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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 18, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> i'm eric boling, in for bill o'reilly, please remember, the spin stops here and we're looking out for you. here because we are looking out for you. breaking tonight, new questions about what comes next? in roughly 60 days our president-elect will be sworn in. for the first time in a decade, republicans will hold the house, the senate and the white house. and president trump will have a once in a lifetime chance to remake america. welcome to this kelly file special, and i'm megyn kelly and in special studio, i have a special thing to show you in a minute. quiet. i'm surprised. it was roughly a month ago when then candidate trump down in the polls and all but done in the assessment of many media outlets went to gettysburg to give a saturday speech and there he outlined a plan for his first 100 days in office with a focus on cleaning up washington and
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protecting american workers and what he called restoring the rule of law and rebuilding obama care and rebuilding a border wall and our infrastructure and his team said he is going to deliver. >> well i think he's going to execute his plan. he talked about the things he wants -- national security, immigration and the economy, 100-day plan working with the speaker and the leader of the u.s. senate, all of those things are really important. we have a mandate and the american people decided to put the republicans in control of the house, the senate and the white house and that means that we now need to execute the will of the american people. >> joining me now, dana loesch, host of dana, and mark thiessen, american institute scholar and guess who else is here. it is not just those two. wait for it. chris stirewalt or politics editor, along with -- brian kilmeade, co-host of fox and friends and julie roginsky and
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fox news contributor and all in our kelly file round table here tonight. so let's talk about first 100 days because this is big and he has a full agenda that almost nobody listened to because they thought he was going to lose. an packed in there. you take it first, what is the first order of business. >> well the first order of bis after he constitutes a government and which they are having to do and i don't think even they expected to win. i don't think they expected this coming down the pike and this explains the hurry-up offense on putting the government together. and once they get it done, he's made it clear. immigration and massive infrastructural spending and tax reform. and it looks like that is where they are going to tee it up. there is something for democrats in the big spending and something for republicans on tax reform and then on immigration, that is the cornerstone of his campaign. >> what about the spending going on infrastructure. because the republicans at their core really have objected to big government spending. that is been a black mark on
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george w. bush's legacy, mark. >> sure. >> can he get away with that. >> it is obama stimulus two but he campaigned on it. obama had $500 billion in unpaid shovel ready jobs and donald trump said we're going to have $500 billion -- he didn't say unshovel ready jobs but that is what it is. it is obama stimulus two. and i think paul ryan and the congressional republicans will push to get it paid for -- >> donald trump said growth and we're going to have growth and bring jobs back and create growth. >> and that will pair it with tax reform and so it will be a little bit different than obama stimulus but he wants to probably start out on a bipartisan note and do something that the democrats will get behind, a compromise. he is smart also to push ivanka trump's childcare initiative because that is something that -- >> you don't think he is making a -- >> you don't think they will go for that. >> another entitlement.
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>> that is another entitlement program. >> i think he will go for that. because to start with, he will repeal a lot of the obama agenda and a big fight about obama care and the congressional review act and there is 150 obama regulations on the chopping block ready to go and he will do that. executive orders gone, paris treaty, gone. >> and a single tear -- >> i'm getting excited. this is like a democrat getting elected. tell me more about stimulus. this is the best news i've heard because i don't think any democrat could get us through a paul ryan led house but i'm going to sit back and laugh and laugh when paul ryan with this fiscally intelligent paul ryan will sign off on efrpg you just talked about and i'm going to sit back and open up a glass of wine and laugh at the republicans that said this needs to be paid for and stimulus is a waste of time and this is going to look like george bush like
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the pyre of spending. >> and i'm going to laugh. >> and you know what i love about that -- the senate will confirm him just to get him out of the senate. john mccain voting him. >> and you enjoy that for a cool five minutes and then -- >> and then cruz i think is 45 years old, very young. >> and tell it to my nuclear bunker. >> and with the moisturizer, he will look -- >> and the reason why infrastructure will work first and i did watch two congressional leaders rationalize how they will spend it but it was something beyond growth and i didn't keep up with it, and the trillion dollars infrastructure and he will do it for this reason and think about trump and the most of the people that you walk around and didn't vote for and somehow he won, he will make deals with democrats and he's spoken to chuck schumer three times and if they want to repeal and replace obama care, they need 60 votes and they have 52 senators so how do they do. maybe he said, i will give you
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infrastructure spending. baby -- barack obama has left and the clintons have quit and now you have a chance to govern. so if you want to say vote me back and you have to cooperate and chuck schumer is a deal maker. i know he -- you got to keep an eye on him. but if you give me infrastructure, donald trump and i'll give you repeal and replace obama care and the first thing they do is a defense supplemental because we are starving to death, our equipment is falling apart, we need another 50,000 marines and bolster up the army and with the national security adviser where michael flynn, he will make sure of it. that is how we're going to do it. >> but that is going to be -- now you are talking about a lot of money. infrastructure spending. >> a lot of red meat given to the people who went out and were voting for trump. a lot of red meat policy and red meat, things need to be repealed. for instance, yes, repeal obama care.
