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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 15, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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go to and that is all the time we have left. thanks for being with us. we'll see you back here, hopefully, it won't be a year, tomorrow night. wild. good night from washington. o'reilly is next. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> by continuing to be a sanctuary city, we are doing the most american thing that we could possibly do. >> big showdown looming. the new president against some defiant mayors over sanctuary cities. we will have a special report. >> this search right here is a muslim mecca of the hate that lives inside of dallas. >> pastor robert jeffress and his church under fire from anti-trump protesters. the pastor will be here. >> it's open season, let's whack the fox news channel. i have had enough of it. it's a great place to work. >> i defend the fox news channel on cbs this morning. >> i'm not interested in
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making my network look bad. that doesn't interest me one bit. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the first challenge to president-elect donald trump. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. one of mr. trump's most vivid campaign promises was this. >> we will end the sanctuary cities that have resulted in so many needless deaths. cities that refuse to cooperate with federal authorities will not receive taxpayer dollars. >> let me get more pointed than that now a number of mayors across the country are defying the president-elect saying they will not stop their
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sanctuary policies. >> to be clear about what chicago is, it always will be a sanctuary city. >> you're not going to sacrifice a half million people who live amongst us. we're not going to tear families apart. >> i think by continuing to be a sanctuary city, we're doing the most american thing that we could possibly do. >> so let's analyze what's really happening here. by refusing to obey federal immigration law, the politicians are basically saying we want open borders because anyone who gets in to america illegally has a place where they can go with no repercussions. while most migrants are law abiding people who just want to support themselves and their families, a number of them are criminals r. or lay abouts, simply here to exploit the american system. those people become part of the sanctuary movement as well. now, you will remember that the thug who allegedly
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murdered kate steinle was released by the county of san francisco after ice requested he be held in jail so the feds could pick him up. san francisco let the man go despite the fact he had seven felony convictions in america, had been deported five times. kate steinle is dead because san francisco refuses to obey federal law, period. there is a lawsuit, civil suit, underway in the case and the criminal proceeding is crawling along. now, you would think any decent politician would learn a lesson from the steinle case but, no, these mayors all uber liberals believe they will harvest more votes by showing phony compassion than by promoting public safety and fighting anarchy. if the left believes everybody should be allowed to come in to this country, say it. say it. but, know that sanctuary policies will never be able to tell the good from the bad. the chaos will continue to
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rule. so it comes down to what donald trump will do to the mayors and counties that defy him on immigration law. it has to do something. and we expect the showdown will develop quickly early next year. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction, joining is newt gingrich. there is a good chance that the speaker of the house come january will be advising president trump on everything including the sanctuary city deal. so what will you tell them, mr. speaker? >> well, first of all, you have to say, you know, rahm emanuel is crazy. here is a mayor whose city is collapsing in to violence. one person shot every two hours. setting all-time records for murders. and he wants to stop the federal government from getting criminals? i mean, remember, trump is talking -- president-elect trump is talking about a very focused effort on getting rid of people who are criminals. now, you would think that the mayor of chicagon the middle of the worse murder pattern in the city's
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history would be thrilled to have somebody help him get rid of criminals. this is madness. so, my advice to president-elect trump is pretty simple. one, you should ask your new attorney general on day one to direct immigration efforts right into the sanctuary cities. two, you should indicate any mayor who attempts to interpose, a term by the way used by the white segregationists 40 years ago to interpose themselves dependence the federal government would be liable to prosecution. and, three, you should ask the congress immediately, as one of its first items to pass legislation authorizing cutting off all federal aid. now, let's see how long chicagoans like the idea of every penny of federal aid to chicago cut off. >> i don't know with the filibuster process in the senate, we tried to get kate's law passed and reid and his crew filibustered it and couldn't get up and all chaos. let's take it one by one. >> bill, remember, there are
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24 democratic senators up in 2018. >> look, i know that. >> how would you like to go home and defend protecting sanctuary cities, breaking federal law? >> it's going to take a long time for that to happen. it's not going to happen overnight. i want to go down the list that you just laid out for the folks. the first thing is that the mayors conflate good illegal aliens, the people just here to make a living with the criminals. they don't sort them out. there is no sorting going on. it's just like if ice calls us to detain and we have to detain someone and hold them, we're not going to do it. we don't care if the guy is a murderer that killed kate steinle, alleged murderer or some guy who, you know, just ran a stop sign. we're just not going to do it. so, they -- their responsibility is nothing, nothing. they're doing it for votes. you know what they are doing it for. de blasio in new york the only reason he holds office is because minority people votes for him. that's it. he is never going to
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cooperate. >> well, but i also think it's important to remember one of the reasons trump won was a commitment to the rule of law. we're not venezuela. we're not a country where we randomly get to pick and choose. that's part of why hillary clinton was repudiated: i would say to the mayors they don't get to pick which federal law they obey. >> but they are. they have been. >> they are. >> for decades. they have defied the federal government for decades. >> right. >> you say if the mayors don't cooperate they may be prosecuted. we have is it legal coming up behind you to see if that's true. but, on the philosophy of two sovereign systems, state and federal, very hard for the federal government to prosecute. >> look, we fought -- bill, we fought a civil war to indicate that there is one sovereign system. it is the united states of america. no state, no city can interpose itself between federal law.
