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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 17, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, fox news just confirming a critical new pick for president-elect trump with the job offer going to a controversial cayou know you kn. good evening, welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. topping a list of priorities for the president-elect, building a team that will protect this country at one of the most uncertain times in our history, just moments ago fox news confirming that president-elect trump has picked former obama administration military intelligence chief lieutenant jean michael flynn to be his national security adviser. this is a critical post in the national security landscape. it will not be without controversy. but it will be without senate confirmation, which is not
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needed for that job. we're going to get into this in just one minute. among the other candidates who visited mr. trump today, henry kissing kissinger, and reported candidate for secretary of state, nikki hailey, admiral mike rogers and our next guest, retired four star general and former vice chief of staff of the united states army, general jack king who says this country is facing global security challenges not seen since the soviet union. we begin with ed henry who is here with me in new york on the breaking news. you just broke this. you just confirmed this. it's a deal. >> lieutenant general mike flynn has been offered it. he had not officially accepted it. why it's significant that hep's being appointed to a top white house job, as you said, he's made controversial statements about muslims, he's taken on president obama, challenged him
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on national security. that's why he got forced out. that's why democrats would want a pound of flesh if he was nominated. this allows president-elect trump to get him installed in the white house. kellyanne conway pushed back on the reports chargesing that the transition is moving too slow. she declared nay ear moving methodically to focus on quality rather than spee. president-elect donald trump inviting myth romney to a meeting this weekend in new jersey. the same former republican nominee that trump called a choker and the same romney that called trump a phony and a fraud in the searing speech last march. romney is a potential secretary of state, a sign that trump is trying to bring together a team of rivals. trump's friend rudy giuliani has been a candidate as he was not as interested as attorney
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general as expected. others is senator jeff sessions as attorney general, as well as another surprising pick, a rival again for either attorney general or a spot on the supreme court, ted cruz who now sounds ready to join the team based on what he told "fox and friends" today. >> i have an incredible job today representing 27 million texans and i'm honored to hold that job. i'm eager to work with the new president in whatever capacity i can have the greatest impact. >> senator sessions in the running for defense secretary. you mentioned henry kissinger, lieutenant michael flynn has been huddling with president-elect trump. the bottom line is they want to get this national security team in place as quickly as possible because this is, as you said, critic critical, not just protecting the nation but we're still at war and during a transition is when someone like isis is going to make a statement. guard for
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that. >> adding to the urgency for mr. trump to assemble his national security team, today james clapper submitted husband letter of resignation. he will stay on until president obama least office in january, putting mr. trump in the position to join his successor pop joining us now, general jack king, a retired four star general and chairman of the board for the institute of study of war. he also visited trump tower today and there's some vacancies there, general. come on, let's have it. what did you get offered? >> look, it was his meeting, all right, not mine. and he controls the information. but i'll tell you this. the thing i have in common with donald trump is about a dozen years ago we got a man of the year award in the uso. i met him once. and i found him to be very
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personable. he asked excellent questions throughout the 45 minutes that i was with him, wevery engaged an curious about the world and its complexity. something that he and his close advisers that he's selected don't have a lot of knowledge about. most people who aspire to be president don't have a foreign policy background, the exception of course is hillary clinton. >> but you do. you tell me. you are enjoying your retirement and all f 0 yoof your many star. so you tell me whether you might have some interest in being the director of national intelligence or even secretary of defense or something like that. >> well that's between myself and donald trump. >> that's not a no. >> i spoke very frankly to him
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and he understands where i'm coming from. >> all right, viewers. we are getting some place with the general. we're getting some place. i feel like we know but he just can't say. i want to ask you about the breaking news and michael flynn, lieutenant general michael flynn. we know him. he's on "the kelly file" all of the time. many people are going to lose their minds over this. explain why this position is so important, national security adviser to the president. >> yeah, it's a real important position certainly. just the name itself implies that. there's two jobs here, the one is the one -- the one is very visible, the national security advise tore the president. and obviously the president judges whether that person is successful or not because he or she speak to that person on a regular basis, just about every single day, multiple times a day. >> that person is the clearinghouse of information for the intelligence agencies and who else? >> from all of the intraagencies
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that deal with national security. the second piece of the position gives you a better sense of it. he's also the director of the national security council which has members on it from the department of defense, department of state, all of our intelligence agencies, the department of treasury, et cetera. and it has its own staff which now is about 400. the service committee wants to reduce it. those are the two jobs. >> he doesn't need to be confirmed in that position. if donald trump wants him, he's got him. but people are pointing to controversial statements that general flynn has said in the past, including this one from his twitter account, this is from april, last april, fear of muslims is rational in all capital letters. please guard this to others. the truth fears no questions. language like that and general flynn's somewhat controversial history with the democrats going to hurt him at all? can it? >> as i said before, he's advising the president of the
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united states. that's between the two of them. the president is going to judge whether flynn is doing a good job or not. the other thing he does, to carry that thought further, when a president makes a decision to implement a national security policy, it will be general flynn's job to coordinate all of the agencies i mentioned in the execution of that policy. and also -- >> do you feel good about it? do you feel like general flynn can do this? >> i know him. he's a good guy. this is about the president's confidence in somebody that he knows, somebody he likes and somebody he trusts. that's what this is really all about. >> we got our eyes on you, general. >> i frankly don't think whether we think he's a good guy or not, a great guy or bad guy, it's not relevant. this the president picking a guy that he wants to talk to every single day about national security. >> i'm watching you, going to see a big announcement and i hope you come right here to "the kelly file" after you get it.
