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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  November 14, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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night, 9:00 eastern. same time, same place. this sun now special repo"special report >> president-elect donald trump makes his first big decision on the road to the white house. choosing rnc chairmanman reince priebus as chief-of-staff. this is special repo"special re >> good evening. welcome to washington. donald trump spent his first weekend as president-elect at trump tower in new york city where his trusted advisors got to work hammering out critical decisions. we now know that all important job goes to reince priebus, the washington insider tied to the republican establishment. we begin our coverage tonight with chief national correspondent ed henry and what
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this tells us, this pick about a trump presidency. >> good to see you. there's a practical part of this building a government is daunting enough. log jam of filling hundreds of jobs until donald trump got thi also may be trying to fuse these vastly different wings of the republican party. the revolutionary side from breitbart news and the establishment side from the rnc. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump made it official tapping steve bannon senior strategist while reince priebus will serve as chief-of-staff. >> reince is a surprise star. >> the outgoing and his close ties with house speaker and fellow wisconsin iet paul ryan may choose the passage. bannon was more the big picture guy and ceo of the campaign and was a lightning rod of criticism because of his role in the alt-right movement but has the loyalty of trump after leading him to victory. >> the thing about steefl bannon that people don't understand is
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that in this campaign he's been the general and he's worked very closely with reince priebus and the rest of us. >> bannon tamped quickly about two different power centers in the white house while priebus vowed to help trump, quote, create an economy that works for everyone, secure our borders, repel and replace obamacare and destroy radical islamic terrorist. >> vowing to swiftly deport millions of illegal immigrants. >> gang members, drug dealers. we have a lot of these people, two million, maybe even three million. we're getting them out of our country or we're goirng to inkars rate them. >> it is also a warning side for trump not to lose site of the outsider message that got him elected. >> the swamp doesn't want to be drained and it will suck you in if you let it.
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>> telling the wall street journal that he'll keep some parts of obamacare. >> also with the children living with their parents for an extended period. >> a lot pf trump critics he already said during the campaign he will keep popular parts of obamacare and preventing insurance companies from not covering preexisting conditions. that's really the big problem which is, there's sort of a push and pull here. is he going to deliver on radical reform or is he going to find a compromise. >> it's very tricky on the hill to get big things moving but with the same party in control it's easier to get that done. what about this power struggle behind the scenes that allegedly was going on? >> they're still pushing for bannon to be chief-of-staff. i'm told privately both speaker paul ryan and senator mcconnell
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the majority leader of course called donald trump and personally lobbied hard for priebus, but this was also anti-bannon, let's not mask that which is bannon has been very direct in saying he wants ryan out. he was pushing for his challenger in the primary to win. and so that is something to watch here. they want out this time, the congressional leaders, the insiders but bannon still has power inside the white house. >> absolutely. now what about the influence of vice president elect mike pence. >> i'm hearing that part of the reason that chris christie was side lined was not just about bridgegate but people inside the transition it was stocking it with some of his own loyalists. that was alarming both mike pence and donald trump i'm told christy is still in the running for a major job within the administration down the road. this is somebody who tomorrow night we're told is going to florida, the republican governors association is meeting he's going to have a private
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dinner with them. but there are a lot of potential cabinet picks from the republican governors so he's got influence there. he used to be a leader in the house republican conference and now he's running the transition. the name dic cheney hasn't been used yet. mike pence is looking like someone's who's got it. >> they want to see that. they felt like trump was, you know, a loose canon at times. >> mike pence is somebody who seemed -- frankly that's why donald trump picked him. he's somebody who's different, he's not out on twitter saying things. mike pence is very buttoned down, cautious, careful, that is a nice contrast to the guy at the top of the ticket and now the incoming president. >> they compliment each other well. >> it worked with the campaign. >> it worked so far. we'll see how it translates here in washington. are you hearing anything else about timing for big picks like cabinet members and those types of things. >> by this time, obama
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transition had already a news conference a couple days earlier than this. it's not like they're way behind or anything like that. they realize inside the transition that people i've talked to they got to start rolling out these cabinet picks. even though you got a republican majority and you can get around the philly buster because some of the things that harry reid did, you have to get going so some of these cabinet picks are coming this week. >> we'll be standing by. good to see you. political figures on both sides of the aisle have been responding to the news of mr. trump's appointment of priebus, via twitter. house speaker paul ryan said quote, i'm very excited for my friend. former senior advisor had positive feedback for this election, choice of reince priebus over bannon seems like a strong signal that real donald trump is taking a more conventional, conservative path. lindsey graham, tweeted,
