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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  November 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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this is fox news and we're ro looking at bedminster, new jersey after a potential stream of job candidates filing in and out. big names, vying for a role in a trump administration. all of the meetings so far behind closed doors with the media just a few feet away and here is who we have seen on this sunday. former new york mayor, rudy giuliani and chris christie and noted investor wilbur ross. both mr. trump and vice president elect mike pence speaking out about other candidates for post, including secretary of state and secretary of defense. here is the president-elect just a few minutes ago. >> mr. trump, are you announcing any appointments tonight?
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>> well we made a couple of deals but we'll let you know soon. >> and let's get the news now from brian outside of the clubhouse. as we know here on the east coast, the sun falls out of the sky. it was not that long ago and now it is pitch dark and what does the word soon mean for these announcements. >> reporter: good evening, harris, president-elect donald trump and vice president elect mike pence did finish up seven hours of meetings with 12 candidates and we can tell you that president-elect trump came out and said he did make a couple of deals today and that announcement could be expected soon. it won't be tonight. but soon. before today's start of the campaign, well the trump team said that we could expect high possibility of announcements or cabinet nominations tonight into tomorrow. so i guess we all have to wait for tomorrow, back in manhattan, with the transition continuing there. now as for tonight, the last meeting was with john kelly, he
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is considered just highly regarded. 45 years as a marine corp general and in iraq and he served in vietnam, a big-time career. he is up for perhaps candidate for defense secretary going against somebody like general -- retired general jamed mattis who trump met with yesterday and tweeted today that he believes general mattis was the real deal, a general's general so we shall see who trump believes should be his secretary of defense. that really is how the night ended tonight, with that meeting with gem john kelly, harris. >> and just so people understand, we're talking just a few minutes ago we were getting word of the meeting with the general and those deals being made. talk about the deals and talk about the big names who were there today and maybe some of those who will be announced. >> reporter: well let's just set the stage for a second. we've seen the clubhouse here all weekend and essentially the candidates have been coming in for their interviews and donald trump comes out and he speaks with the press and he seems to
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be really be enjoying this process. he always comes out with the candidate and takes a few questions from the press and we did have big names, like governor chris christie who is a trump loyalist and somebody who, well, there are some questions as to whether or not he will actually be in the cabinet, given the fact he was recently ousted from his chair as the transition team and he may have fallen out of favor because of the bridge gate scandal. well the trump team today said that is not true and mr. trump today stood by his loyal friend. take a listen. >> he is a very talented man. great guy. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> many qualities. including smart and [ inaudible ]. >> still no word on what cabinet position might be available for a chris christie, but the mayor rudy giuliani was also here, another trump loyalist and he showed up here and president-elect trump said that
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mayor rudy giuliani is up for secretary of state. a candidate for that position. which puts him in line with somebody like governor mitt romney who was here yesterday as a candidate for that position as well. giuliani was here today, as i said, and again there are some questions whether or not he is available for that position or whether or not the trump campaign was worried about perhaps conflicts of interest because he had issues when it came to his own dealings, consultant dealings and consultant ties with foreign governments like qatar. and he met with billionaire wilbur ross, a candidate to become commerce secretary. mr. ross is said to be worth some $2.9 billion, according to forbes and trump today in front of the press said that he believed ross was a candidate for that position. trump also met with black entertainment television ceo robert jbs and his migrant secretary of state and david
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mccormick, a president of a hedge fund. harris. >> and in keeping with the latest theme of calling up the rivals, former texas governor and presidential candidate himself rick perry is scheduled for tomorrow to meet with donald trump. what have you learned about that? >> reporter: that is right. so president-elect trump had 12 meetings today and he is going to manhattan tomorrow and one of the meeting will be with rick perry. reuters reporting that the trump administration is looking to see whether or not perry could be good for energy secretary or perhaps defense or veteran affairs. again, interestingly about the energy secretary job, if you remember back in 2011, perry forgot the energy department when he was listing three departments that he thought he wanted to get rid of, so that is a bit ironic so he is meeting with the former texas governor rick perry tomorrow and we shall see what happens but the big headline here tonight is he has made a couple of deals and we could expect an announcement as soon as tomorrow. harris. >> brian, thank you very much.