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great to see you. >> good talking to you, megyn. also with us tonight, katrina pearson, the former trump campaign national spokesperson and matt bennett, a former deputy assistant to bill clinton. great to see you both. let me start with you on this, katri katrina. michael flynn is confirmed. what say you to the people who say he sat in on intelligence briefings while he was advising foreign clients, he made the controversial tweet about how fear of muslims is rational, not radical muslims, but just muslims. your thoughts. >> well i won't confirm or deny the appointment simply until -- >> we already know. >> -- the transition team does. i don't want to make that mistake. the media can't decide, megyn, on how to shift gears from how to defeat trump and how to cover him to hold him to a completely nonexistence standard. it's really bad when david
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axelrod took to twitter today to remind the media that they didn't have these appointments made. >> no one is criticizing him for not making appointments fast enough. i'll give it to you, matt on why the democrats didn't seem to like him. >> he was a horrendous choice for this job. being a national security adviser is incredibly important. condy rice was the national security adviser in 2011. you have to make sure that the president's wishes are carried out by the entire national security establishment which is gigantic and most importantly you have to be an honest broker from the incoming you're getting from the ccia. he's a very difficult guy to work for and much more, he's got a good person. he's talking about how we should fear all muslims. that is not the kind of person you need in the most important
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position in washington. >> just because he made that statement -- i had him on the show many times and i have heard him talk about radical muslims. although this tweet does not say that. i don't know that you can lead to he's not a good person, matt. >> if we're being honest here, whoever mr. trump nominates to any position, there's going to be scrutiny. there's been scrutiny over his initial appointments. i think to expect that this is going to be icing on the cake is just completely unfounded. >> but the criticism, katrina, is that the people going in there, that they don't have any experience and it's just favors he's returning. he's putting people in major positions just as favors because they were loyal to him adds opposed to people, this is the criticism, that know what they're doing. >> the election is over and the people chose donald trump. because they trust him to make the right decisions and to choose the right people. this is not one person that's
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going to be making these decisions. there are teams that are going to be put in place, the landing teams are going to be announced. mr. trump is brilliant is putting together teams and doing what he wants to get done. and i think he's proven that time and time again. >> go ahead, matt. >> he's made three appointments, one of which democrats are comfortable with, his chief of staff rinse preince priebus. george w. bush had had a meeting with steve bannon, it would have been news because it would have been a scandal. now he's going to have an office and there are going to be questions raised about michael flynn. >> you know steve bannon was running trump's campaign and the people elected him. >> no doubt. >> is there any objection to trump using him adds he wants, president-elect trump? >> no. we can't stop it. he can appoint who he wants. and he will.
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but we can object to it because this is not the kind of guy you want in the halls of power. you want somebody much more reasonable and much more mainstream than steve bannon. >> i think your objection may be overruled. i got to go. great to see you both. breaking tonight, new reports that nancy pelosi could be caught in the cross fire as the democrats get ready to punish someone for the epic losses last week. plus a fierce fight breaking out today on the idea of tracking immigrants who come here from terror hot beds. we'll show you what the law says about this and then we'll pick up the political fight with former navy s.e.a.l. karl hig y bee. they're next. >> the president needs to protect america first. and that means having people not protected under our constitution, until we can identify the truth and where it's coming from, i support it.