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and the citizens. we 1958, the supreme court ruled decisively that it's impossible. that would be chaos. it would be anarchy. >> there is now. that's what we have now. >> which is why part of the reason we're getting president-elect trump is the country is sick and tired of it. sick and tired of people like rahm emanuel. >> okay. so we assume that you will advise president trump when he takes office and that you will do it to go to congress and say we have to have a bill that cuts off funding to cities like san francisco and new york city and l.a. and chicago. these are the biggest cities in the country. if they do not cooperate with homeland security. now, that's going to encompass a lot of debate. you're going to have to write two versions of the bill. going to have reconcile them together. you know how the system works. that will take a while for that to happen. >> sure it might take a while. in the short run, he can redirect federal resources of enforcement in to
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precisely those cities. he can also prosecute anybody who interferes with federal enforcement. an aggressive attorney general can make a very big difference in this case if they insist on enforcing the law. >> that's the key. >> >> go ahead. >> it's not bad for america to go through the process of writing a law, debating it. i think the more people get involved in this debate, the more angry they are going to be at these mayors and the more they are going to think this is crazy. >> all right. it will be a very fascinating thing. i do believe this will be on the top of his agenda, this and a tax break, tax cuts and all that when he gets in. do you think i'm right on that? >> i think you're right. and notice, he is narrowed it to a really classic focus. why wouldn't we deport criminals. >> yes. >> who is here illegally, rapists, murderers, drug dealers. what kind of argument is rahm emanuel going to make for protecting rapists,
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murdererrers and drug dealers in the city of chicago which he has this many killings a year? it's goofy. >> one footnote newt gingrich is the author of the brand new book "treason," certainly worth a look. good holiday gift. >> can those disobeying federal law actually be charged with a crime? later, anti-trump protesters target the church of robert jeffress. he will be here after these mess coaching means making tough choices. jim! you're in! but when you have high blood pressure and need cold medicine that works fast, the choice is simple. coricidin hbp is the only brand that gives powerful cold symptom relief without raising your blood pressure. coricidin hbp.
