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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 15, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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million. the skrofcaffolding now removed. the doem was last restored during the eisenhower administration. thank you so much for joining us on this tuesday afternoon. good to have you. i'm sandra smith and here is shep. it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in washington where the new leadership is starting to take shape. minutes ago word house republicans voted to let speaker paul ryan keep his job after some controversial during the campaign. we're also getting a glimpse of how lawmakers may deal with president-elect trump's agenda including a 34re7b8g to build a border wall. meantime the president-elect meeting with mike pence to talk possible cabinet picks. and we learned there is one name that they can scratch off their list to start, dr. ben carson, who today said thanks, no thanks. but the powerful senator introducing a bill to eliminate
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the leg electoral college. we'll explain what would need to happen to make that the law of the land.leg electoral college. we'll explain what would need to happen to make that the law of the land. and do you get a lot of your news from the internet or facebook? you'll want to hear what some giant companies have planned. let's get to it. good tuesday afternoon from the fox news desk. the election of a complete political outsider as president as apparently secured the role of one of the republican party's most powerful insiders. it's ironic, isn't it? house members today nounced that they have voted unanimously to nominate paul ryan for the another term. this just a short time after the speaker welcomed americans to what he called the dawn of a new unified republican government. >> i talk with donald trump virtually every day. i spoke with mike pence this morning. we are on the same page, we're working hand in glove and we're going to make sure that is this a very successful
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administration, but more importantly, we're going to make sure that the voices that we heard from the american people are acted upon, that we actually fix these country's problems. >> speaker ryan is set to face another vote in january before the full house, but republicans do have the majority and chad pergram reports the speaker is not facing any formal opposition and speaker ryan would have faced struggle had t president-elect trump lost the election because he butted heads during the campaign. you may remember speaker ryan said he would not defend touchdown. president-elect trump responded at the time by calling the speaker a weak and ineffective leader. but the election has apparently changed all that. one member of the conservative freedom caucus says, quote, donald trump controls whether paul ryan is the next speaker or not. and all the signals we have are
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that the president-elect wants him for the job. another caucus member tells chad pergram that there is a lot of pents up energy to get things done and we want continuity. we'll have more from chad in a live report in a few moments, but first mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. busy up there these days. >> no question about that and no fireworks today. republican members do say they are eager to get things done, eager to get cracking on their agenda. and many of them have never served with a president from their own party. so paul ryan speaker majority leader kevin mccarty, steve so he lease and kathy mcmorris rodgers were all reelected this afternoon. unanimous unanimously. no opposition. and ahead the vote speaker paul ryan talked about wanting to get to work. >> i'm not looking backwards, i'm looking forwards to how we make this work for the american people. how we help president-elect trump be the most successful president in our lifetimes, how we make good on the promises and
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get this country going again. >> of course there were numerous examples during the 2016 presidential campaign, places where paul ryan and president-elect donald trump did not see eye to sieye. that has recleared up and no fireworks today. >> on the democratic side, speaker nancy pelosi, a real blow to her today. >> that's right, there were plans for a similar leadership election this coming thursday, but a lot of democratic members said we should take more time to analyze what happened in this election. so now the house democrats will vote november 30th. >> we will have the rest of the week to go over some issues. >> some say you got pretty badly here. >> that speaks to the presidential race. >> and that exchange with our senior capitol hill producer, but a lot of testimonies are
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clearly worried about being identified as the party of california and the upper northeast. they want to figure out a way to reconnect with a lot of white working class voters that went with donald trump. >> mike, thanks. speaker pelosi said this was about a loss in the presidential election, not i don't understand that. let's bring in chad pergram. that doesn't really fly because had they had the vote today, that they delayed it, does it not say something else? >> if you had the election on thursday, nancy pelosi would be elected leader. this period of time gives somebody else the chance to perhaps get some votes together and maybe pose a challenge to her. i should point out that she faced a challenge after the republican win in 2010 when they claimed the house of representatives in the big wave election. heath schuler the former washington redskins quarterback, north carolina congressman, very conservative democrat,
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challenged her aechallenge ed her and he got sacked with only 43 votes. nobody be can beat nancy pelosi right now. there is one member who we keep hearing about it, tim ryan, a testimony of northeast ohio. he represents youngstown, steubenvil steubenville, used to be democratic union country and they went for trump. and tim ryan said this morning that if we don't speak to those union voters, we will never get the house of representatives back. >> this all started would i peopby people calling me, not me calling people, and i think there was some attraction to somebody from youngstown to talk to union woerks workers and try to connect with people. >> reporter: i talked also with marcy kaptur, a democrat from northern ohio, she the most senior woman in congress right now, a protectionist democrat, somebody who opposed trade deals and things.
