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tv   On the Record With Brit Hume  FOX News  November 10, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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economy in the country. get rid of the iranian deal and fulfill all of the promises. see you back here tomorrow night. it? >> president-elect donald trump leaving trump tower for the white house today less than 4 hours after winning historic presidential election. mr. trump and his wife, the future first lady melania making the rounds. hello, everybody, i'm martha maccallum and this is "on the record." the president-elect hit the ground running today meeting first with president obama in the oval office. mr. trump then headed to capitol hill where he met with speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. after their meeting the president and president-elect spoke briefly to reporters. >> i just had the opportunity to have the an excellent conversation with president-elect trump. we talked about some of the
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organizational issues in setting up the white house. we talked about foreign policy. we talked about domestic policy. >> we discussed a lot of different situations. some wonderful and some difficulties. >> my number one priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our president-elect is successful. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including counsel. mr. president it was a great honor being with you and i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the future. >> there is something a lot of people thought they would never see, right? fox news white house correspondent kevin corke joins joining us live from are where the action was today at the white house. hi, kevin. >> great to see you tonight. i'm used to seeing you 10:00 in the morning. a lot of people just listening to president obama say president-elect trump. it was an interesting thing to see on tape. but, obviously, the two men
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had a wide ranging conversation as you heard them say. about 90 minutes, spending much of that time about security, economy, and yes, of course, the major transition that is yet to come here in washington. now, for mr. trump it, wasn't just a trip here to the white house. no. he was very busy making his way over to capitol hill. there he had a chance to visit g.o.p. leaders. as for his tet to tet with the president-elect trump he said he would do all he could and team would do all they could to facilitate a smooth transition. >> i have been very encouraged by the, i think, interest in president-elect's trump wanting to work with my team around many of the issues that this great country faces. >> now, for his part, the president-elect, a little bit circumspect is fair to say. he did say that he was looking forward to getting more counsel from the
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president and despite their differences he said he was looking forward to them working well together. >> we had never met each other. i have great respect. the meeting lasted for almost an hour and a half. and it could have -- as far as i'm concerned, it could have gone for a lot longer. >> i have quote to tell you i talked to some staffers afterwards. there were no staffers in the meeting, martha. i said what was the feeling afterward? a senior administration official told me look, i thought the president was energized afterward and he said that that meant he thought the meeting went better, perhaps, than expected. we'll see how all that works out as they continue to work together up until january and the transition. martha? >> fascinating times, kevin, thank you very much. so, another popular president, also spent a little bit of time with the president-elect today. this was on the phone. former president clinton called donald trump briefly to wish him well between this and today's historic meeting with president obama and president-elect trump. what does it tell us about
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what to expect in a trump presidency? our nightly political panel is here. shelby holiday from the "wall street journal" and caitlin huey burns national political reporter for real clear politics. i mean, you know, if you looked at this tape today, you could detect a little bit of tension in that room. i mean, i think it's obvious that it's a nervous moment really for both of these people. how do you think it went, caitlin? >> it was such a fascinating moment for two reasons politically and what this means for the country. first of all, these are two men who have been in opposition for a long time. president obama just spent the past several months railing against donald trump saying he was unfit for the office he is now about to serve. president-elect trump has spent the past several years questioning obama's birthplace. questioning his legitimacy and that road. the fact that they came together really underscores the powerful of the peaceful transition of powerful in our democracy. it's also kind of a moment to really saver, i think. lots of fights are still ahead in congress with the
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democrats now assuming the minority and looking for leadership there. so it's really important moment in terms of stability and unity. >> i want to talk to you about the hill visit as well. let's first deal with that moment. we know that the reporters, staffers, everybody was out of the room. so it was just these two individuals. donald trump said i was only supposed to be here for 15 minutes and it went for 90 minutes. i wish i could stay longer. >> and it could have gone longer. >> apparently to people at the white house had blocked out the room for an hour. somewhere in between is the truth i guess. >> 90 minutes is a lot of time to spend with someone. i would love to know what they actually talked about. both of them are very cordial. >> high flying assets apparently part of the conversation. >> receiving it really well. i think it's great for the american people. i think both sides have a little -- like you said, there is a little bit of tension, that's natural. both sides have something to be concerned about. this is the first time we have seen donald trump in a situation where he is not competing with another candidate. he is not attacking anyone.
