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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 21, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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♪ oh, we saw some snow here over the weekend. christmas-like. christmas balls out in new york city this morning. good morning, everyone. you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. blustery, cold monday morning. >> snow on the rooftops here in new york city. i'm heather childers. thank you so much for starting your day with us. let's head straight to that troubling fox news alert. officers ambushed. a manhunt under way right now in san antonio for the gunman who murdered a police officer in cold blood. >> hundreds of miles away in st. louis another officer clings to life after he, too, was ambushed in a deliberate attack. >> kelly wright is here with us live with the breaking details. good morning. >> good morning. let's get right to it. a difficult and tragic day for law enforcement as two police
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officers are gunned down while sitting in their patrol cars in two separate incidents. a st. louis police sergeant and 20-year veteran of the force ambushed while sitting in traffic sunday night. the shooter pulling up alongside of his marked police cruiser, and firing two shots at the sergeant's face. law enforcement tracking that suspect down and killing him in a shoot-out overnight. the officer, while being ambushed, not going down without a fight. he's in critical condition. but is expected to survive. >> this officer was a husband, he is a husband, he has three children, he is protecting our streets, he was shot twice in the face without provocation. he didn't deserve this. he was targeted because he was a police officer. this tells you how dangerous of a job it is and tells you how much we have to appreciate our police officers. >> and in san antonio, texas, tragedy strikes when a 50-year-old detective benjamin marconi is shot and killed during a traffic stop right in front of police headquarters.
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a suspect ambushing the veteran officer in broad daylight pulling up behind in what police believe is this black sedan. then walking up to the detective marconi's window and opening fire. >> there's obviously times in a community's life where people touch you, but make no mistake about it, when you execute an individual in cold blood, there's no justification. >> san antonio police say they are questioning a person of interest but their fierce manhunt is still very much under way. they're asking for help identifying the person you see in this picture, believing he may have information on the murder of officer marconi. and heather and clayton, the officer in st. louis, by the way, had presence of mind to call 911 to get help for himself even after being shot. >> hmm. certainly hope that he's going to be okay. our prayers go out to him. >> thanks, kelly. today, president-elect donald trump's transition team heads back to new york city.
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looking to fill those coveted cabinet positions. mr. trump packing his schedule with interviews, as we learn that he could call on some formal rivals to serve. kristin fisher joins us now from washington, d.c. with more on those potential picks. good morning kristin. >> hey, heather. the big news from over the weekend is we learned definitively that mitt romney is being considered for secretary of state. romney kicked off this parade of potential cabinet members and senior advisers who came to trump's private golf club in bedminster, new jersey, to meet with the president-elect. now, of course, everyone wanted to know if any apologies were finally going to be exchanged after romney had called trump a fraud and trump called romney a choke artist during the campaign. but we don't know what was said. now, another candidate for secretary of state who just met with mr. trump is rudy giuliani and as he was arriving at bedminster yesterday he was asked about his chances, and here was his response. >> -- for secretary of state? >> i'm working on that cold and
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trying to figure out how the wind is blowing. >> -- secretary of state? >> and other things. and other things. >> now another big name to emerge this weekend is retired marine core general james matous as a candidate for defense secretary. over the weekend trump called him the real deal and a true general's general. as for when trump would announce his next cabinet or senior adviser pick, all he would say shortly before he left bedminster bound for new york last night is soon. >> mr. trump are you announcing any appointments tonight? >> well we've made a couple of deals but we'll let you know soon. >> today mr. trump is expected to meet with another one of his primary rivals, former texas governor rick perry. he's rumored to be in the running possibly for energy secretary. hard to believe, though, since he once called trump a cancer on conservatism. heather? >> yeah, how do those meetings, all the yelling back and forth -- >> it's got to be a little
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awkward. politics. >> you called me what? kristin, thanks. >> thanks, kristin. president obama returning home overnight from his final trip overseas, closing out his farewell tour in peru. the president giving the world a glimpse of his life after the white house, saying he will step aside quietly. but admits there is a limit to his silence. he says if president-elect trump breaches certain values or ideals. >> that it's necessary or helpful for me to defend those ideals, then i'll -- i'll examine it when it comes. >> the president also meeting face-to-face with his russian president -- with russian president vladimir putin and encouraging him to end the ukrainian conflict. the rare conversation lasting just four minutes. >> wow. short conversation there. now weather for you, the northeast feeling its first deep freeze of the season with temperatures plunging into the 20s. >> the cold front bringing snow and wind gusts up to 50 miles
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per hour. >> meteorologist here with what we can expect so janus, week up to rooftops covered in snow after 60 degree weather the day before. >> well, welcome to my world. >> what in the heck is going on? >> well, it's almost the end of november, getting into december, and christmas is just around the corner. so we have to make it feel like that, right? i mean we have been very lucky. we've been really lucky. 20 to 30 degrees above average. well look at the map right now. tampa, 46 for you. temperature drop of about 20 degrees across florida. 23 in minneapolis, 24 in chicago, and with those winds howling, we have a windchill factor, as well. looking at the past 24 thursday there's a storm system that brought some snow across the northeast kind of lingering over the eastern great lakes up towards new england. so, we're going to watch that. as far as forecast snowfall goes, the eastern great lakes, that's where we're going to see the heaviest snow fall up towards new england. but otherwise, a clear, blustery day for the northeast.
