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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 20, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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the load she's carrying. >> tweet us your hits and misses. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and thanks to all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot. i'll see you right here next week. a busy day for president-elect donald trump as he meets with possible appointees. >> topping the news this hour, live pictures now from bedminster, new jersey, where we're waiting for possible cabinet announcements as mr. trump and vice president-elect pence hold back to back meetings again today. >> and charles schumer is taking a stand on a range of issues as the chamber's top democrat. what that could mean for mr. trump's 100-day agenda. president obama meeting
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face-to-face with russian president vladimir putin for the first time since the election. what the two discussed and what it means for the incoming administration. the eyes of the nation and the world once going to focused on that now famous brown door at the main building at mr. trump's national golf club in bedminster, new jersey. we're now waiting a possible announcement of more high profile positions in the president-elect's administration today as more big names visited mr. trump for sit-downs with people who may be pointed to his administration. bryan llenas is live there. bryan, any closer to a possible contact pick? >> reporter: good afternoon, eric. the campaign says definitely possibly we should be getting
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perhaps some announcements of cabinet positions today. we've seen a half dozen people show up for meetings at his clubhouse. governor chris christie is now about to meet with mr. trump. this is what we usually see, potential candidates brought in. >> reporter: what do you hope to discuss with mr. trump today? mr. president-elect, is there a place for governor christie in your administration? >> he's a very talented man. great guy. thank you. >> reporter: what qualities of governor christie stand out for you? >> many qualities including smart and tough. see you later.
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>> reporter: and there you have it, what you guys saw there is exactly what weave been seeing all day, potential candidates coming in. mr. trump comes out every single time to address the cameras, pose for a photo, even answer a question that reporters throat out there. he'll say a few things. he'll kind of be snarky with the reporters, he's having fun with us, no doubt about it. it's clear that he wants people to see that they're coming in. it's a very active day today. besides governor chris christie the president has met with ari emanuel, a holiday reporter and a friend of donald trump's. he's a brother of rahm emanuel, mayor of chicago. wilbur ross jr. is a candidate to be perhaps the commerce secretary, somebody who is worth
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2.$9 billion in distressed assets. kris kobach may be his immigration adviser. he's met with somebody like peter kursnow, a civil rights attorney, a conservative african-american civil rights attorney today. the campaign has said sometimes he's meeting with people for innovative ideas, these meetings aren't necessarily interviews, they're conversations. the president-elect is enjoying these very much as he's going through the process, eric. >> bryan, it was interesting seeing mr. trump praise governor christie considering the fact that they've reportedly had a contentious relationship, because of course mr. christie was demoted to the number two positions in the transition team, there was speculation because of jared kushner, mr. trump's son-in-law whose father was prosecuted and put in jail
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for a couple of years, a couple of decades back by then-prosecutor chris christie in new jersey. meanwhile, rudy guiliani, former mayor of new york, a stalwart trump supporter, showed up today. >> reporter: that's right, the mayor did show up today, reporters asked him if he was being looked at as a possible secretary of state candidate. and mr. trump said yes, in fact he is, not only secretary of state, other positions as well for mr. rudy guiliani. there have been some concerns about a possible conflict of interest for the former new york mayor given that he has had foreign government contacts with qatar and things like that, also some concerns about the fact that he was for the iraq war. but he was here nonetheless to discuss possibly the secretary of state position, which we also know mitt romney yesterday is the other person being considered for that position. and back to christie, reince priebus today was all over the sunday shows, and he was talking about that. he spoke to our very own chris