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she was on a letter earlier this week along with other democratic women supporting nancy pelosi, but she says someone from our part of the country, meaning northern ohio, michigan, union country, the areas where trump performed so well, one of the reasons why he won ohio, she may have to reconsider that, shep. >> it's interesting, they have to get a foot hold in an area that had been a democratic stronghold and now they have to regroup. but as far as head of the dnc goes, this matter of keith ellis so that, first muslim american elected to congress as putting himself out there as of last night for that job. what does that tell us? >> well, that is the internal struggle that is going on in the democratic party right now. they say look, we won the popular vote, we have the urban core with latinos and african-american voters. people who are liberal in their policies. and that has to be represented. p that is part of the energy that they got from the bernie sanders campaign. the other side of the table are people like marcy kaptur and tim
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ryan where they say the reason why we don't have the senate or the house and the real reason we don't have the white house is we couldn't speak to those white union members in michigan and ohio and pennsylvania. >> on the republican side, hike emanuel reported no drama today. but there is a great deal of drama within the transition team. it's my understanding that there has been no contact yet with the pentagon or department of state or anything else. it sounds as if would disarray be the right word, are they just behind because they didn't think they were going to win this thing or wha is it? >> there was some thought that they weren't fully prepared for this because everybody thought that they might lose. it does take time. takes monumental job. a name that came up today is chris collins, the republican congressman from western new york who will be the liaison between the transition team and congress. and tomorrow we will have mike
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pence the vice president elect also the president of the senate, he will come up to capitol hill, he will meet with joe biden and remember that that position the president of the senate, they break ties over there, there is actually an office in the u.s. capitol for the vice president. and mike pence knows his way around capitol hill pretty well. he was the house republican conference chairman for several years. he is somebody who has very tight relationships with paul ryan and remember when president trump gives his state of the union message, the two people that will be sitting behind him are paul ryan and mike pence. >> it makes perfect sense that they would be very helpful during this period. i wonder if you know whether it's true that members of the transition team, jared kushner and others in the trump family, were not aware that they were going to have to replace the whole white house staff, that the white house staff there leaves with the president and they have to replace those people. because it doesn't sound like they're very far long in that process if at all. >> yeah, that is something that takes months.
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everybody leaves, you have these cabinet officials which those are the big names that you hear about. rudy giuliani or kevin cramer for energy secretary. but it there are all these bureau bureau the krats, people who perform clir cal functions that they will to fill. >> and barbara boxer introduced legislation that would do arm with the electoral college and make the popular vote the way that we elect a president for the first time ever. how real is this, how much support does it have and how difficult would such a thing be to accomplish? >> temperatudemocrats might likt now, about it's not realistic. she's retiring at the end of this term replaced by pamela harris. and this entails amending the constitution, article 2 section 1 of the constitution deals with the electoral college. you have to have a two-thirds
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vote of both bodies of congress plus 38 states. that is a high bar. the electoral college is here to stay. >> chad, we appreciate your insight as always. some night say it's full steam ahead for the trump transition. the truth is it has been a very rocky beginning for this trump transition by any standards known to than. that said the president-elect is meeting with the vice president elect pence to talk about contenders to serve in the administration. so who are these people, how might they serve, have we heard of them before? who will be running the place? that is coming up from the fox news desk on this tuesday afternoon.
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donald trump and mike pence meeting behind closed doors at trump towers this afternoon. an adviser for trump's transition team say that the two are reviewing a number of names for cabinet and senior white house positions for the administration, which is standard fare. the adviser stressed any meeting between trump and pence meant that there were serious deliberations. carl cameron is with us off the campaign trail at long last. >> long road. >> isn't this stuff normally done before the election is over? >> usually they anticipate who will win a little more accurately than either side did, that the media or pollsters did.
