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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 6, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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thank thank you for watching this sunday edition of o'reilly. . breaking tonight with less than 48 hours until the polls open, the fbi again makes big news in the 2016 race for the white house. the question now, what will it mean on tuesday? welcome to "the kelly file" everyone, here in our brand new studio we stand on the door step of election day. and usually at this point in the election all research is out, all of the bombs have been dropped. but this is 2016. and a shocker broke just six hours ago. fbi director james comey announcing this afternoon the bureau is done. they're done reviewing that massive probe of new clinton m
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e-mails and found nothing, he says, not to prosecute the former secretary of state. the news comes as a shock, buzz 10 days ago, news is that the bureau discovered 650,000 e-mails that could have an impact on the investigation. an fbi spokesman says there was no way they can get through that many documents before the election. tonight we'll speak with congressman tray goudy. former dnc spokesman is here as well, but first, we go to trace ghallager live in new york. and trey goudy, head of the benghazi investigation. it april rears it was an all hands on deck investigation finished at break neck speed.
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the reason is because most e-mails were duplicates. comey was careful in the way he worded a letter to congress, which reads in part, quote, reviewing all of the communications going to or from hillary clinton and we have not changed our conclusion expressed in july with respect to secretary clinton. our justice department producer says a senior law enforcement source tells him the matter is essentially closed. loretta lynch supported the decision and just a short time ago, donald trump spoke for the first time about the big news. watch. >> you can't review 650,000 new e-mails in eight days. can't do it, folks. hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi knows it. the people know it. and now, it's up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box on november 8th.
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>> remember, for donald trump, james comey was villain, then, the hero, he's, back to villain. this will play into his campaign's message. hillary clinton has not said anything about the news but her campaign is weighing in. brian fowler tweeting quote, we're confident nothing would cause the july decision to be revisited. now, director comey confirmed it. and camp clinton is relieved, they say it's impossible to undo the damage. polls show she lost independents and g.o.p. women who she was hoping would extend her lead. here is vice president nominee, tim kaine. >> i felt like the original conclusion was so unequal, so i felt like that could be the conclusion they would reach. >> it does not appear to get
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huma abedin off the hook. joining me now, congressman trey goudy who investigated mrs. clinton. great to see you, congressman. your reaction to director comey's announcement today? >> well, i have kind of focused on a word of his letter with the word conclusions, plural. he had a lot of conclusions in july, including she was careless in the way she handled classified information. she didn't turn over all of her work e-mail and quote, sent and received information, including that which was marked classified. now, making use of the word conclusions, today, plural was important. >> we have not changed our conclusions since july. and clearly, this closes a book on the question of criminality
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in so far as the feds are concerned and her e-mail. does it not? . >> i don't think so. i think it closes the book based on what they know now. investigations are never over unless a statute of limitations expired or unless jeopardy is attached so this investigation is over based on what they know, but they don't know what they don't know, and megyn, my other point is can you imagine a closing argument of having to spend, the day before a general election, say, the fbi was not able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt every element of a criminal offense? >> yes. >> if that is the closing argument for a presidential candidate they've got other problems. >> in the end she chose not to mention it for the very reason you just suggested is that is how they want to reenforce their message. they're saying this had a real
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affect and heard trace's affect about republican women were reluctant to owe support donald trump. do you think the comey decision nine, 10 days ago might have backed, if perhaps a presidential race, if not that, some of the senate races that have been tight? >> i'll take her decisions of impacted female voters and independent voters. i think it's just a reminder most of what she's said has been false. that is not jim comey's fault. i'm not upset with jim comey for sending the letter today, i thought he had to, just like 8 or 9 days ago. she's the reason we're discussing this hours before a general election. not jim comey. >> it's important to note. comey had a lot of attackers out there. you defend him. you think the decision in july was found. you, too, are facing reelection on tuesday. and you know, your favored to win. that hasn't stopped you from
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releasing ads like this one, which i think our viewers will enjoy, watch. >> that trey gowdy goes after them, the man is fearless, obamacare, hillary, wasteful spending. >> conservative. >> yes. >> steady. >> got a good head on his shoulders. >> i don't know about that hair, though. >> you still remember i'm still sitting here. >> just saying. >> trey gowdy, consistent and consistent hair cuts. >> it's true. i like that you recognize that about yourself. and you know the facial hair is slightly inconsistent. if you know about it, why don't you do something there? >> i have had a lot of help in recognizing that weakness over six years. and can tell you this. i am the only politician in america dumb enough to run a negative attack ad on himself.
