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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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[ laughter ] , have a great weekend. see you monday. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let's get straight to our top story. donald trump's team begins to take shape. president-elect trump today announced his choices for three key posts in his incoming administration. lieutenant general michael flynn for national security advisor. com mike pompeo a republican from kansas for the director of the cia. but the big announcement today is trump's pick of alabama senator jeff sessions for attorney general. a choice that has conservatives cheering and liberals in distress. the choice is jinning so
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much bill o'reilly is interrupting day off to weigh none the matter. bill joins us now by phone. bill, you want to first concentrate on sessions as the a.g. nominee? what do you think of that why is it causing so much controversy? >> if you know the alabama senator, you know he is one of the most anti-illegal alien chaos politicians in the country. so this is a statement, first of all. by donald trump. that says we're gonna go after alien criminals. all right. so because this guy, sessions, former justice department official is going to do that. now, for the trump supporters that they're going to cheer, as you said, but there is going to be an unattended consequence pause the open border people and the pro-migrant people who don't want any scrutiny on the situation are going to go wild. because senator sessions has
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a history of being very, very tough on this issue. so, it is going to be some controversy. but here's the irony of it all. he will get confirmed. sessions will get confirmed and so will pompeo and so will the general because in 2013 harry reid and the democrats put forth the so-called nuclear option where it's just a straight up or down vote in the house and senate. and so the democrats can't stop it. so they thought that they were being clever in 2013, removing all the barriers to barack obama's appointments now, trump has turned the tables on them so it's going to be attorney general sessions. >> hey, bill. the left is all over the place today complaining about some of the comments that sessions had made, a couple of jokes he had made. some of the things he had said 30 years ago. should this weigh in on his confirmation? >> well, they're going to demonize sessions because, again, it's a battle between open border pro-migrant
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amnesty folks on one side. and the people who want immigration law enforced on the other. and sessions is, of course, the people who want immigration law enforced guy. this is going to be a huge deal and they will try to demonize sessions. they will dig up all the dirt on him. they will throw it all out there. it really ultimately will not matter. >> one of the other big news items late this week, mitt romney will come and meet donald trump over in bedmister new jersey. the sit down has caused quite a stir in the nonestablishment wing of the republican party. your thoughts on the meeting? >> well, it's a surprise. and it's a smart move by president-elect trump because he sends a message that's he is not a vindictive man because romney obviously had some problems during the campaign. so he sends that message. i'm not vindictive. romney could do the job of being secretary of state, he
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is very smooth and he knows the world leaders. he could do the job. and it basically consolidates the moderate wing of the republican party because that's romney with the trump administration. so, to me, it's a pretty brilliant move. and i don't think romney be coming in to new jersey if this wasn't a serious situation. >> do you think -- but, you know, the secretary of state job, big job. in fact, one of trump's most loyal supporters rudy giuliani has said that's the job i want. do you think that's the right one for him or do you think that might cause a little bit of chaos on the right? >> well, i can't speak to mayor giuliani and his status within the trump administration because i don't know anything about it. but i can tell you this. that romney is a pretty good dealmaker. i mean, is he a republican governor in massachusetts. he got along with that very liberal state assembly up there. and got a lot done.
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so, in the secretary of state position, you need someone who can convince other nations to do what the u.s.a. wants. romney is god at that. and he has got stature overseas. again, it is interesting that giuliani doesn't seem to be in the running for secretary of state or general. so i wonder where maybe he will be homeland security czar. i'm not sure where that stands. i think the romney play, as i said, is a smart move. >> bill, we have a little bit of alleged news or leak that david petraeus may be looked at for a job as well. that's not confirmed but they call -- the trump transition team called today national security day a.g. sessions we talked about. national security advisor lieutenant general mike flynn and the cia director mike pompeo. grade the trump transition's team's picking or trump's picking on national security day?
