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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 10, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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than they thought. sandra: thank you very much, charlie hurt, for being here. >> thank you for having me. sandra: we're back tomorrow at noon eastern. what a day! "happening now" starts right now. and now partners in transition. >> a much longer meeting than expected the meeting wrapping up at 12:30 and mr. trump telling reporters it lasted longer than expected. they had a lot to talk about. they discussed foreign and domestic policy and the president-elect locks forward to more meetings. mr. trump arrived out of sight this morning and he and mike pence were scheduled to have lunch at 12 time time 30 with
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house speaker paul ryan and then meet with mitch mcconnell. we expect this to happen over the next few hour and carl cameron is live in new york city with the vantage point from there. >> it is sort of standard operating procedure for the transition of power and always made more difficult when one party is leaving the white house and another party is coming in. the meeting will include talking to the members of the hill. vice-president elect mike pence met with outgoing joe biden. the first lady, michelle obama hosted melania trump, son to be be first lady in the residence part of the white house and the staff takes part in this. and a big chunk of the trump staff went to the white house
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and met with counterparts. the president-elect's son-in-law met with dennis mcdonna chief of of staff in the obama administration and they will talk with counterpart and finding out what is on the agenda in the public that they will have to deal with in the course of the next 70 days in transition and when he moves in the white house. mr. trump, now, the vice-president elect will mote with mcconnell. he and mcconnell had difference and mcconnell refused to talk about mr. trump when he was a candidate but was prepared to support him. mr. mcconnell in kentucky while he agrees that the border has to be secured, he suggested that trump's version of the wall is an overreach and not a good idea to overreach in the early days
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of the administration. and paul ryan, part of the republican national committee, excuse me, will be with paul ryan and that is a critical meeting. paul ryan and donald trump is at odds and there is a behind the sceneses feud that got nasty and some supporters thought paul ryan might be defeated as house speaker. paul ryan disagreed with trump on nato and foreign policy and president-elect comments were racist and there is a lot of ill will there and the trump camp pain kept an enemy's list. that will be patched up. and we had that from the president and mr. obama and hopefully will get it to you. the president called it an excellent meeting.
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>> we talked about some of the organizational issues in the white house and talked about foreign policy and as i said last night. >> mr. president, it was a great honor to being with you. and look forward to being with you many more times, thank you. >> we are not going to take any questions. >> that's call the white house pool spray. send in one camera and a still photographer and at the end they cut the mike and at one point you don't hear it. it was not recorded on the audio, mr. trump said barrack obama is a good man. a lot of the old grudges slowly
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patched up real quickly. and the job of transitioning to the new president. >> thank you for that. and getting more color as far as donald trump's time in washington d.c. we have producers tracking his movement from the white house to it the capitol club. and trump gave reporters the thumps up. and support issers are on the street and one holding a trump sign and mafrng you, melania sign. and that is the scene there. the capitol hill club is a members only club. and i am sure chris wallace can speak about it. you can speak more freely than in mcdonald about big topics. >> sunny sky and we will hope that continues in the next four
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years. and with more on the organization of donald trump to president of the united states. my understanding that the trump team is talking about putting in place people you might not have heard a great deal about. they were elected to bring change to washington and so going to it the tra degreesal pool of bureaucrat and politicians is not the way they necessarily intend to govern? >> well, that goes both ways, jon. on the one hand, you don't want all of the familiar beltway types. as you point out, donald trump talked about being washington insider being broken and in the final days of the campaign about draining the swamp. and on the other hand, you need people who know how the train is run.
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various administrations when bill clinton came. he brought a lot of people from arkansas and realized after a while, you got to have people who understand how washington works and that doesn't mean you will not push and try to change, but you have to understand how it works so that you can make it work to your benefit. that was true of jimmy carter and he came in as a reform candidate. i think you will see a mix and outsiders and if they are are smart, they will bring in people who know how things run. even if you change how it runs. you need to know how the system operates. >> i have been surprised by this campaign season which is thank. ly now over. i remember when jeff sessions. the courtly gentleman from alabama endorsed donald trump and said this is the future of the party. and i thought what a strange pairing that is.