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everyone says replace. replace it with what. why don't we just have instead, repeal obama care and let's let everybody be able to get something they could take, portability and have insurance companies be able to compete so people get lower prices. that, i would love that. >> but the problem is that trump wants to keep the pre-existing condition -- he wants to make sure that people with pre-existing conditions could still get insurance and they are taking high risk pools. and dr. zeke emanuel, he likes the original -- >> he is a wonderful conversational man. >> he is kind of growing on me. >> like mold. >> a lot of the economy -- >> great conversationalist. but no, i think if trump is able to throw a lot of red meat to the republican base to conservatives to voters, to
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conservatives, i think they will forgive him a couple of things because that is an extra trillion dollars in spending. i'm not saying i agree with it, but that is the mood of the country, well we were able to get all of this done. >> what he might do is say i'm not going to give you a trillion dollars, but i saw when barack obama when he gave everyone money they renewed the state workers and the shovel ready projects he admitted didn't happen and he's smart enough to know what obama did last time and who is building the hoover dam again and who is coming up with this canal. i want to know what the projects are you are spending on. >> but wait a minute. the basic story of the presidency and mark knows this, is not what you want to do, it is how you react to what happens. george w. bush was going to be a caretaker president with a bipartisan domestic agenda focused on issues like education and he was reading my pet goat and it changed the world and history. and his reaction to events was
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more important than his agenda coming in. and the presidency is an active office but you are the receiver of all of the bad news and of all of the things that happen. >> and you can't know what will happen underneath. but i want to get to the mother lode, if you will, which is immigration. ann coulter and laura ingram and mickey krause are expecting the immigration promised made to be fulfilled. >> and there is already a fight over wall or fence because apparently at some point there was made mention of well some of it will be a fence and people were thinking we wanted a wall. we didn't want a fence. >> he has already backed off of it. >> the fence. >> but that is not going to be the big problem. building a wall is not the big problem. the deportations -- >> that is not a problem. >> that is not a problem. >> i'm going to make a prediction here. donald trump is going to give the democrats their dream of comprehensive immigration reform. it is not comprehensive, but
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consequential but he said his plan is to -- they all have to go home but they could come back in an expedited fashion. >> a good one. >> and which is most of the 11 million. donald trump is for the legalization of almost all of the 11 million people who are here legally. he just said on 60 minutes, they are good people. but what he'll do is require them to go home, get a special visa and get np expedited return but he's going to do it in a way and then he'll have done -- he'll do the border security first and he'll have gotten that and the republican party will go along with it. >> hold on a second. you are saying that the people will self deport on the promise they will come back. >> yes. >> and i expect a wall built by mexico and i expect it and when you have gingrich coming out and saying this is a campaign device and he didn't mean it about mexico paying for it but there are people out there voting and chanting and build that wall and have mexico pay for it, you have
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to keep that promise. he'll have mexico pay for it. >> and they already backed off of it. >> they're going to pay for it and then -- >> we have to leave it there as scintillating as this is. and also tonight, the story of how the democrats may be about to seriously punish one of their own. and new details on just how bad 2016 turned out for the media. and then a closer look at the folks who gave mr. trump the white house. and what they may get in return. don't go away.