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congratulations to real donald trump for outstanding choice for reince priebus. this shows me he is serious about governing. and when it comes to getting legislation passed mr. trump says that his conventional wisdom would look like he's going to have a leg up. he's party's going to control chambers of congress and the house and senate. questioning his conservative credentials. kristin fisher reports on his complicated relationship on capitol hill. >> reporter: one of the top priorities for president-elect donald trump will be the same issue that first propelled him to front-runner status, immigration. mr. trump says he plans to deport 2 to 3 million undocumented immigrants right away. that's very different from what the top two republicans in the house said just this morning. both house speaker and paul ryan and kevin mccarthy said their top priority is securing the
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border, not mass deportation. >> that's not what we're focused on. we think that's first and foremost before we get into any other immigration issue. we got to know who's coming and going in the country. >> first thing you have to do is secure the border and we'll have the discussions as we move forward. >> despite their differences, speaker ryan says the past is the past and he's excited to work with mr. trump to fulfill his campaign promises. at the top of that list, repel and replacing obamacare. that he might be open to keeping at least two provisions of the healthcare law. another priority. jobs. mr. trump says he can create millions of them through his ten year trillion dollar infrastructure plan that likely be opposed by some conservatives in congress who are wary of any more government spending. two issues where both sides almost see eye to eye are the conservative of a conservative justice to the supreme court and the rolling back of regulations
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on wall street. >> there's a lot of executive orders that president trump is going to have to deal with in office, but the republicans having the house and the senate, we're more koopts than ever. >> in terms of timing things will likely move very quickly. in fact, today, the house majority leader said that they're not even going to wait until inauguration day, they're going to get started the very first week in january. >> all right. thanks. at the man who wrote the art of the deal reached with a iran over its nuclear program but the obama administration and many in the international community says the president-elect should plan the hand dealt him. our chief washington correspondent james rosen looks ahead to president trump options and obstacles. >> when i look at the iran deal and how bad a deal it is for us -- >> as a candidate donald trump blasted the iran nuclear deal as
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one of the worst ever negotiated. a year ago he wouldn't just walk away from it. >> it's hard to -- i've taken over some bad contracts. i would police that contract so tough that they don't have a chance. as bad as the contract is, i will be so tough on that contract -- >> negotiated by the u.s., iran, britain, france, china, russia and germany, was not a treaty, only an executive agreement never ratified by the u.s. congress. however the deal was codified as international law but u.n. security counsel and the iranians call it good for everyone. >> iran wants to stay committed. >> critics say the trump administration will be able to veto any u.n. security council measure design today constrain the new president's option for nullifying the deal. >> when it's not a treaty, the
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next president can repudate it like that. >> white house aids are already warning their successors will not respond well to any unilateral abrogation of the deal. >> president-elect trump will have to decide on our relationship with countries around the world. >> a 25 year cia veteran, is a promise nent critical of the deal and author of the book obama bo"obama bomb". >> there's no doubt if mr. trump backed out of the deal that a european allies will be very upset that the united nations will be very upset, but you know? europe does not run u.s. foreign policy. we need to have a tough president who acts on principal on this matter. >> if the incoming president polices the iran deal aggressively as promise he may find grounds for breach. the international atomic energy agent has iran has twice this year exceeded the caps placed on its production of heavy water a key ingredient in a pla tone yum
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path to nuclear weapons. it is preparing to ship the excess heavy water out of the country. >> it is one to watch. we're going to talk about it with the panel coming up. mr. trump has vowed to get tough with iran and he could get an assist on that from congress. i spoke earlier with another outspoken critic of the iran deal, intelligence and armed services committee member tom cotton. >> thank you for joining us. good to have you. an historic election this week, a lot of changes coming to washington. let me talk with you about first of all the iran deal, it is something that you were not a fan of, donald trump has said it was the stupidest deal he's ever seen and he wants to take steps to undo it. how can he do that? can congress be a part of that? >> donald trump's right. iran deal was the stupidest deal any of us have ever seen. iran is violenting that deal already. there's another violation of it. the congress working with
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president-elect trump can rei am pose sanctions on iran. we can work with our alleys. we have a lot of leverage. and their violations of other obligations like not building ba list tick missiles that can reach u.s. troops and our allies and not destabilizing the entire region. i look forward very much with president-elect trump to make sure that iran doesn't continue to threaten america citizens and american interests around the world. >> a trump administration is going to approach iran very differently. some people see that as a positive. >> donald trump throughout the campaign he was going to stand up for american interest and take a tougher line with many of our adversaries around the world. that's very important. iran has been allowed to run wild throughout the middle east for the last eight years.
