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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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>> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> tomorrow, can you vote for a hopeful, inclusive, big-hearted america. >> it is crunch time for hillary clinton. she is actually holding a midnight rally in north carolina. that's how close the election is. >> we are going to take back the white house. we're going to take it back. >> donald trump all over the place today ending up in michigan a state the democrats thought was reliable for them. we have live coverage of both mr. trump and secretary clinton tonight. >> >> what qualities of trump do you like. >> building a wall. >> maybe you can give him a help doing that also watters in times square talking with
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the voters. >> don't miss this one live times square. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the presidential election of 2016 is here. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. no sense in guess hog will win. according to the polls, the election is raiser close. i will predict though that the republicans will hold both the house and the senate. currently there are 8 dead heat senate races i believe the g.o.p. will win five of those. that means they will have a 51-49 advantage if they don't win any of the others. on the presidential front, here are the final polls, bloomberg has clinton up by 3. investors business daily has trump up by 2. cbs news, clinton by 4. fox news clinton by 4. the battleground states
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quinnipiac has clinton leading by one in florida. emerson trump up by 7 in ohio. "new york times" has at a tie in north carolina. remington research has trump up by 1 in nevada. in nevada emerson has trump up by 1. and has clinton up by a whopping 11 points. somebody will be embarrassed tomorrow. silver predicted every single race in the romney clinton race. here is what he shows. >> we show about a 3 point lead nationally for clinton two to one favorite. electoral map is less solid for clinton than it was for obama four years ago. four years ago we had obama ahead totaling 320 some electoral votes. clinton has 270. one stated away from potentially losing electoral college. you would rather be in her shoes than donald trump's but i it's not a terriblely safe position. >> again, talking points is
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not going to make a prediction on the presidential race but i will tell you that the trump folks are hanging their hopes on voters who shun the polls who do not participate at a time on that kind of thing. hillary clinton is pinning her hopes on a high minority turnout. according to the latest fox poll. mrs. clinton is winning blacks 89% to 4%. hispanics 63% to 30%. now there is no question that we the people have learned an awful lot in this campaign. wikileaks hacking has exposed corruption in the press far beyond than what we knew. both cnn and abc news both have extensive ties to the democratic establishment. and over the weekend we learned that "the washington post" columnist dana milbank hot factor has scrutinized before apparently collaborated on a column with the dnc staff named tyler likens. mr. milbank did not mention that to his readers. the press corruption is part of the reason donald trump continues to say the whole process is rigged and the fbi investigation of hillary
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clinton to the campaign reportage to the actual voting. and today the daily caller is reporting that clinton confidante and virginia governor terry mcauliff used a mechanical auto pen to sign thousands of letters allowing, perhaps, as many as 60,000 convicted felons to vote. if that's true, it's very disturbing. 2014 the u.s. senate race, which democrat mark warner won was decided by 18,000 votes in virginia. summing up, dirty campaign, unpopular candidates. the factor has risen above the fray. it provided you with reliable information throughout. we're proud of it and it will be fascinating to see how americans respond tomorrow. that's the memo. now for the top story, reaction. joining us from charlottesville. center for politics from washington bob cusack editor of the hill magazine. mr. cusack, i have been reading all the pinheaded washington establishment analysis and every single one has hillary clinton
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winning, many of them big. so i'm just wondering, is the fix n washington? do they know something that investors business daily doesn't know? "l.a. times" doesn't know? >> i think part of the reason, bill, is that many in the media are rooting for hillary clinton. we have seen that with a lot of the wikileaks information newspaper endorsements overwhelmingly for hillary clinton. that's part of it she does have more path to 270 than trump. can trump win? schroll. he is going to have to win a lot of these close contests not all of them, but most of them. >> when you say they want hillary clinton to win, are you talking about both democrats and republicans in d.c.? >> definitely democrats. definitely part of the media and definitely some republicans that they have said -- some republicans have said "on the record" it would be better if trump gets pummeled and then the
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party can start to recuperate. if it's a close loss for trump, well then trump could blame the republican establishment that could lead to civil war. >> there is an element of the republican establishment doesn't want trump. now, down in your neck of the woods, charlottesville, virginia. you have guys called the race yet down at the university of virginia center for politics? you have sabato? >> we put out our final crystal ball prediction today. we have clinton at 322. trump at 216. i think that most people are calling or suggesting that clinton is the favorite because i think that's where the data lead. i think that most of the national polls that you cited have shown clinton up 3 or 4 points. and i think most of the state level polls point us toward clinton being the leader. a lot of the states are pretty close, particularly i would say ohio, north carolina, and florida. good thing for clinton is that she can actually afford to lose all three of those states and still win the election that's not to say that she is at.
