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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 17, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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columbia, south carolina on the 26th. >> doing very well. >> in the after the show show, jonathan will spill more beans about his sister. >> boyfriends, bad dates. bill: thank you, guys. good morning, everybody, we begin with a fox news alert. we're watching the lobby. big day ahead in the trump tower. the pet elect hold as series of high-profile meetings as he mulls over who will assume top roles in the administration. interviews continue. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." martha: good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. mr. trump's agenda includes a long list of potential cabinet picks including south carolina governor nikki haley whose name came into the mix at least for the public and congressman jeb hensarling going to meet with him at trump tower. bill: his biggest sit-down will
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be with japan prime minister shinzo abe, his first space to face meeting with a world leader. martha: doug mckelway live at trump tower. what are you meeting about the meet tag? reporter: this meeting will take place at trump you tower at 5:00 p.m. no press invited, a closed-door meeting this is a meeting potentially fraught with all kinds of tension. of the first meeting trump had with a foreign leader with the possible exception of nigel farage from the british ukip party. he is not a head of state. trump during the campaign continually mentioned japan and mexico and china as impediments to u.s. free trade. abe sees it very, very differently. he made that very clear in reuters report, in interview he did with reuters, he said, quoting from the reuters speech, i want to build a relationship of trust, stressing two-way
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alliance. trump has been accused of neglecting contacts with other foreign leaders. foreign leaders said in some cases they have been unable to get through with them. he tweeted he met with many, many foreign leaders. martha? martha: in terms of the meeting with nikki haley what do we know about that? reporter: really interesting dynamic at play here. another attempt perhaps to make amends. recall that nikki haley was no fan of donald trump in the early part of this primary season. she backed marco rubio. when marco rubio dropped out of the campaign she followed donald trump. she said of donald trump, that he was the siren call of the angriest voices this is touchy subject, given south carolina's history in the confederacy. given recent history in charleston of that terrible shooting at an african-american church. any mention of racialism is potentially toxic.
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she is child of immigrants from india. that would play an interesting role. martha: mike pence said time for republicans to come home. more seem to be coming home pretty much every day as we watch this unfold. doug, thank you very much. bill: we'll get more, kellyanne conway, senior advisor for the trump transition team and president-elect trump's former campaign manager. how are you doing? >> good morning. bill: we have 100 questions for you. stand by. i know you will not give us a lot of specifics on names, et cetera, we'll try as best we can. in general sense i heard this described as a knife fight this week. i heard it described as "game of thrones." mr. trump characterized it, going smoothly. how would you characterize the process so far? >> i agree with president-elect trump it is going very smoothly here in new york and predominantly down in washington, d.c., where most of the transition team is. i visitedded our washington, d.c., transition office this is week and got a great reception from people who are incredibly
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engaged and excited to help form the next federal government. i really enjoyed, bill, looking across the room, seeing everybody from seasoned reagan hands who worked on president reagan's transition and indeed in his administration and millenials in the same room, who were born after president reagan left office. very exciting time for us. obviously a ton of work to do but we're doing it methodically and very calmly and the president-elect has slid into this role amazingly well because he is a transactional guy. he is somebody used to reviewing information, getting many different inputs. getting the advice of many different counselors and making his decision and we expect that to be the same here. bill: just to characterize it, you're saying it is on track, that is what i hear from your answer? night is on track. i've been watching fox news and reading articles, if you look at other administrations we're right on track and right on time. bill: we'll show our viewers that too. i want to get to a lot of news
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on the day. administration officials required to sign a pledge not to be lobbiest five years if they come on team trump what is the effect of that on post? >> the effect on that, first of all major campaign promise that donald trump made. already delivering on it during transition as the president-elect. he wants to quote, drain the swamp. that means moving forward, folks who go into government are not going to be able to enrich themselves by virtue of that position. that is completely keeping why many americans cast their vote for donald trump and mike pence. it is, look, there is tremendous talent pool out there. many people willing, feeling honored to come work in the trump-pens administration. we're hearing from people all over the country. some would-be very surprising to you, perhaps but i like the fact at the beginning of his transition donald trump is saying to america i'm making good on one of the primary promises i made in the general election campaign. bill: i can understand that. >> we will drain the swamp.
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bill: how are they reacting to such a pledge? >> they being lobbiests? bill: they being potential employees under a trump administration? >> they will need to make their own decisions, bill, but again the parameters and frankly the conditions are very clear. they will need to make their own personal decisions what they can abide as professionals. the fact is you can do a lot of good by going on the inside and bringing your expertise there. the other thing is, this really goes along with the whole government reform package. americans for decades have been telling each other and telling pollsters indeed, they want someone from the outside. they want someone who goes to washington owing nobody anything. here they got their chance to at least execute on that self-avowed desire and indeed they did. so basically he is, mr. trump is just meeting the demands and desires of the american electorate trying to drain the swamp of the folks in the revolving door.
