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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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election night. 13 million of you. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. "the o'reilly factor" starts right now. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> for those who have chosen not to support me in the past -- of which there were a few people -- i'm reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country. >> donald trump gracious in victory. >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> hillary clinton broken-hearted in defeat. >> we are now all rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country. the peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. >> in a stunning turn of events, president elect trump will meet with president obama tomorrow.
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tonight, we'll have full coverage of one of the biggest political upsets the planet has ever seen. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the people revolt, trump wins. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. in perhaps the most stunning political story in american history, the folks rejected corruption and unfair federal policies and delivered vast power to a maverick political novice who is promising to treat working americans with respect. there is no question that the democratic machine waged an arrogant campaign that justified hillary clinton's incredible record of ethical deficiencies. while many politicians lead
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mrs. clinton seems uncapable of speaking the truth. her exploitation of a massive charitable foundation for her own benefit is simply stunning. even more troubling she sincerely believes she did nothing wrong or has ever done anything wrong. americans even some who voted for her noticed the narcissism. thus, they denied hillary clinton power. here's what talking points said last wednesday when it explained why clinton might lose. >> there should be grave concern in the clinton camp. the reason the secretary may lose is that the tipping point may have been reached. if you are familiar with malcolm gladwell's theory bad things mount up and then suddenly, at a dramatic moment, everything comes crashing down. >> and that's exactly what happened. the american people have had enough of hillary clinton. on the policy front, important statements were
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made yesterday. first, working folks are tired of supplementing millions of people who are gaming the system. enough with the chaotic federally imposed healthcare system that punishes productive people with high insurance fees so that other americans can access free healthcare. safety nets are vital for the suffering poor in this country. but a vast income redistribution scheme that is clearly unconstitutional is abusive. president elect trump has vowed to replace obamacare and that can't come fast enough. also, there's no question that a weak federal government has allowed immigration in america to become a national scandal. hillary clinton has no interest in fixing any of that. shamelessly pandering to the hispanic community in order to harvest votes. the fact that mexican cartels are harming this nation by smuggling narcotics and undocumented people in here does not seem to phase clinton or her
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party in the least. the fact that democrats will not even vote for kate's law which would protect all americans from dangerous, illegal alien felons is insane. the voters noticed. on the work place front, workers cannot increase their earning power. business is strangled by onerous taxation and and regulation. believes corporate america is the enemy and must be punished. hillary clinton bought into that intimidated by radical snearnts sanders and warren unless she herself is handed corporate money then it's fine. voters noticed. but the real enemy, islamic terrorists, were not to be unilaterally confronted by the u.s.a. no matter how many innocent people they slaughtered. no. the obama-clinton doctrine was to wait for international consensus before taking action and never offend by using the words islamic terrorism. voters noticed. then it was a shocking
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admission by hillary clinton that despite being a christian she believes unborn babies have no rights whatsoever and can be killed up until birth if the mother's health is in question. that extreme position goes directly against homicide laws in this country. and unmasked clinton as a radical extremists in the eyes of americans who value life over destructive ideology. can i go on and on about hillary clinton. but enough. i hope she takes some time off and then comes back, reforms her charity charity, in order to do some good in the world. now on to donald trump. he may not realize it but the vicious dishonest national media actually helped him win the election. again, the masks came off during the campaign. take a look at this reaction during the trump victory. >> we talk about everything about race tonight. we have talked about income. and talked about -- we haven't talked about race. this was a white lash. this was a white lash against a changing country.
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it was a white lash against a black president in part. and that's the part where the pain comes. >> let's remember what the trump supporters are voting for. he asked for a ban on muslims, build a wall. he offended mexicans. the disabled. lashed out at gold star family, the military fighting in mosul. he shouldn't they shouldn't tell people what's happening and access hollywood tape. >> there spreeble strong sentiment about not having a woman president. that's something that we have never had a woman president. and we have talked about excitement among women to have a woman president. but there is always in these situations at least equal amounts of hostility to that kind of change. >> that's just bull. mrs. clinton's loss had nothing to do with her gender. for the record, i came on at 8:15 last night and said this. >> well, trump is competing pretty well, i think, across the board. but i think that at this point it would be foolish to
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make any kind of broad assessment of what the vote is going to turn out to be. it doesn't look like there is going to be any shocking upsets or shocking vote tallies anywhere. it's a slug out right now. >> and that's what happened. a slug out. they are still counting votes in new hampshire and michigan and arizona. now, we are proud of our campaign coverage. it was accurate and tough-minded. on monday, i told you that republicans would hold the senate, which they did. much of the credit for the factor's perceptive campaign reporting goes to my staff and i will deal with that later in the broadcast. apart from us, however, the collapse of an objective press in this country angered many americans who still believe in fair play. that's why the polling failed. many voters simply said blank you and refused to participate when asked their opinion. investors business daily was the best poll and you might considered aing that publication to your life.