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>> you have 322, 216. how did you do last time with obama, romney. >> we got all but two states right. >> okay. so you were pretty accurate back then. what about my prediction that g.o.p. will hold the stat? >> so, we have the senate at 50/50. which means if you think the democrats will win the white house, we would have vice president tim kaine breaking ties but 50, 50, 51, 49 either way are really all possible there are a lot of real toss-up senate races. >> i think the g.o.p. is going to do better, mr. cusack in the senate races because many americans who will vote for hillary clinton don't really like hillary clinton they do what they do in massachusetts vote liberal in the house and conservative governor to keep their eye on the liberals. and i think that you're going to see that and you're going to see that the senate is going to go g.o.p. does that make accepts to you? >> it does. i mean, i think it's a toss-up. it could go 50/50, 51/49.
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closely guided senate bought a doubt. republicans are going to keep control of the house. if hillary clinton is elected. >> she will still have the house in front of her. >> yes, exactly. >> do you believe, mr. con dig, based upon awful your analysis, that americans are going to be happy no matter who wins on wednesday? >> i think that about have the country will be pretty happy and half the country won't be. and i do wonder about, you know, what the fallout from the election is, particularly if it's really close. if we have recounts, that sort of thing. >> yeah, it's going to be nasty. >> the other thing, too. if clinton does, in fact, win, i think you are both right that the democrats don't have much of a shot to win the house. she may be the only democrat who serves her entire time as president without having control of the house for any time while she is president and that tells me that democrat in the white house, maybe a split senate. republican house, you know,
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there is not going to be a whole lot that gets done in terms of big picture legislation. >> no. all right, gentlemen, we really appreciate you guys have helped us out all throughout the campaign. it's really nice of you to do it. thank you very much. next on the rundown, one charles krauthammer will react to the latest campaign stuff. and later, watters, voters in times square. he will be live out there. hope he is not arrested. up ahead. donald trump campaign buttons
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(chanting) love trumps hate! did you happen to see this dog out in the parking lot? i am trying to find his owner? he's really really sweet. is he a stray? he was running with a leash so he's obviously someone's so we're looking for the owner. you're a hilary supporter are you? i am are you a trump supporter? and you're,
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huh... (laughs) i am hey there little fella' what a beautiful dog. michael would you like to pet the dog? aw look at that. i have my own dog so i wouldn't want to have my dog lost or anything. yeah definitely, i have a golden retriever too. i've been a dog lover forever. i am too! dogs don't criticize. if this was my golden retriever he'd be laying on my feet right now. oh look that's my dog. there she is. oh my god! i love that apparently when it comes to dogs there are no political parties. i didn't ever expect myself to agree with a trump supporter. we do agree that we love dogs and dogs love us. i think fundamentally if you talk person to person they care about each other and they care about kids and they care about
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dogs and unfortunately that's not what gets out in the media things like this give us hope that we can all find common ground in some places and that was what we were just a part of. we all have our differences but everyone loves dogs. impact segment tonight, charles krauthammer making a rare appearance here in new york city, the city of his birth. so i can't predict this thing. can you? >> no. and nobody can. because there are too many coin flips. so, if you are pretends to know which way they are going to go. what you can do is say if hillary's advantage in a
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popular vote is 4%, which is the rcp, roughly the rcp average, it's in the fox poll. at that point it's hard to imagine that you lose the electoral vote: that's a pretty big margin. a lot of, of course, is wasted for democrats in new york. >> california, et cetera. someone says about 3%. still, it's hard to see how you lose the election. >> if people don't come home. there is a difference between answering a poll question and going out to the polls. let me ask you a question. you and i have known each other for a long time. and the whole thing disturbed me, this whole election cycle. everything about it i didn't think this was classy. i didn't think -- i don't think either of the candidates understood what a president of the united states should be. i don't think either one of them do. >> um-huh. >> okay. my opinion. i could be wrong. do you think hillary clinton is a corrupt woman? do you think she is corrupt? >> i do think she is.
