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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 11, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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flag and thank a veteran. jenna: absolutely. we're very grateful. "outnumbered" starts right now. kennedy: this is a fox news alert, president obama honoring our nation's veterans, laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns just a short time ago and making formal remarks at the final ceremony of his term. a little later in the hour we're going to talk about the hope veterans have in president-elect donald trump after he made taking care of those who serve one of his campaign's top promises. ♪ ♪ kennedy: this is "outnumbered," welcome on a glorious friday, i'm kennedy. here today, co-host of "after the bell," melissa francis, also our co-worker, dagen mcdowell and fox news political and legal analyst ebony williams is here today. and today's #oneluckyguy, we welcome back the co-host of "the
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five"," it's eric polling, and eric is outnumbered. welcome. >> thank you. and i am so honored to be on this couch on this so important day, veteran's day, what an important day to be here. i'm very proud. thank you to all our heroes who we owe a debt of gratitude, but thank you to every person who is serving and the families of those who have served. kennedy: eric, you are the author of the book, "wake up, america." 9 has america woken up? >> the very interesting thing, about a year and a half ago i started writing that book, and i asked a good friend of mine to read the book and put a quote on the back of the book, and he did. he said push back on the.c. culture in this -- the p.c. culture, and it's amazing, he did. kennedy: we have much to discuss, so let's start off. making way for the trump presidency, the transition now underway as president-elect donald trump begins to lay out
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his agenda following a whirlwind of a day in our nation's capital, first making peace with president obama. we saw that on the couch yesterday. sitting down and shaking hands with the man he will replace on january 20th. both leaders setting aside their differences as they pledged to work together for a smooth transition. then mr. trump off to the other side of pennsylvania avenue, going to capitol hill where he met with the republican speaker of the house, paul ryan, and the president-elect also meeting with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, both republican leaders promising to work swiftly with mr. trump to get their shared agenda passed. president-elect trump giving a glimpse of his first term plans as he was trailed by a horde of reporters on capitol hill. watch this. [inaudible conversations] >> people will be very, very happy. >> what's the top three? >> [inaudible] very strong on immigration -- [inaudible]
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health care, and we're looking at jobs. big league jobs. kennedy: all right. it seems as though, eric, that's where he has to start. those voters, especially in the midwest, who gave him somewhat of a mandate, and i think the economy and jobs is where you start. how does he do that? >> well, i think, first, you know, he was leaving the meeting with the president, someone said what is your, you know, first initiative going to be, and he threw some things out there. but i think what he did, he promised this massive 600-day campaign that he was going to, a, build a wall, repeal obamacare and repeal all of president obama's executive orders. i think that's what he's going to do day one. a lot of these things he can make the claim, well, we'll actually create jobs. kennedy: yeah. >> the big one though, and i think this is going to happen right away, and i think this is going to probably be bipartisan or nonpartisan accepted is that trillion dollar infrastructure bill that he says he floated, he said he would like to spend a trillion dollars on infrastructure going ten years
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forward. kennedy: yeah. >> man, what a great idea. republicans will probably push back on it, but at the end of the day concern on the paid-for part of it, but it's a great idea. kennedy: especially some of those conservative caucuses in congress who are the ones who tend to watch the bottom line. but how does a president do it? is it a matter of proactively creating programs that create jobs which, you know, pretty much every politician loves, or this be a president that actually allows government to get out of the way? melissa: i think that's what it's about, it's about taking the shackles off immediately, and i think that's easily done in striking through a lot of the regulation that came especially at the end. you can do that with the flash of a pen. it's about an optimism in the market where people believe that donald trump is going to free up the economy and free up business to do what it does best, and he can show that right away by peeling back some of the regulation. he can also -- i mean, he can fix the tax code pretty quickly and get companies to repatriate