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i thought people needed to laugh in the last couple days before an election, i'd rather laugh at me than poke fun at somebody else. >> we did need to laugh, and i can relate on the inconsistent hair. thank you. >> thank you. >> joining me now in a kelly file exclusive, chairman of the republican national committee. great to see you. what did you make of the fbi today? i know you liked what they did nine days ago. do you like what they did today just as much? >> i won't want to step on the eloquent words of congressman gowdy. i think any time the clinton campaign is talking about whether or not she gave away secrets is a sloppy message. and i also agree, before trey laid it out nicely, but there is nothing that says this thing is
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over. there are going to be more e-mails. it's over in regard to this new trove of e-mails, but there will be more. and so the point is can she be trusted? the answer is no. she can't be trusted when she's given one of the most-precious jobs in america. she can't get over the hump. >> if they get more evidence on reading e-mails? >> well, yeah. i think congressman gowdy laid it out. it's the truth. i don't know how many black berries she had. if they find another blackberry and computer, if they have other documents they're going to review them. they'll be another letter back saying guess what? we found this. now, we're going to restart. >> now, we're a day and a half out, i peen, the day of, and i want to owe get a feel where for you think the trump campaign is. the latest national polls show hillary clinton has rebounded, and regained her national lead,
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one poll has her four points up. >> well, there are other polls that show trump up. >> just one. the l.a. times poll. which is consistently showing him up. >> and ibd poll had trump up by two points. >> she's up one in that one. >> i -- >> you've got to look at where early vote is in florida. we're up about 100,000 votes from where we were four years ago. in north carolina, up about 120,000 votes from north carolina. and we're up in a big way in ohio. we're up as compared to 2012 in a big way in iowa. we're tied in michigan. if not, slightly ahead or slightly behind but clearly, both our data and the clinton data in michigan is saying the same thing, it's very, very close. the same is true in pennsylvania, and the same is
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true in new hampshire, and in the second judicial district of maine. you go to colorado, megyn, and ballots that have been counted show at the democrat-republican registration we have an 1800 point lead. >> what about nevada? >> sure. >> one the guys out there that tracks the polls says trump is finished in nevada and hispanic trump out has been historic. >> we love john. but you know, he says the same thing every two years about republicans in nevada. i do like john. it's something we hear all the time. it's going to come down to the ground game and trump's closing argument on tuesday. one thing people need to understand, this is the truth. we've gotten better at early vote this year compared to four years ago and better two years ago than we ever have. republicans tend to vote on election day. they tend not to like early
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voting and absentee ballot voting so we have lagged over the years in this area. complained about it but didn't get good at it. now, as of late we've gotten a lot better. >> last question. last question. your prediction on electoral college final? >> i think trump is going to be over 270. i predict one of the big blue states is going to go to donald trump. we've never seen anything like it. 25,000 people today, in both minnesota and michigan. >> how about the senate? >> it's something no matter what you think we're going to be at least 52 in the senate. we'll hold a majority. >> you heard it here. great to see you. thanks for being with us. >> you bet. >> here tonight, mo, good to see you. let's pick up with that .2 republicans on, any day she's
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talking about i am not facing criminal charges for jeopardizing national security and letting her made printout classified documents is a bad day for hillary clinton. what say you? . >> i don't think there is a question that what comey did two fridays ago threw a wrinkle into everything. you know, it couldn't have been a worse time, right? i mean for 10 days, this spector of, you know are they reopening the investigation with hanging out there allowing the trump campaign to promise that, you know there has got to be something big there. and all of this conversation is happening as early voting was going on. only to find out today, that there wasn't anything big there. that there wasn't anything new there. that would change the july findings. so i think the comey decision two fridays ago was a problem. for primarily, the fbi.
