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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  November 15, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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thank you, everybody. america's headquarters starts now. i'm sandra smith, a big day today on capitol hill. republicans are ready to hit the ground running. today the class photo for the 115th congress that will still be lead by house speaker paul ryan. chief congressional kor
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respondespo -- correspondent mike emanuel. >> it seems that republicans, in this case, makes them feel a lot better, they appear to be in good shape heading into this afternoon's leadership elections, there was talk of change in the 2016 campaign, and they're talking about getting to work. >> in the days and weeks ahead we will be working very closely with the president elect to lay out our ambitious past. it includes several of our own members. we're working hand and glove from the start and we want to make sure we can deliver on the new president's agenda. >> everything is peaceful, but they say the process of nominating the people for a
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leadership position and electing them to those positions takes time. >> what is the latest on democrats that are still reeling. >> they were planning to do them on thursday, that has been bumped back to november 30th, perhaps buying more time to perhaps think about a new approach. >> it's more important to talk about how we will fight president trump. how we will fight and rewin rkin cla people that had been the heart and soul of this party but are now unfortunately voting against democrats more than ever. we are the party of franklin roosevelt. >> we're hearing corn about becoming the party of the upper
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northeast. and it was largely read, and so there is talks about perhaps changes directions. >> there is a senator making a big move to do away with the electoral college. >> that is par bra boxer talking about abolishing the electoral college. not surprising because hillary clinton barely won the popular vote. she is a retiring senator, there is not much time left in this congress, so it is not likely to go anywhere, but we'll see if they pick that up in a future congress. >> all right, mike emanuel, thank you. >>. >> the trump transition team
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faces a monumental task. vice president elect mike pence arriving at trump tower. there have been reports of internal turmoil. one state department official recently wrote that military and intelligence officials should continue to do their job. but this morning he kweeted "after a trump transition team meeting i changed my recommendation. say away, they're angry, arrogant, and screams you lost. what do you make of this? a former bush official saying stay away? >> i think it is shameful. the transition has monumental
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tasks to do. i have talked to friends within the transition, and i will tell you i am very, very impressed with what i have heard and seen, and there is no doubt they will get really qualified people. the good news is there are so many qualified people on the republican side, i believe, to choose from. >> but grad, there is evidence, there is evidence that there could be a little turmoil in this team. he is a well respected republican voice, announcing his riz ig nation. he did so respectfully and he said he was honored to be a part of it, but what does it tell you about what is going on? >> it's not out of the ordinary, you will have tension because we're up against the clock. they have a good, qualified net
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to cast on qualified people. the problem with the transition is that it is a finite period of time. it is a date that is tern. you have to get the best and the brightest that have to leave their jobs to come to washington and put the right people in the jobs. >> but there is talk about some upset in this team that his children are part of this and in particular his son-in-law, and there is word thate is going back to those that advice him. >> of course he is going to reason to his children. so far they have done a very good job as vising their dad and i believe they will continue to
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do that b with but they're going to be armchair advisors. they have an absolute right, if their father wants them there, to give him council and advice. it's not as if they're joining the government, they're not. >> it sounds like you're saying this is normal stuff. this is a huge task, thousands of positions to fill, and you have an outsider doing it, although mike pence is a big part of this. what are you worried about? what does concern you? >> i'm not concerned. i'm heartenned by the fact that he has a chief of staff in reince priebus that is the tops in washington with regards to management and respect. he is going to bring order to the white house. and who better to work with congress as the president's
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point person on legislation than mike pence. as far as the top leadership is concerned, it could not be better, and they will fill it out with equally qualified people. >> and the choice of steve bannon? >> it's excellent. once a decision is made and people feel comfortable, everybody is marching down together, the same road, the same path, in the same direction. if you think you want to surround yourself with like minded people, it's a huge mistake and it's doomed for failure. >> thank you for shedding light on what is happening with the republican party. president obama on the road in athens, greece right now. he is reassuring our uneasy allies that our commitment to nato will remain strong, and
