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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  November 19, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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jeanine. i want to wish everyone a wonderful happy and blessed thanksgiving. see you next time. greg gutfield is next. next tim. grug greg gutfeld, next. we don't have any more bacon. >> bacon. >> we don't have anymore bacon. [ crying ] >> youa ate it all. >> i have been. >> sorry, democrats, no more bacon. ♪ everyone's crying and everyone's lying. post lerelection, hysteria's
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setting in. did you hear the muslim student claiming her hijab was torn off by men in trump hats? she made it up. or the boston men saying it's trump country now, he made it up. the students wearing black face after trump's win, they made it up. a kkk rally in honor of trump which is made it up. in fact, almost every so-called trump-caused hate crime seems as fake as a bag of charlie sheen's teeth. and how does the left react? it doesn't matter if it's false because it's bound to be true somewhere. try that at home. yes, honey, i didn't really do the dishes but anywhere some guy did. so what happens when crimes become hoaxes? do they get more or less attention? do the fakers go to jail for wasting our time? or is the story buried under the lie of raising awareness? the media doesn't help.
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>> we are seeing hate, we are seeing hate from some of these supporters who do not represent the majority of trump voters. we are seeing hundreds of cases of swastikas, of racist language, harass menlt and assault and bullying. some of this need it is to be verified. >> some? i'm thinking maybe all of them should be verified, bri-bri. and who knows -- who knows if any of these incidents were really pro trump at all or a trump against trump. all i know is when you look at the real violence in portland, that ain't pro-trumper, you can tell by the lack of muscle tone. but more important, who throws a tantrum after you win? that doesn't make sense. what are people pushing this idea that trump leads to violence? is it wishful thinking or describe to prove that trump really is evil, or is it a
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camouflage sbol re camouflage sbol rens, saying that casting a vote for trump is bad for our health. the american academy of pediatrics, asks doctors to tell parents to talk to their brats about the election, as bad as terror. voting for trump is a health risk that is smoking or drug use and listening to stupid pediatricians about politics. begined up hit airia, it was the pc movement that gave trump four years in the white house. keep at it, he's going to get four more. >> period. >> let's welcome tonight's guests. he's so tough he shaves with a chain saw, fox news contributor accident iraq and war veteran, author of "in the arena." [ cheers and applause ] i used to go to that club. he's so bright, his fan club
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consists solely of moths. chief washington correspondent, james rosen, also editor of "a torch kept lit" a collection of o bit wears. how upbeat is that? and now review reporter, cat temph. what a fake smile. and volcano is his hot tub, tna wrestler, tyrus. [ cheers and applause ] >> i want to go to the historian here, cat -- no, james. you've wristen a lot of historical books, but i hear they're fantastic. is this a new trend, a republican wins and everybody who didn't vote for -- everyone who didn't vote period starts freaking the hell out? >> pretty much, no, it's not a new trend. every republican trend since
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nixon onward, the left demonizes the dawn of a new fascism and the gloves are really coming off. we heard it with nixon and george h.w. bush received this treatment. what you have here really i think is a little less than one half of stumbling through the stages of grief, so what you see is denial, a lot of it paid denial and i think eventually they'll get over it as they see him get sworn in and start to be president of the united states. >> what do you think? do you think this is justified or is this fun? i always look when you see people rioting or state hate crimes, people like attention and it's such -- and we have a media that is endulging them, saying if you draw a swa tick a on your dorm room door you know you're going to get every tv station. >> and talk about verifying it, none of them have left the island of manhattan for a
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decade. >> neighbors are getting along, people are talking. i had a big old trump sign in my yard, five days later we took it down and said it's over, we move on, things are good. this is an attempt to delegitimize donald trump. systematically, protests, name-calling, made up examples, made it look like a dawn of s l intoleraence. >> tyrus, can i vote how you voted? you voted for trump is this i? i'm wondering would these protestors or venters vent to you? it there an assumption the trump voter is old, white, and frail? he knows he can break windows in portland? > >> the way they're saying it, yes. >> you have to understand d, as much as i supported obama i