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we are going to put the miners and the factory workers and the steel workers back to work. we're bringing our companies back. >> that was donald trump appearing in scranton, pennsylvania, the day before he won that state in the presidential election. along with wis wis, michigan, ohio and other rust belt states where millions of the blue-collar works who had supported president obama twice, this time went for the republican. so are the concerns of those folks now driving the political
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agenda in this country? back with us now, dana loesch, mark thiessen, brian kilmeade and chris stirewalt and julie roginsky. are these the new power brothers of america. >> it is. and to me, we're going to start mining coal again. and it could be made in to oil and there are customers for coal has is that natural gas is booming and it is a competitor and if you could export coal to customers waiting for it as opposed to going elsewhere, these states will go to donald trump this time next time -- >> brian kilmeade, i love you like a brother -- >> here it comes -- >> -- but that is not how that goes. it is called liquid faction and it is not cost effective, because oil is real cheap, relatively speaking. the reason the coal industry has been in the can is because of
9:17 pm
environmental regulations -- >> there you go. >> on the burning of coal to produce electricity. that is what it is for. we have all of this delicious, beautiful, gorgeous west virginia coal -- >> the finest in the world. that burns great and makes electricity. we used to make more than half of our electricity in our country and we've been shutting it down for windmills and other new energy. if you do a meet map of where the counties are that had the biggest switch from obama to trump, it is like gravity around the great lakes from buffalo around to milwaukee and the center of gravity around the great lakes and the former industrial communities, we are looking at counties that went 25 points. >> what is your point. >> my point is it ain't just about coal, it is about communities ravaged by opioid addiction and the schools are
9:18 pm
closing and churches are empty and people voted for obama because they wanted change and they voted for trump for the same reason. >> and what does that change look look for those folks. >> because i agree with everything that you said. it is not the book i wrote and june gets into why donald trump won the white working class blue-collar voter. some of it is coal and some is job and some is trade but these are individuals who -- my family, this is my family. this demo, all of my family are southern missouri and they aro dark voters and -- ozark voters and they all talk like this. this is how they live. but they are good people and they were tired of being abused by the democratic party. it is amazing that this is the demographic that bill clinton, that al gore and the democratic party of the 1990s, they relied upon these people. they exploited these people for votes. they used these people. and they paid them lip service. and here we are in 2016, how
9:19 pm
could we struggle to pay health care bills and put food on the table and you are telling me what pronoun to use and where my kids can go to the bathroom. that is not putting food on the table. this conversation about transgender everything and everything going on in the carolinas, none of that is putting food on the people's tables and they are done with it. >> and you've reached such a good point and i've done a lot of soul searching and the -- and i take full responsibility for this myself because i've been condescending, including democrats and including me, don't sit around worried about putting food on the table and i've talked about how great obama care is and how it is expanding opportunities for health care for people. but it is not taking a larger chunk out of my paycheck to the point where i have to decide whether to put food on the table or pay for health care. and people's stock is getting
9:20 pm
better but it is not getting better for the people you are talking about. and they are filling a narrative to the coastal elites and i take full responsibility for doing that as well. i did it for two years before i realized they are completely out of touch with exactly the people, chris, you talked about. >> we love you any way. the people of ohio love you any w way. >> thank you. i've never been there, but i love them back. >> but it was a rellpellent. >> and lena dunham and lady gaga, it is having the opposite affect. >> and these people were good enough to vote for the clintons but they are racist because they voted for trump. and they hear that message. that is what they heard over and over again. >> and they have the power in the voting booth. >> and they heard they are deplorable and cling to guns and god and for the last eight years barack obama has been telling them how unemployment is down to record levels but the problem is
9:21 pm
that the labor participation rate is so low because millions of people have left the work force because they gave up looking for jobs. when you are in the white house and writing speeches like i did for bush, what you say when you are the president has to comport about what is happening on the ground. in 2004, i could have said things about we're winning and people could see things blowing up on camera and when the surnl happened that people started to listen to those speeches. when the president speaks out and say the economy is getting better and you are sitting there and it is not comporting with your reality, you reject it. >> and just pointed out everything they want. donald trump is not zeus. he can -- he can't -- >> whoa, that is not what i've heard: [ laughter ] >> [ inaudible ]. >> you can't go ahead and get drugs away from your teenager or give you all raises or make your
9:22 pm