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>> but don't they >> and they did. chris christie and his team were 150 strong up until about two week before the election and then donald trump himself said i need happier staff to help us win this thing. so they went from 150 down to 75. and then of course chris christie on the day after the election was essentially told we think we're making a change in the -- >> and why was that? >> chris christie has had a rough year in the press. the whole bridgegate thing is there. so mike pence -- the transition is being run by mike pence and there was a bit of a clerical miscue. chris christie the day after the election could have signed a document that would have effectively allowed the obama administration to share tore with the trump campaign and vice versa. that was not signed. mike pence went back to indiana do personal and family and governor business, so now he's back in new york, he needs to be in d.c. to sign that document. the obama administration can
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start talking to him. pent begago pentagon, ceo, cia, all those people. >> they say that we have all the stuff you need but you're not returning calls. >> they don't know who is the one to take the call. one of the discussions is that sessions could be department of justice. >> a lot of people are concerned about his -- >> i don't know that you could call him a segregation nis. jeff sessions now one of the really respected ranking republicans on the judiciary committee. he was the first senator to go with trump. but they haven't decided yet. all those pent up government officials who are ready to start downloading information from the obama administration to the trump transition can't.
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>> there was a bunch of weirdness from clinton to bush, a bunch of ws and -- all kinds of weirdness happened then. and it slowed things down, but they got it done an everybody was like oh, my god, 71 days is not enough time. the same thing when they went from into the obama administration as organizers said to have been 71 days was not the enough time. they just lost a tenth of that. >> so they do have a vice president elect and president-elect. so today a week after the election, now a president-elect trump is eligible for the exact same security briefing that barack obama gets. he's eligible for it today. they haven't told us it happened before lunch, before mike pence got to trump tower. it's still plenty of hours of daylight left, but that is a big step forward and they can get that information. >> trump asked for the highest level of security for his
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children. >> he didn't. there was an inquiry made by a staffer. if he wanted his kids to be able to talk about it with him, maybe they could get classified information, it got blown up into something that donald trump was trying to rewrite history books and give his privilege that-but it was an inquiry and they got a probably not the answer. >> is this the kind of thing that you see every time? it's been described depending on the website as a knife fight in there. >> no, it's a transition. you have people who are all competing for the same top jobs and then the second, third, fourth choices. and in the case of ben carson, we've seen that it's easy to get layered. not a knife fight, but definitely a transition fight. he wanted to be health and human services secretary and he's a noted neurosurgeon. he's worked on cells and molecu molecules. the department of health and human services is one of the biggest in the country and when you're dealing with the repeal and replace or revise and
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reform, you want somebody who knows to run an ugly bureaucracy. >> when will you get a nap? >> hopefully tomorrow. i have comp days come out of my years. we were out for the midterms of 2014 when all the republicans and democrats were campaigning for the congress ional candidates. 2 1/2 years. >> i need a nap just thinking wi about it. thank you. president obama overseas right now, but even in greece he can't escape questions about the election including one about whether he underestimated the anger of americans. he answered that question. you'll hear it coming up. for lower back pain sufferers,
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somebody in greece today denied responsibility for the election of donald trump p he was responding to a question at a news question with the greek prime minister. president obama said of course he recognized lots of americans have been angry and frustrated but he accused republicans of twisting the truth to turn those emotions in to votes. >> you've seen some of the rhetoric among republican elected officials and a littlity v activists and media. some of it pretty troubling. and not necessarily connected to facts. but being used effectively to mobilize people. >> well, the president on his last overseas trip as commander in chief is also scheduled to visit germany and peru this week. analysts say they expect the president will reassure world
12:24 pm
leaders especially after donald trump accused some nato countries of not doing enough. julie page is with us. the republicans used to accuse him of having apology tours. i guess maybe now is this is as reassurance tour? >> definitely is a reassurance tour. he will be in greece, germany and peru, but he will be meeting with leaders from many more countries on his stops. and you shouldn't underestimate how nervous some american allies were by the comments that trump made during the campaign when i essentially seemed to open the door to the u.s. not defending nato allies if they don't pay the amount of money that they're supposed to pay to be part of nato. most countries don't actually pay that amount of money. so this is a very real possibility for a lot of these countries. and the president will be going overseas trying to assure these leaders that the united states will stick by its commitment. and you have to remember, if the united states does that do that,
12:25 pm
we're talking about a major shift in the security situation in europe and around the world. so this is no small mission that the president is on while he's traveling this week. >> has donald trump said whether our commitment as has always been stated is an attack on all, we all defend each other, that's the rule, is that still in place in the trump administration? >> i think we need to ask him more about this frankly. we haven't had a lot of opportunities to question him in this week since he's been president-elect. but it will be top of the list when we do start getting opportunities to ask him questions but again, it's a very serious prospect to no longer defend a country if they aren't paying i think it's 2% of their gdp to nato. >> the president has said and i'm looking for the exact quote because i think words matter. he said that the rhetoric seen in the election was pretty troubling and not necessarily connected to facts unquote.
