation and family operation enterprise. doesn't giver had the same cachet. the foundation has become toxic. people say, really, you raised hundreds of millions of dollars less than 6% goes to charitable causes? the rest is travel all over the place, conferences at five-star resorts, and you know, incredible staffing of $53 million. harris: melissa called it, it was a slush fund. you mentionerred something earlier this hour, meghan the role of the family talking about the trump family. they're called upon to soften. for hillary clinton has to be more than that. her husband has to tout the
9:46 am
economy and things she is not able to articulate well with you will at stuff on the email scandal and everything else. meghan: what is fast mating to knee more than bill and chelsea, that the obamas are campaigning hard as they possibly can, this is about our legacy, this is about me as the first black president. african-americans are not coming out to vote same way they did for him the i'm shocked they haven't made more of an impact. chelsea, if you're living in 10 million-dollar apartment here in new york city you relate to her great. working woman across america, much harder cell. same criticism of chelsea melania, tell me what it is like when the cameras off. sandra: she tries to. meghan: not good enough. if people want to ask me, i wouldn't help the clintons, if they ask me there are ways to do it. it is not an impossible task. you have to tell humanizing stories. i'm not sitting here, governor huckabee, sara huckabee does perfectly. she was a great sure row bat.
9:47 am
in there are ways i was a great surrogate for my father. there are ways to humanize you. i don't care about the actual work she does, i want to know what it is like being a daughter especially everything you've been through with bill and hillary clinton as your parents. harris: we'll see a lot of them next four-days. get to know us. no secret, this election has been very polarized. that is putting it lightly. hard data how bad it has gotten. whose supporters have hard time backing the other candidate. it may surprise you. ♪
9:48 am
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harris: more "outnumbered" on this fine friday in just a moment. let's go to jon scott what is happening in second hour of "happening now." >> it's a fine friday, harris. dueling campaign event. we're awaiting a donald trump campaign appearance in atkinson, new hampshire. several recent polls have trump tied or ahead of democrat. hillary clinton is making appearance in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. recent polling there gives her
9:52 am
five-point lead in the keystone state. we're monitoring events and give you snippets live as they happen. bombshell verdict in the "bridgegate" trial. bridget kelly and bill baroni found guilty on allegations they tied up traffic on the george washington bridge for political retribution. they are facing as much as 20 years in prison when sentenced. harris. harris: see you at top of the hour. >> sound good. sandra: can't we all get along? apparently not so much, very polarizing race between hillary clinton and donald trump. now a pew survey finding nearly 60% of the hillary supporters have a hard time respecting someone that backs donald trump. on other hand, just 40% of trump supporters say the same of clinton backers. i'm going to leave this open-ended for you, governor. what do you make of that? >> i'm not that surprised. if you look at comments like, for example, my facebook or
9:53 am
twitter, and you see the kind of reactions i get from the left, it is just, i find it amusing. meghan and i were talking about earlier, people are so angry, they don't engage you on what you have said or substance of it. just say things like you should delete your account. you shouldn't be allowed to tweet. i'm thinking, why are you following me you dope head? if you're that desperate for something to do, don't follow me! not hard. harris: we'll leave on that note. you know why? >> why is that. harris: breaking news changing everything. donald trump steps up to the lecturn. this is the great state of new hampshire. we'll watch analysten together. >> we'll watch and win back the white house. we've had incredible polls. you probably seen the new "rasmussen poll" came out, we're three points up nationwide and going like a rocket. [cheering] many, many polls. i won't even go over all the polls but we're leading in ohio,
9:54 am
iowa, all over the place. [cheering] i think we're doing great in north carolina. i think we're doing great in pennsylvania too, by the way. [cheering] and florida, looks beautiful. florida looks beautiful. we have so many great polls. but you have to get out and vote in november 8th. you have to do that we're on the cusp of historic change that transfers power from failed political establishment and returns that power to you, the american people. that is what is going to happen. [cheering] that is what is going to happen. there is more breaking news as you probably heard, that i would like to share with you right now. is that okay? [cheering] as you know the fbi now has multiple open criminal investigations into hillary clinton. this includes the discovery of
9:55 am
another 650,000 emails and also a far-reaching criminal investigation into her pay for play scheme at the state department. last night cbs news just confirmed that the 650,000 emails include brand new emails not previously seen by authorities. [cheering] she said she gave them all in, right? she said, gave them all in. well, when we saw 650,000, we figured i guess there has to be some surprises. wait until you see what they find in those 650 too. it won't be pretty. hillary clinton lied to congress under oath when she said she turned over all her work-related emails an she didn't send classified information on her illegal server. meaning, she may now face major
9:56 am
problems for perjury. [cheering] how can hillary manage this country, when she can't even manage her emails? did you ever see, hey, folks, let's forget all of the stuff, what a mess. what a mess. all she had to do was follow the rules and assume people are watching or listening, who cares right? what a mess and for what? now we're going to have her running the country for four years? [booing]. what, honestly what a terrible, terrible mess. over what? over nothing. over what should have been nothing. all she had to do was follow the rules. unbelievable. and now she is going to run the country. she will be under investigation for years. she will be with trials. our country, we have to get back to work, right. >> lock her up! lock her up! lock her up!
9:57 am
>> well, one of her top people, i guess her top person said wikileaks, said she has bad instincts. what a bad thing. bad instincts. she should fire him, honestly. that would be good instincts but she should fire him, john podesta. in an email said, hillary has bad instincts. do you want that for your president? bernie sanders said, bernie sanders said bad judgment. in all fairness he was running against her. so he said bad judgment. but the guy that is running her campaign says hillary really has bad instincts. then we're going to say, oh, let's make her president. the fbi agents say their investigation is likely yield an indictment. however the report shows that the political leadership at the department of justice is trying as hard as it can to protect their angel, hillary clinton.
9:58 am
why didn't they protect general cartwright and why didn't they protect general petraeus? why didn't they protect a kid taking pictures of an old submarine, and they put him in jail, put him in jail, lovely family, lovely mother, they put him in jail because he wanted remembrance where he worked. it is old submarine. they have pictures nobody knows about, right? they put him in jail. you see what she does, she is allowed to run for president. folks you know what it tells you? the system is rigged. the system is rigged. she shouldn't be allowed to run. hillary engaged in massive is criminal enterprise and cover-up. she created an illegal email server to shield her criminal activity and core result pay for play. she illegally transmitted confidential information. you're just not allowed to do that. forget about the second go round
9:59 am
she is in now. the first go round you're not allowed to delete after you get a subpoena. she illegally destroyed federal records including 33,000 emails she deleted after getting a subpoena from congress. if she were to win, it would create an unprecedented constitutional crisis. what a mess. we went through it with him with the itch peachment and the lies. -- impeachment. aren't we tired of this stuff? [cheering] she is likely to be under investigation including a criminal trial, our president. america deserves a government that can go to work on day one and get it done. real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing the disaster known as obamacare. [cheering]
10:00 am
obama, he is campaigning all over the place. i left miami yesterday. there was the plane. he is campaigning -- he ought to be in the white house working and getting our jobs back and building up our military and creating some semblance of a% don't have now. and americans are going to it experience a massive double-digit premium hike in obama care. in the great state of arizona which i just left, and i will be back. premiums are going up 116 percent. arizona. 116 percent. and over 90 percent of the counties in new hampshire are losing obama care and losing the insurers and so lots of luck negotiating, folks. 90 percent. premiums are surging and comp


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