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reassuring against the fact that we may withdrawal from nato. >> at times of stress, people are looking for something, and they don't aults know what they're looking for and they may opt for change even if they're not entirely confident what that change will bring. >> kevin is traveling with the president, what's the latest coming from there. >> you're right, good evening. tonight for the president, it's dinner with the prime minister, the president and other greek leaders. it is part of a very busy day as the president tried to calm fears about president elect, and
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he reiterated the american commitment to nato. and he was asked "so mr. president, why do you think donald trump won the election"? >> when you see a donald trump and a bernie sanders, very unconventional candidates, and having considerable success, there is something there being tapped into. a suspicion of elites and govergover governing institutions not responsive to their immediate needs. >> i think a lot of people will be unpacking the election for quite some time. and now they are protesting in partt the president's visit here. more than 5,000 police and officials have been deployed here. and the greeks are doing
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everything they can to keep the protests away from where the president is. we have not been able to see the protestors from our vantage point, but they're not terribly far down the street, but if there is more, or breaking news, i will bring it to you from right here. >> democrats sounding off on the resounding defeat that voters handed them last week. >> workers and citizens of our region heard him. our people have paid the price. >> so where does the democratic party go from here as they try to regroup. you will hear from one lawmaker that saw the writing on the wall. why did no one listen? for a way to make flying more stressful, this may be politics and controversial comments among
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passengers before take off prompting a warning from the pilot. >> if anyone has a problem with this, you want to rant or rave, there is another flight tomorrow, you will not be on this one. for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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did you know the final results of the presidential election are still not in yet. hillary clinton was declaredhe winner in new hampshire yesterday. in michigan, president elect trump has a slight edge. no matter how it ends up he has already secured enough votes to become the 45th president.
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as par of the fallout from the elections, is the soul searching in the democratic party. the shock and disappointment sparked questions about where the party is and where it is going from here. >> people said why are you delaying the election, so we said okay, we'll move it out. >> what does it mean? >> not much, we'll be out for thanksgiving, but we'll have the rest of this week to go over some of the issues. >> you got beat pretty badly here and that -- >> that is the presidential race more than our race. >> deb by dingle warned for awhile that she thought michigan
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was possibly turning. the clinton campaign never stopped on a campus or an election haul. congresswoman deb any dangle joins me now and you say you saw it coming. >> what i think we were not hearing is working men and women that didn't feel like someone was watching out for them. i have been have clear that the working men and women in my district want to make enough money to live in a safe neighborhood, put food on the table, go to the doctor, pay for medicine and educate their kids. the trade deals they have been talking about, they're afraid for their jobs. they're afraid every day they could be shifted overseas. >> but when you look at the
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clinton campaign, you said they lacked a ground game and we heard a similar sentiment from president obama himself who said she didn't go to enough places and she didn't go often enough. >> we did see them come in just before the election. i'm not really part of being a fired kwauz. i just care deeply about the future of the country and we need to understand that we need to be a voice for those who need a voice pb and if we don't find a way to tell people that we are fighting for them, and telling even yours we will fight to make sure their pension is safe every day. >> so you need leadership and who do you see as the future of
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democratic leadership? >> i spoke at our caucus today, it's all of us. i'm a leader in my district. we have leaders across the country. we have a possibility to figure out how we make sure we protect everybody and we deliver for everybody. so this is really on all of us right now. we, in the party, have to learn the word we. it is not faction. we're strong when we're we. >> how do you see the democratic party working with the trump administration. how will that go? >> i think it will be a challenge. i wish it was coming out right now the bigotry, the sexism, and the racism that we're seeing. if he can do things that are good for working men and women, then we'll do what we can to support them. there is a lot of fear and a
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anxiety because of the election. >> a lot of work to be done, but you're saying inside the democratic party. thank you for joining us. we have a fox news alert from you. two people confirming the reelection of paul ryan as speaker of the house. . those inside the room say all three were unopposed and were voted in unanimously. >> all right, iraqi troops reclaim a village. a key development in the battle for iraq. take a look.
