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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  November 7, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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presidency without winning ohio. >> i will ask them. get him something. we still have a little bit of time to celebrate. we'll have to figure that out. >> thank you for celebrating with me and thank you for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow, america's election head quarters starts now. fox news alert. this is it, we're just about there, everybody, i'm martha mckm mccallam. donald trump is crisscrossing the country. he informs five states yesterday, five states today. hillary clinton taking no breaking either. she stopped in michigan, pennsylvania, and north carolina. here to give their final thoughts and attempt to make sense of it all, the digital politics editor and host of one
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more thing from the fox decision desk. let's get started with jennifer griffin. >> the polls are very tight in all of the key battleground states and it is a race to the finish. hillary clinton just finished speaking in pittsburgh. she is on her way to michigan are y where the president was speaking to a group of students in ann arbor. a lot of attention being given to michigan in these final hours. so much so they're concerned that if donald trump was able to win the battleground state of florida, ohio, or north carolina, if he was able to flip michigan, that could be a probable. already hillary clinton is trying to reach out across the
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isle. >> tomorrow we face the test of our time. will we set doles that all of us can help meet, or will we tern on each other and pit one group of americans against another. >> she started the day face timing her granddaughter on the tarmac. then she took a few questions from reporters. >> people who vote for me and against me, i think these splits, the divides that have been exposed and exacerbated are ones that we really do have to bring the country together on. >> in florida alone, latinos have come out twice as much as they did in 2012 and cast
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million votes. that may be the story that we're talking about tomorrow. thank you, jennifer, good to see you as always. the path to 270 shifting a little bit for the presidential nomine nominees. the new fox news electoral score card shows hillary clinton getting 274, donald trump seeing gains with 215 electoral votes. we have our fox news pollster here. it's good to see you, thank you very much for joining us. here is the new map, you're crunching these numbers all of the time. 274 for clinton, 215 for trump. 29 in the toss up category. >> arizona which has been a toss up state now leaning trump.
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we had utah because of the three and four way race there has been a toss up. now we feel safe putting them in the direction. you don't see last minute stops from surrogates going to those places. north carolina on the other side of the agenda, you have north carolina who has been leaning clinton we feel it is now a toss up. we moved it to leaning clinton but not now. what we're hearing from insiders is the clinton campaign is worried about lower african-american turnout. >> something we have been hearing about in the last few weeks. >> the mountain west states, the clinton people see to be doing
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better. the early voting numbers, recent polls, suggest that nevada may be leaning that way. a little movement back there, a little movement to the toss up category. >> 49 in the toss up category. to trump would have to win all 49 of those and that would make it to 264, and then he has to find six more that are in the dem leaning categories. >> pull out, nevada, i talked to people in nevada, mostly in reno who said they were so far behind early on that when clinton opened her early voting campaign out there, she had the president, beyonce, they were making up ground throughout the
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campaign. they can get six from there. >> he has to find six, as we said, it is tricky when you look across the map. look who is here -- i'll tell you what, my buddy -- >> only i can say that. what do you think, chris? >> i think the polls have colessed. everybody, bing bing bing, coming in, the halftime report after the polls today not out yet, but i will go ahead and tell you coming in at i think 3.3 lead for hillary clinton. so she has a lead, but you know we have to remember that barack obama's lead was about half of a point. so this will go down in the end.
