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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 10, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" up next. an exclusive behind the scenes readout of one of president-elect trump's three big meetings today at the white house and on capitol hill. washington prepares to see all red in the new year. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. they have been the best of enemies. today, president obama and donald trump shook hands at the white house. their first personal meeting after long range and sometimes up close animosity. now president-elect trump is coming off a stunning upset of the president's favorite successor. fuelled in large part by his
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withering criticism of president obama dating back to his famous birth certificate president obama has fuelled the fire with campaign trail vitriol against trump, almost unprecedented from a sitting leader as well as one very public dressing down at a white house correspondence dinner five years ago. carl cameron begins our coverage tonight. >> reporter: president obama hosted president-elect trump in the oval office for what they call the cordial meeting. sgli wa >> i want to emphasize to you, mr. president-elect, that we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed, because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> we had never met each other. i have great respect. the meeting lasted maybe for an hour and a half. mr. president, it was a great honor being with you. like forward to being with you
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many, many more times in the future. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama met in the white house residence with future first lady melania trump. joe biden met with his succes r successor. trump and pence visited capitol hill for lunch with paul ryan. there was no sign of past acrimony. >> donald trump had one of the most impressive victories we have seen. we will turn that into progress for american people. we will lower taxes. >> we will do a real job for the public. that's what we want do. >> reporter: ryan gave trump a tour of the speaker's balcony looking down on where he will be inaugurated. >> beautiful. >> reporter: trump and pence met with mitch mcconnell. >> strongly at immigration and healthcare and jobs.
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>> issues that we obviously agree on. >> reporter: campaign insiders like rudy giuliani, chris christie, newt gingrich and jeff sessions and others are all being considered for cabinet and other top posts according to campaign sources. under consideration for white house positions are kellyanne conway, steve bannon, steve miller, jason miller along with rence priebus and sean spicer. he barely took part during the race and half the transition staff was recast to campaign organizing because they thought they were going to lose. they have a ton of catching up to do. >> priebus was in the fox hole from the beginning. is he leading the way? >> he seems to be the likely pick for chief of staff. tremendous victory that he played a big part in with the
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rnc's planning literally for the last eight years he was the chairman of the party. a lot of the other names that have been thrown out there may get rotated. they may get moved around. some will probably not get picked because they have 4,500 positions to fill, 70 days to do it and they are starting from scratch today. >> big are the cabinet members. carl, thanks. let's get more on what was said and not set during today's meeting at the white house. kevin cork has that from the north lawn. >> we discussed a lot of different situations, some wonderful and some difficulties. i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including counsel. >> reporter: seeking counsel seems like the last thing president-elect trump would want, especially considered he described him this way during the campaign. >> i think he's the worst president maybe in the history of our country. he has been a disaster. >> reporter: considering president obama's description of
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mr. trump. >> his campaign took away his twitter account. because he is erratic. if his closest advisors don't trust him to tweet, why would any of us trust him with the nuclear code? >> reporter: one would wonder how they stand being in the same room together. today, all was forgiven. >> very good man. >> reporter: if not forgotten as the two men said all the right things after their hour and a half long meeting. while the president said he is rooting for a successful trump presidency, trump's view of success could mean repealing and replacing obamacare. officials acknowledge the oval office meeting gave the president a chance to make his case. >> worries about the future decisions should not have any impact on anybody capitalizing on the countries that are there today. >> reporter: the fate of obamacare may be less pressing for the transition team than filling the more than 4,000 staff positions needed to hit the ground and start running the government in january. that means leaning on the expertise and advice of a
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president who up until tuesday implored the country to vote against you. >> my number one priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our president-elect is successful. >> reporter: speaking of transition, in december, the obama team will conduct a first of a couple of war gaming exercises with the trump team to help prepare them for a national security crisis. that second one will come in january, days before mr. trump officially has access to the nuclear codes. >> kevin cork live on the north lawn. thank you. there are questions tonight about the future direction of the democratic party and who will be steering that ship. >> reporter: if the tears and hung down heads at clinton headquarters didn't tell the story, a conference call among house democrats the following day did. sources tell fox news the call was akin to a group therapy