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>> i don't know congressman pompeo. so i can't grade it all right. i know the general a little bit, he's a tough guy. national security advisor. i mean, why not? what's the downside? i don't see it. on the petraeus rumor, and that's all it is as you accurately reported, i think petraeus would be pretty good as secretary of defense. i mean, i know he got in trouble, you know, back there with the -- giving classified information to the girlfriend. but david petraeus is a brilliant military mind. brilliant. i mean, he saved the bacon in iraq. he did a great job in afghanistan. i don't know anybody more qualified to run defense than petraeus. so, if that's true, if that rumor is true, that's another really smart move. >> so, on the surface, we are safer day one of the trump administration or less safe day one of the administration? >> it's all speculation. you know i don't do that bolling. you can't ever project out
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on what might or could have or should have happened. i will tell you this. the message was sent by sessions that trump isn't going to fool around with this illegal immigration deal. that's the message. if romney is a serious player in secretary of state, that's a positive. it also sends a message that trump is not vindictive. is he looking to do the best for the country. if petraeus is in play. i think that's a brilliant move. i would say it's a good day tort donald trump administration today. >> good day for the donald trump administration. some the ideas you liked about immigration illegal immigrants deporting and felonies when they come back and commit felonies. they got to go away for a long time. >> that's kate's law. we assume that will pass quickly when mr. trump takes office. >> all right. bill, very good thank you for spending time. >> thanks for filling in for me. i really appreciate it. >> thank you. straight ahead mike huckabee had a big meeting with donald trump today. will the governor be joining the trump administration? governor mike huckabee will
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in the personal story segment tonight. former arkansas governor and republican presidential candidate mike huckabee had a meeting with president-elect donald trump today. mr. huckabee joins us now. so, governor, i'm having a little fun with you. >> go ahead. have a little fun. everybody does. >> congratulations. >> for? >> were you offered a job today? >> we talked about an opportunity. but you know, i'm not sure it was the right fit. so here's the thing i want donald trump to be successful. >> a lot of people have speculated what kind of job. ambassador to israel was floated. >> that was not something that was even discussed it has been all over the news that it was not only discussed but it was a done deal. where the press comes up with this stuff, they only know. but it was totally manufactured. not true. >> i was there when you came town and i saw you, theres
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with a gaggle, you know, behind the row, a lot of press people. people talked to the press people. did they speculate israel might be ambassador. >> they had been following up all day long. the iphone, i am going to have to get a new one this burned up like a galaxy sam sump so hot. congratulation. guys, ha has not happened it wasn't even discussed. but, you know, i would never even get into the details of what we talk about, what he offered. here's why. >> can we do this? >> yeah. >> it was a cabinet position. >> yes. >> advisory position? >> yes. >> both? >> primarily cabinet but as to which agency, the reason that i wouldn't discuss it is because somebody's going to get that slot and i don't want them to think that they are number two. heck, i may have been number 4 for all i know. here's the point. i have said this many times, people who know don't talk. and people who talk don't know. >> agriculture? >> i'm not going to talk about it.
