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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 19, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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the load she's carrying. >> that's it for this week's show. thanks to all of you for watching. i'll see you right here next week. president-elect donald trump with a packed schedule this weekend as he works to name appointees for his incoming administration. mr. trump spending time in bedminister, new jersey, where he'll be meeting with multiple republicans and potential cabinet members. welcome to a brand new hour of america's news headquarters. >> a very busy schedule this afternoon. the president-elect met with 2012 nominee mitt romney. this comes after romney was one of mr. trump's harshest critics, calling him a con man and a fraud, but then congratulating mr. trump and his win.
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doug mckelway is in bedminister, new jersey. good to see you this afternoon. any better sense on who is going to be picked based on these meetings today? >> reporter: as a matter of fact, we have very strong information to that effect. we've been told that general mattis is a very strong candidate for an administration pick here. we all know he's been speculated as possible secretary of defense. there was one issue, this seven-year waiting time between military service and assuming a position like secretary of defense. apparently i'm told there's a waiver you can orchestrate to that. again, general james mattis, very strong and likely candidate for an administration position. we haven't been told which one, the logical choice is secretary of defense. mitt romney arrived here at trump national golf club before 1:00 to an awaiting donald trump and mr. pence, waiting at the
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front door of the clubhouse after a meeting that lasted just short of 90 minutes, romney emerged along with the president-elect and mike pence. trump cupped his hands and shouted, quote, it went great. romney would not say whether they discussed their past conflicts nor would they say whether they had been offered a job and romney didn't say whether he would accept one if offered. he described the conversation as thorough and in depth. >> we had a far reaching conversation with rards to the various theaters in the world where there are interests of the united states of real significance. we discussed those areas, and exchanged our views on those topics. very thorough and in depth discussion in the time we had and appreciate the chance to speak with the president-elect and look forward to the coming administration -- >> governor -- >> reporter: the fact that he
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said they discussed various theaters of world interest is a phrase that's loaded with potential interest here. it suggests he is a candidate for secretary of state. back to you, kelly. >> let me ask you another question, doug. i understand mr. trump is also looking at a possible education secretary today. is that right? >> reporter: yes. certainly after mr. romney left the clubhouse, michelle rhee pulled up within a minute or so after his departure, a potential candidate for education secretary and a formal proponent of school choice. she was accompanied by her husband kevin johnson, a former four-time nba all-star and presently the mayor of sacramento, california. that meeting lasted about a half hour. after rhee, another possible education secretary, betsy deb
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boss. we're getting a better idea how these things are orchestrated. it's very regulated. one candidate leaves, a blazer shows up, another candidate arrives. mr. trump and mr. pence stand in the doorway. most recently the one we saw in was marine core general james mattis, potential secretary of defense. that looks very, very likely indeed. one final point, we asked mr. trump as he stood out front, does he expect anymore announcements. the word for him was, we'll see. it could happen. i think it just happened with my revealing general mattis' fate. back to you. >> doug, thank you very much. julie? >> meantime, congressional democrats expressing serious concerns with president-elect trump's administration picks so far. steve bannon in particular, senator jeff sessions, congressman mike pompeo and retired general mike flynn are
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all figures shrouded in controversy. kristin fisher is live in washington with more. >> reporter: democrats are having a hard time with all those picks because they represent some of trump's most continued versal views on immigration, muslims and the use of waterboarding. jeff sessions who has been tapped for attorney general is one of the most conservative voices in the senate, pro life, against same-sex marriage, staunch opponent of immigration reform. he's been called amnesty's worst enemy. it's histories oi of making racially tinged remarks that will prove most problematic. here is senate democratic leader-elect chuck schumer. >> many of those statements are old, but they're still troubling. the idea that jeff sessions, just because he's a senator, he should get through without a series of very tough questions, particularly given those early things, no way. >> reporter: it's not just democrats. some republicans also have a problem with senator sessions
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like congressman justin am mash, he says, the ag has a lot of independent policy authority and prosecutorial discretion. i'm deeply concerned about sessions. >> as for director. he's picked top of his class west point graduate mike pompeo. he's probably the most establish friendly pick, probably the least controversial. so does trump's pick for national security adviser, retired attorney general mike flynn, former director of the defense intelligence agency is known for hard line views on islam and fighting isis. he's taken heat for his ties to russia. unlike sessions and pompeo, flynn will not have to face a confirmation hearing. so that's pretty much a done deal, julie. >> kristin fisher in washington, thank you very much. the broadway musical "hamilton" going off script as the cast delivered an impromptu message to a very high-profile audience member.