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thought he was a good man. there was eight years of accusations and being a cry baby worked. people lost jobs and the one good thing about donald trump is you no longer can just get by with an accusation. >> you have to prove it. >> and that report -- i mean, obviously he just ran up swastikas. i think i would notice that. >> i would, too. >> i travel from california, new york, new orleans, florida. i've yet to be in the airport and said, it's trump's world, boy, and start whipping the whip. it hasn't happened. because that's not how it works. >> yeah, not how it works. >> and the people who are crying and complaining, they're going to do it regardless, that's what they're going to do. it's that layer of insanity and ignorance. they don't vote, didn't do anything. >> cat, i have intolerance, it's
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harmful and what about -- it's always about the children and you and i both know they're horrible creatures. >> they're not gun to hang out with. you can't go drinking with children or the law will come afternoon you and i don't need that prob plem agalem again, ri? and they just talk to their parents about stuff that never happened. i know you've gone through that. i think that these people, in some of their reactions they don't realize they're hurting themselves particularly with -- there was so much criticism in the way -- a true thing a lot of the most passionate trump supporters would diffuse if you ever said anything negative about donald trump, but blindly denying there's anything wrong with trump, it's just as bad to blindly effect any negative story you've heard, and you decided there would be these riots and response to say, i'm not going to check it, i'm going
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to spread it and tweet it out and it keeps you from being taken seriously. it's a very important thing to be taken seriously. >> it is. >> it's overrated, honestly. >> i'm taken very seriously, i know, as a member of the media. everyone gets their news from me. >> i like not being taken seriously. the moment that happens -- >> i think it exposes this evil that truth doesn't matter. >> if the swastika was safe, you can't punish this person, raising awareness. i think this next story is in a moment momentous, probably the biggest story of the year, bigger not that election. >> is it a robot? >> no that comes later. in future president news, on thursday, cannkanye west stoppe performance to say he didn't
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vote, but if he didn't, it wouldn't have been for hillary. >> i didn't vote, right? but i didn't tell you -- i guess i told you if i would have voted, i would have voted on trump. >> that was apparently just one of several pro-trump rants from west who later added that he plans to run for president in 2020. here's the surprise, the audience booed. yes, they booed. all right. tyrus, i'm going to you for no particular reason at all. >> no. >> i just want to preference kanye west, he's a hip hop artist. he's quite popular among young kids. i think he's married to a kardashian. >> he used to be popular. and they were booing because that speech, with all the what is and ifs and buts was 30 minutes long and they bought an expensive ticket to hear some music. they were like shut up and get back to singing. kanye's just bottom line, he's
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the worst type of human being we have in this country. him -- no, just hold on. i'm going to tell you why. >> why? i like him. >> shouldn't he be asking a crowd have they seen a jewelry thief anywhere? i mean, if somebody jacked me for my wife, who was by herself, jacked me for $50 million in jewelry, every song would be, have you seen my jewelry. >> the people at home, there was a recent robbery in france in a hotel and all the jewelry was taken mysteriously stolen from his wife and nobody knows. it had nothing to do with ip insurance, i'm sure. >> the last time you saw or heard a jewelry thief was the muppet caper. >> i wish i could be more like kanye. i spend a lot of time at night by myself thinking about things that i might have done wrong to cause problems in my life, or should i have said or done that,
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kanye never goes through that. >> it's amazing. james, would you have -- don't you think it would have mattered more if he said that before the election? like i'm not voting but if i vote, i'd vote for trump. >> the idea of kanye west voting for trump is as unthinkable of cat spending time alone at night. >> i think he's flirting with you. >> he didn't actually say -- i'm impressed by the grammar, if i were going to vote. he said he would have voted on trump. does that mean like a rooster, he would have rooted on the hair and cast a ballot for someone else, i voted on the man? >> that's a good point. that's why you're here as an author to -- >> reporter. >> like listen, greg, you have to listen. >> i'm trying, i'm trying. he's freaking me out, america. all right, pete, last word on thing credible topic. >> we're in the middle of this
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40-minute rant, a lady threw her shoe at him. he caught t sign todit, signed threw it back to her. he's the man of many talents. >> you're talking about our future next president, sir. >> that's all i'm saying, if kanye makes it, russia, here i come. we're coming through mexico and there's going to be some drama a story so intense you could go camping with it. could go ca. trump fills out trump fills out his cabinet. who is getting hired? the answer when we return. coming up on "look! famous people!" we catch flo, the progressive girl, at the supermarket buying cheese. scandal alert! flo likes dairy?!
