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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 7, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> we're dancing today and tomorrow we're going to be dancing with laura ingraham, we have heather, clayton, abby, pete, they are all alive from diners all across the country. just remember, tomorrow, vote, or you can't complain!
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bill: others would suggest the real action is in the clinton foundation. >> republicans believe as far as the classified information is concerned that she did commit crimes and comey had to twist himself into a pretzel not to charge her where crimes. but they believe now the action is with the clinton foundation and they can find evidence of pay-for-play. and we don't know we have never known whether foundation information is among the emails that no one has ever seen.
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bill: if she wins tomorrow this continues in some fashion because republicans if they control the house, they said from day one that they will go back to her testimony before congress. >> if they control the house, jason chaffetz will still be the chief investigator on the committee and we know he wants to keep going with this and that's what they will do. martha: we have all that to look forward to. from now until every vote is counted, we have got you covered here folks. live continuous election coming all day long on election day and deep into the night. we are breaking down all of these races and the senate races and the house races, all of which are of great importance to this country with fair and balanced reporting throughout. look at what we are watching. it's just been an incredible
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ride. the anger and feeling and emotion that goes into this on the part of voters, it will be something else. bill: for sure. i always know it's important when they give us a desk. when they roll it out and it reappears, it's big stuff. love it. donald trump spending the final days on the trail. he's hitting five different states. he's going to michigan. does he have a shot at turning that state red? reince priebus in a moment will chart the path to victory. so listen carefully. prebus is on deck. martha: the grandaddy of battlegrounds lives up to its name. who will win florida? it will close tomorrow night. but first here is donald trump. >> as she refuses the campaign in minnesota, do you want a president who doesn't care enough about your vote that sheer in shows up?
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>> tough been here many times before as you know. and hillary doesn't even -- i mean, she doesn't even bother to come here. she should be penalized. don't vote for her. she'll be a lousy president anyway. >> that was a big rally in
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minneapolis, minnesota. donald trump final days in a deep blue state. reince priebus here to make his case. good morning to you. thanks for being a gentleman with us from the very beginning. it has been. how do you see victory? map it out quickly. >> you have got the four big states for us, florida, north carolina, ohio, iowa. that gets you to 259. then you have to find 11. and it's either nevada and new hampshire or or you can go colorado will be nevada, col new hampshire or one big one like michigan or pennsylvania which would be a game changer completely. or you get minnesota and new hampshire by the starts with those four building blocks to get to 259. then you take it from there.
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bill: do you feel what you just laid out is a reach? >> not a reach. but we have got to be good. donald trump himself has always said, on the map, they start with an advantage. but if you look at what's happening around the country and how this thing is closing. you want to be the candidate with wind at their backs. right now donald trump has wind at his back. that's where you want to be. "the des moines register" has trump up 7. real clear average has him up 3 when you put all the polls together. north carolina, quinnipiac has clinton leading by 2. you put all the polls together and she trails by 1.5%. move to florida. quinnipiac has her up by a point.
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and he leads by a point in florida as well. when you are in a contest in battles, when they are too close to call, oftentimes it comes down to the ground game. that's how barack obama operated in 2008 and 2012. how effective has the rnc been with the trump team in tandem to make sure the ground game matches or is better than what thend hillary clinton has done. >> it's not. >> matter of matching it. it's a matter of being bert it's a combination of the candidate and the ground game. look at early vote. we are 100,000 votes ahead of where we were 4 years ago. mitt romney lost by 70,000. north carolina, 20,000 votes ahead of where we were in north carolina. they are bleeding in ohio and iowa. they are nowhere near their numbers of four years ago.
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so the reality is when you look at what's been done on the ground between the trump campaign and the rnc and senate races, keep in mind you have serious senate races and that helps our case as well. so working together, i think we have beaten them. if you look at the rnc versus the dnc, no one calculates that matchup. we are far bigger than the dnc has ever been the last four years. bill: we spoke a week ago about the balance of power in the fs house and senate. do you feel the republicans hold the house? >> of course. bill: on the senate last week you said you hold the majority and the answer i believe you used was absolutely. what's that answer today? >> it's the sales answer. if you look at where we are that the senate races. donald trump is strong in each of these states, the senators are strong in each of these states, and i think you are going to see a majority in the united states senate when this
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is over. but it starts at the top, it starts:with trump and his closing ability which is proven and shown. and to to people to their surprise. but he's done well and now it's time to close the deal. he's a great close early. bill. bill: what's the plan tomorrow. >> it's an improved version wall we used in 2014 when we swept the united states senate and added seats to the majority. it's an improved version of that. we put 120 million dollars into our data program at the rnc. it's been tested and we'll use it again tomorrow. bill: do you win michigan. yesterday you said it is a tossup. >> that tells you what's happening around the country. i saw your surrogate mama few
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minutes ago. you have all kinds of folks going up top michigan. it's very tight. i think we have a slight lead in michigan. but again it's very tight. and we feel good about where we are at. momentum is with us. >> he's in grand rapids at 11:00 tonight. she is if you michigan at 4:00 this afternoon. a separation of 20 mills. reince priebus, thank you for your time. martha: we are 40 minutes away from getting our brand-new fox poll numbers. we'll break down who has the edge as we head into tomorrow. bill: he started with the path to victory for trump and the path to victory for hillary clinton. as we count down to this time tomorrow. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born.