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and she and her husband -- well, i mean, you asked me about her soul, i don't know. but if you watch her operate, she and her husband operate from the cattle future, way back 30 years ago, to white water, which i don't know was sort of sleazy, there is so much sleaze, there is so much unexplained, there is so much lying over those years. look, bill sapphire called her a congenital liar. >> the late bill sapphire, "new york times" columnist. >> great columnist 20 years ago. he wasn't even aware of the next 20 years of lying. >> so i think every american voter whose paying attention, knows that hillary clinton, i'm not going to look into her soul either, has a very difficult time with ethics. would that be fair? >> well, yes. >> okay. so every american voter knows that. that she is -- you are going to give her power if she wins. vast power. almost unlimited, most
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powerful person in the world. and she is ethical challenged. that disturbs me. >> a lot of our president -- probably a good number, i won't say a majority of our politicians are ethical challenged. >> we don't know it. we know this. >> how about richard nixon who was a good president in many ways. well, he did the right thick. he. >> ethical challenged when they elected him because he was v.p. under eisenhower and didn't do anything. >> look, we're not 9 years old. we know we have had presidents ethical challenged going way back to the beginning of the republic. so, to me, that is not suey generous. it's not shocking. >> you're not upset by it. >> i would not support her. i wouldn't vote for her for that reason. but you're upset. >> yeah, i don't want -- >> -- what about her husband? did he upset you? >> sometimes. absolutely.
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sometimes. >> do you think he is less corrupt than she is? >> do i think she is less corrupt? >> do you think he was less corrupt than she is. >> no. i think they are partners in corruption. >> and you survived the eight years. >> i will point to the clinton foundation because i have a foundation, all right? and i know this world. and i know how it goes. this foundation, this clinton foundation, this is corrupt from the jump, from the jump, all right? this was designed to help them, primarily. >> look, i'm not denying any of that. >> yeah. but it upsets me. now, let's get to trump. you have never been a trump fan. every time trump calls me yells about you. but i don't see, other than behavioral problems, that a billionaire has, all right, i can't tell you that donald trump is corrupt. i can't tell you that. all right? i don't know. i haven't studied his business model, but he has never been indicted for anything. he has never been charged with anything, and he is the most rough and tumble
5:17 pm
industry you can possibly be in, real estate and gambling, all right? so, i'm not -- people are saying he is so much worse than hillary clinton and i'm going on what level? i'm not supporting trump or hillary, i'm just asking questions. >> look, it's an odd way to rate someone to say that in the one aspect, in his opponent, corruption he might be better because i could turn it around on you and say well, she is competent. she is knowledgeable, she knows a lot of things she has been involved in policy, and in a way that would put him to shame. >> and then i could turf it around on you and say she was in effective as secretary of state. she mucked up the middle east in a way that i have never seen anything mucked up. her and the president, all right? and while she was senator of new york, she didn't do jack other than to get money in here for 9/11. upstate new york is a
5:18 pm
disaster. she didn't do anything for them at all. so i could turn that around on you. >> look, the point is she was a politician -- i agree with everything you wrote -- you said. i have written that about her foreign policy. it's a disaster. i think i was ahead of the pack on that. and i look back on her eight years. i look back on her eight years in the senate as well, and the accomplishments are not there. >> right. >> in fact, i remember writing about a year ago and saying people say what a great secretary of state she was. name me. >> give me anything. >> i agree with you. i think i said it. >> i had two -- >> but to say that she is not the candidate i would choose for the presidency is not to make the case for donald trump. he has deficiencies in knowledge, in temperament, in lack of policy that you can't point to her. she has things she brings. he has things he brings. i don't think either should
5:19 pm
be president. and i recommended that the president -- president obama should issue an executive order to establish showers in the voting booths so that when you leave you feel clepsed. >> i'm praying for the country, but i'm not -- i don't think -- and i disagree with you on this and then i have got to go. 75% of the voters on wednesday, no matter who wins are going to feel uneasy. requesting to feel uneasy. >> it will be higher than that. >> charles krauthammer, everybody. directly ahead, chris wallace on whether america will remain divided after the vote tomorrow and what can be done about it. then, we will take you live to rallies, trump and clinton both speaking at this hour. not going to dwell on it, but we will show you what's happening in philadelphia and new hampshire moments away. all customers who have been impacted will be fully refunded. we're taking action and renewing our commitment to you.