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he's he's filling seats, which sounds dirty, but it isn't. so far the president-elect's cabinet has nominated jeff
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sessions, lieutenant general mike flynn will be secretary of defense, and who will be secretary of state? i haven't seen this many names since a man dropped from a coronary on my yard. >> we do not upon anything specific. we know rudy julianewel giulian we're talking about newt gingrich for that position. >> mitt romney for potential secretary of state, that's a big deal. >> and they could choose somebody like rudy giuliani. it's all very unclear at the moment. >> whoever it is, they better not invite james taylor anywhere. ♪ ♪ when you're in brother and you need some love and care, and ♪ ♪ nothing, oh, nothing is going right ♪ ♪ >> we are never going back to
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that. everybody also better get a hobby because they're not allowed to lobby. everyone had to agree they wouldn't become a lobbyist for five years. think of all those things you could do in five years. you could build another hoover dam. you could play 1,826 rounds as golf, almost as much as president barack obama. you could bench watch every single episode of family feud, all of them, with everyone that ever hosted from richard dawson, to steve harvey, or you could litly dra itly drain an actual swamp, although swamps play a huge roll in the eco system, preventing eroding and it's where i dump the drifters. not the ban. i'm talking about the hitchhikers. >> understood. >> all right, james.
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a lot of the bitter rivalries, people saying mitt romney's showing out in the cold. >> mitt romney isn't going to work in the trump administration. he was calling him a phony and a fraud and mr. trump said mitt romney was a failed candidate and a choke artist. i don't think he's going to be secretary of state, but this is mending their fences type of thing. >> the worst thing donald ever did to mit was telling him that he walked look a penguin. >> that's rough stuff. >> no, because what happens is, it sticks in your head so for the rest of his legal, he'll be walking across a moirror, or a glass wall and always look if he's walking like a penguin. >> especially if he's wearing a tuxe tuxedo. >> very sad, pete. what douch you think of the
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choices? >> i think they're good so far, and even to move into the position of governor mike pence had to be made early and quickly. a guy like general flynn has spoken honestly about the nature of our enemy. >> i know. >> so honestly, the new york times spent the last 24, 48 hours smearing the guy and calling hycal calling him an islamaphobe. stay on target with the unapologetic, and i think you could have some amazing outcomes. >> he was criticizing a doctrine where they celebrate martism and that's not controversial? he's pointing out there's an extreme element thousands or millions who want to kill us. that's controversial, not him pointing it out. that drives me crazy, cat. thoughts on this? >> i'm a libertarian, so i'm never going to be happy with anything that happens in the government. so sessions talking openly about -- >> why are you so limiting it to
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the governor, cat? >> he's a hawk, et cetera, et cetera. i don't go into these things saying i think i'm going to like these people who he picks. but those are the issues that he has. i see a lot of people complaining about there being no women, ets s cetera. i'm concerned about pot seal. >> -- policy. >> people on the other side are saying i don't like this policy, or there's no girls. if you're going to criticize, at least criticize in a valuable way. >> ty rrgs urus, any bright spo? >> all bright. >> all bright. >> nicely done. >> first of all, i'm a sports entertainer when i'm not cracking jokes and telling the truth and we -- if you and i were going to have a fight, do you know what we're going to do? we're going to talk trash about each other and everyone's going to get hype and we're going to get a lot of attention and when it's over, i'm going to buy you a beer.
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this meeting with romney is probably a fist pound. the republican party is a lot smarter than everybody thought because they were in shambles and the democrats got lazy and they took a clean sweep so the fight looks like geniuses so as far as the opponent gs go, of course they hate him. i would have the people that are loyal that i trusted and were closest to the me and stood by him and capture the presidency of the united states of america or getting jobs and getting appointed. if you don't like it -- >> i take issue with the fist bump though. >> the first one they would miss. >> i think it's the exact opposite. i think it's the swamp calling. in every example -- i hear it from people involved around it, washington is reaching out to trump because they lost and they want relevance and that's all anyone in dc cares about, a seat at the table, getting invited to the cocktail parties so it's republicans and democratins who
10:24 pm
want to be a part of that mixture. they're saying i'm going to follow through on what i ran on, will be a litmus test about that. >> what celelse is there? >> wasn't the last place we saw each other a washington cocktail party? >> yes. >> there was just nothing but men in there. it might have been a sports bar but everybody was so well dressed or blindfolded. >> can i make a point as you turn on the music? i think this is a shift from eight years of soft power to hard power when you look at these people, obama, he spoke big but he carried a soft stick. in this case you've got people who are speaking big, carrying a big stick and he took america's foreign policy and gave it a jolt of cialis. also, they're going to focus on this fuzz limmuslim registry. it sounds so elegant.