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wallace about christie, about this idea that he was pushed out. take a listen. >> as far as being pushed aside, that is just not the case. the reality is that governor -- excuse me, vice president-elect pence is playing a lead role in the transition. he'll play a lead role on capitol hill. everybody loves him in the house and the senate. and so it was only natural for him to lead the process moving forward. >> reporter: so there you have it. right now we have a couple of candidates, things we've been hearing. the commerce secretary, we've been hearing about the department of the secretary of state. we'll be waiting now for four or five more meetings including robert johnson, b.e.t. ceo, as well as marine corps general john kelly. who knows, plenty of time still left for a possible cabinet announcement today or into tomorrow, which by the way texas governor rick perry will be meeting with president-elect
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donald trump tomorrow in new york city. that will be another meeting to look at, reuters reporting they're possibly looking tim as a defense, energy, or even veterans affairs secretary. >> bryan, just to point out, he's meeting with a lot of business leaders. ari emanuel happens to be the head of william morris, the famed hollywood talent agency. getting a lot of different advice from different ears. thank you, bryan. meanwhile democrats are now working to move forward after a tough election season ended. is promising to push ther chuck more progressive messages of the party's left wing and to fight any efforts to repeal obamacare and dodd-frank. take a listen. >> obamacare, he won't be able to do it. even he, after his meeting with president obama, said oh, i want
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to keep the good things. you can't keep the good things without repealing the whole thing. forget about revealing dodd-frank. >> pointed words from senator schumer. >> that's right, arthel. in addition to vowing to fight any attempt to repeal obamacare and dodd-frank, senator schumer said democrats would fight any supreme court nominee outside the mainstream. when questioned about a filibuster, here was his response. >> i did not say we would do it. i said we hope we won't get to it. >> you didn't say you wouldn't. >> we can split hairs. i did not say i was for it or that we should do it. >> senator schumer also laid out several issues where he believes mr. trump and democrats can work together. trade, infrastructure spending, and draining that swamp. he even went so far as to issue this challenge to the president-elect. >> we challenge him.
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you want blue collar voters, president-elect trump, because you happened to support a lot of democratic issues, don't break your promise to the blue collar voter. work with us. >> mr. trump must have been watching because shortly after that interview aired the president-elect praised senator schumer on twitter, quote, i've always had a good relationship with chuck schumer, he's far smarter than harry reid and has the ability to get things done, good news. here you have two new yorkers, both well-known for being outspoken, both media savvy. the question is will they be able to find common ground or will there differences be too much to overcome. they're talking nice right now, arthel, we'll see what happens when trump finally takes office. >> we'll be watching, as you will as well, thank you, kristen fisher, take care. a pretty interesting meeting today, president obama and russian president vladimir putin. that get-together only lasted about four minutes. the face-to-face happening on
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the sidelines of the asia pacific economic cooperation summit in peru. take a look at this video of the meeting as they both were standing there and talking right on the sidelines, pretty fascinating to see that. this happens to be their first known conversation since the election. the white house says mr. obama encouraged mr. putin to end the conflict in ukraine and keep working to stop the violence and suffering in syria, the overwhelming humanitarian crisis as russia and president assad's regime continue to bomb aleppo and other areas that critics have branded a war crime. president obama spoke again about the upcoming trump administration. >> i've done everything i can to facilitate a successful transition to the president-elect of the united states. as long as we keep our democratic systems open, then society has a chance to try something new and then it can make a decision and correct
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problems that they see in the future, and progress will continue. >> the president is also set to hold separate meetings with the leaders of australia and canada later today before wrapping up his final foreign trip as president. arthel? eric, a manhunt now under way in san antonio after an officer was shot and killed near police headquarters. the city's police chief saying the suspect pulled up behind a patrol car, walked up to the passenger window, and shot the officer inside. will carr is live from our west coast bureau with details. will? >> reporter: arthel, authorities are looking for that suspect right now as we talk. they say that it's clear that he targeted, that he gunned down this police officer on purpose this morning. it all happened right in front of police headquarters there in downtown san antonio. they say this police officer was in the middle of writing a traffic ticket when a dark colored car pulled up.