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the president focused more than anything on getting this nuclear deal no matter what the terms were. that's one reason yz iran has been destabilized in the region in places like iraq and syria. iran needs to understand that donald trump is going to be a different kind of president. just like the -- ronald reagan was a different kind of president than gymy carter was and therefore they released all those hostages the very day that ronald reagan was sworn into office. >> what about syria? >> it's a very complicated situation because president obama has stood at a distance and let syria burn for five years. we've had the rise of the islamic state. we have russia that's reasserting itself as a major power in the middle east. so we have troops on the ground in iraq and in syria. ultimately though we have to focus on american interests which is destroying the islamic state once and for all and ensuring that syria doesn't become a safe haven for
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terrorists. donald trump made these points throughout the campaign. i think that's one reason why he won last week because the american people were ready for a president who was going to take firmer line in defense of american interests. >> of course his critics say that he is a hot head. they worry how he's going to deal with foreign leaders, how he'll relate to them and how he'll handle these foreign challenges. you have been supportive of hitch as the nominee throughout this process. i know you've talk wd him. do you think it's set in him what he's facing wharks the reality of what the 45th president of the united states is walking into in to. >> i believe it has. no one can be fully prepared to take president until they take that oath of office on inauguration day. i know many world leaders have been calling donald trump to congratulations him. those calls have been going very well, i'm sure. we need a new president who is a bit tougher in the defense of american interests. donald trump campaigned on that,
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that's one reason why he won. i think most world leaders realize that america is going to take a enough line in the world again. that's also something that our allies around the world have been seeking a long time, the kind of reassurance that donald trump is going to provide them after eight years of barack obama retreating from around the world. >> about the supreme court, it's going to be one of the very first big decisions that president-elect trump will have to make. several of your colleagues have been floated, senator lee, senator ayotte and others, what kind of fight do you think he's going to have? the gop remains in control but you don't have the 60 votes. do you think there is some room to work together there on a nominee. >> i hope so. donald trump promise today -- impose his or her preferences on
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the law. he put out a list of 20 something candidates to be his nominee. i think they're all a great potential nominees. i would encourage him to do that sooner rather than later that congress takes its the new congress sits about two weeks before donald trump will get sworn in, so he could submit -- he can nominate that person beforehand and much like you do with the cabinet every eight years, we can start hearings early in january and maybe have that new justice confirmed late in january. >> there's a lot of work waiting for them. good to see you. >> great to be on with you. in other headlines shot and killed the sheriff's deputy in california this morning is now in police customer did i. david machado was arrested this afternoon. machado is -- suspicious vehicle
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call and reportedly determined machado -- after two people are dead new zealand the magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit a mostly rurl area but damaged buildings and roads. the nation's emergency services have ordered people to move to higher grounds. iraqi forces are closing in on the iraq strong hold of mosul. recently recapturing the city of. isis is using civilions as human shields. still ahead picking up the pieces. democrats debate their party's future. plus a brands new era coming to washington. can president-elect donald trump make congress make some deals on his ambitious agenda. tucker carlson weighs in and