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the other thing, bill and martha, nobody got rich off the donald trump campaign. it is keeping with the way he would like to run his government and adjuncts. why do we need a revolving door of lobbyists and consultants? why do we need 10 people to say the same thing? we don't. bill: mike flynn, national security advisor, he since amended that. can you say that he is up for that position, kellyanne? >> general flynn would be equaled for any number of positions. he has been trusted advisor, close advisor to candidate trump and president-elect trump. he is certainly one of the people being considered for that position. bill: okay. i watched the lobby. i see the cameras. there is a lot of meetings going on at that building going on where you are right now. can you give us a sense how mr. trump runs these meetings? just take us inside of the room so we get a better idea how this is managed? >> the way he has run meetings for decades during his entire career. focused, warm, open to other
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peoples ideas and information and in command. donald trump is someone in the room you know who is in control and command. i find him to be a fabulous listener, generally engaged. looks people in the eye. i think very open to hearing what they have been working on, in some cases for years if not decades. policy issues that motivate them. the obstacles and opportunity they see within their issue set. and i sat in on a couple of these meetings this week and i can tell you in the case of one which has been reported upon, yesterday having a meeting with the executive vice president of the federalist society who has been incredibly helpful talking about the federal judiciary openings, including the united states supreme court vacancy. you have a president-elect trump yesterday in that meeting, discussing the 21 people on the original list and talking about the supreme court and timing, et cetera. that's a very typical example of how he is running these meetings. martha: hey, kellyanne, it is
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martha. good morning to you. >> hi. martha: my questions are sort of logistical bent. you look what is happening at trump tower and it is unprecedented to have a president-elect living in a building that has commercial space downstairs, residential space in the middle. concrete barriers go around the outside. i'm just curious what mr. trump's feelings are about how long he can make that work? >> it is unprecedented but everything about donald trump and his ascent to the presidency, martha, is unprecedented. so it is working fine. i mean frankly we, we come in and out. the media are there. i see them early in the morning. i see them late at night. other people who want to access some stores are able to do that. obviously you want proper security around secret service and nypd around the next president of the united states. i don't think anybody can argue with that. when 20,000 protesters wanted to come and scream, not my
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president and they're not accepting the lech you shun results ironically, they were allowed to do that within steps, within the shadow trump tower t was difficult for us to get around. they were welcome to do that. seems function very well. having him in one place to do meetings and do extra, extra sessions is really the way to go. martha: it is clear he feels comfortable there. that is home. his family is there. the offices are there but i think a lot of people have questions about, what his plan is. is he going to move full time to the white house or will we be watching him commute back and forth on daily basis? >> well, he will do whatever is necessary. his day job is in washington. you will see him there. and nobody wants to create, a tenuous logistical headache long term for the public or for the service obviously but he's, he loves the trip to the washington, d.c., last week. he is still talking about the meeting with president obama and
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meetings with vice president biden. leader mcconnell and speaker ryian. that is where the day job is. that is where he will be most focused. obviously very unique situation with somebody incredibly successful in entire non-political industry in a city away from washington, d.c. but he knows the job entails. he will have the support of his family as he always has. this is very exciting time. bill: kellyanne, we get announcements today? will it happen today? >> well, possibly, but today he is very focused on flotilla of meetings if you will and, it caps off with a 5:00 p.m. meeting between vice president-elect pence, president-elect trump and prime minister abe from japan. and that is a meeting where they will be discussing probably more informally since we do have a president and commander-in-chief already in the oval and on his last foreign trip. being respectful toward him and fact he is still the president, i think there will not be press
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access to that particular meeting but we're very happy the prime minister is coming. bill: we're grateful for your time. >> always my pleasure, thank you. martha: thank you, kellyanne. bill: so the prime minister from japan. there is criticism toward him during the campaign. trade is an issue. nuclear weapons could be an issue as well. so we'll see how that goes. martha: donald trump con plained about the united states trade relationship with japan since the '80s various different reasons that existed then. it is interesting kellyanne said that's the day job of the white house in terms of being president. so i think it is going to be fascinating to watch whether or not he is going back and forth on daily basis? it is half hour commute by helicopter. we'll see how that unfolds. bill: a lot of conclusion, everybody saying sky falling on trump tower and she says it is on track. martha: people living there have a very different story how things are going there. we'll talk about that with the secret service guys. bill: referring to the
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transition itself. we'll show you the calendar, how it worked for previous administrations. it is very telling. >> very telling indeed. bill: now the secret service keeping a major challenge keeping trumps safe at trump tower as you mentioned. how do you secure busiest street arguably in the busiest city in the world? martha: fascinating story. all the talk right now is about the transition. republicans already working on passing their agenda including repealing obamacare. the new plan getting steam, repeal and delay. so what exactly will that mean for you? we will explain. bill: also you just heard it, new trump policy that could make draining the swamp more than just a campaign promise. that's up next. >> that was a lot of the topic of discussion when i was in trump tower, was how we deliver. you know, i think if republicans go to washington and we don't deliver on what we promised i think we'll be looking at pitchforks and torches in the streets. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours.
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want to bring in two people very familiar with the process. julianne glover, deputy spokeswoman for george w. bush transition team 2000 and ben. publisher of the federal lift. how did i do? >> close enough. bill: close enough. what did you hear with kellyanne conway and answers working through the discussion? >> kellyanne is doing a great job trying to master any impress there is nothing like we've seen before and entire washington elite expectation we should what is expected about this president-elect is misguided on every level. >> this is interesting, bill. this is just a challenging moment for kellyanne. she is someone in washington a long time. familiar with a lot of people they're looking at. the challenge really for the trump team right now balance between new face, people who are novices to the political world, balancing that, against older, experienced hands who will reassure those in washington who are worried that a trump administration will have a lot
6:19 am
to learn, coming from behind with transition that really wasn't on its feet from day one. in our reporting at the federal lift, we've talk about the fact that trump's own transition team looking going to new jobs, ending leases. they were not anticipating the win in same way much of the political elite were not. now they have to play catch-up. bill: when you watch comings and goings and people, what do you think? does anyone stick out to you? >> they're trying to drive a narrative. talking about different personalities that come in. they're doing almost a red carpet walk in front of the press and media in trump tower. there is underground arrival they could do various wide range of meetings. bill: sorry, what does that suspect about the process or message he is trying to show. >> he is came to the white house by being incredibly good show man and driving a narrative. what they do as president-elect and president, driving the same narrative in trying to tell a
6:20 am
story to the american people how this president-elect is different. that is what they elected him to do, by the way, is being totally different. >> speaking of driving a narrative, talking about the new poll they have regarding lobbyists. part of the problem, a lot of candidates they like to put into various positions have done lobbying. forward-looking ban, can't be enforced but designed to send a message, we don't want anybody to come in the revolving door and go out to make a lot of mom knit. draining the swamp does require but we still want to include people who may have had relationships with the lobbying community within washington, they don't want to prevent them from taking a position. bill: julianne, they said they are on track. >> they are on track compared to the 2000 transition. which got started a whole month late. bill: not going back there. thank you very much. ben, great to see you as well. thank you for your insight. martha, what's next? martha: how does the secret service protect the president in
6:21 am
middle of of busyist streets in manhattan? unprecedented a lot of holiday traffic about to move in here as well. we'll talk about that coming up. >> what "the hill" is this? i lived in italy. the carbonari carrying giant guns but why these guys? >> it will get worse once the holidays approach and even more traffic. but something we're used to.
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bill: so now from new york city down to washington, d.c. we will see the vice president-elect mike pence on capitol hill today. he will meeting behind closed doors with the house republican conference. later he will sit down with house speaker paul ryan. we should see them this morning and perhaps get a word or comment from them. mr. pence is scheduled to talk with the leaders on the democratic side.
