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tv   On the Record With Brit Hume  FOX News  November 16, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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than any i've seen. i know your kids will like it. and there are great life lessons in there. that is the time we have left. thanks for being with seen this show? starts right now. welcome to tucker carlson tonight, the show that is the sworn enemy of lying smugness and group think, bane of bullies, hero to dogs and small children everywhere. all right, the left wing mayor of new york city bill de blasio met with the president-elect at trump tower today. he emerged in a rightous fury, promising to defy the new administration and the entire federal government on the question of immigration. the mayor said he will continue to treat illegal immigrants as american citizens, issuing them government i.d. cards and shielding them from law enforcement. maybe not since george wallace stood in the courthouse door was
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an fiery issue to the feds. >> that proposal countered and flew in the face of all that was great about new york city, the ultimate city of immigrants, a place that has succeeded because it was open for everyone, a place built generation after generation of immigrants. and i reiterated to him that this city and so many cities around the country will do all we can to protect our residents and to make sure that families are not torn apart. >> joining us now is an ally of mayor de blasio, he's new york city counsel member rafael talamonca. there's something that evokes memories of this. states and municipalities defied law in places like alabama and mississippi and the fed sent troops in, tanks in, to enforce federal law. how is this different from that?
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>> i don't think the federal government is going to send in tanks. >> why is it different from what happened before? >> to be quite frank, i can't explain what happened before but i can explain what's happening now. >> okay. >> it's an idea that new york city has which residents in my district and the city of new york are taking advantage of because, number one, what it provides. we have many of my -- a lot of my constituents are also residents who live in my community who do not have a form of i.d. and therefore what idnyc does is allows you to have a form of i.d. >> i understand that. but what the mayor was saying is, look, there are federal laws about who's allowed to be in the country and who's not and we're ignoring them and there's nothing you can do about it. why is that not a violation of the law itself? you're an elected official looking at the federal government and saying i'm not obeying it. why is that okay? >> i don't think that's what the mayor is saying, that he's not obeying. what the mayor is saying is that
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he's going to protect residents of the city of new york. in the city of new york we have individuals who are documented and undocumented. he's looking out for the best interests of the residents. >> new york is a sanctuary city which means it protects people who are breaking immigration laws. they're federal laws being broken but those people are protected by the city of new york. my question is once you start deciding we're not recognizing certain laws, why stop with immigration laws? why wouldn't new york city be a sanctuary city for tax evaders for example or people who use heroin? who decides which laws new yorkers have to follow and which they don't. >> i don't think that's what the mayor is implying. >> that's what he said. >> what the mayor is implying is that he's looking out for residents in the city of new york and his conversation, my understanding in watching the media, he was very frank and clear to president-elect trump that he's going to do everything he can in his power to protect his constituents. >> trump is saying -- there's a legitimate difference of opinion
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here but trump is saying there's a law who prohibits people who are here illegally to work and continue to collect benefits and your mayor is saying, no, we're ignoring the law. do you think the people who are here illegally should face the legal consequences? >> no. the federal government, they're the ones who enforce the law, correct? >> correct. >> but we have a right to say, hey, we want to defend our constituents, whether they're documented or undocumented. this is very clear, the reason that the mayor is being so frank is because of president-elect's stance on immigration and what he plans on doing. and so -- >> but his stance is not different from what the law currently is under president obama. he's merely saying i'm going to enforce the law, and your argument is you isn't enforce the law? sort of an odd message for an elected official. >> he's saying he's going to just deport all undocumented immigrants. but there's a repercussion to
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that. you're going to break families who are here around as an elected official, me being an elected official in the south bronkz where i have a high population of individuals who are documented and undocumented, it's my responsibility to protect them all. >> i wonder if you have a responsibility to other people, like say the middle class in new york which has shrinking every year since i can remember, they're obviously impacted negatively by illegal immigration because they're paying the bills for people who aren't citizens. i never hear anybody say what are ordinary people working two jobs, what are their interests? >> you also have the undocuments who are working two, three jobs as well and paying taxes as well. so again, i am responsible for the south bronkz and it's my responsibility to defend the individuals living in the south bronkz. >> it's not just about the south bronkz but about millions of people living here, they just came, they're defying the law, not interested in obeying the law.