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it sounds windy out there. i know we have a storm moving in here on the east coast. stay warm. in the fox interview, dr. ben carson is my guest live. and from the primaries, this rival turned confident to president-elect donald trump has been close to him, and it was big news a few days ago when dr. carson turned down a potential role in mr. trump's cabinet and for the first time i'll talk with how many how the transition team is coming together, what the administration might look like and what role he would like to play moving forward, if any. let's check in now on the democrats. as they are at a cross roads on pl capitol hill. republicans now controlling both the house and senate some democrats are vowing to fight president-elect donald trump tooth and nail on some proposals and others are finding some common ground. >> surprisingly, on several different issues, donald trump and his campaign echoed the views of democrats, not
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republicans. massive transportation bill, trade, getting rid of the carried interest loophole, cleaning up the swap. and on those issues where he agrees with us and the republican establishment and the hard right doesn't, we challenge him. work with us. and keep your promises to blue-collar america. i think blue-collar america voted for donald trump more on democratic issues than on republican issues which he pro fessed and we'll work with him on those issue. >> kristin fisher has more from d.c. did i catch that right. is he trying to borrow the language of clean up the skawam >> you heard it right. and this is something that chuck schumer said repeatedly today on fox news sunday and it depends on how much mr. trump sticks with campaign promises. remember all of the times on the campaign trail when candidate trump sometimes sounded more like a democrat than a republican, things like trade and infrastructure spending.
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well senator schumer is now challenging him to work with democrats on those very issues. >> on those issues, where he agrees with us and the republican establishment and hard right doesn't, we challenge him. work with us. and keep your promises to blue-collar america. i think blue-collar america voted for donald trump more on democratic issues than on republican issues which he professed and we'll work with him on those issues. >> well mr. trump seemed to like what he heard in that interview. he tweeted out, i've always had a good relationship with chuck schumer, he is far smarter than harry reid and he has the ability to get things done. and it is all warm and fuzzy but it will change after the two have to confront their differences and not just talk about them. >> lightning it will change right now. i want to ask about those differences that senator schumer is talking about. what are they. >> reporter: the senator said there are two nonnegotiable.
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if he tries to appeal dodd frank or if he tries to appeal obama care. >> obama care, he won't be able to do it because now even he, after his meeting with president obama said, oh, i want to keep the good things. well you can't keep the good things without keeping a.c.a. forget about repealing or modifying dodd/frank. >> one other issue where the senator said democrats would fight trump tooth and nail on is if he nominated someone to the supreme court who is outside of the mainstream. he hoped it won't come to the nuclear option of filibustering a nominee but wouldn't rule it out either. harris. >> there is a lot going on inside of the democratic party right now. the senator has won his leadership election but his counterpart nancy pelosi has not won hers and that challenger is speaking out. >> reporter: oh, yeah. "today" congressman tim ryan from ohio, he came out and he's really pinning the blame on pelosi for funding on fight for
4:10 pm
zika in running up to the election instead of focusing on jobs and the economy. >> we need a brand as a party that says we are the party that will help working class people, white people, black people, brown people, gay people, straight people, improve opportunity for them to grow their wages, to have security, economic security and we got off that message and when we don't talk about economics we lose elections. >> now house democrats delayed the elections until after thanksgiving giving ryan time to sweep in and steal the position pelosi has held for a decade. >> and you mentioned zika and god bless those who were affected, it did get a downgrade and that is in the news as well. >> that is great. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> well in the past hour you saw the live coverage of president barack obama wrapping up the apec summit in peru, the final
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summit as commander-in-chief and this made news earlier today. during a break and round table discussions president barack obama met privately with vladimir putin. they spent just a few minutes talking about ukraine and syria and then just a short time ago, the president addressed world leaders and took some questions at the economic summit. our own rich edson asked if he is worried he may be the last democrat president for a while? here is his answer. >> no, i'm not worried about being the last democratic president. i think -- not even for a while. i say that not being cute. the democratic nominee won the popular vote. and obviously this is an extremely competitive race and i would expect that future races will be competitive. i certainly think it is true that politics in america right now are a little up for grabs, that some of the old alignments
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within both parties, democrat and republican, are being reshaped. >> president obama is expected to depart peru for the united states later this evening. iraqi troops are fighting to defeat the islamic state savages. you know that. now they are faced with something else, if they try to retame the city of mosul. the latest challenges slowing down their progress. and this -- >> it was very inappropriate. thank you. >> president-elect donald trump with more tough words for the cast of hamilton on broadway for the comments they made directly to pike pence after a recent performance. and the new turn the feud is taking and the big fox interview tonight. "the fox report" talks with dr. ben carson live. online u.s. equity trades lower than td ameritrade, schwab, and e-trade, you realize the smartest investing idea isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with.