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is it legal segment tonight. what can happen if you fail to obey the law? county feds arrest the mayors of sanctuary cities? can they do that? here now attorneys and fox news analyst lis wiehl and kimberly guilfoyle. >> no, they can't. >> no? >> the 10th amendment prohibits the feds from
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directly compelling any local agency like the mayor or any law enforcement agency from actually going out and grounding up illegal aliens and following what the feds -- >> what does the tenth amendment say? >> the tenth amendment says any rights that aren't directly given to or -- rights aren't directly given to the feds are given then to the states. so it says you can't -- >> all right. i don't understand why the tenth amendment would prohibit. >> because there is something that's been written in to or read into -- through to the 90's, actually, in supreme court rulings called the come man during clause local agencies, like state agencies through the feds to actually go and arrest people or do other things through the federal agency. >> basically the states understood to be sovereign entities. distinct from the federal government so you cannot then usurp their power and
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authority. >> isn't it true that federal law trumps, pardon the pun, state law, right? federal law trumps? so the federal government says let's do the steinle case. got to hold this guy for us because is he a dangerous man and we are going to me, our agents are going to come and pick him up. the county of san francisco says blank you. we're not holding him. kicks him. and he goes out and kills kate, allegedly. >> um. >>um now, you're telling me that the federal government can't go in and arrest the sheriff? >> the sheriff or de blasio. >> no. >> they cannot arrest the sheriff for defying. >> they can ask him to cooperate. cannot make them cooperate. >> what about if they had a subpoena for the guy. which i believe the feds did have and they ignored the federal subpoena, that being the county officials of san francisco? >> ice, in that case h a hold on him. that's what they had. ice just dropped it that was ice's fault. they dropped it. >> if they had a subpoena to
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hold a fugitive. >> right. >> and the local authorities. >> right. >> said i'm not going to hold them. >> that's different. >> could the feds go in and arrest? >> yes. >> then that's different. >> good. >> that's what's going to happen here. that's what's going to happen here. the new attorney general is going to tell rahm emanuel you hold for us these people, all right. who the fbi knows have criminal convictions. >> yes. because then you are getting into harboring. >> wait. so if rahm emanuel says i'm not going to hold them, guilfoyle, then the feds come in and put cuffs on emanuel. >> that could be problematic for him and, yes, maybe under this administration they will move forward to do so. but ordinarily, it would have to be they are doing something like harboring a fugitive. shielding them specifically more than a failure to cooperate. >> holding them when the government tells you to hold them, that's harboring. >> then you are harboring them. >> a felony for five years. >> good. glad that we solved it and i
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hope the trump administration -- >> -- one other thing congress can then take funds away. >> i mean, the funds things is going to take photographer. mock mphotographer -- mark -- g. mark my words. >> the transgendered rights. what was this, guilfoyle? >> so bottom line this was a directive that the department of education appropriately read title 9. federal code concerning gender descrintle in education. we talked a lot about this on the showed to include transgender meaning a school may not discriminate them in any way. >> that means they have to put a different bathroom in. >> correct. >> trump can go in and say that's out. >> president-elect trump says excuse me. it doesn't apply specifically this title to transgender. that can be cancelled. >> the second one is the dream act, right? >> right. >> and, again, this is -- wait. this is where president obama said a certain
8:18 pm
category of illegal aliens are not going to be deported under any circumstances. >> right. >> he can overturn that. >> deportation of illegal immigrants come in to the country as children and also the people that protect the parents of these people. so the immigrants that come in as children and then their parent. trump can go in to these -- two executive orders under one umbrella which was daca. and it's gone. >> you saw president obama talk specifically about this. >> we will see if trump does that because he will be attacked if he does that obviously be being a mean guy. >> con that that acceptive where the nuns have to pay for bitter control. >> he could give little sisters of the poor condition free waiver. he has already testified that he wants. >> lower court will make that go away. >> those three. >> will be gone. >> thank you. things getting worse on college campuses around the
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for your retirement, you wanted to celebrate the little things, before they get too big. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. >> not since the late 1960's so much craziness in the college ranks. this time it's the administration that's off the embarrassment, not the kids. george mason university in virginia in man senior assistant director of commission admissions andrew bunting saying any person voting for donald trump is a, quote, piece of worthless trash, unquote. as we can tell, no action has been taken against mr. bunting by the
8:23 pm