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distrust of the media is at an all-time high in the u.s.a. so when left wing zealots masquerading as journalists pounded trump without mercy, voters grew numb to it some of that even happened on this network as a few commentators tried to make names for themselves at trump's expense. same thing with the people who did not like hillary clinton. there is a difference between tough fact-based political interviews and playing to those in the politically correct fanatical bleachers. is there not? so the press actually helped donald trump win the election. how ironic. finally, a personal note. very tough race for me to cover. i know president elect trump for a long time. but i had to challenge him and i did. one columnist at "the washington post," callum borchers noticed and i'm grateful for his honesty in a sea of media deceit. as for hillary clinton, we gave her fair play even though her campaign lied to us. shocking, right? but we maintained our
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professional posture here. prop to fox news folks that made cnn look foolish. fnc was far ahead in calling races. voters had their say, memo to donald trump. it wasn't rigged. and that's the email. next on the rundown, the sloot besabsolute best election coverage on the planet. factor is coming right back. brnk
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impact segment tonight. we continue our coverage of the shocking presidential vote yesterday. joining us from washington dr. brown. president historian teaches at george washington university and jane hampton cook author the burning of the white house the dolly madison and war of 1812. ms. cook as historian, in your opinion, has there ever been a more surprising presidential outcome?
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>> no. this is maybe the most shocking, unprecedented presidential election we have ever had. we have never had someone so far outside the political system become president than donald trump. every other president was elected to something. part of the president's cabinet or had been a general in our military this is very historic and unprecedented for that reason. >> do you concur with that, dr. brown? >> well, i would say yes and no. we do have several elections in our past where we have seen a similar vitriol. in fact, 1884 has sort of been my favorite parallel for this election. if you don't remember that, that was james g. blaine who was called the continental liar from the state of maine. he was running against grover cleveland, who had only served a year as buffalo's mayor and then a
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year as governor of new york. he was a very inexperienced person. in fact, a journalist that year referred to grover cleveland who did win and he won by 1,000 votes in new york which gave him the electoral votes. he did an interview with him and he said on the great number of national questions basically his answers are much defective. in other words, he knew almost nothing of policy. >> okay. well, even grover cleveland, you know, ran and had to convince people and donald trump didn't even come close to doing that now, when you watched the returns, ms. cook, were you stunned? what was going through your mind? >> well, the polling seemed to suggest that mrs. clinton had a little bit of a lead but then things had tightened up near the end. i wasn't all that surprise as things began to tighten and flip. i remember the year 2000. i was on the streets of austin, texas, watching
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these big giant screens when the, you know, florida was called and then it was revoked. and so a kite election as something that surprised me. >> people sitting in the living room were starting to cry or scream in celebration. how about you, dr. brown, when you saw it roll in, i saw it in florida and krauthammer and i shouted out, krauthammer and he will be on later on felt that she was going to win. hillary clinton in florida. i said huh-uh because i'm seeing the northern piece come in last and that was all going to go to trump. but were you surprised as a historian, again, when you saw this thing begin to unfold that it wasn't going mrs. clinton's way? >> i think what was interesting and i think the problem the clinton team had was that they actually hit their target. but there was donald trump and his ability to turn out voters who hadn't voted often. and when they turned out in the rural areas, that basically upset every model. >> particularly the minority
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vote, the black vote was a little under. >> it was. >> yes. >> and that hurt in michigan in particular. as women, ms. cook, do you feel as we heard one the commentators just say that hillary clinton's gender hurt her in this vote? >> i don't see that at all. i would just look at gender in looking at this race. certainly she had won. they would have been historic first female president. >> certainly be appropriate. but people coming out and saying i don't want a woman so i'm going to vote for the guy? >> no. i looked more at the issues or what people were talking about. >> right. >> that was more my focus looking at this election. >> i know yours but how about you, dr. brown? do you think gender played into this? going i don't want a woman in. >> there well, all of our political science research actually shows that people vote party over gender. and that really when it comes to that question of, you know, is a woman qualified? in fact, there is recent data which show that being
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the underdog as a woman in some ways helps candidates. >> sure. >> prevail. >> and you guys are naturally smarter which is why you are leading the show tonight. i could have had guys but they were all sweaty and you were smarter than they were so i went with you. all right, ladies, thank you very much. directly ahead. staunch trump supporter rudy giuliani will be here to look ahead at what a trump administration might look like. then, bernie goldberg and charles krauthammer have some thoughts about what happened last night and early this morning. those reports after these messages.