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dollars, bring them back to the u.s. and hire people. those are things that can be done quickly and would have a big impact. i think he should do that first because it would take a second to feel the effects of that, and that's what people are looking for. you need to get started. kennedy: yeah. and he had those meetings yesterday with leader mcconnell and speaker ryan. he talked about making a more friendly environment for business in this country. that's what you talk about day in and day out -- dagen: i've said it, his candidacy, and he didn't express it like this but to eric's point, who makes a better decision about your money, your business? do you, the business owner, operator or individual, or does the government? melissa: amen. dagen: that is the overarching message of his candidacy and now his presidency. did you see paul ryan on with bret baier last night? he looked like he had just found a red rider air rifle under the christmas tree. [laughter] he is fired up. and it was, i thought, legitimately excited about the possibilities of what a trump presidency means for tax reform,
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for a 15% corporate tax rate which would definitely spur business. and i don't think that people fully comprehend the number of rules and regulations that came out of the obama white house. melissa: yeah. dagen: not just obamacare, not just dodd-frank, crushing the coal industry, but there were more than 600 economically significant rules totaling about three-quarters of a trillion dollars. that works out to be $2300 for every american in terms of the regulatory costs. kennedy: yeah, and, i mean, you see how the economy has been crushed under the sheer mathematics of that kind of regulation. so what do you do first? be what's first on your agenda as president-elect trump? ebony: i think president-elect trump has to lead with opportunities. he talked about this notion of bringing back these manufacturing jobs particularly to the midwest which largely are responsible for him going to the white house. and i think that's a great opportunity. i think that is a place where he can start, he can talk about
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whether it's tariffs, really being kind of a strong arm on this america first message that says, you know what? we're not going to get the short end of the stick anymore when it comes to china and other places, mexico. and he can say, you know what? there's going to be an incentive to build things in america again, and i think that will be something that's going to be really welcomed. >> can i throw something out here? from the minute donald trump started to win the election, remember there was a big dip in the dow on tuesday night. kennedy: absolutely. we were all watching that. >> the dow made two record high closes the last two days. it's up -- all-time highs -- melissa: we're talking about this -- kennedy: yeah, we're going to talk about this. [laughter] hold on, my friend. >> it takes in what melissa said about regulation, what dagen said about taxes, what ebony said about jobs and what we've all said about a different type of leader in d.c., and that's really what's happening here. you watch with, it's good for business. melissa: yeah. >> if it's good for business, it's good for jobs. ebony: and it's multipronged, i know this spending is going to
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get pushback from the gop, but there's one opportunity here with infrastructure and -- dagen: i do think it's funny because president obama never gave a speech about the economy that he didn't talk about infrastructure spending -- melissa: yeah, there's a -- [inaudible conversations] meantime, president obama says his top priority is an orderly transition as he struck a gracious tone during his meeting with the president-elect, but later press secretary josh earn was asked whether the president still held the same views about his successor that he expressed during the campaign in which he called mr. trump temperamentally unfit and uniquely unqualified to be president. listen. >> the president's views haven't changed, he stands by what he said on the campaign trail. he had an opportunity to make his argument, he made that argument vigorously. he made that argument in states all across the country. but the american people decided. the election is over. the president didn't get to choose his successor, the american people did.