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has inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us. >> well those are the comments which started it all. president-elect donald trump is now repeated calls for the cast and crew of hamilton to apologize for what he calls harassment of vice president elect pike pence who was in the audience but trump's veep responded a bit differently today. >> i did hear what was said from the stage. and i could tell you, i wasn't offended by what was said. i'll leave to others whether that was the appropriate venue to say it. >> rob schmidt, it seems that mr. trump actually is not letting this go any time soon. he's been tweeting. >> and it was a strange night at the theater. really, to see something like that happen, a lot of people taped it. the battle between president-elect donald trump and the cast of the most beloved play on broadway does continue. and late this afternoon mr. trump was asked about it between cabinet meetings over at trump
4:17 pm
national golf club in new jersey. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> it is okay with me. >> mr. trump tweeted out this morning that the cast and producers of hamilton, which i here is highly overrated, should meetly apologize to mike pence for their terrible behavior. he is not happy, on friday night he attended hamilton greeted by boos and cheers as well as he walked in. and as the show was ending, the actor playing aaron burr read that prepared note that we just heard off the top, singling out the vice president, of course. >> so maybe to account for the differences, here, in tone, the vice president seeming to want to smooth it all over and perhaps, as you and i were just talking off camera briefly because i brought up the fact that maybe he knew he was walking into the mouth of the lion if you will and just let it go. it doesn't seem to bother him. >> and if you know what that play is about, you have to suspect something like that would happen. but on fox news sunday he did down play what happened after
4:18 pm
mr. trump tweeted yesterday calling the move harassment and calling the cast rude. >> you know, when we arrive, we heard a few boos and we heard some cheers and i nudged my kids and reminded them that that is what freedom sounds like. >> well pence has already been praising the performance of this sold-out show that has been sold out for a couple of years now. meanwhile brandon dixon who plays aaron brur responded to the tweet saying conversation is not harassment sir, and i appreciate mike pence for stopping to listen. >> so now it is about that actor. i had forgotten that vice president elect pence had his family with him. and it wasn't just inside of that theater. he walked outside and on the streets of new york there were people who were booing and he's probably having to do a lot of that kind of, well this is how it is. >> and it sounds like he handled it there and he stood there and listened to it and cordial and compliments the show after. >> class act. good to see you.
4:19 pm
and by the way, your first time here with my on fox news sunday. it is wonderful to have you. thank you for the great reporting that you do. well should facebook crack down on fake news. kraeb mark zuckerberg is addressing the topic at the a peck summit and we'll tell you what he said about it. and is the head of the nsa in hot water with president obama. a little late. but will he shake up his campaign. where admiral mike rodgers could be in danger of losing his post.
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right now, authorities have
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identified a san antonio police officer who was killed during a traffic stop. detective benjamin marconi was on the force 20 years and writing a traffic ticket in his squad car when somebody pulled up behind him and walked over to his driver's side window and shot him twice in the head. authorities have not yet identified a suspect. but they say they do not believe they had any connection to the driver who was originally pulled over. authorities are releasing a picture of the suspect's car at this point. they describe it as a threat to both police and the public. the person that they are after or people they are after and they have advised officers not to make traffic stops alone. so they are going to double up from here on out. also right now, reports president obama may be weighing major shake-up in his administration. we're told it could be the removal of admiral mike rogers as head of the nsa. this after a number of top intelligence officials reportedly complained about rogers performance.