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breaking tonight, growing fallout over reports that the president-elect's team may be considering some kind of registry for folks coming to the united states from areas that are hot beds for terrorism. critics are hitting the plan as nonamerican. some say it's not only legal but
6:18 pm
soe several administrations have used this. trace gallagher explains how this may work. >> when it comes to implementing donald trump's call for extreme vetting of immigrants from muslim countries, a member of the transition team says the answer might be reinstating the national security exit and entry program system which required people from primarily muslim countries deemed as a higher risk to be interrogated and fingerprint pd. the program started at 9/11 and ended in 2011 when the department of homeland security decided it was redoundanredunda. and the designer of the program acknowledges that it didn't result in neither roar charges but it was a great tool for fighting terror because law enforcement could identify potential terrorists who did
6:19 pm
register. and some say it would be easy to reinstate because technically it's still on the books. teresa brown told buzzfeed the program is inactive because the 25 high risk countries were taken off of the list. but if the president issues a new order and if the homeland security officer issues a new list of country, the program could be reinstated. experts say there is no comparison to the ir turment of the japanese during word war ii because those were american citizens and now the trump team says they would not be registering just muslims, but rath those who come primarily from muslim countries, a distinct legal distinction. >> our next guest is among the legal experts suggesting that the program like this, like that post-9/11 registry would pass constitutional muster before a judge because it has.
6:20 pm
chris adams is a former doj attorney. describe what exactly you think would be legal. >> foreigners do not have a constitutional right to enter the united states. even americans don't enjoy the fourth amendment rights of search and seizure when they're at the border. all you is to do is say the hot beds of terror have to be subject to additional screening. this is a reasonable question, something that i think most americans would agree with. if you come to this country and want in from hot beds of terrorism, you're going to be subjected to additional screening. it's neither muslim nor a registry. it's where the terror is. >> how far could they go with that? could they say we need your address, we need your cell phone, need your fingerprints, you need to check in with us every three days and if you don't you're out? >> absolutely. it's totally constitutional and it was in play, something similar to that up until 2011
6:21 pm
which the obama administration stopped doing. remember, the 9/11 fear riss overstayed their visa. a tool like this would have been effective to help stop 9/11. >> the concern is what if we wanted to go beyond that, what if we wanted to corral them. they do have constitutional rights once they get on u.s. soil and get past the border. >> that's right. and no one is suggesting that. nobody is suggesting -- that's part of the attack on the trump transition. they're making things up that aren't actually being suggested. you cannot corral people based on their religion and nobody is suggesting it. you can impose entering requirements that will protect this country by asking them about their views of certain issues. do they think it's legitimate to wage jihad against the west. >> can donald trump do that with a stroke of a pen? >> he can do it with a stroke of
6:22 pm
a pen and i suggest he probably is going to do that, because that's why he was elected, to try to keep america safer than we've seen in the last couple of years. in places like paris, you can see what happens if you don't protect the country. >> the president has a lot of power in dealing with the border to protect the nation. great to see you. >> thanks, megyn. the debate has been on fire in the media today and we're picking it up with karl higbee and the chief executive director of the florida branch on the council of islamic relations known as c.a.r.e. karl, we had the debate on the show last night. we got into this back and forth whether there was legal precedent for doing this, checking at the border. and you were not -- you made a reference to the japanese in world war ii and your position tonight is that that was not a reference to interment catches,
6:23 pm
right? >> i was quite frankly shocked that you brought in interment camps. it with as reference to the scrutiny of immigration and the strong of immigration and the registration of immigrants coming from japan and italy and germany. nothing to do with interment camps whatsoever. >> you didn't say you were shocked. here is what happened between us last night when we were talking about this proposal to check out muslims at the border. listen. you're discussing drafting a proposal to reinstate a registry for immigrants from muslim countries. >> and perfectly honest, it's legal. i know the hclu is going to challenge it but i think it will paz. we've done it with iran back a while ago, we did anytime world war ii with japanese. >> come. you're not proposing we go back to the tadays of interment camp >> no, not at all. >> that's the kind of stuff that gets people scared, carl.
