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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 10, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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here today, host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy, democratic strategist julie roginsky, fox news contributor lisa booth, and today's #oneluckyguy, fox news contributor and columnist for the pennsylvania times, charlie hurt. and he is "outnumbered." we've seen you all over the place. what a week for you. >> oh, my goodness, what a week. i mean, it is, you know, i think from the beginning i always thought there was an absolute path for him to do this but, oh, my goodness -- kennedy: no one else agreed with you, especially on tuesday night. [laughter] sandra: we are awaiting possible remarks from president obama and president-elect trump. we begin with a tradition that goes back decades, the current occupant of the white house inviting his successor right after the election, regardless of their political differences. but the sit-down between president obama and donald trump, the first-ever face to face meeting between the two, may have a different edge than previous handovers of power. the president welcoming to the
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oval office the man he blasted as unfit to serve as commander in chief and who has vowed to undo much of his legacy. white house correspondent kevin corke live from the white house where that meeting seems to be taking a little bit longer than expected, and we may get some comments from them. >> reporter: yeah. i'm looking at my watch, come on, guys, let's speed this along here. we have reporting to do here at the white house, sandra, you're right. going longer than certainly was suggested by white house press secretary josh earnest, probably 15, 20, maybe 30 minutes or so. my sources off the record told me it could go as far as an hour, but we're now beyond the 12:00 hour, so who knows how long they're going to sit in there and chop it up, as the kids like to say? i want to draw your attention to some of the pictures around the white house grounds, i've not seen a press gathering this large since president obama's first trip here to the white house.
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so quite a bit of excitement here on the white house grounds as mr. trump, the president-elect, does have that conversation. they'll talk about policy, they'll talk a bit about the transition. i think more likely, though, this is a listening tour for president-elect trump, a chance to really get down to some of the, pardon me, hard questions that he may have for the man who's been in this office for the past eight years. i want to share with the folks at home just a bit of sound. we had a chance to ask the white house press secretary, josh earnest, if the president -- who as you pointed out previously referred to mr. trump in a number of ways that could be described as far less than platerring -- still held those beliefs. >> the president had used forceful language in helping people understand exactly why he was so passionate in his support for secretary clinton. and those are authentic views that haven't changed. that's not just rhetoric. those aren't just slogans.
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those represent the president's actual views and preferences. >> reporter: okay. so let me just make it simple for everybody at home who's trying to figure out what's he really saying? okay, what josh earnest is saying the president really does believe what he had to say, but he's suggesting this is all part of the process, if you will, the political landscape. what is said during the campaign isn't exactly, perhaps, as he might describe his feelings for mr. trump in a face to face meeting which they continue to have at least as best i can tell as i continue to take a look down the promenade here. and, of course, as soon as we hear from them, we'll let you know. and i should also point out, sandra, we have a bank of cameras, huge bank of cameras to my left, so if mr. trump decides to the walk by and have a conversation with us, i'll be there for you. sandra: that's why everybody should stay tuned. kevin, thank you.
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live from the white house, charlie hurt, president-elect donald trump and president barack obama, what do you think the discussion is right now? >> i think probably like you said, i think donald trump is definitely trying to do his best to sort of prove to the president that he's not this monster that he's been made out to be. but the thing that josh earnest said is really disingenuous to. it's fine for a president to argue vociferously for a candidate in a presidential race, but he went after donald trump in such, in such personal ways, went after his character, went after him as a human being and his ability to -- he just said he was unfit. all of those things, we've never seen a president campaign quite like that against a successor to the office x. that's -- and that in and of itself, i think, was highly unpresidential. and that's why i think this meeting right now is so interesting. julie: in fairness, this is somebody who delegitimized the president from day one saying he
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was not born in this country, was not gel able to serve constitutionally -- not eligible to serve constitutionally. this isn't a political food fight you've had between, for example, even hillary clinton and donald trump or you had between mitt romney and barack obama. this was somebody who went after the legitimacy of the president of the united states and his fitness -- not just fitness, excuse me, but legitimacy to serve -- kennedy: yeah, but who was it at the dnc, i'm trying to remember exactly who that was who was talking about the political tone in this country and how it had fallen so deeply into the gutter -- julie: yeah, or started by donald trump. kennedy: sanctimoniously said when they go low, we go high. how wonderful. now, the president seems to have forgotten that at several points throughout the campaign because he did not use high-minded -- julie: why does everybody hold barack obama to a different standard than any other politician -- kennedy: because she said when they go low, we go high --
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julie: he's the president-elect. anybody who's marching or doesn't accept this election is delegitimizing him, that's wrong. but that goes for both sides -- [inaudible conversations] >> for the office. lisa: for president obama, this is personal because this election was a rejection of his policies. donald trump ran a campaign that was an indictment of obamacare, an indictment of his immigration policies, an indictment of the iran deal, an indictment of the failed economy. so this was a direct rejection of president obama's past eight years in office just like 2010 was and just like 2014 was. so it is personal for him. but if i'm donald trump, what donald trump needs to do is leave this meeting with the same tone as what he did with his acceptance speech. that was presidential, and that's the tone he needs to continue to set through the course of -- kennedy: then they understand each err. i think that's a really important point, and i think they both understand each other, and they both realize that they are street fighters, and they can brawl, and it can get dirty.