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personal story segment tonight. one of the big winners, apart from donald trump in the presidential sweepstakes former mayor of new york city rudy giuliani. there he is.
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it's you, it's chrisy, it's gingrich. it's general flynn. it's kellyanne conway. that's the five in the inner circle, right? >> yeah. i would say general kellogg certainly steve bannon. differentner. >> yeah, but they are not experienced in governance. >> very helpful in the campaign. >> i'm looking now to advance the story. i so he klan conway as chief of staff, all right? that's a yes? >> that would be a good choice. >> i see you as attorney general. >> well, i sure know the justice department. >> okay. that's a yes. i see gingrich as perhaps secretary of state. but does he want to run around like that? does gingrich want to run around like that. >> you've got senator sessions. you've got john bolton. you've got a couple and i'm probably missing a few. >> but gingrich has got to be a role for him. >> i see newt as kind of a domestic security advisor. these are my suggestions to you. i haven't even talked to
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donald yet about it. >> so you guys didn't even talk about this theoretically? >> we talked about it a little bit here and there. >> because you and gingrich put your reps on the line. i mean, you did. you took a lot of heat and so did gingrich. you really, i hope trump appreciates it. >> even coming here today. >> we got all these protesters. >> banging on my car. >> you've got the usual radical and this does not reflect the democratic party. i want everybody to know this. these aren't democrats. >> in a way, i don't want to make too much -- i'm used to it for being mayor of new york. >> radical leftists. philly, chicago, l.a., new york. they don't have anything to do. they don't work. you know what -- the crew is and that will die out. let's get back to a trump administration. so i see you as. >> and carson. >> carson help in human services. you as attorney general. gingrich as domestic
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advisor. christie now homeland security for christie? >> he would be fabulous at it. >> yeah. not infrastructure building brings though. [ laughter ] >> no. don't want that. >> i always thought that was a somewhat exaggerated situation. as a u.s. attorney, i think i would have handled that very differently. >> there is a little guest there i don't want anybody getting upset. now, trump is going to need a lot of help. he is going to need a lot of help. >> every president does. >> you know, by the way, please tell him not to put the trump sign on top of the white house. we really don't need that now. >> like mar-a-lago. i'm saying this with all due respect he is going to need help because he has never been. >> he has told you that in several interviews. >> he has never been a guy who has overestimated experience. he doesn't have it. >> i used to point out on the campaign trail, he didn't build his own buildings and he didn't build his own golf courses.
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he got the best architects, best plumbers. >> let me tell you something though. he knows we set at yankee stadium and he goes look at that crack in the -- so he knows that world. >> same thing with his staff during the campaign. when things were going wrong. he would get them all together you're not doing. this you're not doing that. >> he knows pr and entertainment. what he doesn't know is administration because it can get slogging and grinding and he is not bill clinton and he doesn't stay up all night studying the policy papers. he is going to need guys like you and gingrich. is there anybody else in the mix that i haven't mentioned? >> i'm sure there are i hate to leave -- there are a lot. i think chris has probably assembled about 100 people. >> he is in charge. governor christie. >> christie has probably assembled 100 people he can consider. the way did i my transition when i did it for mayor was i wanted three nominations for every position. >> i like that. >> so then ultimately i could pick the right men i want for the job. >> when you put yourself out, as you did. and so did newt gingrich and
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you were attacked, i mean, really brutally attacked. >> including death threats and all kinds of other things. >> is there going to be pay back? trump is the pay back kind of guy. >> for me, having been mayor of new york and having gone through that it's now let's move on and see -- >> -- no pay back to you. >> for me, there is nobody that i want to particularly pay back. >> so you're not going to investigated hillary clinton if you are attorney general. >> different story. you have got a big choice there. and i don't know the right answer to it. there's one tradition in america, right? election is over. we forget about it there is another tradition in america which is equal justice under the law. and it would depend on how bad the violations are. and there has not been. >> you would have to take a fresh look. >> the fbi is still investigating the clinton foundation. >> and the foundation, right. whoever the attorney general is have to evaluate that. you know what's going to happen obama will pardon her -- >> -- then that will seal obama's legacy as one of the worst presidents. >> i don't think so. i disagree with you there. because his base, obama's base would want him to do