6:24 pm
>> i'm saying, there's precedent for it. i'm not saying i agree with it. >> so i mean there wasn't shock expressed. there's precedent for it which is what got people confused. but i take you at your word if you're saying you were referencing something else. you were trying to make a different point. >> it was references in parallel with island under jimmy carter when we banned immigration from iran. forgive me for not being as clear as i could >> you mentioned the japanese and world war ii. >> i did but i did not mention interment camps. >> i know but that's kind of the big story about what we did here with the japanese. >> you put words out there, megyn, and let's be honest -- >> you put out the words about what we did to the japanese in world war ii. >> i think the left wing media took this by the horns because they're not a fan of donald trump. >> i understand you're clarifying it. got it. let me bring you in on what karl
6:25 pm
is saying tonight which is he supporting the proposal. you heard the lawyers say it would be upheld in a court of law to say muslims coming into the country from countries where there's a terror problem that they could be forced to submit to this kind of monitoring. your thoughts. >> thank you, megyn. and to karl, have you no sense of decency? america is a country based on freedom of religion. i've taken an oath to protect that and it's ineffective to target people based on reasonable. let's not divide people simply based on their religion. my children hear you. after donald trump won, my children came home, ages 4, 5 and 6, they said daddy, trump won and he's going to kick us off and he's going to build a wall. i' my kids were born here. and we'll protect them.
6:26 pm
>> he's not talking about americans. he's not talking about americans. he's talking about foreigners who want to come into america and the kind of screening that we should do when we're in a war on terror. >> i think anybody coming into america should face scrutiny and screening to make sure people are coming into america -- >> you don't think there should be any heightened scrutiny for those who come from hot beds of terror. >> i don't believe there should be heightened scrutiny based on people's religion. >> is that based on renl or geopolitical war. >> we've heard many different things from trump supporters. this gentleman here himself has said some negative things about the entire muslim community. we can't be promoting fear and hate. he's target on actual threats. what makes america great is freedom of religion. that's what the u.s. constitution is about. >> forgive me for not taking you too seriously about american
6:27 pm
safety. your organization c.a.r.e. was listed as a terror organization. seven of your board members cannot come into the united states because of their alleged terror. and you supported hamas. donald trump wants to protect americans first and scrutinize people who want to join our country and when they do, they do it on our terms which are safe. i welcome immigrants and people from all over the country or the world to join us here. but i want to make sure it's safe for americans in my country that i fought for. >> and that's absolutely false. i'm a civil rights lawyer. i run the largest civil rights organization in the state of florida. we defend the rights of all people of discrimination. >> the ua has designated c.a.r.e. as -- >> they did designate c.a.r.e., not c.a.r.e. of florida. >> there is another county organization. >> yes, a dictatorship.
6:28 pm
are you under uae laws? our deputy director is a sheriff deputy and he protects this country day and night and we want to keep america a free and just county regardless of race and religion. let's stand united. let's not let fear and hate divide us. >> i want to say thank you, megyn. i think the american people understand where we stand on our differences on this one. thank you. >> great to see you both. also tonight, we're doing a new investigation into fake news reports. plus nancy pelosi may lose her 14-year groip of power. marc thiessen and austan goolsbee are here on that. >> i have over two-thirds of the caucus supporting me. came home.
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the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. democrat from youngstown, ohio has stepped up to challenge nancy pelosi and possibly break her 14-year grip on power. that comes as president obama faces roughly two years in office left and the legacy
6:33 pm
possibly going under from the president-elect. the clintons appear to be leaving the political stage after being a powerful force in washington for 30 years. senator harry reid is retiring and nancy pelosi could do nothing but watch as her caucus decided this week to delay leadership elections while they figure out what went wrong on election day. joining me now, fox news contributor marc thiessen and president obama's former chief economist, austan goolsbee. put this in perspective for us. >> the democrats have called off their elections until they can figure out what the hell is going on. the state of the democratic party is bad. a few weeks ago the democrats were preparing to measure the drapes in the white house. now it's the republicans that are measuring the drapes.
6:34 pm
they have a lot to fight about. as congressman ryan has correctly pointed out, they've had the smallest congressional minority since 1929. crump has been elected president of the united states. they've lost 60 seats in congress since 2010 and that's at the national level. at the state level the democrat party has lost 242 state seats, lost control of 30 state legislative chambers and a dozen governorships. when barack obama took office republicans had control of about eight state legislatures where they had the governor and the state legislature. today it's half the country. at the state level they've been completely wiped out. >> pretty compelling argument there, austan. what's the counter? >> several of those things i don't disagree with. you know, donald trump wins a
6:35 pm
very narrow presidential victory. but i think marc is right, that completely turned the tables. now it's the democrats fighting with each other trying to figure out, you know, why did this happen and whose fault was it and where should they move. the only thing i would observe at the state level is a lot of what you've seen at the state level is true at the house of representatives too, which was 2010 was a big year for republicans and because 2010 is a census year, you had a massive amount of redistricting in those states. and that has absolutely redowned into the state legislatures. you've seen the senate remain much more balanced because there's no districting. >> obviously the democrating party has some soul searching to do. you tell me, they don't seem to fully understand why or how they lost. >> that's party true. >> from the diagnosis, the postmortem i'm looking for.