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>> vice president-elect pence, i see you walking out -- nothing to boo here, folks. >> bryan llenas has more on this story from our new york city newsroo news. >> the cast of "hamilton" found out 30 minutes before show time that mike pence would be in the audience last night. sure enough, when he arrived -- well, this is what happened. take a listen. >> [ booing ]. >> that was the audience response. at the end of the hoe, actor brandon dixon pulled out a queue card pleaing to the drum administration to be inclusive. listen to part of his message. >> we are a defensive vears america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. we hope this show inspires you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us.
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[ bleep ]. eat before the message. the show says he heard it from the theater hallway. the vp elect waved as he left the theater. now president-elect trump is demanding an apology. this should not is happen. the theater must always be a safe and special place. the cast of hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man, mike pence. apologize. dixon who read the message responded saying, quote, conversation is not harassment, sir, and i appreciated mike pence for stopping to listen. "hamilton" prides itself on showcasing america's diversity and the contribution of immigrants. the lead producer said they are honored mr. pence attended the show but needed to express their feelings noting many of of the cast members were devastated after the election.
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#boycotthamilton is the top trending term on twitter. some saying this act was not appropriate. >> bryan llenas from our new york newsroom, thank you. for more, let's bring in former deputy campaign manager for carly fiorina and steve shale, democratic strategist who worked as florida director for the 2012 obama campaign. thank you for talking to us. before "hamilton" cast member brandon dixon made its remarks, the audience was making its own outright, opinionated gesture at pence by booing him as he joined the crowd at the show last night. today president-elect trump defended pence on twitter demanding an apology. the question is should the cast apologize? it's not pence asking for the apology. it's trump. >> listen, we celebrate our first amendment rights here in the u.s.
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i think they're right to speak out just as any citizen has the right to speak out to the leader. i'm surprised at the outrage given the number of times michelle obama was booed in public. >> sarah, when you go to a yankees game, if you're a celebrity and a little controversial, you're going to get booed. how many celebrities have we seen or even politicians get booed at a sports game, a big -- a sports place like yankee stadium? so how is this any different, or is it? >> i'm a fan of the musical. i really enjoy "hamilton." to paraphrase, i think the theater goers got a little overexcited. this was supposed to be a night, a friday night with a great show, a great cast and people need to just calm down a little. they're taking everything a little too seriously.