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he doesn't have to anymore. we saw the negotiator side came out. paid the president a nice complement. said he would seek his counsel which is encouraging to many americans out on the street protesting. he is not going to unite the country immediately. i'm not sure anything he does today would do that but i do think it's giving a lot of people encouragement. >> it's interesting that whole idea seeking counsel. the word is this president hasn't done that that much. hasn't called up the former presidents and said you are one of the only people alive who has been in my shoes. what would do you in this situation? former presidents have done that and you also think about the very unique relationship of president bush 41 and bill clinton, the man who deprived him of a second term. they became very close. can you imagine, perhaps, that that might happen with these two. >> really really nice letter from h.w. the other day to clinton. left it on the desk. it really kind of gives you the chills.
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it makes you appreciate that transition. >> i think, too, one of the -- i think president-elect trump can take a lot from president obama in terms of coming to office with a majority in both houses of congress. this is in 2008, president obama entered with a majority in congress. and he didn't establish the kinds of relationships and i think he paid the price for that later when he tried to do things that he wanted to do. if he wants to seek counsel that way i think that's good advice. >> i don't see donald trump doing that making that mistake. we will see. because you have to press the flash. you have to get people in your office. you have to have lunch. you have to reach out. we see him doing that in his business life. he seems to like working more than pretty much any other part of his life. people are either like that or they are not. they either would rather be working than anything else or they're there are people who would like to work and be done for the day. he seems like the former. shelby, in terms of congress, the meetings he had today, paul ryan, mitch
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mcconnell, what did you read in those tea leaves? >> that will be a really interesting dynamic. the g.o.p. is already starting to move on tax reform and some of the policies that donald trump wants to implement. at the same time, some of donald trump's policies are a little controversial within the republican party like his stance on trade and pulling out of nafta and withdrawing from tpp. so, i think that, again, it was encouraging sign to see them standing there and shaking hands. i thought it was funny when they went out on the balcony with paul ryan and melania. paul ryan is showing him where things are in washington. he literally is saying over there you see this and that. you will be living over there. you will take the oath of office here. you have to get back to where it's a little bit of a la la land moment today and then everything was perfect. fairy tale which we know it's not. you think about the things that were said between these people and think about paul ryan a couple weeks ago after access hollywood tape i cannot support that man. and then today he is sitting
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there with bret baier saying wow, i was so impressed. this is a guy who wants to get down to work. i think a lot of normal people who aren't politicians look at this and go what the heck is going on? >> what just happened. i totally agree. one of the most fascinating elements of this. i was looking a couple of weeks ago when a lot of these republicans were starting to come back home and we saw donald trump got, you know, he got the support that he needed in the polls from republicans. so i think republicans in washington though they have been out of power for so long. so they are just -- >> -- they are giddy. >> exactly. >> donald trump gave them the best prechristmas gift he could ever give them. >> how are you going to argue with a guy who won. >> especially for paul ryan who is trying to be pushing this agenda and faith in congress. this is welcome news for him. >> he voted for donald trump. >> he was him though a cup p couple weeks ago if he lost he could say i told you, ifings never on board that train. but apparently now he is.