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bill: january the reno, the first woman to serve as the u.s. southern general has died. she passed away today from complications of parkinson's disease. she found herself at the center
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of several political firestorms. she held the post longer than any other attorney general in 100 years. she is dead at the age of 78. martha: it's all about the numbers and the latest ones show a tough but possible path to victory for donald trump if he sweeps all the big battleground states. he believes he still has a shot there and he is within the margin of error on most of the pennsylvania polls. michigan, another big state that will be a decisive one throughout the course of tomorrow evening. north carolina is going to be one of the more early indicators of which way this thing may be going. and clinton has a 2-point lead in the state of pennsylvania. she is well ahead in michigan. they believe their numbers on
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the ground are quite positive for them. here is north carolina. take a look at this one in trump 47, clinton 45. that's the real clear politics average of all the polls considered to be reputable. that's north carolina which will have the trump folks feeling okay about north carolina. kyle, good to see you today. we just ran through some of these, we are waiting for fox news polls which will come out at the top of the hour. how do you see this thing tomorrow night? >> i think clinton goes in tomorrow night as a fast it. i think she is likelier than not to get 300 electoral votes. i think the path to victory in the north carolina, florida, ohio are important to trump.
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iowa gets to 260 electoral votes. then it's a question of whether he can get a pennsylvania or mitch a began, states where clinton has persistently led. >> let's take a look at some more numbers here. florida is the next one on the map. there are under cases trump is pulling ahead in florida. is that a meaningful difference? >> i don't know if it's a meaningful difference. we have early vote statistics from florida. and i think that you can make a case either way that the early vote benefits one candidate or the other. but the state is pretty close with a tiny clinton edge there. martha: let's look at the next state this morning as we watch quick i yak. this is real clear politics new hampshire vote.
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43-42. another squeaker. kyle, when you look at this historically, do you feel like these states are closer than they usually are or is this the way it usually looks to you. >> i don't know about that. i remember in 2012 the real clear politics average in a lot of states were close. but barack obama ended up outperforming in a lot of those states. there is some question on whether the polls capture the hispanic vote in places like florida, nevada, colorado. we talked for a while, but there is also a possibility clinton could outperform her polls based on polls not capturing the his panic vote and clinton's ground game which appears better funded and more people than trump's ground game. >> i can just imagine one of the conversations we'll be having when this is over is the organization argument versus the enthusiasm argument.
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nobody knows which way that's going to go. >> if trump were going to come back and win, it would call into question the value of the huge turnout operations. we have to look at it and say clinton has a superior organization and that will be helpful. martha: how about the business factor. we'll take a look at a fascinating group of individual that were on "60 minutes." they were asked to describe this election. terrifying, disgusting, horrifying. they were trump and clinton voters and undecideds in the middle. have you ever seen anything like that? >> there is some indication these are the two most unpopular candidates running together in the same election. and we also had -- this race has been going on not necessarily trump versus clinton. but the presidential election has been going on since december 2014. and i think the people are tired
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of it because the candidates are very unpopular. 24 hours from now -- >> i enjoyed it. martha: it's been extraordinary to see. i think it's a disheartening election. when you talk to people and see how much they feel this thing has been played out in a way that is unseemly. i think that will be one of the main characteristics of 2016. bill: final fox poll is out in 30 minutes. did cnn consult with the rnc for donald trump? new evidence coming you have on that. >> june 16 of last year i went from being a true insider to
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watch all your live directv channels, on at&t, data-free. martha: new hampshire has four electoral votes, tiny compared to the big prize of florida. but the granite state could play a very pivotal role tomorrow night. both donald trump and hillary clinton have spent a lot of time there in the final hours of this race. so joining me now, somebody who knows ham where very well. john sununu was also white house chief of staff to george h.w. bush. >> it is worse being a father of a candidate than being the candidate. martha: they say that about a lot of things in life, and i think it's very true.
6:36 am
talk to me about your stated. new hampshire went twice for bush, tweet for baltimore. he won 53% of the vote last time around. what does it look like now? >> it's hard to tell. i think every major race, the trump race, the kelly ayotte race, my son's gubernatorial race. i think they are all virtually tide. having said that, i think the polls are difficult to take because we have been polled constantly since the february primary through the september tf people just aren't answering the phone. i think it's a tie across the board. whoever has the best turnout can get their vote toarlts polls the best will win up here. martha: we could have told you it was a tie. we want you to tell us what's
6:37 am
really going to happen. let's take a look at these numbers and see where the latest polls stands. people are so sick and tired of the whole thing. let's pull up a map of your state of new hampshire. characterize if you could how your state has changed since 2012. >> i don't think there has been that much change since 2012 in terms of the population. in fact our population is relatively flat. i think there has been a perception amongst the voters of great disappointment in obama. obamacare is hurting people. i think there is disappointment in the state government. they have a governor who has
6:38 am
been caught in pay-to-play, and you a countor running -- a counselor running against my son who has been caught in pay-to-play. the mood shift will make this different than it was in 2012. martha: let's look at the senate race, kelly i yots and hassan. do you think kelly ayotte can win? >> i think kelly is running a point or so ahead of hassan. if trump comes close they will both win. i think kelly is well positioned to win this thing. martha: jim comey, your thoughts on what happened yesterday with his decision to send another letter to congress saying he was done with the most recent email look. >> the only way you can analyze that is to come to a conclusion
6:39 am
it's another affirmation of the corruption in the obama administration and the justice department. loretta lynch was appointed by bill clinton as u.s. attorney. there is no way comey and his folks could have gone through 650,000 emails when the state department was telling us they couldn't go through a thousand emails a month. now comey wants us to believe they went through 650,000 emails in a week. it doesn't pass the smell test. martha: how do you go from being someone who was respected across the country into throwing yourself into the middle of this back and forth rollercoaster ride who has so many people questioning. when all else failed people used to trust these institutions.