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sessions was the first senator to come out in support of donald trump. and now jeff sessions is on the short list to hold a position in the trump administration. >> i would think that jeff sessions could have any job hementes. at a time when donald trump was struggling, grasping for credibility. he was more than a reality tv show billionaire, jeff sessions, the first and only for a long time member of the senate to endorse him gave him respectability and credibility. there is a lot of different groups that you have to please if you are nom no first -- nominee. and you need to have some toe hold in the establishment and sessions gave him that and i would think that sessions would
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get almost any job he wants. >> there is talk about rudy guiliani and governor chris kristy and newt gingrich taking positions. are you hearing things in washington that we are not hearing in new york? >> no it is speck oulgz. those who know are aren't talking and those who do, don't know. they are familiar name and people who supported trump values loyalty and early support tremendously. and i suspect he has a lot of new friends that were not supportive two days ago. and in terms of knowing what position i don't think we are there yet. can i say one quick thing. jenna, i think said that jarod
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kurbener who is trump's son-in-law. and by all affects was the unofficial campaign manager for the trump campaign. the fact that he is meeting with a white house chief of staff, dennis mcdonna and walking without the staff there, i think that is interesting. i don't know if he will be white house chief of staff, but the fact that he's the one upon they chose to meet with dennis mcdonna and talk about how to run the white house and affect the transition is interesting. >> donald trump's inner most center is his children. his son-in-law would not be a surprise, i suppose. >> and not only is jarod
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kushener is a bright and effective businessman and we'll watch who shows up in the white house. and in the meantime democrats are going back to the white house. and failing to take back either chamber of congress. nancy pelosi, house minority leader could find herself on the hot seat. she raised a lot of money and has little to show for it in the way of results. doug has more on this part of the story. >> reporter: hi, jenna, we have seen it reported in the republicans, and now the democrats are experiencing it themselves. the hat trick that the republicans pulled off on tuesday night taking not only the white house but the house senate and house. there was a conference call and the sources describe the
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overwhelming sadness and described the phone meeting was a group therapy session and restlessness in the troops and if we don't stick together, we're going to kill each other and that led to the concern of the fate of nancy pelosi. she's widely regarded as being safe and an instrumental and fund-raising players and boundless energy at age 75. she has attended 345 fundraisers and raised 34 million for the house democrats for a total of 170 million. she is like what one observer calls a human atm. and nobody in the house of representative could have stopped the trump effect.
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>> so goes the top of the ticket and that is a reality that we need to accept and understand. >> reporter: to add to the point, one member said no one in the house of representative bears any responsibility for that at all. some democrats are looking forward to donald trump's arrival in town. they know he has been a democrat for the better part of his adult life. and one of his major campaign themes, right up until election night is the need for infrastructure investment. and that's something democrats are on board with and have been since the days of the early obama administration. republicans not so much and that could be be a source of conflict with republicans. >> interesting to consider as we watch from capitol hill.
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thank you. we are about to it take you to the white house where josh earnest will start the daily briefing of the press. we'll hear little more detail on that meeting between the president-elect and sitting president that wrapped up a short time ago. donald trump has moved a short distance away and meeting with kind of an awkward first date or second date with the speaker of the house, paul ryan. now those two have had unpleasant words for each other in the campaign season and fortunately they have their own little cupid with them, mike pence. >> it kinds of works. first date and second date more familiar. >> mike pence is close with both of them and obviously donald trump chose him as running mate and he is close with speaker of the house and he will bridge the
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differences. >> i think you have started a new term for mike pence being cupid. but you have pointed out an know important point. mike pence, congressman and governor and hope to speak to him as vice-president elect as well. and those that raise the question. does donald trump know how washington works. mike pence knows how washington works and in the past stayed true to conservative rot and able to reach across the aisle and just in his personality. as we look at the live shot and white house briefing and capitol club on the other. it is a short distance to actual capitol hill where a meeting with mitch mcconnell will take place. these are important people that donald trump needs to get to know better. >> he had the biggest meeting of all with the sitting president p. for those who might have missed
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what they talk about we'll play it now. >> you just had an opportunity to have an excellent conversation with president-elect trump. it was wide ranging and talked about the organizational issues in setting up the white house and talked about foreign policy and we talked about domestic policy and as i said last night, my number one priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that insures our president-elect is successful and i had been very encouraged by the, i think interest in president-elect trump's wanting to work with my team around many of the issues this great country faces. and i believe that it is