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new progress in the battle for mosul. they're pushing closer to the last major stronghold in iraq. were live with greg in irbil, iraq. >> yes, there have been some big new claims of progress, trying to get isis out of mosul. they're claiming they freed one-third of the earn side of the earn side.
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and they claim they killed 1,000 militants. the militants are regularly counter attacking and use slowing down the offensive. they are reporting they conducted 4,000 air, artillery, and rockets. the u.s. is getting less and less helpful. . finally as we have been reporting, caught in the middle of all of this, the million plus residents of mousl. also seen lining up for food and water and being targeted directly by isis. 20 more residents of mosul have
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been killed or executed with the enmy. what we're looking at now is how long this is happening and how long it will take to get isis out of mosul. the officials we have been talking to are saying it will be taking several more months. >> okay, thank you, from irbil. >> the supreme court position for justice scalia will need be filled, and ruth bader ginsburg has a message about the filling of that seat. can the democratic party pull citizen together and get to work? a fair and balanced debate, next. >> welcome to the dawn of a new,
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fox news alert, a shooting at the will rogers oklahoma city airport. one person has been shot. we don't know much about it yet. there are multiple officers on the scene. there are squad cars lined up
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all of the way up to the airport. we'll bring you any breaking news on this story as they're coming into our news room. they say if you're traveling there please don't go to the airport right now. a full head of steam today, paul ryan was elected the speaker of the house. and democrats are postponing their leadership elections into the end of the month. they say they want to recalibrate before making any suggestions. >> more important by, we're going to make sure the voices we heard are acting on. >> we got an unexpected defeat, and we have to recalibrate and decide how we go forward. it is just like death, there are different phases of grief.
11:32 am
i have larry o connor joining me, host of "mornings on the mall." simon, i will start with you first, what is the future of the democratic party. >> first of all, it is important to realize this is not a wipe out election. democratic party still remain very popular, but we also, the challenge, republicans have a lot of power not just in washington and around the country, i think them postponing their election is a good thing. i think nancy pelosi made a smart decision today. >> the amount of power that republicans have right now, and as we await president elect trump to become president in
11:33 am
january, there is a lot of work to do. paul ryan was just reelected what do you do first? >> this is one of the reasons that those who may have been worried are okay with putting him in office. so listen, this is the great thing about bying able to work together and push through an agenda. >> donald trump said he would drain the swamp and we have news that paul ryan is going to remain speaker of the house. >> let's be clear here, when trump said let's drain the swamp, you saw exactly like you
11:34 am
saw with paul ryan, they say we missed it, we didn't get it, and the democrats have not figures that out, explain to me why bernie sanders is not the head. they're sticking with the same old tired story. >> i want to move on, one issue that did resonate was the fey can si on the supreme court. and now one of the justices that famously criticized donald trump and then apologized is now getting to work. and you may add on to our previous discussion as well. >> my post election memo said it is time for a new generation of democrats to rise. we have to be more purposeful. we're handing off to a new set of leaders and the way they went
11:35 am
from boehner to ryan. we have to get more serious about the generational turnover. . we're doing well. our next generation is strong and we have to give them a boost. this is something that we will be talking about the rest of our lives. i think it was a mistake, it was setting a very bad precedent. the wrms are in charge now and they get to make their pick. >> and we go back to paul ryan's words today. is that fantasy land or is that what will happen? >> it could be fantasy depending on what they try to materialize. obama care and dodd frank as his agenda, and ending the war in iraq and pulling our troops out.
11:36 am
all four ended up being disastrous. so that is a good lesson for the republicans. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> the fed is rolling out new security guidelines. katherine harris is live in washington with what is happening with this. >> today's announcement was a focus on the denial of service attacks. they flagged one of the main switchboards, the national institute of standards and technology here wants manufacturers to build security into these systems so wifi enabled devices cot be hijacked by hackers.