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as republicans prepare to control both ends of pennsylvania avenue, democrats across the country are looking for clues as to what went wrong on tuesday night. the party suffered losses up and down the ticket with no clear mandate and key leadership positions up for grabs. >> for democrats still reeling from the shock of tuesday's loss the first hints of transition are beginning to take shape as the realization the party must change. >> i think --
1:23 am
>> we're having some problems with that piece right there. i can tell you that democratic minnesota congressman is now considering a run to be chairman of the dnc. he's a far left african-american muslim and they see him as a foil basically to donald trump's candidacy. in addition to that, we're hearing that howard dean the former vermont governor is also considering a run for the dnc chairman. he believes that the way for democrats to reclaim their senatecy is for them to go after young people, of course that's something exactly what bernie sanders did to know avail even though did manage to capture huge crowds as well. they've got a long, long way to go. republicans were so successful after their stinging 2008 defeat to try to reclaim power by going after the state houses. they made a effort to reclaim state houses and following the 2010 cen success to reshape congressional districts the
1:24 am
result was scored gop where it remains nearly impossible to this day for republican incumbents to lose at least until the next census in 2020. >> doug, you mentioned bernie sanders. he certainly brought a lot of young people into the fold and many of them felt betrayed when they felt like there were e-mails in the dnc that were exposed, after -- any sense of where the party's going with that particular division? >> well, it's really hard to say. i think that they have to make a concerted effort to go after them, young people again as howard dean suggested. they also have to make sure there's no perception that the process is rigged as many of those young people felt it was when we saw those e-mails indicating that the clinton was favored by the power structure of the dnc. so the more they can convey to young people that this is an open and fair process, the more
1:25 am
likely those young people are to show up at the polling booths come 2020. >> all right. thank you so much. maybe we'll get the kinks worked out and get your piece back on. here at fox news we have some news of our own tucker carlson tonight appears tomorrow. i talked with him today to get details on his new show and his take of the president-elect. >> tucker carlson, it's great to have you with us. let's talk about the incoupling administration, the trump administration. i feel like there's a lot of people they're still quite shell shocked. they cannot believe this happened on the left and they didn't see it coming. they never entertained the possibilities but it's going to be reality. >> it's like a ghost town in my street. i've been gone from a year. maybe they abandoned their homes. >> they've moved to canada. >> are these all the people who promise today move to canada? it might be your whole neighbors gone. >> not popular in the lobbyist
1:26 am
community at all. trump is the only president ever probably certainly in this error to come into office owing nothing. he took no money from everybody and he has nothing to owe the lobbying world at all. that's never happened. >> so but when he comes in there's a lot to get done. a very ambitious agenda but obamacare, infrastructure plans that people on both sides of the aisle are critical of, there's so much for him to tackle, how do you think he's going to be on capitol hill because he does brands himself as a deal maker and i suspect he'll work across the aisle. >> of course he is. he's not tie today a specific ideological agenda. we've never seen anything like this. he's going to do things he said he would do. he's going to try. he promised to. he promise today get serious about the border, about the change the way we address trade. that's real. i don't think we're going to
1:27 am
slap a 33% tariff on chinese goods or anything but he's definitely going to assess whether or not other nations are come plieg with our trade agreements. >> he's got a lot to do. >> just minor things. >> you got a lot of work to do too. starting monday at 7:00 p.m. eastern, are we going to the tct. i have trouble saying -- i have a little trouble saying my own name out loud. >> so we'll go with tct on a hot medium to spicy. >> the kind of thing you choke a little bit but the aftertaste is fan task. if there's one lesson from this election season the people in power on both sides they lie a lot. there's a lot of due plisty. >> that's true. >> and there is a reward in calling them on it. it's exhill rating and fun to -- not in a cruel way.