12:26 pm
your organization has pointeded out that lack of connection to facts. so it's not as if the president is wrong about that right? faction a factually speaking. >> thusure, there are a lot of things on both side where is a party and nominee tries to make a situation look worse than it is. you've had republicans for years who have been talking in really dire terms about the economy and for a lot of americans that is reality. what the president points to is things like job growth, steady job growth and he sees a disconnect there. i think that what we saw in this election is that there is actually a disconnects between the top line economic numbers that the president is touting and what is being felt by many americans who maybe voted for obama but chose instead to go with change and go with trump.
12:27 pm
>> and there have always been complaints of lack of transparency. and now there is this matter of future president trump who really didn't pretty the press come along on his campaign tour, questions about whether everybody will be admitted into the white house briefing room. this is by and for the people. is there a push now for more transparency and if so sthou that playing itself out? >> there absolutely a push. we take this really seriously. and i think it's important that people understand that this isn't about reporters being able to get into the building. it's not about us and our jobs. it's about the ability of the american people to know what their president is doing. if you just look at this past week since we had this election, we haven't seen donald trump in public really. he was in washington for one day, but otherwise he's basically been cloistered in trump tower.
12:28 pm
so when he officially takes over, it's imperative that the american people know who he's meeting with, what he's working onnd aen suring that the president is in the white house every single day is a way to make that happen. so, yes, we will be pushing this as the white house press corps, but this is our mission on behalf of the public. >> as the constitution says you should. the only profession laid out there. and that is because the people have a guy who works for them in washington and the people get to know what ice doing. it's part of bedrock of our democracy. julie, you've been pan fast tick. thank pup thank you. president-elect says that he will avoid conflicts of interest with his business by having his three oldest children run his company. but they are also on his white house transition team. so you can run the company if you're on the transition team, could you transition things to where they're good for your company and is that really what
12:29 pm
is supposed to be happen something we'll look at that from both sides.
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more on breaking news story that we have been tracking. police say they have closed will rogers airport in oklahoma city after someone shot at least one other person there. they say anyone inside the airport should shelter in place. police tell fox news there is one victim and they're looking for another. investigators say the shooting happened inside a parking garage. a police captain says right now he does not know whether the victim that they do know of has survived. this all started just before 1:00 p.m. local time. a local news station reports a man had been lying in front of the ticket counter saying someone shot him. people have told people to avoid going to the airport and advise them to check with their airlines if they are headed there to catch flight. airport officials have confirmed
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i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. president-elect trump calling on some of his children to help him with both his business and his politics. he named his three oldest children donald jr., eric and ivanka as members of his white house transition team which is fine. but they will also be taking over the trump company. and critics are point to go a possib pointing to a conflict of interest. trump said he would separate his business and politics. >> he did because he knows competing interests could result in serious ethical concerns among some as well as some legal battles down the road. the president-elect said he plans to place his company in a blind trust to be run by miss children, but legal experts say the definition of a blind trust is that it's run by people not
12:35 pm
in contact with the owner. trump having his kids run the company would kind of defeat that purpose. here see is what trump said back in january on fox business. >> if i become president, i couldn't care less about my company.january on fox business. >> if i become president, i couldn't care less about my company. run the company, kids, have a good time. i'm going to do it foramerica. >> some political analysts also believe there should be a firewall between business and political functions. of course trump allowing his children to be part of the transition team according to some might violate that. >> but the trump team is defending this decision. >> all the way, yeah. rudy giuliani who has become a top trump adviser says it would be unrealistic to remove trump's children from police business empire because it would in essence be giuliani says trump would eraekt a wall between them and government matters and that
12:36 pm
we should trust the president-elect's integrity. >> the man is an enormously wealthy than. i don't think there is any real fear or suspicion that he is seeking to enrich himself by being president. if you wanted to enrich himself, he wouldn't have run for president. >> just to reiterate, trump's transition team also required about giving his children some top security cleearanceclearanc. breaking news. i noted that paul ryan will be the new speaker of the house. very big moment for republicans. let's listen live. >> who is worried about their future? who is worried about the direction we've been going? we hear you. and we are here to fix problems. we're very excited to get to work. this leadership team is unified. this entire house republican conference is unified. and we are so eager to get to work with our new president-elect to fix america's