6:40 am
>> i think it many the pressure the justice department that has driven him crazy. it goes to show you just about everything the democratic party touches these days gets tainted. martha: we thank you for being with us as always. bill: he's going to be in grand rapids michigan at 11:00. she'll be in allendale, mitch gab at 4:00 this afternoon. do you know how far apart those two places are? 15 miles. it comes down to that. that's extraordinary stuff. martha: tomorrow night when they are each having their parties, bracing or otherwise. less than a mile apart in new york. we haven't had two new yorkers running for president in a long
6:41 am
time. bill: he has five stops she has four. brand-new fox polling numbers are coming your way in 20 minutes. where does the campaign stand? we'll show it to you and break it down coming up. martha: we were talking about the f.b.i. director james comey under fire for the handling of the clinton email investigation. did he deal with this the right way? questions that will be asked for some time. judge napolitano joins us. >> i think that's why people are questioning lady justice. when she looks at the clintons, if there is somebody in our military dealing with classified information the way hillary clinton was, they would be in jail and they probably should be. ♪
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the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. tomorrow, i'm gonna step out with my favorite girl. ask your heart doctor about entresto®. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. bill: newly released emails
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suggests the dnc consulted with cnn to couple with questions to ask republicans. then there is this in remembers to a ted cruz interview on the network. cnn is looking for questions. please send 0 topical interesting ones, end quote. katie half live, mary anne marsh. you want the industry to have the highest integrity. you think of the .that brazil mess, what does this leave you thinking? >> i would point out these internal discussions about questions being squadron for are between dnc staffers, they are not between staffers at cnn.
6:46 am
jake tapper has denied that he used questions given to him by the dnc and he has an entire blog about the details of that, and i believe him. but because of the donna brazile dust-up when she fed hillary clinton multiple questions verbatim before the debate and town hall, it brings back the distrust and argument trump has been making that the system is rigged and you can't trust what you are being told. the media's trustworthy northeast rating is 6%. so it looks really bad, even though the and text might be out of place. bill: mary anne, you see the story, what .you think? >> cnn is in the same position
6:47 am
as donna brazile, having to defend themselves against wikileaks. they have done more to try to verify wikileaks than they have throughout this election and that is true sadly of every single media outlet in this country national networks animal town papers who have reported on this. there is no verification any of these are true. after the election when we find out a substantial of these wikileaks are fabricated. every media outlet in this country will have to look in the mirror. bill: you are saying some of them are fake? is that the case you are making? >> yes, i am. i will bet you after this election we'll find that out. the problem is democracy is built on the cornerstone of freedom of the press. everyone is entitled to their opinions, but no one is entitled to their own facts.
6:48 am
bill: so far no one has come public and said this is garbage and made up. and it's not from me or to me. >> it's obvious cnn thinks these email are the authentic. they fired donna brazile over what she said. jake tapper is defending himself with a blog. detailing the process. there is an internal investigation at cnn to find out who leaked the questions to donna brazile. over the weekend you had hillary clinton's campaign manager saying if wikileaks dumps something they are probably fake. we haven't seen that in terms of the consequences for this. you can say they are fake all you want. but they are having an impact and we are seeing that the impact this is having is backing up what trump has been saying about the media. the media has favorably covered hillary clinton since the campaign started in may when he
6:49 am
won the primary and they said three times, four times the amount of time on trump controversies as they spent on clinton controversies. this only adds fuel to the fire. bill: i haven't seen anyone come forward and prove they were fake, mary anne. >> after tomorrow, two things. when we find out that some substantial number of these wikileaks were fabricated, some were true, no doubt. some are fake. then every media outlet in this country has to ask themselves, did we give our enemies what they wanted. tomorrow there will be fabricated information about polling place locations. and i'm sad to say any of this. i hope i'm wrong but sadly i think i might be right. bill: you are on record. >> i am. bill: katie, thanks to you as
6:50 am
well. martha: donald trump and hillary clinton running neck-and-neck in the battleground state of florida. early voting hit record numbers. who may have the edge in florida. where the race stands today with just one more day. (pop) campbell's tomato soup and grilled cheese. (more popping) go together like being late and being grounded. made for real, real life.™
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bill: a 5.0 magnitude earthquake hit downtown curbing, oklahoma.
6:54 am
temperature cushing, oklahoma. martha: early voting has hit record levels in florida. most people have already veentd election day is tomorrow. it's razor thin according to the numbers we are look at in the state of florida. phil keating is live in florida with more today. that's a big cuban-american enclave. >> the largest concentration of cuban americans in the whole state. hialeah had the second largest voter turnout location. they saw gang buster numbers in miami-dade and broward. two heavy democratic strongholds. african-americans churchgoers turned out to vote sunday part
6:55 am
of the get out the vote event called souls to the polls. black voter turnout has been down. this year's early vote here historic. take a listen. >> we are not seeing as much. i don't think our numbers are being recorded in a timely manner. but we are seeing it and hearing it. many of our african-american community persons, you know, they are last-minute voters. a lot of people like going to the polls last minute. it's exciting. >> this will be an all-time record for early voter turnout in the sunshine state. 12.4 million votes already cast. in the end that will be more than half the total vote. >> what are we seeing with the florida hispanic vote. what do we know? >> we are seeing a huge spike in
6:56 am
registrations as well as voter turnout. in early voting the numbers were up%. florida's hispanic population has grown 3%. many of those new arieflts from puerto rico. that's why president obama rallied in heavily hispanic alwayhis --heavily hispanic ose. he mentss pulling a good amount of the african-american vote. martha: thank you, phil. bill: we are minutes away from the release of our final fox news poll. one final snapshot for you to consider. numbers for you are next. >> at the ballot box on november 8 we are going to do something
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something to compare them to when we see actual vote tomorrow. pull up men versus women. obviously throughout the course of this, hillary clinton has edge with women. she maintains at 52% according to the latest number. trump has 48% of men. he has plus eight with men. she has plus 12 with women, steve. >> some ways you would expect the gap to be even bigger. could be bigger in final results tomorrow. number really jumps out at me in the new polling is the white vote total. right now, donald trump has a 17
7:03 am
point margin over hillary clinton which matches mitt romney's margin over barack obama in 2012. that is not enough. if that is the margin tomorrow night. donald trump's candidacy premised he would grow the white vote. we'll have more diverse electorate, certainly than in 2012. if donald trump doesn't have much greater margin he will not be the next president. martha: he said mitt romney choked and he could do it better. we'll see if that turns out to be the case. look at independent vote. hillary clinton has 36% of that vote. she is up over where she was last time around by a pretty decent margin, eight point increase over enof october. donald trump at 42% with the independent vote. honest and trustworthy. another big topic throughout the course of this campaign, is hillary clinton honest antitrust worthy, no, say 64% of the americans.