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i don't think for the clinton campaign. having said that, she's going to lead it. and you just pointed out she's rebounding in national polls and taking a pretty good lead in a couple of the key battle ground states. and we're seeing the early vote among the african american community and hispanic community exploding over the past 3 or 4 days. >> where? early votes about the african american turn out had been disappointing thus far. >> you're right. >> you're right. that was an early report. based on what we see, take a look at south florida. broward county. we've seen turn out in the african american and latino communities beginning to outpace what we saw in 2012. >> why is she so concerned about michigan from the appearance of it? >> looks like it's tightening up, right? but at the same time -- >> but put that into perspective for viewers. how big of a loss would that be for hillary clinton? >> you know, we'll see how it turns out, i think people on the ground in michigan and clinton
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campaign feel they've got to do late work here but will be able to hold onto it. having said that, it could slip. it could go red this time. but if she does lose michigan and this is an important point. if she does lose michigan, the way the map is looking now, trump has to run the tables in a buvenl of states that right now it does not look like he'll be able to do. his path to 270 is far more narrow. she's looking good in pennsylvania. the early vote in florida should give democrats a little bit of a bounce in their step. nevada, you know these are states that trump has to win in order to get there. as well as pick up a michigan and maybe one other blue state. he can't do all that. >> have to get the romney states and steal one of the blue states. >> that is right. >> one with a lot of electoral
9:16 pm
votes, ideally. >> mo, great to see you. >> you, too. >> almost there. >> a high stakes game of chess that could decide it all. two of the country's top political analysts are next. and stirewalt is here. look at that picture. doesn't that just make you love him? with a state by state cheat sheet. and then, we have big news on early voting patterns and impact of the angry electorate when we come back on a busy night, stay with us. score? i wanna see if it changed. credit scores don't change that much, do they? really?
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ju just two days until we are sitting on this set reading you results as they come in. can you believe it? donald trump and hillary clinton are trying to close the deal with campaign stops that no one saw coming this late in the g tomorr tomorrow trump travels to michigan and pennsylvania. the choice turning heads because mrs. clinton is pulling ahead. clinton is showing her team also realizes how important it is to block trump. politico noting that along with victories in north carolina, florida and ohio two paths to victory must include winning either pennsylvania or michigan. we have rick levinthol tonight. we begin with carl cameron live in sterling heights, michigan.