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we are watching travel troubles this week, tuesday and wednesday, of course the biggest travel week of the year, as this area of low pressure moves up towards the midwest and the great lakes spreading rain and snow and we actually could potentially see severe weather. so this is the system we're going to watch heading into tomorrow, wednesday and turkey day. we actually might have rain on the thanksgiving day parade i'm sorry. there i'll see what i can do. but it is that time of year. >> thank you so much, janice. >> of course. well, some other news headlines for you. a frantic search for missing woman under way right now as her suspected kidnapper refuses to talk. washington state police say that a woman snatched 69-year-old sandra harris from her home on friday morning demanding cash for her return. well police set up a money drop and arrested 49-year-old teresa wiltsy but she's refusing to help them find harris. investigators say that the woman -- or the women know each
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other somehow but they're not related. new overnight tensions reach a boiling point as police and protesters clash over the dakota access pipeline. hundreds of people setting fires and trying to push past police barricades. demonstrators fear a leak in the pipe wooin could contaminate the area's water supply. police forced to use water cannons, pepper spray and rubber bullets in what's being called on ongoing riot. at least one person arrested overnight. just call him the comeback kid. tony blair looking to enter the political arena once again. the embattled former british prime minister said he's searching for office space near his staff near westminster to be near the center of politics. british politics. now blair, a staunch remain supporter is looking to be a player in the upcoming brexit negotiations. racing in to the record booms, jimmie johnson wins his seventh nascar championship. >> jimmie, you are the champion. >> johnson holding off defending
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champion kyle busch for a come from behind win at homestead miami speed way. he started the race at the back of the field and only started leading with three lapse to go. he ties dale earnhardt sr. and richard petty for the most sprint cup titles ever won. >> big nascar fan? >> i used to race around my neighborhood. >> really? >> pretending that i was-yeah, back in the day. >> i used to work at nascar for a little bit. so congratulations to him. time now is nine minutes after the top of the hour. just in time for the holiday rush a popular toy is pulled from the shelves because it can explode. >> you don't want that on christmas morning. he was booed and lectured after showing up at the broadway show "hamilton." some people think he was lectured. this morning vice president-elect pence responds to the drama. and in one town, dropping holidays like columbus day. wait until you hear what pc police is proposing now.
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well vice president-elect mike pence was booed and cheered at the same time the other night when he went to see the broadway show "hamilton" with his family. but president-elect donald trump isn't putting up with it, tweeting this the other day. the cast and producers of hamilton, which i hear is highly overrated should immediately apologize to mike pence for his behavior. this morning we have mike pence's response. >> on friday night mr. pence attended "hamilton" with his daughter and other family members and as the show was leaving the actor aaron burr read a prepared statement --
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>> we are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. or planet, our children, our parents, or defend us as uphold our inalienable rights sir. but we truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our american values. >> on sunday mr. pence downplayed what happened. >> i know this is a very disappointing time for people that did not see their candidate win in this national election. i know this is a very anxious time for some people, and i just want to reassure people that what president-elect donald trump said on election night, he absolutely meant from the bottom of his heart. he is preparing to be the president of all of the people of the united states of america. >> after mr. trump tweeted calling the move harassment and calling the cast rude the actor in question, brandon dixon, who played aaron burr responded by tweeting, conversation is not harassment, sir, and i appreciate mike pence for stopping to listen. mr. trump is not the only one
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upset over friday's theater confrontation. even a member of bruce springsteen's e street band, guitarist steven van zandt got on twitter and said it's inappropriate to call out an audience member and embarrass him from the stage. that's interesting because springsteen actually campaigned hard for hillary clinton, joining her onstage and is a very outspoken critic of donald trump's. rob schmidt, fox news. >> a lot of responses continue to roll in on that one. rapper kanye west going on another bizarre tirade. west abruptly storming off a california stage after just three songs. >> well, that's all that. he canceled his next shows.