health care better or your doctors perform for adequately and make the surgery come out great but he could give you the opportunity to be successful. he has made it clear, i'm going to give you opportunity to make your lives better. and the job is to you have to do it yourself. and that is the opportunity. >> and one of the ways he said he is going to do that is he's going to take care of manufacturing. place tariffs on goods made outside of american companies outside of the borders and the reality of that, according to the economists, it will make things worst. >> i don't want to pay $5 for a cucumb cucumber. >> i don't want to lose the dollar stores. >> or the walmart. >> and if you have dropped out of the work force and he put the 45% tariff on goods coming from china, your prices in walmart just went up 45%. so what you are paying is going to go up. >> and in 2012, newt gingrich got in trouble when he said paul ryan's entitlement program and
9:23 pm
said right wing is no more attractive to voters than left wing and he got in trouble for saying it and he was right. >> that is why he got in trouble. he may be a trump whisperer and we'll see if he pushes him off this position. and see how the election meltdown is affecting college campuses. take a guess. and plus the media versus trump and this fight may just be getting started. stay tuned. >> oh, boy, see the dishonest people back there. the media. the totally
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i'm patricia stark. here is what is happening, a u.s. deputy marshal in georgia shot and killed while trying to arrest a man with a history of targeting police. that man had 26 years on the force. the suspect, shot and killed by other officers. and parts of the midwest digging out from the first major snowstorm of the season. whiteout gusts and 50 miles per hour gusts felt in parts of maine and the dakotas. and a group arriving in the
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summit, this is barack obama's final trip as president. well, make your thanksgiving dinner bigger this year. a feast for a family of ten can be put on for roughly ten bucks. i'm patricia stark, now back to "the kelly file." "the kelly fi" >> all i could say is anybody from the democratic side of the fence who thinks that -- who is terrified of the possibility of president trump, you better vote, you better get active and get involved because this man has got some momentum. and we better be ready for the fact that he might be leading the republican ticket. >> i know you don't believe that but i want to go on. >>. [ laughter ] >> hysterical. >> in the history of not seeing it coming, there are a few moments quite like the 2016 white house campaign as you just saw. in fact, the one thing ever now seems to agree on, not only did the democrats lose big but much
9:29 pm
of the media also took a serious hit. that is where we pick it up with dana loesch, mark thiessen and chris stirewalt and brian kilmeade and julie roginsky. it wasn't just that they got it wrong. the pollsters said the one thing and that is what the media went with. it was the complete dismissal of him and his chances and the people who supported him right from the beginning. >> [ inaudible ] got 11,000 write in votes. >> har am be is? >> a gorilla. >> the gorilla in the zoo. >> had to. okay. that is your call. very controversial. >> we have a gorilla expert. >> i'm saying that democrats didn't take serious -- hillary clinton is an imperfect candidate and you know who else, every human being candidate. and she was more imperfect than others. but democrats felt they didn't have to vote.
9:30 pm
how did this happen in the upper middle west. the obama coalition didn't turn out in the big cities and the rural counties and small towns went 20 points from obama to trump and wiped out the strong hold and in the end trump broke even with suburban white voters and women who came his way as late breakers at the end of the campaign because they won because democrats felt they didn't need to vote to win -- >> and -- >> and that hurt her. >> and you are telling me that the media was alienating these people as well. >> and democrats didn't take trump seriously and didn't march to keep him out of office. >> and neither did the republicans. >> and there was something else going on here, the mainstream media was so horrified at the prospect of a trump presidency that they completely ignored the fact that hillary clinton was the most corrupt person to run for president in modern history. the exit poll --
9:31 pm
>> this is republican fantasy. >> and the exit polls showed that 54% of voters said that hillary clinton was corrupt. more said she was dishonest. and 54% said they were corrupt and i think they were appalled the way the media were able to overlook the clinton foundation and the lies about the e-mails and let's do special favors for friends of bill and all of the stuff that they wanted to send a message to the country. >> and let's do a fact check on that. the mainstream media broke the story -- >> and got bored on it quick. >> and they ran it before anybody else broke that story. and if you ask the clinton people, barack obama got the freest ride back in 2008 and hillary clinton for 25 years, the media is more endowed and look at the mainstream media, they may hate her or hate donald trump more and think he is unhinged -- >> and talking about it in the final weeks because of wikileaks
9:32 pm
and they would have ignored it entirely -- >> [ overlapping speakers ] >> they had no choice, they had to kill harambe. [ laughter ] >> just to build on your point, it is like as if the parents were telling the kids what was going on and the kids were the voters. and when it became time to go in there and press the lever, they went in and did the right thing. they didn't need the siphon and the strainer of the parents which were the press to define what was happening. we -- america made their own decision by seeing both of the candidates. they saw one guy that is a little off the hook and clearly unorthodox and unconventional and saw somebody else that didn't mean one thing she was saying and couldn't put a crowd together of over 200 people and the audience made the decision without the press and marginalized the press that had two levels. the first press loved donald trump because they loved the ratings and after the nomination they hated him -- -- >> they turned. >> and he is still swinging.