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but then at the end of the day, he's leaving the job, the president, and i thought he was very gracious in the way that he addressed donald trump. and i think donald trump realizes that, yes, he's going to be president. now he is going to shift, and i think they can both rise to that occasion. sandra: well, it appears that donald -- president barack obama is graciously handing off the baton as he did outside the white house yesterday with that speech. it was really interesting to get a look at the white house staffers behind the camera. [laughter] if you didn't see this, the emotions riding high. i mean, tears coming out from some of them. these are some of the images that we saw yesterday. this is so important right now, and this is why we have the camera sitting on the white house right now as this meeting does seem to be taking longer than expectations. there is a huge press corps sitting there waiting for these two. we may get comments for them. how important is this moment for the country as we do see these protests happening, charlie? >> oh, i think it's very important.
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to look at the pictures of the staffers, i remember traveling with then-senator obama in 2008, and all those people were on the plane traveling with him, and they had such visions of, you know, idyllic visions about what they were going to accomplish. and fast forward to, you know, eight years later, and there have been -- you know, he's had his successes, you know, politically, but largely it's been a huge rejection of his presidency. and to look at the looks on their faces, it's -- i mean, it's, it's tough, it's tough medicine. lisa: but to speak from experience, that's tough though, to be in their position. and julie knows as well, working on campaigns, there is so much ebbs and flows because you've got a job for a few months, you don't have a job. kennedy: they had two terms. >> i know, i know, but -- [laughter] kennedy: the add managers of george herbert walker bush. they had their eight years as bush the younger did, they had
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their years, were they hoping for another eight years? [inaudible conversations] lisa: even the campaign staff, it's, i'm just saying i can have empathy for people even if i disagree with their political preferences and policies. it is, even for the people in the campaign -- kennedy: then it's time for self-reflection -- lisa: i don't disagree with you, i understand the long faces. >> from bernie sanders -- sandra: stop. julie: first and foremost, he did win -- more people did vote to continue his legacy than not, that's one. two, i want to echo what you're saying. if you work in the white house, in d.c., you give your life. i don't care if you're republican or democrat, you have no life. you spend 24/7 in the service of somebody, your principal. in their case it's barack obama. in the case of the trump campaign and people who worked on his campaign, it was donald trump. and so, of course, when you lose
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your entire ray son dettra -- you eat crappy food at all hours of the night -- kennedy: i understand, they all thought they were going to win. even in every news organization and every pollster thought she was going to win. i guess i just see the difference because i understand the frustration and sadness coming from her camp, but for him, ya had your time. sandra: also an idea of what this is like for donald trump showing up at the white house which will be his future home for him and his family, that moment when he walks in and he is escorted in with the -- >> for the one guy for which he'll be downsizing to the white house. yeah, no, it's a big thing. but this is a guy that's been walking into the dens of his enemies his entire career, especially in the last 18 months, you know, whether it's dealing with republicans, dealing with democrats. everybody has dismissed him at every turn, and exactly what you were say, kennedy, a big thing about that sad picture is the fact that they were stunned. they could not believe, it was
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never -- they never thought it was a remote possibility that this big monster was going to win. and so suddenly they're sitting there, and the impossible happened. and they don't -- they can't even, like, register it at this point. kennedy: has donald trump ever been to the white house? >> i'm sure he has been. kennedy: think about that. think about this moment. if your first time to the white house is when you've just been elected president -- >> storming the gate? kennedy: and you walk into the oval office and, yes, it's hostile territory, but it also must impress upon you, holy cow, i'm going to be the inhabitant here very shortly, 72 days. >> you will be guarded around the clock by the finest marines there are, you're guarded by secret service -- [laughter] and, you know, it's a heady place to be. lisa: it's also incumbent on president obama, we've talked about the fact that donald trump needs to strike the right tones and be presidential and really set the tone for his presidency, which he did in the acceptance
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speech, but for president obama, it'sal incumbent on -- also incumbent on him to respect the fact that donald trump won, to respect the wishes of the americans who elected him president of the united states. george w. bush was incredibly respectful to president obama on his way out, after he left the white house. and let's just hope that president obama does the same, allows donald trump the opportunity, you know, to be president of the united states, to get some stuff done. and let's just hope that he offers the same respect to president trump. julie: well, look, i think and hope people on my side of the aisle are disappointed -- look, i am eating a lot of crow. i thought there was no way he was going to win, and i was wrong. but having said that, in the same sense you have to acknowledge that we do have one president at a time. and what i don't like about people delegitimizing this election on either side of the aisle, i think you have a lot of people who were saying she was going to steal this election with votes, no way, he won this
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election fair and square. he did. he won the electoral college which means he's the president-elect of the united states. and what's so to important is to understand that we do have one president at a time. we want him to succeed because that means the country succeeds n. times when you can work with him, you should. when you vociferously disagree with him, you should. but we should all hope that he accomplishes what he said which is to make america prosper. i think america was always great, but if you want to make it greater, i'm right behind him. everybody on my side of the aisle, it's incumbent to do exactly what you said. i think barack obama respects how respectful george bush was to him. i'm proven wrong. i thought he was going to be a horrible president. i truly hope i'm wrong -- kennedy: and miraculous things can come from that. look at the relationship of bill clinton and george w. bush. i think a lot of americans hope regardless of the president's party that it is a very unique club and they can find a way of working together.
