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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 10, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> good morning everyone. welcome to "fox & friends first." i am clayton morris. >> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day with us. we begin with a fox news alert. >> riots erupting over president elect donald trump's victory. (chanting) >> thousands of protestors flooding the streets across the country. some even burning flags all because they didn't get their way. >> patricia stark joins us with this. >> freedom up in flames. a rioter setting fair to an american flag one of many disturbing protests playing out across the country. the images igniting outrage. many saying the violence from demonstrators goes against the very spirit of the democracy they are claiming to defend.
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>> the burning of the flag, these protests are ignorant and hateful acts. that flag speaks to rights not results. it is like saying i like going to baseball games but only if we score. >> they shouted profanities and chanting not our president. sheriff david clark tweeting these radical anarchists must be quelled. there's no legitimacy to the will of the people. thousands of high school students and teaches walked out of classes and rallied in the courtyard at berkeley high school a city known for the progress i politics. peace on social media one post being shared on first base
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sayi -- facebook saying we need to respect everyone's rights. violence is not the answer. lots of crazy stuff going on out there. >> a lot of people saying social media will do that. >> donald trump headed to the white house today. the biggest players of politics on both sides of the aisle unite. the next commander-in-chief following the historical election. >> we are live with mr. trump's transition teams' next steps. >> the trump team has quite a bit to do as it puts together the next administration. they created a web site to keep the country updated on that process. great again they will have help on both sides of the aisle. he will be in the white house to go over some of the transition plan.
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trump's victory put much of the president's legacy in jeopardy. they have remarks on how to move ahead. >> they are ratting for success in uniting and leading the country. the peaceful transition of power is one of the hall marks of our democracy. over the next two months we are going to show that to the world. >> other democratic leaders offered their support during senator elizabeth warren saying she would lake to call a truce and nancy pelosi who said she looks forward to working with president trump on plans to rebuild the infrastructure. paul ryan praised trump's victory and said the country can expect to see a lot of changes going forward now that the gop controls both houses of congress.
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>> donald trump heard a voice in this country no one heard. he connected with people like no one else did. he turned politics on its head. now donald trump will lead a unified republican government. we will work hand in hand in a positive way to tackle these challenges. >> as the president elect donald trump will now be able to request and receive the same daily intelligence briefings as president obama. clayton? >> we are going to talk about what he has planned for maybe the next 100 days coming up. >> garrett tenney, thanks. delivering a heartfelt concession speech and urging supporters to give the presidentalpresident elect a chance. >> i congratulated donald trump and offered to work with him on behalf of our country. i hope that he will be a successful president for all
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americans. this is not the outcome we wanted or we worked so hard for. this is painful, and it will be for a long time. donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. our constitutional democracy enshrines the peaceful transfer of power. we don't just respect that. we cherish is. >> clinton also langnainged th- thanked the voters and staffers part of her run for white house. in joep arred de obamacare the iran nuclear deal. committee vin cork looks at what changes we might see from the trump administration. >> the peaceful transition of power is one of the hall marks of our democracy. over the next few months we are
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going to show that to the world. >> it was a mix of unity. in the wake of the election president obama may have more to solidify his legacy. also gone a chance to signify without the consent of congress including the iran nuclear deal and climate control transgender bathroom use and unilateral effort of immigration reform. while some are struck down it is the signature healthcare law the affordable care act obamacare that could be most at risk. >> repeal and replace the disaster known as obamacare. it is destroying our country. >> he declared an end to the health program that is beset by sharp rate increases dwindling number of carriers and fewer sign knees than expected. the policies were structured in such a way which will help in
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attempts to redo them. >> none of the policies were considered a stopgap measure or somehow temporary in nature. the president pursued these because of the long-term they had for the american people. >> unravelling the obama legacy may prove more complicated to the trump administration than many believed. at the white house kevin cork, fox news. calling president obama a wrecking ball saying he only had himself to blame that his legacy could be crumbling. >> i think what's over looked is the role that barack obama did. i am not on the ballot but my policies are. he got shill lacked. this year my legacy is on the ballot. i think he is going to lass it. it will be undone much of it in the first 100 days starting with
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obamacare. everything he signed all of the executive orders are gone. i think he ends up historic. he left the democrats in ruins at every level. the governorships, the state houses, the house and the senate and now the white house. he has been a wrecking ball and i think he deserves a lot of the credit for trump's victory. >> exit polls show 4-10 voters were looking for a candidate that would bring needed change. of those voters donald trump won an astounding 83 percent. >> with one of the most watched senate races in the country coming to an end in new hampshire kelly ayott conceding to maggie hassan losing by 127 votes. ayotte congratulating her saying
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the voters have spoken and now it is time to come together to the for the greatest state of this nation. even with her win they still hold the majority in the senate. >> overwhelming majority in washington, d.c. voting to become the 51st state. planning for a proposal. before the inauguration day it give voting rights on the house floor and ad two seats to the u.s. senate. >> the time is now 10 minutes after the hour. 5:09 a.m. big promises from our president elect donald trump. >> real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing obamacare. we will build a great wall. >> all of that he wants to do in the first 100 days of a trump administration. can he do it? our next guest with a look at the top priorities.
