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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 10, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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the year. and tomorrow the veterans day. we want to honor the men and women who made a sacrifice for our country. send us your veteran pictures, we'll air them throughout the show. >> have a great day. "fox & friends" begins right now. good morning to you and your family, it's thursday, it's november 10th. i'm ainsley earhardt. it is war and peace. in just a few hours president-elect donald trump will meet with president obama. what can we expect after that meeting? we have breaking details. meanwhile, speaking of president obama, will he pardon hillary clinton before he leaves office? if so, would that be the worst thing he could possibly do? rudy giuliani thinks so. we'll tell you more coming up. all right. and hot chocolate. therapy dogs. free passes to skip classes. the sad way college campuses are
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trying to console their students after trump's historic victory. turns out they need some help, including therapy dogs. keep in mind, your mornings are better because you woke up and it turns out you're with friends. ♪ i was born free ♪ i was born free >> thank you, kid rock, as he sings us to look at radio music city hall on the 10th of november, the 241st birthday of the marine corps. >> nice. >> steve, you were pointing out radio city, this is christmas time. if you listen closely, you can
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hear the -- ♪ >> i love that song. the election is over. veterans day is tomorrow. christmas is around the corner, thank goodness. >> i don't look forward to christmas because of the shopping thing. there's too much emphasis on people needing gifts from me. >> so just don't do it and be a scrooge. >> i just get credit cards. >> you give me a credit card and i'll do the shopping for you, gr gladly. president obama is rolling out the red carpet for president-elect donald trump. and they will start the peaceful transition of power. it's one of the great things that happens in this republic democracy. and, you know, it's good. despite what we're going to show you about squabbles in protests, this is how it's supposed to work. >> i could not be happier with the tone yesterday. everything from paul ryan to
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secretary clinton to president obama himself with joe biden behind him. you thought they really set a great tone. and it didn't seem forced, it seemed organic. although hillary clinton seemed crush, you can understand that. >> it could go either way. the president set a tone for the way the country should feel this morning. let's move on, let's support him. and donald trump's team has put out a tweet this morning. they have a new twitter handle. it's @transition2017. and the tweet says,working together. we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and rebuilding the american dream. join us at >> donald trump shows he can make the transition when he's ready. he was ready the last three weeks just to be flat-out on message, reading the prompter, getting it out. he knew what cities to hit, he knew how to focus after the first debate. now he knows the tone to set during the transition.
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>> on the website again,, it calls on people to serve their nation as volunteers or as part of a team. apparently they are looking for 4,000 people. you would undergo a background check in many instances. you can see right there, serve america, far left. go online. you can be part of the white house. >> those are his grandchildren. those are don jr.'s kids. and it's adorable, the little ones. but if you go on the site, it was fascinating. it said, help wanted. 4,000 presidential appointees. you can read about the different jobs. you can read how the department of justice works and the agencies. he has to hire a lot of people. i didn't realize what you have to do to prepare. >> the official transition team moved into an office just a block from the white house yesterday. and what they're trying to figure out, they are coming out with a bunch of two-page memos. what they will do on the first day, what they will do on the
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first 100 days and what they will do in the first 200 days. meanwhile, you know this covering the new york post. everybody was wrong. the pundits, the pollsters, you name it. however, it's hard to argue with just cold hard facts. you know, so many people are talking about, whether, obama ran a better campaign back in the year. take a look at this. when you look at the electoral map, in particular, the states that were critical for president obama winning, which are florida and ohio, donald trump, as you can see right there, actually would have beaten barack obama with this number. and obviously mitt romney as well. that is in the state of florida. and when you look at ohio, which was absolutely the lynch pin for president obama last time, donald trump's numbers would have beaten him as well. >> the totals are important, but it is all about match-ups. how would mitt romney have done against al gore? i don't think you can put those stats together. i actually don't think you can put donald trump with obama
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because it would have been a totally different election. but it just does show you that he's got much more support than anybody in new york city and los angeles can get their head around. if you watched the late night shows last night, if you listened to the talk shows during the day, they just don't understand where the americans were that actually voted for donald trump. >> well, i tell you what, barack obama was running against donald trump for the last two months. so the race was on. >> they weren't voting for him. >> absolutely not. but it is interesting because you hear so many people go, back four years ago, so-and-so did this. meanwhile, as they plan the transition -- >> just on that note, a lot of columnists are writing about what is going on. especially "the daily news." the new york post has been in support of donald trump to give him a shot. they totally pulled back their rhetoric for a day. and this was the most interesting column, this liberal columnist said, we expressed so much disdain for trump voters,
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they kept so quiet around us. which helped us understand they were not communicating with us and voting with him. that's exactly what happened. >> we were talking yesterday, how did the pollsters get it wrong, is it really the pollsters fought when you ask them who they are voting for? people are scared to say who they are voting for, clearly. >> plus it's the way you get people to change. not everybody has landline and people don't know what your cell phone number is. also "the daily news" said we were anti-trump. god bless him, let's see how he does. meanwhile, we'll see who winds up on the cabinet. rudy giuliani has been mentioned as potential attorney general. he told "the wall street journal" yesterday, i absolutely am not interested in it. however, the big question is, what are the things that donald trump said was that if he's elected president, they would go after hillary clinton, right? >> he was on o'reilly last night. listen to what he said. >> there's one tradition in america, right, election's over,
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we forget that. there's another tradition in america which is equal justice under the law. and it would depend on how bad the violations are. and it has not been -- >> so you would have to take a fresh look. >> well, the fbi is still investigating. >> and obama is going to pardon her. >> then that will seal obama's legacy as one of the worst presidents. >> i don't think so. because obama's base would want him to do that. almost like the ford/nixon situation. >> then he should pardon the sailor who is in jail for taking pictures of the submarine. >> we shouldn't talk about investigations right out. and really quick, rudy giuliani had a totally different take when asked by bill o'reilly what he would do. he said, i do know -- would you consider being attorney general? well, i do know the department of justice well. that seems like a guy that would want it. >> he was loyal and put his neck out there for donald trump. when you looked at the polls, people said if you supported donald trump, you are a racist,
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bigot, whatever. he put his neck out on the line. a lot of people were talking about how they couldn't believe he was coming out and being so vocal. and look, it proved to be the right move. i mean, the rest of the country agreed with rudy giuliani. and trump likes the little people. >> he does. we were watching primetime last night, a lot of you watch our normal programming, but you saw in the box what was happening in 25 cities across the country. there were a lot of younger people, for the most part, out protesting, creating havoc. if you look at los angeles, they were running across the 101 freeway. if you saw them here at the up and up avenues in americas, they are extremely upset that donald trump is president of the united states. >> sore losers. take a look. this is some of the video here. they should listen to their president. they should listen to elizabeth warren, hillary clinton, all sorts of people. they say the show is over, move on. it is interesting, there was a protest in chicago and a protester asked the police officer by the name of jason
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linsky, and said, officer, where is your kkk hood? and the guy turned to the reporter and said, this is why trump won. because people are sick of liberals. meanwhile, at some universities including my fine alma mater, the university of kansas, for the kids who are so upset -- >> your school takes the cake. >> you can get a therapy dog just you. >> some leader at your school, go to social media, if you're having a problem with the selection, you need therapy. if you need therapy, we'll provide a therapy dog for you. >> i can't say -- somebody will be very mad at me, but cornell university offered therapy. and arts and crafts were offered. in kansas, the university of chicago, they kept the gym open
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extra hours. >> this is my favorite. one school was offering the crayons for them to color. >> just a happy, simple way. >> kids were seeking comfort so they played with crayons. >> there was no protest for al gore, no protest for john kerry, no protest for mitt romney. what is going on? >> back then george soris wasn't funding these things. what do you think about the colleges taking care of the snowflakes as they were referred to? meanwhile, 6:11 and heather is joining us. good morning to you. start with some fox news alerts. >> we have very serious to bring you this morning. one police officer has just died and another one has been hurt after a shooting overnight in pennsylvania. there is a very serious manhunt underway at this hour for that shooter and a s.w.a.t. team is
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now on the scene in a home in canonsburg where the gunfire erupted a few hours ago. folks there are urged to stay inside their homes and lock their doors. again, one officer dead, another hurt near pittsburgh. we'll bring you the latest on this news as we get it. and also breaking overnight, the hunt intensifying for another gunman accused of opening fire into a crowd outside a 7-eleven in the seattle area. and that's where police say that this started with an argument and then shots were fired. the shooter walking away from a group of people, turned around and started to shoot hitting five people. two victims are fighting for their life at this hour. three others were hit but expected to be okay. the stock market getting ready to open after a day of near record gains. wall street rallying despite a post-election panic. the dow jones industrial, the nasdaq and the s&p 500 closing with new record gains. investors are hopeful for mr. trump's plans for infrastructure
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spending, tax cuts, lighter regulation, they believe that will benefit the economy. and in the rush to get "newsweek" to stores, take a look at what happened. they put hillary clinton on the cover calling it madam president, that edition. "newsweek" is trying to recall the magazine and rush the president trump version out. "newsweek" blaming two special edition covers for 2016 were made by news media but not by "newsweek." they blamed the printer, not themselves. okay. >> it is not like hillary was "newsweek's" candidate or anything. it's been the rally cry from the beginning. >> and yes, we will build a great, great wall. >> so is he actually going to do it? we'll take a closer look at president-elect donald trump's first 100 days in office. that's next. and she was one of mr.
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well, the election was two days ago and the transition is underway in earnest. what can we expect from
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president-elect donald trump's first 100 days? erin, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> apparently they opened a transition office a block from the white house yesterday. and what they're trying to figure out is what to do on day one. by the first 100 days. and then the second 100 days. if you were part of the team, where would you say they should start? >> i'm certainly not part of the team, but it is clear they are going to start with repealing obamacare. they obviously have to get congressional approval on all of that, but with republican majorities in both houses, this is something i'm sure we will see at the very beginning. it's something that paul ryan and mitch mcconnell want to do. the trick is, what do they replace it with? but i think the first thing is, how they unravel it. and then where they go forward. donald trump laid out some specifics, a few, in that gettysburg address he gave last month. and he hinted about health savings accounts. so we'll start to see some of the details flushed out over the next couple of months.