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hillary clinton has a lead, but the voters, the older white male voters, and turn out, if that happens he is within striking distance. >> and that remains a huge unknown, right? the polls are generally right. what we learned through this process is that sometimes you get surprised. trump has been a big surprise all of the way through the primaries. is there anything you're seeing in these numbers that tell you that the polls are not right? >> you can take two things into account, it has not been huge, political scientists like me saying the variance has been overstated, hillary has between a two and an eight point lead, that is true, but if you go back and look at the volatility in
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the polls we saw in the primary election, go tell the hillary people the polls have been right. she lost to bernie in michigan. there was a trend towards trump in the last week and a half and it seems to have stalled. that is the thing that i think we're most impressed with as we think about what we thought would happen. >> i think it is interesting as you look at the comey period, right? and where we are now. >> the race starts, he is down two points, basically. finishing the race down three points, basically. we had a lot of drama, a lot of tweets, a lot of stuff, but
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we're back where we began. >> the counties, state by state, seeing what we're seeing out there. what should we really be watching? >> i'll go a little off of the board, i'm interested in nevada, reno, and i think it is an orlando indicator -- >> is it trump country? >> it needs to be. he will lose in clark county, which is vegas. i think michigan is still interesting. i have a feeling michigan will be even closer than pennsylvania. >> really? >> to me that means not the counties in philly, not montgomery and bucks, it's mccomb and warren. i'll go to north carolina that is an indicator of black turnout. i'm not interested so much in the distribution, i'm interested
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in the total vote count. >> how loud is the volume. there is bell weather counties. counties that have historically voted with their state, i'm looking at those, but intensity. washington county, pennsylvania, suburban pittsburg into rural pennsylvania, coal, formally steel, tell me how they're voting there and how big turnout is. if it is competitive it's because folks on the appalachian side. >> trump has been saying wait until you see these people who come out of the wood work for the rallies, everywhere they go, the pictures all of these rural areas and whether or not they can ramp up the numbers in terms of the get out the vote in some of those places. i know you will be telling us what is going on and we can't
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wait. thank you very much. we'll be seeing you throughout the process. thank you for being here today. the candidates are going all out. they're both there in north carolina today. 15 electoral votes in play. jonathan is watching that state very closely for us today, hi, jonathan. >> right now i'm at the north carolina state fairgrounds and in less than an hour trump is expected to hold a rally here, and at midnight, hillary is expected to join madonna at a show. the polls here in north carolina are showing the presidential race too close for comfort for either campaign. take a look at the real clear politics average. clinton is trailing trump. the tight presidential contest is having a down ballot effect
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on north carolina's race for u.s. senate. the candidates have tried to link one another to the political bag an of the presidential candidates at the top of their respective tickets. the race for governor as well. there has been controversy over the bathroom law that prompted an economic boycott of the state. with the races so tight, martha, the only safe bet is that you won't see politicians getting much sleep in the next 24 hours. >> releasing more documents from inside of a clinton camp, suggesting the foundation may
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have paid for chelsea clinton's wedding. and the republican nominee is no longer allowed to tweet. can trump turn the blue state red? we'll talk with a senior advisor when we come back. a nice head of hair,ly say that.
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president obama is enjoying being on the campaign trail. making jokes about donald trump's access to twitter being
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taken away. >> apparently his campaign took away his twitter. they had so little confidence in his self control, they said we're just going to take away your twitter. now if someone can't handle a twitter account, they can't handle the nuclear codes. >> it has been reported that he had his twitter account wrestled away. >> jason, good to see you.
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the real donald trump. the tweets do seem to be a lot more generic, haven't seen it for days. >> well tb is the day before the election, trump is be e.g. accidented about twitter, hillary clinton is being ask about classified e-mails. mr. trump knows what he needs to do to win. we have seen that by the fact that here we are the day before the election, you have secretary clinton, president obama, president clinton, and trump all campaigning in michigan. >> will you win florida? >> florida, north carolina,
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ohio, iowa, new hampshire. >> he has to be perfect all of the way through them, and then you have to add six, where are they coming from? >> nevada is looking good, and colorado another state to pay attention to. it is almost exclusively vote by mail now. the early return, from the suburbs, and we sow more ballot republicans come back. it is very good in michigan we feel very good about where michigan is. donald trump is going there tonight along with mr. pence. there are a lot of states to
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watch. the good thing about mr. trump's came pain now is the multiple paths to victory. we now have multiple places to go. you look at the day before the election. >> you see these odds we have seen on the internet, they're learning two third chance for hillary clinton, one-third for trump, what do you think? >> the ballots that have been counted. a number of absentee and early voting. let's take florida for example republicans usually come in trailing in the absentee voting.
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it is already very narrow. looking at north carolina, 140,000 votes closer. >> you don't want to answer my my question about the odds of winning? >> thank you very much. good luck to you. a lot of heart and a lot on the line. >> we have another wikileaks dump. perhaps something about chelsea clinton's wedding. and 40 million have already cast their ballots. where the record numbers are, we'll have more, stick around we'll be right back.