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>> when is the next flight by the way? major mocking for all of the celebrities who promised to leave the country if the election didn't go their way? >> tomorrow is veteran's day for the brave men and women who serve our country. >> on facebook, twitter and instagram you can e-mail them to fox & friends fo.
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>> donald trump is heading to the white house today. >> what can we expect from his first 100 days in office? thank you so much for joining us
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this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> we know he is meeting with president obama today. >> he is but i don't think he will talk at length with president obama about what some of what he wants to do even though president obama wants to keep in place his signature achievement obamacare. he wants to repeal and replace obamacare that's something republicans have wanted for six years. paul ryan said that law has collapsed under its own wait. premiums will spike in 2017. this is something they will work closely with congress on. >> trump haze own party was he didn't have any specifics on what he wanted to replace it with. a hopefully we will hear more of that. he wanted to drain the swamp
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within the first 100 way days. he wanted to set term limits on congress and set moratoriums for people after they leave government jobs. can he get some of that through? >> some of it he can and some he p can't. we have heard from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who says he doesn't want to go after term limits will leks from term limits. he wants to impose a hiring freeze. he wants to change washington pretty dramatically. some of that people do want to . >> speaking of reducing he wants to reduce the corporate tax rate from 15 percent to -- from 35 percent. >> i think we will see some movement encore pratt tax reform. this is something the obama administration wanted to get
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through not with those rates exactly but president obama and paul ryan have talked at length about trying to get corporate tax reform pushed through and i do think donald trump will try to work with paul ryan on that. he wants to have comprehensive tax reform. it will start with corporate tax reform. >> we are going to set the serious vetting those people coming into the united states. you hear this over the past few days and republicans saying he will learn when gets in it isn't that easy. we will take things by case by case build basis. >> the tone he took that may not be where he starts. we have of heard from mitch mcconnell they want to push border security in the way that
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they can but it may not be the wall. i don't think it will be the first thing they push is bei building that wall. they will start with easier measures first. >> what about energy infrastructure, the keystone pipeline all of that. >> donald trump laid this out. he is going to go for a serious instraw tubing tour spending bill. that has resinate withed a lot of workers through out the country. that is something he will push. of course you are seeing republicans in washington want to get rid of those restrictions on the keystone pipeline. we will see that move through pretty quickly. >> everybody through the country were is hefed up with the trade policies over the last 20-years. will tpp and other trade policies will we see them struck
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down almost immediately? >> he will try to renegotiate nafta that's something he put in his address as well. he wants to move on trade dramatically, very quickly. >> trade policy a big part of some of the constituencies he was able to pull in the last minute. >> 100 we don't see anything in any specific cases that may apply to pardons. >> and no-fly zone, the massive security blanket for trump tower courtesy of the faa.
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>> this probably did surprise a lot of people. trump received congratulations from russian president vladimir putin. they discussed two minutes on the phone discussing policy and an hour saying you hang up. no you hang up. no, you.
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>> those folks who don't agree with the decision keep your head up. >> keep smiling. >> stock market surge, the dow
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sores to a record high after president elect trump's victory. >> cheryl casone fox business is here with more on that. we heard about the big plunge. it is back. >> we had the big overnight plunge the markets were down in the morning once they started thinking about it they said wait a minute there are things about a trump policy that are good for the market. shares of pfizer jumped 7 percent yesterday. i was looking at u.s. steel that jumped 17 percent more manufacturing coming back to the united states, banks. take a look at the numbers last night. it closed 18,589. s&p, nasdaq gaining more than 1 percent as well. people thought about it and realized there are buying opportunities here. if donald trump duds the things that he says he wants to do, that is very good for business and for the markets as well.