4:24 pm
here is garrett tenny with the news. >> this is a peculiar spot for the admiral mike rogers with boss of his bosses -- both of his bosses telling president obama he should be removed from his post. "the washington post" reports that recommendation was sent to the white house last month by ash carter and the director of national intelligence, james clapper who jointly oversee the nsa. sources say carter is disappointed with the lock of progress they have made in the cyber offensive against the islamic state but they believe it should be headed by a civilian and not someone with an extensive milt background such as rogers. this morning nova scotia quickly cut off a reporter who was trying to ask about this court. >> i am just not going to go down this road and comment on anything in the media. i'm accountable for my actions, i certainly understand that. it is not appropriate for me. and if anybody else wants to go
4:25 pm
down and you are fine to ask but i'm going to give you the same answer. >> and it is news that he is also one of president-elect's leading candidates to become the next director of national intelligence. rogers met with mr. trump on thursday at trump tower and reportedly ruffled a lot of feathers in the obama administration by not telling any of his superiors about that meeting beforehand. late yesterday congress devon nunez sent a letter to both ash carter and james clapper praising rogers and requested that they appear before his committee to testify on this report before the end of the year. harris. >> garrett, thank you very much. and as we went live about 25 minutes ago, president-elect trump had just wrapped up his final meeting of this busy sunday in new jersey. he is headed back to trump tower in manhattan right now and meeting with potential cabinet members new announcements on his administration could come as soon as tomorrow. the president-elect's former rival dr. ben carson now seated live for this piece. and he'll have his reaction for
4:26 pm
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4:30 pm
including supporters governor chris christie and former new york mayor rudy giuliani. and mr. trump met with noted billionaire investor wilbur ross and the fox report interview tonight is with former republican presidential candidate ben carson. you dropped news on us recently when you said you would not take a job in president-elect trump's cabinet. and weather to "fox report." and before we get to mr. trump in new jersey and new york, why did you make that decision? >> well, you know, we're in a very tenuous time in our nation right now. just because the election is over, doesn't change the fact that we have an extraordinarily biased media, we have wedges being driven between lots of different groups and we're in the process of destroying ourselves for lack of unity. and i think it is really important that people be out there addressing those issues in a very positive way. and trying to help heal the
4:31 pm
nation and bring it back. and also, providing feedback to the president and to the administration about some of the things that are going on out there that you might not necessarily be able to appreciate from inside of the bubble. so i didn't 100% say i would never serve, i just said that my preference would be to stay outside. >> oh, well that is a nuance and some news on this sunday night, dr. carson. so then, from what you just said, going to think that there was a discussion with the president-elect. so i'm going to ask you about that now and what you think it could look like if you are not 100% against taking a job with the administration. >> well, basically, i've said, you know, my preference is to be outside and to act as an adviser. but if, after going through the process, you know, they all conclude that it would be much better to have me in the
4:32 pm
cabinet, i would have to give that very serious consideration. it is just not my preference. >> is there anything in particular -- and i mean, i know a lot of people would point to obama care and health and human services, they would point to some avenues that they feel that it would fit what you do as a former brain surgeon but is there someplace where you feel like, yes, i do have something to say? >> well, there is no question that i have very strong opinions about health care and how it should be returned to the private sector, and the patients and the physicians should have a quality experience, not the forced into something. and i feel very strongly about education. i mean, you educate people and you give them the keys to freedom. and it doesn't matter where they came from or what their background is, they write their own ticket. and we've fallen woefully in that area from where we used to be.
4:33 pm
we used to be the envy of the world when it came to public education and now we've allowed that to slip from us and we're suffering the consequences, because our founders said that our system and our freedom is dependent upon a well-educated and informed populous, and if they ever become other than that, we're in great danger of losing it. >> wow, powerful words and when i announced on twitter on the show that you were coming on and people miss your voice and they don't want your voice to go away and in this whole thing and you ran for president so maybe some unfinished business there and i'm curious about whether you would consider running again? >> um, i didn't want to run this time. so if you could imagine -- >> i remember you did say that and then you stuck around for a while. and you did well for a while, too. >> yeah. but, you know, i tend to, you know, pray and ask god to give me wisdom. i listen to my fellow citizens.