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session. there were rumblings of dissent. there was talk of restlessness in the troops. >> the democratic party has got do a fair bit of soul searching and rejuvination now. they have to start taking new approaches. they have to start finding new people. >> reporter: democrats projected that even a pickup of 12 seats in the house would be a bad night. they picked up only six. only two in the senate. chuck schumer will take the helm as the new minority leader. in the house, nancy pelosi is likely to hold the raeigns. >> she's very good at keeping the caucus unified. that's not an easy thing to do. there's a lot of different points of view. she is really good at sort of working with them and talking to folks and saying, how can we get
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the most unity and how can we work together. >> reporter: the 75-year-old pelosi is a tireless fund-raiser, raking in over $127 million in this cycle for house races while visiting 324 fund-raisers in 50 cities. there's also a realization among democrats that no house leader could have stopped trump and his coattail affect. >> so goes the top of the ticket, so goes the house. that's a reality we need to accept and understand. >> reporter: republicans have their own concerns. some have suggested that paul ryan's speakership could be threatened if tensions with donald trump resurface. others have dismissed that noting the house is fiercely protupr protective of its own turf and its own constitutional responsibility. >> thank you. let's talk about the relationship between president-elect trump and congress. earlier today, i spoke to house speaker paul ryan. i started by asking him how his meeting with the president-elect went today. >> wonderful.
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wonderful. >> you are not just saying that. >> no. we had a great working lunch. the president-elect, first lady -- incoming and the vice-president-elect, great working lunch. i can tell you what i got out of donald trump is this a man of action. he is ready to get working. he wants to get it done for the country. it's really, really exciting. >> does he want to get it done with you? >> yeah. we're already talking about how to execute plans, how to get the transition working, how to make 2017 a success for the american people that just asked him to be president of the united states. >> right before the election, i had an interview with donald trump and mike pence. i ask them about whether he was going to work with you. here is what he said. >> i will work with paul ryan. i'm very disappointed in the leadership and -- [ audio distorted ]
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sorry about that. the computer somehow ate the tape or digital whatever happens. and i was going to explain it to you. but we just went to commercial. we will try it again. paul ryan earlier, i had just tossed to a sound bite from donald trump and mike pence before the election. >> paul ryan, i'm very disappointed in the leadership, because i really believe we would be winning by a lot. that we have to fight against republicans is absolutely insane and ridiculous. i'm very disappointed. i will work with everybody.
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i'm not just talking about paul ryan. i will get things through. >> he was disappointed. did he express that today? >> not at all. the past is the past. more importantly, look how we closed the campaign. you saw the guy next to him, mike pence. we did a rally in wisconsin the saturday before the election saying everybody come out and vote for donald trump, for mike pence, for ron johnson who rowo re-election. it went republican, it went for donald trump. we re-elected ron johnson. we had a great year in america, but in wisconsin we closed the campaign by calling for republican unity. that is what we now have going forward. >> when you hear trump supporters out there still sore that republicans didn't all of them step behind -- >> this was an unconventional year. he was an unconventional candidate. the point is, we unified, at the right time at the end. it worked. donald trump heard something out there in america that no one else heard. he heard and he saw a movement
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out there. this -- he pulled off -- like i said yesterday -- one of the most impressive political feats i have seen in my lifetime. it's an amazing thing. donald trump deserves all that credit. by the way, we were expecting and being told to expect more losses in the house than we got. donald trump gave coattails. he had an up draft on the ticket where more house republicans got elected because of his candidacy. he gets a lot of credit for that. we had a very good night. we will have probably a 241 seat majority, which is impressive. so that means we have a good, strong working majority. we retain the majority in the united states senate. what we got is, let's go and execute. let's get these things done. i think about just the regulations. think about the out of work coal workers, ranchers getting hit by the interior department, think
3:16 pm
about the regulations that obama is planning on rolling out that will put a dark cloud on our economy. it's being lifted. just from regulations, it helps save millions of jobs, helps the economy. that's before we get going on passing a legislative agenda to get people back to work to fix our country's problems. we're all very excited about getting to work on this. >> i want to go through the agenda and what's coming. last question on the process here. are you worried about any challenge to your speakership from the freedom caucus or anybody else? >> no. we're excited about getting -- going forward and about working on executing an agenda. the democrats are the ones in the turmoil. republicans are unified and excited about working with our president-elect with a good transition so we hit the ground running. >> let's talk about what you are trying to get done. what do you think goes first? >> that's what we're -- that's what a transition is for. we started that discussion today. mike pence knows republicans extremely well.