9:21 pm
>> just as mitt romney's electoral college map in 2012 had to be matched by donald trump and he has to get blue states, if barack obama's 2012 results are what hillary gets she wins. the trump campaign is painfully aware of that. today every single state he was in including where he woke up and will go to bed is a blue state won by barack obama. he was in colorado last night. that is where he got up this m today today he visited iowa, minnesota, michigan. he is on his way to pittsburgh, pennsylvania now. there will be another rally after that in virginia. all of them states won by barack why why is he going to these places as opposed to nailing down north carolina, a red state he has to defend or ohio a red state he has to defend because he has to find the blue states to pull off a victory in pennsylvania has been a little bit rough. florida is still a tie but the trump campaign believes they got what they refer to as an under boat swelling, not registered in
9:22 pm
the polls, not recognized by the media but the great silent majority is how trump described it already, that those people are beginning to show up at the rallies, that the momentum continues to grow and that the media and the opposition just don't see how enthusiastic the trump supporters are as compared to the clinton folks. it was a huge rally tonight in detroit. the the event had seating for 8,000 and then there was an amphitheater in the back that was packed. the trump campaign says that was about what they had in the earlier today. they expect the same turnout to happen in pittsburgh and virginia. trump's trump's field organization, his ground game has often been compared as something lesser than the clinton campaign. they think they have momentum and that under vote that they think is beginning to bubble over and they hope will take them over the top on tuesday. >> the other state in this
9:23 pm
equation is pennsylvania. that is why it is so critical to clinton that she is spending the final night of her campaign in phila this r this report just filed from philly. >> >> there is a reason why hillary clinton has been spending so much time here in philadelphia. this city has helped the past six democratic presidential nominees win the state in part because the area is the most heavily populated in the state and is the most democratic by a seven to one margin. if you look at a map of this state broken down by counties you will see it is almost all red. mitt r mitt romney won 54 of the 57 counties in 2012. he lost a state because president obama got almost 6,000 more in philly. five of the counties in pennsylvania account for one third of the total voters. pennsylvania has almost a million more democrats than repu donald donald trump has his work cut out as he appeals to the base and suburban women and
9:24 pm
minorities trying to shrink the marginal lead in most polls somewhere around two to three points. clinton clinton knows she needs the people of this city to turn out and that could be complicated by the mass transit strike which has been going on for six days. if the buses and subways aren't running that could effect voter turnout at the polls. >> thank you. joining me now co founder and publisher of real clear politics and republican pollster kristin sanderson. let's t let's talk about the pennsylvania first and whether that is a pipe dream for him. that is the easiest course if he can sure up florida, pull out a victory in north carolina and add to that pennsylvania then he likely has it, right? >> he would definitely have it if he won those states and picked up pennsylvania. this is a state that republicans
9:25 pm
every four years they think they have a shot in pennsylvania. it never pans out. although, if there was the potential for republicans to win it this year it might be donald trump and the way the candidates are slicing the electorate in different ways with trump running well, extremly well among working class white >> >> that's assuming that trump holds all states that romney got including utah, georgia and arizona where he had vulnerableabili pennsy pennsylvania, does he have a realistic shot there? >> i don't think it is particularly realistic. pennsylvania is perhaps demographically one of the states where you have a lot of working-class voters in the middle of the state very rife for trump territory. because of struggles with college educated voters and suburban women. >> you are not feeling it. let's say trump has 253
9:26 pm
electoral votes, needs to find the extra 17. pennsylvania lost. now he is looking at michigan. he gets iowa which he is favored to win in right now. he is ahead in iowa. now he is looking to the beautiful state of michigan which we were just discussing. michigan has 16 electoral votes. so that could do it. 6 plus 16 will do it. >> it certainly could do it. the fact that the clinton campaign is also there trying to have a presence in michigan at all suggests maybe this isn't just a trump campaign head fake. and they are bringing everyone. hillary, bill, michelle, barack obama, our first lady and president all going to michigan. >> where a candidate spends their time sends an interesting signal in what they are seeing. a state like nevada was one that originally was in the mix as a must win for trump. i looked at analysis that showed
9:27 pm
how each county will perform relative to 2012. there is a big blue stripe places like nevada will be more democratic than four years ago. that upper midwest, that rust belt area looks red. looks as though republicans do michiga michigan is a state where you have a republican governor. it is very likely that the clinton state. this isn't just trump campaign saying it is in play. >> all those heavy hitters are going to philadelphia. those states are most in focus, pennsylvania and michigan. tom, do you think that they are adequately allocating their resources because we heard campaign carl tell us trump is going to colorado. he is going to minnesota. he is going to virginia. does he have a realistic shot in those states? >> i think the reason they are focussed on michigan and pennsylvania, two reasons, number one, no early voting in both states. given the way they had early voting, disappointing results in
9:28 pm
florida, north carolina, they want to make sure they are energizing african-american votes in philly. they don't have a lot of latino hispanic voters which has been propelling clinton nevada and other places. clinton is running five points behind where barack obama was running in michigan in 2012. that is why you have both campaigns focussed on these states in the final 48 hours. >> no early voting. it all comes down to tuesday. great to see you both. thank you. lots of talk about early we we will show you how both campaigns are seeing what they think is good news in that category. how how could the so-called angry voter change the equation on >> >> i can't consciously morally vote for trump. i can't. >> hillary is worse. it's that simple. >> we'll find out when dana perino, tucker carlson join us
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breaking tonight a dark new picture of the mood of the american people just days before they go to the polls.