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also this is a very young president. and, you know, we still, we have yet to see what kind of work he'll do post-presidency. and how has the clinton foundation changed the way presidents govern their own lives when they leave office? will this president use that as a road map to enrich himself, or do you have to go in the diametrically opposite position and be a monk? >> one unifying thing that i think is very important that hasn't been talked a whole lot about is the number of people, voters, who voted for barack obama maybe once, maybe twice who also voted for donald trump. and both of those, both president obama and president-elect trump, you know, owe it to those voters to, you know, keep that, you know, to carry out their -- julie: but he also made a lot of commitments to his voters, right? he said he was going to build the wall -- >> but that. julie: no. you had people who specifically said i expect that wall to be built, and and i expect mexico to pay for it.
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i expect all illegal immigrants to, essentially, be deported, that's why i voted for him. i expect him to bomb the hell out of isis -- >> he didn't say hell, did he? julie: i think he did. he said worse than that. [laughter] he's a new yorker, his potty mouth is probably just as bad as mine. so, look, he made a lot of commitments to people and very tangible commitments. and he's got both houses of the legislature, he's about to have the supreme court. i think those voters who voted for him based on the fact he made those commitments to them expect that from him, and i await his plan as to how he's going to accomplish that because now he has it. sandra: you have to wonder what's going on. this was going to be a few minutes they were going to meet and discuss, and he was going to walk president-elect trump into the white house, quite clearly taking longer than anticipated. >> anybody who has met with donald trump, talked to him, he's a very charming guy. he is a very appealing guy. he, he's interested in people, he loves people, he engages in
9:16 am
people, he dials in, he focuses. and, you know -- sandra: are you suggest he's charming the president? >> absolutely. it doesn't surprise me one bit. and i think it's part of -- and maybe you could make the argument that because of the way he campaigned he invited a lot of this stuff. you know, clearly, it was unorthodox and impolitic. but, you know, people really haven't given him any credit for being sort of, you know, a legitimate possibility for president, except for the actual people that mattered. and so, yeah, i think a lot of minds will change. sandra: and as these protests do happen in some parts of the country, i just got a note from someone who runs a large office down the street, young people came in so late and so tired because they were up protesting into the wee hours of the night. [laughter] julie: what are they protesting? sandra: you just wonder, if there something that can be said when obama and trump walk out of that office in a few minutes, is
9:17 am
there something that can be said to calm things down? julie: yes. you know what obama should say? exactly what i said. the voters have spoken. donald trump is the president-elect, he will be our president, and he owes it to the country, and the country owes it to him for him to be successful. kennedy: and also say we respect your right to demonstrate. julie: no question. kennedy: it's an important part of this country, as is the election process. and now as we honor both institutions, we have to get on with our lives. julie: we have to govern. kennedy: and i think bernie sanders actually said something that was very important, and he talked about the common ground that he and donald trump shared. and, you know, talking about servicing working famils, working class families in this country and making sure you put people back to work and get the economy going. and, you know, i would start with ending a lot of these regulations and barriers to entry for business so people can start businesses and and start making more money -- julie: we have to get that. lisa: and if i was donald trump, i would pick three big ticket
9:18 am
items, obamacare being one of them because republicans have made so many promises to repeal and replace obamacare, but pick three big policies he wants to get done. and and there's a lot of things he can do as far as be executive actions and rolling those back. but in regards to the protesters, i think that is the reason why donald trump won. they've seen these protests in cities after cities, the burning down of cities, the burning of the american flag. and they said that is anti-american, that is not the country i love, and that is one of the reasons why donald trump won. sandra: we are going to keep our eyes on the white house, and we are watching for president-elect trump and the president to walk out of there, possible comments from the big white house meeting between the president and the president-elect. we are watching for that, and we will bring it to you live when it happens. keep it right here, we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ugh. heartburn.
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sandra: fox news alert, right now the president and president-elect meeting at the white house discussing the transfer of power. they could make some comments after, and we will bring those to you. meantime, another high stakes meeting later today on capitol hill. mr. trump and vp-elect mike pence will be having lunch with house speaker paul ryan, discussing how they can hit the ground running in a trump administration. ryan, of course, has had a rockily relationship with donald trump. -- rockily relationship with donald trump.