6:25 am
house minority leader nancy pelosi. senate minority leader designate chuck schumer. we found out schumer will lead democrats in the minority party and mitch mcconnell has been reelected to majority leader in the senate. martha: a lot of action from washington to new york. new york city police department is set to meet with the secret service, they will discuss ongoing security plan which is evolving one for trump tower around job of protecting the president-elect in his home there, one of the busiest areas in the world, really. new york city mayor bill de blasio spoke out about the traffic gridlock. >> i will not tell you that gucci and tiffany are my central concerns in life you but, i will say the traffic situation is a very real problem and it is magnified of course going into the holidays. obviously traffic in midtown has to flow.
6:26 am
obviously the president-elect and his entire team has to be protected. martha: here is mike pence walking out as he begins his day on capitol hill this morning with very important meetings. he is obviously such a central person to the transition underway for the future trump-pens presidency. we'll keep an eye how that goes this morning on capitol hill. meantime back here in new york, dan bongino is former secret service agent and security consultant. good to have you with us today. >> good morning, martha. martha: when you take a look at the sort of very unique nature and just for the folks at home this, is another shot on capitol hill, mike pence meeting and greeting there this morning. looks like elijah cummings from a distance. this looks like he is trying to bridge the gap may exist between democrats and republicans in washington. they really are trying to put together a coalition that can be
6:27 am
meaningful. we've had a lot of years of republicans and democrat essentially not talking to each other and mike pence, the governor of indiana hopes to change that, having been a former congressman himself and dealt with people on the hill. he is ideal person, many believe, taking on task of bridge building. we wil keep eye on action as we head from there and to here. dan bongino joins me here in new york. you look at presidents and their residences. barack obama lived in chicago in single-family home. george w. bush and lived in governors mansions that were really well-fortified. >> this is unprecedented scenario from a president or soon to be president living arrangements. i have been at the barack obama home in chicago. it is not really densely populated street with a lot of civilian traffic.
6:28 am
i have been to the bush ranch in waco, which is really zero population street. it is well-segregated. two problems have to be handled immediately, you have to handle access control first. in other words who is coming on to the street? is it going to be everyone? is it going to be people with passes? is it going to be trucks? is it going to be cars and car traffic? secondly, once you decide who's allowed in, how exactly are you going to screen them? will it be magnetometers, handheld mack net tom terse, x-rays, biological elements. these are questions that have to be handled immediately. martha: you have 25 floors of residents who live in the building. they never had i.d. to come and go as they please. they can't order uber or take yacht. that stuff, trivial details that needs to be worked out. in terms of security locking down the building, no-fly zone
6:29 am
my understanding only will exist until the inauguration s that your understanding? >> those are really sensitive details. thankfully no active secret service has divulged to me, from my history in the secret service, you have to view security arrangement around the person or building president-elect trump and trump tower where he is as a 360-degree sphere. not just overhead they have to think about, but underneath as well. as you know, fox news offices being in new york, there is obviously a large subterranean infrastructure. all those things have to be taken into account. will we allow people on to the subway system, subway train system down below? any kind of screening at all? not just air traffic above. one thing on air traffic, you don't exactly have to control it through a no knife zone. there are other ways the secret service has insuring the traffic there is controlled. we do it at ronald reagan airport which is just literally a turn away from the white house
6:30 am
all the time. they're familiar with this. they will keep the footprint and inconvenience to air traffic pretty low just due to the traffic, pretty dense from jfk. martha: how do you deal with the fact that you have commercial space as well? you have star bush, and retail stores? it is almost like a mall on the first couple floors of the trump tower, and that is a public access zone. >> yeah, that's a good question and guaranteed public access zone given agreement that trump towers signed with new york city. that is the access control issue i brought up initially. the access has to be granted to the public. now you get the screening questions. i will say this my experience with this is, businesses tend to benefit and get hurt at the same time. they get free benefits as you've seen, now gucci doesn't have to pay to have its name mentioned by the mayor of new york repeatedly and have their name plastered all over cable news. secondly, customers coming in and out of the store, if they decide to shut that down, and people are handheld wanded, there are some customers will
6:31 am
not want to go through a magnetometer to go shopping and may turn around. it's a blessing and a curse at same time for local businesses. martha: everything changed at 4:00 in the morning on election night when donald trump went back to the building. it was a virtual shut-down. from that moment on it has been a completely unique environment. will be fascinating to watch how they protect him and how this unfolds as he begins to move to washington. dan, thank you. great to see you this morning. bill: we are on stand by for house intelligence hearings set to begin any moment on capitol hill. james clapper will testify for last time as director of national intelligence. we may get questions about hillary clinton's private server. so we're watching that for headlines on capitol hill today. martha: who really has the president's ear, the future president's ear? a breakdown of his inner circle takes you through the three main groups that are close to him and who are guiding him as he begins to form the government for the next four years.
6:32 am
>> i'm not sure folks are, certain people are bitter that the election's over. maybe their candidate didn't win but really if you took look inside of trump tower now you would see calm, methodical plan to get our administration put together and president-elect is bringing in absolute a-listers to meet.