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chelsea clinton using money for the family charity to held pay for her wedding. in a note to hillary clinton's campaign chairman. ed henry live in washington. what exactly is in these e-mails. >> they're worried about foreign money to a foundation. the revelation late yesterday was that maybe chelsea clinton's
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wedding was paid for with campaign funds. charitable money for personal use, and smarting with hillary clinton. he was making money off of access to her father. again, they have not denied any of these wikileaks. look at the new ones today in terms of foreign money. a campaign manager expressing his angst about the fact that foreign money could be a big problem. i would want to avoid any foreign money at all. bill clinton, the former president said they would abandon it if hillary clinton is elect elected. if foreign sponsorship -- is there an acceptable membership alternative. meaning, okay, if we can't accept foreign money, can we get
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foreign corporation funds to be members of the organization? a membership fee. let's not call it a donation. so if you're trying to find a way to get around the so-called band, it might be interesting -- >> yeah, how can we still take among a new patch of the e-mails on thursday -- the relationship between the clinton cam and the mayor in this case, bill deblasio. >> yeah, he took a long time and he eventually did endorse her. the mayor is being so difficult, after some of the remarks by hillary clinton he parades them and added when she makes is about her, she loses the high ground.
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stating the obvious thing, but she keeps doing it. the bigger point here is to not get lost in the back and forth, she might end up with more pressure from the left. bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, they're skeptical that she is a progressive. i can't imagine what that is like for them, but it reveals a lot about how the sausage is made, shall we say. >> we have a unique situation this time around, we have millions of people voting early, so what can those numbers tell us about what will happen tomorrow? we'll ask our early voting guru michael mcdonald, plus, latino voters coming out in record numbers to cast their ballot.
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will it be enough to turn read states blue and are they voting monoli monolithically.
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trump and hillary clinton battling it out for the states of ohio and arizona, two very tight races have been playing out there. jeff is standing by in cleveland in the all-important ohio, and then we have arizona where there has been a massive amount of effort by democrats to try to turn arizona blue. hello. >> hi, martha. you're right, kamp clinton, show has flooded the place with surrogates. we have seen arizona shift from solidly republican to just today leaning republican. now take a look at the real clear politics average of polls. it has trump ahead by four points when other candidates are
11:34 am
included. but in a border state with a growing hispanic population, this issue is very personal. >> the very simplistic rhetoric you hear from the trump campaign about build the wall, ship them home, it just doesn't resonate with arizona voters. it is about 30% of the republican base. >> those that know arizona politics say don't mistake that for the state flipping to blue. take a look at the down ballot. mccain is beating his democratic challenger by double digits in the polls, but arpaio and his alignment with trump is causing a struggle.
11:35 am
before bill clinton, it was 1948, harry truman. this is a state to watch. >> thank you. let's go to the next battleground state, ohio, 18 electoral votes up there. an appeals court, striking down antivoter intimidation rules. jeff, hello there, how is it going where you are? >> you are looking at the very last of the early voting here in franklin county. anyone in line at 2:00 gets to vote and maybe you see that officer over there, franklin county -- nobody gets in line behind him, so there you go. the supreme court now saying that the lawsuit that the democrats brought against the trump campaign and roger stone and his group trying to
11:36 am
implement prohibitions on what poll watchers do. a lower court said they could have descriptions, but the campaign, and i quote them now, the clintons had to cheat the system to win it from bernie sanders, why would they not try to steal it from trump. if it is close, they will steal it. aggressive poll monitoring is necessary to prevent the election from being stolen. the secretary of ohio who administers elections in this state, john houston is a republican and he says he is voting for donald trump, but he disagrees on the question of whether or not there will be fraud. he says if you're saying the election is rigged, you're doing a disservice to the whole
11:37 am
process, democracy, and election. they're going to be watching carefully. you just saw the door close, officially done now in ohio. we think about 40% of the state has already voted. >> jeff, thank you very much. so we know that early voting records have been shattered across the country as more americans decided they would not wait for november 8th. they will go when it is convenient for them. florida, georgia, ohio, maryland, all hitting the polls early. 42.5 million voters have already cast their ballot. many florida counties reporting higher than expected turnout ahead of election day and with the presidential race too close to call in florida, looking at the early vote could be key. michael mcdonald is an associate professor and he is joining us now. welcome back. >> great to be with you. >> what are we learning from the early voting?
