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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 17, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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this evening. don't forget, harvey levin, tomorrow, with donald trump in this time slot. i'll see you back here monday. thanksgiving week we have a lot to be thankful for this year. ♪ >> hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let's get straight to our top story. a very busy day for the trump presidential transition team. earlier this evening president-elect donald trump wrapped up a meeting with japanese prime minister at trump tower. trump's first inperson meeting with a foreign leader since the election. a short time ago i spoke with trump transition senior advisor kellyanne conway about all the latest developments in the transition. >> so the news for me today, wow, -- opening. mitt rom will meet with the
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boss president-elect donald trump over the weekend. what's that all about? >> well, donald trump does what businessmen do. he takes the counsel of allies, rivals, across the aisle never trumpers. in the case of governor romney somebody ran for governor twice and has a lot to add to the conversation. so i count about 8 meetings that i know of for that same day in new jersey on saturday and governor romney will be one of them. i know mr. trump is delighted to welcome him here. >> welcome him in what capacity? interview him for a job? secretary of state has been floated. but is it to just download him on what's going on, romney or to actually interview him for a possible appointment? >> well, that conversation is between the two of them, eric. i will tell that you not every conversation mr. trump is having this week as the president-elect is going to lead to the cabinet position, is going to lead to senior strategy role. he is a man who listens and who learns. and one listens and learns from him as well.
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it's always a two-way street. as president-elect, he knows its incumbent upon him to take meetings with any number of people over the phone and in person from world leaders to sitting length lay tore legislators. been through the political fire. represented the party as nominee last time around. didn't make it, of course, and to really -- really talk about what they have learned together about america. what the party represents, what the country is asking for in terms of leadership. mitt romney is a job creator. is he an american success story who knows a lot about the world. many things that mitt romney talked about in his 2012 election with respect to the world stage has come true. and i anticipate, you know, meeting of the minds and of two equal partners in terms of those who love their country and want to make that we have a peaceful and democratic transition into the next administration. we know that governor romney can add to that conversation. >> all right. let's move on to president obama earlier today was in
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berlin and he addressed the situation with russia. how vladimir putin would work with your boss, the president-elect donald trump. had some interesting comments. take a listen. >> my hope is that the president-elect coming in takes a similarly constructive approach, finding areas where we can cooperate with russia, where our values and interests align. but that the president-elect also is willing to stand up to russia where they are deviating from our values and international norms. >> kelly anne how do you take that? on one hand extending the olive branch on the other hand says you better learn how to push back against putin. is that a positive or negative from the president? >> that seems fair and -- that seems fair and reasonable from president obama. i don't think that that was #breaking news, necessarily.
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but what i do think, eric, is that it cuts right to the heart of what many in the media have been saying about donald trump and vladimir putin. that somehow they are friends and intimates and donald trump is going to work with vladimir putin. you just heard president obama say find constructive ways to work with russia when it is in america's best interest and find ways to push back when it's not. that's what donald trump has been saying on the campaign trail all along. i appreciate president obama saying that tonight and i appreciate the support that he and vice president biden and spouses have given to the trumps and pences in the last week. as recently as yesterday vice president biden said let's be fair. it particulars a while to form a government. we weren't ready on day one of transition. they weren't ready on day one of transition but that he is, quote, confident that the country will be ready and trump and pence will be ready on day one when they are sworn in. this is a president saying that he hopes the next president, at least tries to find a balance in our relationships with russia.
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>> let's stay on russia just for a minute here. how will the u.s. relationship with russia evolve under president trump? whereas where we were before in fact president obama said russia was our greatest foe, one of our greatest enemies. will that change and how will it change and how will it change? >> well, but today it sounded like president obama was at least giving advice to his successor, president-elect trump to find ways to work with russia when appropriate. say russia wants to join together with the u.s. to really push back on isis, on radical islamic terrorism which hillary clinton describes as our determined enemies but most americans recognize is a bunch of savage murderers do blood letting here in san bernardino and orlando and places abroad like paris and niche. i think what president obama is also signaling is he knows donald trump as president and commander-in-chief is going to do things what happens a little bit differently.