3:17 pm
he is working with us as well. that's exactly what we're going to be working on in the coming weeks and months about how to sequence the reforms to make good on campaign promises donald trump made that he is serious about and to pass an agenda to get this country back on track. >> obamacare, it's got to be up there. >> absolutely. we want to go big. we want to go bold. we want to do everything we said we would do. obamacare is failing. it has to get replaced quickly. so is tax reform. so is securing the border. there are these things we need to do. now we're going through sort of the nitty-gritty details how to get these things done. >> you passed a bill to repeal and replace. it got vetoed by president obama. it was the replace part we never had a sense republicans were singing from the same sheet of music on what it looked like. >> we did. that was what our better way agenda was about. 247 house republicans agreed and signed up for a full replacement plan. if you go to, look at
3:18 pm
our items, you will see our replacement plan. we are on the same page on these things. it resembled the reforms he was talking about. >> you are not on the same page on immigration. >> i don't really agree with you. we are on the same page on securing the border. that border security is what president-elect trump is talking about. that's something we all totally agree with. >> the deportation -- >> i think right now, we want to secure the border. that's first -- the first priority. >> let's tick down these things. you have a debt ceiling coming up. how is that going to work? >> ha >> thankfully, we're doing it with a republican president and congress. we can tackle our fiscal issues. we can tackle the oppressive taxes that are stifling job creation and business and making america uncompetitive. having a debt limit, which occurs -- march is around the time this occurs. with president-elect trump --
3:19 pm
with president trump and a congressional republican and congressional senate democrats in the minority and senate republicans in the majority makes a world of difference better. we can use this as an opportunity to get good things done. >> your solution has always been to put things including entitle. that is paul ryan's plan. that's not donald trump's plan. >> well, you have to remember, when obamacare became obamacare, obamacare rewrote medicare, rewrote medicaid. if you are going to repeal and replace obamacare, you have to address those issues as well. what a lot of folks don't realize is this 21-person board called the ipap is about to kick in with price controls on medicare. what people don't realize is because of obamacare, medicare is going broke, medicare is going to have price controls because of obamacare, medicaid is in fiscal straits. you have to deal with those issues if you are going to
3:20 pm
repeal and replace obamacare. medicare has serious problems because of owe be a bebamacare. those are part of our plan. >> do you put obamacare replace -- repeal and replace through the senate in budget reconciliation? >> those are -- >> okay. social security obviously is something you have always talked about. >> that's something i talked about. that was not part of our better way agenda. frankly, the fiscal pressures are mounting faster on health care than social security. >> what about taxes? is that going to be up top? >> absolutely. look, we taxed our businesses in america at much higher tax rates than our foreign competitors tax theirs. therefore, they are winning and we are losing. we have trillions of dollars overseas of american capital that could be redeployed to america but for our tax laws. this tax code is just stifling economic growth. donald trump put out a tax plan
3:21 pm
in the campaign that is almost the same as the tax plan that house republicans -- we are absolutely on the same page on reforming the tax code. reigning in the irs and simpli y simplifying the tax system. this is critical to get the economy growing, getting wages up, getting businesses hiring. that's something we talked about today and something we will work on as part of our big agenda. >> on the immigration front, are you in favor of building a wall? >> i'm in favor of securing the border. i believe that you have to have physical barriers on the border. i will defer to the experts as to the right way to actually secure the border. remember, it's not just border security. you have to have interior enforcement. you have to have a visa tracking system. someone can't steal an identity to get a job. this is something that all republicans agree needs to be addressed. it's something donald trump ran on. that means securing the border.