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this is a show about, in the end, a tragedy where two people shoot each other over their political insults. instead of the theater getting any message from that, they're booing mike pence. i think they missed the message of the show. does the cast need to apologize? no. i tend to agree, this was their right to do so, but that is also america's right to not agree with them and to boycott their show. you have to take it both ways. i think the real problem is the theater goers who thought it was appropriate to interrupt the show during one of the songs to boo the vice president-elect. >> unfortunately, right now this is just a bad time. when you walk into new york city, it's impossible to avoid protesters. in the last couple weeks we have had nothing but protests here. it doesn't surprise me given that broadway is the epicenter of liberalism in the city that this speech would be made. i don't know that we should necessarily be so surprised. you have to give it to mike
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pence for even attending the show, considering most of trump's people aren't really showing their face in new york city these days. >> good for him for doing so. i think we need more people doing that. i think mike pence will be a great vice president-elect. liberals need to calm down, they lost the election, it's okay. this is part of why they lost, because every time they don't like how something turns out, they protest, they boo, they yell, instead of trying to think about having a message that americans can get around. they put up hillary clinton who had scandal after scandal. maybe more lessons from that and less booing for mike pence. >> the arrogance and hostility of the "hamilton" cast to mike pence is a reminder the left still fights. i do recall after president obama was elected into office, there was a lot of protesting as well. >> i remember michelle obama went to a nascar race to honor veterans and talk about the great work nascar does to provide veterans' jobs, she was
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booed. this is part of our discourse. i agree. we need to take a step back. while trump won the electoral vote, clinton won the popular vote. we're deeply divided country. we need to recognize this is going to be hard for us to navigate. >> all the talk that happened on the campaign trail from both presidential candidates and president-elect donald trump, the words that came out of his mouth is kind of teaching us all that we don't necessarily need to be so sensitive to words. if you think about it, we had a report just now with mitt romney and donald trump meeting, two guys who sparred big time during the election. if the "hamilton" cast is making outwardly negative comments about mike pence, again, they are words. people are allowed to speak their minds, especially if you are president-elect. i don't think mitt romney seems to be holding it against trump. i would assume as the president has addressed this country, asked everyone to sort of come to the middle ground here, that
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we should maybe welcome this free speech, should we not, susan? >> what a powerful message to have mitt romney and donald trump together. unlike the democrats who never criticized hillary clinton cleared their primary field for her, the republicans, we were open when we disagreed with our nominee, didn't like this or that in the primary, for them to come together now and say the american people are looking to republicans, looking to conservatives to fix the problems we're having to come together, i think it's a powerful message they sent today. i hope they keep it up. >> sarah and steve, thank you very much. we appreciate you coming on. thank you both. >> so many things going on today, and all eyes on bedminister, new jersey, this hour where president-elect donald trump and vice president-elect mike pence are holding a series of meeting of potential cabinet members, will we get more announcements today? we're watching and will keep you posted. >> what about mitt romney?
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he was once one of mr. trump's harshest critics. so does he have a future now with team trump? >> i don't see any way in the world that mitt romney would have a cabinet position in the donald trump administration because it would not so much be an insult to donald trump, but an insult to the supporters of donald trump. [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event.
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congressman danny davis mourning the death of his 15-year-old grandson fatally shot last night in chicago. he says his grandson was home at the time when two teenagers broke in. one of them pulled out a gun. the congressman saying he grieves for everyone involved. >> his father had just said how proud of him that he was because he was catching on and realizing that all of his life was in front of him. >> police say the shooting was sparked by a disagreement over sneakers. investigators have identified a person of interest. a far reaching conversation with regards to the various theaters in the world where there are interests of the
1:20 pm
united states of real significance. we discussed those areas and exchanged our views on those topics, very thorough and in depth discussion in the time we had, and appreciate the chance to speak with the president-elect and look forward to the coming administration. >> yes, you heard him correctly. that was mitt romney earlier following a meeting with president-elect donald trump. it comes after he was one of mr. trump's sharpest gop critics before the election. what does all this mean, their meeting today? >> john is a columnist from national review magazine and is here to talk about it. i want to read something real quick, not to dredge up the past, but since it is kind of key to these two men meeting, you might recall this in a speech at the university of utah, mitt romney called mr. trump a phony, a fraught and he went on to say his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university adding he's playing america for suckers, yet