11:38 am
what is the trend out there if there is one? >> record numbers of people voting early. so far about half of the country has surpassed their 2012 numbers and there will be more states that join that list shortly. that said there are pockets of lower early voter turnout, primarily in the midwest in places like ohio and iowa that curtail some of the early voting possibilities in that state. it's not uniform across the country, but most places we're seeing early voting. >> if you talk to each camp, which i have, they will tell you why the early voting picture is better for them than it is for the other side, what's the truth? >> you're kidding me that the parties spin the numbers. so look, right now, you just had that segment lead in about
11:39 am
hispanics. they're up a lot in florida. they're up 89% over their 2012 numbers for early voting in florida. and places like florida and other places in the south have voter files, and we can look at those racial and ethnic compositions. if f that is what is happening, we're seeing engagement for hispanics in other states. nevada looks very good to the clinton campaign from the perspective of the early vote. the vote looks very similar to 2012. a year that obama won by about six percentage points. it lookist like nevada may be in clinton's column. the trump campaign believes it, too. if we add the other states together, i think virginia, you're looking at a map where donald trump has to run every battleground state and he has to pick up a blue leaning state to
11:40 am
win the electoral college. >> that certainly looks like the picture we're seeing. you have to win every toss up. north carolina, florida, and flip minnesota or michigan or nevada which the trump campaign says they feel pretty good about. let's put the numbers up and show everyone at home. 86.9%. that's a whopping number. >> it is incredible. and so that is primarily coming from a hispanic growth in central florida. we have seen puerto ricans growing and driving the numbers. >> let's put thup full screen from lindsey graham. he says the story of this election may be the mobilization
11:41 am
of the hispanic vote. so trump deserves the award for hispanic turnout. he did get more out than any democrat has ever done. my question is, you know, the cuban population in florida as well, and not all hispanics will vote democratic, but usually they mostly do. is there any reason to think they might do something different this time? >> some polls suggest that the cuban american population in south florida will not support trump and they will support marco rubio, of course, but they will not support trump. it could be a shift in the presidential election, and the puerto ricans by the way, they have apopulation. one other thing about hispanic growth turnout, in past elections, they have been about
11:42 am
20 percentage points less than whites and african-americans. >> absolutely a growing force in the elector rate, in the united states, and painting a new picture of the demographics of the country and it may be the big story when we talk about this when it is all said and done. do you think it will be on wednesday it is all said and done? >> i sure hope. there are some scenarios i could spin out about how we could go into overtime -- >> give me a brief quick one. >> well, so, in ohio, there will be roughly 200,000 or so ballots set aside to be counted after election day, and there are various reasons why. under law the ballots are to be set aside. unfortunately, i think if trump is winning by a slight margin in ohio, the media would not call the election, they would wait, because they could break towards clinton. if ohio decides -- we could be
11:43 am
in for a nasty overtime. >> michael, thank you, great to see you. so we're waiting for donald trump in his second stop of the day. watching both candidates as they crisscross the nation. donald trump holding a narrow ridge in ohio. a must win for his presidential chances. we'll talk to the leader of the republican party there when we come back.
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hampshire. our political panel will also weigh in on the fbi's announcement that hillary clinton is again, and tistill o of the hook in the e-mail investigation. that is coming up right after we take the mannequin challenge music style at the top of the hour. early voting in the critical battleground state of ohio where hillary clinton and trump are vying for votes. trump has a 3.5 point lead. 35.8%, clinton 42.3%. close but trump up in ohio. matt, good to have you here. hi, martha, great to be here.
11:48 am
let's take a look at this. we have the rcb. down three for democrats, does that indicate to you that there is more enthusiasm for the gop in ohio and less enthusiasm for the democrats. >> that's exactly what it indicates and we have seen that going back into the primaries when we have record number of voter turnout. and the democratic side was down about 40% from where they had been in previous elections. so the enthusiasm has been on our side throughout the election. so i feel really good. the early numbers we're seeing, where republicans are voter early at a high eer clip, more
11:49 am
than the democrats are, that all is good things for tomorrow, but we're going to continue to execute in the last day and a half or so. >> yeah, a very important final crunch here. hamilton county, ohio. one to watch. the early voting numbers there, up on the screen, you see the vote increase for republicans, 1279 and a 39% in hamilton county. why is that so important, matt? >> republican rich southwest ohio. it helped deliver the white house two times to george w. bush. so we know we need to drive numbers up down there and make sure that we turnout republicans and so that is why the enthusiasm really matters. getting those folks out to the polls really matters. so our election day. and doing extraordinarily well
11:50 am
for the last couple cycles. delivering 18 electoral votes for the republican nominee back at the white house. >> thank you, matt. good to talk to you today. waiting for trump's second stop stop. yesterday he didn't take the stage until manufacturafter mid today in south carolina and several showdowns as the campaigns and the parties scrape for every last vote, including a rare saturday opinion from the supreme court and we'll go over the cases and tell you what they mean for you when we come back. >> whatever happens, we'll continue to be a great country.