5:26 pm
that. it's almost like the ford-nixon situation. i do believe that if this continues and obama will know, that he will pardon her before he gets out of there. >> then he should pardon the sailor who is spending a year in jail taking pictures of the submarine and he should. >> instead of the dope dealers is he legged letting out. >> pardon petraeus and governor cart write. >> i hope is he watching. you were watching returns with donald trump last night. >> i was. >> tell me, was he jumping up and down and hooting what was he doing. >> he was very calm. i think he realized turning point when the exit polls turned out to be so far off our own calculations. i think he realized he had a good chance. once he saw florida turn and he knew he had ohio. i always believed if he won florida and ohio. >> those were the bellwether. >> the rest will fall in. >> weighs in his tie or in
5:27 pm
his jammies. >> he was in his tie all the time. >> he never takes the tie off. in the shower is he wearing the tie. >> this is reagan. >> they love me there don't mention my name. >> had we lost, i don't think we would have had many >> now we're sold out. >> now you're going to be a big shot. >> now we're sold out and president reagan never ever took his jacket off in the oval office. and mrs. reagan once told me liked to take his jacket off so it was hard for him. >> yeah, but trump doesn't want to take his ties off because he wants people to buy the ties. [ laughter ] >> thank you for coming in, mr. mayor. we appreciate it plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. bernie goldberg on media hysteria as president elect trump takes power. why did the american voters did what they did. we hope you stay tuned for those reports. yeah... yeah, then how'd i'd get this... allstate safe driving bonus check? ... only allstate sends you a bonus check
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factor follow up segment tonight. as we mentioned the talking points memo there was much media hysteria on display last night during the election coverage. >> there is an underlying racism that we can't get away from that is a big part of this story. and also questions about can a woman be president of the united states right now? but the underlying racism. that was the theme, the idea of nativism. the idea of walling ourselves off in this country. this is now going to become
5:32 pm
policy in some ways. >> joining us now from miami, the purveyor of bernard mr. goldberg. so, give me your assessment of the media landscape. >> well, that sound bite from karl bernstein and a lot of the others that you played in the talking points, these are liberal exen tators and analysts and there is a tendency among liberal elites to see america through a dark lens. they often see racism and sexism sometimes where it exists and very often where it doesn't exist where they just imagine it. imagine it. so they figure hillary clinton lost how can that be it couldn't be because the voters rejected her liberal policies. it couldn't be because they rejected barack obama's liberal legacy. what is it? it must be the underlying
5:33 pm
racism and sexism of america. i don't think it's deep analysis. >> i think it's pretty dopey myself. here you spent part of your career embedded in that world when you worked for the dan rather broadcast and this and that. the hatred on the left is certainly equal to the hatred on the right and people in various websites say the most revolting, disgusting things about people with whom they disagree. and they accuse them of everything. i mean, they're just way, way over the top with the slander and the libel. yet, a karl bernstein or a cokie roberts would never ever criticize them. why? that's an excellent point if it even needs to be said. i know you know this and
5:34 pm
donald trump's supporter knows. this i'm no fan of donald trump. i think he is too thin skinned and vindictive. i think he craves adulation way too much. okay? i want to be on the record with that but you are absolutely right. they pick and choose what they credit sides and they will criticize what they sees a bigotry. but they won't criticize. let's be specific. you have a bunch of black protesters marching out there calling for people to shoot and kill cops. i don't see them getting all upset about that. >> they don't get upset about it. they justify it they justify it in certain ways. >> right. right. >> so okay. let's throw those people overboard for the rest of the segment. martha raddatz, i worked with her at cbb in boston. brilliant reporter. hard-working individual. one of abc's top line reporters. global affairs correspondent. there couldn't have been a more anti-trump person on
5:35 pm
abc news last night than martha raddatz and she is a reporter, bernie. >> i would think -- i don't want to get picky here, but i think they would say in her role on election night she is an analyst. >> how can do you that? >> and what she says. >> how do you that? she is the chief global correspondent. so now all of a sudden she is puff? she is o'reilly? i mean, come on. you can't do that she was a debate moderator. she was a debate moderator. >> well, let's look at what she said. she said let's remember what the trump supporters have voting for. he asked for ban on muslims, build the wall, he defend mexicans, made fun of disabled, access hollywood tape. martha would say tell me, bill, what did i get wrong there. >> you are martha, okay? did you go down to hillary clinton litmus test? >> exactly. >> did you go down -- hey,