1:21 pm
today we see these two gentlemen coming together at a meeting in bed minister. what do you think it means? >> i believe mitt romney probably still thinks most of what he said was true. on the other hand, he's a patriot. donald trump is the president-elect, donald trump was gracious enough to invite him into the room to give that advice. i don't think it means mitt romney will get an appointment to the administration, that would be the ultimate odd couple, especially since mitt romney is a fierce critic of vladimir putin. donald trump has more complicated views of vladimir putin. what this means i think is on two levels. donald trump is trying to show the world i'm seeking advice everywhere and i'm burying the hatchet, and i will talk to my most bitter enemies in order to get advice. secondly, i have think he's having a good time. this humbles mitt romney. donald trump boasted in 2012 mitt romney wanted his
1:22 pm
endorsement so much he would go on bended knee if trump would ask him. i don't think he went on bended knee but certainly went to donald trump and ate some crow. >> what could mitt romney do for a trump administration were he to be selected for any possible selection within a cabinet if that were to happen? he has a lot of talent. >> yes, mitt romney is not going to take something like congress secretary. he would only take something really significant like secretary of state. what may happen is down the road there may be a commission of a panel or a task force that needs to investigate a certain lot of american foreign policy. mitt romney would be a great part-time chairman for that, wouldn't have the visibility of secretary of state but would make use of his talents. that wouldn't be coming soon, but down the line as situations develop. >> let's talk about general mattis. today at the top of our program we heard doug mckelway talk
1:23 pm
about general mattis, that he could be in line for secretary of defense. legendary, retired marine general, done a lot on the battlefield and off the battlefield, the marine corps is certainly someone that knows him extremely well? >> i can't remember the last time we had a marine general in that position. i think the rest of the world would take notice and would realize that america's military is going to be rebuilt, and it may be put to very good use by the man who used to command part of it. in addition, general mattis is an intelligence whiz, used to prepare briefings for the president. he's an extremely knowledgeable figure, not just a battlefield general. he's an intellectual and is ledge tear in making sure he gets the right answers from people, cracks the whip and gets responses. >> i'm glad you say cracks the whip. he is sometimes called and maybe it's a moniker he lochs to wear, being a tough marine corps general, they call him mad
1:24 pm
mattis sometimes. >> yes, but mad with a purpose which is to get the best out of people. >> exactly. that's important. in that kind of position, especially when you're looking at the fact that the military needs that type of leadership to continue to go on to do things they have to do which is defend the freedoms we hold dear and the national security that we treasure here in this country and the rebuilding of the military, simply because it's been weakened in so many areas, that's the kind of leadership you would tend to want in a secretary of defense, is it not? >> absolutely. we've had various interesting people as secretary of defense but haven't worked out as well as we thought. now we face existential threats from terrorists, also have extremely powerful rivals like china and russia. i think general mattis is a unique blend of talents that can confront terrorism and large political adversaries. >> you know there are a lot of marines out there who would
1:25 pm
absolutely love this, semper phi and all that, but just the fact that the marines train so heavily to defend this country and they train in areas of actually going in and not just decimating the enemy, but rebuilding those communities. this kind of appointment is extremely important, not only for the marine corps, but the entire military as we've been talking about today. what does this say to the world globally if this were to happen? >> well, the message it would send is first to the veterans of america, we really respect you. we're elevating one of your own to the top civilian defense job. to the rest of the world, watch out, this fellow means business. this is not a paper tiger. >> we'll end it right there. john fund, good to talk to you as always. a newborn baby disappears from her home after her mother is killed in a shooting. now we're hearing some good news in that tragic story. plus the looming standoff over sanctuary cities as president-elect donald trump
1:26 pm
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syrian air strikes killing at least 20 people in the northern city of aleppo. the attack comes after health officials say all hospitals in the rebel-held area are out of operation. today, by the way, is the fifth straight day of renewed assaults by syrian forces. the white house meantime demanding an immediate halt to the air strikes saying the humanitarian crisis is growing. a new-born baby girl in kansas who disappeared after her mother was shot to death has
1:31 pm
been found alive and well. the suspects took the week-old baby girl and fled to dallas. authorities say they got a tip early this morning that the infant was in texas. two people are now in custody. facebook is fighting back against fake news. mark zuckerberg saying his company is working to automatically detect potentially false stories. another option includes new ad policies to cut off money flowing the the fake sites. mayors in several sanctuary cities are reaffirming their commitment to shelter undocumented immigrants. protests erupting all across the country over president-elect donald trump's campaign promise to crack down on illegal immigration. mayors, in fact, say they will not cooperate with authorities if they are forced to issue deportation orders, and that despite mr. trump's pledge to block federal funding for their cities. so then what happens?