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you are asking how the relationship will be different. that depends on russia, also. not just president trump, why? because president trump made very clear in his victory speech eight days ago, eric, that he is telling the world community that i will always put america first but i will be fair and i will work with you and listen to you. but he has made very clear from the beginning that part of the trump doctrine is america first. and he has told the world community that's an open door. but don't be fooled as to these trade deals are going to be renegotiated. jobs are going to come back. and u.s. interests, allies and americans themselves are going to be put first. >> all right. kellyanne, also ted cruz earlier today made some comments, fairly provocative comments. take a listen to these. >> we have got to deliver. it is time to put up or shut up. if republicans go to washington and we don't deliver on what we promised, i think we will be looking at pitch forks and torches in the street and quite rightly. that can't happen. >> so, here's where we
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stand. we have a president that's going to come in. he will have the face house. he will have the senate. he will have 62% of the states will be republican governors as well. ted cruz says we need, as a republican party, need to put up or shut up. is that undue pressure? the people have spoken. >> no. no. this is what the people want. that's not undue pressure. the time for divided government is over. this country put a republican house, senate and president in to washington. a majority republican governors for support a vast majority of republican controlled state legislatures. they are sending a message that they want things to happen. in the case of senator cruz, who came in second, in the primaries behind donald trump, the two of them together had a very anti-washington, antiestablishment solve problems, fix things, get things done message together. and so ted cruz puts himself out there three years ago or so on obamacare. stood up and famous
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filibuster to try to stop obamacare from funding. the country has rejected the affordable care act as untenable for many americans as increasing their premiums, decreasing their quality and choice in their access and now we have an opportunity through president-elect trump to actually do what he promised to do. repeal and replace obamacare. replace it with what, people ask. let's review. replace it with health savings account. private account in your name, bears interest. allows you to control the spending on your healthcare. your preventative care and medical needs. secondly, we are going to block grant medicaid to the states. take that out of washington and put it in the states where people there in charge, eric, can assess the needs of hits people. thirdly, allow you and me to purchase health insurance across state lines, much the way you and-buy all of our production and services. of course, eliminate the obamacare penalty that tells americans either buy the government run health insurance or pay a penalty.
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and so, there are specific things that can be done, senator cruz is absolutely right and all those republicans who ran on these promises need to deliver. >> kellyanne, can senator ted cruz, can he get nominated? can he get -- after he gets nominated, after the vetting, you know senator rand paul said some of the choices he may filibuster some of the choices. ted cruz has not been the most popular senator on the senate floor. will he have a problem getting confirmed? >> confirmed if he is nominated for something, you mean? >> sure, yeah. >> in the cabinet, on the cabinet? >> that is what a lot of republicans are saying he has had such a can tanker russ relationship with even republicans on the senate floor, is this something you would put someone in a position where he may have trouble getting confirmed. >> first, h he has not been appointed or nominated for anything at this moment. to answer your question, there is something called senatorial courtesy and often you see, eric, in these processes that republicans and democrats lay down their partisan, you
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know, their partisan armor and they come together and they say i'm going to go and vote for someone i served with in the senate. that depends on the position. that's hypothetical at this point since he hasn't been nominated or appointed for something. senator cruz has a very important voice and has shown his courage in pushing through issues when others are crying divided government, we can't do that we have a democratic president. okay. is he absolutely right. we are going to rely on senator cruz to be a very strong voice. we are very happy he visited president-elect trump here at the tower on tuesday. it was a great meeting. >> kellyanne conway thank you for joining us. congratulations to trump transition senior advisor. next on the rundown, president of mexico vowing defend its country against the citizens for united states of america. is the administration already preparing for battle already preparing for battle ag