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[ laughter ] >> do i see a little sweat forming on your brow? >> not even a little bit. it takes a lot more than that to make me sweat. >> when the president-elect entertains people coming. >> in right. >> you sit down and what happens? you walk into the office and is it just him? is it -- reince priebus there? is steve bannon there. >> i'm assuming that there is all different kinds of meeting. typically he will have senior staff with him. beyond that you know. i think anything else, i would want only his team to disclose. here's why. when you have a meeting of that level with somebody, the number one thing you need to bring, other than your loyalty to the president-elect and ultimately to the president is your ability to keep your mouth shut. because if you can't be trusted in that setting, you can't be trusted. and so i know. >> do they care if you say hey, i'm being looked at for secretary of agriculture? >> if they want to talk about it they can talk about it it's their job. it isn't mine. they have the right to talk about it and/or it and have the right to not offer it i
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don't feel like that i have the right to go out and discuss it. and it's just a principle with me because i have been in a position as a governor when you talk to people about jobs and they go out and leak all over the place. and sometimes what they say is either not true, not full, not complete. and, look, here's what i will tell you, i think donald trump is going to be a fantastic president. he is a decisive executive. he surrounds himself with people who make decisions. and he delegates which is the mark of a great executive. he also is moving much more quickly than the press give him any credit for. i mean, that's a machine over there they are moving this thing along. but to his credit, he is not just filling slots. is he looking for people who fit not a slot but who fit a team for a specific mission. that's smart executive planning. >> he is actually breaking the mold of how you would pick a cabinet and a team, an administration going forward as well? >> well, in many ways because is he approaching it much more like a business executive would approach it
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rather than just a politician handing out lollipops to his buddies. >> let's do it this way. what would you like. >> what why like? i would like america to be great again, eric. >> me too. >> i have never been in it for a job. >> january 21st, where would mike huckabee like your office to be. >> i would like to be out there cheering him on president. i know everybody thinks i supported him because i wanted a job. i'm happy in the private sector. i made it very clear to him i'm not angling or elbowing for some federal job. my life will be just fine if i don't get a federal paycheck. probably be better. all of us as americans need to get behind this man, he has the ability and capacity to do big things and bold things. we're to point our country, that's what we need. >> contrary to all the media reports i can tell you very, very pointedly, the transition team is not in disarray. >> no. >> here's what i want you -- we only have a minute or so. >> okay. >> mitt romney coming to bedmister this afternoon. your thoughts. >> i think it's nice for
5:16 pm
mitt to come hat this hand. i hope he makes an apology to donald trump. he was hurtful. he hurt the party he hurt donald trump. he donald trump still won. he owes him apology and support. little late for anything in the election. that's what i hope happens. it's a big, big thing of donald trump that he is willing to meet with romney and have that sit down with him. >> does he owe mike huckabee an apology or sarah huckabee an apology. >> no. he didn't do anything to me or my daughter. did he something to donald trump who was elected nominee of our party. and i think that all of us who helped mitt romney when he was our elected nominee and he had gotten the most votes, we got behind him because that's what parties do. and that's what he should have done. he didn't. but he can make some amends for it by what he does this weekend. let's hope he does. >> governor huckabee thank you very much. >> good to see you, eric. >> next on the rundown, will rand paul try to block any of donald trump's cabinet nominees. the senator joins us when the factor comes right back. t
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in the impact segment tonight, the senate and the trump administration. most cabinet positions require senate confirmation, but system of donald trump's cabinet choices are already facing opposition and not just from democrats. senator rand paul, a republican from kentucky has said he too might block certain nominees. the senator joins us now from washington. welcome, senator. so you have said that if john bolton were named -- appointed attempted to be appointed secretary of state you would block that you would filibuster that and rudy giuliani. you tell us why? >> well, you know, i supported donald trump and one of the things i like about donald trump was that he said, you know what? we should learn something from the iraq war. it was a mistake and regime change is a mistake it hasn't made us safer.