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what do you say to the millions of people waiting in line to do it in foreign countries, they're suckers, aren't they? and you're helping the people who broke the law. >> i'm being quite frank. we have to understand that these individuals who are undocumented who are here, they're here because they want to get a better life for themselves -- >> i get it but what about all the decent people who want to come here to make a better life for themselves but they can't because they have to follow the laws? what a what about them? doesn't this make a mockery of what they're doing. >> the system is flawed and we know that. >> are you encouraging anyone to break the law? >> no, we're not encouraging them. >> you're saying if you make it to new york you're all set. no one is going to grab us because we're go to protect you. if there's a choice between getting here legally or getting to new york, why wouldn't i? >> that's a conversation we have
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to have. our immigration system is flawed and we know that. i'm advocating for those officials that are in my council district and we have a president-elect stating he's going to come in and deport -- >> we're almost out of time. you're issuing i.d. cards. what would prevent a holder of one of those cards from voting? are you worried about that? >> no. because in order for you to vote you need a social security number and these i.d. cards you don't need a social security number to obtain it. >> should people here illegally be allowed to vote? >> no, no. >> you don't think they should? >> no. >> if a vote came up and that was the question, should we allow them to vote, you would vote no? >> right. >> thank you for joining us. president-elect trump spent his day in his tower on fifth avenue with part of his transition team but about 250 mouth to the south mike pence
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was with joe biden. doug is outside of trump tower. how are you doing? >> reporter: good to see you. the trump transition team has been pushing back hard on the tsunami of reporting that there are great divisions in the upper echelons of the transition team, that the team is disorganized, chaotic and slow on the uptick. and also there's a transition -- a policy now of moving forward on this transition team of fighting back against this. here's jason miller who is a communications advisor for the transitions team. >> we're very confident with how things are proceeding and the president-elect will be putting forward some very fine people. there will be some folks who will be outside the box. there will be some people who are very successful ain fields f business and education and are ready to bring that energy to help the president-elect implement his agenda.
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>> reporter: the later, tucker, on some potential key candidates for cabinet positions and otherwise. jamie diamond is a name that has surfaced for treasure secretariry. he's the ceo of jpmorgan chase. he said he is not well suited for the job. he's described himself as a democrat but barely a democrat. really feeling that some people are smarter, do work harder and do deserve what they earn. should he not take the job and not well suited could perhaps mean a reference to his throat cancer bout that he had a few years back or perhaps that he's been fined by the federal government. there's another name, steve munchen who made $40 million on wall street and made movies including american sniper. for national security advisor, a name which has surfaced is lieutenant general mike flynn, former dia chief. one thing he faces an advantage here about is that there would be no confirmation for the nsa
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chief. he could escape senate and democratic scrutiny because of some of his social conservative views. another name which has surfaced for secretary of defense is arkansas senator tom cotton. he is extremely well qualified with a very big brain and broad experience. he was a harvard law school student who gave up practice of law to become a platoon leader in iraq. bottom line though for this transition team, they should be appreciating this kind of controversy and this kind of criticism because it's only going to get worse after inauguration day. tucker? >> that's for doug mckel way outside trump tower. it's been 8 days since the election was held and across the country dazed college students are finally emerging from their safe zones into the glare of daylight with bull horns and signs in their hands. at least 80 colleges are staging anti-trump protest walkouts. one of them is at rutgers.
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joining us is a rutger's student. great to see you. since you're in college and thinking of the big ideas here, you're upset that there are undocumented students as you say on your campus and you don't think president-elect trump is sympathetic enough to them. let's pull back a little bit. who do you think has a right to come into the country? you apparently assume that these people have a right to be on your campus taking state subsidized education. who has a right to come to the united states? >> i believe that everyone should be able to come to the united states. we are always and have been and are still a nation of immigrants and so i believe that, you know, there is no line. we can let in as many people as we choose in terms of policy and there's artificial limits set on who can come in, who can't, from what countries and from what
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countries can't, whether they're skilled or not. i feel like that is abandoning our heritage as a nation of immigrants. >> so anybody who wants to come should come. now, most of those people who do come, the low skilled ones are a net cost to taxpayers, they take more in services than they produce. so you believe that taxpayers have a moral obligation to subsidize anybody who wants to come here? >> i'm not sure where you're getting those figures from. i've heard different figures. i've heard studies that say that undocumented immigrants actually provide a net benefit to the economy and a lot of these studies that claim that undocumented immigrants are a drain or taking money away from taxpayers or something like that are using kind of biased -- >> you heard wrong because it's actually not even close between education and infrastructure and healthcare, food subsidizes,
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housing subsidies but do you consider the effect this has on the rest of the population. you say anybody around the world has a right to come here, you learned that in school and you believe it, do you think that everyone else who lives in this country has a right to say, wait a second, we should be able to choose who comes here? >> we shouldn't forget that we're talking about a picture who has pledged to deport 11 million people from this country and the human rights violation that would entail. rounding up people who are undocumented, people who have been here their entire lives almost, we had a person at our rally today who was brought here at three months old and he's undocumented but he's an american, he deserves to be here, and the -- >> i get it. i've heard it before. do you think people have a right to lock their doors?