1:28 am
i don't believe in shouting. but i think there's real value in saying, stop, that's not actually what's happening. you're not telling the truth and force the point a little bit. >> will there be occasional bow tie nights. >> there will never be a bow tie night. >> tct #never bow tie. >> thank you i never say never. >> looking forward to the show. >> see you tomorrow. >> how will reince priebus steer the trump administration as white house chief-of-staff. our panel is going to weigh in, coming up. [accountant] my job is to manage and grow businesses. and i've never seen a rocket ship take off like this. [owner] i'm lindsey. i'm the founder of ezpz. my accountant... ...he's almost like my dad in this weird way. yeah, i'm proud of you. you actually did some of the things i asked you to do the other day (laughs). [owner] ha, ha, ha. [accountant] i've been able to say, okay...'s the challenges you're going to have. and we can get it confirmed through our quickbooks. and what steps are we going to use to beat these
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but two states still have not named an official winner for the presidential race. michigan still counting ballots after tuesday's razor thin close election as his new hampshire. both states have yet to declare who will get their states electoral votes. despite the facts of that, cooper has caused some controversy for going ahead and claiming victory. and the louisiana senate race is down to just two. republican john kennedy and democrat foster campbell with a december 10th run offscheduled. a democrat win would not tip the
1:33 am
balance of power. four races still undecided in the house, two in california, two in louisiana but gop losses in those four would not have an effect on republican control of the house and congress will be back in session tomorrow morning in a lame duck session but with key issues still to be resolved namely how to keep the government funded past december 9th when the current budget measure expires. they have to hash out differences on a defense spending bill. let's bring in our sunday night panel. these are people who are -- you can't just appoint novices. you have to have people who know what they're doing but at the same time mofrg forward, this administration is going to run very differently than typical washington. >> amy stoddard, charles hurt, political columnist for the
1:34 am
washington times, tom rogan, columnist with national review. great to see all of you tonight. >> tom, you have some friends that are recovering from brex its, they're still digesting the trump election but he's now full on in transition mode. we have two names today, reince priebus and steve bannon with roles. >> i think most republicans in washington will be very happy with the choice of reince priebus because he is seen as someone who can go and meet with not just republicans on the hill but democrats. a good inter-lochter for the president trump. i think what's also interesting is you see the divergence now in the international community. but either eu nations notably germany still putting a very tough line there so it's very
1:35 am
interesting to see how that binding influence of brexist electoral surprise but actually new kind of alliances in international politics. >> we had some positive tweets today one from senator lindsey graham who is not a trump fan. one time presidential rival during the primaries congratulations to donald trump for outstanding choice of reince priebus. this shows me he is serious about governing. there was also a newt gingrich tweet. the bannon priebus team is a tremendous choice. bannon for key strategies, priebus for daily management. great team. daniel, you know twitter's also filled with people who don't like these choices. bannon is a racist and all ties to those groups. so it's playing very differently. >> if you're incline today dislike him you're going to hate this and you're going to think
1:36 am
steve bannon up there is bad news. he is by definition the republican establishment but if you're incline today like donald trump you of course will find positive things to like about this, reince shows he can work with paul ryan and work with capitol hill and work with republican establishment to try to transform washington the way donald trump will be and of course putting people at home are like breitbart, like steve bannon and we'll find a lot to like in him. i think there's a lot to read into it but the key here is that donald trump has a winning team that brought him to the white house or that is bringing him to the white house, that successful won this presidential election and he's sticking with the exact same team all the way through and i think people are probably reading too much in to it rather than just this is a guy who wants to keep the old band back together and he wants to move them into the white house together. >> charlie he's always campaigned on the fact that he's an outsider, but by leaning on
1:37 am
someone line reince he's definitely pulling in the more established part of the party, those connections and some folks say that gives him reinsurance like lindsey graham that he's serious about governing and being the president. >> well, one of the big problems that president-elect trump has to begin with is the fact that he has run such an outsider campaign and this is a very screwed up complex town where you have a lot of various centers of power and it could be a nightmare for anybody. i think it shows a degree of wisdom that he would bring in somebody that does at least know washington. ihink watching some of the things that -- some of the statements we've seen as you showed with lindsey graham and others in congress, i've been surprised by that. they've been far more positive than i thought that they would be, but he faces a republican congress that really does -- they're not going to give in to him. it's going to be an ad ver