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"l.a. times" reporting that kanye also nixed the rest of his tour dates. oh. >> well music's biggest stars under one roof for last night's fan voted american music awards, bringing no shortage of drama, glam and politics. >> jay pharaoh and gigi hadid feeling the heat. >> tonight we find out how you chose to win. >> tonight we do not have to deal with the electoral college. i love my husband. president barack obama. >> i love uptown funk. it was totally around me. it was originally called uptown trump. i'm going to bust this country up bigly. >> green day then taking the stage with a political message of their own. ♪ no trump >> well mark cuban and adina menzle mocking vice
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president-elect's less than welcoming americans at broadw broadway's "hamilton." >> what are you looking forward? >> not being invited to the inauguration is a good start. >> i was afraid scary theater people would be invited to the inauguration. i love you "hamilton." >> selena gomez taking one of the night's biggest prizes and taking a brave comeback following a brief break from show biz. >> i had everything, and i was absolutely broken inside. and i kept it all together, and i swear i would never let you down but i kept it too much together before i let myself down. >> arianna grande, justin bieber and drake also winning big. >> >> talking about this this morning, are these the right platforms for performers to make political statements? logon to "fox & friends first." #keeptalking. >> will be interesting to see
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what the ratings are for that. >> does anyone watch those? i don't know. >> i don't know. kind of expect it's going to become political at this point. the time now is about 17 minutes after the top of the hour. mitt romney is being looked at as a serious candidate for secretary of state. >> we had a -- a far-reaching conversation, we look forward to the coming administration. >> but, how would his state department compare to one of say former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. our political panel will weigh in. >> and could trump tower trump the white house? what we just learned about our next first lady's living arrangements.
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after a marathon weekend of meetings, president-elect donald trump preparing to fill his cabinet and team. retired general james mattis, mitt romney, and steve mnuchin all said to be eyed for some top roles. so how would all of this play out? joining us now, democratic strategist chuck rocha and washington examiner political reporter, thank you so much for joining us this morning. nice to have you both with us. >> good morning, heather. >> thank you. >> let's go through this one by one. let's begin with general james mattis. and i'll get your response first, gabby. so what do you think about him in that role? he's being looked at as possibly running for the department of defense. >> right. well you know, he's a highly respected general in the military community. always had the respect of the marines that he led. and what's really interesting about this is that he was once floated as a potential third party challenger to donald trump by the anti-trump crowd. so, for donald trump to be even meeting with him, to be
2:23 am
considering with him and offering such high praise of him after these meetings signals that he is under serious consideration for this role and i think he would be a good fit. i know a lot of military leaders, a lot of foreign leaders who would have a tremendous amount of respect for him as secretary of defense. >> and what do you think, chuck? >> i think that when you start talking about the military, the main difference in the views are their likelihood to maybe want to go to war or national security views and the different views that go in there. i think they all love their country. i think they all served their country. my god this man has served for 44 years. the people you see complaining would be the people in the military installation on the left side of it thinking about the different views that may be there. i think it's interesting that he has people in he may not agree with fully which says a lot. >> gabby, steve mnuchin, he's trump's finance chairman, also former goldman sachs banker. would he be a good choice? >> well there's been some criticism about donald trump looking to staff his administration, especially in the economic side, with people who are from wall street, who have a background in wall street. and steve mnuchin is one of the
2:24 am
people who have been the subject of such criticism. so i would be curious to see what the reaction would be there if he does choose steve but he's been a trump loyalist all along and what we've seen from donald trump so far with the two appointments that he's made, jeff sessions and michael flynn as his national security adviser seems to suggest that he is interested in giving these roles to people who are close to him and who have been loyal to him throughout the campaign. >> and chuck, your insight? >> you know, i was looking at this, and if you think about the goldman sachs connection we've had a lot of goldman sachs top executives being the treasury department and i think it says something about donald trump, who knows a lot about finance, and who knows a lot about real estate, and here's somebody who's been really close to him in the inner circle, who also knows a lot about finance. i think you're going to hear a lot of cries from the left, imagine that, about another wall street person being there. so i think it's how you walk that divide will be the key. >> let's talk about secretary of state. giuliani versus romney. and how might the world react to these two very different picks? as we talk about them we can
2:25 am