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bill: waiting the house intelligence committee hearing on the hill. james clapper makes final appearance before lawmakers as head of dni, director of national intelligence. he will be questioned in part about hillary clinton's emails and where that goes from here and also refusal to conduct a formal damage assessment as required by law. those are some of the things on the table. we'll watch it for you when it begins there on the hill. martha: so meetings are buzzing and humming over there in midtown. the president-elect is listening to a number of people and it is million dollar question in terms of who has his ear to the greatest extent but as we all know covering this campaign, with donald trump it was final decisions in all of these
6:36 am
matters but clearly there is a power structure that is surrounding him and many of them will also ostensibly be in the white house with him as well. let's get people familiar with some these faces and names on a little deeper level. we'll bring in doug schoen, fox news contributor, former advisor to president bill clinton, monica crowley, online opinion editor "washington times" and fox news contributor. welcome to both of you. interesting piece in "washington post" that puts these people into silos of influence. the first one they call intimates, steve bannon, jared kurschner and pete sessions, jeff sessions, senator jeff sessions who was really first senator to come on board behind donald trump. monica, explain to everybody the influence of these three. >> well, we know from just having observed donald trump over the last year-and-a-half he prizes loyalty above everything else and these three individuals have been extremely loyal to donald trump through thick and
6:37 am
you through thin. steve bannon is somebody who is closely aligned with donald trump's populist message, his message of economic populism and nationalism if you will. he is somebody i think idealogically he is totally in tune with. jared kurschner, of course his son-in-law, somebody part of the inner circle in terms of being in the family and somebody really smart and accomplished in his own right who donald trump trusts on business matters and other issues. as far as jeff sessions goes, jeff sessions was really the first politician, normal politician to come out and support donald trump. that gave his campaign a huge dose of legitimacy and credibility when he needed it most. martha: sure i had d let's look at operators. reince priebus, head of rnc, who will be chief of staff, one of the few people already been named. paul ryan who has shown a lot of signs of cooperation. says he is excited about the legislative path that donald trump wants to take. of course mitch mcconnell, who was just reinstated in his role,
6:38 am
leading the senate. so, doug, you say an interesting phrase here, you say all of this, when you watch transition is unsettled and unsettling. why? >> well, because we know who the actors are, martha and we know what their history is with donald trump and monica is correct to say that loyalty matters but the other thing is that in politics, washington, there is a lot more than loyalty that comes into play, like legislative ability. reince priebus and mitch mcconnell are going to be central along with paul ryan to, one, keeping the establishment wing of the republican party in line and second, even more important, to getting the trump legislative agenda through. but that being said, they're important for their political ties and their legislative ties but when you go back to what monica was talking about, to wit the role of somebody like bannon, a key strategic advisor or jared kurschner, more than
6:39 am
anything else, family, very hard to divine now who is going to have the president's ear and who is going to have the most influence. martha: as we all know, everybody starts off these things with an agenda that they want to push forward and everybody has to serve that agenda. everybody has to know what their role is in terms of pushing it forward, making deals and arrangements on capitol hill. when you talk about the person in their ear, might be solving conflict between, for example, a paul ryan, a steve bannon, jared kurschner seems to play that role and a lot of people are wondering, you know, it is fascinating really to see this member of family, a son-in-law, which is not generally the closest relationship in some families i guess, but you look at other families members played a big role in administrations. bobby kennedy comes to mind as his brother's ag. george bush was played a central role in his father's
6:40 am
administration to keep an eye on everything. >> there is one name we haven't discussioned who i think will be extremely critical here, that is governor mike pence when he becomes vice president. he served on capitol hill. served in an executive position as governor of indiana. he knows how government works and i think he probably will be as powerful a vice president as dick cheney was, maybe in a different way but he will wield enormous influence and be absolutely instrumental getting president trump's legislative agenda through capitol hill. martha: when you look back at a comment paul manafort made about how donald trump he claimed at the time, wanted to be sort of the chairman of the board, not the ceo even. he want advice president who is going to run you stuff, foreign policy and domestic policy to a certain extent. there was pushback on that from the campaign but that was said at the time. how do you see donald trump's role? >> i see it a little differently
6:41 am
from paul, and i have known mr. trump for about 30 years. worked with him on commercial projects. lives worked with paul manafort over the years, so i know them both but i think that mike pence will be much more of a chief operating officer than a chief executive officer because the executive function resides as it should with the president-elect donald trump. i know him to be somebody who as monica was saying, wants his hand and his voice and his opinion in everything. i don't think he is going to do the legislative details. somebody is like mike pence will work well i'm sure with his good friend paul ryan. make no mistake this, is donald trump's administration. martha: one thing we know, he likes to get up at 5:00 in the morning right at work. white house lights flip on pretty early when he gets in there. it is quite interesting to see. monica, doug, thank you. great to see you. >> thank you so much, martha. bill: one thing will be a priority, that is obamacare.
6:42 am
we're learning how this process may play out and how that could affect you. the doctor is in the house for that, dr. marc siegel in a moment. martha: a building reduced to a heap of smoldering rubble after a deadly blast rocks a small midwestern town. >> i was drying my dishes and i felt the boom. and i felt it so hard it pushed me against my kitchen table. once i heard i was going to be a park ranger, i got really excited. gabe's obviously really sick. and there's a lot that he isn't able to do, and make-a-wish stepped in. we had to climb up the mountain to get the injured hiker.
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6:46 am
everywhere. martha: canton's mayor calling unfortunate and tragic accident. bill: republicans now chomping at the bit over obamacare right now but is the new strat repeal and delay? there are reports congressional republicans may delay effects of obamacare up to two years, giving them time to find the right alternative. dr. mark siegel, nyu langone center and fox news contributor. good morning to you. delay it up two years, sound like a good idea? >> what they're afraid of, they're afraid insurers here this will get repealed through budget reconciliation process they will flee exchanges, knowing exchanging will close in a year. bill, they're already free fleeing exchanges, in any many areas there ask only one left. i look at this way, obamacare is cancer on the health care system, it looks likes insurance, acts like insurance
6:47 am
but has to be propped up by government subsidies. over $200, if you pay over $300 for your premium, the government is paying over $200. so this has got to go. you got to get rid of the mandate quickly, because young people are not signing up for the mandate. they're not signing up for insurance. they're taking the penalty. we've been reporting that. the thing is falling apart. it is collapsing. you know what we could do to fill the hole after you cut out the cancer? we could develop high-risk pools we had right when obamacare was starting. each state could have a high-risk pool for those who have severe illness, chronic conditions, those who are at risks of heart disease or cancer. those pools could be subsidized by the government. get rid of the mandate right away. bill: slow it down a little bit. >> get rid of the exchange, the question is this, is the two year delay on the exchange a good idea or not? >> i think that giving the
6:48 am
insurers two years notice, that the exchanges are closing is better than one year notice. it gives them a chance to accommodate. but i do not think repealing obamacare should be delayed. i think it is time now because -- bill: to repeal it and then give yourself 24-month window? >> yes. if we don't get it at it right away its tentacles grow an more and more into the health care system. bill: i want to read something from your column yesterday. patients woulding be more frying gal and cost-conscious if they had skin in the game and their doctors had less. what does that mean? >> in the doctor's office i make sure insurance is approved so i get paid. the patient has no skin in the game. if the patient knew echocardiogram cost $500 at one place and $400 at another place and $300 at another place and they were paying for it out of tax deductible health care savings account. they would choose the place cheapest.