9:23 am
and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, who himself has had his differences with mr. trump, says he's ready the seek unity. hmm. okay, so they seem to be coming around, charlie hurt. >> yeah. i mean, and, you know, trump is a smart guy, he understands that there are these details that he doesn't need to know about and doesn't want to know about, and there are other people that are really good at it, people like mitch mcconnell and paul ryan are, and also, you know, paul ryan -- so trump annihilated, you know, all of his opponents on the right including people like paul ryan who had, as you said, kind of a testy relationship with him. he took, trump won wisconsin, a state that paul ryan couldn't pull when he was on the ticket. that is devastating. and so i think it's so much easier for trump to be magnanimous having just completely destroyed these opponents. julie: but what's interesting what it says about the future of the republican party, because the paul ryans of the world, the
9:24 am
mitch mcconnells of the world, free trade to some extent, much more globalist -- i hate that term, but -- >> yep. julie: -- than what you saw right now, you're right. i don't know how he did in janesville, wisconsin, but he won wisconsin. what does this say for paul ryan's agenda that he's been very clear about trying to effectuate -- sandra: who dictates it? >> there's tension there, and i think that's terrific. the biggest problem we've had for the past two presidencies, they'll just do anything. and the same with george w. bush and the republicans, they'll just do anything. because there's no questioning. i love the fact that you have this tension now and that republicans on capitol hill are going to call donald trump on his stuff when he does something that's not conservative. and he's going to do -- julie: but let's say, for example, i'm going to give you a specific, let's say this wall does get proposed to built, let's say mexico does not pay for it and we have to shell
9:25 am
money out, hypothetically, you have a budget hawk and a balanced budget hawk like paul ryan in charge of the house, what does he do when a bill is presented to him saying here's billions of dollars in extra expenses that you have to pay for deportation or a wall that donald trump promised? >> there is no doubt there are going to be conservatives who are very disappointed in a lot of the negotiations donald trump does, but that's the way the system is set up. and he's been right about that the whole time, that's the way it's supposed to work. lisa: i am fully confident that they're going to work together, because there are enough issues that they agree upon, you look at obamacare, tax reform, you look at just some of these pro-growth policies that donald trump put forward that republicans like paul ryan are going to agree upon. you also look at donald trump, donald trump is pragmatic in his approach. ultimately, he wants to move the ball forward, get things done, and paul ryan is pragmatic as well. i think they're going to sit down, realize that ultimately they have to work together, and
9:26 am
they're going to find the ways that they can work together. kennedy: they also have to find things, they have to find that important middle ground that also honors the people in the country who, you know, who are still hurting. i think that economic agenda has to be first and foremost. lisa: exactly. kennedy: excuse me. that's also where you can find some bipartisanship and, you know, reaching across the aisle. everyone wants to deliver jobs and economic success to their constituencies and find, you know, the best, swiftest ways to do that. sandra: i wonder what the future, if you could comment on this, lisa, is for paul ryan? he voted for trump and, remember, he said i cannot defend trump anymore after the videotape was released and that he would not back him. he said that he's now spoken to president-elect trump twice since the other night. he said, quote: he turned politics on its head. we will work hand in hand. lisa: well, julie's not the only one who has had to eat crow this
9:27 am
week. [laughter] a lot of republicans have as well, paul ryan, most certainly. i've always thought this, and i don't understand why so many people -- they were talking about sort of the conflict whereas they're, republicans' futures were tied together this entire election. the better that donald trump did at the top of the ticket, the better that some of these senators running for re-election in tough states like wisconsin and pennsylvania and vice versa, because the better the teams and turnout operations that johnson had in wisconsin or toomey had in pennsylvania would also benefit donald trump as well. and just like their futures were tied in the election, their futures were tied for 2018 and 2020 as well. there's a recognition that donald trump did, in fact, have a movement. we saw him -- he beat romney's numbers with african-americans, with hispanics. he won millennials in wisconsin. [laughter] so, you know, that absolutely was a movement -- kennedy: and wisconsin, by the way, a state where he lost in the primary. now, as we wait to possibly here from president obama and
9:28 am
president-elect trump, repealing obamacare remains a top priority for mr. trump and gop leaders. on the campaign trail, mr. trump promised to do just that many times, but proponents of the law say any effort to repeal or replace it will be, quote, total war. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell had this to say about it yesterday. >> it's a pretty high item on our agenda, as you know. and i would be shocked if we didn't move forward to keep our commitment to the american people. it was the single worst piece of legislation among many bad pieces of legislation passed in the first two years of the obama presidency. the sooner we can go in a different direction, the better. kennedy: but it is not quite as easy as just wiping it away, so let's talk about the republicans' options for dismantling obamacare and how the democrats and outside groups could try to derail that. you know, charlie, this is something that you, obviously, can't do hastily. i think that's one of the problems they made with the aca. democrats jammed it through
9:29 am