9:33 pm
why is he still swinging and he is crazy. and people go i love a guy that will fight for me. maybe he is crazy enough to do something -- >> and he is not beholding to media. >> and i don't watch much except for our channel because it is just right but every time donald trump would have a press conference, you would have wall to wall press conference and everybody would worried what he would say and if she had a press conference -- >> a campaign event -- >> if she had a campaign event or he had a campaign event or if jeb bush had a campaign or marco rubio, we wouldn't go wall to wall. but we always discussed talking about the media, cable news would go wall to wall for trump. >> and we went wall to wall. >> and never had a press conference -- >> and it is absolutely true that we and others took trump press conferences -- campaign events, wall to wall, which we never would have done for another candidate because he was spectacular television. and very compelling.
9:34 pm
we on the kelly file did not because we said while it is crack cocaine and i read about and we needed to step away from the crack. had you to be responsible. don't cover donald trump. and scott walker campaign rally -- sorry mark. >> and stand by. also coming up, millennial voters and the road ahead. and plus is nancy pelosi going to find herself as collateral damage in the fight for the white house. that's next. >> well let me just say, as i said without even asking anybody for a vote, i have over two-thirds of the caucus supporting me. every tv doctor knows scrubbing is serious business. they also know you need to get your annual check-up. now with one touch using the mycigna app you can find a doctor in your plan's network to save money. need to be thorough. watry...duo fusiong heartburn relief?
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it's the end of an era in washington. and while that sounds like a terrible cliche, think about this. president obama has just 60 days left in office. the clintons have been shown the
9:39 pm
door. senator harry reid is retiring and nancy pelosi is quickly losing her grip on power. it has been more than a decade since the blue party has been quite so out of power. back with us now, dana lash, mark thiessen and chris stirewalt and brian kilmeade and julie roginsky. julie, it is brutal what happened to the icons of the democratic party. you tell me whether the clintons are done and they are out -- >> could i tell you. no joke, i was at a dinner party who said, i think chelsea should run. and i said, are you kidding me? no she's capable and qualified. and i said qualified for what. so that depressing fact aside, yes, i think it is time for the clinton dynasty to go off into the sunset. i think bill clinton was a good president but it is time to go. we need some new blood. >> how about nancy pelosi. >> when you are a speaker, your a majority leader, you are able
9:40 pm
to give out a ton of goodies and money and help out a lot of campaigns and she's done that and all of the house members vote and personal relationships and what have you done for me lately. >> so she will stay in. >> i'm don't know the answer to that question but who could challenge her. i'm not sure it will happen. >> the democrats lost white working class voters in michigan, ohio and wisconsin and -- >> and let me tell you the debate going on in the democratic party and i don't have the answer to this but it is the debate, do we double down on the obama coalition and get more millennials to come out and try to get more african-americans to come out as they didn't this year so they try to get more latinos to vote democratic as they did not this year as they did for obama and focus on the obama coalition which is the growing demographic in this country or pivot to the white working class and try to address their needs. >> and that is the struggle. >> and other wise you lock away a house for generations.