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he has secret service protection. trump towers has protection also. >> it is called a notice to airmen. it is a temporary flight restriction within two nautical miles of airspace between trump tower no one can fly. that will take place until they move to the white house. i want to warn you that means the helicopter flights over the hudson and east river those won't be operating. sorry. >> this is kind of embarrassing. in news week they jumped ahead and made an assumption they should not have done. >> they did this a couple days ago. news week they actually printed out the hillary clinton special edition and they sent it to book stores. we are wondering where is the donald trump edition. they messed up. it was frankly a bet gone wrong. we got a statement from news week. they say two special edition
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covers for 2016 election outcomes were produced by a news week licensee topics media not news week. they will not take the blame for it. a book store employee said look at this we have magazine with hillary clinton as president in a box in our store. >> it is like the world series hats of the cleveland indians. >> but did he did do a donald trump magazine. >> what about trump's books. he has 30 different books. what about the sales of those now? >> if you look at amazon after the election results came in tubing about popular new books. went from 563 on amazon's listed movers and shakers for trump that was "the art of the deal." and he has another book "great again" it also jumped as well now at 84 the original raping was much much lower.
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both of the books jumped much much higher instantly on amazon. people want to read about it. >> not really surprising. >> tens of thousands hitting the streets in protest at the outcome of the 2016 presidential race. push ♪>> what does our president elect need to do to get the country together? complete analysis coming up next. >> first on this day in history, back in 1775 the u.s. marine corps was born. happy birthday. >> and in 1969, sesame street debuted.
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>> it is thursday november 10th.
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protests turn violent as thousands of people flood the streets from coast to coast even burning an american flag in protest all over the results of the election. >> that flag speaks to rights not to results. you can't say that you lake the democratic process but only if if it comes out your way. >> in the nation's capital a show of unity. president elect trump heads to the white house today to say it is time to come together. >> we are rooting for success in uniting and leading the country. >> twitter handle hoping to make a smooth transition. >> counseling, free exams pizzas and puppies. the colleges catering to upset students who can't handle the results of the election.
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♪ >> good to be live. good to be an american. good morning to you you are watching "fox & friends first." >> violent vriots over donald trump's victory. >> thousands of protestors flooding streets across the country. some peen burning american flags all because the election didn't go their way. we will have the latest on them. >> good morning clayton and heather. a rioter in new york city
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setting fire to a flag one of many disturbing protests across the country. it ignited outrage. the violence of demonstrators goes against the very spirit of the democracy they are claiming to defend. >> the burning of the flag, these protests are really ignorant and hateful. that flag speaks to rights not to results. you can't say you like the democratic process but only if it comes out your way. it is like saying i like going to baseball games but only for the score. >> anger and aggression from coast to coast as protestors trash streets and destroy everything in their path shouting profanities and chanting not our president. sheriff david clark firing back at the temper tantrums on twitter tweeting these radical anarchists must be quelled there's no legitimate reason to protest the will of the people. rioters in california break into the police car before smashing the windows.
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thousands of high school students and teachers walked out of rallies in a city known as progressive politics. they are calling for peace on social media. one most being shared on facebook saying quote the fact that a woman is running for president is incredible. the fact that a nonpolitician was running for president equals incredible. that is what makes america incredible. you can truly live out the american dream, teach our children that. >> clayton and heather we will see what today brings. >> donald trump heading to the white house today. biggest players enemies and allies garrett tenney is live in washington, d.c. the next steps good morning, garrett.