bring up the differences in terms of how they view the world and how they would serve as secretary of state. romney versus giuliani. gab gabby, what do you think? >> romney would be a really interesting appointment because he's far more intellectually nimble than michael flynn in terms -- and he has far different positions on, you know, the posture towards russia that he thinks the trump administration should hold. look at the differences there most importantly. and then also, you know, for trump to be reaching out to mitt romney, mitt romney is a highly respected individual. he is -- he's earned praise from democrats, even under -- as he's been under consideration for secretary of state. congressman adam schiff said yesterday that he would be an awesome choice for secretary of state. rand paul said he would be an even keel pick. so i think that world leaders would react similarly. he's respected. he would be an awesome in that role. >> and chuck, two very different personalities when it came to the campaign itself with these two. >> you know, romney's cool hand luke and rudy comes riding into
2:26 am
town on his horse shooting up his gun. when you get to be the president you get to pick whoever you want. there's much differences between these two and democrats are going to raise opposition, but this is how the game is played. he's going to pick republicans, two different styles of republicans, i worked for bernie sanders. if he had been elected i'd have been secretary of agriculture because i'm the only liberal who knows how to drive a tractor. that's just how the game is played. >> let us know if you're liberal and know how to drive a tractor let chuck know on twitter. thank you both for joining us. appreciate it this morning. chuck and gabby, thank you. >> thank you. >> 26 minutes past the hour. time to brew on this. the pc police at it again changing holiday names like something out of a sitcom. >> happy festivus. >> when george was growing up, his father -- >> stop it. it's nothing! it's a stupid holiday my father invented. it doesn't exist. >> happy festivus, georgie. >> city officials in bloomington, indiana renaming two of their paid holidays to be
2:27 am
more culturally sensitive. it's not columbus day anymore. they're now calling it the fall holiday. and say good-bye to good friday and say hello to spring holiday. the new names taking effect next year. bloomington is a traditionally liberal area but the town is receiving back lash for the new holiday names. is this really more inclusive or just an example of pc culture going too far? send your comments on our facebook, twitter or send them as an e-mail which is like the old form of communication, e-mail, to "fox & friends first" >> spring holiday. interesting. the time now is 27 minutes after the top of the hour. and donald trump's cabinet picks. >> anybody he picks is going to be controversial on the left. unless he picks people who are totally controversial to his own base. >> how a rule change from harry reid could actually end up helping the president-elect.
2:28 am
new from david baldacci pursuing a mystery that's haunted him since youth militany investigator john puller is about to cross paths with an ex-con seeking revenge welcome to no man's land on sale now
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it is monday, november 21st, and this is a fox news alert. officers ambushed in separate attacks. one gunned down execution-style while writing a ticket. another shot while sitting in his patrol car. >> make no mistake about it this is pure evil to execute an individual in cold blood. >> the brand-new surveillance video police want you to see. and donald trump heads back to the big apple after a marathon weekend of meeting with potential cabinet picks. >> really fantastic day. tremendous talent, tremendous people, and i think we have some really incredible people going to be working for the country. make america great again. >> so who is he meeting with today? we are live in d.c. >> and a flag on the play?
2:32 am
>> oh, no! >> oh! >> oh, ouch. >> poor guy. >> not the quarterback that got sacked on the field, but the tech crew. >> no helmet. >> "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ good morning to you. not quite daylight yet here in new york city. but it is a cold one out there. >> it's freezing, yeah. >> good morning. you're watching "fox & friends first," i'm heather childers. >> and i'm clayton morris. it is 32 minutes now after the hour. begin with this fox news alert. officers under attack across the country. >> one of them a veteran officer in san antonio murdered execution style.
2:33 am
>> let's get right to killy wright live with new information on this. good morning. >> good morning, a tragic and disturbing day for police in san antonio. a massive manhunt is now under way for a suspect who shot and killed 50-year-old detective benjamin marconi. marconi was sitting in his cruiser, writing a ticket, when a gunman drove up behind him in a black sedan, then walking over to his window and shooting him twice in the head. the deliberate and violent daytime ambush sending shockwaves through the city. >> it's time for senseless violence is unacceptable. >> most families will be celebrating the holidays, sapd will be burying one of its own because of an ultimate act of cowardice by a suspect who will be caught and brought to justice. >> san antonio police say they're questioning a person of interest who has not been identified as a suspect. police now asking for help identifying the man you're looking at in this picture, believing he may have
2:34 am
information. and then in st. louis a veteran police sergeant targeted while sitting in traffic, a car pulling alongside his marked patrol cruiser, shooting the sergeant twice in the face, severely wounded, he still managed to call for help. and hours later the suspected gunman was tracked down and killed at a shoot-out with officers. >> this officer was not involved in a traffic stop. this officer was not trying to pull a car over. this officer was driving down the road and was ambushed. >> the st. louis sergeant is in critical condition but is expected to survive. two other officers also shot overnight. one in sanibel, florida, and the other in gladstone, missouri, just outside of kansas city. while they were both shot during traffic stops, as well, and they're expected to survive, also. clayton? >> all right. thanks, kelly. well, president-elect donald trump's transition team heading back to new york city today looking to fill those coveted cabinet positions.