6:49 am
insurance insulates the patient from the real cost of health care. we have to get rid of that we need more choice and more competition. by the way when we have insurance companies competing across state lines, as the president-elect trump wants, when we have that, guess what that is going to do? bill: tell me. >> instead of one insurer in a market, it will be five, or 10, or 15. they all say i want that patient. they will get the patient by competing and prices will go down. that is what we're going to see. bill: a lot, a lot. >> in the future, bill, i want patients paying up front. i want payments to be tax deductible and i want patients to be frugal but i want severe illness covered by insurance. bill: dr. marc siegel. martha. martha: the vice president-elect now arrived on capitol hill. he has a very full plate today. how big of a role will he play in the trump transition and pushing forward their agenda? bill: suspected islamic terrorists accusing of setting
6:50 am
bombs in new york city and new jersey had his day in court. we'll tell you how that turned out. ♪ music
6:51 am
6:52 am
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6:53 am
♪ martha: a suspected islamic terrorist now being formally charged, accused of detonating a bomb in new york city book in september that injured 30 people and another bombing that was less successfufor him and his agenda, that happened in new jersey. rick leventhal, live outside of manhattan's u.s. district court. rick, what do we expect on this today? good morning to you. reporter: martha, ahmad rahim my will be here at federal court facing eight counts arraignment connected to alleged terrorist spree. rahim my, accused of planting bombs in new york and new jersey, one detonated
6:54 am
saturday night midtown injuring 30 people. it sparked a massive manhunt and a shootout and rahimi's injury. bombing in a public place, destruction of property he by means of fire or explosive and using of destructive device in furtherance of a crime of violence. he may receive life in prison on mower serious charges. rahim my said he acted alone but stopped talking when he lawyered up. they are investigating whether he was radicalized during his travels overseas or possibly during the time in a new jersey prison where he was being held on domestic violence charges, martha. martha: could be either. thank you very much, rick leventhal reporting on that. we remember that disturbing day. he was found basically sleeping in the tavern doorway the next morning after running all night. so some is really great police work. bill: that night, it was a saturday night.
6:55 am
new york going about its nightlife and, boom. so, from new jersey to new york and back again. we'll keep a close eye on trump tower. we were with kellyanne conway last hour. she says the transition process is going on as scheduled. it is right on track. at the same time we're watching a stream of people, yesterday, the day before and again today, a full slate of meetings again today at trump tower. that revolving door just keeps spinning around. martha: amazing, isn't it? >> we're watching lobby and meetings with potential cabinet members and japanese prime minister will be there later this afternoon. what is going on behind the scenes. we may get announcements. kellyanne conway said it is possible. right now the focus is on flotilla of meetings in her words she describe what is happening there. martha: extraordinary. we will keep an eye on it.
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
martha: we just received reports that's james clapper, the director of national intelligence announced in this open hearing that he submitted his resignation last night. he said i have 64 days left in this office. he expressed a sense of relief perhaps that he was ready to move on. there is no doubt there will be lots of resignations to follow. pretty much donald trump, the president-elect will have a clean slate. he has announced that he is indeed moving on. more reaction to that as we go through here. in the meanwhile, a steady stream of high profile visitors. it's a vertable parade of potential cabinet picks anded a spin stray tores who may be part
7:00 am
of the trump administration. lots of people vying for certain spots out there. a big day on capitol hill for the vice president-elect as mike pence has meetings there. as he begins to play what will be a pivotal role for mike pence in terms of getting through legislation, on tax reform and obamacare. all of that is at the top of the list. so we welcome you to shower two of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. the trump team cities screening people to find the right people. kellyanne conway said this. >> a ton of work to do, but we are doing it methodically and
7:01 am
calmly. the president-elect has slid into this roam amazingly well. he's used to getting lots of information and getting input and then making his decisions. bill: reagan, and bush 43 waiting 6 weeks before making his cabinet picks. >> city would be unusual to be making too many picks at this point of the game. good to see you this morning. i want to start by getting your reaction to this news that the director of the dni has resigned in that hearing. your thoughts. bret: there will be a lovment
7:02 am
resignations -- there will be a lot of resignations we'll be hearing about. as you rightly point out, he had a tough run in some of those hearings, saying things he didn't mean to say, and had to clean up later. but clapper is somebody who dedicated himself to this job. the chairman of that hearing in thhearing inthe house intelligee will talk about all the issues with intelligence and the incoming trump administration and perhaps some of the key spots that may be coming down the pike soon. martha: we know there are investigations into potential islamic terrorist attacks in almost every state in this nation. he has a very central role and whoever takes on that job will
7:03 am
have a full plate as well. in terms of what we are hearing about the process, nikki haley's name thrown into the mix, what's your take from where you sit in washington. bret: this is a dangerous time because people are throwing out names and seeing if they stick on the wall. that's the process as far as reporting on it. there is very little nailing count decisions until they are announced. it's frustrating to get to the person. i think there are a few people in the potential administration who have a choice. they were early in on the trump campaign. jeff sessions. he's named for a couple possible positions because i think the deference is to his choice, because he was in so early with mr. trump on his campaign. i do think they are going through some vetting and it is a
7:04 am
two-way street. it's the offer of the job, but that person has to look at the paperwork, look at payments entailed in this job and say i am in. so people get there quicker than others. martha: there is also feedback from capitol hill about how difficult or easy certain people's confirmation process might be. on wall street, some o background is very complicated. and there are potential mine fields out there. sole one of the reasons a lot of people talk about that we don't have the best in government is because the process is pretty complex to go through the paperwork and go through the hearing to it your life out there in front of everybody. martha: when you look at that chart we put up in our introduction to you.
7:05 am
people do take their time. ronald reagan made the decisions in week six. we are barely in the second week of this process. and there is focus it's chaotic and donald trump comes from the outside so he must not know what he's doing. >> president obama, the first figure nearly three weeks. it was in week three. but then as you rightly point out, ronald reagan, jimmy carter, it takes a long time. his process really started as you remember. dick cheney running that process, dick cheney who ran and lot of that administration. if you look at the headlines, there is a real disconnect. and one week and one day as of yesterday, and you could give him a little breathing space.