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or do you think they have an obligation to let them in? you're saying the united states has no right to prevent people who want to come here from coming here. i'm asking, do you have a right to keep people out who want to share your apartment with you? >> i think that's not really a direct analogy. obviously a nation state is very different from an individual. >> it belongs to the citizen so they should be able to decide who comes in or out, wouldn't you agree? doesn't a country belong to its citizens? >> i think that there are certain things -- >> i think you need to think this through, alex. >> slavery was democratic -- >> let me ask you this. i know that you're a liberal radical lefty. i wonder if it occurs to you that you're maybe doing the bidding of business when you advocate for low skill workers to come here. why do you think people support low skill workers in this country? because it lowers the labor cost and makes them more money.
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do you realize that you're part of that? >> the co set ta movement which i'm a part of is a movement fighting for protection, dignity and respect for all immigrants of the united states. it would be absurd to suggest that we're pro corporate or somehow helping corporations when our strategy is a massive boycott of key industries as well as a general strike led by undocumented immigrants, just regular immigrants and allies. >> it may surprise you to know that they're fully on your side with bringing the low wage labor thing because it benefits them, too. think about that overnight. great to see you. >> what we care about is permanent protection, dignity and respect. >> i'm for that too. thanks. it's time for tonight's twitter storm, our nightly forecast of social media's most intense weather patterns. just days after promising to give the newly elected president a fair shake, the "new york times" published today an op-ed
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entitled bullying in the age of trump. it'sen interesting and valid topic and yet somehow the piece failed to mention bullying against trump supporters and of course there's been a lot of that. robert tweeted, "new york times," sorry, all we did was mindlessly bash trump. it was crappy journalism. one week later, bullying in the age of trump. lesson learned. this equals violence against trump people over unfounded racism and fascism hysteria and claiming victimhood. my children and i were called racists and given the finger for wearing trump gear but love trums hate, right? probably not. bullying in the age of trump. is the media calling trump supporters uneducated racists, bullies. and dare you, walk around a campus with a trump hat and see who the bullies are.
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president-elect trump hoists a finger in the direction of the press as he ditches his entire press pool for a night out in manhattan. reporters are up in arms. does he care? should we care? rogue electors trying to install another president. they say it's constitutional, plausible and it's
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donald trump's feud with the "new york times" does not seem to be abating any. mr. trump has accused that paper of bias reporting and the times has basically admitted as much.
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this morning mr. trump took to twitter. the failing "new york times" story is so totally wrong on transition. it is going so smoothly. also i have spoken to many foreign leaders. he said i have received and taken calls from many foreign leaders despite what the failing "new york times" said. finally, australia, new zealand and more, i'm always available to them. the "new york times" is upset that they look like fools in their coverage of me. hard to know exactly what he means. perhaps you can decipher it at home. his battle with the press appears to go both ways. members of his traveling press pool are mad that last night he ditched them to go to dinner at 21 here in manhattan. it's protocol to follow the protect wherever he goes. times are definitely changing. joining us to chart that change, steve hilton, the ceo of crowd pack and shelby holiday, senior reporter. great to see you both. there's so many levels in this but this seems like a harbinger
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of things to come, shelby. if the "new york times" is mad because he's not following convention and he hits them by tweet. we're going to see a lot of this, aren't we? >> all journalists were up in arms last night because he's doing something president-elects normally don't do which is tell the press they're not moving for the rest of the night and then going out. there was a lot of freakout last night. you can debate whether or not the press should have been following him, but yes, you're absolutely right, this is setting the tone for the next four years. i say get your porp corn ready because there are going to be a lot of fireworks between trump and the media. >> no doubt. >> he's a 70-year-old man who likes to drive his narrative, craft his stories in the press and we've seen over the past year he doesn't love when the media gets onto a story that doesn't flatter him. >> i think that's right. i see both sides of this. steve, so the tradition is that the president-elect allows the press core to travel with them and also major american newspapers don't advocate for a presidential candidate.