congress, and the president was very eager to sign it. julie and i, you and i have talked about this many times. maybe they should have tackled immigration when they had the hat trick. the republicans do. what do they to now? >> well, you know, everybody's been talking about how obamacare's broken, and it's not working. you know, actually the problem is obamacare does work. it's working. it's doing what it's designed to do which is to take people who didn't have insurance and insure them, but make people who have jobs and work for a living pay for it. and that reality is what people are seeing now, and people really don't like it. and you're exactly right, the problem is that whatever you do, whatever republicans do with obamacare at this point, they're going to -- there's going to be some people that get hurt. kennedy: yeah. >> and they're going to get hurt in very personal ways, just like people have been hurt by the obamacare. and it's a very tough thing. and i don't think anybody's going to be particularly happy with the outcome, because i think what we wind up with is something sort of, some weird
9:30 am
mishmash of, that's like romneycare or something like that. because politicians are going to be loathe to, you know, to just throw people out on the street. but the one thing that i think mr. trump needs to keep in mind is the fact that he's going to be running into midterms in two years and then in four years, and if he wants to strengthen his hand, he also has to remember that conservatives came home for him. and he's going to still need them. and so he can't give away the store. kennedy: yeah. >> but it's going to be a fight, it's going to be nasty. kennedy: there's no easy solution to this. we've talked about the bottom line and how much the aca has cost this country, how insurance companies -- it was supposed to be a bailout for them, and now they're bailing out of the plan. sandra: so you're talking about 22 million americans that this affects, they estimate it's about a fifth of our economy, that this would impact. is and so the criticism of donald trump on the campaign trail was that he was make it out to be much more simple to just repeal obamacare. it's actually a very complex
9:31 am
thing that i wonder if that's part of the discussion that they're having behind closed doors right now. lisa: it is going to be complex. i wish it was easier, but obamacare took two years for the democratic party to get it done without a single republican vote. it would be in republicans' best interests to try to get some buy-in from the democratic party. the problem at least politically for democrats with obamacare was the fact that they owned it alone, and and that cost them majorities in 2010 and 2014 by historic margins. and they have 25 senate seats on the table in 2018n a midterm election where republicans have been -- kennedy: i want to get julie in quickly because we have about 30 seconds left. julie: we talked about repealing and replacing obamacare for a very long time. i don't know what it means. i look forward to republicans telling us what they're replacing it with. kennedy: good luck. [laughter] pottery barn rule, you break it, you own it. we continue to weigh possible comments from the big white house meeting going on right now between the president
9:32 am
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kennedy: this is a fox news alert as we watch the white house and wait to possibly hear from the president and president-elect and world leaders, of course, are reacting to president-elect donald trump's victory and what it could mean for them. mr. trump bashed the iran nuclear deal, and on israel he promised to recognize jerusalem as the capital and to take a step away from working toward a two-state solution to the israeli-palestinian conflict. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu welcoming him. >> my friend, congratulations on being elected president of the united states of america. you are a great friend of israel, and i'm confident that the two of us working closely
9:37 am
together will bring the great alliance between our two countries to even greater heights. kennedy: such great heights. and then there's mexico. president-elect trump has saided the country to the south of our border will pay for the wall that he wants to build. they've said that they won't, but president enrique peña nieto said he will work with our newly-elected leader. [speaking spanish] >> translator: i spoke to donald trump to express to him my done congratulatelations. from this democratic process, a new chapter begins in relations between mexico and the united states which will involve a change, a challenge, but we must also say it, a great opportunity. kennedy: meantime, russian president vladimir putin says that he is willing to restore ties to america. he said in a statement: it is not an easy path, but we are ready to do our part and do everything to return russian and american relations to a stable path of development. now, german chancellor angela merkel also congratulating the president-elect with this
9:38 am
reminder. [speaking german] >> translator: germany and america are connected by values; democracy, freedom, respect for the law and for the dignity of human beings independently of origin, skin color, religion, gender, sexual orientation or political views. on the basis of these values, i am offering the future president of the united states of america, donald trump, close cooperation. kennedy: very interesting from the most powerful woman in western europe. it sounds like she's got a few conditions for her -- [laughter] admiration and congratulations. >> yeah. yeah, i think that, you know, for all of these people we talk -- they're just stunned by this, and they don't -- they were convinced by the media that it wasn't going to happen. but, you know, foreign policy, so much of it is attitudinal and, you know, if -- and, of course, he also comes into office, he could pick anybody he wants. he could pick ambassador john bolton to be secretary of state and scare the wits out of the
9:39 am
entire world. but you know what would happen? i think iran would stop buzzing our ships if he did that. kennedy: yeah. and, you know, what do you make of some of these congratulatory statements? obviously, many of them are perfunctory, a lot of these people feel obligated to reach out and say something, many of them through gritted teeth. julie: oh, i think vladimir putin is taking trump at his word that he will not stand by nato. i think if i'm sitting in estonia or latvia or lithuania today, i'm terrified because the incoming -- >> as having the star wars taken away from them? julie: much morer terrifying. >> really? >> of course. you can't count on nato ships in the wallettics anymore. baltics anymore. and what continues to happen with the russians is that they continue to get their bay. i mean -- their way. they have now conceded -- >> under the trump administration. julie: well, listen. both, actually, i've been very critical of the president's attitudes towards the russians,
9:40 am