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melissa: see, that's interesting, eric. i respect that. he's saying he sticks by what he said before, but he's striking a conciliatory tone. i think there's something richly ironic in what paul ryan did because he basically abandoned him at the end and is now reaping the benefits because he gets the presidency, house and senate. maybe that's how they delivered all three of those things. interesting to see every -- >> isn't it ironic, now you have a trump presidency with the senate and the house. he could be the most powerful republican president in decades. melissa: right. >> maybe even many, many decades. melissa: so ironic. >> i don't like this though. i don't like where the same day president obama says -- or within hours of president obama saying, hey, we need to strike a conciliatory tone, we need to work together, and then josh earnest goes back to throwing daggers at donald trump -- melissa: he wasn't throwing daggers. >> he stands by his original comment that donald trump is temperamentally --
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melissa: what's he supposed to say, i was lying? >> there's a time for that. let this presidency breathe. nancy pelosi didn't take shots, hillary clinton didn't take shots, president obama -- kennedy: i don't think president obama thought he was going to be in the position to have to welcome donald trump to the white house -- dagen: he made a joke about it on jimmy kimmel. he read a tweet from donald trump about barack obama is the worst president i've ever had, and he said, well, at least i know what it's like to be president -- kennedy: yeah. i don't think he thought i was going to be in that position, but they both beat hillary clinton. ebony: i don't think it was a dagger. i think, like, six times -- this is really a press-driven thing. they were really, to me, poking the nest on that one. and they must have asked him, six, seven times, does the president still think he's unfit, the worst thing since sliced bread, and i think finally earnest out of -- >> don't forget, we've had two nights of protests. we've had people breaking glass
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and calling for in some cases violence against the president-elect, and josh earn, he just shouldn't have gone there. [inaudible conversations] dagen: a week ago was tying donald trump to the ku klux klan. so people are not going to forget that. it was a week ago. they're not going to forget that, and i will add one thing. president bush has said nothing in eight years. he has been quiet, and he showed class, respect and grace. can president obama do the same thing at least in the next four years? because he likes the spotlight like madonna, and i don't know -- [laughter] ebony: i think that he can, and i think this: president obama didn't just tie the kkk to donald trump, they endorsed him publicly. so that's not necessarily on president obama. we are not relitigating what president obama thinks about donald trump, he said that plainly. the people have spoken, we accept that as an administration -- or he could have said, look, the president
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just said we need to unite the country. he could have left it at that -- kennedy: exactly. these are two politicians, because donald trump is now for better or worse a politician, they understand each other. ebony: yes, i agree with that. kennedy: very similar ways. and in that josh earnest could have said, you know what? these campaigns get tough and emotional and personal, and there is more on the line for this job than any other in the world. and left it at that without saying, you know, it was very passive-aggressive to say, well, you know, the president still thinks he's unfit for the presidency. at this point it doesn't matter, so don't even bring it up. melissa: all right. another night of anti-trump protests spiraling out of control in one major city. [gunfire] melissa: police making dozens of arrests after angry protesters threw bricks and firecrackers at police and vandalized buildings. new reaction from the trump team and what they want president obama and hillary clinton to do.
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plus, president-elect trump about to make some tough decisions. who he could pick for his top cabinet posts and whether their appointments will help him bridge the divide. ♪ ♪ all finished. umm... you wouldn't want your painter to quit part way. i think you missed a spot. so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? aleve, live whole not part. painter: you want this color over the whole house?
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♪ ♪ dagen: donald trump's team calling on president obama or hillary clinton to speak out against calls for political violence after an anti-trump riot erupted in the streets of portland last night where protesters threw bricks and firecrackers at police officers, vandalizing local businesses, damaging cars. things were more peaceful in other parts of the country as thousands also filled the streets again from dallas to new york prompting president-elect donald trump to initially tweet, quote: just had a very open and successful presidential election. now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. very unfair. but he changed his tone this morning writing, quote: love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. we will all come together and be proud. eric bolling, is this what the next four years is going to look
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like? >> no, i think it'll look like this until it either starts raining or snowing, and then these little babies will go back home -- kennedy: like they did in occupy wall street. >> the protests during the very early primaries, remember those? they were protesting in california, in michigan. look, get over it. this is the process. this is democracy. if you have a problem with dems accuracy, get out and -- democracy, get out and vote and get things changed, and then if you protest, protest peacefully. you don't have a right to break a window or to do what you're seeing right there -- dagen: you know what? thanks to antonin scalia in part, they have a right under the first amendment to burn the american flag, but it's a stupid, idiotic idea, and it's disrespectful. >> i totally agree. i wear the flag every day for a reason, especially on this day, but go ahead and protest. i'm all for it, just don't -- kennedy: yeah. you can't protest in places like north korea and china. i mean, that's for sure. and it is a sacred right to