1:38 am
sailor relationship and that's a wonderful thing for america. in terms of steve bannon. you know, bannon was very much the heart and soul of that campaign. and -- and i think that he is smart to keep -- to have someone around who will reminds him of just -- as hot and raw and as unpleasant a lot of the views that voters have about this place, i think it's important that trump be reminded of that while he's in the white house. >> somebody who has been talked about a lot and was on the trump support bands wagon very early, newt gingrich, i want to play a little bit of what he had to say and who may be on it? >> i think they're going to look very hard for people who are committed to change, who understand the general direction, not just of president-elect trump and vice president elect pence, but also of the americans who elected them. there was a real popular surge of people who want washington
1:39 am
changed and that's the people who president-elect trump represents. >> so do you think he does some -- picks out of left field people who aren't washington outsiders. a lot of people think he's going to be offered a capnet position and some other names do you think he does anything really outside the box. >> i wouldn't be surprised at all if he did something just sort of unorthodox, maybe name a democrat too here or there. i think that people are watching, they're watching the announcement about reince priebus and as you saw paul ryan and senator lindsey graham said this is really great news that he's picked reince priebus as chief-of-staff. no mention of bannon. so then you have gring rich's tweet the bannon/priebus news is so siting, the press release named them as coequallies using that word bannon on top of reince priebus's names.
1:40 am
titles don't matter in trump's world. he ultimately makes up his mind by himself. steve bannon makes him feel g he tells him he's a movement leader and the rest of the people around him or just managing him all the time and trying to normalize him and stop him and put him into wedges and so he's going to probably surrounds himself with the people that make him feel the best. jeff session has been loyal, i expect a lot of surprises in the other positions but the concern for every one at this point is the national security staff. many of which decided a long time ago and were very vocal about the fact that he was unfit to serve, didn't have the temperament to be commander in chief, they need to come on board. >> tom, what do you think the mood is like at the pentagon, defense department when he obviously the famous statement during the campaign talking
1:41 am
about the fact that he knew more about isis than the generals did. that didn't go over well for a lot of folks. >> no it didn't. he's been pleasantly surprised in the sense that he had that meeting with president obama he was calm. >> he was just a little bit sobered. >> he did. one of the interesting things is how much is his president -- the presidential daily brief which he now gets subject to president obama's decision on sources and methods, essentially he gets the real meat of it now. he knows what the russians are doing, he knows that through human source, the very highest level stuff and i think that's part of the sobering influence because when you see that and you see where it comes from, it's very hard to say, i don't believe it. it's fake. i think that influence is like, now it's up to me and if i fail,
1:42 am
it's my legacy as well as the country. so i think that's sobering him up for a lot of people. time will tell. the appointments will tell. >> how much do his choices say about the kind of administration that he plans to run as we get more names. >> i think it says a lot, from this we've learn that had he values loyalty, he val oouz people who he trusts. these white house jobs are -- this is why we're talking about. they're extremely important. they make big decisions and help decide what the president decides and what the decisions the president's going to see so they're important and we don't know these people. they don't require senate confirmation like the cabinet members. they make decisions, you know, that aren't as consequential as the president will so obviously these are hugely important which is exactly why we're talking about. >> do you think he's on track, charlie, with the transition because there's some folks who say, they didn't truly expect
1:43 am
that he was going to win, now 4,000 positions all these administrative and positions that have to be filled. do you think they were prepared to dive into that level of personal appointments. >> there's no doubt that leading into the election that a lot of his supporters were believing, you know, onslaught of media there's no way he's going to win, she's going to win by over 300 electoral college votes and so i think that there was some sort of surprise in the last week and certainly afterwards, oh, my goodness, with really might catch the car that we've been chasing. and now they have and so they have to do all that. it's -- you know, it is -- because he's run an unorthodox campaign it's an opportunity for him to do a lot of unorthodox things now and he can talk about, you know, provocative picks like a newt gingrich in an important position that would make a lot of people in washington freak out and a lot of people that supported him
1:44 am
would just -- they would love to see washington freak out. >> well, yeah. i think that's why people voted for him in large part. ab, the removal of governor christie. >> i think the children who really ultimately it's his daughter and son-in-law that are the most important people in this entire planet, if you -- that's why i said titles don't matter, you can chief-of-staff or chief strategist, he's going to talk jared whenever he wants to talk about decision making and his daughter. they intervene, right, and they got rid of the former campaign manager. ultimately and steve bannon and conway took over. trump -- as he makes these decisions, he -- he is dealing with a little bit of a team of rivals and so you have that