1:32 pm
will carr has more on this story from l.a. >> with this really rachesting up over the past couple days, there are a billion dollars on the line heading into next year. there are more than 300 sanctuary cities across the country right now. it boils down to local authorities ignoring federal immigration laws or requests. as retribution, the trump administration could cut off grants to sanctuary cities. san francisco alone gets $1 billion every year from the federal government. the city was in the headlines when kate steinle was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant deported five times and released from jail despite a request to keep him behind bars. he pledged to take away federal dollars from sanctuary cities. >> a trump administration will end this nightmare of violence.
1:33 pm
we will protect american lives, we will cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities. >> since the election, law enforcement and city leaders from los angeles and chicago and large number of cities run by democrats will challenge any move to crack down on sanctuary cities, some going as far to say they would pass on the federal money. others questioning if this should be a federal issue to begin with. take a listen to bill richardson, former mayor of new mexico on tucker carl tonight. >> as long as the local law enforcement community, local city council agrees with the mayor, this is a state's rights, city rights issue. the police should be determined by a mayor. >> members of law enforcement in favor of the policy say they actually allow illegal immigrants to report crime without having to be concerned about being deported. >> will carr, thank you very much. one texas lawmaker is
1:34 pm
pushing to eliminate sanctuary cities across his state. charles perry filed a bill earlier that would require local governments -- i'm sorry. we have breaking news right now. let's go to president-elect drum in bedminister. let's listen in. >> how was the meeting, sir? >> we're seeing the end of that. we didn't hear everything he was saying in the beginning. president-elect donald trump was meeting with general mattis. we heard from doug mckelway that he was a possible selection for defense secretary. we talked to john fund who was here, one of our contributors, talking about what that would mean globally. globally would say this is no paper tiger. the legendary general mattis is one who is known throughout the marine corps as being known as mad dog mattis, but mad with a purpose. he really gets it in terms of
1:35 pm
what the military needs. he is also very intelligent and concerned about what goes on in the military and how it looks globally and how it can work with the united states in terms of defending our national security as well as our freedom. as you know, liberty is not free. there are wars out there. we do have some bad characters out there, i.e., isis and other people who would want to bring harm to the united states. i'm waiting for my producers to tell me what the president-elect said there for those few minutes, a few short seconds. we missed part of that because we were getting ready to talk about the sanctuary city situation, something else the president-elect will be confronting as well. some sanctuary cities do not want to comply with what president-elect donald trump wants to do, and that is to remove that sanction of having a sanctuary city. so for more on this, let's bring in texas state senator charles perry. he has tried to eliminate that
1:36 pm
very scenario, of eliminating sanctuary cities from his state of texas. >> good afternoon, kelly. i filed senate bill 4 last week to specifically prohibits or hopefully to prohibit local jurisdictions from undermining state and federal immigration laws. it has penalties similar to what the feds are proposing, that any state's discretionary grants would be withheld. it's the rule of law. that's the principle. take the immigration issue aside. it's everything our societies depend on as a civil society as a rule of law, to keep our communities and schools and cities safe. that's what we do as a government. to have individual jurisdictions going around the state, undermining state and federal regulation and which laws they tend to enforce or not enforce and punishing law enforcement
1:37 pm
officials under their authority is just inconsistent with our values that we have here in this country. >> as you know, this is a very emotional issue. there are a lot of cities that want to defend their sanctuary status including chicago mayor rahm emanuel who made it very clear that they would do everything they can to protect people, in fact, telling immigrants there that you are safe in this city. we've seen the same thing happen in san francisco where last year a young kate steinle walking along the famous pier in san francisco with her father was gunned down by an illegal immigrant who had been in this country illegally, deported five times. we saw this situation take place. yet that city will continue with the sanctuary status. what's happening in texas along those same lines that has compelled you to step out and try to remove this status? >> well, the travis county sheriff, newly elected, is removing the immigration desk from her office or area, to make
1:38 pm
it more difficult for ichlt c.e. to comply with the detainer process. we had testimony in hearings where el paso said they would have policies that would actually punish officers if they inquired of the immigration status of someone that's lawfully detained. we have a dallas county sheriff that said she would be very discretionary how she applied those individuals captured through this process and on the detainer. we have multiple examples, whether it's public or not of implicit or explicit policies that would punish a law official operating under those authorities or jurisdictions with sanctuary policies if they inquired the immigration status when they were stopped. bottom line is, it still goes back to rule of law, and we are one day closer to banana republic when we begin down this road of allowing multiple jurisdictions, picking and choosing which laws they will choose to enforce.