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in the impact segment tonight, relations between the u.s. and mexico under the trump presidency. it's no secret that president-elect donald trump is taking an aggressive stance against illegal immigration and other issues with mexico. but former mexican president vintd fox one of trump's fiercest critics throughout the campaign is warning him that mexico is ready to hit back. >> in mexico, we are also -- we can be rude, also. as i said, we're strong now. we're going to defend our people, wherever they are in mexico or outside of mexico and in the united states. we're not going to let this guy offend them anymore, to offend the dignity and more so deny the enormous contribution they have made to u.s. economy. >> joining us now with reaction from miami. a news anchor for mega tv. thank you for joining us
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ms. salazar. vicente fox saying mexico should defend the dignity of mexicans who cross the border illegally and enter the united states. your thoughts? >> my thought is that basically mexico is very concerned about its economy, more than anything else. we have to remember that president-elect, the new president has said he is going to impose 35% tariff on all mexican products or mexican imports coming into the united states. and last week 10% of the mexican currency lost its value. so we have to understand. >> can i just clarify something though? he said if you are an american company that moves to mexico down south and produces a car or widget or whatever and sends it back into the united states, he would impose the tariff. that's not a mexican product coming over here. american product produced in mexico. >> well, we have -- that's correct. we have to understand that the rules of origin in nafta. nafta is a 25-year marriage that is pretty complex and i'm sure that
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president-elect trump is going to sit down. he is a businessman. and he is going to understand that this is a marriage that has been there for 25 years. >> sometimes, ms. salazar, sometimes there is bad marriages it, too. and kept the marriage for 25 years there are irre irreconcilable differences. he wasn't talking about the american peso or american dollar he was talking about defending the feelings or rights of mexicans who entered the united states illegally. >> that is correct. and i think that what we have to do, which is what mayor of new york was trying to do today, he was trying to differentiate between the criminals and the illegals. >> okay. and has donald trump. he said the first thing he would do is deport the two or three illegals that had criminal records. let me just play what mayor de blasio said on sanctuary
8:17 pm
cities. >> i think that term has been misused on many cases. the bottom line here is we have got a lot of people in this country part of our communities, the vast majority undocumented immigrants and all immigrants are law abiding, going about their work. we see them all the time in work places, on the bus, on the subway. we don't even know who is documented or undocumented, obviously. we do not want to create a situation where there's a rift where people fear to come forward to the authorities. >> now, your thoughts on de blasio pushing back on sanctuary city laws? >> well, what i think -- we should establish is that what the mayor of new york was -- is trying to do is he trying to communicate and create peace. we have to understand that 40% of the people that have been -- that president obama deported more than 2 million people in the last 10 years. in the last 8 years, i should say. 40% of those people were legal. 60% were criminal. >> we are talking about
8:18 pm
cities who have decided to push back against federal law that says if you catch an illegal for whatever reason, you turn it over to ice, immigration, customs enforcement and then deports them. these cities have said no. you think this -- are you in favor? i can't figure it out. are you in favor or against sanctuary cities? >> hispanic community does not agree that we should hide or we should protect criminals. serious criminals. those people need to be deported tomorrow. what i'm trying to say is that there is a very big difference between the criminals and the ones that are just illegal. that is what i think mayor of new york is trying to do. >> i don't think so. i respect your opinion but i think rahm emanuel in chicago, mayor day blazio in new york has said no, we won't -- it doesn't matter that your status, we're going to protect you. we are not turning you over to ice for deportation and therein lies the difference. very quickly. >> and that is correct. but then you need the protection. you need the help from the local churches, from the local police, and from the local authorities.
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and unfortunately, the feds have not had that because it's very important not to create chaos in the community. >> i got to go. >> and that's what i think that they are trying to do. >> elvira, salazar, thank you very much. up next a reports trump team considering a registry for muslims in the united states. it may be perfectly legal. stay tuned. even though eric gibson and his wife briana don't know what the future has in store for them, they bought into a 30-year mortgage anyway. because they weren't just thinking about their future... buy in. quicken loans. home buy. refi. power.
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>> the threat of islamic terrorism in america. the trump team is reportedly considering a muslim registry as part of anti-terror plans. the left is already furious, even though the specifics are still up in the air. but a registry may not be illegal or unconstitutional as some claim.