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gather peacefully. but, you know, i know a lot of people in law enforcement in oregon in the sheriff's office and the portland police department, my brother was a cop there for a long time, don't go after the police. and be don't go after small businesses in portland, you know? it's like this election was about people who want something different because their lives aren't working particularly economically. and when you go and you burn be down these buildings and you break windows, it's a big hassle for mom and pop stores who are working like crazy to stay in business. and it's about these anarchists that have shown up since the 1999 wto riots -- dagen: before we move on, i want to get something bill o'reilly talked about last night, because he thinks there's something more deep-seeded and dangerous going on. listen to this. >> is there a civil war brewing in the usa? this is the subject of this evening's topics. here we honor protest, but increasingly we are seeing people who want our system destroyed. if you hurt someone, destroy
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something or promote anarchy, you then become a danger to the republic. that kind of stuff needs to be punished and quickly. melissa: i mean, this whole idea, i've heard people on our network saying there is no evidence there are paid protesters, there absolutely are. i have seen the ads on craig's list where they're offering to pay people to show up and protest. i mean, you have the right to do that, i guess, but it is the idea that this isn't a naturally-occurring, organic outburst where people are so upset that they're taking to the street together in unison. i mean, they're being rallied together on craig's list and paid to show up and do this. so, i mean, that's worth taking a look at. kennedy: i think if you're going to protest, you should have to show your "i voted" sticker. ebony: i woke up wednesday morning feeling incredibly american, because that is what democracy looks like. we all had an opportunity to
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express our political preference, and donald trump was the will of the american people. and i understand that there are people across this country grieving around that, they're sad about it just like there were people grieving in 2008, and people were very sad in many parts of this country with president obama's election, and i understood that. let me finish this one point. peaceful protest is a fantastic, constitutionally-protected right in this country. violation, to your point, eric, is not. in fact, it's criminal. and i am going to personally put out a charge to president obama, because i think he is most uniquely positioned to address this issue about o'reilly's point about a civil war. i think the president has to be one of the most important, critical steps in maintaining a level of decency and understanding. >> may i add another group? ebony: yes. >> the media. b eastbound absolutely, yes. >> the mainstream media -- kennedy: you read my mind. >> they're crying, they're heart broken, they can't believe this happened. instead of saying, hey, this is
9:22 am
the system, this is democracy, he won fair and square, stop it, instead they're feeding the -- ebony: that's what i'm saying with josh earnest yesterday. they were poking him. i think the media, the press was wanting to see this trump v. obama thing, and it's nasty. dagen: what would the headlines have looked like if hillary clinton had won and youd had one protest by trump supporters? kennedy: and one act of violence? dagen: racist, rage-filled trump protesters -- >> how about wikileaks exposing the fact that some of the violence at the trump rallies was actually paid violence? melissa: right. [inaudible conversations] dagen: let me just finish the thought. it would have been people who can't live with a woman being president. we're already seeing that. jennifer lawrence wrote that this country was founded on immigration, this is that actress in case you don't know who she is, and today the only people who feel safe that their rights are recognized and respected are white men. melissa: that's not true. dagen: i know it's not true. [laughter] melissa: as for the journalists
9:23 am
crying that you don't like -- i actually like that because i think they're showing the american people where their bias actually is so that they can see straight up. kennedy: and you can see right through it. and by the way, why not? why not approach this with a little bit of respect and curiosity? you don't have to agree with the outcome. you don't have to cheer the results. but as journalists, people should be asking why? why did this happen? who are the people that felt so underserved by the establishment? and, you know, maybe the protesters out there have a lot in common with the people who voted because they all want to see -- dagen: those people who were disaffected went out and voted for trump, and i wonder if those dopes burning flags voted. that's my only question. a high stakes decision for the president-elect, mr. trump preparing to appoint his cabinet members. who should he choose? and will there be any surprises? plus, the dow jones industrial average hitting new all-time highs after mr. trump's
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win despite many on wall street warning that stocks would tank, they would go to hell in a hand basket. will the rally continue, and what could his victory mean for your money? ♪ ♪ see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious.