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personal story segment tonight. one of the journalists keep teachly involved in the campaign 2016 chris wallace as you know moderated the last debate. on sunday there was an interesting exchange between wallace and governor pence. >> you can guarantee that if there is a clear winner on election night and if, and i repeat, if i know you are going to say is he going to win. but if trump should be the loser, can you guarantee that he will concede to hillary clinton and accept the result of the election and the judgment of the american people? >> yeah, the campaign has made it very cheer that, you know, a clear outcome, obviously both sides will accept. but, i think both campaigns have also been very clear that, you know, in the event of disputed results they reserve all legal rights and remedies. >> i thought the governor's answer was pretty good. you know, if you are some kind of thing that's obviously not right, sure you would challenge if you were hillary or if you were trump. but i'm going to continue the conversation i had with krauthammer with you.
5:24 pm
just ernesto change yojust interchange you guys. i'm not feeling good about this just as a america. >> most people. criticize for asking this question which i asked in the debate because the country is so divided. it's been such a negative election. such a disspiritting campaign and i just want whoever wins and it, look, it could be trump, especially whoever loses, to concede graciously and say what unites us is bigger and i don't think people feel that way but what unites us is more important than what divides us. >> you can't predict how trump is going to act because is he a wild card. hillary clinton if she loses will concede. she is a machine thing. but it goes beyond that it goes beyond. on wednesday, no matter who wins, you know, americans aren't going to be dancing in the streets. it's not going to be i like eick say it again and again it's not going to be like that. trump haas supporters that really love him.
5:25 pm
they are basically wanting to return to an america they once knew. that's what trump's appeal is hillary, i don't know what her appeal is i really and this is not a slap -- a personal slap at mrs. clinton even though she lied to us here but i wasn't expecting theory tell the truth i have to tell that you she would come in for an interview. you did the last interview you know with her, you know, right? national national interview. >> was that? of anybody? that was july 31st. >> she hated you so much that that was the end. >> no i think she did some in september. but -- any use for you. she doesn't have any use for me. she is queen, she is i imperious. even if you disagree with the democratic line it's her. we are going to be jumping up and down? no we are not going to be jump youing up and down. >> you were saying about ike. even obama, when obama came in even if you voted against him and a lot of people, i think, subsequently have
5:26 pm
been disappointed in his presidency, but there was a sense of excitement. >> 70%. that was the poll supported him after he got, and i was one of them. give him a chance he won fair and square. >> a great statement that african-american had been elected president of the united states. no, this is different. even though she will be the first woman it's different there are a lot of people and she has earned the elm niment and suspicions of a lot of people. no doubt about it. >> right. >> on the other hand, i said this earlier today that when i hear jason chaffetz say we're going to begin investigations right away. and when i hear john mccain say and we're going to block her supreme court nominees for the next four years i hate that we have got to go on as a country. i know if she wins there are going to be a lot of people up happy and if she wins a lot of people unhappy. we have problems to solve. we can't just stay in this politics and gridlock. >> traditional conservative americans do not want another liberal supreme court justice who doesn't give a fig about the
5:27 pm
constitution and legislate from the bench. >> wait a minute, all those republicans who said we are not going to confirmmaker garland because we want the people to have their say, right? >> um-huh. >> well, if she is the winner then the people have had their say, obviously if it's a crazy person you are not going to cob firm them. but if it's a solid person and, yes, of the liberal persuasion. >> it depends. it depends how if it's another sotomayor who doesn't care a whit about the constitution and simply wants to legislate her political beliefs. >> are you comfortable with john mccain saying i don't care who it is sight unseen i'm going to block anybody for four years. >> no. i'm not comfortable with that i think you are right, you have to vet the person. but if it's somebody who is going to keep this country going down the road you can kill a baby up to five minutes before it's born, that's serious business. and we're in serious business. >> listen. i asked that question in the debate. >> right. >> about late term partial birth abortion. >> and hillary clinton is fine with it. >> she is certainly not opposed to it. >> she is fine with it if it