3:19 am
>> yes, at gettysburg, he also talked about cleaning up corruption and stuff like that. apparently, according to "the wall street journal," the transition team is trying to figure out how trump can quickly build the wall and deliver on that campaign promise. which everybody was chanting throughout the rally. would he need congressional support to build the wall? >> he absolutely would. and this is one of the things that we have seen senate majority leader mitch mcconnell throw a little bit of cold water. he's talked in the last couple of days about what he wants to do. and he wants to get at border security. but i think we have seen a number of republicans in washington say that the wall is not going to happen. >> well, that would disappoint a lot of people who voted for donald trump. >> it would, yeah, it would. >> and whoever stands in the way will have hell to pay. meanwhile, newt gingrich has been mentioned for cabinet pick. where might he go? >> i have heard secretary of state for newt gingrich, very
3:20 am
interestingly. i think what we should be watching for is attorney general. we heard chris christie talk about that quite a bit, but now we're starting to hear rudy giuliani. there probably are places for rudy giuliani and for chris christie in the trump administration. it is just where they fit. >> sure. and general flynn has been mentioned for secretary of defense or national security job. that's a no-brainer. >> right. and also john bolton. he's been talked about for republican cabinet position for a long time. he's probably getting something as well. >> we'll see. erin, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. now time to transition to a commercial. coming up, folks, some people not ready to accept the results of tuesday. >> we have to fight back. there will be casualties on both sides. there will be because people have to die to make changes. >> people have to die? we will analyze that woman's statement coming up next. and abby huntsman is live in florida once again.
3:21 am
one of the most crucial states in donald trump's path to victory. what are the voters saying there? abby is making some pancakes at mel's diner on the west coast.
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people would ask me in different countries that we traveled, what is your nationality
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and i would always answer hispanic. so when i got my ancestry dna results it was a shocker. i'm from all nations. it puts a hunger in your heart to want to know more.
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a quick look at the news right now, here are some of the headlines. one of the most watched senate races in new hampshire has ended. kelly ayotte lost by 1,023 votes. the republicans still hold the majority in the senate. and former navy s.e.a.l. and bronze star recipient eric greitens is waking up as missouri's new governor. he's making history as the
3:25 am
state's first jewish governor. and coming up at 8:00, governor-elect greitens will talk about his win, his book and his career and what he plans to do for that state. and here's a new one, one southern california town just elected a dead person as city treasurer. yep, the candidate gary hurst died in late september. and city officials said it was too late to change the ballot. officials are now planning to hold a special election. that's a very nice tribute. ainsley? no one saw it coming, not even the polls. president-elect donald trump and the results are sparking anger across america. >> we have to fight back. there will be casualties on both sides. there will be, because people have to die to make a change in this world. >> lee carter is here to analyze this. h
3:26 am
hey, lee, great to see you. >> great to see you. >> many people were excited to see president-elect donald trump. >> i have been getting e-mails from several folks who said i have been afraid to say i'm voting for donald trump because of what might happen to me at work. and i'm now comfortable saying it. and then they started to see the protests and they are less so, but what is fascinating to folks is that even though we knew there was a big anti-trump sentiment, i don't think anybody saw this enthusiasm for hillary clinton during the election. now that she's lost, we are seeing these people on the streets saying that our country is a mess. we're at risk because she's not our leader. and because he is. and so i think we're all taken by surprise right now with what is going on. and i really -- when i looked at all the polling numbers, the level of enthusiasm for hillary clinton was not there that we're seeing out on the streets now. >> it is clear that people want change. did you see that in the exit
3:27 am
polls? >> yes, especially those voting for trump. 83% of folks voting for trump said we need change at 83%. only 14% of hillary clinton's voters said that. and that makes sense. when you see that there were that few people that felt there was a big change needed for hillary, it is not surprise that those people wanting the change coming are afraid right now and protesting and exercising their right. >> i'm hearing from trump supporters they were angry with the establishment. that they were angry with big government. and they felt like they were being left behind. did you mind to be the case? >> absolutely. those angry with the federal government, 77% voted for donald trump. only 18% there voted for hillary clinton. i think, again, you can see why the anger, they were angry with the federal government and voted for change. hillary clinton was not angry with the way things are. now they want to see change. again, you can see the anger coming out.
3:28 am
>> what are folks saying about honesty and trustworthiness? which candidate? >> in the polls leading up, we saw there was a gap. trump was seen as less honest and trustworthy. he was seen as more honest and trustworthy, sorry. and this poll shows that the number is 36% saying she's honest and trustworthy. and the question that people had was, why do not see them as honest and trustworthy. with hillary clinton, i see it could be because of the e-mails and she might be hiding things. with trump, it could be about his views. one could be more forgiving than the other, but both had high number there is. >> really? james comey came out to say she said she didn't send classified information. yes, she did. she said she had one device and
3:29 am
she didn't. i understand why people think she was not trustworthy or honest. donald trump last week was so honest. he even got up there and said, i'm supposed to keep the peace, i'm supposed to read the prompter. he's so honest. >> that's what people love about him, but critical people of him are looking at tax returns or looking at things that he said, well, i didn't do that, whether it was the support for the iraq war. people are critical in saying there were things that it seemed like he was saying this and meaning this. but that's a very different kind of honest and trustworthy than saying somebody might have intentionally committed perjury or something. that would be felony charges. so you're looking at degrees of honest and trustworthy. those who didn't think hillary clinton was honest and trustworthy had pretty severe concerns there. >> thank you so much, lee. illegals are outraged donald trump has been elected president
3:30 am
of the united states. and they have a plan to defy deportation. and the voter that helped deliver mr. trump a victory. and abby is down in fort myers, florida. >> reporter: hey, we're back and are talking politics. we have fresh squeezed florida orange juice and coffee. how do you feel about the election today? >> yay! >> yeah? first, i want to wish a happy birthday to miranda lambert turn 3g ing 33 years old today. we'll be right back. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan.
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hillary underperformed among african-americans, women and young voters. the only place she did well was among pollsters. all the polls we read, abc, nbc, cbs, fox news, "washington post," bloomberg, reuters, they all had hillary clinton ahead.
3:34 am
they were all completely wrong. nate silver has been downgraded to nate bronze from now on. the only poll that got it right was "the l.a. times. "but even predicting who is president is like telling you what sex your baby is going to be. the women are like, it's a girl, we're telling you. yeah, there are only two choices, so it's not exactly a leap. give me lottery numbers and we'll talk. but anyway, we saw we were having a girl and we got a boy instead last night. >> he's right about the polls. the most accurate one was the "l.a. times" poll. but the head pollster didn't believe the results of his own poll. he came out to say, she's going to win in a landslide. which she did not. >> if you watched stephen colbert. he does not believe that any of his viewers voted for donald trump. we all can agree that this is a terrible day for america.
3:35 am
even jimmy fallon said, i know many had a rough day yesterday. are you kidding me? >> it's not smart to do that because you isolate a lot of your viewers. >> that's why god invented the remote control to change the channel. it was a key state in president-elect trump's path to the white house. what did voters think of in florida after this historic victory? >> and abby huntsman is in florida. >> reporter: guys, they gave me my own name tag. i'm pretty excited about that. what is your name? >> daryl. >> reporter: we talked a few days ago. you have been to a number of trump rallies, were you surprised by what the results were? >> yes. because there were 12,000 to 15,000 people and 2,000 to 3,000 at hers, and it didn't add up
3:36 am
that she was ahead. i thought she would not have enough, you know. >> reporter: and i see your shirt there. how old are you? >> i'm 18. i turned 18 in september. >> reporter: so a first-time voting. >> this was my first time voting, which i was happy about. i volunteered at the republican party office here. and this is -- i've waited a while to do this. >> reporter: wow. what are you excited for mr. trump? >> i'm excited he'll do something about the education problems, especially common core. i have siblings still in school. i don't like the way it's set up. >> reporter: what do your friends think about politics? >> most of my friends here really aren't into the whole trump thing. but now they see what he's willing to do. and they are more into immigration and what it will do with trade and stuff. >> reporter: maybe some change. i'm glad you got out to vote. congratulations to you. we talked the other day. what are your thoughts this morning? >> i'm delighted, excited, ecstatic. i think trump is going to create
3:37 am
a new atmosphere. he's going to deregulate, so businesses can thrive and make jobs. i'm really happy about the immigration stance. there are so many things. and this young man just mentioned common core. i'm a former teacher. i can't tell you how reprehensible i think common core is. it's the worst. so i'm just happy about all of it. >> reporter: i can't believe we're here and past election. you guys were here as well. what is your name? >> -- i'm from buffalo new york. >> reporter: all the way down in beautiful florida today. how are you feeling? >> i feel absolutely great. donald trump is the best. and look at the obstacles he had to overcome. and fox news is the best. all the other media is so biased. i can't believe it. but we're too smart. we saw through it. >> you did. you said that the other day. you were convinced he was going to win. we have a lot more. we'll pass it back to you and
3:38 am
keep talking politics. have a good morning. come back to talk with us. >> abby huntsman working the counter there at mel's in ft. myers. you have been going back and forth with the coffee pot the last couple of days, and have you made any tip money? a little? a little tip money. she's n-- she doesn't have us i her head. okay. tax reform, it used to be that you could just stick it in your pocket. brian kilmeade's book tour is tomorrow in sanford, florida. november 12 at the villages in
3:39 am
florida. and november 18 in dayton, ohio. >> go to to find out more. congratulations. that's wonderful. and heather is joining us right now as we talk taxes now as well? >> well, we are talking illegal immigration. and these folks are living here on your tax dollars. but now illegal immigrants vowing to defy president-elect donald trump. listen to this. >> what are we going to do? >> fight back! >> that's a pro-immigration group called united we dream. they are continuing their protests around the country. they are demanding the city defy potential deportation orders. the executive director of that group saying, quote, immigrants are declaring a state of urgency and resill yeps. and it goes on to say, quote, they will tap into the incredible strength that brought us to this country and which we use to survive.