5:21 pm
it's emboldened iran. when we toppled qaddafi in libya didn't make us safer. isis grew in libya. one of donald trump's big messages was iraq war was a mistake and regime change hasn't worked in the middle east. so i don't think he should appoint somebody -- i'm just trying to be helpful, eric. i don't think he should appoint somebody who actually didn't learn any of those lessons. i mean, bolton, is an extremist. he is somebody who believes and he was asked this within the last few months. was the iraq war a good thing? he would do it all over again. but he is also for regime change in iran. and he believes that we can make the world safe for democracy by toppling governments around the world. and that is not something -- that's someone who hasn't learned the lessons of the middle east. so, yeah, i supported donald trump. i'm not out here to oppose the pick. i'm hopefully out there to guide and bring the debate to the points where people might agree or disagree, you know, whether or not the secretary of state should agree with donald trump, that regime change is a bad
5:22 pm
idea. >> so let's talk about mitt romney. his name has been floated as well. he is meeting with donald trump tomorrow. your thoughts on mitt romney? i don't think he brings anything any better for what you are log for as far as secretary of state. >> what i would say is that i would ask the same questions. do you think the iraq war was a mistake? have we learned a lesson that regime change is not a good thing? so, for example, one of donald trump's first picks today, mike flynn, to be national security advisor, he has said that the historical legislative lesson we should learn is that it was a streak failure goinsphreejfailure strategic failure going into iraq. romney i'm not sure. i don't think he is way out there on the extreme edge of, you know, the war-making cliff like bolton or even giuliani. i would want to ask those same questions to romney as well. have we learned a lesson that the iraq war was a mistake? >> well, can we float a name? who would fit the bill for
5:23 pm
you as for secretary of state? >> well, you know, one of the other names that's been floated in the mix has been senator corker from tennessee. he is head of the foreign relations committee. has some significant experience with meeting and knowing some of our foreign leaders. and i think he would be a more reasonable, rationale hand and not really so much a bomb thrower. so you want the head of your state department not to be the head of the armed forces. this is a person who is head of diplomacy. you want them to be a diplomat. thib anywhere job is to see how to award war not to create war. you want defense department to be prepared for war. so there are different sortecti. i don't want the secretary of state to be somebody saying oh we need to bomb iran, we need to bomb iran yesterday or the day before or the day after. you want the chief diplomat to be saying these are the things i think we can do to oppose iran and let them know we are not going to be a pushover and from to stop them from doing what they're doing. doesn't involve necessarily invading iran. >> would you want them to actually renegotiate the
5:24 pm
iran nuclear deal, whoever that secretary of state may be? would that be a requirement? are you okay with the iran nuclear deal staying in place? >> i think most people misinterpret the iran agreement. i was against the agreement because i didn't think it did enough. but it did do some things. it gave a bunch of money to iran early on. which i disagreed with. that money has already been given. and now iran is expected to comply with nuclear sanctions. not conventional weapon sanctions but nuclear sanctions. so far there hasn't been evidence presented that they have not adhered to the nuclear sanctions. what everybody is complaining about, i still complain about as well. is that they keep sending arms to other proxy groups. fighting in wars around the middle east. and that they keep developing conventional weapons. but that wasn't part of the agreement. so really what you need is a new agreement. now whether or not they are negotiating partner that we can rely on. that's the role question. >> okay. i want to pivot a little bit to some news that effects your state. kentucky.
5:25 pm
ford today has announced that they are not going to move a plant that they had planned to move to mexico, they are going to keep it and they called donald trump today and said, hey, guess what, because of you, we are going to keep this plant in kentucky. that's food news for your state. >> absolutely. and i think there are things that could be done with the bully pulpit. and i think we can expect donald trump will use the bully pulpit. and i'm hoping in the future we will be able to say to people, you know what? just like in our defense we will negotiate from a position of strength. in our trade we should negotiate from position of strength. i don't know who gets all the credit, but i'm more than willing to give donald trump some of the credit for keeping ford in louisville. >> and maybe others as well, senator. especially if people take their cue from ford. companies take their cue from ford. or, some of these trade deals. nafta and some of the other trade deals that are so restrictive and drive manufacturing jobs out of the country. if those are broken. maybe we can keep some of these companies. >> yeah. and the other thing we need to do. if we want to keep american
5:26 pm