8:23 pm
joining us now from washington to analyze constitutional law expert at george washington university professor jonathan turley. professor, take us through. so there are different levels of registries and different ideas and different requirements to earn a spot on that registry that may be constitutional and unconstitutional. tell us which are which? >> sure. well, first of all, the important thing to note is that if you're just talking about whether something is constitutional, as opposed to the policy issue, i think the question is relatively clear. what president-elect trump is suggesting is not unprecedented and would not be unconstitutional. if he is talking about in monitoring system, particularly isolating that he believes warrant extra attention, those types of measures have been done in the past. jimmy carter did that with iranian students there was a program that focused on muslim country after 9/11.
8:24 pm
it's not unheard of and generally not viewed as unconstitutional to isolate certain places of origin. it gets a little more problematic when you isolate religion. >> can i stop you there? so what i understand is that if you isolate a country of origin that's a-okay. no gray area there. but when you start adding religion to the mix then it becomes a murky area? >> it becomes muckier. the supreme court hasn't rendered a decision on that. but if you are talking about noncitizens, the advantage still rests with the president. the president's power is at its apex when he comes to the borders who can enter and leave the united states. the supreme court has been fairly uniform in giving great discretion to the president. so, with noncitizens, the advantage is with a president-elect trump. if you start to go to stipulates. then the profile changes.
8:25 pm
citizens obviously have a full panoply of rights. there is a doctrine called the plenary power doctrine which is controversial with many but it's still on the books in terms of precedent. and that affords the president this type of sweeping authority. so he can thread this needle and it wouldn't be very difficult but he would be wise to avoid using religion as a criteria as opposed to a national origin. >> professor, what about law? a lot of people watching are wondering if a muslim comes over here and vows to obey sharia law versus the u.s. constitution, is there a way to have that to be some sort of check the box on an application for citizenship or a visa saying no, i promise i will follow the constitution and not sharia law? would that be constitutional? >> well, that i think we would have to look at the specifics there is lots of people of faith that follow their religious faith personally but they have to
8:26 pm
acknowledge that they will comply with u.s. authority and law. there were jewish courts, for example, in new york where people voluntarily followed or docks by rabbis at the end of the day they had to united states law when it required them to do certain things where you get into trouble with the free exercise is when you start to say that you cannot voluntarily follow your faith or dictates of your own religion. >> all right. professor turley, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> directly ahead, the front run tore lead the democratic national committee has launched vicious attacks against donald trump. is that appropriate? we'll be right back. as i was researching my family tree, i discovered a woman named marianne gaspard... it was her french name. then she came to louisiana as a slave. i became curious where in africa she was from.
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in the personal story segment tonight, how will the democratic party deal with president trump? if you listen to congressman keith elson, the frontrunner to become the new head of the democratic national committee, not well, apparently. >> donald trump is the single worst person ever to win the nomination of a major party. and when i say bad person, i mean like deplorable.
8:31 pm
i don't say that about his supporters. i say that about the way he campaigned in this election. >> not as subtle but is nasty rhetoric acceptable for the potential chair of the dnc? joining us now with reaction david that if yotafuri. deplorable. he went there donald trump president-elect is deplorable. >> nasty rhetoric has no place in politics and certainly in governing. if you go up to capitol hill even now, you'll see members of congress from both sides of the aisle treating each other cures at thely. liqueurs at thely. courteously. he started his campaign by calling mexicans rapists. talked about an anchor from this network bleeding from her whatever. mocked disabled journalist shaking his body like a 10-year-old school kid. >> okay. but is he president-elect donald trump now. that's a congressman.