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the suspect, a blake male, 5'7", hoodie and baggy pants, walked up to the patrol car and fired two shots inside. the suspect took off and hasn't been seen since. police say the officer died a short time later. take a listen to the san antonio police chief. >> this is everyone's worst nightmare. everyone's worth nightmare. the officers on the department, family, people who support the police officers, it's everyone's worst nightmare. we never want to see anything like this happen. unfortunately, like dallas, like baton rouge, it's happened here. >> reporter: the mayor of san antonio tweeting "my deepest condolences to the family of the officer killed today and san antonio police. this type of crime cannot and will not be tolerated. i ask for the community's thoughtfulness and patience as the investigation continues and san antonio police continue to search for the suspect." the suspect is still on the run. his motivation is unclear but there have been anti-police
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sentiments across the country this year, five officers killed in dallas in july, three killed in baton rouge later that month. throughout the course of the year, arthel, more than 50 members of law enforcement have been gunned down in the line of duty, far more than the previous two years. >> condolences to the officer's family. will carr, thank you so much. >> absolutely. we're keeping a close watch, an eye on that door at the trump national golf course. right now the president-elect's team advising a possible cabinet announcement we're told sometime today. this is mr. trump right now, meeting behind that closed door with new jersey governor chris christie. also donald trump, as you have never seen him before, recounting the personal stories of cherished keepsakes he has acquired over the years. we're going to talk to tmz's harvey levin about his new special airing exclusively on the fox channel. g new cars.
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iraqi troops taking a slow and steady approach as they advance toward the center of mosul, trying to protect the 1 million civilians still living in the isis-held city. the special forces making progress even as they are hampered by sniper fire and suicide bombings.
1:18 pm
connor powell live from our middle east bureau with more. >> reporter: iraqi forces continue to make progress in and around mosul, taking new neighborhoods of the eastern part of mosul over the weekend. isis is fighting back, heavy fighting with snipers in different positions and also sending suicide bombers and car bombs to slow the iraqi advance throughout all of mosul and the surrounding areas. but also iraqi forces contending with the desperation of the hundreds of thousands of civilians that are still in mosul, fights breaking out between desperate and starving civilians has iraqi forces try to deliver food, water and supplies to the civilians being liberated in neighborhoods. this is one of the challenges that iraqi commanders highlighted, they point out they're soldiers, not humanitarian officials, and that dealing with this humanitarian crisis in mosul is something the
1:19 pm
iraqi military is simply not prepared for. this slows the iraqi advance, because not only are they dealing with snipers and suicide bombers but they're also having to deal with the humanitarian crisis. they are making a lot of progress. more and more territory is being seized from isis, particularly over the weekend, as these villages, these towns outside of mosul are falling. a key city outside of mosul is now in the hands of pro-government militia forces. so there is progress being made, arthel, but it is extremely tough going, very slow going. this is a fight that iraqi officials and western officials are saying is going to take months. it will take several more weeks if not through the end of the year, arthel. >> an unconventional battle for sure. conor, thank you so much for that update. eric? a much better person than me, i guess, in a lot of ways. >> why do you say that? >> he just had a tremendous
1:20 pm
heart. i have heart, i love people, but he had something that was very special. >> that's president-elect donald trump talking about the death of his older brother freddie who suffered from alcoholism and tragically died in 1981. he was only 42 years old. that was part of a revealing special airing tonight on the fox news channel, when mr. trump shows a side rarely seen as he shares personal stories and the meaning behind some of his prized possessions collected throughout his life. to tell us more about the show, "objectify donald trump," is the host, the famed founder of tmz, harvey levin. harvey, a heartfelt, personal look at mr. trump, i imagine that was your goal. >> that was the goal, eric. it was funny because we shot this in september, and it was really in the throes of a nasty campaign. the last thing i wanted to do
1:21 pm
was the 4,000th interview with him about policy, which is important, but i wanted to it a different side. by the way i reached out to hillary clinton too. she said no, he said yes to this. but the idea was to get a different dimension and to understand how a presidential candidate and now president-elect lives day to day, what is his life like, what's his life story, why is he the guy he is today. and i think that can best be told by stories that unlock a personality that developed from childhood to present. >> you talk about childhood to present, you're standing in front of the family portrait, and it has freddie and a lot of people didn't realize he had an older brother. let's listen to what he said in terms of his father sending him to the new york military academy to shape him up, and certainly what he went through. >> my father thought it would be good for discipline reasons.