9:41 pm
>> and nobody knows the answer for that question and the question is what is the demographic that is growing and what is growing is the former, not the latter. the follow up question -- >> you are talking about the millennials. >> and the minorities. and the follow-up question to that is donald trump promised the white working class a lot of goodies. the reality is i hate to break it, manufacturing is not coming back because technology has eradicated a lot of the jobs and when he doesn't deliver and say we gave you a shot -- >> but is that a chance that his four years in office will be the thing that does he. he said i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and they wouldn't leave me. and does that last through all four years because he didn't live up to his campaign promises. >> it depends on what campaign promises he breaks. it is hard to bring back those jobs. those jobs from mexico and china are not coming back. robots -- >> but so i mean it is really
9:42 pm
important that paul ryan and the republicans come up with a real agenda that could work to help those working class voters. because if the republicans -- because it is a team now. it is ryan and trump and everybody, if they can't deliver for the voters, it won't last. >> they have to see an effort and a program rather than just some money and talks and good speeches. they do have a good message. but like you said, they have to produce. i think i couple of things to happen. for the democrats, they have a problem. they did such a good job staying in line with whatever barack obama said and not one personality emerged. we know rand paul because he was brushing up against everybody and saying weird things on the cover of time magazine. >> very inappropriate. >> yes. very good point. and he was always in somebody's face. what was he saying the other day. >> and rudy giuliani. >> and what was he saying the other day. i don't want to see rudy giuliani -- and john bolt on
9:43 pm
either. and fine, what democrat stood up and spoke out against barack obama. >> well republicans did against george bush -- >> and so what happens is if you have no personality and keith allison has spoken up but he seems aggressive and angry. and terry mcauliffe had a smile on his face and had personality and a energy and the next person can't be keith ellison. he is angry about everything. >> and the party is angry. they are the angry -- >> wait a second, i'm angry. [ multiple speakers ] >> no, but not to interrupt you, democrats, i don't know who they have on the bench -- >> they don't have anybody. >> cory booker and the castro brothers who did the lindsay lohan parent trap and they switched and one went to a fundraiser and the other pretended to be a mayor -- but
9:44 pm
republicans have such an amazing opportunity but they have to explain to voters and do more than just appeal -- >> with parent trap, i got confused, i forgot who was the adult and the kid. i got so confused. >> it put her on the map and dennis quad was adorable. >> where is she. >> and still ahead, stories from 2016. and plus how the election is still rocking little cupcakes on the college campuses. don't go away. [ chanting ]
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♪ ten days ago donald trump won the presidency of the united states, prompting emotional reaction nationwide. perhaps none greatinger than on the grounds of college campuses. stood reactions ranged from protests to cry-ins. >> golly. >> back with our panel. wow. i mean let me say this, you know, in new york city we've seen some of this. i mean i've had -- i've had women come up to me openly on the street in tears, and i think they just assume because i'm a woman and, you know, obviously since trump had some -- right, that i'm going to feel that way.
9:49 pm
i don't react as a journalist, but their pain is real, i will say that. and, you know, it is fun to diminish it, but it is real. i don't know. is it extra this time than it was four years ago or eight years ago? >> worse ever in our lifetime. we have never experienced anything like this. part of it is the professor and the high school teachers pushing forward, kind of bringing it out of people. also i think that hillary clinton's hundreds of millions of dollars of negative ads made donald trump worse than donald trump could possibly make himself, and made him into a cartoon character who is evil personified which is blown out of proportion. >> they act like is a ba ba duke sitting somewhere eating babies, that's how they portrayed him. >> i didn't come up to you, but i would have run into you to give you a hug, and i need a hug actually because i'm devastated in ways i was not when bush was elected. i truly fear for the future of
9:50 pm
our country with someone i feel is so unqualified to be president i worry for my four-year-old growing up under president trump. to all of the people having sit-ins and protesters, one, it would have been nice had you come out because you stayed home. >> because the election was next week. >> or maybe it would have been nice if you didn't write in bernie sanders or maybe nice instead of having sit-ins instead of having a free and election, and you can't protest something that was done freely if you don't like the outcome, maybe mobilize and find a way to get the house back in two years and get rid of trump in four years. >> i don't diminish anybody's tears, but i object to on college campuses cancelling classes. >> did they do that? >> part of being in school is learning how to function in the face of upset. not to bring it back to my book again -- >> however. >> i mean -- >> they have to settle for more. >> when you get to your job, i
9:51 pm
mean like you have to function. when you get bad news, i got a lot of bad news over the course of my career as a lawyer in particular. you think a judge would tell you, no, you don't have to go. >> hey, listen -- >> you have to function. >> can i make these people all feel better? you try being me and sitting live on national television on election night as donald trump is winning and still having to keep a smile on your face. you know, you're trying to sit there -- >> i feared for my country when barack obama was elected and i was right because we've seen the rise of isis and a lot of stuff, it was pretty bad. i didn't wear a safety pin or diaper pin on my lapel. >> did you register -- >> i didn't cancel class. no one gave me grief counseling. the one good thing, megyn, is the next generation is coming up. my son was 15 years old, he's not a millennial, a post 9/11 generation and will vote for the first time in four years p. there's a generation coming up
9:52 pm
that 9/11 generation -- >> is that the 9/11 generation? >> i just coined it right here. >> the post 9/11 generation. >> they're going to understand a lot about adversity. great to see you. back next with brian kilmeade and behind-the-scenes stories of 2016. ♪ and like any skill, credit is a skill. you have to learn to walk before you can run. getting the experian app for free is a great place to start. it gives you access to your experian credit report alerts about changes in your credit...