8:32 pm
is that -- do you think it's appropriate for a congressman who wants to be the head of the dnc to call the president-elect deplorable? that there is no respect there. >> what he -- what congressman ellison said is that trump's behavior was deplorable. and he said his behavior on the campaign was deplorable. i think he is hoping that president-elect trump will change his ways. >> no, no. he said. >> >> as president. >> he said he is deplorable quite frankly. >> he was referring -- he clarified it by the to say the way his campaign was run. >> hillary clinton said when she called half of donald trump's supporters basket of deplorables. cites that as one of the biggest campaign mistakes maybe costing her the election. is he making a political suicide with his comment? >> i don't think so. i think he is talking about something that a lot of people feel. even probably some people who voted for donald trump who supported his change
8:33 pm
method but don't support his ethics. don't support his way to treat other people. don't support the way he talks about minorities. his rhetoric is entirely too divisive. it is not presidential. we have never had a president who talks the way he does. who. >> you know what it sounds like? it sounds like a democrat who can't get over it. they lost. you lost. he lost. stop it. you have the president-elect now. and frankly everything he has done since elected president there is none of the stuff you are talking about. he is handling himself very respectfully, no? do you approve of the way president-elect donald trump has handled himself since november 8th? >> well, eric, he hasn't done anything. he has been behind the scenes having meetings. that's all. there is no way to evaluate whether he is going to be the donald trump we saw on the campaign which hopefully he will not be. he has been in transition meetings. they don't sound like they're going very well from the media reports. he has made some
8:34 pm
questionable appointments already. look at him making bannon a-- strike tha --a strategist. look at the way bannon has repealed those white supremacy rhetoric. >> throwing yourself in at the end of the segment. i ran out of time. bring you back and have discussions on some of that stuff. leave it there, david. thank you. coming up next, president obama refuses to tell protesters to stop the chaotic demonstrations against donald trump. should he be taking a more forceful stand. that debate moments away. ♪ ♪ ♪
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thanks for staying with us. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. and in the factor follow-up segment tonight, the nationwide protests against donald trump in berlin today, president obama was asked for his take on the demonstrators. >> i would not advise people who feel strongly or are concerned about some of the
8:39 pm
issues that have been raised during the course of the campaign. i wouldn't advise them to be silent. do not take for granted our systems of government and our way of life. democracy is hard work. in the united states, if 43% of eligible voters do not vote, then democracy is weakened. >> but as we have seen in places like portland, oregon, the anti-trump protests have descended into chaos and violence. protesting is every american's right. should president obama be taking a tougher line against those who are abusing it? joining us now from washington, democratic strategist jennice. you can speak hate speak because it's protected hate speak. when it did devolves into riotg
8:40 pm
and breaking windows. president obama was he tough enough. >> of course it has to stop. and president obama was making reference to what is the very basic, the foundations of a healthy democracy. that as you pointed out first, yes, it is our right to demonstrate peacefully. and, eric, you cannot ever rule out that somebody will get carried out away as trump calls it passionate because it happened many times in his rallies and get carried away and that is not right. that is not helpful. and that is not the way that this has gone down. if you think of it, the protest has been mostly peaceful. lock at the one two days ago of students. in washington, d.c. they went. >> we get that we understand peaceful protesting but there are broken windows. there are businesses. i'm sorry, let me get congressman duffy in here. there are some people who say these protesters are paid agitators. >> no. >> well, what you looked at the project veritas videos
8:41 pm
that came out before the election where the democrat party or the radical left wing of the democrat party they were paying protesters to go to trump rallies and instigate violence. why wouldn't we think that? but going back to donald trump, he should say what you just said, eric. we all have a right to protest. we all have a right to disagree. but we don't have a right to take to the streets and shut them down or pull people out of their cars and punch them or damage property. that's not your right. and he is acting more like the old school obama which is a community organizer instead of a president who can camp down this energy and excitement that's taking place all over america. be the president. tell them to stop. and what's even worse, eric, is that he did this on foreign soil. if you are in america, that's one thing. to go to foreign soil and say these things, we have a long tradition where we support our president, even if we have disagreements when you go to a foreign country. i'm disappointed in obama. >> what about that? look, when protests turn violent, when protests turn to riot, isn't it time for
8:42 pm
leaders to step in and say, okay, calm down. that's enough? >> exactly. please. >> did you hear that though? i didn't hear that. did you hear that? >> yeah, gentlemen. gentlemen. he has never incited violence. okay. >> stop, stop, please. be fair. be fair. i didn't say he incited violence. i didn't say that i said when protests become violent. >> you are unhappy, you should speak up. >> miss fuentas. please. i didn't say he incited violence i didn't say he didn't do anything to stop the violence it? >> is time for a leader. and where is your leader? where is president-elect trump? he is the one person who basically had incited a lot of the violence ha has happened in his rallies. >> congressman, what should stop protesting me? >> the media would be foaming at the mouth if these were donald trump protesters and he said what barack obama said. he might not be instigating
8:43 pm
these rallies. but he is not shutting them down. and frankly, eric, you know, black lives matter. who are attacking law enforcement officers. he had them to the white house. you have to recognize what president obama is doing. >> guys, guys? >> by not shutting down the violence coming from the left wing extreme of this party. think back to 2000? congressman duffy. >> when we had the gore v. bush court case, we dealt with that as americans in a very effective way and a peaceful way and transition of power. look at what the left wing has done. >> i want to give jennice. >> rally and foment and protest. >> final thought, please? >> i think what's missing from this discussion is the rest of the tape which basically the president did say you know, elections matter, voting matters, being engaged matters. you don't engaged only when you are upset. you get engaged every day all year long. >> we agree on all that, you yourself and congressman.