1:22 pm
>> that's a pretty extreme thing, to send your kid away to upstate new york. what kind of discipline problems were you having? >> well, i was just somebody that was rebellious. >> did you resent your dad when he sent you? >> not at all. i understood. >> did he sit you down and say, here is why? >> he said, i want to shape you up. >> it seems like he was a rambunctious kid and that kind of helped. >> and that's one of the goals of this, was to kind of understand, look, nobody goes through life without problems and tragedies, and what i wanted to -- he presents himself as this supremely confident guy, and there has to be another side. my goal was to try and figure out if we could pierce that veil a little bit and understand why a dad would send a son hundreds of miles away to military school for five years. he had some issues. and he actually talked a little bit about what the problems were, that he was difficult in
1:23 pm
school, he was a discipline problem, with freddie, as you mentioned, freddie died young of alcoholism, i wanted to find out if donald trump was afraid that if he drank, which he does not do, if he drank, whether he would become an alcoholic. that's a tough thing for people to talk about and he actually did talk about it, he was surprisingly open about it. and that was the goal of this show, to go through objects in his home and use them as kind of the jumping off point to unlock the parts of his life that still resonate today. >> you know, you're sitting there at his desk, as a reporter covering him for 30 years i mean, he brings you in. despite the controversy about the press right now, he asks your advice. he is a ball full of energy, incredibly energetic, as you know, and he looks sometimes to us to bounce his ideas off many
1:24 pm
people. did you find that, did you find him remarkably open? because that is how i found him when you're with him one on one, without a camera. >> yeah, eric, look, i completely agree with you. i've known him for a fairly long time as well. but mostly as a reality tv star. i guess that's the way most of us kind of knew him, he was a businessman and a reality star until, you know, a year and a half ago. so, you know, that's how i knew him. and, you know, i never that you have him as a guy who was going to end up president, clearly. so that's kind of been my relationship the whole time, where he's very open. and i haven't seen that change. i think you're right, i mean, i think, you know, he asks -- it's not that he follows -- there are certain people who follow everybody's advice. the last person who speaks to you is the one you listen to. i don't think that's him at all. i think he takes it in, and ultimately he makes his own decisions. but he listens. and i have not seen a change in that from the guy that i knew a dozen years ago to the guy
1:25 pm
today. >> harvey, it was a terrific job, great to see you again. and i would urge people to tune in later on tonight because it does give you a very meaningful kind of emotional, personal insight. harvey, good to see you, thank you. >> good seeing you, eric. >> of course. you can watch "objectify: donald trump," hosted by harvey, 8:00 p.m. eastern time, only right here on the fox channel. >> very different take, nice job, harvey. one of the country's top intelligence officials could be removed from his position. there's a twist as he could still wind up in another top intelligence role next year. next, ambassador james woolsey weighs in on how ties between the united states and israel could change with president-elect donald trump in the white house.