7:04 am
60% say donald trump is not those things either, steve. >> yeah. i mean 64% still seems low given everything we've seen from hillary clinton lately but going back to independent voters, one of the things independent voters facing as we approach election day, question of taking a chance on donald trump. a lot of republicans are more comfortable taking a chance on donald trump than they were three months ago. independent voters don't seem to share that they are worried about the change. this is this theory a change election. independent voters are saying what kind of change. martha: give me a try. will it work? we'll see. go straight to bill. bill: hillary clinton talking before she goes to pittsburgh, pa. >> any concerns? >> we'll work until the last vote is counted. >> excuse me, guys. >> we're on a good track. >> go back to the plane, guys. go back on the plane.
7:05 am
everyone needs to go under the wing first. everyone please move back, go under the wing. bill: we wanted to catch a little bit of that. i think we caught the tail end of it. hillary clinton getting on her plane. she will make four stops. pittsburgh, pa, allentown, michigan, and philadelphia, pennsylvania where she spent a lot of time in past closing days, very good reason, especially if you're a democrat. you get a number of votes in philadelphia alone, can win the entire state. later tonight, midnight rally in raleigh, north carolina. all four places you can go in there and mine for a lot of votes. talk about pennsylvania, look back at history a little bit. 1988, was last time they went for republican. obama won the state over romney by about six points. four years prior it was a wider margin, 10 points over john mccain. this is the, let's go here. this is allegheny county.
7:06 am
this is pittsburgh, pa. it has gotten so much attention. donald trump was there yesterday. mike emanuel there today. pick it up with mike. as he awaits hillary clinton's arrival. mike, give us a sense what the campaign is saying today. 24 hours away. reporter: bill, good morning to you. republicans have not won pennsylvania or michigan since 1988. george herbert walker bush, 28 years ago. hillary clinton and her allies are protecting the turf. clinton and president obama will be in michigan today, working college campuses. the president will be in wolverine country, ann arbor. hillary clinton will be at grand valley state in allen dale. her chief strategist talked about michigan this morning. >> the key thing with michigan in particular it is gameday state, if we hold michigan, i believe we will, then his path,
7:07 am
trump's path becomes, he has to win all four other big states, pennsylvania, ohio, north carolina, florida. reporter: the clinton campaign will run a two-minute tv ad to air on broadcast network biggest shows. hillary clinton offering a positive and unifying message according to her aides. they're hoping 20 million viewers or so will be watching. as clinton makes her closing argument. >> we've got to get everyone to believe that this election is about you. it is. about you. your dreams. your aspirations, your hopes, your family, your community. reporter: so clinton will make two more stops in pennsylvania. got a lot of attention in recent days. first stop here in pittsburgh. later in philadelphia, another state that doesn't do early voting. clinton making sure the blue wall of states typically
7:08 am
democratic states doesn't start to crumble tomorrow night. bill: mike emanuel, allegheny county, beautiful day in western pa. you willmott miss a thing on fox. our colleagues will be on air longer than a jerry lewis telethon. all here on fox news channel. you're talking to hayes. martha: send in your dollars. bill: among independents, in late october our polling had him 41-28, third week of october for a lead of 13 points among indies. our polling today has him 42-36. martha: she gained eight points. bill: lead of six points only among independents. that is pretty stunning number there. hmmm. that was well after the "access hollywood" and the bush stuff. that was right in the thick of all this fbi material. martha: she picked up eight points among independents during the comey effect. that is something to keep an eye on. bill: yes.
7:09 am
martha: so one day to go. have we mentioned that. fbi director james is comey, political discussion of the day. did he handle the clinton email investigation properly in your opinion? send us a tweet. let us know what you think about that. we'll be talking about it coming up. bill: they're barnstorming the country. he has five stops, she has four, making closing arguments. how do the voters feel after a long and rather divisive election? martha: that is the question. and donald trump's campaign reacting to the fbi findings in the email investigation, but you know what? it is all up to you. all up to voters across this nation. where do you stand? we'll be right back. >> we'll do it. we'll do it. real change, also means restoring honesty to government. we'll start by getting rid of clinton.
7:11 am
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♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. ♪ martha: donald trump firing back that the system is rigged. you heard that refrain throughout the course of this campaign. he said that again after fbi director james comey suddenly came forward again telling lawmakers that the agency would not change the conclusion they reached this summer in the hillary clinton email investigation. watch. >> hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi knows it. the people know it. and now it's up to the american people to deliver justice at the
7:14 am
ballot box on november 8th. [cheering] unbelievable. unbelievable, what she gets away with. martha: can hear the roar of the crowd there but is that roar going to be big enough tomorrow? we will see. mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas and fox news contributor. good to have you with us today. you know -- >> thank you. martha: i just, want to ask you, first off, when you listen to those crowds and trump folks talk about the crowds all the time, do you have any indication there is anything other than what we're seeing in the polls going on? >> yeah. i really do, martha. intensity of voters for trump is stunning. we've never seen anything like it. they're putting together these huge rallies on less than 24 hours notice. they send out a facebook post. next thing you know they have 20,000 people showing up, literally in less than 24 hours. it is unprecedented. i've been -- martha: all the pollster sis it doesn't matter.