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♪ and the rocks on the sand it's so peaceful out here. yeah. introducing the new turbocharged volkswagen alltrack with 4motion® all-wheel drive. soon to be everywhere. ♪ ♪ kennedy: welcome back. this is "outnumbered," glad to have you on the couch. president-elect donald trump now has some tough choices to make. he is in new york today deciding who he wants to join his cabinet. there's talk that top positions could go to some of his main surrogates including chris christie, newt gingrich, ben carson and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. some of them asked about whether they'd accept a position. >> any one position you'd prefer? >> right now i'm pretty happy
9:29 am
where i am, so it would have to be, it would have to be something where i believe that only i could do that -- >> have you been asked to take a position? >> we're, we're discussing these things. you know, i personally feel that you can do a lot from outside, but if that were the only way that it could be done, you know, obviously i'm going to do what needs to be done to assist. kennedy: all right. three of those four top names have, of course, been one lucky guys on the couch. [laughter] i'm going to turn to our luckiest guy today, it's friday's eric bolling. eric, let's talk about the people who have been mentioned in contention. rudy giuliani, chris christie, newt gingrich and ben carson. start with those four. where do you see them? >> look, i think rudy's a huge asset. by the way, donald trump, very, very loyal to the people who have been loyal to him. there were some rough goes, you know, campaign issues, bumps that these people stood by him --
9:30 am
ebony: oh, you think? [laughter] >> i think ben carson is the right guy for surgeon general because he knows everything about the health care system, the insurance system, he's the right guy to repeal and replace, work with, working with paul ryan. newt apparently, you know, i'm hearing -- i hate speculating on these things, by the way. i don't think chris christie is in line for the top job, that ag job that people say because of what's going on with bridgegate. i will tell you the big question, there's some people who have been loyal to him who he's very close to. number one, kellyanne conway -- kennedy: yeah. does he make her chief of staff? she seems to have a temperament for it. >> extremely helpful to him as well. number three, steve bannon is working, you know, the strings behind the scenes. he's there too. three very, very important people. jared kushner, i believe, the -- dagen: his son-in-law. >> ivanka's husband, i think he is one with of the smartest people in that whole campaign.
9:31 am
he sees the picture, and he stayed behind the scenes. very, very smart or man. i don't know how you make one -- if i were him, i'd say here's my group of advisers, here's my chief advisers, i can't name one -- kennedy: okay. now let's talk about this, you were one of the people who supported donald trump through the entire process. >> yeah, thank you. kennedy: you predicted his victory. and no matter what anyone or any poll said, you were there saying -- ebony: secretary of state, eric bolling? kennedy: have you talked to donald trump about a part in his administration? >> no, no. i've spoken to donald and the campaign congratulating them -- kennedy: yes. >> look, it was a rough road being behind donald trump for some of those months. melissa: no question. >> but, kennedy, you and i have talked about this quite a bit. when these polls were showing him down by four, down by five nationally, down by ten in a state and i said take a look at the methodology. the people that they're polling, that's not indicative of the american people. i said stop watching polls and
9:32 am
start watching people -- kennedy: people discounted that and said it was wishful thinking -- >> i was called a liar, i was told i was lying to the viewer because i wanted trump. that wasn't it. i saw something different -- kennedy: all right, dagen, he has talked about draining the swamp, making a huge shift, a paradigm shift, a personnel shift in washington, but a lot of the names we're hearing are very familiar faces around washington -- dagen: because, you know what? you need teem with political experience who know how to pilot an airboat through the swamp, because it's not going away anytime soon. washington is a morass. it is a giant bureaucracy, and donald trump with all his good intentions is not going to be able to dismantle it, certai not even in -- ever maybe. so you need people -- melissa: oh, come on, we're more hopeful than that. dagen: i think it's a good mix of people outside of government and people with, like, serious, deep government experience whether it's rudy being a prosecutor, whether it's -- particularly newt gingrich's
9:33 am
experience. but if this has ever crossed your mind, i have to ask you this question: why in the heck would you want to work in the government? >> well, because i don't think this is -- i don't think donald trump's government is going to be government as usual. in fact, if i were him, i would say you could apply, tens of thousands of people are applying, i would say if you have experience in d.c., don't bother -- dagen: d.c.'s not going -- i mean, d.c. is a giant apparatus of people with agencies. you don't dismantle those agencies that easily. and you know what? >> i bet they intend to. dagen: they've got the knives out inside and outside the beltway, they're ready for it, and it's going to be a headache. you're pulling a wagon, and it's tough going. melissa: one name we didn't say that was on the couch, ambassador john bolton -- kennedy: yeah. secretary of state? melissa: all right. president-elect trump's win appears to be firing up the stock market like crazy. the dow jumping more than 200 points to close at a new record high yesterday. today you can see there taking a
9:34 am
little breather as the post-election market rally continues, a reaction many had not predicted. look at the market right now, still above 18,000. eric, i will go to you since you are our market maven. i was talking to a trader yesterday, and he was saying there is a feeling of optimism sweeping investors where they feel like finally instead of this subparagraph growth -- subpar growth, we are going to knock the rust off the gears of the economy, we're going to strip away regulation, we're going to see cash repatriated from companies who had it overseas, investment, lighten the load on businesses. there's an optimism out there, and that's why we saw the market go down from 800 overnight -- if i could have bought, i would have -- to bouncing right back. >> turns out everything that conservatives have been saying for a hundred years about keeping more of your own money whether it's an individual or a corporation is actually an economic boost, a stimulus. so people read that as, look, if you bring the corporate tax from 35 down to 15, companies are going to have a lot more money to spend.