companies here, is one thing we can do to make it better for them to allow them to compete and so they don't flee our country, reduce the tax burden. we have the highest corporate income tax in the world. we should at the very beginning of the trump administration lower the corporate income tax as fast as possible to keep those american companies here. >> e.y. i would guess that that was one going town of his first initiatives 35 to 15% corporate tax and allow the reoperatation of funds to come back. >> absolutely. >> senator rand paul thank you for joining us tonight. >> thanks, eric. >> plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. who else is trump considering for key roles in his administration? we will get the lowdown from none other than ed henry. plus, far left mayors in big cities continue to say they will defy the trump admistration on immigration is that wise? stick around for those reports. ♪ ♪
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in the factor follow-up segment tonight, donald trump still has several key posts to fill. to that end, he will be heating with several people over the weekend, including a face-to-face tomorrow with one of his harshest critics, mitt romney. joining us now with more mr. ed henry. >> good to see you, sir. >> earth shattering, mitt romney? this guy ran the never donald trump movement. he called him a phony and a fraud in a speech in march. that's what he called donald trump. and trump, you'll remember, in the first fox debate said something this guy is a loser, is he a choker. he blew the 2012 election. here is the bottom line. donald trump is making a
5:31 pm
sincere effort here, the president-elect to reach out to some of his former foes, romney as well as ted cruz who he met with earlier as well. look what happened to cruz within a day of the meeting he will not be attorney general. he may be nominated to the supreme court. ' attorney general goes to jeff sessions. sincere effort. patch up the differences but in the end, one transition official told me this is kind of a head fake it was described to me to mitt romney. you know. >> does romney know this? >> he has to know. >> flying from new jersey. >> the president-elect is not going to say the person i want to represent me in the united states around the world is somebody who called me a fraud. that's the bottom line. and so i think it's sincere about reaching out. but not sincere about being. >> rudy giuliani says he wants -- he has indicated the secretary of state job. i notice he hasn't been on tv for a few days. >> i think he is trying to work out things from behind the scenes. i'm hearing it's become more
5:32 pm
complicated than they first expected. what i heard from the transition official was they're hearing from the president-elect he wants to quote, unquote, save rudy. what does that tell me? it tells me two things. one, that maybe they think the nomination process, if he were to be nominated to be secretary of state or attorney general would be more complicated. i will get to that in a second. secondly though, save him means the president-elect wants to work it out. it's different than with chris christie where it was under the bus, my friend. with rudy giuliani, there was basically nobody as you know closer to the president-elect than rudy giuliani. and so what i'm hearing is that save rudy idea is it's not that he is in deep trouble or something it's that his international business dealings, since he has left his mayor make a lot of money. entitled, free country. complicated. the kind of clind clients he ha. >> no more complicated than the clinton foundation. >> after both rudy giuliani and president-elect trump spent a lot of time beating up on the clinton foundation. you don't want that to
5:33 pm
boomerang on you. >> how would -- we are talking about a senate confirmation that needs 51 senators. the republicans have the 51 senators. >> very close. >> and maybe 52. depending on louisiana. >> you would expect that there would be some democrats that would support rudy giuliani because before this campaign, especially after 9/11 very non-script. >> you go, listen, you didn't have a problem with the clinton foundation. why do you have a problem with rudy giuliani? >> you could certainly try. that's why the key word was save. it wasn't under the bus. we still want him. also, quickly, i'm hearing from people in transition. in the end it doesn't matter if giuliani is secretary this or that. he will be right next to the president and in some cases he could end up being more influential as an informal advisor than being in the cabinet. you have heard that from mike hu huckabee. just because you have secretary we have seen in cabinet were better be to advisor and have influence. >> trump university there was a settlement in that lawsuit. >> well, look, on its face it's little bit of a flip flop for the
5:34 pm
president-elect. let's be blunt and truthful which is some months ago he said i will never settle this case on principle. well, things change. and i think micks sense why he decided to settle it. what's changed is he had the president-elect. and he is getting all this heat that the transition is slow. i think that's been debunked because in fact today he showed a flurry of activity not just random activity but key posts. >> get this off my desk. this thing is just making too much noise over here. >> schroll. he doesn't admit any wrongdoing, he gets it it's a nuisance suit to him. move on. >> do you have any surprise picks? hear anything? >> not holding -- fox isn't calling anything. hearing any names. >> another meeting tomorrow is michelle rhee, asian american woman run the schools in washington, d.c. which have been in deplorable condition for a long time. she improved and it took on the teachers unions. why is that important? i think she is somebody who could actually shake up the education department, number one. number two, what you are hearing is it's early. all white men. >> they should pick someone