4:34 pm
and i try to do what i have been quipp equipped to do. my goal is not to have a fancy title or a fancy position. my goal is to save this place for our children. you know, my entire medical career was spent saving the lives of children. what good does to do to work so hard to preserve them and then put them back into an environment that is rotten. we have to create the right kind of environment and we have the ability to do that. we, the american people, are not each other's enemies. the people who who are trying to divide us, those are our real enemiesch and we have to begin to understand that if we are going to survive and thrive. >> i don't want to miss the opportunity to talk with you about racial diversity right now and what is happening in our streets and you saw with vice president elect at the production of hamilton here in new york on broadway, some is of the response of the people of color and the cast and you heard some boos and some cheers but boos on the streets of
4:35 pm
manhattan. where do you think our country is right now where president-elect donald trump in the white house and where do you want to see us get to? >> well, i would like to see us have the kind of presidential leadership that tries to foster peace, that doesn't, you know, sort of help to stir the flames of division, but does everything they possibly can to help us realize that we have much more in common with each other than we do the things that separate us. and i think we're going to get that with the new administration. and i think people need to realize that this is a matter of philosophy. i don't think that president obama is necessarily a bad person. i just think that he has extremely different philosophy than the people who founded this nation. so we just need to understand that we have differences of that type. we need to be able to sit down and discuss them and get engaged in civil discussion as opposed
4:36 pm
to getting in our separate corners and demonizing each other. that is not accomplishing anything. and the people who are out there protesting about the election, please tell me how that is helping the situation. >> i would ask many of them if they voted and what kind of skin they have in the game in terms of that -- actually going to the polls. i think it would be a fair question but we'll move on from that point. >> absolutely. >> and to stick with diversity for just a second, you bring that piece to the puzzle for the president-elect if you become part of his team. how important -- and we do know that he met with the chairman of b. b.e.t. today but how important is it that he put together a cabinet, a transition team and an administration reflective of what we all look like. >> i think it is critical. because, you know, certain elements of our society feel that they haven't been given a fair shake and we need to do everything we could to disabuse them of that notion. and the things that donald trump
4:37 pm
has been talking about in terms of the inner city and inner city problems, these are heart felt. we've been talking about this for many, many months. and i think the inner city community is going to see some real action this time. it is not going to be what they've seen for the last 50 years. but there is no question that in terms of the leadership, we need to have diversity, we need to have different points of view. it always adds a lot to the discussion. >> all right. you know, diversity can take many forms so let's talk about it in the sense of the rivals. and reince priebus has said this today and then i want to get your reaction. let's roll. >> president-elect trump said to all americans, no matter who you are, your race, gender or background, look, i want to lead all of you and i want to make all of you proud of the work we're doing and he wants to be a president forever all peop all . so he is bringing america together. that is what happened yesterday with governor romney coming in
4:38 pm
and bringing people that were once rivals and saying let's lead together and talk about the future of our country. >> and there is not even criticism but talk that mr. trump may not be genuine when he said he wants to bring the rivals on and some of the names that have been tossed out there, mitt romney and they say ideologically on things like russia and foreign policy very different but possibly secretary of state would be the role he would play, potentially. and then you've got senator ted ted cruz and that not -- ted cruz, and that got nasty and then what are your thoughts about bringing on the people that competed first and now are part of the conversation? >> i think it is a wise thing. i think it is a genuine desire to hear what they have to say, what their opinions are. even the people who were never trump, like romney, you want to understand from them why they were never trump.