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>> now he. >> makes people very popular. >> help him get lot of things done. bemoved him to get along well. panel, i want to talk to you about the transition as well. because that is really the big story today. we are all watching these names as they come across. seeing what's out there. the possible positions that are getting leaked. nothing has been confirmed yet. but we do expect we're going to get some actual appointments very soon because they need to get rolling here. earlier today chris christie whom ho some believe is in a good position for the trump spoke about different roles. watch this. >> we have not talked about anything. it's true the president-elect was absolutely adamant about not discussing the transition before he was elected. >> would you want to be chief of staff? >> you really don't think. >> that's what you call a pregnant pause. >> you really don't think i'm answering any of these
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questions, do you? you know me better than that. >> what's going on here. chris christie has started to speak out. he just got some major stuff behind him with regard to bridge gate, he believes. do you see him as up for serious position in this administration, caitlin? >> i think for a candidate who railed against scandals, railed against the clinton administration, i think bringing christie on to a prominent role i think would raise at love questions and criticisms inside washington. the position i'm really focused on right now is who he picks as chief of staff. >> who do you think he will pick? >> well, there is talk of reince priebus the rnc chair which i think would be a productive decision for donald trump because of those relationships that he has in congress and within the party. i think he would help to temper some the mood and some of the tensions. there is also talk though the "new york times" has reported of steve bannon coming in to that role. that i think, would send the -- a difficult -- the wrong signal, perhaps, if he wants to be the union fire. and so that' -- unifire.
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that would be a look who he wants every day. >> chief of staff is not a big picture theory vision role necessarily. it is somebody who is going to make sure that you know what you need to be focused on to make those connections with congress, to make sure you've got a really tight, good staff behind you. jared chrishner has also been discussed as a possibility. his son-in-law top advisors and confidantes who understood this election process better than anybody. >> incredibly well. >> what do you think of that idea? he has never had any experience in washington. >> he might be trump's most trusted aide. they were very close throughout this expire year. we saw him today at the white house. the rumor mill -- >> -- walking around the lawn with dennis mcdonough the chief of staff role right now. >> that is something that should not be ruled out. that's certainly a wise choice for trump. it's not a public position. it's the president's most trusted advisor. i think treasury secretary will be really interesting. will he reward steve nuten
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who works for him and very loyal and finance chair. nvestment banker. people skeptical of wall street might be skeptical of that choice. dent rule out jake heser ling. he wants to repeal dodd frank. he is in support of these g.o.p. policies. the things that people have been trying to do with respect to financial reform. that will be a fascinating pick. some people think carl icon might be too insider. >> what about kellyanne conway? she did such a fabulous job for him there were moments that you could see in events that were happening the fingerprints of kellyanne conway and the things he was saying when the discipline kicked. in some people are saying press secretary? even perhaps chief of staff for her. >> she was the campaign manager, of course. but her real role in that campaign was being the public face of the campaign, being the messenger.
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and by all. >> she took the heat with those girls on "the view." she took the heat in some very, very tough situations, yes h she did. >> by all accounts she did a very difficult job very well. communications director, press secretary. i think in a public role being involved in messaging i think is really her strength. she is also someone who has experience, of course in polls and public opinion. part involves traveling around using the bully pulpit messaging critical in the early stage. >> i think sausage fest of a cabinet. all these men, most of them are white, all of them are white. i think she would be incredible pick. >> she was super smart. great on the campaign. i would expect helper to get a fairly high profile role here. we will see. ladies, thank you very much. great to see you both. >> it will be interesting. >> shelby, caitlin. don't go await a minute president-elect donald trump and president obama sat down at the white house. another name being throne around for possible
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secretary of state is john bolton who we have had as a guest on our show many times. what would president-elect trump look for in secretary of state. ambassador bolton is joining us from d.c. ambassador, good to see you. welcome. >> i'm glad to be here. >> is that a role you are up for and you have talked to trump about it. >> no. i think governor christie after hesitation got the answer exactly right. look, these are decisions that have to be made and i think made quickly. but i think that process is beginning. i think donald trump really did focus on his election campaign and while there has been a lot of talk about the work that the transition teams both for hillary clinton and donald trump did before the election, more, i think, than in any prior presidential election, there is still a lot more to be done. so it's people should not necessarily be expecting announcements within the next 24 hours. i think it's very important to get these early personnel