9:33 pm
a new cbs news "new york times" poll showing 82% of the electorate saying the 2016 campaign has made them more disgusted with the american political system. 82% are feeling disgusted. and that was evidence in pollster's latest focus group. >> i want you to give me a word or phrase. >> too long. >> terrified. >> disheartened. >> annoyed. >> disgusted. >> how many of you would say you are mad as hell? >> just about everybody here. >> dana perino is a former white house press secretary and co-host of the five. tucker carlson is editor and chief of the daily and newly announced anchor. we are saying that out loud
9:34 pm
>> >> i hope so. >> i wasn't surprised to hear were yo were you surprised to hear that? >> i wasn't surprised by the "new york times" poll. if i were to say on the bright side 82% about something. >> and that is that we are ready for the election to be over. >> you feel it. i have to say you feel it on the s you fe you feel it going out to dinner with friends, just this malaise that has overcome people. >> dividing not just the country but families and friends. you are such a good person to see the bright side in this. normally this would help the insurgent candidate. it would be a no brainer that this voter discontent would help the the wildcard in this is trump himself. people people saying he is not qualified to run. it mab makes it much more
9:35 pm
compliment. >> >> then you have by the minute news breaking. even today the communication director for hillary clinton said if wiki leaks drops something else almost certainly like highly likely fake. that may or may not work. the drip drip drip of wiki leaks and fbi and trump and the women bums people out. who are these 18% that disagree with the finding? >> dana perino tries to find the good in everybody. national geographic came out with something that said this year would be one second longer than normal years. i felt like i can't have this election go on one extra second. >> today losing an hour. >> what does it mean for govern somebo somebody is going to win on tuesday. we we hope not another bush v.
9:36 pm
gore. what what does it mean this person going to office with a disgusted angry electorate? >> can i say one nice word about the election? >> it has raised issues that were not raised at least in was nobody nobody debated immigration or trade. i i have been there my whole life. they did not. >> it has been so ugly. >> it is disgusting. there are issues and they have been sort of down played in they a they are there. >> what does it mean for the next president? >> i think two things have to happen. if if you look back to the final supreme court decision when al gore gave his concession speech it was considered largely to be gla that s that set a tone. it doesn't mean all other democrats did. al gore did first call that george w. bush makes is to ted
9:37 pm
kennedy and then george miller and then by may they were able to get the bush tax cuts passed. >> from the texas state house with the democrat next to him -- >> he had a bipartisan world in texas. for for either of these candidates i think their posture for win or lose is really important and they wanted this opportunity and now they have i think the responsibility to try to bring people together. >> do you agree with that? >> i do. what concerns me is you have a candidate who is not saying he will concede if the election doesn't go his way. we are not a third world banana republic. you you win or you lose. if he loses i hope he does the right thing and concedes. >> that with him in the interview i had with him, his word to his supporters is and and so if he doesn't say if he loses that i lost the chances of
9:38 pm
them accepting it you tell me. >> >> i think it is very damaging to our democracy. i implore the people that follow him to understand that in case it doesn't go well on tuesday night, if it doesn't go well on tuesday night they have to accept the fact that holds a lot of democrats, we have one president at a time. if he doesn't get elected she will be president cannot delegitimize her election. >> if you care about people buying into the system and we should you need as a first principle to safe guard the int the the lesson is if there is flakiness in the electoral system we need to fix it. i'm not saying it is in every town in america that is unacc >> >> what do you think trump will do if he doesn't prevail?