university. joining us from washington, lisa booth. here in new york city juan juan williams. if you were the chancellor if that happened no students nobody would go. >> first of all bunting you are the chancellor up to you. >> take a week off. >> a week? >> yeah. take a week off, no pay. we want to be very clear with the students that nobody, nobody at george mason is viewed in terms of their political belief as a worthless piece of blank, right? that's just not happening here. but i would say this. that he has a right to speak out. i think the kids who are marching in protest, they have a right to speak out. >> wait a minute, you think he has a right to speak out when he is the admissions, one of the admissions deciders. >> remember, he did this on his personal. >> i don't care where did he it. it doesn't matter. kids have to write essays to get into the school, you know that, right? personal essays? >> of course. >> he is telling anybody who doesn't agree with his point of view you are a worthless piece of trash. how key possibly be the
8:24 pm
admissions. do you see my point, lisa? if you are a student and applying to george mason university, you have to write an essay. you have to tell the people about yourself. few hold a certain belief system, maybe that will be included in your essay. one of the admissions deciders is telling you if you don't agree with me you are a worthless piece of you know what? come on? how can he possibly do his job? >> you can't. that's the big problem here. this is why he should be let go. his job is supposed to be objective with the admissions process. and clearly he is anything but. i think the university needs to take it one step further and do a review of the applications process to ensure that no students and previous applicants that they were not discriminated against based off their political ideology or christian beliefs. the statement this individual made on his facebook post was related to gay marriage and was actually incited something from the southern poverty law center which has labeled groups like the family
8:25 pm
research council hate groups. >> so i want to get this right. you would fire him outright? >> yeah. i think he needs emotional therapy puppies. maybe he needs cry-in. he should be let go. >> as a chancellor to supply him -- >> -- you're not psychologist krauthammer. i will say this to you. this is a period when i think we need healing in the country. we do not need to punish people. i think he was wrong, lisa. i think bill o'reilly thinks he is wrong. give him some sanction. but i don't think we need to exacerbate worsen the situation. >> juan, how can he do his job? >> according to the president. what the president wrote in explaining this is a committee made up of 14 people and they all look at the he is says. any evidence of bias. >> here is how it really works, all right? he is the not the admissions director. he is the assistant. the assistant goes through the applications and weeds them out. and the ones that he deems worthy go to the admissions
8:26 pm
director. that's how it works. >> no, no, no. >> this guy has. >> a bunch of people weeds them out. >> if you think that at any major college there is a bunch of people looking at every admissions form, you're out of your mind. >> no,. >> no, no, they go on the groups. >> i was on the board at my college twice and i'm telling. >> you get into the group thing. go ahead, lisa, here is the thing, too. who cares if 14 individuals looked at it the problem is he is at the helm of the admissions process. that's the problem here. is he one of the individuals who is in charge of the process. further, another thing we haven't addressed yet is the fact that george may have been is a public university. so what about the liability to the school if the school itself had been biased and discriminated against individuals because of their religious or political beliefs. >> could be sued. >> wait a second. how could you -- lisa, how can you be sued for stating personal opinions on a facebook page. >> no. because. >> no, juan, it's been proven by us in the past applicants. >> here is how the school can be sued.
8:27 pm
if you had -- if you applied to george mason and turned down. >> right. >> and you found out that your grade average in high school, your acts or sats, all of that criteria, all right, was acceptable to george mason, ala other students athe same level had been accepted, and you were turned down after this guy had said that and you written an essay that said i come from a traditional family you can slap a lawsuit. >> i think, lock, i understand your point. but i'm just telling you i think that when you're dealing with hate groups and this guy was concerned. >> this guy isn't a hate group. is he a one man hate group. >> because he has his personal beliefs, bill. >> yes, it's hateful. >> you believe that? >> i do. >> i think if he said that about liberals. >> here is what i would do to this guy. i would put him in charge of grooming the campus. [ laughter ] >> you can imagine if he said this about muslims? >> he would be the campus
8:28 pm
groomer. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. gutfeld and mcguirk had some pithy things to say about the anti-trump protesters. next, those folks now targeting the church of pastor robert jeffress in dallas. he will be here and we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ♪ ♪ ♪ i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me that i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin. trulicity responds when my blood sugar rises. i take it once a week, and it works 24/7. it comes in an easy-to-use pen and i may even lose a little weight. trulicity is a once-weekly injectable prescription medicine to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. it should be used along with diet and exercise.
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fox news president elect donald trump's team is in the process of removing all lobbyists with mike pence heading the transition team instead of chris christie. mr. trump tweeting about picking his administration, saying quote, very organized process taking place as i decide on cabinets and other positions. i am the only one who knows who the finalists are. police say the suspect in a deadly shooting in an oklahoma city airport has been found dead in a truck. the suspect is accused of killing a employee. for all of your headlines log on to ♪ >> factor follow-up segment tonight, the anti-trump protests continue. in dallas, the church of robert jeffress is being targeted.