8:44 pm
we disagree on that other point. quick reminder signed copies of bill's huge best seller killing the rising sun and give please a chance. if you best gift on the planet please check out tickets to the spin stops here live show starring miller, o'reilly, and watters. you can catch them in tulsa, oklahoma, redding,ia, omaha, nebraska, tacoma, washington, and west burry long island. info on bill o' and when we come right back here, our congressional democrats actually ready tomorrow brace some of donald trump's policies? a look at that upcoming. ♪
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segment tonight, how will democrats in congress deal with president trump? there are plenty of calls from the left to stop him at all cost. congressional democrats may be ready to work with trump and find common grounds on issues like infrastructure spending and trade deals. chuck schumer the incoming senate minority leader sounding ready to appeal to the working class voters who helped get trump elected. >> now, there is a debate going on about whether we should be the party of the diverse obama coalition or the blue collar american in the heartland. some think we need to make a choice. and spend all of our energy focused on one group of americans or another. i believe that there does not have to be a division. in fact, there must not be a division. >> joining us now to analyze from boston a political reporter from the "boston globe" and from washington kelly riedel opinion editor of "the washington times." kelly, your thoughts on,
8:49 pm
let's be honest, chuck schumer of course is he going to like infrastructure spending bill and breaking up some of these trade deals. there are some common grounds between the trumps and the democrats. >> yes, there is. and there is also self-preservation move on behalf of the democrats. in 2018 the democrats and on the senate side have 25 seats up for grabs. that includes two independent seats that caucus towards the democrats. a lot of them are in these swing states that donald trump won like in ohio, indiana, wisconsin, pennsylvania, and west virginia. there's a reason why joe manchin was named to a position of leadership along with chuck schumer. donald trump won west virginia by more than 70 percentage points of the vote. so joe manchin and that's all because of repudiation on the democratic progressive policies, the war on coal. so they need to find some common ground here in order to have a majority if they want one in 2018. they can't be holding up trump's agenda the entire time.
8:50 pm
>> james, let's deacon strucketd what went on here. you have a republican president and republican house and senate as i pointed out earlier. 31 states are republican governors. so what happened? what went wrong and what should they do to they do to fix the democrat party? >> well, look, couple of reasons why hillary clinton and the democrats did so poorly. remember, put in context, this is the worst spot the democrats have been since the 1920s. you talk about how many republican governors. there are 25 states that have republican governor and republican lenl lay chur. there are only five states with a democrat governor and democrat legislature. they lost the working class vote. number two, she lost the obama coalition. you can't say she didn't move to the middle or she lost the working class. she also lost the hispanics and she lost the african-americans. there's no question that she did
8:51 pm
not -- >> versus 2012 in a lot of cases, versus 2008. >> donald trump, he drucrushed rural area. democrats are a chick that just got hatched. they're looking around trying to be confused about which direction to go and the answer is they need to go in all directions right now. >> i saw an interesting stat. donald trump won 49d out of 50 states by 2.2 million starts. when you add in california, she got more votes than trump which put her over in the popular vote. that's a big statement. >> hillary clinton won the popular vote because of california and new york city. what this election was was a repudiation on the elitism aend politics. it just simply isn't working in middle america and with the white working class. and they noeed to reconfigure te base, reach out to this group that was really their base under
8:52 pm
bill clinton's term and devise a way to do that. now following elizabeth warren's move were following bernie sanders move isn't going to be the right ticket for them. this is repudiation of barack obama's progressive agenda. >> i hear you on the rural divide. but we're finding here that we have four political parties in america. we have the left, we have the right and now we have up and down. and when we talk about the fact that there's a pob lows election where bernie sanders and donald trump ran on the same themes but with just different solutions on what to do on the same problem. now you're seeing opportunities where democrats with work can republicans nap's what make this next congress so unpredictable. >> hang in there, a lot more to talk about. this is a fascinating discussion. james aenl kelnd kelly will be