3:40 am
so they are going to stay putting pressures on cities now. a scramble for new regulations as voters give recreational marijuana the green light in some states. massachusetts top pot regulator is now asking to delay the opening of pot shops across the state. she says since the january 2018 deadline, that does not give enough time to build up the police force. and the lawmakers have to figure out how to manage hundreds of millions of dollars expected in weed sales. and the other issue is licensing the influx of marijuana dispensaries. they already have a bunch of them and now expect a lot more. well, do you remember when senator elizabeth warren said this about president-elect donald trump? >> a bully. a twisted bully who can't fight his own fight. who can't win a fair fight. who will never be president of the united states. >> well, that massachusetts democrat now back-pedaling after mr. trump's victory. offering up a peace treaty of
3:41 am
sorts, she says, quote, president-elect trump promised to rebuild our economy for the working people. and i offer to put aside our differences and work with him on that task. and those are you headlines. maybe the unity thing they were all talking about yesterday will take hold. >> let's hope. that's the way it's supposed to work. >> heather, nancy pelosi had the same message. maybe we are all going to get along. for at least a week. miley cyrus no longer partying in the usa. now she's trying -- what other hollywood celebrities are making sure they are okay with the election results. and why did president donald trump win the white house? maybe voters like this. >> i haven't vote in 36 years since 1980. i'm an independent. and the reason i'm voting for trump is because i'm sick of the negativism and the creatures in the swamp. >> the creatures in the swamp.
3:42 am
we need them drained. judge nepapolitano is here. good morning sirks. good morning, sir. ♪ remember writing letters to santa? scrawling heartfelt words to the big man in the red suit, who could make all your wish list come true? bring those memories back at santa's wonderland at bass pro shops - with crafts... games... and a picture with santa - all for free.
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test test test. test test test test.
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time now for some quick fox news headlines. first up, president-elect donald trump is getting a massive security blanket courtesy of the faa. trump tower in new york city now a no-fly zone. pilots orders to stay clear of the 58-story building on fifth avenue. and here on solid ground, mr. trump is getting ready for a new set of wheels. images of the new presidential limo as you can see right there by cadillac leaked online. it's going to be debuted at the inauguration january 20th. and celebrations in slovenia
3:46 am
to honor the first lady, melania trump. ♪ that's what they're singing about. crowds gather around to watch the presidential election in her hometown. the mayor there hoping that soon-to-be first lady will help fuel tourism to slovenia. brian? all right. in his victory speech, president-elect donald trump made a promise to the forgotten men and women of our country. listen. >> every single american will have the opportunity to realize his or her fullest potential. the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. >> and by the way, who are the forgotten? and what do they want? fox news senior judicial judge napolitano is here with us. there's something about the
3:47 am
forgotten men and women. >> yes, the forgotten man. it's actually the forgotten men and women, have a variety of characteristics. fdr tapped into the eraov of th forgotten men and women. it hasn't happened in the modern era other than three times. they are typically, a, political people. or they are conservative democrats. they are generally blue collar. this is a gross generalization, so we're trying to find this human being. >> so they're not necessarily constitutionalists like you that have an in-state for what they want. >> correct. they don't make arguments about free speech and don't want the government in their bedroom. they don't want babies ripped from the womb like mrs. clinton voted for. they are not overly political. many of them have often voted for democrats because they believe that the democratic party would keep them in mind when legislation was enacted.
3:48 am
suddenly they found out health insurance policy is doubling in costs. my doctor can't see me anymore. my doctor is out of business now. why did this happen? because of the federal government. donald trump spoke to their hearts. >> right, he tweeted this out yesterday. i think it is important to keep you updated on what he's tweeting. >> is he still tweeting? >> he says, such a beautiful and important evening. the forgotten man and woman will never be forgotten again. we will all come together as never before. and that's the theme you built on, judge. and you also said this, they don't want war, but they hate losing war. and that's what we're in the middle of. three wars, we don't know why we're fighting them. >> yes. i tried to find a common theme. the idea came to me tuesday night. knowing you were up all night. up went to bed at 3:00 and got up at 4:30. but until 3:00, i sat with the fox number crunchers on the other side of the building watching, listening, probing, asking questions.
3:49 am
originally i thought this race was determined but what i thought was and still believe the unlawful entry of the fbi. the fbi has nothing to do with it. it was such a tidal wave, a sea change in thinking, and it was instigated by the forgotten people. i'll tell you where the forgotten people were not, last night in front of my apartment building. 2,000 people that do not like the president-elect chanting and screaming until 3:00 in the morning. >> and judge, they will be back. because they are in 25 cities, maybe the biggest in chicago and new york and los angeles. great column. great seeing you. >> good luck with the book this weekend. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. let me tell you what is coming up straight ahead, rudy giuliani is joining us live with an inside look at the president-elect's cabinet. would he be a part of it? and celebrity like justin timberlake spent top dollar to help hillary clinton. so can they still afford their tickets to canada as they leave?
3:50 am
we'll have more, next. our eyes...they have a 200-degree range of sight... which is good for me hey! ... and bad for the barkley twins. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. with our most vitamin d three ever.
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3:53 am
america is standing behind president-elect donald trump youngest son barron screen right there. understanding it was 3:00. he was exhausted. that has the internet buzzing about barron. >> what's the big deal? he's only 10. >> he's become this internet sensation because people are focused on that moment -- who wouldn't be tired at that hour? >> he sat there blinking his
3:54 am
eyes and going back and forth. >> i'm surprised he was able to stand up as long that night. that meme going around the internet like crazy. the internet playing a huge role in this election. not only are people today using it for -- well, a gathering their protests but they are celebrating how this gentleman got into office. we're talking not only his family, but himself, and also what is the reaction now that our new president is headed toward the white house? well, people right here are saying -- canadian immigration website has crashed. they are saying all these celebrities were going to move outfit country, right? move to canada. you have whoopie goldberg on that list, bryan cranston. >> jon stewart. rosie o'donnell. cher. >> good for them. the site is back up saying we're getting a lot of traffic. it could be slow. there's the website. it went down for a considerable
3:55 am
period of time. it's back up. are people going to really do this? time will tell. we jump to this thing called #cal exit. the blue states are trying to get their heads wrapped around everything. they are saying could we secede from the country. it's a big trending topic. >> kevin says this, a trump presidency leaves us no choice. the west coast is better off seceding #cal exit. >> let them figure out how to handle water, shortage, natural disaster, insurmountable debt, without federal aid. bye bye cal exit. >> twitter is a big star. >> you look at donald trump what he was able to do manipulating a huge audience with incendiary
3:56 am
kind of remarks and statements, we were all oh, my gosh, you can't believe this man has said this. guess what, it got traction and it did something and it's big. the number one tweet, by the way, if you look at both candidates, most popular tweet for trump, what would you think it is over the years? if you just take august 15th, 2015 onward. >> there are so many to choose from. >> the media is spending more time doing a forensic analysis of melania's speech than on hillary's email. hillary's was short and simple. delete your account. you remember that moment. >> the brilliance of twitter is it was free. how many eyeballs? >> i'm so curious what this president will do moving forward once in office when it comes to social media. will this white house be this
3:57 am
tripp social media? >> and jupiter. and will obama issue a presidential pardon before leaving the white house? if so, would that be bad? rudy giuliani coming up next. [beeping] take on any galaxy with a car that could stop for you. simulation complete. the new nissan rogue. rogue one: a star wars story. in theaters december 16th. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number. don't miss the semi-annual sale, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow!
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4:00 am
good thursday morning to you and your family. it's november 10th. i'm ainsley earhardt. pass the olive branch, please. in just a few hours, president-elect trump will meet with president obama. what can we expect? we have brand new details. speaking of president obama, will he pardon hillary clinton before she leaves office even though she hasn't been charged with anything? rudy giuliani he's going to say it is the worst thing a president can do. >> what has happened, the yankees signed a free agent? what's going on? >> hot dogs and free passes to
4:01 am
skip class. how colleges are trying to console their sad students after donald trump's victory. let's console yourselves and simply say you are watching tv with friends. how does that work? ♪ now, that is a clear day here in new york city. what building is that? >> how beautiful is that? the american flag and just beyond that is fox news channel. we're live in that building right there. >> right underneath that zipper that's got the news of the day. hi, everybody. welcome to "fox & friends." the world's number one cable morning news show. >> i know. thank you all so much for waking up with us. that just gives me chills. >> for years. >> i love the flag. i love this country. all of our dreams have come true. this makes me happy. >> i have a theory. you know how i sense people are getting dressed. this is what i think is happening right now. people had -- adrenalin brought
4:02 am
them through. tell me if this is right. adrenalin brought you through wednesday and it hit you thursday. how tired you are from tuesday. >> so true. >> so this is the time you say to yourself did i outdrink america? it's just that you are tired. >> last night, i said i deserve pasta and wine. this morning, i already hate my breakfast. rudy giuliani is going to be with us in 90 seconds. right now we're heading to heather nauert. our first story, all those men and women who do so much tor our country each and every day, we start with a fox news alert. one police officer has just died and another hurt in an overnight shooting in pennsylvania. there is a manhunt under way at this hour for that shooter a s.w.a.t. team surrounding a home in canonsburg following some
4:03 am
sort of a domestic situation. people are urged to stay inside their homes and lock their doors. one officer dead. his identity is not yet known. we'll continue to bring you the latest on this breaking news story. breaking right now, our symbol of freedom. up in flames over president-elect donald trump's victory. a rioter in new york city setting fire to the american flag, just one of many disturbing violent protests flag out -- playing out from coast to coast. anti trump protesters in california, destroying everything in their paths, shouting profanities and shouting not our president. colleges across the country trying to console millennials having temper tran trums after donald trump's victory. they are canceling classes and
4:04 am
giving them crayons and play-dough. >> there's nothing better. >> i'll bring you some. >> many people have eaten through the years. rudy giuliani joins us live. what do you make of that story how a number of college kpases are offering therapy dogs? >> i could see the christian brothers doing it for me at the manhattan college. if i didn't like how the election came out, i think they would give me something else. the reality is they are a bunch of spoiled cry babies. someone said we're bringing up a generation of cry babies. most kids aren't crying. most are going to class. i speak to a lot of college campuses. we're growing up a slightly
4:05 am
higher percentage of conservative students than we used to. they are rebeling against the professors. it's the professors than the students. they are starting to realize, i got to get a job when i leave here, and my friend who graduated last year had to take a job for half of what i thought i was going to make. >> right. >> the message donald trump got through to a lot of them. a lot more than you think. >> you know, this election is a prime example of how liberal professors, they are allowed to come out and say we don't like donald trump, but you don't ever hear some conservative professor coming out and saying, you shouldn't be doing this. >> i imagine if you wore a donald trump class if you -- to -- donald trump button to your philosophy class, you would be thrown out.