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the campaigns are scraping for every last vote they could get. causing a blitz of legal showdowns in the last couple of days before the election. chief legal correspondent shannon is here on that. the supreme court ruled in one case this weekend and another one today, right? >> yeah. >> so what are the decisions and what difference do they make to people? >> well, we've literally just got a ruling from the supreme court and an order from them, they denied a emergency request by the ohio democratic party, when they convinced a lower court judge for activities they described as harassing and intimidating at the polls and the sixth circuit blocked that restraining order and then the last-ditch effort with the justices last night and that the restraining order against other party supporters and talking and taking pictures and no good. and the ohio state they already have a law on the books
11:55 am
regarding voter intimidation. and over the weekend, there was an upheld arizona law of harvesting of ballots and people try to gather up early ballots and turn them in for someone else. the law bans that. there are exceptions for family members or care givers. tom depresaid the last minute rulings could be critical. >> given that so many of these elections are incredibly close, where just a handful of votes could make a difference, it is no surprise that people on both sides will look to the courts to try to seize any advantage they can. >> no surprise. there is a flurry of the last-minute cases in the last 48 our hour or so. >> so you can't go do you want to fill that out and i'll turn it in for you. you have to be authorized. what a relief. and about taking selfies, what is more important on election day. >> you have to have something to
11:56 am
look forward to in this crazy election and colorado is the latest one to rule on this. they threw out an 1891 law that banned you taking a picture with your ballot. so across the state, every state is different so check it out before you do this. we got a family of early voters in north carolina, the straujers went together and it was their son carl, his first time voting. >> good for him. >> yeah. we love that. so you could take part if you want to be part of the coverage. facebook, twitter, instagram. all you have to do is use the hash foxnews 2016 and we'll be in that fabulous new studio tomorrow night. >> with all of the bells and whistles and use the photos and the viewers are part of the coverage. >> i'm see you there. let's go to trump. he has just taken the stage. this is number six or seven in the last few days. he's in raleigh, north carolina. let's listen in.
11:57 am
>> this election will decide whether we are ruled by a corrupt political class, you are seeing what is happening, everybody is watching, or whether we are ruled by the people. we're going to be ruled by the people, folks. that is going to be the choice. our failed political establishment has delivered nothing but poverty, nothing but problems, nothing but losses, nothing but losses. we don't win any more as a country. we're going to start winning again. they get rich by making america poor, in many cases. it is time to reject the media and political elite that has bled out country dry. and these are among the most dishonest people, they don't give you the truth, folks. they don't give you the truth.
11:58 am
they rarely give you the truth. you know it and they know it. that is the scary part. they know it. it is time to fight for america. i'm not a politician, i can say proudly. my only special interest is you. is you. we're going to bring back the jobs that have been stolen from you. we're going to bring back the wealth that has been taken from our country. we're going to bring back the miners and the factory workers and the steel workers, we're going to put them back to work. the economic policies of bill and hillary clinton have destroyed manufacturing in your state and throughout the entire country. the corrupt clintons gave us nafta, china's horrible entry into the world trade
11:59 am
organization, one of the disasters. the job killing deal with south korea, that was a hillary clinton beauty and the trans-pacific partnership which will be a total disaster. but hillary clinton said this is the gold standard and you know it is the gold. she lied dur the debate -- and by the way, who won the debate? did we win that debate? but she lied during the debate. she lied during the debate. she said it is the gold standard and then she said she never said it. don't worry about coal. we're bringing back coal, sir. he's holding up a couple of -- clean coal. we're going to do clean coal. the miners, the miners will be back. not if hillary clinton gets in. you have to think about something else. but the minors will be back. clean coal. thinking about it though, also people -- the press doesn't talk
12:00 pm
about it. donna brazil gets the questions to a debate. bu out to be a number of -- who cares about donna brazil, she's turned out not to be what meem thought. she gets -- illegally, she gets the questions to the debate. she then takes those questions and gives them to crooked hillary clinton. now does crooked hillary report it? does she say i shouldn't have these questions or these answers -- i think they gave them the answers also, right. no, she doesn't. i wonder if she had -- i wonder if she had the questions in my debates? i don't think so. because she didn't do that well. i don't think so. i don't think so. but the years of betrayal will end and they will end quickly. they will


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