8:53 pm
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continuing now with james pin dell and kelly rydell of the washington times. i want you to listen to these sound bites from hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> i know this isn't easy, i know that over the past week a lot of people have asked themselves whether america is the country we thought it was. the divisions laid bare by this election run deep. but please listen to me when i say this. america is worth it. our children are worth it. believe in our country, fight for our values and never ever give up. >> when we stand together by the millions, we can stop mr. trump or anyone else from doing bad
8:56 pm
things to this country. and i say to mr. trump from the bottom of my heart, and i know i speak for millions of fellow americans, mr. trump, we are not going backwards in terms of bigotry. we're going to go forward in creating a nondiscriminatory society. >> so is rhetoric like this only deepening the political divide when people like clinton and sanders should be working bringing the country together instead they may be divisive. james, your thoughts. >> right now elizabeth warren and bernie sanders are fighting two battles and it has nothing to do with donald trump. first they're trying to fight a battle with each other on who is going to be the liberal line in the senate. who is going to take the role of ted kennedy. i think you see them faithi ifi for it. and they're fighting for the democratic party that we'll see in the next couple of years, a party that continue to move
8:57 pm
left. what barack obama did is move the for toy the left. or move to the center to appeal to more donald trump voters. donald trump heads into the white house as probably the most unpopular incoming president in the -- >> i've heard the same talking point reiterated over and over again. >> every single poll shows him highly unpopular. obviously he won. >> i'm the guy who says you can read into the polls -- >> which democrat with win and right now bernie sanders are trying to make the progressiv progressives -- >> who is the democratic party now? >> i think the democrat party is trying to figure that out right now. you have bernie sanders who is 75 years old and elizabeth warren who is 67 years old. this is very old leadership. if you look on the house side of things, nancy pelosi is in the fight of her left life, being
8:58 pm
challenged by tim ryan who basically is coming out of ohio saying we need to focus on the white working class voter. right now the democrats couldn't tell you who is going to win this match. it looks as though the party is going to go more progressive and if that is the case, good luck to them. hillary clinton -- >> how do they go more progressive when you pointed out barack obama brought the country left, bernie sanders far left and they got a can of whoop ass open on them. >> she lost by the working class voters and she, being hillary clinton, also lost the obama coalition particularly among hispanic voters and among african-americans. if you want to focus on that and bring out the trend there in certain areas like north carolina for example, shen obviously she would have won that state. clearly his electoral vote was pretty large and she couldn't pinpoint a reason. that's why we're going to have the debate within the democratic
8:59 pm
party right now. >> we just heard ap reporting and reuters is reporting that mike flynn has been named national security adviser to president-elect donald trump. quick thought on that. >> i think that's a good point. general flynn has been supportive throughout the campaign, a fierce critic of president barack obama's isis strategy and there needs to be strong leadership in that area. >> a quick thought from you, james. >> it's smart that he got fired from his last job, this is a position that does not require senate confirmation. >> but nonetheless a very highly regarded general. >> and very much agrees with president-elect trump on the role of islam and terrorism. something he's talked about a lot. >> kelly and james, thanks for joining us. i love having both of you on. anyway that's it for us tonight.
9:00 pm
please remember the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, fox news just confirming a critical new pick for president-elect trump with the job offer going to a controversial candidate, where you know you know well. good evening, welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. topping a list of priorities for the president-elect, building a team that will protect this country at one of the most uncertain times in our history, just moments ago fox news confirming that president-elect trump has picked former obama administration military intelligence chief lieutenant jean michael flynn to be his national security adviser. this is a critical post in the national security landscape. it will not be without controversy. but it will be witut