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important for all of us, regardless of party, and regardless of political preferences to now come together, work together, to deal with the many challenges that we face. and in the meantime, michelle has had had a chance to greet the incoming first lady. and we had an excellent conversation with her as well. and we want to it make sure that they feel welcome as they prepare to make this transition. and most of all, i want to emphasize to you, mr. president-elect, that we now are gonna want to do everything we can to help upon you suck sowed because if ysusucceed the county
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does. >> thank you, president obama, we had never met each other. i have great respect. the meeting lasted for almost an hour and a half and it could as far as i am concerned gone in for a lot longer. we really discussed a lot of different situations. some wonderful, and some difficulties. i look forward to dealing with the president in the future including counsel. he explained some of the difficulties, and some of the asset and the great things that have been achieved. mr. president, it was a great honor to being with you and i look forward to being with you many more times, thank you. >> two men who are polar opposites with a handshake and promise of more meetings to
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come. josh earnest said the president's spokesman said the two have been briefed about the president's upcoming overseas trip and talk about his approaches to other world leaders. >> it was a smooth transition that president obama vowed to preside over for a better part of the year and the president intends to make good on that president. >> did the president leave the meeting that president trump will not try to dismantle any of the work that you have done. and not to get rid of obama care or policy. >> i am not going to get into all of the details of their meeting. president obama came away from the meeting with renewed confidence in the commitment of
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the president-elect to engage in smooth transition. that's what president obama believes serves the american people the best. we are committed to doing what is required on our part to make sure it happens and the president was plosed to hear a similar commitment expressed by the president-elect. >> have they got rea assurance from president-elect intending to incarcerate hillary clinton? >> i will let the president-elect speak. and the president was reassured by the president-elect's remarks. and they were remarks that the president delivered not only to the supporters in the the ballroom but the citizens of the country that were tuned in to
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a historical scomplekz also the people around the world. and given the intensity of scrutiny of his remarks tis notable to choose that kind of tonight. -- tone and we saw that tone in the oval office where he works with the outgoing administration. it doesn't mean they agree on all of the issues. they obviously have deep disagreements, but what they do agree on is a smooth transition that is good for the country. >> president-elect trump talked about meeting with the counsel in the future and did they agree to meet again and something where they are expected to continue the conversation they have today in additional
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formats. >> i am not aware of a meeting and i would not rule out future conultation. and in the last eight years, president obama benefitted with the conversations he has had with previous presidents. and i would not be surprised to hear that president-elect trump would benefit from that course as well. >> was it awkward at all given all of the rancor that the two men exchanged with each other on the campaign trail. was the meeting awkward and a moment where they had to break. >> to be specific as possible about this, roberta. there was no staff in the room when president obama and president-elect trump sat down in the oval office. you would have to ask the two of them. and i feel confident in telling
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you. they did not resolve all of their difference and i also feel confident they didn't try to resolve their differences. they sought to lay a foundation for an effective transition from the obama presidency to the trump presidency. and this is president obama has prepared for this meeting for a better part of the year. this was an important early step to discuss that transition. and based on the kind of agreement that was evident about the priority that they both place on a smooth transition, it sounds like the meeting was at least a little less awkward than some might have expected. >> and you said it was just the two of them alone and no staff in the room for the entire time?
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>> that's correct. other officials among them on the south lawn. can you talk about what other officials may have met with and who was in those meetings at the same time? >> i know the president-elect spokesman, miss hicks was here and i had an opportunity to meet her while the president-elect was meeting with president obama. you noted that she had longer meetings with other of my colleagues on the communication's team. mr. kushener was here and had an opportunity to meet with the chief of staff. those are the only two staff of the president-elect's time that i met. i can't speak to all meetings that took place. there is a more formal process that we would expect to guide the interactions time and
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president-elect's team for the two months between now and the inauguration. there will be a formal process for that consultation to ensure a smooth transition. >> president-elect mentioned that he pipeline assets. what was he referring to on that? >> you can check with him team on thachl i am not sure. >> as far as excellent goes. smooth transsxigz having a good tone? that's all that excellent means? >> when you consider the profound differences between the two gentlemen and the fact they never met before in person. and the high priority that the president places on a smooth and effective transition that qualifies as excellent.
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>> this was originally supposed to last 10-15 minutes and is that true and why was is longer that that? >> the president had allotted more time than 10-15 minutes and they spent 90 minutes and talking about a range of issues in what i described to josh. that would be an indication of a robust valuable meeting. >> yesterday, you talked about the president having deep concerns and everything he had said on the campaign trail was true. this was a brief meeting. did it do going to it assuage deep concerns? >> listen, as i mentioned yesterday, the president campaigned vigorously across the country and made a forceful case in favor of the candidate he supported.