6:36 pm
>> look, we -- both parties we have seen can overreact to very narrow election victories by the other side. you've seen that happen multiple times. >> you think nancy pelosi is going to get the boot? >> that's what i was going to say. that said, it's clear with the clintons, with pelosi, he eve got a generation of leadership that sometime in the near future is going to shift to the next generation. i don't know if it's right fnow. i don't know if this one congressman from ohio will be the challenge. but i do think the winds are blowing, the winds of change are definitely blowing. >> yeah. marc, basically the republicans took over the congress in 2010, austan is saying and rejiggered the lines such as, you know, in a way to help the republic if it were that easy then they wouldn't have any problems. then they would have to wait for the redistricting. the reality is i hope they keep
6:37 pm
nancy pelosi in power, if you have the same leadership, you have the same results. the reason that the democrats have been wiped out is they've lost the working class vote in states like ohio, and wisconsin. >> why is that? >> because they are utter contempt for those people. these are people that barack obama said are bitter people that clean the guns, hillary clinton called them the deplorables. they anoth're not going to win people back with the liberals. >> quickly, austan, go ahead. >> marc is firing the most inflammatory things that he can fire. barack obama's popularity rating is following ronald reagan's. and donald trump lost the popular vote by a million. >> but he won the electoral college. let that be your warm blanket
6:38 pm
adas you go to sleep. great to see you both. nine days after donald trump's victory and some of hollywo hollywood's ardent liberals are having trouble coming to terms. we'll show you what actress leah donement is doing. have you heard about fake news? did you hear about this on facing book? did it really change how people voted in our investigation is next. >> there's so much active misinformation and it's packaged very well and it looks the same when you see it on a facebook page or you turn on your television.
6:39 pm
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developing tonight, a brand-new analysis from buzzfeed news has found in the months leading up to the u.s. election, bogus election news stories
6:43 pm
generated more engagement on facebook than top real stories. now some of the left are claiming that fake news contributed to the outcome of the race and president obama is warning about living in an age of misinformation. >> there's so much active misinformation and it's packaged very well and it looks the same when you see it on a facebook page or you turn on your television. if everything seems to be the same and no distinctions are made, we won't know what to protect. >> joining us now, chris stirewalt and dana bash. great to see you both. >> thanks for having us. >> fake news, it's apparently a real thing though i don't know if it was a real cause of hilla hillary's defeat. apparently the fake stories, the biggest ones include that mrs.
6:44 pm
clinton sold weapon to isis, that the pope endorsed donald trump, that ireland was accepting american refugees fleeing donald trump and that rupaul, the drag queen, you know, right, said he was groped by trump. >> that probably moved a lot of needles. >> don't say that. >> there was a story where -- no. seriously. there was a story writ does, it was media research center and they discovered that about 8% of voters, they determined that maybe if what they had believed was being said about hillary clinton that they saw on the news, maybe if they would have believed it u it would have had an impact on the way they voted. but nobody trusted the media. so i don't really think -- and those are so outlandish, the rupaul.
6:45 pm
>> that's my favorite. i haven't heard that one until tonight. stirewalt, you know, fake news could be potentially a problem. >> yeah. >> what seemed to be a problem is real news that was completely ignored by people on both sides. >> the sustained attack on the press, we earned it in large part. the broken faith with the american people by dishonest reporting, heavily biassed reporting passing itself off as objective journalism, decades of mistakes -- >> some of which was revealed in wikileaks. >> others were revealed by turning on the television for some channels going oh, i see how it is. so all of these decades of misconduct laid open the door in 2016 that you had both campaigns, particularly donald trump waging war against the press. hillary clinton said it's because of the coverage of my e-mails that i'm in trouble. actually it's because of the e-mails that you're in trouble. and then donald trump with an
6:46 pm
all out attack on the press. cnn sucks, cnn sucks. >> disgusting was husband favorite. >> rage and hate against the press. he ran against the press and clinton did to a degree too. >> we have to -- that's exactly what happened. but the thing is, he did to the american media what so many voters have wanted to see happen for the longest time. think about this. back in 2010, even before that, back in 2008, if you didn't vote for barack obama, then maybe you have some racist ten dan sis. and this in 2010 before the unaffordable health care was passed there was a whole store roy of congressional members that were spit on my tea party demonstrators in washington, d.c. there was zero proof of this. nothing was confirmed. and it kept going and the stories kept getting more outrageo outrageous. this wasn't a left or right leaning website doing this.