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decisions right and if that takes a few more days, then the media expect, then so be it. >> what do you believe will be the most pressing and immediate? because he talked about his priorities and they are mostly domestic at this point in terms of the border, in terms of jobs, and in terms of healthcare? those are the three things that he mentioned today as priorities. what would you advise him if you were to advise him and i know you have spoken to him over the course of the campaign. he needs to make his top priority with regard to foreign policy. >> well, i think one of the characteristics about foreign policy that is distinct from domestic position. intrude. threats that the united states faces. and the more longer term strategic threats got. proliferation of numerous larr chemical and biological weapons. iran deal being the most pertinent examples. you have the continuing
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threat of radical islamic terrorism. the middle east ascending into chaos at the more strategic level you have got what to do about adversaries potentially like china and russia. and a whole host of other regional conflicts that could arise. so, i think the list is actually quite long. i think the threats to america are potentially very grave. i think the president needs the time to do the strategic thinking early. this is a good time to do it, to be prepared. >> you know, it's an ominous list that you just laid out for our viewers. we also know that president-elect trump has talked about building a safe zone in syria. and no-fly zone in syria. we watched what's happening on the ground in aleppo. is that something that you believe is doable and something that's doable quickly? >> well, i think events on the ground could well change before january the 20th among other things. this is one of the educational proceeds that not only the president-elect but everybody coming in to
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the government is going to have to go through here. really, i have been in transitions going in and i have been in transitions coming out. and president obama said the right thing when he said -- cited president george w. bush and the kind of transition that he gave as president-elect obama came. in and i hope that the president's aides follow through on that. because it is critical. and the national security area more than any other, not to have slip-ups that occur that affect what happens after january the 20th. one other thing very quickly. it is important for everybody to remember, foreigners particularly, that president obama is president until noon on the 20th of january. there is no co-presidency here. he may inform trump. he may consult with trump. but nobody should be under any allusions that there is more than one president. this will be extremely critical, i think, given the range of challenges that we face. >> you are so right. and domestic policy is the
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kind of thing you can lay out an agenda for and work on day to day. foreign policy, unfortunately, is the kind of thing that often happens and drops in your levee and you need to respond to and is he going to need a very strong team around him, advising him when that happens which we know it will. panama city bolton thank you very much. >> thank you. >> so let's go through some of the speed read right now from the world of politics. iran just violated the terms of the nuclear deal. speaking of that according to a report from the united nations the iranians exceeded a limit on heavy water stockpile used in nuclear reactors and used to create nuclear weapons. according to the investigators this is the second time that iran has overstepped the limits. president-elect trump has vowed to rip up that deal and some of these transgressions without too much notice in washington. my gel, one of britain's most outspoken brekkott supporters and prominent donald trump ally taking credit for president-elect's success. the independent party leaders said helped push the
11:20 pm
brexit movement as it swept across europe and u.s. president-elect trump strongly opposed in nafta throughout his campaign and now canadian prime minister justin trudeau said is he happy to talk about renegotiating that trade dole. prime minister trudeau talked to mr. trump this morning congratulating him on a successful campaign. let's begin the relationship. and firefighters today gave trump force one as it's become to be known water absolute aabsolute salute. this is something they do to honor people, including foreign dignitaries and retiring military leaders. quite a moment on the tarmac today when that happened. and sneakers are getting political. shoe brand new bound sparked a backlash after a spokesperson told the reporter the obama administration turned a deaf ear to us and frank whether i president-elect trump we feel things are going to
11:21 pm
move in the right direction. so there is that from new bound. boston based company has long been against the transpacific partnership known as tpp. some have decided to burn new balance shoes in protest. nearly every single pollster was wrong about tuesday's results with a couple of small exceptions. we're going to talk to one guest who is coming up who says that they weren't as wrong as everybody thinks. that's next. also, president-elect trump made immigration one of his key policy proposals. we look at his immigration plans and his first 100 days in office coming up. bp gives its offshore teams 24/7 support from onshore experts, so we have extra sets of eyes on our wells every day.