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he did that right up the night before election day. but on election day, the ballots were counted, the american people decided. the president was never in the place to to choose. the american people chose. and the president vowed to work with whom the american people chose. they were focused on doing the work of the american people and fulfilling their institutional responsibilities and on president obama's part, that means laying the ground work so that the incoming president-elect can hit the ground running. after all we are rooting for his comes to uniting and leading this country. >> but the president has dope concerns? >> i am saying that the forceful case that the president made on the campaign trail reflected his
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authentic views about the stakes of the election and the candidate that he went all in to support. >> there was nothing in the meeting that would change any of that? >> i guess what i am saying the meeting was not convened to address the concerns president obama raised on the cam train trail. but on the transition team. >> given that trump's advisors talked about looking for and wanting a list of all of the ways that they could roll president obama's back starting on day one, does the president fully expect that to happen? >> listen, i will not prejudge what their transition process is, obviously our goal is to make sure the incoming president-elect can enjoy success when it comes to leading the country. that's what the president
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promised and convening the meeting today is making good on that process. and the how they choose. >> what does the american expect? >> i think the president's expectation is that the incoming president will set his own priorities and pursue them accordingly. and again our goal is to it provide them kind of advice that gives the president-elect and his team an opportunity to succeed and uniteing and leading the country. that's what he made his priority and we certainly are prepared to do everything we can in the next 72 days to support. >> does the president think he is fit. >> they did not relit their differences and we talked about them here before the election and we are on to the next phrase
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now. >> if there are meetings and further meetings set up in the white house, since donald trump won presidency or national security and economic teams. >> my understanding that the broader formal process has not yet commenced with meetings. there were a number of meetings between white house personnel and members of both candidates transition teams in the months leading up to the election and there is a number of consultation with the president-ele president-elect's team and white house. but the formal meetings have not started yet. >> and the president-elect and vice-president elect.
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and the obama cancelled the photoop? >> that is not true. can you tell why we didn't have the photoop? and why there is no access and particularly if this is. >> justin, you for the oval office. and there was not correct to say there was no press access. over the last eight years, i have enjoyed the many of you advocating for greater access and what that typically means you advocate for the opportunity to see the president of the united states sitting in the oval office, photograph him sitting next to the person he's meeting with and hear from boths people about the meeting. that is the priority that is conveyed to me in countless meetings. and that's what was provided today. that was not provided in 2008.
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i was not part of the designing the press access. and so the press access was based on the guidance from all of you about p what the priority is. and we are pleased to be able to provide that today. and indication of the commitment to transpartnerency and the indication that the president has to building public confidence in the shared commitment of a smooth and fair transition. and what a better way for the american public to understand that the president-elect and the outgoing president of the united states share a priority of a smooth and effective transition than to allow you all in to the oval office to it hear them talk about the commitment to that effort. and one way that you have demonstrated that effective transfer of power, would be to show the vice-president and
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first lady welcoming their successors in the white house. i think we all agree that would be lower in priority than what was provided today. and what was provided today was unprecedented that was given to the white house press corps. there is always the back and forth. >> the reason i am asking the question. while the president came out and sort of put on a cherry face. we know obviously the people here are disappointed and the first lady said donald trump is unacceptable choice. and was there a reason that there was not press access with the first lady and the president didn't want to be photographed alongside them? >> absolutely not. i am not certain that the first lady's office was consulted.