but with respect to what donald trump has said about russia, he's the only leader who said, oh, wait, maybe the russians didn't go into yahoo! crane. -- ukraine. he said consistently that their taking crimea was not necessarily a bad thing, said he wasn't necessarily going to defend -- sandra: we are getting a note from our white house producer about the conversation being had with president-elect donald trump and president barack obama saying they had a wide-ranging conversation. it is taking longer than expected, obviously. but obama says that they talked about foreign and domestic policy with donald trump. not much of a -- kennedy: sit-down. foreign and domestic. [laughter] sandra: not a huge surprise there but worth reporting. lisa. lisa: i have a feeling there was a lot of disagreement. [laughter] somehow -- no. but regarding the foreign leaders, ultimately, these countries are going to do what is in their own self-interest and best interests, and that is going to have to be working with america. and to charlie's point earlier, yeah, russia and iran have gotten away with a lot under
9:41 am
this president and, indeed, in fact even paying the iranians off as well. so they've had leeway to essentially do whatever they want without any sort of condemnation from president obama. but, yeah, ultimately they're going to do what's in their self-interests. they're going to have to work with the -- julie: we've had a pax americana be since world war ii going all the way until today. i think -- i hope and i pray on this issue particularly, i'm not being sarcastic, i truly hope and pray that whatever's going on in the white house now, that donald trump is getting the lowdown from the current commander or in chief that what the russians are specifically capable of. i hope he's taking seriously, i hope he understands that despite the fact he hosted a miss universe contest in moscow, it doesn't mean the russians are good and have our interests at heart. i've said mitt romney was right, the number one geopolitical threat to us is russia. that's why iraq and iran have been empowered, syria's the mess that it is today, the world over. so if donald trump does not take
9:42 am
seriously -- and i've said i've been critical of obama very much on his russian policy -- we have to take it seriously. we cannot give them a pass. we cannot forsake our friends in nato. we cannot forsake our western european allies to curry favor with the regime that is ideologically at war with us. kennedy: i saw you roll your eyes a little bit when charlie talked about the possibility of a fox news contributor and former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolton being secretary of state or having some role in national security, but, you know, ambassador bolton has been very tough in his talk -- julie: he has. kennedy: -- about iran and russia specifically. so if donald trump surrounds himself with people who are much more on the hawkish side, does that temper your fearses? julie: i love john bolton on a personal level, he's one of the funniest people i know, but to me, john bolton's a little too trigger-happy, and i think with trump talking about kicking, you know, certain body parts and bombing the hell and why can't we drop a nuclear weapon on
9:43 am
these people, that terrifies me a little bit here. sandra: we have the shot still on the white house, and we know that president obama and donald trump are meeting behind closed doors in the white house having this discussion about the transition of power. we're just told that they are discussing domestic and foreign policy. as you can see, there is an enormous amount of press waiting for them to possibly make comments about that meeting and what was said. obviously, this is a huge discussion that we're having right now about foreign leaders weighing in on the donald trump presidency to be. what do you think? this is still going on right now. this is donald trump and president obama having a conversation right now. in the white house. >> well, i think it's interesting that it's not described as a frank discussion which in diplomatic speak means that they must be having some sort of cordial, you know -- sandra: exchange. >> yeah. there's actually talking going on. and i think that's great. and there is a lot. i mean --
9:44 am
sandra: maybe he's getting a tour. [laughter] >> could be. kennedy: there's a lot of ground to cover here. [laughter] if you think about it, barack obama came in a relative neophyte. he certainly didn't have any executive experience. president-elect trump has no political or government experience -- julie: but obama had clearance. kennedy: which is fine. they both came into the job with very little background -- julie: but obama, the difference is this: obama did have clearance, right? as a senator, he obviously had security clearance. we've never had a president before who has had neither governing experience, nor security experience of any kind -- ken south carolina i think most people, especially those who voted for him, say that's great. julie: you're right. kennedy: fresh eyes. julie: i hope short of barack obama showing him his birth certificate -- [laughter] i hope what he's doing is telling him the facts of life that he probably couldn't have told anybody that's about to be
9:45 am
the -- kennedy: the roswell files, you're absolutely right! julie: we will finally know who killed kennedy. lisa: kennedy's right, president obama came into the white house with virtually no experience. he never ran anything. he was, you know, an activist essentially throughout the majority of his life, so he came in with no experience. president obama -- president-elect trump has a lot more experience as far as running things than president obama did. i do think foreign policy's probably going to be his biggest learning curve, and that is when the hope comes in that he does utilize some of that business experience as far as delegating, as far as identifying the right people. and this is what he said before, he said this during his acceptance speech, one of his best qualities is identifying the untapped pebble in people -- potential in people. finding the right people, delegating to them, trusting those individuals and trusting their experiences. >> one of the most important things about a successful foreign policy and projecting strength is having your enemy or your opponents believe you will
9:46 am
do anything. and that's a very good thing. and nobody believes president obama is going to do anything, and that's why everything is a disaster whether it's in north africa or syria or iran. but there is -- and i get it, donald trump can be some of the things that he says can be very uncomfortable and unsettling, but that's not a bad thing. and i think it's a very good thing for our enemies to think, oh, my gosh, this guy will do -- sandra: all right, i'm going to jump in here because we are seconds away from hearing from president-elect trump and president obama at the white house following their meeting there. i'm going to toss to them in a second, as you can see, the press waiting for all words. what an important day, what an important meeting to hear from these two just really hours after he was elected. let's listen. ♪ ♪ >> had an excellent conversation with president-elect trump. it was wide-ranging. we talked about some of the