5:35 pm
for the education secretary that will close the agency down. >> turn the lights out. that's it. we're done. >> she is somebody who would shake it up. >> thank you very much, ed. when we come right back, there has been fierce reaction from the left picks for national security key positions. one of those critics will be here next. you won't want to miss this. ♪ ♪
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. thanks for staying with us, tonight. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. in the unresolved problem segment tonight and, boy, is this aptly named the left in the trump administration, liberals are slamming some of trump's early choices for advisors in cabinet positions especially immigration hardliner jeff sessions for attorney general. joining us now from los angeles leo terrell a civil rights attornerights attorney. welcome. >> thank you so much. >> you don't like that jeff sessions has been tough on immigrations for the entirety of his career. >> let me tell you the truth. first of all the drain the
5:40 pm
swamp argument by trump is over because of the insider jeff sessions. here is the problem. a man appointed as the attorney general, if confirmed by the senate who is rejected as a federal judge for making racial comments. he was rejected in 1908s after being a reagan nominee. >> 30 years ago, sir. >> but, also. >> but 30 years ago this happened. >> words matter when it comes to calling an african-american the "n" word. same as the klan was the okay organization. more importantly, this is the same man who said that it's okay for the muslim ban. and, eric. >> there are a lot of people who are in favor of some sort of registry or at least some sort of extreme enhanced vetting for muslims coming into the country especially from terrorist sponsors -- state sponsors of terror. >> eric, a ban on a religious group on muslims. >> i didn't say religious. i said from a location.
5:41 pm
>> that's what session was. let me mention the other thing. his -- the position on immigration is outrageous. he did not even support the bipartisan bill. the gang of 8. i'm telling you right now. if you are a dreamer. if you are hispanic. if you are undocumented alien, you better hide because jeff sessions will not accept any compromise. is he a threat to undocumented workers. dreamers who are worked in this country who committed no crime. >> is he being tapped for the attorney general. not homeland security. >> but he is the chief law enforcement officer. a man who couldn't qualify as a federal judge is now going to be the chief. >> it's already a law. he is not changing any law. he would be enforcing a law that's already on the books. >> so what you are saying, eric, you telling me now it's okay to round up the 11 million? that's what we expect from attorney general? hopefully not jeff sessions that he is going to round up all the 11 million undocumented workers? >> i have no idea what he is planning. that's the law. if you are here illegally
5:42 pm
and you get caught you are supposed to go home. >> i think you will find a large support of republicans who are not in favor of sending 11 million people back across the border where they have commit nod crime. >> ha you are speculating. i talked to o'reilly earlier i'm not supposed to do that. you are speculating what sessions might do. >> well, his word -- again, let me be very clear to the viewers. he was against the bipartisan bill of eight. the gang of eight. he was against it this man will not compromise. >> hold on. hold on, leo. who was for it? who are the republicans senators for it? >> marco rubio, right? marco rubio. >> yes. >> he lost to trump. >> chased him away from that position. >> john mccain lost an election. right? >> so i will ask you again. are you in favor, eric. >> it's not me. it's not me. no this has nothing to do with what i'm in favor of. i said the american people elected donald trump and they trusted him to pick an attorney general. he has picked someone with
5:43 pm
some very similar views that he has had on immigration. ie, jeff sessions got funding for a border fence. you know that. >> as a lawyer, i can read between the lines. the lines are very simple. jeff sessions is a threat to undocumented workers because he will not compromise. and what you refuse to say, eric, and i understand the position. is that he has said that he is going to round up 11 million people and he put the number one guy, his loyal supporter, jeff sessions in charge as the chief law enforcement officer in this country. >> i think donald trump has said -- president-elect donald trump has said that he was interested in deporting the 2 million or 3 million illegals here committed crimes. he wants to get them out first. i haven't heard him say that he is going to take 11 million people and send them home. push back that hard. >> maybe we have been watching the wrong campaign. i am sure he has said that numerous times. >> i'm talking about since he has been elected president. i have got to leave it there. thank you for joining us. always good debate with you,
5:44 pm
sir. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> signed copies of bill's huge best seller killing the rising sun and new kid's book "give please a chance." are available on bill o' don't forget tickets to the spin stops here show starring miller, o'reilly and watters make great christmas and hanukkah gifts tulsa, oklahoma, redding pennsylvania, omaha, nebraska, tacoma washington and west bury, new york. will this man be the next u.n. ambassador to the united nations? ric grenell joins us just ahead. nd work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief.