5:36 pm
you're -- obviously your favorite wants late term abortions up until the day the baby is born? did you go down that list? >> i want to make clear this is the most important point and you are making it. i personally, as a journalist, have no problem when the press is as tough and as hard as it wants to be on donald trump. i have no problem with that. my problem is precisely what you say. >> as long as they're fair about it? >> they are not even interested in her position on late term abortion. >> exactly. two lists but she was there, ms. raddatz was there to promote the candidacy of hillary clinton and it's wrong. she wants to be a commentator, i will have her on this program all day long. don't tell me you are a chief global correspondent and pull that, that's bull. bernie goldberg, everyone.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the campaign 2016 segment tonight. what happened. joining us from washington charles krauthammer. i picked up on something you were talking to bret baier about 6:00 this evening. you believe that the trump victory is a repudiation of president obama, correct? >> i think that's the one factor that that's been overlooked. look, it begins with trump. he had this sort of political intuition as paul ryan said he was the only one who heard the voice out there. and that was the voice of the reagan night white working class which had been abandoned for 30 years. he spoke to them, for them, he won their vote. they came out. he swung those midwestern rust belt states. that was political genius and he cashed in on it. i don't want to diminish that by any means. i think what's overlooked is the fact that every time obama had a campaign, national campaign, where he is not on the ticket, his
5:42 pm
party gets crushed. in 2008 and 2012 he wins because he has this charisma. he has this personal appeal. you saw him out last couple of months. he is really one of the most talented campaigners ever. and, in fact, i think they overused him on the hillary side because he out shown her. they mistook his personal popularity for the fact that people don't like obamaism. >> let me stop you there. the job approval rating for the president is about 53% now. >> and that's personal -- that's a personal attachment to him. it's unusually high for the end of a second term. and that's why they thought this is an asset. but the fact is that in his first couple of years, he overreached. he had this hyper liberal agenda, starting with obamacare, which has haunted him ever since. they get crushed in 2010.
5:43 pm
they get crushed in 2014. when he said i'm not on the ballot but my policies are, so when he is not on the ballot, and the policies are, his party gets ruined. >> what do you think is wrong with hillary clinton as a campaigner? >> look, what's wrong is look what -- look what happened as a result of this campaign. she start out with somebody who is not politically talented. she has admitted that in fact, it was one of the few affecting moments of her campaign where she said i don't have the political skills of my husband. second, she is the poster child for the quote, unquote, establishment that trump ran against. you see from the wikileaks, there was no single revelation that was a smoking gun. but every time you would read about it at all, it was the perfect depiction of what trump was talking about. >> sleazy back room deal.
5:44 pm
>> back room dealing. and it just -- it reinforced that image in a year which is a change election. and she just has no political talent. i say that on a day when she really took a hit and you don't want to stomp on the grave of somebody who really. >> i don't feel sorry for hillary clinton. she lied to us and everybody. good riddance. >> you know, that's what i like about you the milk of human kindness. it just flows. >> i'm a kind person by nature but i'm not going to be a phony. the woman does not deserve the presidency of the united states. she is not a quality person. good riddance. okay. >> last minute. >> she does deserve a smidgen of sympathy considering what she lost. >> good, you gave it to her. >> now you lost your train of thought. >> donald trump? what's he going to do? going to knock obamacare
5:45 pm
out? build a wall? do all that stuff? >> yes. i think he has got his agenda. and if he can work with the republicans in the congress whom he helped elect with his coat tails, i think he can have a promising presidency. but he has got to stick to policy and not pick unnecessary fights. if he can do that. if he can have the. >> they took his twitter away. >> i hope it's buried somewhere in the desert. >> i don't want him building the trump sign on top of the white house. i don't want that. >> the white house is too small for him. >> you know, that might be true. he might be living in his dopey hotel down the street. >> exactly. the white house. >> that's what bloomberg did. bloomberg wouldn't live in the mansion. he lived in his big town house. maybe that will happen. >> but the white house will be for guests. >> all right. you and i will have fun there, charles. thank you. coming up next, are democrats ready to accept
5:46 pm
president trump? wild stuff happening in the street. and there is some misbehaving going on. we will have that report moments away.