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so everybody has kind of departed from established protocol, right? >> i think the press, particularly the "new york times," are making themselves look completely ridiculous in the last few days. think about the last few days. the end of last week, front page story lam basting trump for including lob yisz in the transition team. a few days later pence dumps the lobbyists and now it's chaos and turmoil. we're seeing a long-standing love affair with obama that the press has had and it's based on this notion that they don't really care and i think we're seeing that the press don't really care about policy or the real world consequences. >> definitely don't care about policy. >> what they care about are words and tone and how it all comes over and of course they've always loved barack obama because he talks like an an throw polgs professor. >> they're ditching the press
11:23 pm
pool at this period before the inauguration, will there be a briefing every day, do you think? what else are we going to change? >> trump has run a very unconventional campaign. he didn't release his taxes, broke protocol with all kinds of things. i think that gives him the confidence to break other protocol. secondly, i think he's trying to get used to or maybe starting to realize that he's going to have a reporter attached to his hip for the next four years and that's uncomfortable for anyone. i also think his staff has to get used to the idea of informing the press about his movements and everything he's doing throughout the day. his staff did respond and say we're establishing a structure -- >> i wonder why. i'm for the press being with the president at all times because i want to know more and i'm in the press. on the other hand, they've so discredited themselves that if you're trump why don't you say i don't care what they did in past years. >> i worked for the "wall street journal" and i'm very proud of the fact that we are a watch dog. >> i agree. it ought to be.
11:24 pm
>> we broke really important stories this year about obama's tax payments to iran, the clinton foundation investigation, about trump himself. so the media plays a really important role, but to your point, they have to play -- >> i think the "wall street journal" is a watch dog but the "washington post" is an attack dog on behalf of the democrat party so why would you play along with that? >> there's supposed to be a watch dog on serious things that matter and affect people's lo s lives. where he goes to dinner, who cares. the point is they've got to focus on the things that really affect people and there's all these conventions that really make no sense and they're part of the pompous self-image of the media and actually the serious stuff that they should be doing they've fallen down. >> we've lowered interest rates to the lowest rate ever in 5,000 years. that has massive effects on people who save or thought it was a good idea to save, they're screwed. i've never read that story on
11:25 pm
the front page of the "new york times". it's how will trump affect -- >> i hate to slam other publications. >> they're shallow, no? >> you can say it. i'm not going to say it. i will say the existence of the president, his health, his whereabouts, that can move markets. >> that's real, i agree. >> that's a huge, awesome job that they have. and the traveling press is really important. i don't think that the freakout last night was for nothing. it's for the american people. people want to know where trump is at all times. >> what changes do you think trump will make in the way he deals with the press? >> i hope he makes a lot of changes. there's a real hypocrisy here. for years we've been told by people in the media and elsewhere -- >> i love that, people in the media. >> people sick of politicians who just do talking points and spin, we want people who are more human and natural and now there's a president-elect who is just like that and of course they fleek out. the whole thing is so absurd. >> we don't really want what we say we want. it's great to see you both.