10:25 pm
you know? like -- like -- >> yeah, put me down for a gravy bowl at the pottery barn. isis thinks president-elect trump is a complete maniac. i call that a good thing. maniac. i call that a good thing.
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i'm patricia spark. minneapolis is digging out from its first big snow storm of the season. parts of the state getting as much as 25 inches of snow since friday causing hundreds of crashes and spin outs. icy roads are blamed for two deaths. an atlas fiv rocket is carrying the most advanced satellite into space, part of an $11 billion weather traveling system, to solar flares. the satellite is the first of four and will go into orbit more than 22,000 miles into space and a news rocket carrying three new crew members docked at the international space station. the oldest woman to travel is now in space and she'll celebrate her 57th birthday in february. patricia spark, back to the greg gutfeld show.
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president-elect trump has said he will eliminate isis, at least that's what he told me over breakfast and according to rudy giuliani, he believes isis should be the number one priority. >> isis short-term i believe is our greatest dangerer and not because of isis in -- in iraq and in syria, but because isis did something al-qaeda never did. isis was able to spread itself around the world. >> however, an isis commander gave this statement to reuters -- not a dude, it's a news service -- regarding president-elect trump. this guy is a complete maniac. his utter hate towards muslims will make our job much easier because we can recruit thousands. what does that idiot know? he joined isis.
10:31 pm
my golden rule, don't take any advise from a guy that says he's from isis, unless it's banging a goat. by all means, and away. pete, you're a great hero. >> double trump's rhetoric makes it easier for rhetoric to spread? >> of course i don't. the left is this unholy alliance with islamists, in promoting this idea the more we talk about t the greater the problem becomes. when you talk to muslims they want the bifurcation, they want to -- there are the pure radicals and peace-hovering muslims. donald trump's rhetoric will shine a light around politicians that have tip towed around since 9/11 without talking about the radical islam and how it motivates and it is a political ideology, as well. you don't understand why they formed a calcaliphate, and why they're trying to infiltrate the
10:32 pm
west. it's smart he raised the issue and smart people like rudy giuliani, helps address the threat. >> and what is the strategy? >> on our end, it's fear. people haven't been afraid of the united states in a long time. now we have a team put together that you run your mouth, you might have to miss it before your sentence finishes. that's great. it's about time clint eastwood got back in. we need some dirty harry. >> that's a good point. how does reuters get a command by the isis commander and he's dead by the end of the quote. if he's texting, hey, i got something for you. when do you need it, i've got a deadline by 4:00. >> could you just raise your head right there, sir, all right, that's perfect. >> you're not burning a source, james, if he be heads people. >> ir right after 9/11 they had that guy who was the
10:33 pm
spokesman for al-qaeda and he would give news conferences every day and i couldn't believe it because on their newscast, the isis newscast, they borrow from our whole inventory of communication devices. let's have the over the shoulder box and toss to the break. >> it's highly professional and makes me think people know more about where they are than they're willing to admit, they're getting information that might be wrong, i'm really just talking out of my ass, at this point. >> we can hear you fine. >> it's magic, it's a trick i learned in vegas. a couple other things i can do with my ass. i believe that islam and islamism, primarily has changed immigration, not the reverse. don, aren't we forced to look at the world in a different way? when america was founded there weren't 100, 200,000 suicidal maniacs who want to come here and kill us. >> that's part of it, but now they do. they do want to come here and kill us and i don't think
10:34 pm
whoever is the president, in terms of making them want to kill us, it would be like, we want to kill them less because hillary's the president. everyone is anti-isis. they know that, they're anti-us. when you're trying to blaim blame it on donald trump's rhetoric is going to make it much worse, these people are already going to want to blow themselves up, i think there's something more serious, as much as they want to blame trump t doesn't really work. >> and it's bigger than isis. it's a doctrine that'll replace it because the bottom line is if you want ecstasy and martyrs, nothing matter. >> and the 72 virgins, sounds like a fun party. >> you negotiate from 72 to 42. >> and when you're not willing to untie the hands of your war fighters to let them crush them, them they will make progress. that's the biggest thing trump's going to do, not having political generals fighting the
10:35 pm
war. >> it's western civilization and change. that's basically what it is. they're going to continue that fight regardless what it is, but the way things are locoking, yo run your mouth, and you have to cash the checks they're writing. you have the right to what you want to say, and we'll meet them in the school yard. >> two other things. pompe, i thi pompeo, i think is a good guy, but i don't think snowden is getting pardoned, and the one thing donald trump has been saying is not giving the enemy a head start, it seems like the previous administration -- or the present one any way, would send a don't forget the date card before an invasion it. doesn't work, america coming up a story soy sedeductive, you'll probably let them get to secretary base. and a story everyone is talking about, yes, immigration.