1:45 am
discomfort between jared kushner and chris christie, the governor was so loyal to him -- so loyal that he ended up superceding chris christie and was able to take on a bigger role and he's got the rub out. it just doesn't come as a surprise. >> in the meantime, ed henry's reporting will get some other names this week so we'll bring you that as soon as we get it. our fair and balanced panel our fair and balanced panel weigh in on his ambitious
1:46 am
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it will be repeeled and replaced and it'll be great healthcare for much less money. >> president-elect donald trump talking about his plans for obamacare. we are back with our panel. ab, he's taken a lot of heat because, you know, a lot of folks on the left saying millions are going to be left without healthcare but he's saying i want to leave preexisting coverage, and a lot of what he's proposing we already see the gop propose in numerous measures on the hill. does he get it across the finish line this time. >> he acknowledged in this interview that's expensive keeping the popular components of obamacare, costs a lot of money and the insurance companies are not going to go along with no preexisting conditions without a mandate and it's not that simple, but i think they'll be able to do something really quickly. it looks like they'll have two years after they repel to come up with a replacement in which time everyone will be covered
1:50 am
under their current obamacare coverage and they're going to have to come up with that and they can -- i think two years of fighting get the job done. if they were trying to do it by end of march or something, it would be contentious, but i think there's probably a road map for them to get something to replace it by the time people have a lapse in their coverage. >> how much do you see him relying on speaker ryan or others on the hill because really hammering out as we all know the details of the thousands of pages of whatever's going to come next as the replacement or addition that's the hard core policy work that a lot of people wonder whether trump will be fully engaged in. >> trump is smart enough to realize there are people in capitol hill who are very good at this sort of thing and i think he will rely on them a whole lot and he'll have -- helping him along the way, the very strange bizarre fact that he actually had coat tails in this election which nobody thought he would and so there are people who are -- and maybe they don't feel like they're owing, they're certainly appreciative of him, even better
1:51 am
than that for him, he has democrats who are going to be up in two years, many of them in the states that he won and they're kind of -- they're kind of worried right now and there's -- they sort of have a huge incentive to actually work with republicans. and, you know, i keep going back to the same thing and that is, they have so decimated the party structure that you have a republican in the white house and two chambers in congress and they're going to be at odds with one another. i think that's fantastic. i really do. >> i think the founding fathers a lot of ways thought it would be a good idea too. immigration an issue. here's a little bit of what interest mr. trump says in that interview. this is about deportation specifically. >> what we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers, we have a lot of these people, probably 2 million or 3 million we're getting them out of our country or we're going to incarcerate
1:52 am
but we're getting them out of our country. >> how does he logistically get that done? can he? >> he needs to first build the wall, right? >> he says that's still coming. >> i think donald trump needs to assume that the good will in washington and with members of congress is at its highest level that it will ever be. when barack obama came into office, it will at his highest office for him and a lot of presidents. when they're elected, that's when they're most popular. he should shoot to get as much as done in the first 100 days including trade, obamacare, immigration, he should get the big things done, satisfy those campaign promises it will give him a lot of ability to do whatever he wants afterwards and to get other things done and i think it will give him a lot of goodwill. if people say congress is and washington is now getting things done and fixing these problems and he's using that goodwill to get things done, i think it'll
1:53 am
amount to more things. if he slow walks it, it creates time for people to complain, people to say that it's wrong. for arguments to break out and i think that would not be as good for him. >> yeah, and tom, how much backlash does he get if he walks into this with republicans controlling the white house, senate, house, and don't get the big items done. >> i think he's going to get -- from his support base which is just -- if you think about it so profound in terms what have he did. shaking up that map. i think he gets time. i think he has more time than perhaps think. i think it becomes very important for him, personally, in terms of his -- how he appears. like the mirror is very important to him, and i don't mean that in a flippant way, but in specific, his own personal identity. and so in policy terms, i think if he doesn't get at least one thing done, whether that be a trade deal. the british government and the trump administration, i think they both have a line. you know, tie value trade.