11:26 pm
>> great to be here. congratulations on the show. >> thanks very much. long-time civil rights guy jesse jackson wade in on hillary clinton's legal troubles in a very passive aggressive way today. watch this. >> president obama should follow president ford's example and offer a full pardon against prosecution in the spirit of healing the divisions in our country. if not it will exacerbate feelings on both sides. it would be a monumental and moral mistake to pursue the prosecution of hillary clinton. >> a blanket pardon would get mrs. clinton off the hook but of course she denies she's done anything wrong. to see one of her presumed allies out there saying pardon her, might be a mixed blessing. okay. donald trump barring some miracle will be the 45th president of the united states but some lectors are trying to make sure
11:27 pm
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what's next? that's the question we plan to answer regularly on a variety of topics. tonight it means what's next with the electoral college officially votes for president on december 19th. yet some lectors believe it is possible to hand the presidency over to someone other than donald trump. could this happen and should it
11:31 pm
happen. gentlemen, thanks for joining us. this is the topic that infuriates people watching the show. i think you both are sincere. i'm not here to attack you. i want to know how you're thinking about this. brett, we've had a lot of elections, a national election and then 50 primaries and caucuses and people already told us their preference and you're trying to undo that. so why wouldn't they be mad at you for trying that? >> well, they absolutely have had their vote, but as the constitution was set up by our founding fathers, it designed the system where the population of the united states votes for electors and the electors vote for the presidency. the founder fathers including alexander hamilton saw it as the last line of defense against an unfit president. >> right, and against the mob. that's absolutely right. and yet on the other hand, michael, people feel like i
11:32 pm
think correctly that they ought to have a voice in who the president is, and the truth is when trump assumes that office, he'll be accountable for the tens of millions of people who voted for him. your candidate would be accountable to 270 electors. you can see why that's inherently not very democratic, right? >> absolutely. and i want to say that the next president needs to have the values that i believe are the americans. i'm a former united states marine. honor, courage and commitment are critical and engrained to the fiber of my being. i don't believe donald trump has those values. like brett mentioned, the founding fathers, this is the last line of defense and i think we must do all that we can to ensure that we have another republican candidate that has better values for americans. >> right. but i mean there's no republican candidate, as you know, brett, who has the support that trump has, and if you were to do this you would send a really clear message to people that it's not
11:33 pm
a democracy, it's an oligarchy. when people think they have no control, they storm the bastille. isn't this reckless? >> when the founding fathers set this system up, they set it up specifically this way for a situation like this. i believe the founding fathers were geniuses and wrote one of the most amazing documents in the history of mankind. i don't consider it a good thing to question what they put into place. >> i don't think they actually spoke on trump specifically that i remember. i haven't seen the documents in a while but i don't think he's in there. >> no, he's not. but they spoke very clearly, especially alexander hamilton in federalist '68. they spoke very clearly about someone getting into office who was unfit for the position and they left that up to a small number of people who could look into the issue and decide. they specifically left it up to those people, 538 at this point,
11:34 pm
and that was their plan all along. so all we're trying to do is honor what the founder fathers gave us. >> as i said at the outset, i give you guys both credit for good intentions. i don't think you're trying to hurt anyone. i think you're people of good will. michael, if you are sincerely concerned as a former marine about the direction this country is about to take under trump, why wouldn't you do the more obvious thing which is try to convince wide people to join the administration and move it in a good direction? >> look at the people who he's surrounding himself with. we're going to have steve bannon who i think is deplorable. >> but why -- i get it, but why aren't youvil villolunteering. >> tucker, we're not here to attack. >> i'm not here to attack. this is a sincere question. >> let me say this. >> okay. >> the people that he's already surrounding himself with are not good -- they don't reflect the values that i believe that
11:35 pm
americans hold. i do not believe that the americans had -- >> michael, i'm trying to be patient but the guy has appointed like three people. there are 3,760 positions open. >> the leader of the alt-right movement. >> three people. what about you and your friends who are decent -- >> reflect the values of white nationalists which i do not believe reflect the values of americans. >> i said i took you seriously and now i don't because you have no supporting evidence. >> ai have no supporting evidence? >> you're throwing white supremacy around. i'm going to go over to your friend brett here and ask a pretty simple question which is, isn't the main point of this system as designed by the founders whose wisdom you revere, rightly so, to preserve a stat ta of social stability upon which you can build a civil
11:36 pm
society and the rest. what you're proposing would really cause chaos and a lot of drama that would be hard to recover from. do you recognize that? >> i certainly recognize what the founding fathers put into place. they put into place a release valve, in case of emergency fire box for a situation like this. we want a conversation with all the other electors out there and we're not going to tell them what to do. we're going to have a conversation about what they think is best and hopefully they will agree with us and come together around a hamilton candidate such as a john kasich or a bloomberg. >> we're almost out of time and i know i cut you off, michael, because i thought you were unfair but i want to give you another shot. you were posturing about the lack of moral fitness of trump. aren't you bound to support a specific candidate? are you allowed to do this as an elector? >> under article two in the
11:37 pm
constitution, under the 12th amendment, we have the right to choose and we have to be able to come to a consensus candidate. there are many fine conservatives out there and i'm excited to see what republicans do with full control. if they're right, you proved us wrong and i'm not too stubborn to change and that's something we're misguided on. >> everybody should look at hamilton >> i tried to get on it today and i couldn't. you need a new web designer. thanks a lot. here's something new and ominous, prescription painkillers now top tobacco among americans. more people use opiates than use cigarettes or chewing tobacco from the latest national survey on drug use and health and 38% of adults have used prescription painkillers in the last year
11:38 pm
while just 31% used tobacco. pain killer use continues to sky rocket across the nation at a disturbing rate though it's rarely mentioned. the opioid crises is so bad that in tennessee there are more opiates than people. quite a tradeoff. new york values apparently mean choking strangers on the subway who disagree with your politics. our old friend brian kilmeade, one of the wisest men in one of the wisest men in television, here♪ mapping the oceans. where we explore. protecting biodiversity. everywhere we work. defeating malaria. improving energy efficiency. developing more clean burning natural gas. my job? my job at exxonmobil? turning algae into biofuels. reducing energy poverty in the developing world. making cars go further with less. fueling the global economy.