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get paid twice as fast. visit quickbooks-dot-com. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. live pictures from the trump national government course in bedminster, new jersey, where we're awaiting word of a possible cabinet pick and other high ranking positions in the new administration. we've been told there will be announcements coming supposedly today. an air strike targeting the hard-hit city of aleppo, reportedly killing eight children today alone, raising the overall death toll to 300 since tuesday. the start of one of the heaviest bombardments in the six doct-ye civil war. former french president nicholas colas sarkozy has conc
1:31 pm
defeat in the country's primaries. the general election takes place next year. hard right contender marine le pen is raising some of the same themes that drove americans to vote for donald trump and brits to vote for brexit. as president-elect trump works to put together his cabinet, this weekend critics are asking whether his business dealings could create a conflict of interest with his duties there in the oval office. mr. trump also facing questions now about the role of his three oldest children and what they will play in the administration. >> i think what we have here is, it's truly a unique situation where you have an international businessperson that has done incredibly well in life, that is now going to work toward focusing 24/7 on being president of the united states and setting up a system, a legal system to shield himself from any and all conflicts. >> judy miller is here, an adjunct fellow at the manhattan institute for policy research, a
1:32 pm
pulitzer prize winning author and journalist and fox news contributor. let's talk about the challenges of business mowigul donald trum the challenges he faces to separate himself from his business holdings. >> right. well, this is really a political vulnerability for mr. trump. there's no doubt that legally he's entitled to run his business from the white house. but in terms of the practical political perception, this is a nonstarter. so he's got to find some way to separate out his business from his family, that because donald trump's business is family and family are a part of it, this is a real challenge. >> and judy, look at these live pictures there in bedminster, new jersey. president-elect trump shaking hands there with new jersey governor chris christie who went into that golf club there, just
1:33 pm
about at the top of the hour when we came on the air, governor christie getting into his vehicle, who it's been spoken about that he is up for the secretary of homeland security or perhaps secretary of commerce. the meeting lasting under just about 30 minutes. there are many people going in and out of the golf club today. >> the beauty pageant. >> i don't know if it's just a beauty pageant, some critics do say it's partly a beauty pageant, but it is time to get down for business, some of those people are up for serious consideration. >> we have yet to see this translated into actual picks. but it's good that he's meeting with a vied variety with a wide variety of people. >> we're talking about president-elect trump and his business holdings. he has said tt look, i may not put them into a third party trust, to a blind trust, but let my children run the business who are very capable of doing so. you were saying that doing that and not separating himself even
1:34 pm
through his children, that mr. trump could face battles in congress. >> absolutely. look, putting your holdings into a, quote, blind trust, means blind. it doesn't mean giving it to your children to run, because his children have been key advisers both in the campaign and in the transition. and so there's nothing blind about this. this will not fly. >> what does he do? >> look, "the wall street journal" said he's got to liquidate his holdings. i'm sorry, but the financial people i talk to in new york say that's impractical and unfair to mr. trump. you can't divest. he has holdings all over the world in all kinds of interests. you can't divest holdings like that in 70 days. we don't know enough about his financial situation to know how much he would have to pay in taxes. but that too would be a burden to him. no, i think he's got to really do a blind trust, that is, a third party who has no relationship to him or his
1:35 pm
family. >> take a look at this picture here for a moment, this is a live shot here, another business mogul himself, bob johnson, founder of b.e.t., which was sold to viacom for untold -- well, reported millions, i don't have that fact on hand so i can't give you figures, but bob johnson a very well-respected businessman, you saw him going in there with president-elect trump for a meeting. as you were saying, we're not sure what all of the meetings are pertaining to. it's kind of poignant or important as you or i talk about the fact that here we're talking about the business mogul donald trump, maybe, who knows, maybe he and bob johnson might talk about the very thing we're talking about, look, bob, i've got all these businesses, i can't get rid of it, it's not fair for him to liquidate them, what does he do? >> you really do have a blind trust. mr. trump is confused about what a blind trust is. he knows that a blind trust is not letting his children run his holdings, especially not when jared kushner, who is married to
1:36 pm
his daughter, is likely to be a key adviser in the white house. we've already had three instances of potential conflicts of interest. we had a meeting with indian business partners of his on tuesday that was reported only recently in "the new york times" and "the washington post." mr. trump has business arrangements with them. he had ivanka, the daughter, flashing her $10,000 bracelet. she was in the meeting, by the way, with the indians. >> as well as with prime minister shinzo abe from japan. >> absolutely. >> i want to touch on this quickly before we go. reportedly first lady to be melania trump is going to stay in new york, she's like, look, i've got a 10-year-old son, he's in middle school, she wants him to continue that education at least through the end of the school year. >> right. >> to stay in that same school on the upper west side. that means mrs. trump would be at trump tower. that means mr. trump, president
1:37 pm
trump, would have to go to trump tower often because his family is there. t a president's business is never done, his work is 24/7, that means president trump is doing business at trump tower. then do we get into the whole private server issue? >> we get into so many issues if mr. trump begins to view this job as monday through friday, 9 to 5, or if he brings his work home with him, because by the way, that would be an enormous expense for the taxpayer, because every time he moves, so much has to move with him. secure communications, for example. secret service. all the people and functions of government. not to mention the 1,000 or so extra policemen in new york who have to be assigned to patrol fifth avenue. this would be a nightmare for new york and for him. i understand melania trump's desire to keep her child in a school. but then i think they ought to
1:38 pm
go to him on weekends to avoid undue expense for the taxpayer. i mean, this is a very unusual job that he's beginning to do, and i think mr. trump has to make some adjustments. >> well, we will keep an eye on it. judy miller, thank you. and eric, perhaps bob johnson, eric, will be giving the president-elect some tips on how to handle some of these business holdings, who knows. >> he's a fellow billionaire, so we'll have to say. arthel and judy, thank you. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu offered best wishes to president-elect trump. we'll hear about his take.