5:28 pm
impacts a woman's health in any way, shape, or form.ed backn she said that i said what kind of country is this now? >> she also says that a fetus has no constitutional rights, none. >> hillary is not only a queen she is god. that's why on wednesday i think some people are going to be so unsettled. chris wallace, everybody, will be with the election team. >> in the space capsule. >> in the new space capsule we have. may take off and we would miss them all. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. clinton and trump campaigning late in the night. take to you pennsylvania and new hampshire show you a bit of that. later, watters in times square with the voters. >> are you ready for the election to be over? >> kind of, no. can we just have obama for a few more weeks? [ laughter ] >> we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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continuing now with election preview with us bret baier along with kelly, hemmer, along with thousands covering the election tomorrow night. rallies going on in philadelphia. that's bruce springsteen. if i'm going for the minority vote. i wouldn't have had the pose. i would have the oj's. love train. that's who i would have had. if i'm going out with the minorities. bruce is great, okay, fine. jersey is going to vote for clinton. pence, he is setting up
5:33 pm
trump in new hampshire where they think they have a shot. very strange stuff going on right now. all right? you have got hillary clinton doing a midnight rally in raleigh, north carolina. now, i know she doesn't want to do that. but she feels she has to. >> where they have been traveling, bill, is a huge indicator about where these campaigns feel, number one, they want to attack or, number two, they want to defend. i think the early vote in north carolina was really disappointing to the clinton folks. and really encouraging for the trump folks. in michigan, it's a lot tighter -- >> -- michigan, yeah. >> a lot tighter than anybody thought it would be. hillary clinton and barack obama are in michigan? who would have thought that. >> you believe this is an indicator because each campaign has own internal polling. you might did you get. >> not internal. we talked to some folks who thought there were some slippage. >> who are those folks?
5:34 pm
>> democrats tied in. >> you talked to some campaign people. >> sure. >> they said we are slipping in michigan and slipping in north carolina. >> yeah. the party has all kinds of different polls that they run. >> right. >> internals. and they saw some slippage after the comey letter. and then i think over the last two days they have seen an increase on the national polls. and they feel a little bit more encouraged from the democratic point of view. i do think some of these state polls are really tight. and the upside is in nevada. they have good antidotal stuff on the clinton side about hispanic turnout. they have good hispanic numbers in south florida but it's tight. >> what about this phantom army of trump voters who never interact with the pollsters and they live in the woods and have bazookas. do these people exist number one? because that's all i hear from the trump people is this army of people who don't like getting involved with anything establishment is going to come out for
5:35 pm
their guy. >> so traditionally the average of polls as we get to election day is only off like 2 points at the most. at the upside it's like 3, 3 and a half. that's why, you know, a lot of the long time political watchers say it's tough to see that imaginary, whatever that vote is, that is underneath the polls. i will say in michigan, if you look back to the primary, hillary clinton was up double digits heading in to michigan and bernie sanders ended up winning there. so that was something that the polls didn't pick up. >> they are not thrilled with hillary in michigan. so, it's conceivable and this happened with gore and bush the younger that hillary could win the popular vote and lose the electoral vote if trump -- if these people, these army of people who like him and want a change and want washington discombobulated come out and vote for him. again, we can't calibrate that you hang in there for a second. is that all right? >> yes. >> you can adjust your pocket hankie. >> fantastic. thanks very much.