12:37 pm
pressing problems. this is something we are ready to do and this is something that we will look back upon as a moment where we met the moment the way it needed to be met, by confronting america's problems and fixing them so that all of our citizens are better off. thank you very much, everybody. appreciate it. >> there you have it. paul ryan saying that the conference is united. coal lelleen mckay nelson is wi. is that accurate, is everybody on one page now? >> well, a lot has happened in a couple weeks. they certainly are more united than they were. it wasn't that long ago when paul ryan was declining to campaign with donald trump, there were questions about whether paul ryan would be speaker, certainly a lot of bad blood and in this moment at least both trump and ryan have
12:38 pm
something to gain from working with each other. and paul ryan is appreciative of the fact that trump helped deliver big margins in the house to republicans, that he helped maintain the republican advantage in the senate. donald trump needs paul ryan's help on policy and advancing his agenda. and so right now it behooves both of them to work together. so in that vein, they're united at least as far as it suits the two of them. >> winning makes everything easier for everybody. it always has. it's been my experience via football or anything else. but if you're winning, everybody seems to get along just splendidly and usually you can get things done. i know that you're very well plugged in inside this white house and i'm guessing becoming so where tith the one to come. how much concern is there that the transition has been off to an unconventional beginning? >> well, there definitely is concern. within the white house, there is
12:39 pm
concern among some republicans. as you talk to some people who have been close to the transition who have seen some of the decision making close up, there have been concerns raised that there is in-fighting within the transition team. i mean, we've seen some movement with chris christie getting demoted, now we're hearing about some people afternoon affilia a affiliated with chris christie moved aside. should even though there is party unity, behind of scenes there is questions about the decisions and of course steve bannon's appointment has raised a lot of eyebrows. >> and raised eyebrows for what reason? >> well, steven bannon was head of breitbart news and is viewed a part of the alt-right. and breitbart has written things that have been perceived as
12:40 pm
racist, bigoted. >> like when he said he didn't want his children going school with jeweljews. so to elevate him to one of the top positions in the white house, if not donald trump's top adviser has been cause for concern. >> we'll watch and report takes plays out. paul ryan just there on the fly live. but our original topic was about the annual "wall street journal" conference of ceos, 125 of them or so. kellyanne conway who many of have you come to know very he well through her appearances here and everywhere for the last few months, she spoke about the reasons. here listen. >> the excuse of divided government is over and i think it's causation, not coincidence, that americans gave a republican president a republican house and a republican senate. >> what was the sense overall with the ceos?
12:41 pm
we know that much larger percentage of ceos donated, that tells you-you put your homoney your thoughts are and most donated to hillary clinton and not donald trump. so a real shift from the last election cycle and what are we do glean from that? >> absolutely. not only did they donate to hillary clinton, but they also voted for hillary clinton. a survey was done of the ceos in attendance and 50% of the ceos said that they voted for hillary clinton compared with 38% for donald trump. which is a big shift from even just a year ago when only a small fraction of the ceos said that they were supporting hillary clinton. so for the ceos in this room, they're just kind of trying to navigate this new world order. this is a candidate who many in the room said was too controversial for them. they weren't sure what they would get either with donald trump because he wasn't always consistent on policy. and so now they're trying to
12:42 pm
figure out what exactly they will get with a trump administration and whether it will be good for business. >> and it's interesting because the game planning hadn't really been done. if you talk to the trump people quiet thely, they will say we didn't think that we would win. had we game planned for it? not much. and ceos didn't think he was going to win either, so they hadn't put all the numbers down. so fascinating article at check that out if you're so inclined. investigators wrapping up their questioning of the wikileaks founder julian assange about a possible rape accusation. he says he's hiding out in london to avoid facing charges here in the united states. we'll ask our own in-house lawyer about the chances of that happening next.
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bros cuprocessecutcessecuto
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questioning of jewel january ul. they did not say what they talked about or what would happen from here. assange has been avoiding being september back to switzerland where the the alleged rape happened. he says he didn't do anything wrong. assange's organization has released top secret documents from around the world including the united states and most recently wikileaks released thousands of hacked e-mails from hillary clinton's campaign staff before the election. assange has said that he is most concerned about the possibility of having to face legal battles in the united states. greg, explain assange's legal strategy if you would. >> he really wants to outwait the statute of limitations.