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president-elect and president obama sat down today in the most important office in the land the oval office. mr. trump has been outspoken of mr. obama's executive orders. vowed to undo what was done
11:33 pm
with the pen and the phone in that famous quote from president obama so what goes first? fox news shannon bream has the story. >> president obama said he was going to use his pen and phone to get things done but i think he is about to become acquainted with the trump meet ax. >> president-elect donald trump has made his intentions clear vowing on day one to cancel every unconstitutional executive action and order made by president obama. it's something that will be completely within his powers as the new commander-in-chief. simply by issuing his own executive orders. experts say along with the tens of thousands of pages of rules and regulations added to the federal register over obama's last two terms, a trump administration should also expect a flurry of new items to deal with. >> i suspect that in the final days, there are going to be people within this administration that are looking to push so-called midnight regulations out the door and basically exert every last drop of power
11:34 pm
they can before it expires. >> trump has said he will specifically target the e.p.a.'s highly controversial coal fired plant regulations, which many on both sides of the aisle concede could send electricity costs for every american skyrocketing. >> we're going to put our miners back to work and our steel workers back to work. our plan will end the e.p.a., which is a -- hey, look, it's all wonderful but it's a disaster. >> but it's a near certainty trump will do what every one of his predecessors has done issue executive orders of his own. on illegal imation. trump vowed this back in august. >> these international gangs of thugs and drug cartels will be, i promise you from the first day in office, the first thing i'm going to do, the first piece of paper that i'm going to sign is we're going to get rid of these people day one before the wall, before anything.
11:35 pm
>> there are many things mr. trump cannot do on his own, but he can defund portions of the president's agenda with deeper roots if he is willing to work with congress which holds the power of the purse. martha. >> shannon, thank you. so the president-elect has laid out his plans for the first 100 days in office and some of his biggest and boldest plans deal with one of his main campaign promises. immigration reform. fox news chief national correspondent ed henry has that story tonight. >> even as president-elect donald trump in public was all about showcasing cooperation today at the white house, in private, trump is moving quickly to map out a bold plan to follow through on one of his most divisive campaign promises, building a wall. a direct challenge to everyone from president obama to enrique down in mexico. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. >> trump is trying to balance that hard edge
11:36 pm
rhetoric from the campaign with his more diplomatic tone since the election. that includes taking a phone call from the mexican president who met with trump months ago. >> i have many friends, so many friends and some friends coming to mexico and in mexico. >> according to a document released by the president-elect's transition team, he plans to tack tell immigration in his first 100 days. the cente centerpiece of the pln the new law called end illegal immigration act. >> who is going to pay for the law? >> mexico. >> if passed the proposal would fully propose the construction of border wall with the understanding the country of mexico will be reimbursing the united states for the full cost of such wall. the proposed law would also establish mandatory minimum sentences for people who illegally reenter the u.s. after getting deported. illegal immigrants with felonies on their record who reenter the country will face a five year mandatory minimum. the law would also make efforts to push employers to hire americans before
11:37 pm
illegal immigrants. >> it would be nice to have borders, don't you think, right? trump also promises to begin removing the more than million criminal illegal immigrants from the country. he could also cancel visas for country like china which refuse to take back criminal illegals. it involves terror prone regions where trump plans to block all immigration in the government can perform what he calls extreme vetting. all of that, of course, is red meat to republicans on capitol hill. the only way the incoming president will etract serious democratic support is if he has a real proposal in there to deal with the path to citizenship for people who are already here. the other big issue, of course, is getting mexico to pay for the wall. the mexican president has insisted he will not do that though in their phone call he agreed to a second bilateral meeting with the president-elect. martha? >> we will see how that goes thanks, ed henry. so they said that it would be disastrous for the stock market. but you know what happened?