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i'm here in bristol, virginia. and now...i'm in bristol, tennessee. on this side of the road is virginia... and on this side it's tennessee. no matter which state in the country you live in, you could save hundreds on car insurance by switching to geico. look, i'm in virginia... i'm in tennessee... virginia... tennessee... and now i'm in virginessee. see how much you could save on car insurance. or am i in tennaginia? hmmm... president-elect trump, my friend, congratulations on being elected president of the united
1:43 pm
states of america. you are a great friend of israel. >> that was israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, offering his hearty congratulations the day after the presidential election of donald trump. it's no secret the prime minister has had strains with president obama and his administration, especially over the controversial iranian nuclear deal. what can we expect will be different in the trump administration? joining us now is ambassador james woolsey, former cia director and senior adviser to president-elect trump. mr. woolsey, good to see you, thanks for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> if you were to look at one thing, what do you think will be the most important policy change we will see as it relates to israel? >> definitely the agreement with iran on nuclear weapons and nuclear technology. it's a terrible agreement. it's the worst i have ever come across in nearly 40 years of negotiating agreements with the soviets and so forth. i think anybody who brought that agreement back as something that
1:44 pm
was effective and verifiable would be laughed out of washington. the people who brought this one back should have been. >> president obama has said and his supporters that it stopped iran and will stop them from building a nuclear bomb, that they are constrained. your reaction? >> i think it's just fanciful. they can declare anything on the spur of the moment to be a military facility so it can't be inspected. if i'm an inspector, and before i get there they turn it into a military facility. they never disseminated all of the paperwork and copies of the treaty or agreement that had to be disseminated. the steps that are object littler to for us, payment of funds to banks, should never have been paid, and they can be stopped now. it is really a very, very bad and dangerous agreement because it lulls us into a false sense
1:45 pm
of security, and it's not going to be an effective constraint on the iranians. >> when i sat with prime minister netanyahu earlier this year, he was a voracious critic when he spoke to congress, but when he spoke to me he said let's wait and monitor, giving obama the benefit of the doubt. but look what's happened already, iran is cheating twice on the heavy water aspect. what will the trump administration do when faced with the situation the obama administration is facing right now, they may not be complying completely? >> the iranians never don't cheat. negotiations for them are not about a deal where there's a quid pro quo and each side goes away more or less satisfied. that's totally alien. from their point of view it's about dominance, it's about showing dominance.
1:46 pm
and this agreement, they are very pleased with, because they believe it shows their dominance. >> i uncovered a vote from vice president-elect pence, this is two years ago when as governor of indiana, this is what he said on a visit to israel. quote, israel is not just our strongest ally in the region, israel is our most cherished ally in the world. if the world knows nothing else, let it know this, america stands with israel, the most cherished ally in the world. reflect on that if you will. france is our oldest relationship, britain is very strong, but israel the most cherished. >> i think that's a good statement. i would put britain and israel together in that. i think that we're headed back toward the old days that some of us lived look at and worked on matters in the middle east, where the u.s. and israel worked very closely together and had one another's back. i think that's coming back
1:47 pm
again. it's excellent. and we hopefully will quickly get away from the obama administration's propensity to treat your friends like israel as enemies and your enemies like iran as friends. >> that interview was with "the jerusalem post" two years ago. it's fascinating to look back, because we're looking forward. ambassador james woolsey, former director of the cia, thank you for joining us. we're waiting for possible announcements from bedminster, new jersey. a live look at the door we've been keeping our cameras trained on, where president-elect trump is holding meetings with potential cabinet candidates behind closed doors. we're on watch for the latest developments. as soon as they happen, we'll bring it to you. vice president-elect mike pence is speaking out about the fallout from "hamilton," what he
1:48 pm
had to say about one cast member's critique. >> we hope you will work on behalf of all of us. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a tell or suicidal if ythoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache.