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>> good morning. this transition has been in works for months now but over the next two months donald trump's transition team will be working over time. to keep you updated on that process it is only fitting trump's team needs a twitter handle. great again dot gov. today donald trump will meet at the white house with president obama to go over some of the transition plans. yesterday despite much of his legacy president obama set the standard for how the country should respond in the days ahead. >> we are all rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country. the peaceful transition of power is one of the hall marks of the democracy. >> we saw democratic leaders
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expressing their support of one time rival elizabeth warren who offered to strike a truce. her statement said in part it is no secret i didn't want donald trump yesterday. he promised to rebuild for the working people and i offered to put aside our differences and work on that task. it is not just democrats. republicans are offering their support as well. mitt romney tweeted best wishes for preserving the republic his aim. ohio governor john kasich who refused to endorse trump tweeted the american people have spoken and it is time to come together. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said they voted for change and with both houses of congress and the white house there is sure to be a lot of it. >> i am sure we agree this is a
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stunning election. the americans will try to trust something new and the speaker shares my view we would like to see the country go in a different direction and work with him to change courses. >> as president elect donald trump will be able to request and receive the daily intelligence briefings as president obama. clayton? >> garrett tiny live for us in dc. >> they will bring the country together. >> he explains how he can bridge that gap. >> i think in part with words and in part with actions. he needs to move swiftly and some what delicately but needs to go out there and speak to the groups and demonstrate through those words and actions what he said and what i thought was a
2:37 am
really good and strong speech much more gracious than a lot of us gave him credit for being or being able to be, he needs to pro the point he made in that speech that he does want to be a president for all americans through his words, through his actions. so i think both sides of the equation here have some work to do. >> what does president elect trump need to do to bring the country together? log on to the fox & friends first facebook page to weigh in #keep talking. >> 37 minutes past the hour. a smooth transition president elect trump and obama meeting today. julianne turner who worked during the transition from the bush administration to the obama administration. >> you are not going to investigation hillary clinton? >> you got a big choice there and i don't know the right answer to it.
2:38 am
>> what would it take for former new york city mayor rudy giuliani to prosecute hillary clinton if he is named attorney general. find out about that next. >> when is the next flight? major mocking taking over social media because of all of the celebrities. remember all of the celebrities promised to leaf the country. carley shimkus is here with the social media election roundup. first a look at the weather across the country today.
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... >> live shot from washington,
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d.c. with the american flag flying there in the wind. they are meeting to discuss a smooth transition of power. what does that mean for president elect trump and his team and why is isis looking so closely at the white house right now? fox news contributor julianne turner. thank you so much for joining us early this morning. we know that president elect trump, he is now getting those classified briefings from the cia. what about the conversation that will happen today between he and president obama? oo that conversation and ensuing security briefings are a fundamental part of the peaceful transition of power we talk about all of the time. the transition officially
2:43 am
started. what is going to start to happen now is he is going to get the classified daily national security briefings called the president daily brief president obama gets. prepare donald trump for the global stage that he is going to inherit once he arrives at the white house. he will take them country by country through the hot spots right thousand where we face national security challenges and update what's happening on the ground, what threats are evolving and maybe sometimes help formulate potential policies. >> one of the first things he will have to do is appoint a secretary of defense. names are being tossed around senator jeff sessions being one of them. >> general flynn. if i was advising president
2:44 am
trump i would say it is important that you name your defense and national security team as soon as possible. so when you assume office everybody knows their roles and responsibility as much as possible. if he takes cabinet secretary he will get security briefings along with him so they get that knowledge under their belt as well when they join him. >> we mentioned isis is looking right now why is that and what they are looking for. we look at the transitions in the few months as a vulnerable time period in the united states government that's because we are nearly influxed. everyone who has been in a political appointment is going to be gone. it's the top most senior level of folks and new people will be coming in. imagine if you showed up to fox
2:45 am
news today and you had all new employees. it would be very disorienting it would take you a while to acclimate figure out whose roles and responsibilities are where and which. that's what happens at the white house government culture in this country. from a national security standpoint you can see how that might make us a little more vulnerable. >> also particularly important for both the outgoing administration and the incoming administration to show a sign of unity for the folks around the world watching. >> the onus is on the obama administration to make sure whoever president trump is bringing in it is up to speed or whatever they are working on. they started six months out from his final term in office.