11:38 pm
the dow closed at a record high today. up 219 points. maria bartiromo joins us right after this. and they say that healing is underway now on capitol hill. president-elect donald trump -- have to get used to saying that, right? it doesn't roll off your tongue easily. set down with folks in the party who were not always that nice to him frankly. how did it
11:39 pm
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thought the election was over, right? it's still going on. the a.p. just called arizona for donald trump. two days after election day. the president-elect will receive the state's 11 electoral votes. so, it goes on. the process and we know that hillary clinton is still ahead in the popular vote. so we're waiting for all of those numbers to tally in but the news continues on the election front. and it was also a very big day on wall street as the dow closed at a record high. just two days ago. donald trump's stunning win
11:43 pm
sent the dow into a fierce downward spiral in the early hours. but all that pretty much turned around. the nasdaq and tech stocks still on the other hand haven't fared as well. we will find out what that is and what's going on under the economy under donald presidt trump. >> great to see you tonight. >> thank you so much. >> we were together on election night. we watched this whole thing. it was plummeting. the future were plummeting overnight. now record high. what happens? >> i never believed it when the market was down so much. that was just a spiraling lower because of the unknown donald trump was the unknown. investors didn't know what to think of him. but very soon into it things reversed course. remember, we talked about it the next day buying this market with both hands the reason was because when you actually zero in on his economic plan, it's a growth plan. and that's what drives markets. when you talk about the fact that he wants to lower taxes
11:44 pm
corporate tax rate of 15% and talk president fact that he is going to roll back regulations, taking the handcuffs off small and medium size businesses, you recognize that actually this plan could move the noodle on economic growth. so once investors started of focusing on actually the policies that donald trump is bringing to the table. they recognize this is great news for companies. great news for e, and that is what drives markets. >> during the obama administration you have the epa unilaterally able to slap regulations on companies and things they had to get up to speed with. you know, in some cases some of those things are effective. but the mountain of regulation that sits on the desk of small business owners across this country has just been so, you know, has had such a dampening effect to the market. >> it is the reason that some small business will not -- they are unwilling to hire more than 50 employees. because they know if they hire anybody above 50, they are forced to provide health insurance and they can't afford it obama care is a huge issue. that is boy the markets are
11:45 pm
happy that donald trump is going to address that and relieve small business of that by the way, i think things really started to change when it was clear that the republicans were getting the house and senate. because once that was clear to the markets, people were thinking well, not only does he have a growth plan, but he will be able to get that growth plan through. we will see tax reform in 2017. we will see a roll back of regulations in 2017. >> so what areas have done especially well in this market? >> well, the banks have done really well. you know dodd frank he wants to also change and he has got this rule that if you're going to create a new regulation you have got to eliminate one that is already in place. so the banks have been trading up. a lot of them hit all-time highs actually because of the financial services sector is one that will benefit. you also got capital goods companies. a lot of drug companies also doing well. remember, hillary clinton wanted to put a cap on drug prices so the drug stocks were trading down under the scenario that she would win. >> nasdaq stock, tech stocks
11:46 pm
have had problems why is that. >> first of all the technology stocks have been trading up ahead of this. from a valuation standpoint they were up there. there is also a feeling out there that president obama favored technology. silicon valley in terms of alleviating the regulation there. and perhaps donald trump would not do that. we'll see about that. but i definitely agree that technology stocks have not participated in the otherwise big broad based rally. >> very quickly because i have got to go. who do you think would be a good pick for treasury secretary? >> i'm still hearing about steve mnuchin. i don't believe the jamie diamond rumors. that's not what i'm hearing. i will say i have very good authority that jared katyushaner will be the chief of staff. i understand there is real conversation there and jerry cushner. and rudy giuliani as attorney general will happen. >> another person obviously very close to him but no experience in washington.
11:47 pm
>> but he trusts him. >> but he absolutely trusts him and we did see him walking the yard with dennis mcdonough today who has that job currently. great stuff, maria, great stuff. good to see you. so the president-elect with his walk around on capitol hill today. some of these images is just not at all what anybody expected they were going to be seeing today. but maybe donald trump was the only one who really believed that he was going to have this moment and indeed he got it today. what a visual this has been as they try to unify the party. a lot more when we come back. stay with us.