8:33 pm
>> the phrases no justice, no peace, love trump's hate and reject the president-elect were heard on dallas streets. saturday the group of about 50, started in main street garden park. they marched up maine and on olive to firstaptist church where pastor robert jeffress preached in support of president-elect donald trump. >> this church right here is a mother mecca of the hate that lives inside of dallas. >> joining us now from dallas is pastor jeffress. so, were you surprised at these demonstrators? not that many of them. 50, the reporter said, targeted your church i really wasn't surprised. by the way, to correct a report i did not preach in support of trump. i'm a well-known supporter of trump but i never brought that into the pulpit. look, bill, i think what they are really protesting is not my support of trump but our church's
8:34 pm
conservative belief system. look, we are not a hate church. we are not westboro baptist church. we are a church that simply embraces the tenets of historic christianity in the last years. there is nothing hateful about our members at all. >> has this inconvenienced your services, yourself, or your family. >> not yet. they're saying they are going to come back on sunday. we have had protesters before in the past. our members respond by going and taking them coffee and doughnuts. so there is nothing hateful on our response and i don't believe it will inconvenience us at all. >> the guy leading this dominic alexander, well known to the dallas police. he was sentenced to jail for hurting a child. >> that's right. >> and this guy, he has got it out for you personally. doesn't he? >> he does. look, this is the same guy who organized protests against the dallas police last summer during which five police officers were killed.
8:35 pm
he is concerned about mr. trump's hateful rhetoric and my hateful rhetoric and yet here was a guy several years ago to was charged with causing severe bodily injury to his girlfriend's 2-year-old. and he is concerned about my rhetoric? that is nothing but hypocrisy. >> convicted, we might say. we would never even bring that up in the interest of fairness unless there was a conviction in the case. and he actually served some time and then the state botched it. and he got out earlier than he should have. i'm not even going to get into that. so you are going to meet these protests with the christian kindness. you're not going to get involved. you're not going to try to persuade them that they are on the wrong track, are you? >>. no i'm not going to do that at all. look, i think this says something about the secular progressive agenda that you talk about so often, bill. i mean, the fact that what we believe about marriage, that it should be between a man and a woman and that we are pro-life, somehow that becomes radical?
8:36 pm
why is that? it's because our culture has changed but the truth is culture may change, people change, the word of god never changes and that's what we rest our believes upon. >> it's obvious that the society in which we live has gone from being a traditional society to a society that's now split between traditional people and selarrogressives and the battle is o and trump won this battle but the next battle might be lost. and, you know, the other side secular progressive is not going to give up. last word. >> no. they're not going to give up. i think we see the hypocrisy of liberalism on display with these protests. that is the most intolerant people in the world are those who cry loudest for toler tolerance. >> thank you. when we come back gutfeld and mcguirk have thoughts on protesters. author james patterson and i your humble correspondent have teamed up to help the kids. mr. patterson will be
8:37 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. >> thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the what the heck just happened segment tonight, as you may know scores of protesters have been arrested in portland, oregon
8:41 pm
for various things. thanks to some excellent reporting from kgwtv we now know that half of those arrested did not each bother to vote. here now bernard mcguirk and greg gutfeld. what say you, gutfeld. >> you know what in the other half didn't vote and the other half voted for fidel castro. they were in the wrong country at the time. this is interesting. they are reacting against democracy. so if they were so angry about the system, they would go loot perhaps the government building but the problem is you can't get free shoes from the sanitation department. so they ininstead. this is not about an actual protest. this is about having the opportunity to destroy and to take. >> right to. wreak havoc. you see it the same way, mcguirk? >> of course i do. i agree with greg 100 percent. >> thank you. >> in the past protesters were inspired by martin luther king and gondy. this was inspired by chelsea handler and miley cyrus crying on instagram.
8:42 pm
president-elect trump just saying has turned into macroaggression. these people are losers. they are part of the free stuff brigade, the campus social justice warrior snowflake brigade, these types of people. they are losers. they say also that their chant is not my president. not my president. well, as rich lowry wrote today in an article saying that last week was racist if you said that about president obama. they are a bunch of hypocrites is what they're. sore losing hypocrites. >> now, protests, you both agree, can be good, right? can change things? >> yes, absolutely. it has. >> okay. but, is there a responsibility on the part of the protester? so, we now know that half of these people arrested didn't bother to show up at the polls, couldn't care less about the electoral process, obviously. but, they have got enough time and energy to go out and sack a burger king. >> you know what it is? it's the media refusing to distinguish between protests and rioting.