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5:48 pm
u.s. ambassador to the u.n. rick joins us now from palm springs, california. so, rick, are you interested in joining the trump team? >> hey, i'm still excited that we have president-elect trump. i'm going to do anything that he wants to make him successful. i think change needs to come to washington. we're all excited about it. >> okay. talk to us a little bit about -- i guess that's a yes or no. you are not going to tell us whether or not you have been contacted. tell us a little bit about rand paul. senator rand paul was on earlier. and he had some issues. and you took issue with something he said about iran. tell us about. >> well, first of all, i think senator paul is exactly right. we need to learn the lessons of iraq. nation-building doesn't work. and i appreciate the fact that he is always reminding us that lesson. it's very good. but on the iran deal, there has been violations. there is just within the last 10 days we saw the iaea tell us that the iran violated the 130-ton limit of heavy water.
5:49 pm
heavy water is really important because it moderates reactors. and this specific iran deal says that if they go over the 130-ton limit, they're supposed to make that available on the international marketplace and sell it they're not allowed to keep it except they kept it so, they violated that right away. i think that an administration worried about keeping iran's feet to the fire would have immediately called the security council meeting. would have said this is a violation. asked to be fixed. if they didn't fix it go to the senate and ask for sanctions. at least start with u.s. sanctions. maybe roll out banking banking sanctions right after that there are things that we can do. certainly we have to start over. >> those sanctions we had. and we have lifted those. i want to focus in on syria policy. we have had, i don't know what we have had. we had a hodgepodge of syria policy over the last few years. what is the right answer in syria and if ric grenell were u.n. ambassador. what would he recommend to the president?
5:50 pm
>> >> well, first of all, the president elect is going to have to decide what is the u.s. policy going forward? do we of assad in the current policy from obama is that assad must policy is that go. the russians have stood up to us and said we don't want him to go and we're going to move military hardware to challenge the u.s. policy. so the first question we have to ask ourselves, are we going to continue the assad policy or find a different way to destroy isis and limit what is going on in syria and allow assad to stay. >> that is a tight rope because are you going to step on russia's toes or play ball with russia. we have a common enemy foe here that is isis but a lot of the money that isis is getting could come from someone we are supposed to be siding with. >> there is no question. and we've negotiated with russia
5:51 pm
wrong. we have always used arguments, even when i was in the bush administration, we used moral arguments to persuade the russians to do something. and that doesn't work with the russians. they think in the terms of economic ties. they want to talk about who will get the oil. what part are they going to get later. there is a whole bunch of issues, is it a bad -- >> is it a bad idea to work with russia to eliminate isis in syria and let assad stay. >> it is not a bad idea. but what is the best interest of the united states. what is our national security interest. once you answer that question you could work with allies to figure out where the policy goes. and very quickly, only about a minute or so, hillary clinton was part of a group that blew up the libya policy as well, samantha power was there as well, and your thoughts on libya quickly? >> look, it is a mess, i think we have to work with our allies in the region. we have to start talking to
5:52 pm
people in a way that shows that we have strength. we've got to be able to say, look, this is what is going to happen. this is where we want you guys to go. diplomats at the u.n. are dying for americans to have a strategy. it is not just a humanitarian strategy, this is a peace and security strategy. we have to think about national security not just responding to the latest humanitarian crisis. >> rik, we'll leave it there. and there is a new podcast on o'reilly and pollsters who correctly predicted trump's win, both of them. and when we come back, sarvnctuy city mayors and trump, we'll tell you about that ahead. does everybody make santa cookies?