9:47 am
organizational issues in setting up a white house. we talked about foreign policy, we talked about domestic policy. and as i said last night, my number one priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that insures our president-elect is successful. and i had been very encouraged by the, i think, interest in president-elect trump's wanting to work with my team around many of the issues that this great country faces. and i believe that it is important for all of us, regardless of party and regardless of political preferences, to now come together, work together to deal
9:48 am
with the many challenges that we face. and in the meantime, michelle has had a chance to greet the incoming first lady, and we had an excellent conversation with her as well. and we want to make sure that they feel welcome as they prepare to make this transition. and most of all, i want to emphasize to you, mr. president-elect, that we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed, because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. please. >> well, thank you very much, president obama. this was a meeting that was going to last for maybe 10 or 15 minutes, and we were just going to get to know each other. we had never met each other. i have great respect. the meeting lasted for almost an hour and a half, and it couldn't
9:49 am
have -- as far as i'm concerned, it could have gone on for a lot longer. we really, we discussed a lot of different situations, some wonderful and some difficulties. i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future including counsel. he's, he explained some of the difficulties, some of the high-flying assets and some of the really great things that have been achieved. so, mr. president, it was a great honor being with you, and i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the future. thank you, sir. [inaudible conversations] >> thank you, everybody! we're not, we are not going to be taking any questions. thank you, guys. thank you. [inaudible conversations] [laughter] >> come on, guys. come on, guys, let's go -- sandra: and that was president barack obama finishing up by
9:50 am
joking with donald trump, giving him some advice. that's what you do when they keep asking questions. [laughter] but president obama saying that he is there to facilitate a transition that assures the president-elect's success regardless of political preferences. president obama said this is a time to come together, and then you heard from donald trump. he said the meeting was an hour and a half, he wished it was longer. he said he looks forward to dealing with the president in the future, and it was a great honor to sit down with him. is this what you were looking for, charlie hurt? >> well, you know, as a more conservative person, it's going to -- it's not going to be a walk for conservatives. this is, you know, we're going into uncharted waters. donald trump is going to be, is going to negotiate, and it's going to -- luckily, from my perspective, he has republicans he'll be negotiating with, but he is going to want to get things done, and that can be kind of terrifying. sandra: what did you make of that exchange, lisa? lisa: i think it's positive. this is what the country needs. there's been so much division,
9:51 am
and you especially look at the general election. so much hostility, so much anger, so much name-calling, so much divisiveness, and this is exactly what the country needs, i believe, is for the president to be respectful of donald trump and president-elect donald trump to be respectful of the president. and i also think give kudos to hillary because i actually appreciated her concession speech, and i think she struck the right tones, and she was an adult about it. this is exactly what the country needs, is some healing. sandra: 15 minute meeting turned into 90 minutes, julie roginsky. are you happy with what you just heard? ewe jewell yeah. i think they both set the right tone. i hope that tone continues. trump sounded a lot more presidential than i think we've heard, frankly, from either candidate during this election, so i'm hopeful the tone will continue. charlie, what was interesting to me was it occurs to me that the most powerful people in washington right now besides, obviously, the president-elect are people like john mccain, people like lindsey graham, because they can cut deals with
9:52 am
chuck schumer on issues they don't necessarily agree with donald trump on and sway really the course of an election -- sorry, the course of legislation in ways that i think they might not have the freedom to do if they had had a mike pence, for example, as president or somebody whom they supported vociferously or somebody with whom they ideologically agreed. to me, john mccain, for example, just got a six-year mandate. he really now has nothing to lose. who knows? sandra: i want to bring kennedy in because that image up on the screen is really something. as we led off the show, president obama -- while on the campaign trail, labeled donald trump as someone who was unfit to be president, and donald trump promised to basically undo everything he has done while he's been in office, and there they sit with this transition of power. what did you make of the meeting? kennedy: no, it's interesting. you realize the aura of the presidency is in itself transcendent. it is an office that very few people have held, and it's a bond that the officeholders
9:53 am
share, and i think there's a mutual respect there. they really haven't had that much time to disagree since the election, which is fine, but it's also, it's really important because not only does it send a message to the world and to world leaders that this is the united states of america, that there will be a smooth transition of power, that there is a mutual respect for the office and calming some of those fears and seeing that picture alone, i think, does a lot. it also sends a message to the protesters out there that, you know, this is going to be a new administration. and for half the country, you don't get the add martian that you want -- administration that you want, but it is still one country. sandra: they also talked about their lives, and fist lady michelle obama, they just said, was giving melania trump a walk around the white house and introducing her to the scene. >> yeah. what does not surprise me about this is that, is to see donald trump behaving in this presidential way that i've never doubted that he was capable of.