4:06 am
>> should you find a way to listen? >> you should find a way to listen and talk about it and say to them, look, you are overdoing it. take a while and evaluate my presidency a year from now. my advice to donald would be to say that. and say, look, calm down, things are not as bad as you think. give me a year and i think you are going to find you are living in a much better country than you are living right now. if not, you can go cry then. >> you don't think the message from the president of the united states look, let's get behind him. >> i have no objection at all. this might be the first time in six months i said this sitting here. i thought the president handled himself with dignity and professionalism yesterday and i've always said this about president obama, despite my deep disagreements with him. he's always been a gentleman, and he conveyed that yesterday at the right moment, and i thought mrs. clinton begin the
4:07 am
enormous emotional upset she has -- i've lost an election -- she handled herself with dignity. what you saw there was not their fault, probably the fault of their professors and parents. >> i think -- >> getting them to mature fast enough. >> nancy pelosi gave a great statement. paul ryan was at odds. he was right on the message. you saw elizabeth warren say this. >> 1% of 1% of 1% of 1%. >> it's going to be a one day deal, two day deal. >> so they got upset. the american political establishment against donald trump ran and won reacted like we're ready for it. they even probably realize somewhere deep down that there's something fundamentally wrong with the way we're governing ourselves right now and we've got to change it and maybe we can't agree with everything this guy wants to do, but that he hit
4:08 am
on to something that know really affects the american people. we've got to straighten washington out. the drain the swamp that he came up, along with obamacare, that was the biggest applause line that he got. >> it surprised him. he said he was against it at the beginning. >> you darn right it surprised him. it surprised everybody, and it was kind of a throw away line. thought maybe it would sound too harsh. >> he was reluctant to use it. >> and people started chanting it. it told you what was going on. >> the clinton foundation is under investigation as you know. should president obama, before he leaves, should he pardon her, if not, should donald trump? >> well, the reality is we have two traditions, right? that are sort of in conflict with each other. one is we try to get over the anger and everything else about an election after it's over with and put it behind us, and i don't like to see america become
4:09 am
a country in which we prosecute people, you know, about politics. on the other hand, there are deep and disturbing issues there in which if you don't investigate them, they are going to continue. and it's hard to investigate other people. what do you say to a foundation that -- you have a fraud of $50,000, when you haven't looked at a foundation when there is an alleged fraud in the millions, hundreds of millions of dollars? it may be true it's not true but it hasn't been investigated. >> and yeah, and justice for all. >> that's a very tough balance, and that's why i don't think president obama should be pardon her. i think president obama should leave it to the system we all believe in to determine is she innocent or is she guilty. >> it will be having whether or not they have that conversation today because donald trump is -- >> and donald trump talked about an independent counsel. he didn't talk about an attorney general. he talk about an independent counsel doing it, who would be
4:10 am
not a republican, not a democrat. somebody free of any political question. >> good luck finding that person. >> you could find someone. >> if you pardon her -- >> you got to pardon petraeus, and the sailor who take a picture -- >> to this day, he's spending a year in jail. he took a deal. there's 4,000 jobs to fill. there's hundreds that have been to be senatorial confirmed. for you, homeland security or attorney general, would you be interested in? >> it depends on a lot of things. i'm extraordinarily happy with what i'm doing. i'm a partner at greenburg
4:11 am
trowel. i run my own security firm. i travel to 12 countries a year. i advise several governments on security. you can't find a happier guy than me. >> you are about service. if juptd to be -- if you wanted to be rich, you wouldn't be mayor. >> the reality is it would be about 0 do i want to give up what i'm doing and all the people i'm training and supporting and trying to figure out a solution to cyber security. i've got four big deals on the line. i would love to be the person that comes up to the solution with cyber security. i thought i was finished, but now i got involved in the trump campaign and i played some role i hope in electing him, now i would like to invent the real overall holistic solution to cyber security. >> that would be great. >> when you talk to a president
4:12 am
of the united states and he wants to you do a job, i certainly would not go into that conversation with a firm no in my mind, but i would want to talk about maybe three or four other people that might be better for it. if there aren't, maybe i would do it. >> if it weren't you for attorney general, over the last six months, they say, well, maybe chris christie, given the legal stuff that's going on with bridge gate, do you think chris christie would be -- >> he would be a good guy for any position in government. i considered, you know from the very beginning because i'm probably the guy that defended -- if i defended donald trump the most, i probably defended chris christie the most a year and a half earlier, and i believe bridge gate was blown way out of proportion. i think it was -- first of all, he didn't know about it. number two, he would never do anything as stupid as that. even if you don't like chris, and some people don't, i do. i like him a lot. good friend. smart guy. that was a dumb thing to do.
4:13 am
and third, when some degree of political revenge, even if it does affect citizens, starts to become the basis of a criminal prosecution, you probably put half the politicians in america in jail. >> you know what, i will love to see ray kelly with donald trump in some way in security. >> mr. mayor -- >> fbi, if it's open. >> absolutely. >> fbi if it's open, not that i'm suggesting anything, but ray kelly kept this city together and improved on the thing i did to reduce crime. i'll give you a statistic. we were at 65% murder reduction by the time he left, that was 85%. >> that's a good resume builder. thank you, mr. mayor. coming up, president obama didn't holdback on donald trump on the campaign trail. >> this is a guy who spent 70 years, his whole life, born with a silver spoon, showing no respect for working people.
4:14 am
>> so how will their one-on-one meeting in the oval office go today? we'll ask gillian turner. she worked through the push -- bush and obama transitions. why do some cash back cards make earning bonus cash back so complicated? they limit where you can earn bonus cash back to a few places... ...and those places keep changing every few months. the quicksilver card from capital one doesn't do any of that. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. leave complicated behind. what's in your wallet? ah, beth. so the elevator is stuck again.
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president obama and president-elect donald trump are getting ready to meet and discuss a smooth transition of power. so what happens next for team trump and why is isis watching the white house very closely right now? she even -- they even commented. gillian turner joins us to talk about the transition. president obama really launched his campaign on being against the iraq war which president bush launched. how was that when that met? >> what was interesting is working at the national security council, we had an entire large office dedicated to staffing iraq policy. all those folk, that entire office was almost instantaneously gone. >> you guys were in motion? >> we were activated six months out, before the end of his second term, i gave an order to the white house, we're going to do this transition thoroughly
4:19 am
and the best we can, everybody on the nsc staff prepare briefing books so you are ready to brief them on day one. >> they couldn't be impressed with what they saw and president bush has been very classy since. president obama just said this a couple of days ago. >> he's got support here in florida. he's got some support around the country. the most frustrating thing is some of his support is coming from working folks. people say, well, you know, he's going to be our voice. are you serious? this is a guy who spent 70 years, his whole life, born with a silver spoon, showing no respect for working people. >> unless they were cleaning his house or washing his car. >> the reality is we cone have to worry. relations are going to be very civil. there's not going to be
4:20 am
dramatic. they have policy differences. they are going to be focused on what the national security threats are. how the white house works. you know, donald trump is going to have a big transition physically moving in with his family. they are going to be talking about those kinds of things. i think they will be okay, but really this is the kick-off of something very, very important, which is the transference of information from one team to the next. >> isis weighed in. why do they care so much? >> terrorist organizations around the world recognize that this coming time period, starting november 2nd through two months after he takes office is a very vulnerable time. and so they are zeroing in to try and lock those vulnerabilities down. >> nine months, clinton, there was an attack on 9/11. thanks, appreciate it. straight ahead, what happens now with investigations into hillary clinton? the map -- man who wrote the book "called clinton cash" peter
4:21 am
scwheizer joins us next.
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
quick head be lines for you. spirit airlines allowing discounts on flights to canada. anyone looking for an upgrade this holiday season? it is time because the tech list is already together. retailers like k-mart, sears, target, releasing their back friday promotions early. they include deals on iphone 7s, big screen tvs and tablets and target deals start tomorrow. christmas cheer returning to starbucks. the company set to unveil 13
4:25 am
different designs today. the company faced severe backlash last year. the race for the white house was a brutal battle with candidates going toe to toe on the trail until the voters made their final choice on tuesday. what were the moments that won president-elect donald trump the election? rocky rollins, ed roll ins who ran the pro trump super pac great america. ed, you know what, everybody got it wrong. the pundits, the pollsters, the press, except you. over the last two appearances, you said there's something going on in america and he has a really good shot to america. how did you do that? >> i just sense it. i've been doing it for 50 years and obviously as i've said before, i think we only have elections to make sure the
4:26 am
pollsters were right. obviously, they were notal right at this time. i believe it's in polling. there was something going on in the country and i think what happened is to many of the pollsters, they thought there was an inevitability to mrs. clinton's presidency and they under estimated the trump movement. >> sure, plus so many people have been trump supporters, but you know, they just didn't want to take the crap from the guy with the clipboard. >> or from their neighbors. >> let's look at some of the sound bites over the last week in the run-up to the election. you are going to tell us who won each of them. the first one was on the rhetoric regarding terror. listen to both. >> we know that a lot of the rhetoric we've heard from donald trump has been seized on by terrorists. in particular, isis. because they are looking to make this into a war against islam.