1:54 am
it that has issue. on things like obamacare and supreme court nominee. textbook issues, i think he'll want to push at least. i don't know -- i think he has because what have he has done and because of the democrats, i actually think he has quite a lot of political space, even more so than president obama did. >> well, and you mentioned the supreme court, of course that's why -- that's one of my favorite topics. that's going to be a big first decision for him. naming somebody. he's given us a list and he's going to stick to these two lists. who thinks that the vefts are really going to push hard and if they don't get somebody that many of them -- the only reason they voted for him, it's going to be bad for him. and that was mitch mcconnell who ensured that became an issue by deciding to block mayor garland. it will blow up in his face worse than i think, you know, anybody could imagine.
1:55 am
>> any names that catch your fancy out there that you think is likely -- we think he's having conversations with mitch mcconnell. he's got senator mike lee on his list who distanced himself a bit from trump during the campaign. may not turn down the opportunity to be a justice. >> somebody like ted cruz could be smart. get rid of your -- move your biggest rival in -- >> he was not on the two lists. >> wasn't on the list. and there's a lot of people in the senate who don't like him. >> maybe they vote him out. >> not necessarily -- >> they sent him to the supreme court and he has a lifetime appointment. >> there are a lot of things you can do to help him politically, with the supreme court nomination. >> maybe. >> i don't think donald trump shows the names on the list. and i don't he's going to recall five of them that you asked him right now to name who's on list. and i think he could surprise everyone and pick someone who's not on the list because that's the way that he is. but, i think he will definitely
1:56 am
listen to the pressure that charlie's talking about and pick someone that everyone is going to be consensus pick, definitely on the first one out of the box. he wants that honeymoon to last and he'll make a decision that everyone else makes for him on the first pick, i do. >> he'll refresh himself on the list of the 21 names, the two lists. very quickly i'm sure. coming up, saying good-bye to a southern rock icon whose influence reached some of the most popular singers and bands across generations. that's coming up.
1:57 am
♪ ♪ sad news from the world of music. the multi-talented leon russell has died. with his distinctive long white
1:58 am
hair and beard. the oklahoma native played keyboard, percussion for a diverse group of talent. the rock and roll hall of fame member is known for his work with the beach boys. bob dylan, doris day, bb king, the rolling stones and frank senate tra. leon russell was 74. quite a diverse group. by the way, do not forget tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m., tucker carlson tonight premiers. thank you so much for invitinin us into your home tonight. that is it for this edition of "special report." justice with judge jeanine starts next. >> it is monday november 14th. this is a fox news alert. isis calling fon lone wolf attackers oo to use trucks as weapons. the target? new york's famous macy's day
1:59 am
parade. the terrifying warning less than two weeks before thanksgiving. >> they begin to take shape with two key positions picked. trying to reassure divided america on the first tv interview as president elect. >> don't be afraid. we are going to bring our country back. don't be afraid. i am going to bring this country together. >> our future president for the border wall. >> the airline of the year just revealed. fox & friends first starts right now. >> there's a super moon out there. the cloetest the moon will be to
2:00 am
earth that will happen about an hour from now, actually. >> incredibly bright. >> you are watching "fox & friends first." i am clayton morris. >> i am heather childers. brand new week, thank you for starting it with us. donald trump getting down to business. >> two top allies filling key roles as his administration takes shape. >> kristin phillips live for us. >> good morning, kristin. >> good morning. these are two of the most important selections president obama had to make chief of staff and chief strategists. he choose them from opposite ends of the republican party. priebus will continue the effective leadership team they formed during the campaign working as equal partners to transform the federal government making it more efficient and productive. reince priebus is very close to house speeshg paul


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