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a trump presidency hasn't even gbegun, but the movie has already been made. ♪ >> senor trump. [ speaking spanish ] >> i think they really like trump. all right. but based on the response from actual mayors in the real world it seems many believe that nightmare distopia could be the reality of trump's immigration policies. >> to all those after tuesday's
10:41 pm
election, very nervous, they're stilled with anxiety has been spoken to, you are safe in chicago. you are secure in chicago, and you are supported in chicago. >> i reiterate to him, that this city and so many cities around the country will do all we can to protect our residents and to make sure that families are not torn apart. >> whatever, lurch. college campuses throughout the country are petitioning to become sanctuary spaces for immigrants. among them, harvard, yale and brown university. and even high schoolers who aren't old enough to vote or hang out with me are getting into the action. in california they held a walkout to protest trump's immigration policies, but who wouldn't rather take a walk than deal with second period geometry? am i right, high school kids? second period geometry sucks. i'm like their hip uncle. >> of course. >> no, i'm not even close,
10:42 pm
tyrus. >> never be the uncle. >> i am an uncle. >> all right. >> what -- you -- i heard you skog skoth and let out lots of air. >> first off stop saying colleges. brown, yale, harvard, we'll let the immigrants come here until they get there and you know then they realize that it's not as easy as you think. i grew up in california. we dealt with, you know, pop lag poplation situations and people sneaking over and the people that are afraid, you and to and what are they afraid of. all the time they've been here, they've never gone through the proper procedure of getting a green card. they've been here for ten years. you never decided, i'm going to get this taken care of so now there's some policy in place that said you didn't do that. you had time to do that. >> it's like an inspection that
10:43 pm
y -- an infection that you and you don't want to go to the doctor because it's starting to get red and shiny and you're like [ bleep ], i should have gone, i should have gone when it happened. why did i wait until now, it looks like it's got eyes. >> yeah. >> hey. >> this is when you just poke it with cialis. >> yes, yes. >> the irony of romemanuel, they are safe in chicago. >> okay. >> 600 dead. >> the only people who would not feel reassured by rom emanuel telling them they're safe i suppose are african-americans who are res dechbidents of chic but live in the wrong part of time, because then you're going to be subjected to the swiftest, most alarming rate in the country. >> 80% of the drugs a part of the gang wars going on inside chicago come from the sinaloa
10:44 pm
cartel in mexico. so the irony of these mayors who refuse to enforce the rule of law, fight against the policies thald secu that would secure their population. it's better to feel better about themselves. >> it makes them look like nice guys. >> this isn't new. we've been deporting people. it's not like trump just decided -- >> obama went nuts on it. that's what i don't understand. he supported so many people. >> it has to be done. cat, did you want to add coming? >> illegal immigration is one thing, but i'm concerned by people like sessions who say that even legal immigration is a problem or a drain on the economy when actually it's better for the economy and i think an important part of dealing with illegal immigration is making legal immigration actually easier. >> just to end this on a
10:45 pm
cerebral meet. >> no, don't do that. >> the problem with immigration, it's easy to pe in te in the l rhetorical pool. where there's strength in border, is a sommelier ber, realistic necessity, but some guy would say damn right get rid of the muslims. someone takes the idea and makes it worse instead of better. do you follow me? am i drunk? i should have stopped while i was ahead. >> you rnds me. we g -- you murnunderstand me. coming up a story so vibrant you may fall on it and go to the emergency room to get it removed. what's thanksgiving like with president-elect donald trump? we'll discuss. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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wow. the presidential winner complicate thanksgiving dinner? the carrots the won't be the only thing strained this thursday. maybe mom and dad voted for different people.