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we can go back to at this time white house photographer to see if there is photos from the greet so you can get insight of how that went. we'll follow-up on that. >> and [inaudible] the united kingdom and turkey and mexico. any indication of president-elect's last 48 hours, beyond sort of congratulatory calls. there is concern that you are trying to proceed with foreign policy agenda over the next two months and the allies can be getting mixed messages on the united states's foreign policy goals. >> i am not aware. it is important for many countries to call and offer congratulations to the president-elect. some of those conversations are
10:35 am
facilitated by the state department and other cases foreign governments going to the president-elect's office. and i am confident that happened in 2008 after president obama's election as well. >> i am concerned about that. did he said you need to get a chief of staff and one job you never heard of and vital. how does that or is it just you know, donald trump knows he has to staff the white house. how much precision is the president offering? i didn't have a detailed conversation with president obama about this. knowing how he approaches the issues himself. he built an organization with the white house with an eye of discerning capable people and putting them in positions where they are are given the authority they need to make decisions. also, he's ensured that they are
10:36 am
begin authority to elevate decisions to him if they need to be. so structuring, structuring the organizational chart effectively is not an insignificant matter when you are talking about life-and-death decisions. that is on the decisions in the building. and the president will attack questions over the course of the week and maybe someone will receive greater insight. >> and the president sent 1700 more american troops there. you long insisted they don't have a combat mission and they are combat troops, why did they go? are you saying that they needed 1700 more troops worth of advice. we are seeing americans who look like they are in the front line
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operations and not support issive ones. >> we made clear, our service members are trained for combat and equipped for combat if they need to defend themselves. they are not given a combat mission. that is important. the president does not believe that the american troops should be in a situation where they are expected to be in a tip of a sphere and go and take and hold ground. the idea of the u.s. military being an occupying force in iraq is not one that yielded success for our country and not made our country safer. what the president envisioned and the mission they are given is a dangerous one in which american service members are asked to assume great risk and so they can be in a position to it train iraqi security forces and in other cases so they can offer advice and assistance as
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iraqi security forces undertake important military objectives. there are even some situations when if those trainers or advisors end up in a dangerous position. there are additional u.s. forces that are mobilized to get hem out. it is dangerous work and puts them in harm's way and occasionally they have to use combat training and equipment to defend themselves. that is different than taking and holding territory. both of them are dangerous and both of them require courage and professionalism and skill and sacrifice. that's what we have seen. the kinds of troops you are sending now are the kind that hold it briefly?
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>> i recognize that the service members sent to iraq have a sense of training and combat. the mission is different than the one by president bush. and we need to try a different strategy. that is yielding success. and in iraq alone we have taken back 55 percent of the occupied territory that isil reportedly held. and now the forces that are offering they are beginning the important work of ejecting isil from mosul. we are making progress based on the strategy that the president
10:40 am
put forth and requires our service members to assume great personal risk. it is making america safer. >> what is the president's message to the thousands of people protesting the election and some of them carrying signs saying not my president? >> the first thing that the president would say. we have to carefully constitutionally protected right to free speech. and that is a right that should be protected and a right that should be exercised. without violence. and there are people who are disappointed in the outcome. and it is not the president that people are disappointed in the outcome. and we are message.
10:41 am
and some people are going to be disappointed and express those used in public. and i think we have seen that that is the case. that is a constitutional right to do that and those rights should be protected and the president would want them to hear his message as well. >> were you surprised to hear donald trump to say the president is a very good man? >> i think the tone we heard in the oval is what you heard on the election night and president obama welcomed that in the rose garden. it is certainly what the president was pleased to hear. >> he saids he would seek the president counsel and is president open to meet with
10:42 am
president trump when he is president trump. >> of course, the president benefitted from the consultation he had from former presidents. and president obama is determined as he mentioned yesterday to do as much as possible to ensure that president trump has success in uniting and leading the country. as president obama himself said, he's rooting for his success as he takes on the important work of uniting the country after a divisive election and leading our country forward in a way that is consistent with the best interest. >> i know you said they didn't relitigate the campaign. what are the president's thoughts are. on monday he said donald trump is temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief.
10:43 am
uniquely unqualified. does he still believe that? >> the presidency views have not changed and he made that argument vigorously and he made it in states all over the country. but the american people decided. the election is over. they have chosen president-elect trump. and that is giving the incoming president a running start. >> the president assured president-elect trump he would do everything he could to make a swift and sure transition. did he have backing for anything with foreign policy and get assurances from him and no criticism back channels of what he's going to accomplish?
10:44 am
>> i didn't ask the president what was discussed in the oval office. the thing that i am sure of. everybody understands we have one president at a time. president obama is president until january 20th and he will exercise the office with his view of the country. on january 20th it is the president-elect's turn to assume that responsibility. >> there is no anxiety that the president-elect doesn't understand or appropriate that? >> i think you would have to talk to the president-elect's team about whether or not he would object to the principle i laid out. >> the russian government said there were contacts between them and the trump campaign. is the white house concern body that or that normal embassy with two campaigns one of which may be be the next president. >> i can't speak to the nature
10:45 am
of those conversations obviously. it is hard to judge them in the abstract. >> but does this raise higher level of anxiety? >> what i know based from my personal experience. i know when president obama was running for president. there were occasions when members of the team consulted with representatives of other governments. i don't think there is anything nefarious about that. i can't speak to the conversations content that may have occurred. i don't think i can pass judgment. >> the president mentioned that difficulty from the foreign policy stage was discussed. did the president want to convey anything in particular what is going on in mosul and iraq and base information that might or might not be be of or sufficiently appreciated.