3:22 pm
we will do whatever it takes to do that. >> for the opponents, the democrats, the never trumpers who said that they were concerned about donald trump the president in national security. that he would have his finger on the button of the nuclear codes. >> i look at that -- that was campaign rhetoric, hyperbole. first of all, the donald trump we saw at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning tuesday night was a president. we saw a man who was mag nan muss. he understands he was given the mantle from the country to turn this country around and get us out of a tough ditch we were in. 70% of americans don't like the path america is on. they want a different path. we as republicans offered specific solutions of the problems. that's what we're going to focus on. he is talking in his transition about getting the kind of
3:23 pm
experts and advisers on foreign policy that would make any republican presidency proud. >> you say it's like lifting a cloud for republicans? >> it is. look, we have been -- we have had this divided government for some time. it's no secret i don't agree with the direction president obama took the country. it has been frustrating. we haven't been able to get things done. now we finally have -- this was my closing argument in the campaign. i stood there with mike pence saying, with a unified republican government, we can actually get things done for the people of this country. we now have that. now we're working on putting the transition plans together to make sure we can deliver that. >> we will follow it every step of the way. thanks for being here. >> thanks. we will analyze that later with the panel. former illinois congressman aaron shock has been indicted on 24 federal counts, including wire fraud and theft of funds.
3:24 pm
the former republican congressman, schock was once considered a rising star in the gop. he resigned in 2015 amid scrutiny over real estate deals, extensive travel and a remodeling of his capitol hill office in the style of the tv series downton abby. he says it was honest mistakes. a major criticism of president obama by his opponents has been his reliance or overreliance on executive orders to impose policies rejected by congress. when donald trump takes over next year, will he continue that policy or back off? we take a look. >> we will eliminate every unnecessary job killing regulation. we will cancel every illegal obama executive order. >> reporter: president-elect trump says he is putting washington on notice in response to this 2014 promise by president obama. >> i have a pen.
3:25 pm
and i've got a phone. >> reporter: in the years suns since he made that promise, he has aggressively pushed his agenda through federal agencies rather than trying the painstaking and frequently unsuccessful path through lawmakers on capitol hill. from stacking the national labor relations board, a move the supreme court unanimously struck down as exceeding the president's constitutional boundaries, to ordering schools across the country to adhere to the administration's views on the transgender debate or risk losing funding, obama's use of executive power has been anything but subtle. >> president obama because he couldn't get his agaenda decide toer er icircumvent this. >> he didn't get a hillary clinton victory. so a lot of the things that he did are going away. obamacare is going away. keystone pipeline is going back in. you can put together a new
3:26 pm
year's list of these things. >> reporter: trump is vowing a review aimed at eliminating what he calls wasteful, unnecessary job killing federal regulations with a specific mention of the epa regulations aimed at coal-fired plants, a moratorium on new regulations not too ied to public safety and a cancellation of what he called all illegal and overreaching executive orders. there is a debate about what trump could do unilaterally regarding the iran nuclear agreement which he has called, quote, stupidest deal of all time. the state department spokesman confirms the deal is only valid as long as all parties agree to uphold it. iranian officials argue the deal cannot be undone by one government's decision. >> thank you. we are getting word from an aide that former president bill clinton called president-elect trump this afternoon. during that brief phone call, president clinton congratulated mr. trump and wished him well. the trump surge continues
3:27 pm
for the dow. the industrial average gained 218 today and hit both an all-time intraday high and a record close. the s&p 500 was up four. the nasdaq finished ahead -- i'm sorry finished down 42. let's get perspective on what's happening with the markets in the wake of the trump victory and talk about the economic forecast for a trump presidency. trish regan is with us tonight in new york. >> good evening. everybody was so worried. we saw the futures market selling off amid concerns on the night that he won. or morning, i should say. all of a sudden, once the market opened, you could see a reversal. people are thinking about the positive aspects of a trump presidency, what it could mean for our economy. they are reacting to that with the dow hitting and all-time high. >> this seems to have turned pretty quickly. it was the next day that the