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back to a little news on this thursday night as we just mentioned the associated press has called arizona for donald trump. president-elect trump oversees the state's 11 heck
11:51 pm
toler votes two days after election day. it brings his total electoral college votes up to 290 electoral votes. hillary clinton sits at 228. you remember the days when they had them around 170, 180 on the predictions. right now michigan and new hampshire still waiting for final calls for the a.p. we called that quite some time ago. it's all sorting out. 290 to 228 is the current total. so mr. trump goes to washington is the phrase of the day. that's what we watched all throughout this historic moment. president-elect trump went to capitol hill. he flew from new york city on trump force one as they call it he is the first president-elect to arrive on his own private jet to washington. speaker of the house paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell greeted him this afternoon. one of mr. trump's biggest hurdles is going to be getting the g.o.p. unified to get the gop agenda back on track. he and house speaker ryan spoke briefly to reporters.
11:52 pm
watch this. >> we had a fantastic, productive meeting about getting the work, rock up our sleeves and going to work for the american people. donald trump had one of the most impressive victories we have ever seen. we are going to turn that victory into progress for the american people. and we are now talking about how w we are going to hit the ground running to make sure we can get this country turned around and make america great again. >> we had quite a bit -- together. i think we are going to see some absolutely spectacular things for the american people. we look forward to starting. can't get started fast enough. we're going to lower taxes as you know. fix healthcare and make it more affordable and better. we're going to do a real job for the public and that's what we want to do and that's why we are excited. >> the nightly political panel is back. shelby holiday senior video reporter for the "wall street journal" and caitlin huey burns, national political reporter for real
11:53 pm
clear politics. fascinating to watch these gentlemen sitting at the table talking about all of this. it seems that when it stays focused on policy, everybody is just relieved and much more comfortable than all the permitted stuff and mud slinging that they had to deal with during the campaign. >> paul ryan, remember, has been campaigning around the country on the republican agenda. he spend lots of time crafting republican agenda and saw it as a way to campaign for republicans without necessarily having to attach them to donald trump. now he has a republican president, a republican led senate, and, of course, the republican majority. so this is very welcome news for paul ryan. as we talked about earlier though, there are serious policy differences between trump and his republican party, trade, trump has also talked about not touching entitlement reform which is something paul ryan has really championed. >> true. >> immigration is the key issue of tension' the party, has been for a while. this has been more pronounced. >> what you do is what you this said is start with
11:54 pm
things they agree on. cutting taxes, obamacare, regulations. those are all things they will see eye to eye on. >> exactly. the democrats are not powerless. they have enough in the senate. the republicans don't have the 60-seat senate to just start undoing obama caen care and doing whatever they want. >> they need 8 democrats, right? >> they can actually start looking at some of the pieces of obamacare like the individual mandate, the employer mandate. subsidies. they can start peeling it back without scrapping it all together and coming up with some sort of new transition plan. they will too that. they will look at imforeign relation. donald trump has a lot of plans for immigration. building a wall might not be something he will get done in the first 100 days. paul ryan has said, you know, we are not paying for it. and if mexico is not paying for it we will see what happens. he has said that he is in favor of a strong border and barrier. >> what do you think building the trump wall looks like, caitlin. >> you talk to trump supporters at his rallies a lot of them said the wall is
11:55 pm
a metaphoric call thing. they liked what trump was talking about. they liked his style and approach and shakes things up. i think people in d.c. are hoping that's how he will govern. one of the more interesting story lines, too, is what the democrats do as a minority party. do they want to embrace some opportunities to tackle infrastructure one of those. make themselves opposition party. >> consume paya moment today.
11:56 pm
test test. test test
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so donald trump's youngest son barron trump who had a front row seat there on election night now has the unique honor. the 10-year-old will now be the youngest presidential son to live in the white house since jfk jr. since jfk jr. only presidential daughters such as sasha and maliyah obama have lived in the white house. today melania trump and first lady michelle obama met and discussioned raising children in the white house
12:00 am
which is a unique situation and something that michelle obama knows quite a bit about. that's it for tonight. o'reilly is up next "on the record." don't miss the premier of welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. i think andy levey has something to tell us. he is at the tease deck. >> as i predicted, my man, donald trump wins it. even as we speak he is getting ready to make america great again. we did iter everyone -- we did it, every. and several states voted to legalize marijuana. right now they #r preparing their bongs as if the election never happened.


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