7:15 am
our numbers are right. yes, there is a ton of support and enthusiasm out there for donald trump they say but it is not enough according to the numbers. he is always three four points behind pretty much everything? >> i think what we're seeing a lot of people will not go to the union hall or bowling ally. they will not go to church or say at the family dinner table, i'm voting for trump. they don't want to start a fight. don't want be to called seen phobe, racist, misogynist. they are againing their mouths shut. people saying they will vote for hillary, a lot of people i'm convinced for donald trump. if i'm wrong, i'm in a wrong in a big way. i eat a lot of crow. that will be my thanksgiving dinner, turkey for crow. i think there is something going on bigger than hillary clinton scandals. people are sick of corruption they're tired of double-standard. they're not voting against hillary personally but voting against this thing she can use the government and protect and
7:16 am
insulate herself from accountability. use the government to punish everybody who doesn't agree with her. that is scary thing for future of america. martha: we'll look at more polls in a second. james comey what is your take? >> you know my suggestion to james comey. you better get a dog because you have no friends in d.c. evident are. you made republicans mad, democrats mad. now the republicans been. ultimately you lost the confidence of your own people in the building. they don't trust you. they believe you're a political pawn. as a result i think his credibility has been turned into basically a pile of dirt. and you know, you can't defend this constant 10 miss match with the ball going back and forth -- tennis match. she is, she isn't. martha: can he work with either one of them if elected? hi, nice to see you jim. come into the oval office, talk about our relationship. how is that going to go? >> one the things i don't know this happened but when i was governor i always pointed
7:17 am
somebody asked them to write their resignation letter the day they were appointed. i keep it in my desk, if i ever needed to use it i already have it. whether they got that out of james comey, i don't know. if donald trump is elected, that would be my advice to him. maybe sure everybody you appoint, get the resignation letter. hold it over them, if thursday unwilling to do their jobs with integrity, let them go. martha: that is a sorry state of affairs. so we'll see how the ship is righted at the fbi. so important that americans have faith in these organizations and institutions. that the law is the law. that it is applied equally. that will be a conversation we'll continue to have. as you know we got fox news polls. look at one of them that has really been a touch point in the campaign. has the temperament to serve as president, donald trump says i have a great temperment, the perfect presidential temperment. 60% say she has got it.
7:18 am
37% he has got it. 61% say he does not, governor? >> i don't know if they have seen the last few speeches she has given. if that is temperment they want in the president, i'm missing something. she has been basically yelling and screaming at people and pointing fingers at them and daring them not to vote for her. doesn't seem to me to be the kind of temperment. when i her her speech the other night when she was just screaming into the microphone, made me think, gosh, howard dean, in his speech is, or hillary speeches making howard dean look like mr. rogers, mr. calm. that is kind of the way she is coming across in these last days as desperate, frantic, you know, can't believe, like that tv ad she did a view weeks ago, i can't believe i'm not 50 points ahead. i'm thinking keep talking like that, i will explain it to you. we'll see. easy to make predictions today. we all have to live with what
7:19 am
we're saying by wednesday morning. i will be one of those folks. i'm still sticking with the fact that i think the american people are sick with the duplicity with the clintons. the corruption, insulation where they don't have to play by the rules that everybody else has to play by. if they're sick of that, they better vote for donald trump. that is the only option they got. martha: his argument has been there are so many people in rural america who don't usually vote, perhaps are not answering their cell phone when the pollster calls and, you know, way i see it, one of two stories coming out of this. either they were right, oh, my gosh, look how many of them turned out, or it is business as usual in this country. there was a huge groundswell for donald trump but it wasn't enough people? >> that is true, then i fear for the republic, not because just of hillary clinton, but i fear that people are not paying attention enough that we would elect somebody who is under investigation, elect somebody who has been known to shake down foreign governments and sell off
7:20 am
favors of our united states government which is supposed to be done beyond, you know, any kind of sense of integrity. that that would be okay with the american people. i just don't want to believe america has sunk to that level, that we still believe in something. we believe in equal protection under the law. with hillary clinton not only won't get it, we haven't had it. martha: we'll see if turkey and stuffing or something else come thanksgiving. governor always a pleasure to talk with you. thanks for being with us this morning. >> my pleasure, martha. bill: wikileaks still doing the clinton team. latest revelations surrounding the clinton foundation and perhaps something on chelsea clinton's wedding. ed henry on that in a moment. plus there is this today. >> oh! bill: this was some sort of
7:21 am
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7:24 am
no wonder prop 55 is endorsed by the california pta, teachers and educators. because all of us want to help our children thrive. it's time to vote yes on proposition 55. martha: two people were injured, one critically during a pumpkin flinging contest in delaware. watch the video. >> oh! martha: so this event, which we usually cover and it is funny, usually, they launch pumpkins from homemade catapults. one of the cannons broke during the launch. two people were hit by flying
7:25 am
debris. one in the head and face. return of two-year high eight does after another injury forced them to suspend the contest. maybe they ought to throw them. bill: brand new evidence, the dnc, democratic national committee cooperating with cnn after wikileaks releases thousands of emails. ed henry, good morning to you. about that time, what are you reading? reporter: remember where the wikileaks story started with the democrats back during the summer in the national democratic convention. debbie wasserman schultz had to step down because of embarrassing wikileaks releases how they were privately helping hillary clinton and working against bernie sanders, claiming they were neutral, replaced by donna brazile who had been working at cnn. recently had to step down because of subsequent wikileak document dumps showed she had gotten questions from cnn. passed them on to the clinton calm. now a new batch of dnc emails
7:26 am
released by wikileaks this morning, showing dnc, reaching out, not through donna brazile, look at this one, when ted cruz coming on the networks. research director at dnc, cnn is looking for questions, please send topical interesting ones. when donald trump was coming on the air, the same person writes, wolf blitzer is interviewing trump on tuesday ahead of his foreign policy address on wednesday. send me thoughts. folks at cnn said this did not influence how they interviewed anyone. when someone coming up whether hillary clinton or anyone else, dnc and rnc put their research, you might want to ask them about this or that. i suspect the clinton camp more worried about something bigger coming. that is why palmieri tweeted, communications director at clinton camp, watch out for wikileaks coming out next couple days, could be a hoax. remember they haven't denied authenticity i in of these yet.