3:28 pm
market bounced back pretty late morning. is there a sense that the policies specifically -- the taxes, the regulations, that that is something businesses see as a big upshot? >> absolutely. lower taxes, the ability to bring all that money that's sitting offshore, you heard paul ryan talking about it. you have $2 trillion that's sitting offshore in overseas profits. to have it work for us in the u.s., the idea of less regulation, these are the things that are music to business owners' ears. this is why you are seeing this up side. it just -- sector specifically, bank stocks have benefitted because the threat of additional regulation with hillary clinton in the white house has been removed. construction stocks or construction-related stocks are doing well because the thinking is you will see a big infrastructure spend. one of the challenges for the
3:29 pm
economy has been over the last eight years, there's been so much gridlock there washington that they haven't been able to do anything on the fiscal policy side. sure, the fed is out there doing everything they can. but you need fiscal and monetary policy working together hand in hand to really start to generate any kind of economic growth. the hope now is that is what we might see as paul ryan said, you have the ability if you are a lawmaker to really start to see some meaningful reform, because you got the house, the senate and the oval office. >> trish, as always, thank you. not to mention the energy sector, which who knows what will happen in that regard as well. it appears tonight that hillary clinton actually won the popular vote for president. the votes are still being tallied. there are millions of people in america tonight unwilling to accept the trump victory, at least without some kind of protest. that has led to demonstrations on the streets. james rosen shows us what's
3:30 pm
happening. >> reporter: protesters in close to a dozen american cities have hanged and burned donald trump in effigy and rejected his victory with a not my president furry that far exceeds disappointment by obama's critics eight years ago. >> i woke up. >> reporter: they urged those americans inclined to protest to do so non-violently. >> we're democrats and republicans, but we're americans and patriot first. >> reporter: ever since protesters assaulted nixon's motorcade they have said it's a new fascism. >> this is what it feels like when america is made great again. i was wondering.
3:31 pm
i was hoping it would feel better. because this sucks. >> reporter: some republican presidents-elect like nixon or george w. bush who lost the popular vote in 2000 have been branded as ill legitimate of the office. if donald trump harbors concerns about perceptions of his legitimacy, he might look to gerald ford, the only president never elected to that job or the vice presidency. >> my fellow americans, the oath that i have taken is the same oath that was taken by george washington and by every president under the constitution. >> reporter: what goes around, comes around to some extent. at 11:30 p.m. on election night 2012, one donald j. trump
3:32 pm
tweeted, we can't let this happen. we should march on washington and stop this travesty. >> twitter. thanks, james. iraqi troops continue to clear neighborhoods once occupied by isis terrorists around mosul. a u.s. spokesman said troops destroyed 70 tunnels where they had been hiding and from which they launched surprise attacks. the u.s. marine corps is celebrating its 241st birthday today. the corps was created in a philadelphia tavern on november 10, 1775. the busirthday comes one day before veterans day which is celebrated tomorrow. happy birthday, marines. president obama and donald trump meet at white house this day. we will start there. the panel joins me after a break.
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to have the an excellent conversation with president-elect trump. we talked about foreign policy. we talked about domestic policy. we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed, because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including counsel. he explained some of the difficulties, some of the high flying assets and some of the really great things that have been achieved. i look forward to being with him many, many more times in the future. >> the meeting in the oval office today. obviously, a different tone from the campaign trail. the white house had to deal with questions about that as well. >> donald trump is uniquely unqualified to be our chief executive. >> does he still believe that? >> look, the president's views haven't changed. he stands by what he said on the campaign trail. the american people decided. the election is over.