4:27 am
we know that donald trump's comments have been used on line for recruitment of terrorists. >> hillary clinton talks tougher about my supporters than she does about islamic terrorists. she calls the patriotic americans who support our campaign, many of them cops and soldiers, deplorable and irredeemable. as she ever talked about that way about radical islam. >> who won that argument? >> obviously, trump. what he projected in both that sound bite and that campaign is a tough leader who would stand up to these guys and basically that's one of the great strengths he had that people under estimated. >> one of the first thing donald trump has pledge to do is repeal and replace obamacare. here's what both said about that.
4:28 am
>> hillary clinton wants to double down on obamacare and make it even worse. she wants to put the government totally in charge of your health care. repeeling obamacare and stopping hillary's health care take over is one of the single most important reasons that we must win on november 8th. >> so things are going to change no matter what. the real question is what kind of change are we going to have, and i don't think most americans want the dark and divisive change that donald is offering. going back to the days when insurance companies could discriminate against everybody. not just people on the affordable care act. >> which message worked? >> the repealing obamacare and fixing it, obviously, she was the original architect. costs are going up. they are enormous. most people feel they are not
4:29 am
getting the doctors they wanted and the care they wanted. you can't throw it out totally. you need to fix it. i think people saw him as a better fixer than hers. >> their closing arguments. watch this. >> in closing, just think about what we can accomplish. we're going to have the biggest tax cut since ronald reagan. we're going to rebuild our military and take care of our great veterans. we will save the second amendment which is under siege, and we will appoint justices to the united states supreme court who will uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. hillary has been there for 30 years and she's accomplished nothing. she's a candidate of yesterday. and we are the movement of the future. >> stand up for what we can do to together. because that's what this election ultimately comes down to. it's about our future. it's about who we are as a country. i will wake up every day in that
4:30 am
white house trying to figure out what i can do to help you and you and you. america's best days are still ahead of us. don't buy into that dark, pessimistic vision. we're going to build the future we want together and we're going to prove once and for all that love trumps hate! >> okay. good slogan for her, but ultimately the closing argument went to? >> it went to him clearly. he talked about cutting taxes, rebuilding the military, taking care of our veterans, letting people keep their guns. appointing tough supreme court justices. that was his theme. hers was rhetoric. he obviously had the ability to punch through with the sound bites as we've analyzed here. >> now comes the hard part. he's said a lot of stuff. >> he's got to govern. we wish him well. wonderful doing this with you. >> you've been fantastic. and once again to point it out,
4:31 am
of all the pundits, that man right there was correct. >> thank you. coming up on this thursday, first he desecrated the american flag by kneeling for the national anthem. now colin kaepernick is protesting the election. what are we doing today? we're celebrating the marine corps on their birthday. and abby is back at the diner in ft. myers, florida. >> they are putting me to work here at mels diner. you know it's good when the bacon is extra crispy. as you know, it all came down to florida, this election and a lot of folks here say they are not surprised. we'll talk to them right after this. stick with us, guys. ♪ ♪ i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back
4:32 am
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4:35 am
today is very special. we want to wish a very happy birthday to the u.s. marine corps. they are celebrating 241 years of service and we have a cake-cutting ceremony. >> here to do the honors, we have commanding general austin rentforth. good morning, general. 241 years the marine corps was established. >> sem perfi. it's a day we remember all of those who have gone before us. the legacy of our corps and it's very important. >> is that true, what the general just said?
4:36 am
>> vice president elect, mike pence, his son is in the marines. i thought about him. we're all wearing these pens. what does it mean to you? >> it's indescribable. the commitment to our country, service. it's a calling. it's something you don't know you are going do with for the rest of your life. >> it's an accomplishment that very few can enjoy. the few, the proud. tell us about that sword in the history. >> i'm going to use this one over here. >> to cut the cake. >> be careful. i'm a trained professional. >> this is the shores of tripoli. >> the officers have carried this sword. i've cut two pieces of cake. all right. jim, you want to help me out. >> then you pass the first one to the oldest marine present. i'm the oldest marine present,
4:37 am
so i'm not playing that today. i'm the general, i get to make the call. i'm going to pass it to my friend jim aliulo. he will pass it to the youngest marine as passing on his knowledge and legacy of our corps continuing. >> the youngest is 24. >> what's your name? >> my name is lance corporal negron. >> thank you for serving. >> this is business. everywhere across the world, marines past and present are doing this today. >> it was all just crushing -- rushing home. >> thank you so much for having us. >> thank you. boy, do we feel safe here? i've never felt so safe. >> you can feel appreciated on these grounds. if anybody needs some money,
4:38 am
come on in. heather has got news for us on this thursday morning. >> i do. the presidential transition of power has already started. president-elect donald trump now receiving the same daily intelligence briefings that president obama gets. is the white house announcing mr. trump's access as a courtesy originally extended by president george w. bush. >> they are living here on your tax dollars, now illegal immigrants are vowing to defy president-elect donald trump. >> what do we do? >> we fight back. >> well, that is the pro immigration group called united we dream. continuing protests around the country. they are now demanding that cities defy potential deportation orders. the executive director of that group writing immigrants are declaring a state of urgency and
4:39 am
resilience. adding they will tap into the incredible strength that brought us to this country and which we use to survive. now the 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick admitted he sat out the election because he's so outraged with america instead of letting his voice being heard at the ballot box. he said both represent a system of oppression. >> in the meantime, let's head back outside for more cake. >> thank you. it was a key state in president-elect's path to the white house. >> what do the voters in florida think? >> there's some good coffee down at mels diner in ft. myers beach. that's where abby huntsman is right now. >> we're having a great time talking politics. you are a trump supporter, but we were talking about your two
4:40 am
brothers that also supported trump but they couldn't talk openly about that. >> they both were in unions but the unions are telling them you got to vote for hillary. they kept their mouths shut and went ahead and voted for trump on election day. >> a lot of people said this was over for hillary clinton. she was going to take this. are you surprised so many got it wrong? the pundits, the media, the pollsters, are you surprised by that? >> i think there's too many media centered in new york city, all within a couple of blocks of each other. i think someone should open up a midwest news bureau, and you know, you are going to find there's a whole different feeling in the rest of the country. >> that's why "fox & friends" comes right here to mels diner. are you surprised that so many got it wrong? >> billion -- >> well, i was hoping that donald trump would win and my sister and i were both praying about it and i know that all the other churches were praying as well. so i'm glad is he won and i was hoping he would win but i knew
4:41 am
he had a narrow path and i was hoping he was going to go down that. >> we're talking about the protests going on all around the country. people on social media talking about burning the american flag. that donald trump is not our president. people comparing it to 9/11. you are a vietnam vet. what is your response to that? >> well, i just think that's typical of what's going on in our colleges today. it starts in the elementary schools, where they are just brainwashing these kids, that our history is really not history, but they are rewriting history. >> what's your message to them, the people out protesting right now? >> grow up. grow up. we voted, and you are not going to prove anything by disrupting things and threatening lives and things like this, and it's these young -- it's disrespect for the law, for authorities. >> have you ever seen it before? >> not in that -- i hate to say
4:42 am
it, when president obama got elected, things started going downhill because he was himself a racist, and i mean that's harsh, but he was. i mean, he defended every -- every black person that caused a crime, but he would -- he wouldn't say anything if they -- >> i don't know that obama is a racist. >> well, i'm saying his policies were racist. >> yeah. and the country is obviously right now feeling divided. >> we really need to pray for our country. we live in a wonderful country. we are so blessed. we need to pray for our country and our leaders, so tomorrow or today, trump is going to be the president, is the president. we need to pray for our leaders. we need to pray for hillary and pray for healing. >> you are an evangelical. you came out voting for trump.
4:43 am
over oil -- 80% of evangelicals came out photoing -- voting for trump. are you vised -- surprised by that? >> i'm glad we got to the polls. we were disappointed in both nominees but we voted for the policies not so much for the man. >> you are praying for this country to come together now? >> we are. we are. and then we need to be united. >> yeah. >> we need healing. we really do need healing and as far as the riots, it's because of ignorance. it's because of fear. it's because -- and so we really need to be praying for our country. >> it's such a good way to leave it. everybody is ready for peace. we're having some very real and honest conversations with the voters who ultimately decided this election here in florida. >> that's what makes this country great. >> now i'm getting hungry again. that breakfast is looking delicious. coming up on this thursday,
4:44 am
what happens now with those investigations into hillary clinton and the foundation? the man who wrote the book on clinton corruption, peter schweizer coming up next. p twins. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. with our most vitamin d three ever.
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4:46 am
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4:47 am
the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. . at the second debate president-elect donald trump sent a clear message to hillary clinton. remember this. >> so we're going to get a special prosecutor and we're going look into it because you know what, people have been -- their lives have been destroyed for doing one-fifth of what you've done and it's a disgrace. >> it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you would be in jail. so now that mr. trump has won the white house, will he stick to his word and what does that mean for the clinton investigation? joining us to talk about this and weigh in is author of that book right there, "clinton cash." do you think he's going to hire first of all a special
4:48 am
prosecutor? >> i don't know that he will, but i think he should and really for two reasons. first of all, i think i've said and a lot of people have said from the beginning this is not about politics. this is about rule of law and whether she wins or loses, you still have to enforce the law and see if laws were broken, and the second thing is the clintons created this model of self-enrichment and if we don't try to deal with this in some way, it's going to be i mitated by other politicians. there needs to be a thorough investigation by the fbi or an independent counsel to look into this. >> he ran on that. he ran saying if i were president, i would lock up. do you think she will get locked up? >> well, i don't know that, and i would hope and i think that mr. trump was simply saying that he wanted the investigation to proceed. of course, the president scbt doesn't have the authority to do
4:49 am
that but what he can anded should do is tell the fbi and tell, you know, the u.s. attorneys around the country to pursue this, to look into it, and if the evidence leads to the conclusion that she should be prosecuted, she should be. one of things we saw in this election, ain'tly, people very frustrated with the perception that the rules don't apply to certain people. it's important from the standpoint of rule of law for this investigation to be thorough, consistent, and clear, and then let the cards fall where they may. >> thanks for joining us. >> thanks, ainsley. >>. coming up, almost every single expert got this election wrong, except for one. >> do you believe your prediction enough to put your money in a legal way in a betting market behind your prediction? >> i've gone all in. >> that political science professor, he's going to join us next.