7:06 am
>> now that we have all of america looking for their reading glasses. thank you so much. we'll see you later. three weeks will and lot of elevator rides. so the vice president next mike pence arriving in capitol hill. we might hear from him this hour. we hear from him first. mike, good morning. what's happening. >> it's worth noting that vice president-elect mike pence spent 12 years on capitol hill in the house of representatives before becoming indiana governor. pence does not need a map to get around the halls of congress. he also doesn't need a lot of name tags to serve as the chair of the vice presidential conference. he has relationships on the hill dating back 16 years and is the obvious bridge for the trump
7:07 am
administration to get things done in congress. rebuilding highways, bridges and upgrading our airports. tax reform, repealing and replacing obamacare and confirming a supreme court nominee. all will require close coordination between a white house team and leaders on capitol hill. >> give us the lay of the land about what you are picking up on that. >> the vice president-elect has relationships with them. he will sit down with them as well. chuck schumer will be taking over after harry reid retires. he has relationships and he's dues to sit down with the vice president-elect after 2:15 after serving in the house. pence and pelosi are expected to arrive at 1:5 this afternoon. -- at 1:45.
7:08 am
when of the questions we are hearing about is the president-elect's package on infrastructure. that might be an area of common interest. bill: folks who don't follow day-by-day operations on the hill, what does that suggest? reporter: basically there is discomfort with nancy he hosey being the leader. some are saying this guard on the democratic house side has been in power for a long time. perhaps it's time for new vision and new energy. there have been rank and file members who have been waiting patiently for this old guard to move on. she says she has a lot of support. we'll see you in two weeks. martha: breaking news we are keeping a close eye on. director national intelligence james clapper told them he turned in his resignation and it
7:09 am
felt pretty good as he gets ready to roll on in 64 days. the consideration is under way for who will replace him as director intelligence. there are many that down tell jones for our country. speaking of the transition. is it going smoothly or is it chaotic. we hear of the factions that may be at work trying to sort through the many, many names. it's a big job and they will be taking some time to get it done. so we'll let you know.
7:10 am
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bill: groups in three countries said to be coordinating attacks on specific targets. planning to strike in kosovo while attacking the israeli national soccer team in neighboring albania. six more were detained. authorities say they found explosive devices in some of the homes of the suspects. >> the coverage is slightly over the top. it's remarkably over the top. historically there is nothing unusual about not having made an announcement after one week and one day. second, the trump campaign has
7:14 am
been described in disarray since january, an won the election. martha: dr. charles crowd hammer calling coverage of trouble in the trump transition team is overblown. the "new york times" this week catching our attention with the following headline, the trump team in disarray. a i think a lot of it came from the christie stuff. he was pushed aside. a couple of his people were pushed aside and that's where he got a lot of that. >> krauthammer was being restrained. it's remarkably overblown. all transitions are messy. jockeying for power. who is not getting the jobs they want.
7:15 am
in january nobody is going to care how long it took to name the cabinet. there is an underlying tone of negativity in a lot of these organizations that seem to be saying we told you so. this guy wasn't ready for prime time. martha: you have to find the right person for each position. that's the overriding importance that they have to grapple with here. it's going to be the secretary of state. and that gives the press tarring totes shoot at. i want to talk to you about the issue of the presidential press pool. we saw the other night when donald trump decided to go out for dinner with his family. but they had put a lid on the
7:16 am
press for the evening. explain to those who might not have had that sink in what's going on here. >> there is a collective press freakout. it gives life to the 21 club. most people would say he doesn't need nosey reporters trailing him. there is an important principle. the reason there is a protective pool is a body watch if something unfortunate might happen. you will want to have the press there, not to intrude. all new presidents have trouble adjusting to this loss of privacy. barack obama slipped his protective pool 8 years ago and there wasn't a big calamity about it. martha: they want a moment of feeling normal like a regular person. but this is the side of the national press club.
7:17 am
we call on you to commit to a protective press pool from now to the final day of your presidency. we ask you to instill a spirit of openness and transparency. a great america depend on having sunlight on its leaders. we expect the traditions of white house press coverage to be upheld. it will be an interesting correspondents dinner already. he should commit to a protective press. his staff is sending signals we have to get it together. the notion he's not going to. if he does all that, i'll be on the show to criticize him. but we shouldn't go crazy over the 21 club. you can understand the press corp pressing their pinpoint as well and wanting to make sure it happens.
7:18 am
martha: crazy. we'll be watching it all with you with great interest. great to have you here. bill: mike pence was there today. we may hear from him this hour. republicans and democrats trying to lay the ground work for cooperation. the first 100 days are so critical, we'll see what mike pence has to say. firefighters all around the country head together southeast to fight these fires. 7 different states affected and residents hoping for a break. >> it's all in the lord's name. the rain will come when it comes. the real rain. for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. now in kids chewables.
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bill: james clapper announced his resignation. he will be leaving his position. clearp is testifying before the house intelligence committee. lena, what are you picking up? >> more after formality in terms of this resignation that is a surprise. we had known that director clearp was on his way out at the end of the administration. he often talked about fact he had x. number of days or months left in office. what you can probably consider to be an exit interview if you will. the big question is how open or how forceful will the director of national intelligence be. congressional republicans say they won't let go of the clinton email scandal and the democrats don't want to let go of the russian involvement in hacking before the u.s. election.
7:23 am
a number of top intelligence officials indicated the hackers possibly worked on behalf of russia and it could have a big impact on the trump administration, perhaps forcing mr. trump to respond to such evidence. next comes the issues of the emails themselves. there are a lot of questions about the server and if it was compromised by foreign intelligence service. and why there was amount formal damage assessment done on clinton's emails after being prop improperly stored. the status of the taliban five, the worst of the worst who the obama administration traded for army deserter beau bergdahl.
7:24 am
the last possibility is who gets access to the most sensitive of government secrets. so far the only thing that's come out of this hearing thus far, bill, is the director saying it feel the pretty good to only have 64 days left as the director of national intelligence. then he can sleep in like so many others leaving the administration here in washington. martha: dozens of wildfires are scorching parts of the southeast. the region is parched by extreme drought. dry leaves are fueling the flames. fires burning across 7 states. thousands of firefighters have flocked to the region to help out. good morning, jonathon.
7:25 am
reporter: many firefighters with extensive experience battling the massive blaze you are used seeing out west. what's going on here is a different beast. it makes it difficult for crews to contain the fires. >> we can put in a hem line that starts the fire. we have to leave somebody there to patrol it. the fuel bed is covering our line. and there is a fuel source to get took the other side. reporter: two dozen firefighters are scooping water from lakes to pour on the flames. a cold front is expected to come in with wind gusts of up to 50 miles an hour.