9:35 am
when you spend money on capital, on projects, on cameras, whatever, you hire people. you employ people. that in addition to the regulation, this is a very, very positive turn for the economy. kennedy: yeah. and quickly, you know, you talk about the markets, and, you know, we saw the shift because at first it seemed as though they were reacting to the unpredictable -- ebony: the surprise. kennedy: yeah, the surprise, and the volatility was a reaction to that. and then they tooking a deep breath and said, oh, wait a second, not only is he talking about unleashing the personal engine of growth and ingenuity in small business, he's also talking about this massive infrastructure spending. so construction stocks were at all-time highs. melissa: yeah. the note of caution the federal reserve, right? give me a little bit on those. dagen: the federal reserve and just generally if you watch the ten-year treasury, longer term interest rates went up bigtime this week -- melissa: how do do you interpret that? talkingdagen: 2.1%. there was a trillion dollars
9:36 am
drained out of the bond market worldwide just this week. the bigger concern is infrastructure spending, deficit spending, higher national debt, and that means inflation. and that means interest rates go up. that means longer term interest rates go up, and if there's inflation, then the federal reserve has to start raising shorter term interest rates -- melissa: they have to anyway. dagen: again, it's how much -- [inaudible conversations] say again? kennedy: before inauguration day? dagen: they'll definitely raise in december. melissa: i agree. dagen: but i think longer term interest rates, listen, we have a debt that has doubled under president obama. it is $20 trillion. our annual interest on our national debt in the next presidency under donald trump, president donald trump will top our defense spending as it -- kennedy: that's right. dagen: that's a concern. >> if interest rates go up there's only one reason that's happening, growth. guess what else comes back? wages.wages come back so peoplen spend more.
9:37 am
this is -- controlled, increase in inflation is not a bad thing especially when you've had ten years of no -- melissa:head. ebony: as somebody who was looking for a buy opportunity in my investment career, i was really excited when i saw that -- [laughter] but i feel very on optimistic, o your points, all you ladies and eric, have made about the opportunity. we just neednt a into the space of growth exists for me, because it feels very optimistic. dagen: you know, optimism can actually lift an economy. melissa: absolutely. dagen: if people feel better about their situation or the future, that actually can turn an economy around -- melissa: absolutely. there you go. president-elect trump winning big with our nation's veterans who played a key role in his surprise be victory. plus, on this very special day honoring their service and sacrifice, will mr. trump carry through on his promise to help
9:38 am
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♪ ♪ ebony: today we are blessed because it is veterans day when we with pause to honor america's heroes. a short time ago president obama laying a wreath on the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery and paying tribute to those who have sacrificed so very much for our freedom. >> we come together to express our proto found gratitude -- profound gratitude for the sacrifices and contributions you and your family made on the battlefield, at home and at outposts around the world. ebony: meantime, america's veteran -- who played a key role in donald trump winning the house -- are looking to keep his campaign promise to take care of those who served. this after years of the
9:43 am