3:37 pm
the president didn't get to choose his successor. the american people did. >> the protests should hear josh earnest about that one. let's bring in our panel. jason riley, laura ingram, charles lane and charles krauthkrau krauthammer. you heard what they said at the meeting and paul ryan about the agenda. your thoughts? >> i think that president-elect trump could do a lot of good with the never trumpers in particular in bringing them back into the fold based on what he prioritize here. i think if he picks a conservative nominee to replace justice scalia and repeals obamacare, he will win over a lot of these folks initially and then go from there. i think that should be at the top of his agenda. i think it will be at the top of his agenda. we heard paul ryan, there are differences. you pressed on some of the
3:38 pm
issues much entitlement reform. he seemed to be saying you can't repeal and replace obamacare in total without doing some form of entitlement reform. there will be sticky areas. i think the stage is set here for the republican party to come back together based on them now controlling both chambers of congress and the presidency. >> once he is sworn in, laura, president trump is not probably just going to hand the keys over to congress and paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. there will be some agenda pushing as far as what he wants to get through. >> i mean, this is trump's party now. never trumpers, were there five people? there weren't that many. he flipped states that were democrat states. he came in and completely upended the bushes, the clintons, obamas, chambers of commerce, media, hollywood. he took them all on. he got vilified. he made some mistakes. but he won handily. the idea that he is going to come in and be like, okay, i gotta make bill crystal feel
3:39 pm
better, that's ridiculous. he is going to what he said he is going to do. it's going to be hard. obamacare repeal, paul is right, it's not that simple. it's a complex web which was designed that way to make it really hard to repeal. i think trump is happy to work with paul ryan on trump's agenda. where their agenda coalesces and collides, they will figure it out. i don't think trump will spend time about pleasing the never trumpers. he has a mandate. the democrats will have to deal with that agenda. we will see what happens. >> it may surprise you, i agree with laura that this is trump's party, that the establishment, so to speak, that's there in congress is definitely not just in his thrall, they are -- a lot of people wouldn't be there but for donald trump.
3:40 pm
he has -- he holds all the cards. what's interesting to me is that i heard paul ryan prioritizing the things s donald trump said wants, particularly border security. amnesty has been something that's been hung around paul rye ryan's neck. he is backing away from that in order to help trump -- to put trump in a position to support the parts of his agenda that paul ryan likes. >> the devil will be in the details about how in the immigration issue about the specifics and the numbers. charles, i want to play the sound bite and get your thoughts about president obama and this exchange today. this is about his legacy. we're having one of these evenings that it's --
3:41 pm
>> i agree with what was supposed to -- >> here we go. we have it now. it took a little time to warm up. okay. [ audio is distorted ] >> so as i said. >> obama's legacy was on the line. it could be the vast right wing conspiracy. you never know. >> my point is, i was going to play a sound bite where president obama is on the trail and he says it's about our legacy. i'm not on the ballot, but my legacy is on the ballot. you have to elect hillary clinton. he said it again and again and again. what is the obama legacy after donald trump comes in and tears up the executive orders, repeals and replaces obamacare and maybe
3:42 pm
tears up the iran nuclear deal? >> it will be rubble. obama understood that from the beginning. that's why he was so desperate to get hillary re-elected -- elected potentially as his successor and continue his legacy. i think it's largely overlooked, the victory that trump won was, of course, largely his instincts. also how terrible a campaigner hillary is. the third element was that obama is sort of left wing overreach. starting with obamacare, has poisoned the democrats now for the three elections in which he is not at the top of the ticket. the two mid term elections where he got shellacked and now the legacy election. the premiums skyrocketing two weeks before election. they reminded people of why they did not like what had been carried out in his name. with obama off the scene, with
3:43 pm
trump in the white house, the executive orders are going to go on day one. the major legislative achie achievements are going to be repealed. the problem with the iran deal is it's hard to unwind it because obama gave away the store from the beginning. so what is there to undo? nonetheless, he understood what was at stake and he lost. >> it's important to note that his legacy is not only in jeopardy because he lost the white house to a republican. it's in jeopardy because of the way he governed. executive order after executive order on things like immigration or ramming through large pieces of legislation without bipartisan support like obamacare. it didn't have to be this way. this is not a president who worked to build consensus. that consensus would have helped him carry out a legacy that is in jeopardy. >> i want to ask about immigration. this is newt gingrich on a conference call about having mexico pay for wall. it's about trump. he knows how to build big
3:44 pm
buildings. knows how to build lots of stuff. >> i'm not sure newt in that case is speaking directly for the president-elect. we shall see. i know they have had a very cordial conversation yesterday. that seemed to go well. those are the kinds of things they will have to answer for. that became a clarion call rally after rally. a lot of folks said when you renegotiate nafta or you do a joint fund of the drug -- all the property fees and drug raids and use that. there are a lot of creative ways they can get mexico to pay for it. is mexico going to stroke a check? that's a hard thing to pull off. he did say it a bunch of times.