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why do protein drinks taste chalky? then get worse? introducing protein shots from 5-hour energy. protein shots from 5-hour energy are smooth and tasty, and still deliver 21 grams of protein with 100 calories. they're great for workouts. so great that if you don't get up to fifteen percent more reps, more laps, more distance, we'll give you your money back - period. protein shots from 5-hour energy. great taste. 100 calories. 21 grams of protein. while some liberals are cowering, some are lashing out in anger. here in new york city one trump supporter says he was attacked on the subway just for wearing a trump hat. watch this. >> he said oh great, another white trump supporter. next thing i know i have hands
11:43 pm
around my neck. i'm being choked. another gentleman comes over and he shoves me against the window. now i got my arm pinned behind my back and the one guy choking me. >> do you fear you should take off your hat? >> absolutely not. this hat will be on for the next 8 years. >> that's hardly an isolated incident. similar reports have emerged from berkeley to madison and beyond. joining us for in-house counsel, brian kilmeade. his book, thomas jefferson, is number one in paper back right now. >> congratulations on this incredible launch. show looks great. i cannot believe you're in two locations. what kind of budget for -- >> without limits right now. you're a lifelong new yorker. when i think of new york liberals i think of woody allen debating missile defense. the liberals of today, choking people on the subway, they've changed. >> some very courageous people just want to make a living
11:44 pm
walking in new york city because no one ever thought trump would win, this guy in particular, blue collar guy, he's an electrician. not only was he attacked on the number one five, he never thought it was going to happen. he's a new yorker, he doesn't expect to be attacked, but he gets slammed into the wall. he's got a bad shoulder, still working through the pain and he said he's walked up to vendors on the street just to buy a coffee and they say you're a trump supporter with that hat on, i'm not serving you. that didn't happen when romney lost or bush won. there's something unbelievable about this. if you don't mind me coming to a conclusion on it, do you have some time? >> yes, i do. >> $100 million worth of attack ads who made donald trump a cartoon character, an angry bigot who does this. he didn't help things, i give you that, but because they tried to vilify him and he vilified back, that built up the hate to the point where the loser was going to be angry. the fact that it's hillary and
11:45 pm
trump is the survivor has put people over the top. >> that's totally right, but when we were kids in new york, liberals would tell us about how much they cared about the little guy, the average person. if you're the little guy, the electrician in this case, is wearing the trump hat and they hate him for that. when did they lose sympathy for normal people? >> the republicans went and took it. rick santorum wrote a book three years ago and he said republicans used to be for the blue collar guy as well and they lost it, they left it. because donald trump grabbed it as a billionaire which is bizarre, as a billionaire he walked away with pennsylvania, ohio, with wisconsin, michigan. the people that thought they won and controlled america find themselves in the loser's corner. that's why corey paid the price and that's why this 11th grader in california, at wood side high
11:46 pm
school paid the price. she got beat up because she posted on instagram, i hope donald trump wins. on wednesday she gets beat up in the playground. that didn't happen when mccain lost. >> the people who thought they ran america wound up in the loser's corner. i'm going to quote you on that. let me say quickly, you're one of the only people in new york city who called this. i saw you on election night. you bet money on it. you knew when others didn't. why did you know? >> all i said is this. i'm not an expert polster but if all these states are within the margin of error, why wouldn't you go with the person with momentum. the polsters were telling you we're within the margin of we don't know so why can't trump do it. they just said you can't win nine of those i don't know states. in the end, he won nine of those i don't know states because he surged at the end. then we find out later he did have a sophisticated ground game and a great digital guy. he was actually much more sophisticated than we knew. now let's see if he can do the hard part, running the country.