5:53 pm
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in the back of the book segment, sanctuary cities like
5:55 pm
los angeles and chicago have been defying federal government law on immigration for years but the mayors of three largest cities in america say that a trump presidency won't change anything and they will continue to probably defy i.c.e. on demainer requests for illegal migrants. joining us is steve cortez and a member of the hispanic counsel and in san diego, ruben navarrette and we'll start with you, do you think sanctuary cities should still defy federal law. >> good to be with you again. here is what i think about sanctuary city because there is no place for an illegal to go to be safe from being apprehended by a federal law enforcement officer. just like you can't avoid the irs. and they will find you. including a fraud by liberals on the left to make them feel more powerful as if they call the
5:56 pm
shots about what goes on in washington. it is simply not true. >> would you push back and -- and i'll let you do it, steve. ruben is right, if they catch an illegal they could deport him but why shouldn't the state and local police stations turn over an illegal they catch to i.c.e.? >> right, and for the most part, local police do the policing at the street level and in sanctuary cities, they are not allowed and prohibited from informing federal authorities when someone they've arrested, even someone dangerous is here illegally. and i think this is the height of lewan assy and my -- lunacy and my mayor, rahm emanuel, lives under the guard of 24 hour police protection, who has to deal with sometimes very dangerous people who don't belong here in the first place, it is primarily latinos and people with names like cortez
5:57 pm
and romero and they have to deal with dangerous people who are hiding in plain sight who don't belong here in the first place. so this is the height of lunacy and i'm so happy that donald trump has made this one of his linchpin issues that he will address as president trump. >> in fact, rubin, don't local police departments cooperate with the feds on a range of other different types of crime? >> absolutely. and this one too. you could go to any jurisdiction you will often find in local police departments an i.c.e. agent there and working with the patrolmen. here is how it works. they bring in someone off the street and i.c.e. takes them off their hands before they are even booked and you don't understand immigration, steve and what is going on in chicago where under secure communities, barack obama could get people arrested in chicago and now rahm wants to pretend this is not happening. he is a phony on migrants and he's doing it again and he wants
5:58 pm
to make it seem -- >> you are talking about federal authorities. by the way, they don't deserve to be protected. if you are here illegally in the first place and on top of that you are committing a crime, guess what, you don't belong here, you are a danger to the community -- >> and we are talking about rahm emanuel and what happens in chicago. in chicago for eight years under secure communities those police officers have not had to check people's immigration status because they refer them over to i.c.e. >> and rubin, isn't that the problem, is that the sanctuary city said they don't want them doing that, want the police department turning over illegals that they have caught, even sometimes when they've been convicted of a crime, they don't want them turned over to i.c.e.? >> eric, they've been saying that for ten years and sending people over. barack obama deported -- >> are you saying the mayors are lying to the camera and saying we are -- >> absolutely. >> why -- >> because powers are limited --
5:59 pm
[ overlapping speakers ] >> i'm use an example that is near and dear to this show right here. kate's law, kate killed by an illegal who was caught and convicted several times and came back and killed kate steinle. >> and here is the important point, we're not talking about knocking on doors and finding a mexican grandmother that has been here for 30 years and we're talking about dangerous people. and we know the number is at least in the hundreds of thousands. donald trump stipulates it might be in the millions of people who don't belong here in the first place. and on top of that have committed crimes against americans, largely against migrant communities themselves. and this is utterly unfair. political correctness is not just dumb, it could sometimes be deadly and it was for kate and for many americans and it is time for -- we've turned this world upside down where we are the victims. >> i have to go. it is a heated debate that will go on. that is it for us..
6:00 pm
and i'm in for bill o'reilly, and the spin stops here because we are looking out for you. breaking tonight, new questions about what comes next? in roughly 60 days our president-elect will be sworn in. for the first time in a decade, republicans will hold the house, the senate and the white house. and president trump will have a once in a lifetime chance to remake america. welcome to this kelly file special, and i'm megyn kelly and in special studio, i have a special thing to show you in a minute. quiet. i'm surprised. it was roughly a month ago when then candidate trump down in the polls and all but done in the assessment of many media outlets went to gettysburg to give a saturday speech and there he outlined a plan for his first 100 days in office with a focus on cleaning