4:39 pm
and have the things that caused them to adopt that philosophy changed. and if they haven't, what can be done to make them change. that is what wise people do. listen careful and evaluate and that is what he's doing. >> i've heard you talk about -- actually when you were on the stump running for president you would talk about this idea that wisdom is needed today. as you look toward inauguration day, january 20th, just coming up, it is coming around the corner, what are some of the things that you think that america should look for in terms of change in this country and that they should be excited about? because there are some people who say we don't know what we are going to get. some are worried, some voted for him and some didn't. >> i think people are going to be very surprised. you know, as an example, some people were almost gleeful thinking there could be a huge drop in the stock market when donald trump was elected.
4:40 pm
there was an initial drop but quickly people realized this is a good thing and this guy wants to reform our tax code and make it fairer and get rid of the strang you'll ating regulations and those are the things that have created this horrible environment. they say it is the new normal in terms of the economics, there is nothing normal about having the government involved in every aspect of your lives and having the highest tax rate, so close to the highest tax rates in the world without providing all of the services that a lot of those countries have. that doesn't make any sense. so you know, looking at that and looking at the fact that we have 645 federal and sub agencies and many of them stumbling over each other and massively growing, dealing with that like a business. you know, donald trump was criticized a few weeks ago by his rival for opening the new hotel and in washington, d.c. ahead of schedule and under budget. well of course they criticize that because they don't know what those words mean. but we have to get to a point where we do understand what they mean because this is america and this is what we do.
4:41 pm
>> all right. i want to hold you over for just a couple of minutes if you could stay with us because i want to ask you about what the president-elect should do with the media now. it is a contentious and sometimes romantic and sometimes like a divorce between some of the mainstream media and this president-elect. stay with us. ben carson, next. when i was te kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me that i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me
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the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at we're back with the "fox report" report with dr. ben carson. before we went to commercial break, i asked you how president-elect donald trump should go forward with some of the mainstream media. it has been kind of a ruckus ride at times with him. what would you suggest? >> well, i think -- i would call for the media themselves to maybe have a national summit. and they need to talk about what is the role of the media. and why is it that the media is
4:45 pm
the only business that is protected by our constitution. they are supposed to be on the side of the people, they are not supposed to be distorting the information that they give in order to put forth a particular view point or an ideology and that is what they are doing. and then they need to come up with some rules. and they need to abide by those rules. and we need to make those rules public, because i think of them don't even know the rules any more. and that's why they act the way they do. >> and does the president-elect or somebody from his team, would you volunteer to go -- who should be there with the media, do you think? >> i would -- i would be happy to work with them. every time i see a young journalist anywhere, i talk to them about the role of the media. and i say, maybe you can be the new wave. you can bring some integrity back to honorable profession and it can be done and it must be done. because it is essential to the well being of our country. >> look, it is interesting.
4:46 pm
it is obviously a conversation going on. "the new york times" said it will rededicate itself to journalism and i still have yet to figure out what that means but it is interesting to see what shapes up going forward. and you see iraq trying to help the troops take back the city of mo out the islamic state savages and they are going to their nesting hole in raqqa, syria, and maybe we could get there there but in the meantime, it is looming and we have russia, who do you like as secretary of defense that you heard about. we have general mattis who is mentioned and who do you like in particular? >> well, general mattis is terrif terrific. i think david pet rayus is a genius when it comes to military strategy and warfare and what i would do is bring in those kinds of individuals and if they don't want the job, certainly pick their brains about who do they think, if they were making the decision, who would they put in
4:47 pm