1:39 pm
it's a federal immigration law. to hear mayors say it's a local law, immigration is at the federal level. if you choose not to enforce those, we create a really chaotic situation. the individuals coming to this country illegally, a large part are running from a lawless society. the irony is not lost on me. >> senator, we should include in here that what the president-elect is trying to do and he said it publicly, he wants to get rid of some 2 million to 3 million illegal immigrants who are already deemed members of criminal activity, like gangs and drug dealers and committing acts of violence. he wants to deport them or incarcerate them. this proposal that you're making, this initiative, this measure, do you think the state of texas -- are you looking at this as something that will be favored upon? you think you'll get this passed through the state assembly? >> i would expect we'll get it passed quickly in the session.
1:40 pm
it's a low bill number. there's significance in that. senate bill 4 indicates it's a high priority of the lieutenant governor. we will get that passed through, both house support and senate support and the governor said he would sign it. >> thank you very much, state senator charles perry from texas. >> thank you. who is general james mattis and will he serve under the trump administration? we will bring you president-elect trump's remarks he just made after meeting with mattis next right here on fox. cartels, militias, terrorist groups. they all need a place to park their cash and cherna is their dirty little piggy bank. we're going to insert into the country while nobody is looking. we're going to steal their money, sir? no, we are going to destroy it. we're going to finish this mission. anything we find is ours. do you want to trust a bunch of black water marks? i mean the rush, i've never felt anything like it. if we stay here we're going to die. then we die.
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1:45 pm
>> short and sweet. that was donald trump and general james mattis moments ago, retired navy captain bob wells, former national security adviser to vice president dick cheney. you can speak to mattis' experience. let's talk, first of all, about what we're hearing today from a senior trump transition aide that they have said james mattis is a strong candidate for the cabinet post. the position he's being considered for is secretary of defense. mattis is a retired united states marine corps general who last served as the 11th commander of united states central. first, just talk about how qualified mattis would be for this job. >> he's exceptionally qualified. he's not only a leader and a marine which i certainly admire, but he is a strategic thinker. when he was the joint forces commander back in the bush administration, his staff used to publish what they called the
1:46 pm
joint operational environment, the j.o.e. this particular document really did look at what the world is and what it is to be. it had all the different possible threats and all the different developments that could harm and really diminish the american defense capability. he planned against those outcomes. also within the department of defense, he would be -- he just came, as you mentioned, julie, from the u.s. central command. the operational commander based in tampa, florida, it oversees all the u.s. command operations in the middle east, the broader middle east going from the arabian peninsula up into the former soviet union, kazakhstan included, including the persian gulf. he has an operational sense of what the threats are. he had iran policy, the relationship, the building partner capacity, relationship capacity with the king and the gulf countries, critically important egypt. he knows his stuff.