9:39 pm
there are so many reports that he might be looking to launch a tv channel or do something with his support that he has. if that is true, does it benefit for him to come out and say i lost or does it benefit for him to come out with a rigged, system, drain the swamp? >> i don't think he is giving himself enough credit for exposing some very real policy problems that we have in the country especially for the white working class. joe biden will say the democrats have forgotten them. they will say the republicans have forgotten them. on the campaign stop today he said if i don't win and the movement ends right there i don't think that that is true. i think that what he has done is quite powerful, exposing a lot of problems that both parties no matter what side will have to deal with. >> he will find a way to harness the energy. if she loses and we expect her
9:40 pm
to concede, she definitely is going to run again every four years until she dies. >> is this her get out the vote message to democrats? >> i don't think she will run a >> >> i don't either. >> vote for her or else you are living with this for the next 30 to 40 years. >> great to see you all. the state by state cheat sheet for election night. when we can know who wins the white house. you may have heard talk about good news for hillary clinton in the early voting. he didn't tell you all of it. checking your credit score?" "you don't want to drive old blue forever, do you?" "credit karma huh?" "yeah, it's free.' "credit karma. give yourself some credit."
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welcome back to our special sunday night live edition of "the kelly file" in advance of election day. we have dozens of high tech tools to help keep you better informed more quickly on tuesday it is it is overwhelming. circle circle of doom above us. it is a little scary looking up there. we h we have new data. we have new data coming in right now on early voting from several key states. first florida and nevada where there has been an uptick in the number of hispanics who are turning out to vote early in this election. that is expected to benefit hillary clinton. north carolina turnout for african-american voters is down by almost 70,000 from 2012 which is expected to hurt donald
9:45 pm
trump. joini joining me now katrina pearson and crystal ball. so there is a little bit of good news and bad news for both ca the the question is who benefits more on the net? if hillary is trying to assemble the obama coalition she needs african-american voters. >> well, she does. even in the early voting numbers white voters are up and brand new voters are up and all that does well for mr. trump and hillary clinton is struggling with black voters. she had to bring out jay-z and beyonce and still didn't get a crowd bigger than some of these trump rallies today. i think this is not so organic as the clinton campaign would like. we we do know since 2009 this administration has been using tax dollars to fund these
9:46 pm
programs to get illegal aliens registered to vote. we just heard obama on an interview encouraging illegal aliens to vote and i think that is contributing to some of the >> >> i'm not sure about that. we will talk about the hispanic what what we are hearing is sky rocketing that the hispanic vote may be a huge story. >> the hispanic vote of legal american voters is sky ro if if you look at florida which trump has to win i think we would say to have a shot at this latino latino turnout is up 100%. what is even more remarkable is that they are not just turning out latino voters that would normally come to the polls anyway. 60% 60% of those have been low propencity so either never voted before or infrequently vote. i think the headline really will be on wednesday that latino voters decided to build a big
9:47 pm
beautiful wall to keep trump out of the white house and that is going to be the story of the el >> ther >> there is thought pieces suggesting that these groups, several of the groups that trump managed to take aim at or struggled with never were won back over. they aren't coming home and groups like hispanics and college educated white women are not ready to vote for him on tuesday. >> >> i don't think any republican was expected to win minorities or women overwhelmingly. >> college educated white women usually go republican. >> as well. back to the hispanic vote. back in 2009 there was a push to go out there and get a lot of these immigrants pushed into the system. in apr in april 2015 the task force of new arrivals from this administration spent another $19 million to do that.