4:50 am
what's going on here? i'm val, the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. we're putting away acorns. you know, to show the importance of saving for the future. so you're sort of like a spokes person? more of a spokes metaphor. get organized at
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4:53 am
and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. almost every single expert got this election wrong, except one expert in particular, watch. >> right now, according to this statistical model, you say the odds of donald trump winning are 97 to 99%. >> yes, against hillary clinton as the other candidate. do you believe your prediction enough to put your money in a betting way? >> yes i have. i've gone all in on the oldest predict market where it's legal to do that. >> 18 days to go, are you still confident? >> yes, i am. >> joining us right now is a man who adds another winning
4:54 am
prediction to his record. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> when you were with us in february, people thought you were crazy. >> yes, absolutely. it was so out of line with everything else that people were saying and the polls were showing a big lead for hillary clinton, so i was a big outliar. >> this was a change election. you see a different swing of the pendulum and this is the year in which the pendulum was swinging back to the other party. particularly because obama did not do as well in getting reelected than when he was first elected and that's a sign that movement is going down, and it just went down too much for the democrats to keep hillary clinton in -- get her into the white house for a third term for the democrats. >> in february, you said it was a 97% chance. about a week or two ago you said
4:55 am
it was an 87% chance? >> the other predictor i use is how the candidates do in primaries. i used new hampshire and south carolina. i was a little bit premature about that because the democrats held their primary a week after the republicans, and i used polling information and i guess -- polls have become pretty unreliable. >> long looks inside the numbers with these primaries, this is what you did in new hampshire, this is what you did in iowa. is it that simple? >> it's not iowa. the caucuses i don't use. >> i understand that. but looking at these primaries. you just look at results and go inside the numbers in a analytics way. >> i look at numbers. how the candidates are doing, how they perform. with a big field like republicans, i take what the winner gets compared to the strongest rival because you have to have some sort of metric to do that.
4:56 am
so donald trump beat i think kasich in new hampshire. he beat cruz in south carolina, and hillary clinton lost as we all know in new hampshire and i think that was a bad omen for her candidacy. >> it was a bad season for the pollst pollsters, everybody you got it. you say polls are bunk. what's your message? >> they have to work out who is ending up voting. that's the biggest problem. six out of ten vote at most. you take a poll. you don't know who is going to end up voting and how they do that, i think they have to take another look at. >> 1-800-helmet if you want to know what's going on. congratulations. everyone else is emailing you, congratulations. good job. >> thank you very much, thank you very much. >> he's now 6 for 6. what a record. >> see you in four years. >> thank you. by the way, who is going to win next time? it's too early. >> i can tell you.
4:57 am
hillary clinton supporters left sobbing and wondering how she couldn't pull off a win. a closer look at the exit polls. >> she was one of president-elect the donald trump's biggest p rivals. what she's saying today and yesterday will surprise you. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts.
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good morning to you and your family. it's thursday, november 10th. it is the marine corps's birthday. that's why we're wearing these pins and my name is ainsley earhardt. president-elect donald trump is heading to the white house today. what can we expect with his meeting with president obama today? we have the details. >> speaking of president obama. will he pardon hillary clinton before he leaves office? you'll hear from rudy giuliani in moments. wait until you hear how colleges are trying to console their students after trump's historic victory. amazing. i'll share the story because you decided to get up with friends
5:01 am
and we appreciate it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that's sixth avenue. it's called avenue of the americas. that's where we're located. look at all the american flags. if you keep driving, you drive right into central park. >> by the way, if you were here last night, you saw a lot of protesters. i was talking to the security guys yesterday, they were going right down to the park up until 2:30 in the morning. we'll talk about that in a moment. but let's talk about the peaceful transition of power. it starts today. donald trump is going to meet with the president of the united states. also at 12:30 he's going to be meeting with speaker paul ryan with the capitol hill club. >> they got a lot of catching up to do. >> hey, remember me.
5:02 am
he will not be meeting with the incoming senate minority leader chuck schumer nor nancy pelosi, but we do understand that mike pence is going to be meeting with joe biden. it's a busy day of meeting down in d.c. >> you know what's interesting is that chuck schumer and donald trump have a long relationship. you need 60 votes in the senate to pass stuff, make chuck schumer will be saying, donald, remember me, i want to work together. >> he has this new website, it's called great there are 4,000 jobs. you have to get along with the last president in some capacity. he has to help you with the transition. he's got to sit down with him and say this is what you are up against, this is what you can expect. this is my advice for you at the end of eight years, four years, your hair is going to be gray. >> one of the things that donald trump could say in negotiating chuck schumer, chuck, remember
5:03 am
when i wrote that big check to you to get you reelected. now you have to had he me. >> now i have a favor. >> here's a favor that donald trump and his transition team is asking people of the united states with their website great they are looking for people who join the government, and they put out a tweet. working together, we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the american dream. join us at they are looking for volunteers and people get paid to work in the government. >> i've printed out all these pages. you can learn about the presidential transition. help wanted, 4,000 presidential pointees and it talks about all the different agencies. it's fascinating because you can learn what the agencies do and the offices and agencies supporting the transitions. you learn more about that. it's just fascinating. you should go on as an american
5:04 am
and learn what's going on within the walls of that big white house down there. >> he's going to say i don't need 4,000, i need 1,000. >> i hope he has someone helping with the hiring. can you imagine interviewing 4,000 people? >> his ground game thanks to the rnc, was good, but he never -- he spent a fraction of the money that hillary clinton spent than even ted cruz spent. >> speaking of hillary clinton. there's some scplags given -- speculation should the president of the united states, before he hands the keys to air force one to donald trump, should he pardon hillary clinton? just in case. here's what rudy said right here one hourg -- hour ago.
5:05 am
on the other hand, there are deep and disturbing issues there in which if you don't investigate them, they are going to continue. and it's hard to investigate other people. what do you say to a foundation that -- you have a fraud of $50,000, when you haven't looked at a foundation when there is an alleged fraud in the millions, hundreds of millions of dollars? it may be true it's not true but it hasn't been investigated. and that's why i don't think president obama should be pardon her. i think president obama should leave it to the system we all believe in to determine is she innocent or is she guilty. okay. so there rudy says the last thing the president should do is pardon her. he was also here on the couch and he referred to the protesters who were out in the streets brian was referring to them earlier, rudy referred to them as cry babies. there were thousands of people are not happy with how america voted on tuesday. >> which is unbelievable. where are they getting their information? some of their complaints are ridiculous. they say muslims are saying am i going to be deported and put into an internment damp.
5:06 am
others -- camp. others are saying i'm an hispanic. do i have to leave the country? >> if you didn't like who the choice is this term, you have another chance in four years. different universities are doing different things. they have a cry-in at cornell. they are offering arts and crafts at tufts. they are offering play-dough and coloring books at the university of michigan, i believe. >> al my alma mater, the university of kansas, they are offering therapy dogs for the students who are so upset, every other wednesday they can hug a lab. these are the best four years. go to a football game. go tailgate. drink this beer and deal with it. this is what jonathan turley said. this is what he said about the election results and the effects on college campuses. >> there was the same response after the ferguson, missouri, protests and some faculty said you don't have to take tests,
5:07 am
you don't have to come to school, and it misses the point. in college, you learned a lot about being a citizen. and the burning of the flag, these protests are really ignorant and hateful. that flag speaks to rights. not to results. you can't say that you like the democratic process, but only if it comes out your way. it's like saying i like going to baseball games but only for the score, and what's being missed here particularly with the students and particularly with law students is we're raising a generation of emotional heem mowphiliacs, if legal or political things don't go your way, something upsets you, you have a modern version of the vapors. that's not a good thing to support. if you feel that anger, if you feel hurt, then it should be used as a motivation to learning more, to get out there. to do things. >> when he was talking about burning the flag. that was at american university.
5:08 am
emotional heemophiliacs, the romney riots, do we have video of that? wait a second. there was no riots. remember the gore catastrophe. >> i don't understand burning the flag. think about why you have the freedom do that. that right there makes me so angry. both of my grandfathers fought for this great country. they didn't fight for someone to do that. >> it certainly is their right, but it is disturbing. there was a cop out in chicago, he was asked by one of protesters hey, officer, where's your kkk hood and he turned and said to the reporter, you know, this is why trump won, because people are sick of liberals. we asked you what you thought of these protests and robert is on twitter this morning. he wrote the coddled generations
5:09 am
have not been taught how to lose. they think they deserve a trophy even when they lose. when reagan won i was afraid because friends told me i should be. the 80s were best of my life. don't believe mainstream media slanted news. and liz on facebook says it's time to grow up people. guess what, we won't always win. i'm wondering how these people will function as adults in the real world. here's the thing, if there was a president elected that was going to throw out hispanics, jail muslims that would be a problem. i sense that there are people on the streets there that actually think those things. so i don't think they are upset that donald trump won. i think they are misinformed about what donald trump will do. >> i agree. he walk back that. he said i want to send back the people who are here -- the criminals, illegal immigrants that are criminals. if you look at the front page of the "new york post" it said 29% of latinos did vote for donald trump. the mainstream media wanted you
5:10 am
to believe it was going to be 1 or 5%. >> here's the things. he's got an agenda of things he wants to accomplish. broadly. immigration, taxes, supreme court, it becomes a negotiation because he's going to deal with congress. in the end, it may not look anything like what we've heard out on the campaign trail but he says he's going to try to get stuff done. >> people are getting him a chance and he has four years to show us what he's going to do. >> by the way, we had a professor a moment ago who accurately predicted in february it was going to be trump. as he was leaving, he said 90% accurate, trump. usually you are re-elected. >> does anybody know where he find heather nauert? >> good morning to everybody. i have a sad and tragic story. it's another example of the work that our police officers and first responders do every single day and how tough that is. it is a fox news alert. one police officer is dead this
5:11 am
morning and another has been hurt after an ambush attack in pennsylvania. a manhunt is now underway at this hour for the gunman. a s.w.a.t. team is now searching near a home in canonsburg, pennsylvania, that's just southwest of pittsburgh. police say that gunfire erupted following a domestic dispute. the officers were shot as they approached that home. one dead. one hospitalized at this hour. we'll keep you posted as we get more information. cuba now starting five straight days of military drills. people are being told to expect more weapons and some soldiers in the street. that government announcing the drills just hours after mr. trump's win but not tying the two directly together. president-elect trump has promised to stop president obama's previously -- well, restored relations with that country. also, russia has put some ships there and a tanker. we're about an hour away from the opening bell as the
5:12 am
stock market rallies from a post election panic. they all closed with near record gains yesterday. investors now hopeful that donald trump's plans for infrastructure spending and tax cuts and regulation will benefit the economy. the rush to get "news week" on the stands ending in a massive impairment for this company. hundreds of thousands of issues showing madam president on the cover of "news week" shipped out before the votes were counted. news week is now trying to recall those magazines, pushing for president trump versions instead. those won't be in stores until next week. news week dodging the blame, writing this. two special edition covers for 2016 outcomes were produced by a news week licensee. topic media and not by "news week" itself.