3:45 pm
>> he did. paul ryan, donald trump, congress, next up. stay with us. at bp, we empower anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right, so everyone comes home safely. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. but dad, you've got...tes are probably gonna double. because safety is never being satisfied. allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands.
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great -- i can tell you what i got out of donald trump today is this is a man of action. he is ready to get working. he wants to get it done for the country. it's really really exciting. >> does he want to get it done with you? >> oh, yeah. we're, we're -- we're already talking about how to execute plans. how to get the transition working, how to make 2017 a success for the american that asked him to be president of the united states. >> house speaker paul ryan not worried about his speakership or any challenges and also pretty
3:49 pm
excited about the way forward. we're back with the panel. chuck, i mean, he was kind of coming out of his shoes there a little bit. >> i almost wanted to stay calm down a minute there what's impressive here, one has to recognize what an extraordinary moment this is basically against all expectations, the republicans are now the ruling party in the united states and will be for at least the next two and it's likely they hold the senate the next four. they have a clear field in front of them. they will also be in control of the federal judiciary. on the other hand, the democratic party isn't just kind of in a little bit of trouble. it's as one columnist today referred to it as a pile of smoking rubble. they only have 15 governorships. obviously nothing in washington. of course they are engaged in mutual recrimination about the campaign. the republicans really have it all in their hands. what we're going to see now is all the policy doe baits in america that have any consequence will be taking place within the republican party. and right now, of course,
3:50 pm
they are very unified and making great show of it. wilbut, obviously, differences here and there will start to develop and then we will see whether it's true that donald trump really has the leadership ability to keep that herd of cats all together. >> i think ryan's excitement is absolutely genuine. what the republicans have a situation pent up supply. these people have been stockpiling proposals, ideas, legislation now for years and seeing everyone i do in thsee everyone diein the n obama's desk. i'm not worried about disagreements between ryan and obama over policy. there is so much out there that it will be very easy to start with those things on which they agree. for example, on immigration, they agree on border security. ryan is no -- you know, he is not a fan of deportation. but, of course, donald
3:51 pm
trump, he retreated from that. and he said well, we'll deal with this later. so they can easily agree on the wall. all the elements of border security. defer amnesty or defer legalization. and then trump will decide. he will decide which of the agenda items are going t proposed and pursued at the beginning. ryan is over there. it will be ryan proposing. trump disposing. so i don't see where the conflict has to be. later on, it will start. but i don't see it starting now. >> jason, chuck mentioned the democrats kind of imploding. howard dean today tweeted out the democrats need organization and focus on the young. need a 50 state strategy and tech rehab. i am in for chairman again. howard dean back in the saddle. >> that's because he is a healer, bret. that's what the democratic party needs. so he is the go-to guy for that he unifies people as we know. no. they are in trouble. they know they are in trouble.