9:54 am
he's got a lovely family, and, you know, i don't -- all of this, you know, people running around with their hair on fire, terrified that donald trump was going to destroy the presidency or destroy -- it was just ridiculous. obviously. he is a, you know, he won. and he'll be fine. lisa: well, and i think if you're donald trump, this must be a humbling -- imagine how humbling it must be to be president of the united states, just the magnitude of it all, the enormity of it all. and i think we saw that when he walked on the stage to give the acceptance speech. that is the most emotional we have ever seen donald trump, it looked almost as though he were going to cry. having some of these conversations has to be a humbling experience with just the great amount of power that was just given to hum. sandra: and something else that donald trump, as he was finishing and closing his remarks, he said it was a great honor to sit down with the president, and he said i look
9:55 am
forward to sitting down with him many, many more times in the future. what do you think he was saying there? >> i think he was saying that he intends to make this as, you know, as smooth as you can and do it, obviously, peacefully. and i think that they probably both realized that we may have trouble ahead with what we've seen the haas couple -- last night with the protests. but i think the rolling stones should get together -- [laughter] throw a free concert for all the protesters and just play "you can't always get what you want." [laughter] kennedy: so they can sit there and say who are these old guys? [laughter] >> republicans having -- of course. [laughter] republicans have been having to listen to that song for the last -- julie: you know, you raise such a good point, and again as the liberal here, i have to say you're so right, you don't always get what you want, and these protesters should channel their frustration into midterm elections -- sandra: wait, how does the lyric
9:56 am
end? >> if you try sometimes, you might get what you need. [laughter] kennedy: that was also one of the main themes in the princess and the frog. [laughter] great score by randy newman. i absolutely love it. and it's very, very true. [laughter] and for all these college kids taking the day off to go cry in their little blank keys in their dorm rooms, suck it up! [laughter] try being a libertarian. [laughter] when's the last time i was satisfied -- julie: are you bummed about gary johnson? this must be a tough time for you. [laughter] kennedy: come on, now. [laughter] >> he even set the -- kennedy: what is, -- what is alend hoe, huh? -- aleppo. >> he even brought the marijuana movement back. kennedy: no, he didn't. 20% of the country is now live anything a cloud of reefer smoke, and that is freedom, charlie. julie: that's how every
9:57 am
millennial's getting through the outcome -- lisa: they need to have it at college universities -- sandra: oh, don't get us started. thank, lisa. well, it's going to be a busy day for donald trump. he's going to be on his way to capitol hill in a few moments. you're looking at a video of him just meeting with the president. they did make some comments, and it was talking about the transition of power. they were both honored to meet with each other, shaking hands. you see the picture there. but such a huge moment, and i feel like going to julie on this you didn't predict this -- julie: no. i was so wrong. thanks for pointing that that out. [laughter] let me reiterate again how wrong i was. i had to go buy josh a really expensive bottle of scotch yet -- kennedy: i had to pay gavin mcginnis $100 tonight. julie: i did too. [laughter] kennedy: gavin's going to be rich, and he doesn't have to eat the $100 bill -- julie: anyway, what was your question? sandra: watching the the video
9:58 am
as we discuss this, because we are going to look for donald trump to leave the white house. but i guess my question is what do you make of this moment? and i'm talking about them meeting today and meeting at the white house and discussing that transition. is this a turning point for those who just have not been happy in the last day or so? julie: no, because they're not going to be happy with his policies once he starts enacting them. but i do want to say this is the best example of why this is the greatest country in the world. where else in the world -- well, probably in western europe, so i shouldn't say we're the only country, but this is a shining beacon. where else do you have two people in two parties that went after each other in the most ideal, horrible terms, but nobody's delegitimizing the outcome of this election. you have an about to be former president, incoming president sitting down from different political parties to talk about the transition of power and a peaceful transition of power. kennedy, you nailed it when you
9:59 am
said that earlier. this is what makes this country great. for the all the people on my side of the aisle who are devastated, as i am, about the outcome of this election, channel your energy into having a different outcome four years from now, but do not delegitimize the man who just got elected -- sandra: i want to get this in because, let's see, who is this coming from? one of our producers at the white house saying donald trump ended those comments because the microphones went down, ended those comments with the president saying very good man at the end when the press was shouting questions. important to get that in there. and now we know that the president-elect, donald trump, is heading to capitol hill. he'll be having lunch with speaker paul ryan -- kennedy: little late for that. 12:30 lunch. [laughter] i hope the catfish hasn't gotten cold. lisa: they're going to be starving. sandra: what a moment though. charlie hurt, last words to you. >> i think that meeting set the tone. i think people are going to be a lot more satisfied with all this
10:00 am
than they thought. sandra: thank you very much, charlie hurt, for being here. >> thank you for having me. sandra: we're back tomorrow at noon eastern. what a day! "happening now" starts right now. and now partners in transition. >> a much longer meeting than expected the meeting wrapping up at 12:30 and mr. trump telling reporters it lasted longer than expected. they had a lot to talk about. they discussed foreign and domestic policy and the president-elect locks forward to more meetings. mr. trump arrived out of sight this morning and he and mike pence were scheduled to have lunch at


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