5:13 am
blame them. i didn't even know "news week" didn't produce any magazine. didn't they get bought out by huffington post? >> the whole idea was remember yesterday the "new york post" you took the paper home to save it for your daughter. they put out these issues. they are hoping to make a lot of dough. >> she was one of president-elect donald trump's roughest rivals but is elizabeth warren signaling she's ready to bury the hatchet. apparently so. his campaign went viral after this ad. >> i'm a navy s.e.a.l. and i'll take dead aim at politics as usual. [ multiple gunshots ] >> now, that political outsider is making history as missouri's next governor. he will be joining us next. eric greitens on deck.
5:14 am
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5:18 am
i'm a navy s.e.a.l. and i'll take dead aim at politics at usual. [ multiple gunshots ] >> wow, that's missouri's next governor, eric greitens, much like donald trump, a political insider. he was written off after trailing by double digits late in the polls. >> but his win makes him the first former u.s. navy s.e.a.l. to be elected governor of that state and the first jewish governor. governor-elect of missouri eric greitens join us now. congratulations soon-to-be governor. >> thank you. >> i know we've talked to you in the past because we showed some of those political ads. what's fascinating about this election is what happens across the country? your election was very similar to what we saw with donald trump. i know that you were several weeks before this election, there was a double digit difference. you were down 16 points compared to your opponent. on election day you were neck and neck and you were running against someone who has 22 years
5:19 am
of political experience. what do you credit your win with? >> ainsley, you are exactly right. people were looking for an outsider. they wanted somebody who was willing to tell it like it is, willing to take on the political establishment and that's what we did. my opponent was a guy, career politician, been involved in politics for over 22 years. i'm a navy s.e.a.l., conservative outsider, founder and ce oft of the mission continues. people wand an outsider. the other thing we did, ainsley, is we went out to the people and we did hundreds of town halls all over the state of missouri and we had tens of thousands of people who joined our campaign. they put out yard signs. they called their friends. they knocked on doors for us. it was a real grassroots movement of people who stood up all over the state. >> we heard how doing that change trump. he's really got a clue doctor -- more of a clue of what this country is about. what did you learn about missouri when you did this that you couldn't learn as a navy
5:20 am
s.e.a.l.? >> what you learn when you go out and talk with people, what we saw is how the political establishment and this rigged political and economic system had been hurting people for so long. we met with thousands of people who were out of work. missouri is 48th in economic growth over the last two decades. we're meeting with people who were lucky enough to have a job often haven't seen a raise for six or seven years. our law enforcement officers here in the state of missouri, we have three of the most violent 11 cities in the country. our law enforcement officers wanted a reared willing to stand up and support them. you really feel that by talking with people on the ground around the state. >> and your ads remind the american voter of how strong we are as a country and if you mess with us, we'll mess with you. what did mike pence say? i know you got a phone call from him when you won. >> i was honored to campaign with mike pence during the primary. he called, offered his congratulations. i offered my congratulations to
5:21 am
vice president-elect mike pence. we're scrietd to work -- excited to work together. >> governor-elect greitens, congratulations. coming up next, hillary clinton and the disappointment of her followers. you're a smart saver. you find ways to stretch your dollar.
5:22 am
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5:24 am
quick headlines for you, one of the most watched senate races in our country in new hampshire. kelly ayotte losing to hassen. one southern california city just elected that man right there who actually died. they elected him as treasurer. the candidate, his name was gary ernst and he died in september but it was too late to change
5:25 am
the ballot. there will be a special election in oceanside. it's being called the most epic political upset in memory and this morning many are still wondering how president-elect donald trump pulled it off. can the exit polls give us the answer? lee carter is here. the early exit polls shows that hillary clinton was going to win, and networks were going to declare she was a winner at 11:00, and then the second wave came in and it had completely different information. >> it's important to understand that the exit polls that came out at 5:00, they are finished at 3:00. they are done in person. anybody voting after 3:00 in the afternoon was not represented. so what kind of people can go before work or up until 3:00 is a different set of people who might be going after work or later in the evening. of it a half of a picture. not a whole picture. >> let's talk about some of the demographics and how they broke. when it comes to hispanics,
5:26 am
hillary clinton was the winner. she got about twice as many voters, hispanic voters as donald trump right there, and there you can see 2012 polls and so she did not quite as well. >> here is the -- the thing that everybody was predicting in the polls was that hillary clinton was going to perform just as well as barack obama, if not better in certain segments. people expected with the hispanic vote hillary clinton to do even better because they felt donald trump was so outrageous to the hispanic community that he wouldn't do as well. >> sure. >> but what's interesting is she did not do 6% less than barack obama did in 2012 and this can partly explain why for example she might have lost florida. >> when you look at black votes, it's the same thing. she did not get as many this time as barack obama did four years ago. it's interesting the "new york post" has got all the
5:27 am
demographics broken down. trump won with 65 years old, with white men, with white women, with white college grads, white with no degree, suburbi suburbites. >> it's a lot of people and i think that the thing that people have -- nobody has to understand anything, but i wish what people would understand, this segment of people, rural and suburban folks -- where urban cities have had revitalization, rural areas are hurting. folk went to donald trump because of the economy. no question about it. >> when you look at white evangelical or born again christians, donald trump beat her by over four times. what's interesting and i think it was predictive. every week, you would come on and show us the dials from various sound bites and it was three months ago, i would say
5:28 am
that what happened was you would have the red line up here and the blue line down there and the independent was in the middle, but about three months ago, the independents for the most part mimicked the red line, the conservative, so they were in lock-step. >> they were in lock step and once we got to the convention and donald trump really hit his stride, people really responded to his message of making america great again, the economy, jobs. it was a message that inspired people, kbav people hope, and they were willing to forgive him for some of his shortcomings because of that optimistic, hopeful they got as a result of it and we saw that those independents tracked right along with republicans all the way through with a couple of exceptions when he hit some tough times, but for the most part, lock-in-step. when you look at the margin of error in polls, it's not surprising that he performed on the upside, not the lowside. because those people were going to give him that boost he needed to win. >> he wound up with the independents breaking on his side and now he's
5:29 am
president-elect. >> that's right. >> thank you very much. coming up, illegals outraged that donald trump has been elected president. >> what do we do? >> we fight back! >> up next, their plan to defy deportation. plus, the so-called invisible voter made all the difference this election. what are the voters this morning. abby is back in the diner this morning pouring orange juice. >> steve, i just poured fresh-squeezed orange juice and i just spilled it. manager bill said if it doesn't work out on television, i could be a waitress. but i just spilled it, so i'm not sure. we'll be back.
5:30 am
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5:33 am
>> it's easy to say now. i think she didn't have enough celebrities supporting her. so many people said they would move to canada if trump won. all over hollywood, they are googling is there gluten in putine? maybe they realize their influence wasn't quite as stew -- stupendous as they thought. >> they assume we're all unhappy that donald trump won. >> all the people in their world. >> the website is crashing for immigration up in canada. >> good luck. >> in other news, it was a key
5:34 am
state in president-elect's path to the white house, we're talking about florida. >> abby huntsman is down in mels diner, ft. myers just like she was on tuesday. who do you have? >> if you were watching, i hope you are. you remember this woman, sandy, everyone was so impacted by your story, talking about being a single mom and your hopes and your concerns about the future of this country. how are you feeling today? >> i'm feeling good. hopefully, the country will come together as one. the old adage, united we stand, and make the best of what we have to work with. >> your son is a freshman in college. >> yes. >> what's your message to donald trump, to president-elect donald trump who now has a real opportunity the next four years? what do you want him to know? what do you want him to do? >> i want to make a better america for all of us, but especially our youth.
5:35 am
our youth are our future. they are going to take care of you and i, and we need them to have a great country to live in. and able to thrive. >> what does your son say about it? >> at m.i.t., a lot of these students were distraught over the election results. he saw pros and cons and he was very moved and got quite emotional at some of the despair that they feel, that the youth are unable to see in the future, that it could be okay, and hopefully that's just a knee-jerk reaction and hopefully as days go by they will able to understand. >> well, thank you for all you do here. >> okay. >> fabulous job here at mels diner. i want to go over this table and talk to tom. i want to talk about the invisible voter. people who did not want to admit they voted for trump. this is the first time you've
5:36 am
publicly told you voted for trump? >> i was in the philadelphia area. i showed up at a party is my buddy told me we talk about trump around here. >> why? >> i think the character of two candidates might have been an issue in the beginning. so i was squashed about talking about trump. in other words, they squashed me from even discussing things and i think the democrats did themselves a disservice that way. >> you couldn't even have a sign in front of your house? >> it just kind of -- i had the feeling we thought it would lead to violence. in fact, my brother snuck a trump sticker in the back of my car. i rode a little lower in the seat. i'm glad i was able to come out and say that. >> well, you talk about violence and the riots that are going on right now. people burning the american flag, talking about president-elect donald trump not being president. are you surprised by that? >> yes, i am.