3:52 pm
although i do think that there are going to be some areas where donald trump can work with democrats and chuck schumer in particular. they know each other because donald trump is a new yorker. i think you have issues like carried interest with wall street, where it's very popular that chuck schumer would be willing to deal on that. also this idea that trump has taken entitlement reform off the table will bring a lot of democrats to the table. >> not only that but you have 25 democratic senators up for re-election. five of them in red states. so somethin' tells me they will be willing to deal. >> and paul ryan was also excited because for years the republican leadership has been telling the public and their constituents it's not that we don't have the will or the idea. it's that we don't have the numbers. and now he has the numbers. and i think he is very excited to get something done here. the other thing that obama always been more popular than his policies and republicans know that the other amazing thing that trump did was defeat a party with a president approval
3:53 pm
rating well above 50%. >> exit polls, countries, 46 percent said they wanted a more conservative leader which was quite something coming out 57% approval with the polls. i don't know if we can believe that he has rock star kind of quality that is more of a celebrity quality. the policy variety, especially with the obamacare premiums. i want to address a little bit of the staffing question here in the white house because there are 4,000 positions that have to be filled. from my time a long time ago in 1987, 1988 in the reagan administration, it was very -- it's very interesting to see how people burrow in to positions in the executive branch, omb, office of management budget all the departments who sometimes are working against the interest of the chief executive and an agenda. so, you know, don't let the foxes into the hen house. >> that brings me up a question. there are some people that i have heard concerned about the head of the national weather service transition -- nl
3:54 pm
security that is happening for donald trump. that is mike rogers. mike rogers, you may all remember, was responsible for the intelligence committee bill on benghazi. and that got a lot of attacks from conservatives and including a prominent one, trey gowdy. and i asked him about it here on the show. >> the democrats and the white house pointing to mike rogers committee, intel chairman and saying that he essentially found different findings than you all found. are you saying that his report was not good and that people shouldn't take him seriously? >> yes. well, they can take him seriously if they want to but two of his intel committee members were our bengals committee. they didn't sign his report. they signed ours. you don't issue a final definitive report without interviewing eyewitnesses. he didn't interview the eyewitnesses. he didn't even interview the guy that we found that told us who evacuated our folks
3:55 pm
from the annex. >> shear a candidate who ran in part on the benghazi issue. you have the 13 hours guys that endorsed donald trump and you have got a guy running your national security transition that comes under fire from conservatives over benghazi. >> yeah. people aren't happy about that. the 13 hours guys were infuriated, fuming after that report came out because the report basically called their integrity into question said that these, you know, heroes were doing it just to sell a book. and i think it's important to note that a lot of the committee members just stopped going to the hearings because they felt it was such a travesty with mike rogers. and benghazi, really was the tent pole in w trying to say about hillary clinton. >> does trump not know -- >> -- i think maybe in the beginning they had all these national security guys who were writing letters against trump. and so there weren't a lot of people maybe rushing at that point in time in the intel community to work with trump.
3:56 pm
it was chertoff. it was tom ridge. all these guys were against trump. tom rogers comes in and says i will do it. a lot of people unhappy with mike rogers deal. >> a lot of days to talk about. 74 before inauguration. it's a big job. that's a look at the panel. take a look at the jaw dropping moment from the cleveland cavaliers' visit to the white house. over time, your money could multiply. hello, all of you. get organized at simulation initiated. ♪ [beeping] take on any galaxy with a car that could stop for you. simulation complete.
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so simple. get the recipes at guard was in for quite a surprise apparently for his visit to the white house today when he discovered that podiums could move. watch closely. >> why don't we strike the podium here so we get a better picture. come on up. >> here he is. what? what? he is very surprised about the podium moving. wait. they can move the podium? look at that wow. he cannot believe they can move the podium.
4:00 pm
we thought that was funny. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. fair, balanced and unafraid. "on the record" starts right now. doesn't it? >> president-elect donald trump leaving trump tower for the white house today less than 4 hours after winning historic presidential election. mr. trump and his wife, the future first lady melania making the rounds. hello, everybody, i'm martha maccallum and this is "on the record." the president-elect hit the ground running today meeting first with president obama in the oval office. mr. trump then headed to capitol hill where he met with speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. after their meeting the president and president-elect spoke briefly to reporters. >> i just had the opportunity to have the an excellent conversation with president-elect trump. we