7:26 am
in many places firefighters are expecting to remain on the job through mid december. because of the dry conditions, the national parks services imposing a ban on camp fires along much of the southern appalachian trail. back to you. bill: vice president-elect mike pence meeting with house republicans on the hill. he will also talk to the house speaker paul ryan. then he meets with democrats. also in a moment, a congressional selfie to ends all congressional selfie. martha: how many people weren't in there? bill: not many. >> we'll talk to one of the lawmakers in that picture. can you find him? >> we are going to, i believe, repeal obamacare, and we are going to confirm strong conservative supreme court justices to protect the constitution and bill of rights, and if democrats think they can
7:27 am
stand in the way on that, i think they are sorely mistaken.
7:28 am
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7:30 am
bill: we were waiting on this. the vice president-elect mike pence moving from meeting to meeting, was stopped by reporters, because that's what we do. just drop in on this from a moment ago. >> it's very humbling to be back among my former colleagues. we are excited about moving the trump agenda forward. we are determined to work with our incoming administration to make america great again. >> [inaudible] >> it's very humbling to be back in the room where i spent 12 years. i served with many men and women who have been elected to congress since then.
7:31 am
there is great enthusiasm for the atlantic *. we'll bring together a great team, work in concert with leaders in house and senate. we'll move an agenda to rebuild our military, revive our economy, and in a word, make america great again. thank you. bill: from there we believe he meets with the house speaker paul ryan. in the meantime a lawmaker out of illinois, thanks for coming back here on "america's newsroom." and couple specific things coming out of trump tower. what is the effect on a worker within the trump administration who signs that pledge about not being a lobbiest for five years. how is that going to go over. >> in his campaign he was talking about this. there will be some folks
7:32 am
probably look at what's my life after an administration. of course, a lot of people involved inned administration or politics will find themselves. i think it american people are saying that's the change we want, part of the drain the swamp make america great again. living by example. bill: will there be a ban on earmarks out of congress? >> there is now. part of the problem is earmarks used to be extremely abused. they would go to private companies and organizations and it would spend way over the amount allocated by congress. but when you go to a full ban, you gift power of where that money is spent to faceless bureaucrats in washington, d.c. so part of clawing back congress's power for the american people, we have to
7:33 am
discuss how to get back to where we can direct spending without abusing it in the full light of daib without adding a penny to what would have been spent already. bill: ted cruz said the following on "fox and friends." >> i think on the republican side we need to demonstrate resolve and the seriousness to deliver on these promises. i can tell you this. we are going to, i believe, reveal obamacare, and we are going to confirm stopping conservative supreme court justices to protect the constitution and bill of rights. bill: any disagreement there? >> no disagreement whatsoever. when vice president-elect pence was talking, we have a robust first 100, 200-day plan. we have to repeal obamacare and make taxes freer and fairer and
7:34 am
flatter for everybody and reviving this economy like president-elect trump promised. even with the 60-vote threshold in the senate we have ways to work this. the team is united and i think the american people will get what they voted for, which is real change. bill: we just saw a picture come across the twitter feed. there is a lot of people in this selfie. you apparently were one of them? >> i hate selfie sticks, but they used selfie sticks to take it. bill: the vice president-elect mike pence used a selfie stick? >> i don't know if he used it. but he was in a picture with a selfie stick. >> it was a big day for your family, your grandma turns 95.
7:35 am
martha: that's where a lot of the action is today. and our senior producer is standing by with more. >> vice president-elect mike pence met with reporters for about five minute. not long ago mike pence was the chairman of the house republican conference. so this was a bit of a homecoming. he reacted that he was happy to be back on capitol hill. there are a lot of republicans in congress who were sceptical about the donald trump ticket. i'm told a lot of the conversation focused on faith-related issues. they talked about a religious provision and a defense bill. they thanked him for his pro-life stance. pence said he was only going to take four or five questions.
7:36 am
he's going to meet later in the day with house speaker paul ryan. he also has a couple democratic meetings. he will meet with nancy pelosi. going back to the meeting here he stopped by the cameras a couple moments ago, and here is a couple things he said. we are confident, working in concert with members on capitol hill. we'll rebuild our military and in a word make america great again. martha: chad, interesting to watch all of this unfold. you saw mike pence's daughter kelly there with him. it is an interesting moment for him. big a general today. but they have to get the democrats on board to get some this through without a filibuster. bill: looking at the headlines coming out of capitol hill. they could get a 3-month section
7:37 am
on the budget deal. that pushes it to march, that would give the incoming team 60 days, 80 days to outline its own economic agenda. be on the lookout for that. a u.s. city approving a lesson plan calling the next president a racist. i'll tell you what that's all about and where that's happening. martha: students across the country are still protesting the election. what they are hoping to achieve. >> i'm here at this protest because there has been a lot of groups hurt by some the rhetoric of donald trump. now that he's elected to the presidency, a lot of us are standing up saying he has to be held accountable for the word he has said.
7:38 am
7:39 am
7:40 am
bill: president obama on the final leg of his overseas trip.
7:41 am
he will be holding a press conference with angela merkel. you will see that in 20 minute from now. in greece he warned of globalization and threats to modern democracy. kevin? reporter: it's all about optics. the president wants to be the very embodiment of the notion that the relationship is so special and longstanding between the u.s. and germany will not change under a trump presidency. and that's crucial. but i want to point your attention to the special relationship between the u.s. and germany. angela merkel has a very close relationship with the president. she has been without doubt his closest confidant, she have worked through so many different things here. they had major economic and trade crises.
7:42 am
they battled the scourge of terrorism and attempted to navigate the thorny issues in the middle east including the massive refugee migration which has been a game changer not just on the continent, but here in germany. what the president is hoping to do is not just reassure angela merkel. he will be meeting with the other eurozone leaders. he wants to make sure they know despite the leadership chang back home, he's doing all he can to make sure europe is in a strong position going forward. >> president obama dedicated a significant portion of his presidency to make sure that relationship was deepened and strengthened in a way that had enormous and significant national security and economic benefits for the american people. there is a tradition of both parties choosing to pursue that.