5:36 pm
>> see what we have. you guys don't want to see bruce, bruce springsteen? do you want to see him? born in the u.s.a.? glory days? >> we will go there if somebody -- and then if trump comes out in new hampshire we will go up there. just a little while. also, watters is hanging with the folks in times square. that could be dismal. the factor is coming right back. when it comes to healthcare,
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campaign 2016 segment continues. hillary clinton has a major event underway in philadelphia as we mentioned with her, the former president, the first lady he and who is that guy? oh, i remember him. now, raise your hand if you want to hear any of bill clinton. come on. raise your hand. all right. let's give him a minute. go. >> one more time to form a more perfect union. it will be because we're
5:41 pm
losing our great president to term limits, it will be a change election and we have to decide are we going to change forward together or backward. i think you know what the answer is going to be. >> forward. >> and i think that all of us owe a great debt of gratitude to the president, to the first lady, to the administration of barack obama. [cheers and applause] i love -- i loved that when he said at the democratic convention in philadelphia. >> back to me. all right. we didn't do that we didn't do that. that just happened. i know these left wing -- o'reilly pulled the plug on them. it was boring anyway. with all due respect. we would like to take to you new hampshire. it's baier he is with me
5:42 pm
here in new york. we would like to take to you new hampshire. do we have a shot of new hampshire? put the shot up there of new hampshire. there it is. that's where the excitement is. nothing. nothing but lasers. all right. pence was up there. he got bored. he left. we don't know where trump is. he is going to show up. oh, look at that strobe light alert. so you want me to take you out there? there is nothing happening. so let's listen to baier. he is more interesting. >> two things, one is listen to former president clinton talk about a change candidate. he did that in the democratic convention as well. to paint clinton as the change candidate after president obama is pretty interesting and he is trying to make that sale that, you know, they understand that there is a lot of push about change to change a lot of things. >> let me get this straight, you actually listened to what he was saying? >> pull you pulled the plug. >> i keep going why is bon
5:43 pm
jovi trying to get out the minority vote. all right. look, you know and i know this is all bs. the whole thing is bs. they are just running around trying to jazz people up. but people aren't jazzed up. the trump people are the people who really like donald trump, really want him. they are excited. the hillary clinton people are going to vote for her, i think. but i don't think they are excited about it. do you? >> i think you are right. the enthusiasm numbers are down. but the hillary clinton campaign uses donald trump as a foil and say ohio you cacanyou let this person be president. she is trying to stronger together, coming together as a country. she spent the primary obviously competing with bernie sanders on the left side of the ideological. >> hillary clinton does not believe that she is going to reunite the country. all right? she doesn't believe it? >> i will say this, if she is elected and it is a republican senate and republican house. >> and you believe that may be possible? >> and it is possible. >> republican could say win
5:44 pm
and maybe 51, 49. it might be tied. and you have got a number of democrats up in two years in red states. so, you'll have some democrats who are afraid to go to for a left in the senate and so she will have to figure out how to thread the needle if she wins the presidency. >> this is what i love about baier. he really takes this stuff seriously. he really thinks about it all the time. and that's why you are anchoring the election coverage and i'm going to be out selling pretzels in front of the building. talking about selling pretzels, appreciate you coming. >> in sure. >> watters, we got him out in times square talking to the voters. there he is. and he is going to be next live out there. so anything could happen. we'll be right back. why do some cash back cards make earning bonus cash back so complicated? they limit where you can earn bonus cash back to a few places... ...and those places keep changing every few months.