7:27 am
bill: not one, right? >> not a single one. bill: back to podesta, some suggestions that chelsea clinton wedding was paid for by money from the clinton foundation. what is happening with that. reporter: this is clearly much bigger deal. this goes back to the doug band, former clinton intimate, very close to bill clinton and was inside of the foundation so he now how the funds were being spent. we heard so much from the clinton campaign this is about helping people around the world. chelsea clinton had blown the whistle and said that doug band was using her father to get access and money for his company. band fired back in the new email and basically charged that chelsea clinton's wedding in part paid for by the foundation. woe wrote, investigation her getting paid for campaigning, using foundation resources for her wedding and life for a decade. taxes on money from her parents. i hope you will speak to her, band wrote to john podesta and end this. once we go down this road, dot,
7:28 am
dot, dot. that seemed like a warning. the bottom line we talked about in the recent days the fbi said they're not going forward with anything about classified information on server, it is still investigating the clinton foundation. after looking at some of this, irs might want to talk to them, bill. bill: more to come. >> good to see you. bill: ed henry, thanks. martha: breaking news. the white house weighing in on fbi director james comey's decision not to charge hillary clinton in the latest email investigation. we'll tell you what the white house is saying. >> they have come to the conclusion they're not going to prosecute this but congress has a host of other questions about the potential quid pro quo. they did not answer the question yet as to whether or not hillary clinton has committed perjury. , like our passive aggressive environment. we're not passive aggressive. hey, hey, hey, there are no bad suggestions here... no matter how lame they are. well said, ann. i've always admired how you just say what's in your head,
7:29 am
without thinking. very brave. good point ted. you're living proof that looks aren't everything. thank you. welcome. so, fedex helped simplify our e-commerce business and this is not a passive aggressive environment. i just wanted to say, you guys are doing a great job. what's that supposed to mean? fedex. helping small business simplify e-commerce.
7:30 am
7:31 am
bill: so breaking news right now. the white house now saying it was not given advance notice on fbi director james come my's decision to close the email
7:32 am
matter for now. comey's decision coming days before the general election sparking a firestorm in d.c. judge napolitano is the fox news senior judicial analyst. his first name is andrew. good day to you. >> hi, bill. bill: i guess would be more of a surprise if obama or white house issued a comment. >> i would think so. would be highly unusual, almost unheard of for the fbi director to run something past the president before he makes a statement. whether the statement was appropriate or ill-advised or not. bill: you say this is highly political fbi. >> i do, bill, and it is very disappointing for us of us who spent bulk of a career in this area of the law, the intersection of the judiciary and law enforcement. for the fbi, there is nothing wrong with the fbi investigating her. absolutely should investigate her wherever the evidence takes her but to have given a snapshot of that investigation 10 days
7:33 am
ago, and then another snapshot of its closure last night, put as thumb on the, all this within two weeks of election, puts a thumb on political scale that will tarnish the fbi's reputation, and in my opinion, most respectfully, prevents jim comey from staying on as fbi director who matter which of the two candidates is elected tomorrow. bill: wow. sorry -- you're saying his days are numbered? >> yes. knows his days are numbered and he is doing the best he can to burnish the reputation of the february by, which i believe he loves and to burnish his own personal reputation. bill: can you explain why just a few days ago, hey, we'll not have any decision before the election? we have too much material here? reports of 600,000 plus emails and, you know, trump's out there other republicans are saying took you a year give us answer on 60,000, why such a quick
7:34 am
answer on 650,000? >> i can't give you that answer but i can tell you what they did. they devised software that would allow 650,000 emails to be examined digitally for concern key words, phrases and references which would draw out the ones they needed to read fully. they did that 24/7 for eight days and concluded yesterday afternoon, they started this sunday afternoon a week ago yesterday, when the search warrant was signed. they concluded yesterday afternoon that there is nothing in here that makes the case against her stronger. i'm saying this as someone who believes the case her for failure to secure state secrets is overwhelming and she should have been indicted during the summer. they're saying whatever we found on anthony weiner's laptop already seen it or it was not significant from a point of view of criminal prosecution. bill: i don't know if it is trump or clinton tomorrow but
7:35 am
appears republicans in the house will have majority. jason chaffetz was given!pmñ ths letter and went on with megyn last night. said the following. >> i was actually more surprised 10 days ago they announced they were looking at new information but, i still have a lot of questions s that new information, is it classified? what other people are implicated? how many other instances were there? we don't know the answer to any of those questions. bill: clearly, obviously we don't. broad question here, what happens after tuesday with all of this clinton foundation material, the server, et cetera? can you characterize that for us? >> if donald trump is elected the justice department will continue aggressive investigation, which is still going on with respect to the clinton foundation and allegations of public corruption, pay-to-play against her. those investigations have not been shut down. if mrs. clinton is elected i doubt she will permit her own justice department to investigate her.