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5:49 pm
. back of the book segment tonight. it was predictable that rats would not accept the vote. this happened at ucla [bleep] donald trump. [chanting [bleep] donald trump] >> very articulated ucla tuition is 60 grand for out of staters. we have tonight tonight various cities people running around. joining us from washington dr. as you stone goolsbee.
5:50 pm
just came out of a reception with president obama for people who had worked in his administration. dr. goolsbee was advising the president on economics. what was the feeling at that reception, doctor? >> you know, this was set up long before. >> yeah. it was supposed to be a victory lap. >> it wasn't supposed to be political at all. you know, i would say the mood was kind of somber. i have been with the president in a lot of crises. he usually takes a long view. he is not one to get down or something. but, you know, for sure, it was a tough day. >> was there a consensus of why hillary clinton was defeated? >> no. we didn't -- it wasn't really about that. it was just good to see everybody. the last i saw a lot of these folks, you know, we were teetering on the edge of depression in the economy. and it was more just catching up. >> it was more nostalgia? >> yes. >> you heard me with dr. krauthammer who accused me of being unkind toward hillary clinton.
5:51 pm
do you think i'm unkind toward her? >> i don't know if you're unkind. i thought you were a little unfair in the following sense. imagine the situation were reversed and donald trump had won more votes than hillary clinton had won but he lost in the electoral college. you know donald trump. i don't know him. do you really think that donald trump would have been. >> i can't speculate. >> northeasterly as gracious as hillary clinton was today. >> i can't speculate on that. i can tell you this. with california being by far the most po. police state in the union and liberal state in the union. the popular vote would go to california and a few other big states like new york. so you can't do that. >> i'm not saying change the constitution. >> those are people, bill. those are americans. >> they are americans but the popular vote. >> i'm not saying change the system. the rules are the rules. he won. >> right. >> i'm saying hillary clinton was extremely gracious. showed no resentment. >> yes. >> she did not fight the
5:52 pm
results of the election. >> i will cede that. >> i don't know that donald trump would necessarily have done the same. >> i was talking about overall performance. the secretary, as i mentioned, was not honest with us. was not honest with a lot of other people. waged a campaign that, frankly, at times i was just stunned because it just went so far out there to pander to people like sanders and people like warren. so i think she got what she deserved. just my opinion and i tried to be fair. >> i know that's your opinion. i respect your opinion. >> i tried to be fair to her. i said that after the vote. i didn't say it before the vote. >> okay. and that's a legitimate point to make. i guess from my perspective i feel that maybe that puts maybe not enough emphasis on some of the things that donald trump said and did. >> let's see what he does. see there is a difference between doing and saying.
5:53 pm
>> i agree with that. >> last question. >> look, he is now the president. >> correct. >> i opposed him. i think it's a mistake but i want him to be a successful president. >> if he screws up, i'm the first guy to say it. do you feel that president obama's policies were repudiated yesterday? >> i don't view it that way because donald trump didn't really -- if donald trump had run a policy campaign, then i would say look basically judgment on policy. >> okay. >> there was some repudiation of the president's legacy but i don't think it was on policy. >> all right, doctor. i want to thank you very much for being so kind to us. you have been very kind to us throughout the campaign. >> you always have a good time even on a day like this. >> all right, doc. factor tip of the day a tip of the hat to the entire factor staff. moments away as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world. ♪
5:54 pm
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5:58 pm
at the end. we didn't want the con frun takes so we sat back and waited. if hillary had not been so arrogant and had done an interview with bill with she might have won. bill, you uplifted yourself and the nation with your coverage and professional approach to the campaign. well done. pl off, my dad is 96 of and would like to read killing the rising sun tp do you have it in large print? we did. and i will send your dad a copy, my compliments. we don't want to waste your time with propaganda, so tonight i would like to mention my staff by name. jackie boothby. nicole casey, anthony cifone. a lot of italians. tom fox, andrew conti.
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6:00 pm
thank four watchifor watchi tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. remember, the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. >>. >>. breaking tonight just 18 hours after donald trump wins t white house and less than 12 hours after leaders call for unity, groups of protesters take to streets in a half dozen sit tees vent their anger and frustration at the election of donald trump. welcome to "the kelly file" everybody, i'm megyn kelly. at this hour we are seeing anti-trump protest breaking out in new york, chicago, philadelphia, and in oakland, california. these protests come near hours after the president, president-elect, and the woman who wanted to be president, all call for the exact opposite of what we're