8:43 pm
they see it as part of the same exercise where protesting is yoga and riot something papaypapilates. >> what would you do if you were news director. >> call it what is. >> it's hard because sometimes the peaceful protesters and people who are really sincere are marching right next to, you know, fidel castro's nephew. >> and media likes them both. they are inciting -- >> -- you think so? >> i really do. cheerleading on the streets with those people. egging them on, essentially. and then looking the other way when the guy gets beaten to a pulp they don't say anything. >> don't cover it? >> tacet endorsement of what happened. otherwise they would be outraged. >> that's a good point. you poet feel that the media enjoys this kind of thing cause it makes trump looks ba and says even though we the media didn't succeed in
8:44 pm
harming trump, in making him lose, these people we si sympathize with them because trump is a bad guy. >> share the assumptions that the actors have -- look at the rise in hate crime how they are saying it's all over the country. there is no effort to actually discern whether they are hoaxes or not. >> some of these crimes are done to smear trump and this amazing phenomenon that occurred. >> the veritas video showed that. >> winners do not deface things. >> look, we have to be honest. there are individuals who support donald trump like david duke who are bad people, you know. >> the media, before the election, said that if the trump supporters protested, it would be a threat to our democracy. now they are saying this is very healthy, this is a beautiful thing. by the way, where was the obsession? remember chris christie and bridge gate? everybody obsessed over one ambulance that got stuck in traffic maybe old lady was delayed going to the hospital. these people are stopping
8:45 pm
emergency vehicles, left and right. where is the media outrage over that? >> because they like the protest. >> exactly right. >> if they were serious they would self-emulate. >> i wouldn't go that far, bernie. >> something amazing just happened. gutfeld and mcguirk made good solid points in this segment. >> hangover will do that to you. >> now i'm confused. >> all right, gentlemen. give police a chance on deck. once again, i have to defend the fox news channel. moments away. ♪ ♪ world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number. don't miss the semi-annual sale, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from
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>> getting young kids to read and being polite without banishing them to the basement. give please a chance written by mega selling author james patterson and me your humble correspondent. mr. patterson came up with the idea and he joins us now. you called me up. why did you pick me for this? >> because i know you care about kids. you write kids' books. and you have this big audience, which we're talking to right now. >> right. >> and i like the idea of people getting together that don't necessarily think exactly the same way but can agree on something and they try to move it forward. >> right. it didn't hurt that you and i have been very successful in the book marketing situation. >> that helps. >> people know right away when it's patterson and royale on the book cover they're going to check it out. >> i would buy it. >> and the reason that we're both doing this and devoting our time to it is two fold. number one, we want kids ages 2 to 6. you say that was the target audience, right, 2 to 6?
8:50 pm
>> yeah. >> we want them to start holding books and knowing that you read and books have pages and pictures. pictures are fabulous. that's number one. to get them involved with books. which is, i think, the secret to education, them involved with books which i think is the secret to education, right? >> i agree. i think the parents and the grandparents and the uncles and aunts and whatever will have a lot of fun reading with the kids or reading to the kids depending on how old the kids are. the second thing is, we've talked about this, the idea of hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of kids actually growing up as being please and thank you kids and they can bk please and thank you teenagers. >> you have to brainwash them. >> exactly right. >> but it's a fun brainwashing because the kids, it's kind of magical. >> water boarding is fun. no. >> that's right. water boarding. >> a great christmas gift. >> it is. the pictures are great.