7:36 am
however, as congressman chaffetz hasn't indicated, the republicans will control the house. he will still be hair of the house government reform and oversight committee. they have a treasure trove of materials with which to investigate. they can't prosecute but they can shame the justice department using evidence that they dig up. bill: that would mean they're undera clinton presidency. >> yes. bill: that the house would continue with its hearings. bill: on and on and on? >> mrs. clinton would begin as president as wounded as richard nixon did as he began his second term in '73, which lasted a year-and-a-half. bill: as wounded? >> as wounded. bill: thank you, sir. >> you're welcome, sir. martha: the state of michigan getting a lot of attention from both of these campaigns. trump and clinton visiting there today. the latest "real clear politics" average shows clinton leading the traditionally blue state by
7:37 am
about four 1/2 points. it's a state trumps folks believe he will play in and perhaps even win. matt finn is in ann arbor getting the pulse of what is going on there. hi, matt. reporter: good morning, martha. very energized crowd here at university of michigan campus. thousands of students waited before sunrise to get into this event today. the president and chelsea clinton expected to take the stage behind me in a short while to rally for hillary clinton. in these final days, michigan has become a hotly-contested race. michigan typically democratic strong hold hasn't elect ad republican president since 1988 but donald trump has gained major ground here and forced hillary clinton to come here and campaign to defend this state. we're here on the university of michigan's campus, obviously home to thousands of millenial voters, a demo both candidates strug gelled with.
7:38 am
we spoke with a someone who shade that unlikely they will vote for clinton or trump -- >> i think his hope and change struck a chord among young people. hillary clinton carries a lot of baggage from public service and repeated republican attacks. donald trump is not very appealing to young people because of his comments about immigrants and muslims. reporter: in addition to the president's rally here both trump and clinton will hold their own events in western michigan later today. this is obviously a push for the younger vote. we're just outside of the detroit area which is the most populated region of the state and holds the crucial african-american vote that democrats rely on here. and near grand rapids where both candidates will be later today, is very large population of working white class group. that is something donald trump won over. both candidates will try to energize later today at final rallies here in michigan. back to you in new york, martha.
7:39 am
martha: matt, thank you very much. bill: campaign has been chockful of serious moments. sometimes humor works however. have a look at this. >> gowdy consistent, conservative, steady. got a good head on his shoulders. don't know about the hair though. >> you do remember i'm still sitting here? >> just saying. >> trey gowdy, consistent conservative, inconsistent haircuts. >> this is trey gowdy, for some reason i approved this message. i have had a lot of help recognizing that weakness over the last six years. i can tell you this, i am only politician in america dumb enough to run a negative attack ad on himself but i thought people needed to laugh. and the last couple of days before an election and i would rather laugh at me than me poke fun of somebodies. bill: nice. gowdy. martha: self-deprecating humor goes a long way, doesn't it? bill: a lot of time comes on the
7:40 am
air but we're not sure what his hair would look like. martha: he noticed the phenomenon he is discussing. over the sides. straight back. you never know what you will get. bill: always a surprise. what may also be a surprise, look at stock market, we're trading up 300 points on the dow. all that movement apparently happened yesterday when james comey made the decision on status of email investigation was. is the market now betting on clinton presidency? cavuto knows but he is not going to be around for a you few more hours. so we'll talk to him later. >> we'll see. often they factor something they think will happen. we'll see if they're right. one thing we have learned in the campaign, there are a lot of angry voters out there. coming up, a stunning look at how dark the mood has become out there and we're going to find you some sunshine, folks. i promise. it is at the end of the tunnel. bill: what is your drink of choice, maccallum?
7:41 am
they're serving new drinks when the votes start coming in. new drinks. martha: guess what they're called, folks? ♪
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7:44 am
bill: another stop, another day. this is mike pence now. he just flew into duluth, minnesota, far northern part of the state. so he is bringing his message there. they're scattered everywhere. trump will be in 15 minutes in sarasota, florida. hang on. minnesota went republican in 1972. maccallum. martha: we try to keep fairly upbeat covering this story but we know there is a lot of dark mood outof election
7:45 am
day and a lot boils down to the choices that we were left with in this election perhaps. listen to how some of the folks out there described the candidates and how they feel about this election on "60 minutes." watch this. >> a phrase to describe donald trump. >> unworthy. >> immature. >> there are no words to describe him. >> nightmare. >> the kind of pig every woman always had to deal with. that [bleep]. >> oh, my god. i recruited only hillary or neutral towards clinton. we moved to the clinton. >> give me order or prays to describe clinton. >> liar. train wreck. scandalous. awesome. martha: awesome, words you used to describe the founding fathers. jessica tarlov, democratic pollster, senior political strategist, shown consulting. lisa booth, "washington examiner" and fox news contributor. you guys batched it. i watched whole thing.
7:46 am
what do you think, jessica. >> we were talking about this before we came in. it is depressing. i feel for the american public they feel like both of their options or viable options are so poor. i agree with frank luntz there. you saw it. it couldn't get worse. go to the hillary side, there is that much animosity on both sides towards the candidates. tomorrow is obviously not going to be a happy day for a lot of people even if they are voting. portends may be a lot of people sit this out which is frightening prospect for both sides. martha: lisa. >> i coined a new phrase, election depression. unfortunately has expiration date tomorrow. like seasonal depression. martha: i don't know if it has expiration date. >> it is depressing. 82% of the americans who are disgusted, rather than excited about the election tomorrow. i think we've all gotten caught up which is, what we do, which is important for the horse race stuff what is going on within the race. there is also what happens tomorrow. what happens after.