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back of the book segment tonight, "watters world." let's go right to times square in new york city where watters has been talking to the folks about the vote. everything calm out there, watters? >> it's never calm when i'm involved though, o'reilly. it's sloot craziness out here. but i have been here all day working overtime for you and for the folks. i talk to a lot of people about if they are going to vote tomorrow and who and why they are voting for each person. we have it right here for you. check this out. >> so what are you going to do tomorrow? >> tomorrow i'm going to vote. >> probably make some dinner. rice and beans, steak. >> i like it medium rare. >> voting, hello. >> what are you going to do tomorrow. >> vote. vote for trump. >> i'm going to vote for hillary clinton. >> i'm not sure who i'm going to vote for but i'm going to vote. >> the election is tomorrow
5:49 pm
and you are undecided? >> who are you going to vote for? >> unfortunately i'm going to vote for hillary clinton. >> a ringing endorsement. >> i go with trump because the benghazi and everything else that she has done wrong. >> clinton. >> why do you like clinton? >> well, she is a grownup. >> do mature people set up private servers in their basement? >> now, she might have messed up with that one. >> who are you going to vote for? >> i will vote for trump. >> where are you from. >> north carolina. >> swing state. >> yeah. >> you voted already. >> i voted for hillary clinton. >> who are you going to vote for? >> i already voted for trump in early voting. >> he is going to have to tell you this, this or that. don't mean going to do what he do for us i'm going to with her. >> you don't trust with trump says but you trust what hillary says. >> you got me with that. >> what policy of donald trump do you like. >> i think he can afford america's debt. >> what policy of trump's do you really like? >> building up the military. getting some of our corporations back here after
5:50 pm
nafta. >> honestly, i like the wall. >> who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico. >> why do you like hillary? >> her stance on abortion. >> equal pay for women. >> what about donald trump do you dislike. >> i think he is crass. >> disrespectful. >> i will vote for strong woman over misogynistic male any d.a. >> what do you think about having clinton back in the white house. [ laughter ] >> hillary clinton log strong. >> i have a one-year-old and sometimes i feel like slunching over and i'm not on the campaign trail. >> do you know who i am? >> no. >> i'm watters and this is my world. >> hi world. >> all right, watters in times square. >> all right. so we are live in times square. now, first, before we get started, what are the two rules i said about this interview? >> oh, gawd you said no nudity and no curse words. >> okay. do you have that okay. do you have that straight? >> yes, whoopi.
5:51 pm
>> i'll make fun of you don't don't do it to me. big night tomorrow. who are you going to vote for in. >> who am i going to vote for. i'm with her. >> with her? >> with her all of the way. >> why do you like hillary? >> anyone but trump. >> so you're anti-trump? >> not anti. >> you would vote for me? >> your hand on my shoulder is telling me something different. >> let's go to the next person over here. now we have beautiful samantha out here. who are you voting for tomorrow? >> i am voting for donald trump tomorrow. >> why do you like trump? >> i'm a firm believer that america needs change and he is the change that we need. >> and what policy do you like from donald trump? >> what policy? more jobs. >> more jobs? >> you want more jobs? >> i think that more jobs is better, yes. >> you're a jobs person?
5:52 pm
>> i am. i like a job, yes. >> jobs are very important, samantha. bhai yourself. thank you very much. all right. now, my man over here, i like the hair by the way. >> good look. thanks. >> who are you voting for? >> hillary for president. >> why do you like hillary? you look smarter than that. >> we need someone experienced in politics, not just business. this is a matter of life and death basically. we have people's lives in our hands here. >> are you voting for hillary just because she's a woman? >> that's one of the reasons. >> that's sexist. >> no, no, no. >> that's sexist. >> the only reason why that she being a woman matters that she should be president is because we never had a female president before and i have a daughter. i want her to know that it's possible, you know. other than that, being that she's a woman, it doesn't matter. i'm more into what she believes in and what i think that she can do. >> i think you're voting for
5:53 pm
hillary because you guys have the same earrings. >> no, no, no. >> all right. watters, very good. >> all right? >> yeah. you can't come back until 4:00 in the morning. you've got to stay out there. all right. back to me. a quick reminder, watters is joining miller and me for the spin stopts here live shows in 2017. you saw a little of that, you can see it in tulsa, tacoma, washington, west bury long island. tickets going fast. make great gifts. check it out on factor tip of the day, what your patriotic duty is tomorrow night. the tip moments away. they rebounded because a decision was made to protect them. making the right decisions today for your long-term financial future can protect you and your family,
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