department of veteran affairs coming under fire for long waiting lists and reports that veterans have even died waiting for medical care. so, eric, one with of the things that trump it is a hawked specifically about, i think, is kind of providing financial incentive around doing this work the right way. he's talked about wanting to empower his secretary of veteran affairs to be able to fire people that are ineffective in their jobs. and i think for my mother and other people that voted for donald trump because they like the businessman that he is, the ability to hire and fire those according to their merit and how well they perform their job, they are excited about this. do you think this is the kind of change that it needs? >> i think he made a couple of promises. number one, the big one that he was going to end the sequestration. he's going to restock the military with the assets that they need and deserve and we should all have. as far as the v.a.'s concerned, i think his idea of empowering veterans to make a choice do you want to go to the v.a. or do you want to go to a private hospital or doctor, some sort of vouch
9:44 am
arer system just like a school choice system only for the v.a., is a fantastic idea. i'm not sure how the numbers are going to break down or where the pay-fors come from, but there's a lot of waste in the v.a., and one of the other things he said, he wants to go after the union people. if you can bust up those unions and the issues he has there, maybe some cost savings that he can turn around and make really good for veterans. dagen: this is one place where he showed great sensitivity, compassion ask empathy talking about putting in a hotline directly to the white house that you will never be left if you are struggling, you will never be left without somebody to talk to. and i just wanted to point out he also doesn't want to reward bad behavior, because the v.a.'s still paying bonuses, 2015 fiscal year, $177 million to 189,000 employees including to people who were then fired. ebony: i was going to ask you this, ken kennedy, because if he can restructure as eric was talking about, hospital choice, because i think we all on the
9:45 am
couch are excited about that, is that a way for him to model, look at the success of this and then when he designs the restructure of national health care, kind of pattern -- kennedy: yeah. and wouldn't that be ironic if you actually fix the v.a. if first by injecting more choice into the system, and then you allow the v.a. to focus on what it's baas at, and that's treating, rather, traumatic brain injury and ptsd and really boosting those systems. but, yes, please, give them more choice. because when you open up these systems to more competition, you make the whole thing better, and you drive costs down. paul krugman, liberal economist for "the new york times," said that we should be moving as a country to a single-payer universal health care system because the v.a. works so well. obviously, he was wrong, but if you flip that and create free market competition in the v.a. and make the care much better, faster, easier to get and keep these veterans healthier so they have better lives, then you take that model and you apply it. melissa: that idea of the hotline, to people out there who
9:46 am
think it may sound like a joke, that's actually the way the best corporations operate. you have the office of the president of the corporation, and when somebody's really in a bind, they get through on that line, and that really means everybody that dealt with that perp along the way is in deep do-do, and nobody wants to have their people called. kennedy: right, accountability. melissa: it's an effective way to create accountability immediately. it only takes one or two calls, and all of a sudden the entire organization gets in line, or understands how serious it is. to me, that was a huge sign of how well he understands business and how he could turn around government in an instant by just applying some of the very basic things that we all who have studied business know that the government apparently doesn't know, and that's why they're so horrible at running things. ebony: yeah. the government certainly seems to have fostered a lot of mediocrity, and i think some people are done with it. some college students so traumatized by donald trump's win that they held, get this, a
9:47 am
cry-in at one ivy league school. they've canceled exams and even brought in therapy dogs. [laughter] wait until you hear this story coming up next. ♪ ♪ when you've been making delicious natural cheese for over 100 years like kraft has, you learn a lot about what people want. honey, do we have like a super creamy cheese with taco spice already in it? oh, thanks. bon appe-cheese! okay...