8:51 pm
the kids will enjoy it and they repeat over and over, please, please, please. >> were you prepared when you went out with me to do interviews on cbs this morning, which we'll show you guys in tip of the day, when i show up it's all politics. were you prepared for that? >> no. i was prepared for the softballs and then they throw a slider. >> i told you on the phone, i said look if you get involved with me then you're going to bring all of this stuff -- >> you were very fair about it. >> i'm not trying to be fair but i'm going to defend my network which i did. >> you did. >> but that is going to be helpful to the book rather than a detriment. >> i think it's a good thing. >> because you're so controversial, o'reilly. >> you're not controversial. you write good books. i'm controversial. but because i am abring attention --
8:52 pm
>> we both agree this is a really good book. and one of the things people ought to do with this book is give it to teachers of preschools. this is a really good preschool book. >> i gave it to some urchins in my neighborhood, like a test drive. and i pick the dimmest urchins, the dumbest kids and i gave it to them. they loved it. they read it like ten times. >> that's what happens. that's why bill and i both know latin because we went to catholic school. but that was painful. >> this is fun. and when i say the dumb kids, i was one of the dumb kids so i can recognize. usually the dumb kids turn out to be brilliant when they get older. thanks for including me on this project. >> it's a pleasure. >> i think it's going to do well for christmas and hanukkah. >> and tomorrow. >> and tomorrow, right. factor tip of the day, as we
8:53 pm
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with no surprise overages, and 4 lines for only $40 each. why settle when you can have it all on verizon? forgot to mention that both james patterson and i are donating all the proceeds we get to "give please a chance" on charities. i'm giving my money to child help in arizona, the 24-hour thing all across the country. so you know we're trying to help kids with the book. factor tip of the day, being loyal in a moment. but first we are here to make your life easier and you must know that by now. so on the holiday gift giving front we have premium gift certificates. you get a copy of my books free and a complimentary copy of the constitution. you buy three gift memberships for folks, you get three books. if you would like for me to sign copies of the killing series,
8:56 pm
get that order in now. there will be a cutoff for signed books. now the mail. jason from new york, a loyal factor viewer for 15 years. i thought your talking point memo was the best and most honest i've seen. thanks, jason. it's posted on bill o'reilly,.com. claremont, florida, mr. bill you are no longer independent. you can be officially included as a member in good standing of the gop. that's nonsense. point i made envelope all americans. the talk point will have no impact and the extreme liberals will never listen. most likely true but they're a small group, extreme liberals. the country needs to be convinced that partisan politics are not inclusive and the memo proved that. bill, i applaud you for not aplowing richard to spin you abrust. but it was appropriate. brian, from california, bill, your tip mentioned that the nfl
8:57 pm
was stacking the pregame anthem with military people. the military pays for that. not anymore, brian. the advertising fees have been dropped and some returned to the military by the looel league. that doesn't happen anymore. penny and steve coin, washington, do you have any tickets for the spin stops here at the tacoma dome. sold out in ten minutes. so glad i got them. miller, watters andly see you on march 25th on tacoma dome, omaha at the century link the day before, friday, march 24th. also tulsa at the blk center friday, january 13th, and west bury theater on long island june 17th. tickets would be tremendous christmas gifts. jack from san jose, children, i'm in fifth grade. i told my teacher at "killing the rising sun" is it appropriate for us?
8:58 pm
>> you might have to wait until seventh grade, jack. the book is violent. keep studying the history. this morning james patterson and i were on cbs this morning discussing "give peace a chance" when the conversation shifted to some problems fox news channel had earlier this year. >> i've got a country that's in a political transition, i've got a kids' book that i want millions of kids to look at. that's what i'm interested in. not making my network look bad. >> but if your network is affected by it -- >> excuse me. >> nora and i -- >> are you okay? >> nora and i have known each other forever and we're irish people. >> and i've got the irish heat, bill o'reilly. >> look, it's open season, let's whack the fox news channel. i've had enough of it. it's a good place to work, all
8:59 pm
right? here's the deal. if somebody is paying you a wage, you owe that person ore company allegiance. if you don't like what's happening in the workplace, go to human resources or leave. i've done that. and then take the action you need to take afterward. there are labor laws. factor tip to have day, loyalty is good. please check out the fax news factor website. we'd like for you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town, name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, you can be malapert when writing to the factor but only to a point. now, bernie sanders has a brand-new book out. we want him on the factor. people, authors that come on here sell zillions of books. bernie is afraid to come on. i can't believe it. so i had to send watters out to
9:00 pm
find bernie which he did. we'll have that for you tomorrow. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember that the spin stops here. you.e definitely looking out for breaking tonight, more names are joining a quickly growing list of democratic mayors from some of america's biggest towns all digging in their heels and vowing to fight president-elect donald trump on his pledge pledge to crack down on the sanctuary cities. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. the issue of immigration took center stage with the president-elect renewing his promise to deport the illegal immigrants convicted of crimes to clean up the america's streets and to remind on the first day of my term of office my administration will cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities. to