7:47 am
what happens post-january with the new president is sworn in. there is a lot of problems we're facing as a country. got $20 trillion in debt. medicare and social security heading towards insolvency. obamacare is exploding before our eyes. there is a lot of big challenges both candidates face. the gridlock they will face in congress will be difficult for either one of them to get anything done. martha: look at other piece for folks at home. let's roll it. >> tell me something positive about this campaign season. >> something positive about the campaign season. wow. i would say, oh -- dang it. >> you can't come up with anything? >> it is hard to say something positive when you have people who are mad as hell. it is very hard to find a positivetive when people are pissed. martha: jessica. >> yeah, i mean obviously we could sit here and lift a bunch things, because we live in different world, bubble, every
7:48 am
tweet we follow and with know exactly where donald trump is or hillary clinton is but watching average american out there saying maybe i have a job but my wages are a little low, i'm happy i have health care but my premium is going up or we have a candidate who arguably racist and corrupt candidate on other side, you don't have great options. martha: that is what i hear all the time. people say i want believe with all the brilliant people in this country the choices came to these two, who people are expressing these opinions about. but let's play one more so we get it in. we'll go to lisa. this question was how did we get here which we're talking about right now. >> it is our fault. you saw it here. everybody is arguing. i'm afraid to even bring up a point. i'm not pro trump i see why people like him. if i say that i will be ostracized. >> my biggest fear these candidates are not a mistake. that the american people have elected the future of america, what we aspire to be and what we are deep down inside. i think trump gotten so much traction at this point, deep
7:49 am
down inside there are a lot of americans feel exact same way as him. >> our country is divided. i'm sorry. we're not united. we're at each other's throats. this maybe what it is. this is candidate we want. martha: i can't help but listen to that, lisa, think about the fact that america was promised hope and change eight years ago, right? and we are more divided at the end of the obama presidency than we have ever been? >> absolutely. especially racially as well. by, americans if you look at polling they think racial tensions are at an all-time high. we're at peak polarization as far as partisan divide as well. these are challenges, whoever the candidate is will face big challenges. if it is donald trump he will face republicans who, he hasn't necessarily agreed with. democrats calling him racist, bigoted. if it is hillary clinton, she will face congressp an american
7:50 am
people, 80, one of the recent polls out 83% of the americans either think she did something illegal or unethical most recently with the fbi investigation. martha: that is the way politicians are they -- >> look at wikileaks information. collusion between government and hillary clinton campaign as well. there is massive -- they think distrust is more deep with hillary clinton. >> i don't like trump catch phrases but i understand drain the swamp. donald trump i believe corrupt in other arenas. the real challenge what comes after tuesday. both -- >> no one is trusting the government. >> donald trump and hillary clinton are both disliked. low favor, low trust. martha: institutions are under fire it appears for very good reason. so we'll have to figure it out. >> no plan to fix it on either side. get out there and vote. martha: pray for a good outcome. thanks as always. bill: i'm depressed.
7:51 am
>> sorry. bill: it is one of the big swing states still up for grabs. will nevada go red or blue? the outcome may determine who is president tuesday night. ♪ your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> six minutes away on "happening now." new "fox news" polling shows it remains a tight race. we'll explore the paths to 270. plus new fox polls to share with you and breaking at top of the hour, new polling from monmouth as well. also another bombshell from james comey raising questions about the fbi role in this election. and tracking the candidates and their teams from coast to coast, on "happening now." ♪ bill: hillary clinton showing an advantage from early voting in the swing state of nevada but the trump team is hoping a late
7:55 am
surge turns that state red. dan springer live in las vegas. how about the hispanic vote, how critical is that where you are, dan? reporter: oh, it is so critical bill. we have seen this in other states with big latino populations. early voting was very strong here in clark county. in fact they set records. when you dive into the numbers it spells trouble for donald trump. registered democrats hold 6% advantage over registered republicans. latino vote is up 30% over 2012. in that election, 71% of latinos voted for president obama. late polls show trump with small lead over hillary clinton. both campaigns continue to work the state hard. every day someone else is campaigning here. yesterday it was rudy giuliani for trump and bernie sanders for clinton. >> in these difficult times we need a president who is going to
7:56 am
bring us together, not divide us up. >> get up, get on telephones, go to the doors, get every vote out. we can win nevada. reporter: early voting was so heavy here, they figure about 2/3 of all the votes are already cast. so that would mean donald trump would have to win on election day by about double digits to have a chance of carrying nevada, all important swing state. bill: we'll see how it goes. six electoral votes out there. dan springer on the ground in vegas. martha: just minutes away from the first event of the day for donald trump. the republican nominee will be in sarasota, florida. the sunshine state very, very tight in polls that came out today. we'll take you there live next. thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say, geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that.
7:57 am
captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years.
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. . .
7:59 am
. . . martha: we told you there was some. two new cocktails that have been created in honor of 2016, you have the bad hombre and nasty woman.
8:00 am
chilly and chocolate bitters and cocoa in a cinnamon rim glass. the nasty woman, basil, vodka. bill: one of each or two of each? martha: one of each, right? bill: see you tomorrow, election day. john: we begin with the fox news alert on the final countdown you might say less than 24 hours from now the polls will be open and americans will choose to next president of the united states. good morning to you on this monday, i'm john scott. jenna: that's not the only reason why today is a big day. happy birthday, john scott. just to start off the show, happy birthday to john scott. we are moving into election and celebrating everything we can along the way. he will take gifts. hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee. donald trump and hillary clinton are traveling across the country making closing arguments on th


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