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melissa: more "outnumbered" in just a moment, but first to jon scott with what's coming up in the second hour of "happening now." jon: coming up, you saw it last hour, president obama's final veterans day speech. he pledges to keep the government's promises to vets is and cooperate on that front with president-elect trump. the speech follows their meeting yesterday at the white house after which they promised a smooth transition of power. we'll be talking much more in the hour ahead about what's ahead for all of us during the incoming trump administration including his promises on infrastructure and immigration. join us then. melissa. melissa: thanks, jon. jon: thanks. >> well, campus meltdowns over president-elect donald trump's win, students at several high schools in san francisco walking out of class yesterday, marching to city hall in protest of
9:52 am
mr. trump. in los angeles some students even blocking a freeway, and they there were also incidents at colleges and universities. check this out. according to the yale daily news, an economics professor made a midterm exam optional for students left in shock over the election. some teachers at other colleges reportedly canceling classes and offering counseling. and get this, at cornell university students held a cry-in. a cry-in to deal with their anger and grief over mr. trump's victory. meantime, one university in boston reportedly brought in therapy dogs the day after the election. i have an 18-year-old freshman at the university of colorado, i asked him, he said, yeah, professors are really bummed. [laughter] kennedy: yeah. my 1 is-year-old reported that one of her middle schoolteachers was crying -- >> oh, the teach was crying? kennedy: and i squealed with delight, because i'm a horrible person. [laughter] has nothing bad ever happened to
9:53 am
you? have you never been through a break-up? has everything in your life been so wonderful that each and every choice you made is has gone your way? tough if it hasn't. that is life. melissa: can i make a point about this though? so here we have cry-ins for people that were supporting hillary clinton who didn't get their wish, but at the same time, people who went in and voted for donald trump didn't feel free enough to say it out loud, and our polls were so far off because people were so intimidated about that choice that they had no voice, and they hid who they were and lied about what they did. but the other side is totally vocal about how upset they are, and they're being rewarded with a safe space, and a get out of your test free. isn't that interesting? they're hypersensitive, and then on the other hand we're dragging people out of cars and hitting them saying you voted trump. dagen: right. i posted this on my facebook wall a week or two ago, and i didn't know it would with so
9:54 am
applicable today. 1944, 18-year-olds storm the beach of nor handy into almost certain death. 2016, 18-year-olds need a safe place because words hurt their feelings. all those people protesting, why don't you serve this country like all the veterans who we honor today? that's what makes me angry about it, because again, they're coddled. and it's this culture of me-ism. it's all about you. what about country? ebony: you know what though? i know veterans that say much of what they do is to protect the right to protest. i'm not mad at protesting. the cry-ins though, it's utterly unacceptable. you don't have to like it, but you have to accept it and move on. and the good thing about this country, to dagen's point, you can serve and look for opportunities to make america what you want it to be. kennedy: you know, we talked a little bit earlier about the occupy wall street movement versus the tea party movement, and both were kind of happening at the same time, so what did the tea party do? they went and got people elected to office. do the same thing. >> one other thing.
9:55 am
the liberal skew at the university level is amazing. anecdotally, my son shows up to campus, brand new 18-year-old, hadn't registered to vote in new jersey, he's in colorado, and there were literally hundreds of people signing up new freshmen to vote, and they were getting thousands of new registered voters. every one of them, the people signing people up, had a hillary clinton button on. they had a complete ground game going on. and even with that, she lost. so they've got to get over -- service dogs? poor service dogs -- [laughter] university students feeling better. dagen: although hillary clinton was bonding with her dogs, apparently. kennedy: catch fleas from the hippie sobbers? here's the thing, get a job! dagen: businesses are expected to colding these overeducated -- coddle these overeducated idiots? it's an oxymoron to be an overeducated idiot --
9:56 am
ebony: they do exist. kennedy: welcome to academia. melissa: they're getting out of tests. [inaudible conversations] >> they're wrapping us. hot topic though. more "outnumbered" in just a minute. ♪ gaviscon is a proven heartburn remedy that gives you fast-acting, long-lasting relief. it immediately neutralizes acid and only gaviscon helps keep acid down for hours. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor-recommended gaviscon.
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kennedy: thank you so much for making us part of your day. we've got some good news to tell you about. our very first one lucky kauai
10:00 am
ever -- one lucky guy ever, tucker carlson, has a show called tucker carlson tonight premiering on monday, november 14th, this coming monday right here on the fox news channel. congratulations to tucker, and thanks to eric bolling, and you've got to go buy his book right now, "wake up, america." there it is. back at noon eastern on monday. "happening now" starts right now. the trash was separated. 22 people are feeling sick. >> so mr. president, it was a great honor being with you and i look forward to being with you many more time in the future. >> the transition of power begins. >> veteran's day, a day for americans to come together to


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