1:47 pm
he has not only the strategic acumen but the operational experience which will be very important to serve as the secretary of defense. >> we should just make note that obviously donald trump will be taking his advice or whoever's advice that gets appointed to this position very seriously. in fact, when he was campaigning, he made it very clear he would lean heavy when it came to foreign policy decisions on these types of people that he would be choosing to represent the trump administrati administration, in particular, one with military background like james mattis. this could be taken literally by president-elect trump, retired four star general, led centcom from 2010 to 2013, led marines during the 2003 iraqi invasion, an invasion that donald trump has gone on the record saying he did not support. however, there are obvious
1:48 pm
stories of him supporting that invasion at the time. he's also known as mad dog mattis. he has voiced concerns about the security threat posed by iran. what advice do you think he'd be giving trump on iran? >> i think two parts of advice. certainly the iranian influence in the arabian peninsula, looking at the mischief inside different shia areas in the middle east itself, hezbollah and lob nonebanon, in yemen wit hewittitys. also in iraq, looking at the mischief inside iraq. one o of the key fundamental objectives of the united states is to have a political stability inside iraq. as general petraeus recently stated, the battle of mosul and looking at what isis is actually trying to achieve is not going to be achieved. their territory is going to go away and they're going to morph
1:49 pm
into isis 3.0. general mattis with his operational experience at u.s. central command, strategic experience, is going to look at iran as one of those key countries in the strategy that needs to be contained and also to deal with their military and their shia incursions in different places in the middle east. >> retired navy captain bob wells, thank you very much for your insight. appreciate it. >> thank you, julie. >> kelly? >> president obama embarking on his final foreign trip as leader of the free world and making the case for a trade deal. plus a city block blanketed in white without a single flake of snow. >> how tall was it? >> i couldn't see anything. in the middle it's like ten feet tall. >> how an alarm malfunction turned into a bubble-soaked block party. ♪ special this year?
1:50 pm
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welcome back. president obama gathering with foreign leaders in peru to discuss the trans pacific partnership, a deal that looks increasingly in doubt.
1:54 pm
so trade is atop the agenda, right rich? >> reporter: it is kelly. and this is the asia pacific economic cooperation summit or apec. 21 nations klincluding the unit states. half have signed the deal. it essentially dies unless the u.s. congress ratifies the free trade agreement. the trans pacific partnership. they say they don't have enough votes to pass it and president elect donald trump is opposed to it. with that he met with leaders of the nation to sign on to that trade agreement. spoke generally about trade not too many specifics to that free trade deal. he said we're going to have a busy agenda at apec but this is always a useful occasion for us to get together and how we can make sure we're creating jobs, greater opportunity and greater
1:55 pm
process 235i prosperity for our countries. the trump administration could renegotiate details or it could simply ignore it and let the countries turn to different partners. the chinese are pushing a competing free trade agreement. this as president obama is just about to sit down with chinese president xi jinping. they will discuss a host of issues which will very likely be their last meeting with president obama in office. also the kremlin saying that the russians are trying to arrange a meeting with president obama while they are at this particular summit. they have a host of issues to discuss if they do eventually sit down, including charges from the u.s. the russians interfered in the u.s. election. the trump administration that is incoming and the fighting of course in syria. president obama did just wrap up a town hall meeting with university students here in lima, peru. he was talking about the democracy in general but there were plenty of lines to the u.s. election basically that
1:56 pm
democracy is more than an election. it is a free press. we can keep our societies open. we have the chance to try something new and we can correct that later on if we want to. kelly back to you. >> thanks rich. crews in california working to clear the streets after an alarm malfunction filled a santa clara city block with white foam. it is almost actually looking like snow. i mean a lot of snow. the foam actually filled an entire city block and at one point was 10 feet tall. crews say they use the substance to put out fires. they plan to drive a giant vacuum cleaner truck through the area to brake up the foam. >> with that's it's it for
1:57 pm
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