12:47 pm
you can't do that here in the united states. but that's not the case in sweden and it's working for him because officials already dropped tree of the allegations. if assange hides out for three more year, he will have beaten the rap entirely.hree of the allegations. if assange hides out for three more year, he will have beaten the rap entirely. but he says his real reason is to avoid u.s. authorities. he fears that he will be handed over to the u.s. on spying charges. so that may be the real legal strategy. >> couldn't british official just go to the embassy and get him? >> they could and they threatened do that three years ago when he first arrived. all you have to do is give one week's notice to an embassy this you're basically taking it over and revoking their status. you can go in. but the problem is we don't know who has gun this s in there and weapons. it could get ugly and they say we want to handle it
12:48 pm
diplomatically. and somehhoomehow how is that w out. >> and how could donald trump help? >> half of the exports could to the u.s. trump could cut that off. that could economically cripple them. it could really wreak havoc on ecuador. and ecuador has a huge narcotics problem. and as a consequence, the jund h united states has been helping tell out. we give them about $100 million a year in assistance. so you can revoke that and they're in serious trouble. so trump would have a lot of leverage. >> sounds like about tit. thanks very much. do you have one of those friends who post articles you know are fake? this is stupid.
12:49 pm
so how do you keep those stupid, wrong, completely lacking in fact news stories from circulating? and who is in charge of deciding who what is true and what is false? it's checkable, but who is doing that? facebook and google have some ideas. and kennedy is here with that next. now that karen's taking osteo bi-flex, she's noticing a real difference in her joint comfort... "she's single." ...and high lels of humiliation in her daughter. in just 7 days, your joint comfort can be your kid's discomfort. osteo bi-flex. made to move.
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12:52 pm
google and facebook are trying to crackdown on fake news. recently found inaccurate stories on both sides. a fake surgeon general warning about drinking every time the republican nominee told a lie during the debate.
12:53 pm
facebook ceo mark zuckerberg defended his website saying 90% is authentic, but his company and google have plans to ban fake news websites from using their services. >> fake news. lots of fake news. >> like sites that are fake and make things up. >> that's what it is, that's all they do. if you see a fantastic ad to get rid of toe nail fungus using vaseline, stay dubious. same thing with the news, if you see a site from macedonia oral ba -- or albania, exercise caution. makes us realize perhaps we should be getting our news from real sources, like the news desk, and perhaps not relying on social media to provide them for us. >> yeah. because the social media feed, zuckerberg and others say they're working on this, going
12:54 pm
to try to eliminate ones that are nothingness. >> it is a bunch of phony baloney. you know what that is, delicious, and mostly filler. what they've done is created algorithms, facebook has issues, in may when it was thought conservatives weren't properly serviced in the news feed, then there was con fab at the facebook headquarters, and now we know there were algorithms in place which means that human beings have to use their good senses to determine what is real and what is not. and we can't just rely on robots because then they're going to take our jobs and our women. >> the onion is not real but i like it. >> very much. >> satirical site. >> would it influence the way you vote? >> no, but i would get a gig. >> is that fake news or satirical? >> i call it satirical. you have to pay a little attention, know what you're
12:55 pm
reading. >> here's the problem. many feel that news is so subjective that they can no longer trust the sources. and when they read in these john podesta wikileaks, it makes you wonder who should i trust, and then you abstract subjects you want. >> there are sites that makeup everything. you don't want anybody to go -- if you're a liberal, shouldn't go to just liberal sites. you should go to places where ago ra gators are facts, black is black, white is white, those are true things, doesn't matter what your opinion is, those are true. >> put them together, you have the gray lady. >> the truth is, though, those sites do exist and they're worth perusing. >> i am a big fan of aggregate sites that give you proper balance like, i
12:56 pm
enjoy the drudge report very much. still, they have a different headline to choose from. some are entertaining -- >> others might decide huffington post. you can choose what you want. sites that are malarkey, you want to filter them out. >> i wonder if someone got ma lark i would like to start my own fake news site. and now with victoza® a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. lowers my a1c better than the leading branded injectable. the one i used to take. and better than that diabetes pill i used to take.
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on this day in 1867, the first stock ticker was made. an in ven ter later found a way to print quotes on paper using a telegraph machine. the ticker comes from the noise it made. computers later replaced mechanical tickers. investors first used the device that revolutionized the stock
1:00 pm
market. 149 years ago today. dow up largely because of energy. oil prices up 5.75 today. energy sector leading the way. neil cavuto has details now. you're looking live at the university of chicago where they're getting ready for a protest that's formally kicked off now. okay. what they're protesting is the election a week ago of donald trump, don't like the results, don't think he should be president of the united states. at the same time, senator barbara boxer says look who won the bob dillon vote, not the right person. we want to do away with the electoral college. these are college kids expressing their rage. they might be able to take pointers from high schoolers because this is what angry high school students were doing in washington, d.c. ranting, raving, chanting,