7:43 am
>> you see what josh is getting at here, bill. the president feels like he has a strong relationship. as he tries to lay the foundation for the trump administration which will be on the job before you know it. martha: protests erupting across the country following donald trump's victory. this demonstration was at rutgers university. but it's not just student. a number of leaders of sanctuary cities say they will ignore any deportation order, many of them saying they will not work with the feds to deport undocumented immigrants. leslie marshall, and steve hilton a former strategy director for u.k. prime minister david cameron. i think one of the big issues is
7:44 am
understanding what the actual policy will be. the administration so far that's coming into leadership here said what they are first going to do is lock down the bored. then comes finding people who are criminals who have committed crimes and kicked out and come back as we saw in the kate steinle case and make sure they are gone. >> i think the focus of the policy is on exactly what was set out in the campaign and seems reasonable. make sure people who have broken the law aren't allowed to stay here. i don't think there is anything unreasonable about any of that. the one thing i can say about the mayors around the country who say they will deify anything that will happen. i'm a real believer in decentralization. in many ways our government is
7:45 am
too centralized. there are certain policies that have to be carried out at a national level. you can't have a patchwork of different immigration policies. it doesn't make sense. martha: we spoke with one of the rutgers students on his show, and here is what happened. >> do you think people have a right to lock their doors or do you think they have the obligation to let anyone in. you are saying the united states has no right to prevent people who want to come here from coming here. does the same apply to individuals. do you have a right to keep people out who want to share your apartment with you. >> i think that's not a direct analogy. that's obviously a nation state. a sovereign nation state is different from an individual. martha: trying to make the point that every nation has to have a border. when you look at it in that way, most people accept that.
7:46 am
>> well, first of all there is a big difference between a bored, a well patrolled bored and a walled off border, which it won't be. i was listening to interviewed today, they are you canning about 100 to 200 miles. the drug cartels have miles and miles of tunnels underground. we saw people going over the berlin wall. i understand the analogy. i love tucker and i do lock my doors. i do understand the anger and fear. i live in a state where we have the largest latino population and largest undocumented muslim undocumented population. a lot of these kids are not just exercising their first amendment rights, they are fearful on some of the receipt rick and policies they fear are coming in the next four years. >> do you think they are reasonable to assume they are going to be kicked out of their
7:47 am
homes? >> here in southern california we have to remember in some of the latino community there are mixes of undocumented and wellized born here citizens at one family table on a nightly basis. so there are some kids in school that fear that daddy will be deported even though mommy is a citizen and they were born here, that their grand parents will be deported. they are concerned about the racism. we have seen hateful attacks since the election. martha: there needs to be a focus on exactly what the laws are in a country that exists. there are so many immigrants who come here legally who, you know, sort of spend money they don't have to get through the process, who leave and come back according to the rules, so why would it be they have to be subject to a different set of rules than people who run across the border, steve? >> i don't think she should. i think what we have to bear in
7:48 am
mind is because of what i consider to be the essential reasonableness of the actual policies, what you are seeing in the response, which i agree with leslie, it's sincerely felt. the trouble is it's not the response to the actual policies it's a response to the propaganda created during the campaign. where those on the left built up trump to be such a cartoonish monster that people believe these things which don't bear any relation to the policy proposals he was making in the campaign or was making now. martha: actions will speak the loudest. it's incumbent on the new administration to follow through with the policy they put down and see it through. but everybody needs to take a deep breath and see how that plays out. thank you very much for being here. bill: guess what we have got? we have a camera inside the lobby of the trump tower.
7:49 am
so, folks, this is what you are going to see very soon for the next two weeks? martha: a couple weeks. the comings and goings. there is a big list of them today including the japanese prime minister. martha: should wee run over there and run in front of the cameras? bill: i don't think they would let us in. mr. trump has a series of meetings like yesterday. we'll see the flow go in and out for some time now. kellyanne conway led our show earlier today and we asked about the transition process. some suggested the "game of thrones." she wanted to assure everybody the transition process was on schedule. martha: she was talking about the fact that you have to take your time. other presidents have taken their time. donald trump has already made two big decisions and it looks like they are getting close on
7:50 am
some of these others as they watch people come in and out. rodey giuliani was one of those who came in this morning. sean spicer, the communications director of the rnc. it's fast united nationsing to have a camera to watch the ongoing process. bill: the landing teams that will interact. that's includes state department, defense department. that's the approach the trump team is taking and this process has been launched. the landing team is here. it's very interesting, drain the swamp underway. we'll be right back. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car.
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bill: the city of san francisco approved a school lesson plan brand our next president a racist. reporter: teachers can have a positive influence on students. a teacher's union endorsed her lesson plan. they emailed that lesson plan to 6,000 members. here are the course's goals. gain knowledge of american traition violence including anti-racist, anti-sexist and anti-homophobic history. teachers are supposed to validate students feeling saying i haired, you are right and this is unjust.
7:55 am
and don't overlook that the man has become president by pandering to a huge racist base. >> i would like to say i'm not scared of him. reporter: students might curse and swear but you would too if you suffered under the constructs of white supremacy and sexism and lack of privilege. the teachers union endorses the course. as educators our first impulse is to provide the children with a safe space to deal with their feeling and make sense out of the world and this is what the lesson plan is about. reporter: the school district says the course is not required, but they serve a diverse body in san francisco and teachers are encouraged to include many perspectives.
7:56 am
bill: william lawj necessary in los angeles. martha: we have a camera in trump tower. no one is coming or going. we watched people pouring in and out of here. but if you build it they will come. bill: you need to make those elevators great again. martha: it many fascinating when you think about this process. you don't generally have this view for the intense jockeying going on. people want to be seen coming or going. just that in and of itself will get you something in this game. we'll keep today close eye on that as wee continue on this morning.
7:57 am
7:58 am
. . .
7:59 am
bill: we will watch that for headlines out of her and paul ryan and mike pence will be up next. standby, we won't leave that story. before we leave, however, we want to make a quick mention of
8:00 am
a wonderful group of americans. the green beret had event last night and i was honored to be the mc and they have paid an enormous price that still does not get attention. they lost nine green berets in the last months alone. [laughter] martha: we will see you tomorrow, bye, everybody, have a good day. jenna: we are going to take you to berlin in a moment where we are waiting president obama and the german chancellor as well to hold a joint news conference as mr. obama stresses to european leaders that the u.s. will commit to nato. jon: germany is the main stop of the obama presidency. europe's leading economy is an important u.s. trading partner as well as key nato member and


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