5:37 am
the invisible voter is the shock to everyone. they weren't primed for it. >> and a lot of votes that came out for me that people didn't see coming. people like you, tom. >> please. i saw megyn kelly last night. she insisted there was an invisible voter. and all the analysts don't jump off the bridge. i loved fox and i was glad to go to fox about an unbiased opinion about the election. >> you heard from pundits, and pollsters and mainstream media that this thing was over months ago and it wasn't even close. look at the crowds. >> right. there are thousands and thousands of people at trump rallies and at hillary clinton rallies there weren't very many people, and unless there were rock stars or whomever at the places, so i knew -- i mean, pat was upset about the polls. i said don't listen to the polls. he's going win. >> pat, your boys are in here. owns a construction company. he's wanted to retire for some
5:38 am
time and can't. >> no. not for a long time, yeah. >> this is a big election for you? >> yeah, this is a big election and it's probably in eight years, we've been struggling for projects, and with trump coming in, with his experience, i think trump is going to be able to bring jobs back into our country again, and i think things will flourish a lot better with trump, and -- >> big thing is health care, and that's something he said when he gets in, that's a going to be a top priority to repeal obamacare. what's your experience? >> i think the health care is a big issue and hopefully he can get this lowered and hopefully we can hire for employees, and expand our company and right now, we can't do that. with trump in, i think we're going to be in a good way to a good path. >> what's your message? did you hear his speech the other night? >> yes. i always thought he wanted to unite everyone and that's what i would like him for him to do. unite the country. we're so divided because of the
5:39 am
last eight years. >> what's your message if he's watching? >> mr. president, i hope by the grace of god you will be a good moral compass for our country and god bless america. >> we'll leave it there. we're going to keep talking politics here at mels diner. and talk with you because abby huntsman has been there so much, she now actually has a permanent name tag from mels. way to go. >> they are not allowed to keep you. >> i'm a professional pancake maker. >> good. come back to new york and make some for us, but you are not allowed to there. >> everyone has their own style when they wait. >> not allowed. stay here in florida. >> abby is working the both down there at mels. >> very few waiters sit down with the people. >> she's not actually a waitress. >> when i was a waitress, you might not know what you are doing but if you are super friendly, you'll get good tips.
5:40 am
>> but eventually you do want your food. >> good deal. all right. it is now 20 minutes before the top of the hour and heather is serving up headlines. >> i know you were siled down if you were a waiter and you would eat their food. a couple headlines right now. a key figure on the campaign trail, new jersey governor chris christie land himself a role in president-elect donald trump's cabinet? >> we have not talked about anything. it's true that the president-elect was absolutely adamant about not discussing the transition before he was elected. >> would you want to be chief of staff? >> that's what is called the pregnant pause. >> attorney general? >> you really don't think i'm answering these questions do you. you know me better -- the answer is i'm not committed to doing anything in a new administration or not. the bottom line is that i've say
5:41 am
job to do to help get the administration ready. if there's some role for me that i wanted to do and if the president-elect wants me to dork we've known each other for 14 years. we'll talk about it. maybe it's host of the "today" show. >> right now, governor christie is heading mr. trump's transition team. they are living here on your tax dollars but now illegal immigrants are vowing to defy president-elect donald trump, listen. >> what do we do? we fight back. >> that is a pro immigration group called united we dream continuing its protests around the country demanding that cities now defy potential deportation orders. the executive director of that group writing, immigrants are key -- declaring a state of urgency and resilience. he adds, they will tap into the strength that bought brought us to this country and what they use to survive. you remember when senator elizabeth warn of massachusetts said this about donald trump.
5:42 am
>> a bully. a twisted bully who can't fight his own fight, who can't win a fair fight, who will never be president of the united states. >> no, he will be. the massachusetts democrat now back pedaling after mr. trump's victory, offering an olive branch. she says president-elect trump promised to rebuild our economy for working people. i offered to put aside our differences and work with him on that task. he talk about infrastructure, rebuilding our bridges and highways. >> they could build a bridge, literally. >> figuratively. >> kumbaya. what can we expect from president-elect donald trump after he takes the oath of office? we learned how president-elect is picking his cabinet. live from washington, that's next.
5:43 am
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5:46 am
looking forward, what can we expect from president-elect donald trump after he takes the oath of office? >> somebody who has been around washington for a long time is that man, ed henry, and he's going to tell us. ed. >> good to see you. you know, it's interesting because the transition really starts kicking into high gear now because you've got donald trump here basically making the rounds sitting down with president obama, as you've been talking about, but also very important, it will be going up to capitol hill talking to speaker ryan and mitch mcconnell. the most important thing for him in the days ahead is putting people around him like rudy giuliani that he trusts. figuring out what role rudy giuliani may play in a new trump administration but what other people he's going to bring in to make it more diverse, get outside this loyal circle of advisers like the former mayor, and i thought it was interesting when you had him on the couch a short time ago, rudy giuliani
5:47 am
was going back and forth on whether he himself wants to join the cabinet. watch. >> now, when you talk to the president of the united states and he wants to you do a job, i certainly would not go into that conversation with a firm no in my mind, but i would want to talk 3 or 4 other people that may be better for it. if there aren't, maybe i would do it. >> that's interesting. this is a dance we see every four years. a real powerful person like rudy giuliani who says, i'm not really looking for a job, but you know, it's really hard to say know to the president of the united states so maybe i do want a job. but there's probably three or four people who are better than me. what was the last time that rudy giuliani, newt gingrich, some of these power players thought there were three or four people better than them. there's all kinds of people. >> curious things is going to be how many are asked to stay over? like bob gates was asked to stay
5:48 am
over in the transition and maybe even ash carter who seems to be apolitical and just got on the job and you are fighting three wars. maybe he's the one. have you heard of anybody else? >> i think you are absolutely right and that's -- one thing he has to do with president obama today, president-elect trump, talk about the existing cabinet and maybe there's two or three people who wouldn't mind staying. ash carter is an obvious one. john kerry would be on the opposite side given all the time that donald trump ripping him on the iran deal. michael flynn. newt gingrich's name has come up as a possible secretary of state. let's not forget jeff sessions he was the first guy who actually put his political capital behind donald trump when a lot of people were running away from trump as a candidate
5:49 am
and said i'm with this guy. he's very tough on the border. he could be somebody who would help him with immigration policy. another decision that a new president has to make is somebody like jeff sessions. more important in the cabinet or on capitol hill actually helping you get this agenda done. >> thanks so much. when we come back, a reason why ed henry should come here this weekend. there's a big event at madison square garden. you thought the campaign was tough. ed tried to join us at the ufc. it's being held at the madison square garden first time ever. they are going to tell us about the big day. first, let's check in with martha mack cal column to find out what's matching in their cage match with bill hemmer in 11 minutes. there is a big moment coming this morning as donald trump's presidential future sinks in. p he heads to the house to meet with president obama. wouldn't you like to be the fly on the wall there?
5:50 am
the country begins the transition stage. ben carson joins us. governor rick scott joins us and the message that's been sent to the rest of the country. we'll see you at the top of the hour. we'll see you then.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
i love new york! ♪ ♪ >> wow. this weekend, mixed martial arts returns to new york city. the ufc specifically after a decade -- after nearly two
5:54 am
decades and it's been a ban, it said you cannot bring it here. this card has the baddest of all. you are talking about ucf 205. here to bring the fight is dana white and karen bryant. welcome, guys. >> thank you. >> with 205 special events, what makes thisspecial? why is new york so important, da dana? >> new york it's the mecca and media capital of the world. it took a long time to get here and i think all the things that we went through made this event bigger. >> right. karen, what's it going to be like at madison square garden? a few major events have happened there before. >> just a few. the thing about a connor mcgregor fight, it's an event. people show up on the weigh-ins. it's incredibly loud. the volume is insane. he's a special kind of fighter,
5:55 am
to have him at the top of a card which already is -- i think it's an embarrassment of riches when it comes to who is on this fight card. >> and chris wideman stands out as somebody else. how much does it cost to get in? are there any tickets left? >> there are no tickets. >> good luck. >> you know, it's the biggest, baddest fight card ever assembled, not only in the ufc, possibly in combat sports ever. we've got three title fights and even the free fights that are on fox sports 1, the prelimb fights are amazing. jeremy stephens versus frank li edgar. k bee versus michael johnson. it's going to be the biggest game in the history of the madison square garden. the question is, can you part of the big three? are we going to be saying nfl? nba, mlb and ucf? are we ever going to see ufc
5:56 am
first? how much bigger can you get, dane in sna. >> we continue to go global and move into other countries. our big focus is russia and china. you know, this new york card is massive, and i think it can be the biggest sport in the world but maybe people are starting to believe me now. >> you sold me a long time ago. i believed him for a while. >> what time does the broadcast start? >> we've got a prefight show coming on at 4:00, 5:00. we have prelims, pay purview starts at 10:00 p.m. eastern. >> watch it all on fox. >> congratulations. i know how hard you worked to get here. more "fox & friends" in just a moment.
5:57 am
. .
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5:59 am
. . >> so if you're not going to ufc on saturday, friday go to books
6:00 am
a million on sanford, florida. i will signing the thomas jefferson and tripoli pirates. daytona ohio on the 18th and jacksonville on the 9th. >> his book is number one again. bill: congratulations, brian. first step on peaceful transition begins today. president-elect donald trump travels to the white house this morning. we will have live coverage. morning, everybody. i'm bill hemmer. hope you got some sleep, america. we did. we're fresh. martha: good morning, everybody at home. i'm martha maccallum. as you know, this is a tradition, that kicks off the transition of one government to the next in this country. as we wait to see what kind of president donald trump will be. we get started this morning with peter doocy who is following mr. trump when he arrives in washington this morning. we'll see him as the movement begins in new york, headed in peter's direction. how much


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