10:50 pm
maybe that unkept 'cause from yale will have to be dragged away from a protest to join the festivities, and perhaps grand dad will be wearing hi most fashionable trump attire, kind of like this lovely man. all of them either angry or excited. my advice, remain calm and refrain from doing this. >> don't jump, don't jump, don't jump. what is he doing? oh! oh! oh, he jumped! he jumped! dude! dude! >> not funny. goat depression is a serious thing. so any way, my solution, passing a bottle of wine with a straw and everything will be fine. all right. let's go -- do you think this is going to be a problem? >> no, i think they'll be a lot of awkward jokes, like i hope you made turkey great again, see
10:51 pm
who laughs and who doesn't. >> i thought that was funny. >> i didn't think it was funny. >> how about make america gravy it will be, like especially with young people, millennial and college types, in their cry rooms and they have to talk to uncle greg. >> if you don't get to make your grandma feel terrible. >> ridiculous. >> that's the beauty. i'm talking of it myself. you come home and you lecture people who have lived real lives, and you may have an uncle that paid for the military. >> you don't know anything about the world. >> i fought in world war ii. >> did you see the article in the "l.a. times" -- i read the articles that were in the e-mail. one of the e-mails, thanksgiving is not obi gotory.
10:52 pm
you never know when your grandma's last thanksgiving is coming. you can't handle people saying things you might agree with. i don't know if your drunk uncle starts screaming stuff that you hate, just start giggling in the corner. >> i'll never forget the last thanksgiving i had with grandma before i dumped her in the ri river. >> tyrus has known very frequently this was going to be someone's last thanksgiving. >> eigi've had eight years of p thanksgiving. it's about to get real at my house. that's the best thing about donald trump. he's in now, so i'm -- filter's off. why the hell you put olives in stuffing? there's no reason for it. torible. >> also it's really hard to get drunk on thanksgiving bautz you' -- because you're so full. >> you start drinking in the morning. >> first thing you don't, you don't eat in the morning. you watch first game. you just get your plate.
10:53 pm
you go back to the game, then you -- three meals. break it down between two football games and now because everyone has to watch the game, there's three football games now. >> do you know what i do? i just go to the garage. it's perfectly fine when family's over to go into the garage, rifle through the laundry, hang ought thert there cool, you can drunk. bring a radio. >> i didn't know you grew up in the soviet union. >> if someone at thanksgiving is becomi becoming intolerable, the solution is veryism simple and was pointed out, bacon. more bacon. that's going to do it. >> i hate our liking bacon is an entire identity now. it's fine. >> it's been around forever. it's not new. >> stick around we've got final
10:54 pm
thoughts up next. around, we go thoughts up next.
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>> we're running out of show, so we're running out of show. what you've wanted to say but haven't had a chance to say, so here's your chance right now. >> pete? >> on thanksgiving, by the way, i'm excited, the vikings are playing the lions. i would say -- is that what i really took my time for? no i'll just say it's fun to watch the left panic now. they're nominating cad ral congress machine f. they're going to appeal to america they're going to have serious problems. >> i'm speaking to you from a bunker deep beneath the core of the earth. i have a copy of the constitution and a bottle of whiskey. i also just want to direct you-all to a,
10:59 pm
where you can bay my book, negotiate times bestseller. >> congrats. thank you, you're very kind. and it's not william f. buckley junior giving his final summations on the great towering evil figures from johnny carson, to john lennon, to jerry garcia and makes a great christmas gift. >> glad you called it killing buckley. all right. >> tyrus. >> i'd just like to say, through my career, whether it was wrestling orien entertainment, e always been told no, but thank you to greg gutfeld. >> i know cat will keep from crying. >> i want to say just because i don't have a particularly friendly face does not mean i'm a very nice person. i'm a sweet little cupcake waiting for the chance to let someone let me love.
11:00 pm
>>. [ laughter ] >> thank you to pete, james, cathlen, our studio audience, greg gutfeld. i love you, america. president-elect donald trump mending fences with former foes as he works to building the administration. i am julie banderas p. this is the fox report. mr. trump holding meetings at his gulf club in new jersey with cabinet member and republicans. and one of the high lost anticipated meeting of the day. and mitt romney said when he critized trump openly in the primary and the president-elect gave the camera thumbs up and romney had this to say. >> very thorough and indepth discussi


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