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9:57 pm
relate to because you also lost your dad at a young age. >> same age, in ninth grade. too. you described something. it put a fire under you. you knew life wouldn't work out great unless you pursued it and you knew tomorrow was not guaranteed. how in retrospect, i know you wrote about it but it affected me when you said it made me determined to make something of myself and go ahead and make it happen, don't wait for it to happen. >> in the back of my head there's always been a voice that says, hurry up, you're dying. i almost named the book hurry up, you're dying. >> happy holidays! >> it is not a -- >> get your christmas shopping done because you need to be done. >> that's a motivator for me because it is a reminder to seize the day. i realize everybody understands that. i think if you had great loss in your life, you know it on a gut level. >> megyn, here is the other thing you realize when you go home you feel sadness for your
9:58 pm
mom, your mom feels sadness for you. she has to get on with her life and you have to get on with yours. your house is not the same, the holiday is not the same, and you feel, am i correct, that you're on your own? >> absolutely. we struggled a lot. we struggled with money, we struggled to keep our friends because my mom was set up in a couple and suddenly she was a single. it wasn't intentional but her friends sort of moved on from her, which was hard for her. now in my current life with my kids, i look around -- we live in new york, right? and there's a lot of investment bankers and people that work so hard in new york city and that happens everywhere, but i just can't do that. i can't be away from them for 12 to 15 hours every day, my kids. yeah, i get unhappy, i get deeply unhappy. so it is just a reminder that time is passing. they need me and i need them, and to strike a better balance than that. >> am i right, you feel almost on a mission to reach your potential, whatever that potential is? and in law you did it. one of your great things that
9:59 pm
happened in your life happened on your birthday, with -- >> oh, yeah. >> -- the loss, i will never forget, you said this is my birthday and you were recognized how? >> it was my 23rd birthday, and one of the things thans formative for me was moot court. as soon as i saw the guys on their feet, i finally got to try out. i practiced all summer. i was on my feet doing mock closing argument. i finally went in the room, i.nailed it, i made the team. at the end of the big competition we did, my teammate and i lost. however, there was an award for the best individual advocate. >> and who was that? >> bye-bye hillman, hello -- >> kelly, that was my partner. >> actually it was a wonderful birthday. it was a birthday the chair of the competition said i would never forget and she was right. >> you would walk the streets, learn television at night -- >> walk the streets? >> whoa, i'm going to read it with much more interest now.
10:00 pm
>> i knew it was going to be a problem. should have made him leave. >> we got to go. it is called "settle for more." i know you're going to love it. i'm going to talk to you about it next week i hope. we can talk about your thoughts. good night. ♪ >> the objects people keep in their home donald trump." this is gonna be great. i'm harvey levin. you're about to see donald trump like you've never seen him before--in his home, talking about his life, the high points and the low. told through treasured objects he's chosen to keep. i sat down with trump a month and a half ago in his penthouse high above fifth avenue in trump tower. [crowd chanting "usa, usa"] we want you to see the next president of the united states-- the father, the aspiring movie producer, the sports fanatic, the man who still grieves over his brother's death, and the future politician. oprah winfrey: this sounds like political presidential talk. le