11:37 am
>> you have confidence that an airplane will land or a bridge will sustain you from one side to the other, and that is by decide. >> they could them the internet of things. >> how do what do we know about how they will prioritize this issue. >> they should remain focused on typer attacks like the power grid. >> the security of critical infrastructure is something that i hope and expect will be accepted as gospel, accepted doctrine, in the new administration. >> check out some of this data. we have seen major breeches in
11:38 am
places like the office of management. there was also briefs at the u.s. army, the irs, and the unclassified system, and it happened before the election related hakts of the dnc. >> okay, katherine harris, thank you. >> the army corps of engineers are delaying the section of the pipeline. i want to take you somewhere no camera has been before. basically inside the dakota access camp where process tors are t to stop the pipeline from being build. i have live pictures from a
11:39 am
surveillance camera where they're attempts to stop destruction and here is where that is happening. this is theday quoko dakota acc pipeline if is aboveground in about a mile and a half in that direction. they want to take the pipeline, drill underneath the missouri river, and then pull this pipeline through to the other side. all they're waiting for is permission from the core of engineers. the company had to erect, as you can see, about four miles of fens to keep out the protestors. witnesses see five camps of protestors that have been her several months, but will they last through the winter.
11:40 am
they basically said they were stopping destruction. moments ago. the company filed an opinion that was an attempt to overrule them. they have been trying to find the tril sboig they can disable it. what they don't know is that drill rig to go under the river is already at the camp i was just at. >> wow, amazing stuff from there. thank you. >> it is being called the trump trade. have you seen a chart like this? stocks rallying. in economists were so wrong in predicting the market chaos. so what can we expect when donald trump takes office on january 20th? >> the heart of the plan is a business tax cut. and i think we can get it done
11:41 am
in the first 150 days. i think we can get a lot of democrats to vote for a business tax plan that has infrastructure spending in it.
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shepherd smith, more ahead on paul ryan being elected house speaker again. we'll talk about president elect donald trump's victory as an anti-establishment candidate and how it may have saved a leader of the republican establishment. shepherd smith reporting, we'll see you then. zlin ves tors are dumping bo. investors are dumping bonds and picking up stocks. president elect trump says he
11:45 am
promises to spend mind to rebuild roads and infrastructure and wants to cut taxes. i just got a letter that says the dow is on track for a fourth straight record close. >> it was becoming clear on election night that donald trump won, futures went down 800 points, first the exception speech was magnanimous. throw in that and the fact that the gob won the senate and the house. they have a clear path to do whatever they want to do. he won't have any issues, and it is a very aggressive agenda and wall street has responded favorably to that. >> and he is talking about cutting corporate taxes. we have steve more talking about
11:46 am
a consistent business tax. i want you to listen in. >> that tax vase not just for boeing, microsoft, and apple, but every small business in america. and they will get that tax cut. i believe that we can do this, and by the way you're exactly right that another big part of this is the 10%. >> so here is the thing, the tax cut, the small business thing is the angle. apple doesn't really need the tax, but it is important. i wish they would just get rid of it all together. >> what did he say to that? >> he said he would think about it. >> it wasn't a no. >> in the meantime we'll have 10%, the money should flow back
11:47 am
in, that's $2 criminal off shore. there is a way, fewer regulations, lower taxes, and something that ronald reagan was able to do. i think we're seeing really america jumped on the band wagon. i think the average american is out there believing that something is going to happen. we get the consumer confidence report on friday. it will be revised, but it said that consumers were a lot more confident. the best back to back month since 2014. donald trump has this ripple already working for him. i think we'll see a mall spirits unleashed in this country. and just a little anecdotal. my brother is in scrap metal and he says business has not been like this for years.
11:48 am
>> and you're attributing it to donald trump? >> the fed tried to create the illusion of wealth and it never triggers the cycle. the second step is that people are on the right track. >> president obama will say i did a pretty good job. and he will point at the record stock market and he will say that is because of my policies. >> i have no problem with that, but don't know why opponent don't remember that when president obama came in, we just has one of the biggest market crashes in history. it was a reflection of pure panic not seen since 1929. and he was sort of lucky. we had oversold stock market and they were $2 or $3 like they
11:49 am
were going out of business. donald trump really will have to get economic growth going. >> so it sounds to me like you're a buyer of the u.s. spoex as we await donald trump to get into office in jan? >> i had to take profits on a couple stocks. united rental went from 70 to 95, that is nuts. i tell people, this is your chance. you missed the obama years, i get that. if this economy takes off, i think people need to understand you will be happy. >> i mission your passion, charles payne. thank you. president clintons at 30,000 feet, probably not a good idea. >> we have the common decency to respect each other's decisions.