2:46 am
we were instructed to create these briefing books. every person we passed on to the successor so we know everything we have been working on. i hope this administration is doing something similar. >> they are saying you make this transition so that's probably one of the reasons. >> thank you so much for joining us. appreciate it. have a great day. >> thanks guys. the white house says it is not ruling out a pardon four hillary clinton even though she's not facing any charges. president elect donald trump to open a special investigation in the clinton's private e-mail server. when asked what he will do when appointed u.s. attorney general new york city mayor rudy giuliani had this to say. >> you are not going to investigate hillary clinton? >> you have a big choice there. i don't know the right answer to it. there is one tradition in america. there is another equal justice
2:47 am
under the law. it would depend how bad the violations are. >> not charging clinton with a private server but the investigation is still open. scramble for new regulations as they give recreational marijuana a green light. pot legislator asking for the opening of weed shops in the united states. the january 2018 deadline doesn't give lawmakers enough time to build a specialized police force. in california lawmakers must decide to manage hundreds of millions of dollars expected from weed sales. licensing the influx of marijuana dispensaries. how do you fax it? that has to be the major focus. brian kilmeade is standing by with what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> with the pot laws maybe they will be leaving to different states. i won't name any names.
2:48 am
>> should we start with boston. >> a lot of people want to move out of the country in some respects. let me tell you what we have on the agenda the next three hours. the transition has already begun believe it or not. 70 plus days before president trump takes over. what could president elect trump's cabinet looks like? rudy giuliani will have a major role. he will bring us the inside scoop. one of the reasons i haven't become a ufc fighter is because of the travel. there are no fights in new york. now it will be solved this weekend. madison square garden will host. dana white the man in charge of the ufc will be here talking about fighting in america. can't we all just get along? please get dressed. a
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did you see his little son, baron, on stage? this poor kid. like they told him he would have to move away from his friends two minutes before they put him on stage. he's not excited about anything. >> poor little thing. well, the long list of celebrities saying they'll leave if donald trump wins the presidency are still here and now are getting slammed on twitter. >> and here from sirius xm 115, heather is here with more. >> celebrities like lena dunham, miley cyrus, amy schumer, just
2:53 am
to name a few, are all still here. vick for trump wrote, wonder if @cher and @mileycyrus' bags are packed yet? the sooner they leave the usa the better. and miley cyrus posted this video on facebook live. >> donald trump, i accept that you are the president of the united states. >> amy schumer is also backtracking saying she has no intention of leaving the country. i think we all could have said that one. >> cher just said she's going to outer space. >> jupiter. >> there's no land available there.
2:54 am
>> yes, that's going to be a big issue. she should have thought about that beforehand. >> i'm here to help. what about schools consoling all the students? they were setting up different areas for kids to basically go and cry. >> unreal. >> colleges around the country are going into panic mode. a yale professor is under fire for making an exam optional so students could cope with shock. the school said they would provide them counseling writing that the mental health department is available to help students who are having difficulty processing fears or concerns. other schools offering free pizza and puppies. this comes as thousands of protesters took to the street overnight to protest the election results. >> pizza and puppies. >> the beast is getting an
2:55 am
upgrade? >> yesterday, president-elect trump is taking new wheels. it looks like the car is called "the beast." it will be debuted on inauguration day in january. how about that? he's a pretty tall guy, he needs extra leg room. >> he does. and a big family. >> that's true. >> thank you, carly. five minutes until the top of the hour. and you're looking live at the white house where our president-elect is headed today. the day ahead for mr. trump. and starbucks has their holiday cups back, but there's a twist this year. can a toothpaste do everything well?
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all right. one minute until the top of the hour. here's what's happening today. violent riots are erupting from coast to coast over donald trump's victory. police are stepping up security in the streets, thousands are calling for unity behind barack obama. and christmas cups heading to starbucks. they will unveil 13 different cups today. some feature santa claus and reindeer. the company faced backlash for the plain red cup. >> my favorite non-news story of
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the year. and tomorrow the veterans day. we want to honor the men and women who made a sacrifice for our country. send us your veteran pictures, we'll air them throughout the show. >> have a great day. "fox & friends" begins right now. good morning to you and your family, it's thursday, it's november 10th. i'm ainsley earhardt. it is war and peace. in just a few hours president-elect donald trump will meet with president obama. what can we expect after that meeting? we have breaking details. meanwhile, speaking of president obama, will he pardon hillary clinton before he leaves office? if so, would that be the worst thing he could possibly do? rudy giuliani thinks so. we'll tell you more coming up. all right. and hot chocolate. therapy dogs. free passes to skip classes. the sad


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