there. i think that is how we multiply our wisdom in that area. and i'm very glad to see the push in a is going on right now. i was talking a year ago about raqqa and why were we not doing something. this craziness. but at least better late than never. >> the president a short time ago at his last international summit as commander-in-chief said he didn't have a lot of optimism with regard to syria. we'll have to see what the new ideas bring as we face that continued civil war there and isis on the ground. dr. ben carson, always good to see you. thank you for being part of the "fox report" interview on this sunday. have a good night. >> thank you, harris. next, the fight, let's keep it on this, then. the fight in mosul, the factors slowing down the coalition of forces, we are part of that as we work to liberate mosul from isis. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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the human catastrophe into syria saw a new chapter, heavy bombing took the lives of seven children. witnesses report a barrel bomb struck a school in eastern aleppo filled with chlorine gas and killed the students as well as the teacher. several other air-strikes have targeted hospitals since friday. human rights activists say the syrian government, the government there, is likely behind the strikes. well next door in iraq, iraqi forces hit some stumbling block in the hit of mosul. they are being slowed down by isis savages and those caught in the cross fire. >> the iraqi military continue their advance against isis in mosul this weekend. with special forces troops
4:52 pm
retaking several neighborhoods in the eastern part of the city, but desperate and war-weary civilians are slowing the offensive. iraqi commanders say fights over food and medical supplies have also broken out between starving civilians who have lived under isis's brutal regime for nearly two years. some 50,000 people have escaped mosul in recent weeks but hundreds of thousands more remain trapped between the advancing iraqi troops and isis fighters. as iraqi forces consolidate their gain, they are also being attacked by suicide bombers and isis snipers. tensions are also rising between the different ethnic groups fighting isis, iraq shia government calling on the peshmerga to hand over the territory they've received to iraqi military. and shia militia are being urged to withdraw from telefar to
4:53 pm
prevent possible sectarian blood shed. harris. >> thank you. new efforts to clean up misinformation. come on -- fake news on social media. mark zuckerberg spoke in peeru and acknowledged the role social media plays in election and stresses importance of more people being online to improve global living standards. we have more. >> zuckerberg said the company is working to weed out hoaxes and other misinformation after facing criticism for failing to stop the spread of phony news articles into the run up to the presidential news election. >> we have a fundamental choice in how we choose to address this inequality. >> addressing the asia pacific summit in peru, the founder acknowledged the role of social media in election and the responsibility such sites have in ensuring accuracy and fa fairness on the internet. >> we can work to give people a voice, but we also need to do
4:54 pm
our part to stop the spread of hate and violence and misinformation. we can build artificial intelligence to fight terrorism, but we also need to make sure that we protect people's privacy. >> zuckerberg urged world leaders to help the company to get more people online saying it will reduce income inequality and raise living standards. >> if you take a country that has half of the population connected, you connect the other half, you can increase gdp by as much as ten points. >> in a new post he outlined his plan of attack against fake news, including warning labels on false stories and working with journalists to develop bet fact-checking systems. facebook is hardly the only company struggles to address the spread of fake news. this week google took steps to stop creators of fake news from making money off of their ad services. in los angeles, will carr, fox news. president-elect donald trump is headed back to new york city
4:55 pm
right now after a busy weekend in new jersey. his golf course there, trump national. mr. trump nailed down key points in his administration and he said tonight that he made a couple of deals and he's going to talk about them. we'll take a look at the week ahead on the schedule for the president-elect. ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. marie knows that a any occasion feel more special. so she makes her pie crust from scratch. and sprinkles on brown sugar streusel. so that you can spend more time making special moments... ...with your family. marie callender's. it's time to savor. cartels, militias, terrorist groups. they all need a place to park their cash and cherna is their dirty little piggy bank. we're going to insert into the country while nobody is looking. we're going to steal their money, sir? no, we are going to destroy it.
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and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. let's do fox fast forward, and looking ahead to the big stories coming up this week. monday president-elect donald trump is set to meet with rick perry, former texas governor and former presidential candidate. you may remember early in the race perry called mr. trump a quote, cancer on conservatism and we'll be watching very closely that meeting to see if
4:59 pm
there might be a role for rick perry in a trump administration. what would it be. we'll report the news if it happens. after a long day of meetings in bedminster, new jersey, at the trump golf club and 12, including chris christie and former new york mayor rudy giuliani making news on this sunday, mr. trump also met with the noted billionaire investor wilbur ross. those meetings just wrapped up an hour ago and he's headed back to manhattan. and tuesday president obama awarded the presidential medal of freedom for the final time. 21 recipients include kareemar dual jabar and ellen and others. this is the highest honor for civilians. it is a busy hour. glad you are with us for this "fox report." on this sunday, november 20th, 2016, i'm harris faulker. thank you so much for watching, i'll be back after the holiday. have a wonderful, safe and blessed thanksgiving.
5:00 pm
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