11:47 pm
>> how do you do with the sports book? >> what do you mean? >> gamblingambling. >> the addiction is over and i got to meet a lot of people. an esteemed executive here owes me a lunch and i've chosen dell friscos. this is going to be a great lunch for me. >> get the surf and turf. number one on the paper back list. great to see you. >> tucker, you so deserve it. feel free to use the couch where "fox & friends" normally is. >> ainsley earhardt up next. one of my favorite people in the world. trust me, you do not want to miss her or her new book. stay tuned.
11:48 pm
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i think in every office there's one person whom everybody loves. >> it's you. >> one person that's not a mixed blessing, but just a blessing. and here at fox, that person is ainsley. you can ask anybody, any camera guy, anybody. she's the best. her book is number one on all books on amazon and obviously number one on children's books. that's just amazing. how did that happen? >> i called the agent and i said i really feel like i'm supposed to write this children's book. i wrote a book about my dog and i read tight the agents and they were like we really like that. let's pitch tight the publishers. so they did and simon schuster said we want to meet her were bring her in. i come in and meet with them and they're like, tell us about yourself. i grew up in a normal family in south carolina. my parents are the best, dad was
11:52 pm
a coach, mom went to school early to teach all of these kids but dad was in charge of bre breakfast and every morning he would leave a little note or a scripture next to our cereal bowls. to r nothing good happens after midnight. so they loved all of these and that's like, that's your book, ainsley. write this. then they were like do you ever get to share your faith. my faith is extremely important. do you ever get to share your faith on fox news. they've never told me i can or can't say anything. we were talking about isis and i said there's a scripture i love, take heart my child, i have overcome the world. god is in control. we're going to be okay. how did this happen?
11:53 pm
how did ainsley earhardt write a book. fox news channel for allowing me to do this, everyone having me on supporting me and to god. >> have they ever heard anything like this in a pitch meeting in simon and schuster? >> i love these ladies. they fell in love. they're like my best friends. >> she's the most sincere person ever. >> what is there to be upset about. we have the best viewers ever, we live in this great country, the freedom to write a book, my dreams have come true. i had a healthy baby girl. i've got my dream job. i get to work with you. i'm holding a book with my name about it. >> tell me about the book. who are you thinking about as you wrote it? >> as i wrote it's all of the lessons my parents taught us combined in a here call way.
11:54 pm
it's not like i hope i'll ever be afraid to fail. i can read you an excerpt. but it's a message i want topaz on to my daughter. i was pregnant writing this book. i was boo highwhooing when i go book for the first time. i didn't know if i was having a girl or a boy. i would sit in her room a few weeks before she was born and i was reading this, thank you so much for all of these blessings. before you were born were before you came to see i dreamed a love song. a hope for you love want for you life through the years. may you dive into waves and explore. but if you get lost in the ocean's vast tides, take heart my child i'll be by your side. the illustrator, this is her first book, tucker. i've got my notes that are
11:55 pm
falling out. >> you are the best. >> isn't that amazing? she's from north carolina. >> thank you, ainsley. >> 10% going to folds of honor. >> of course it does. >> congratulations, by the way. we asked if you were king for the day, what would you do with your absolute power. time is running
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
so last night we asked you if you were king for a taye and had absolute power over everything, what would you do to improve america and some of the responses were unbelievable. first up, have the zapping dog collar on every guest who talks or yells over each other. tweeting i would like to take back all of the participation trophies and melt them in a fire of furry. sell california, use it to pay off the national debt. require public schools to sell
12:00 am
bacon. and brian said give up my absolute power because that's not how it's supposed to work. i want to hear from you, welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. my name tom shillue. andy levey is out again so we will have a special guest star at the "red eye" tease deck. tucker carlton. >> why, thank you, tom. coming up on the big show, a republican representative says donald trump uses twitter rants as his way to relax. personally i find nothing more relaxing than the ratings of my hit show, tucker carlton tonight. and is it already okay for parents to spy on their children? parents,


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