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>> vice president elect mike pence is taming the hamilton
1:52 pm
situation in stride responding to the flap saying "he wasn't offend by the comments directioned to him by a member of the cast after the friday night show." we have our reporter with more. rob? >> the president-elect trump is, the battle between donald trump and the cast most popular play hitting broadway continues. president trump was asked about it between meeting. [ inaudible ] >> it was very inappropriate. thank you. >> he said 15 minutes ago he was okay with a boycott of sores of the show. we will tack about that later. he tweeted this morning "the cast and producers of hamilton which i hear is highly overrated, should immediately apologize, the v.p. elect mike pence for their terrible behavior." >> on friday night, he attended
1:53 pm
"ham stop," greeted by boos and cheers and the acting playing aaron burr singled out the vice president elect. >> we are a divorce america alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. whoa! [ inaudible ] owe defend us and up hold our inalienable rights but we hope the show has inspired you to uphold our american values and work on behalf all of us. aural of us. >> today, he down plaid what happened after trump tweeted calling the move "harassment," and the cast "rude." >> this is a very disappointing time for people that did not see their candidate win in this national election. i know this is a very anxious time for some people and i want did reassure people that what president-elect donald trump
1:54 pm
said on election night, he absolutely meant from the bottom his heart. he is preparing to be the president of all of the people of the united states of america. >> he is trying to smooth things over here. and brandon dixon who plays burr said "conversation is not harassment, sir, and i appreciate mike pence for stop to listen." >> back to you. >> we will take it back, problem. >> we are still on cabinet watch as we have been all day. president-elect donald trump is meeting with the long list of political leaders and business leaders, as well, including chris christie and giuliani, and bob johnson founder of b.e.t. going through the door of advice and for some a door of tune we are told announcements are expected today. who will they be? when they come, we will have them. we have that next.
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of a different drummer... beat i say, i just dance. be up for anything with boost. it's intelligent nutrition. with 26 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. and i'm just getting warmed up. boost. be up for it. >> winter has snow falling across the country and creating dangerous situations in time for the holiday week with 20" of snow falling in parts of minnesota. it has created occasional driving condition with two people killed in car crashes. slick driving conditions also reported in northern california, look at that, several accidents were reported. no serious injuries. in michigan, there have been several more inches of snow but
1:59 pm
powerful winds are the concern. gusts are up to 50 miles per hour creating white-out conditions. this can play a major role in the weekend ahead with aaa saying a million more americans will travel this thangiving day than last year 48 million driving more than 50 miles. be careful fur driving. buckle up. driver safely. >> a united states veteran reunited with his pet chihuahua. >> sweetheart, awww my goodness. >> my gosh. world war ii veteran never thought he would see his lola again after she was snatched from the front lawn outside los angeles two weekends ago the 93-year-old posted signs around town offering a reward for the return and a stranger found lola and brought her back to where she longs. he said that she is the "love of his life." >> so glad. who would dare snatch lola?
2:00 pm
really? really? >> trump revolution hosted by bret baier is next. we will be back in an hour. stay with us. here at the fox news channel. pa other. ♪ >> when >> when mexico sends their people they are not sending their best we are bringing drugs, they are bringing crime, they they are rapists. >> the republican party is not dominating donald trump. >> this is a stunt for a century. >> overlooked americans were getting on board. >> we need someone to take a sledgehammer to this whole [ blank ] system. >> and in the end, donald trump beats odds. >> this is not about


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