9:48 pm
>> the question is whether you -- >> i am talking about the number of -- the number of people going to the polls. the hundreds of thousands, millions of people in the last five years that were granted citizenship to do just that, to get out there and vote. that matters. >> crystal, i will give you the last word. >> i think it is really sad that rather than trying to appeal to these americans the trump campaign in the last days accuses them of being illegal, not allowed to vote and even in nevada you can see the fear >> that >> that is not what i said. >> there being special favors so that they are able to vote. the reality is latinos are coming out of the woodwork to vote for hillary clinton because donald trump has been horrible in rhetoric. >> they are voting for donald
9:49 pm
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thr three presidential elections, has seen the well if past three residential elections have seen the race called in the 11:00 eastern time hour. but back when ronald reagan won the presidency in '80 and '84, the call came before 8:30. joining me now, chris stirewalt. what's our best guess? >> it ain't going to be 8:30. too much is too close. this very high-tech document that we have here, the bill salmon cheat sheet of cheat sheets. >> meaningless. >> it's awesome. you look through the flow of the
9:53 pm
night, these are the states angered. the ones on side are easy to call >> solid blue, solid red. >> then in the middle, these are the ones we're going to sweat. >> yellow. >> in yellow there are a lot of sweat. but situation cli think of it like this. a presidential election is like filling a bat tub, right? let's say we're pouring the water into the tub, the first things that come in, kentucky, indiana, arkansas, alabama. >> easy easy easy. >> and those things come in. but there's a water level. and what we believe or what history tells us is that some states are higher on the water line that others. so, for example, let's say that donald trump does win as he said he might michigan. well that's great for him. but by the way he's won michigan he's probably won other states that are lower on the water line that that. that's a harder reach for a republican and a harder reach for him. if he's done that he's probably won pennsylvania and the election
9:54 pm
>> because he's got momentum. that would be such an upset victory. something is happening with the electorate that maybe wasn't foreseen. >> it seldom happens that somebody can flip some state out of order that's out of its stack. >> what where the odds that north carolina and florida, you guys are going to be able to call that early. >> no. >> no odds? >> well, i'll put it this way. the early vote -- florida is the decider here, right? the big daddy. >> it's a must win for trump. if he doesn't win, he's out. >> in 2012 four years ago when everybody was fighting over ohio, we were already moved past ohio and focused on florida in obama's clear but nair ru victory. it looks like a closer race in florida right now. >> is there any chance we're not going to know on tuesday night? >> sure, there's a chance.
9:55 pm
>> a good chance. >> usually they're decisive because the electorate is moving one way or the other. >> there's a decision. >> now when you have things like fbi rolling in the come post, does it change the narrative? and in 2000, george w. bush's youthful dui coming out so late changed the flow of the election. >> can you imagine that? we were just talking about this today. i don't know if that would have made the broadcast tonight. this election has been so full of like fbi investigations and access hollywood? >> we would have found room for it. >> but it would have been -- >> down the stack. >> great to see you. so we'll be back with a sneak peak -- you'll see. ♪ (whispers rocket)
9:56 pm
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so so this tuesday night the so this tuesday night the country will settle on the next president. next tuesday night they will hopefully settle for more, the name of my new and only book which is a very personal memoir that i wrote for you. i started out wanting to write about american values and how we seem to be losing too many of them these days. i ended up writing about that and much, much more. i wrote about finding happiness at difficult times in my life or more accurately wholeness and have thoughts on how you can do the same. i wasn't always a happily married news anchor. i had to settle for more to get here.
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maybe you are in a place right now where you can use a boost. you can preorder at, barns and and i can't wait to discuss it with you. thank you for watching us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow night at 9 p.m. good night. welcome to the sunday edition of "hannity" two days before you vote for the president. the fbi director james comey announced the reopened investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail server is now closed and no charges will be recommended against her. in just a few minutes newt gingrich, kellyanne conway. donald trump is about to hold a rally in the all important swing state of pennsylvania. we will take you to pennsylvania when donald trump steps up to the podium. get out your pen and paper. there is a lot of information youre