6:47 pm
this was major network news doing this. i remember there were reports of tea party activists that were carrying firearms but they were cropping people out that you couldn't tell it was a black american carrying the firearm. >> it's almost yike you want a do-over. let's start with media over again. it's so clammed up with bad actors. >> social media is great because it connects people in ways that they haven't been before. it is reflective of the ability to create a network and an organization of people that transaccident normal networks. that's really good. but we have to pay attention to if we can't be sure we're telling the people the truth, the trusted sources, we won't keep it. >> we have taken bumps and bruises, many of them deserved. >> some of them better than others. >> it's still a noble
6:48 pm
profession. we're looking out for them. we're trying. there are a lot of great journalists who give up a lot and work very hard for very little money giving you the best information they can. >> lena dunham, tom hanks and brian kilmeade. on one of them is here, next. at outback, steak and unlimited shrimp is back! for just $15.99 for a limited time. try unlimited garlic herb butter, or crispy shrimp for just $ 15.99. and let the bold flavors speak for themselves... with unlimited shrimp at outback.
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two winners in the 2016 election. donald trump and the therapists working in and around the hollywood area. it seems some of the best known names from the entertainment industry are having a hard time. here to discuss it brian kilmeade. and if you're in dayton, ohio tomorrow night, you can catch brian a at a signing for his book, "thomas jefferson and the triple e pirates", dayton, ohio. kilmeade will be there. exciting. >> and i will be not crying. lena dunham, she's at the javits center waiting for hillary clinton to show up to have a party of a lifetime. she reaches to her face to find tears there. he was crying. she found real housewivhives on. the only thing she could do is join her boyfriend at home and take a shower. and she did. >> can i tell you for the record
6:53 pm
one of our producers, he also breaks out in hives when she gets upset. >> really? >> not in this particular instant. >> is she upset now? i've never had that kind of reaction. sometimes if i scratch a dirty account cat, my eyes will puff up. >> this is really upsetting to a lot of americans the same as when barack obama won two times in a row. >> they do interesting things that blue collar people can't do, they two to aspen, colorado and go and climb rocks. >> is that where lena dunham is? >> that's exactly the same thing. she's in arizona. don't look for her. she's back and she says she realized she's going to fight the good fight. >> how about tom hanks. he's taking a different route. >> tom hanks got another award on wednesday, so finally he's
6:54 pm
getting recognized. he gets the trophy, because there's nothing in the trophy case. he was really good at "growing pains?" boo to paraphrase, he says we're americans, not republican or democrat. and my hope is that donald trump does so well i vote for his reelection in four years and that is the attitude that most people have. when barack obama won and myth romney lost, you're an american. same thing with george bush and al gore. >> i have to say i will never get on the fact when barack obama was elected and inaugurated in 2008 and i went to his inauguration in 2009, there were people in that crowd who booed george w. bush and laura bush and george h.w. bush and barbara bush. how do you boo barbara bush. i don't understand. healing is good. you helped produce a healing moment that people don't know. it's in my book, settle for
6:55 pm
more" and it helped donald trump and i get over the weirdness that was between us. i reached out to donald trump to meet with me, sit down with me so we could stop that and he didn't want to see me. and then enter brian kissinger, tell them what happened. >> he made up with myth romney too today. as bad as he gets, he does want to get over things. i went to interview him and we got in a fight earlier that day because of you. i had a chance to talk to him, i said listen, if i talk to megyn and megyn wants to talk to you, can we betget this thing done. he said go ahead. call my office. next thing you know he met you and now you're friends. the same with the pattern with myth romney and ted cruz. >> you did a great job and helped us both out. great to see you. we'll be right back.
6:56 pm
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check out "settle for more" ap your local bookstore and we can share some stories. thanks for watching, everybody. i'm megyn kelly. see you tomorrow. tonight president obama refuses to tell the out of control anti-democratic protesters to just stop. >> i wouldn't advise them to be silent. >> laura ingraham is here tonight with reaction. >> what was your reaction when you saw the news that donald trump had been elected? >> well, first i cried. >> and whiney college liberals continue their hiscy fit over president-elect donald trump. when will this madness end. >> what kind of discipline problems were you having? zbli was just somebody who was rebellious. >> did you resent your dad when he sent you? >> no, not at all. i understood. >> did he sit you down and say here's why? >> he said i