11:50 am
>> the pilot is telling riled up passengers to just stay quiet. and animals stranded on a tiny patch of grass. a update on their predicament, next. i thought i married an italian. my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry, through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry,
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thankfully help pouring in for the people of new zealand. a u.s. navy ship is now in the region helping evacuate hundreds of people stranded in tourist communities cut off by debris and destroyed infrastructure. and do you remember this? that photo of a few cows stranded as the earth gave way around them during that quake. it turns out the quake fault
11:54 am
line ran right beneath this farm. those cows have now been rescued and we're very happy to bring that story to you. all right. tensions are still running high after the election last week and people can't seem to stop talking about it in all the wrong places. one pilot with united was able to cut through the chatter. trace gallagher joining us with more. politics a mile high. i can't imagine that is going so well. >> you can't even go to puerto vallata anymore. witnesses say the argument involved a white man who supported trump and african-american man who supported clinton. the man made a racial statement about keeping his guns and the woman began to cry. the two passengers were then separated, but neither p one was asked to leave the plane. that's when the captain decided to weigh in on the overhead p.a. saying if you support him, meaning donald trump, that's great. and if you don't, that's fine, too. the captain went on to say this.
11:55 am
listen. >> keep our opinions to ourselves on this particular matter at this particular time. when cooler heads prevail and we can talk and realize we're all human beings and we can all pull for the country in our open way, then that's what we should do. if anybody has a problem with this, there is another plain if anybody has a problem with this, there is another plain tomorrow.then that's what we sh. if anybody has a problem with this, there is another plain tomorrow. you won't be on this one.nin tomorrow. you won't be on this one.ein tomorrow. you won't be on this one.n tomorrow. you won't be on this one. tomorrow. you won't be on this one. >> turns out everyone decided to stay on the plane. the nature. pilot has not been released, but united airlines sent us a statement saying that our pilot was trying his best to diffuse an argument between two customers in order to get our customers to their final destination, which he did. by the way the guy who recorded the captain he's audio was reportedly on his way it to mexico for a christian retreat
11:56 am
where tolerance wassing discussed. >> i loved his sense of humor and obviously it was effective. that's all we need, just a little humor in the world. calm down, people. trace gallagher, thank you. the capitol dome has looked like a mess for years, but good news in time for inauguration day. when you have type 2 diabetes, there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza® a better moment of proof. victoza lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. victoza® works with your body to lower blood sugar in three ways: in the stomach, the liver, and the pancreas. for weight loss, victoza® may help you lose some weight. non-insulin victoza® comes in a pen and is taken once a day. (announcer) victoza® is not recommended
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fox news alert for you. an update on that shooting at will rogers airport in oklahoma city. at least one victim we know of and now we're learnings airport has been closed down while the police investigate. police say anyone inside should shelter in place. they have shut down traffic and urged people not to go to the airport. capitol dome repair project now officially complete. the three year effort sealed some 1300 cracks and cost $60
12:00 pm
million. the skrofcaffolding now removed. the doem was last restored during the eisenhower administration. thank you so much for joining us on this tuesday afternoon. good to have you. i'm sandra smith and here is shep. it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in washington where the new leadership is starting to take shape. minutes ago word house republicans voted to let speaker paul ryan keep his job after some controversial during the campaign. we're also getting a glimpse of how lawmakers may deal with president-elect trump's agenda including a 34re7b8g to build a border wall. meantime the president-elect meeting with mike pence to talk possible cabinet picks. and we learned there is one name that they can scratch off their list to start, dr. ben carson, who today said thanks, no thanks. but the powerful senator introducing a bill


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