10:46 am
in the last two weeks, president-elect describing what was going on in mosul as a abject disaster. i know know that is not your persuasion. did the president talk about stuff he must know. >> the president felt obligated to touch on important foreign policy. and the ongoing campaign against isil in iraq and syria are important foreign policy proprietaries. i don't know what extent that was discussed and this is something that president obama is following closely. >> you said the president stands by everything he said on the campaign trial about donald trump. he must be concerned about the future of the country. >> the president is concerned on the most important institutional priority that he has right now and that is presiding over
10:47 am
a smooth and effective. >> but if he still feels this way about the president-elect, he must be be concerned about the future of the country. >> the president had an opportunity to make a forceful case in states in support candidate he endorsed. the american people supported someone else. there is a long tra degrees of presidents doing that. because they have a responsibility to put their own political view is aside. and one of those is achieve smooth and peaceful transition. and president obama is determined to do everything he can to allow the president-elect to hit the ground running. >> i don't understand that. after the transition, what does the president intend to do.
10:48 am
will he be an opposition figure? he has to be concerned about the direction that the president-elect is taking the country. >> as all of you, the.plans to take a long vacation after office and has not changed and looking forward to that as much as ever. but in the longer term, i don't have commit ams to make on the part of the president. one thing i can share with you. i know in private and i assume in public, too. the idea that he deeply appreciated how president george bush gave the new president running room and gave him space. he was not back seat drive nothing public and offering up all kinds of critiques of every decision that president obama made in the early stages in his president. i am confident that president george bush didn't agree with every decision. but he was extraordinarily
10:49 am
respectful of the democratic process and president obama admired that. i can't make promises for what president obama will do once he is gone. >> do they have to preserve and protect the aspects of what he accomplished here. what are the proprietaries? >> i think the first is affecting a smooth and fair transition. and making sure the chief of staff likes to say we run through the tape. that the president and his team use every moment that is remaining to do the work of the american people and effectively implement the policies that president obama priorityize. >> what are they now given the changes in the administration and given the fact that donald trump won the presidency? what specifically is the focus
10:50 am
and prioritities. some of the priorities are the kinds of priorities that would be be in place, regardless of the outcome of the election. whether or not mr. trump had emerged victorious from the election. we will be focused on the affordable care act and maximizing the opportunity for millions of americans to sign up for health care. and now they can shop around. >> josh earnest, the president's press secretary talking about the meeting and you saw a still photothere a moment ago. president obama and president-elect trump had their first meeting and by all accounts it went well. that's what the press are asking josh earnest about now. we are watching on the screen
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a fox news alert. the president elect came out of the capitol hill club. we only saw the motorcade, but donald trump was in there meeting with speaker of the house paul ryan and vice president elect mike pence. now they are headed into the capital building. these are live pictures. you saw mike pence's head of white hair there. i think we just saw donald
10:55 am
trump, the monitor is far away from me, but they're heading into the speaker's office. there will be a pool spray, that's what we call it when a pool photographer provides video images for most of the networks, is able to spray the room, if you will, take pictures of what is going on. this meeting in the speaker's office, one of the best offices in all of the capital city -- the speaker's office, very impressive, and that's where donald trump and mike pence will sit down for a little while, they will also sit down at the spot where donald trump will be inaugurated. that is one of the things that mr. trump wants to accomplish today. after that they go to a meeting with mitch mcconnell. joining us now is jessica erlick. a democratic strategist.
10:56 am
so much bad blood all around this campaign. what do you make of the word that's have been spoken since it was announced he was over the 270 electoral vote threat hold. >> they want hillary clinton to carry on the legacy. they don't like donald trump, they don't want to admit it. what may be more interesting is what is going on at the capital hill -- a big question for trump is do you want paul ryan who had such political instincts about you, do you want to keep him as speaker of the house. that will be a big question about what you want to accomplish. >> i was very pleasantly surprised
10:57 am
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thank you, guys, "america's news headquarters" starts now. we're going live to washington dc to capitol hill where you can' president elect donald trump and house speaker paul ryan sitting together in the u.s. capital at the speaker's office. many thought a moment like this would never happen. that donald trump would be elected president in the first place much less sitting alongside someone he has had a tense relationship with. now it appears to be much better, let's see if we can listen in. it is just wrapping up apparently. a white house briefing is under way,


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