2:35 am
mr. trump packing his schedule with interviews as we could learn he could call on some former rivals to serve. kristin fisher live in the nation's capital with some of these potential picks. good morning, kristin. >> good morning, clayton. today mr. trump is expected to meet with someone who once called him a cancer on conservatism. former texas governor rick perry, who is rumored to be in the running for energy secretary. and then over the weekend, the president-elect met with someone who once called him a fraud, mitt romney is being considered for secretary of state. so trump seems to be at least really trying to consider people outside of his inner circle. saturday romney kicked off a parade of potential cabinet members and senior advisers who came to trump's private golf club in bedminster, new jersey, to meet with the president-elect. now another big name to emerge this weekend is retired marine corps general james mattis, a candidate for defense secretary. trump called him the real deal and a true general's general after meeting with him and listen to how vice president-elect mike pence characterized two front-runners for defense secretary and secretary of state.
2:36 am
>> to have someone like general mattis to sit before us yesterday, someone with a legendary military career and to be able to talk to him about the challenges facing america, and our national security, and i can tell you that the president-elect was very grateful that governor mitt romney came in. >> as mr. trump left bedminster last night for new york encouraged by two days of nonstop meetings. >> really fantastic day. tremendous talent. tremendous people. and i think we have some really incredible people going to be working for the country. make america great again. >> as for when mr. trump would announce his next cabinet or senior adviser pick, all he would say is soon. it could certainly happen today though heather and clayton. >> he'll do it on his time. thank you, kristin. well, president-elect donald trump's cabinet picks already receiving back lash from
2:37 am
liberals. but former speaker of the house newt gingrich still thinks that they can be confirmed. >> anybody he picks is going to be controversial on the left. unless he picks people who are totally controversial to his own base. so i think he's got to get in the rhythm of getting people through. i think mitch mcconnell can do it. i think it will take some work. >> turns out senate minority leader harry reid and the democrats did some of that work already. thanks to a rule that reid pushed through in 2013 called the nuclear option. it means that you just need a simple majority of 51 to push through any presidential nomination, excluding supreme court justices. a trump tower -- trump white house for the future first lady and her son at least for now? >> president-elect donald trump confirming that melania and barron will stay at their new york city penthouse until the
2:38 am
summer. now some extreme weather. the northeast feeling its first deep freeze of the season with temperatures plunging into the 20s. the cold front bringing snow and wind gusts of up to 50 miles per hour. senior meteorologist janice dean with what we can expect today. janice i live way up in the top of the tower and i was swaying all weekend. >> yeah, 50-mile-per-hour gusts of wind. and that's why we have windchills. eye opening windchills of single digits and teens and 20s across the great lakes, the midwest and the northeast. this system is going to kind of linger bringing measurable snows to eastern great lakes and colder or at least cooler than what we've expected we've seen over the past couple of weeks with temperatures in the 30s. tuesday, wednesday, a new storm system comes out of the rockies and brings us a mix of rain and snow and perhaps even severe weather so this is going to mean travel troubles tomorrow and wednesday, then eventually moving in to the northeast. so here are your travel delays we think across the midwest,
2:39 am
ohio river valley, not bad across the northeast. another storm system into the west, and then that system is going to move into the northeast on thursday. so we will keep you posted and make sure everyone knows what they're doing and where they're going and how they're going to get there. >> thanks, janice. >> okay. >> it's 39 minutes now past the hour. president-elect trump's wall isn't built just yet. now border crossings are at crisis level. so what's the surge is forcing agents to do? >> they're asked to protect the president-elect but their public university -- or by their public university. the apology this morning. >> and does your iphone have a bad battery? how you could get a quick replacement. we'll tell you how. my hygienist said the most random thing. she said i should think of my teeth like an apple. it could be great on the outside not so great on the inside. her advice?
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welcome back to "fox &
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friends first." the southwest border under siege, as illegal immigrants continue to pour in at rates we've never seen before. customs and border protection forced to open up a temporary facility in texas which will allow them to process and temporarily house 500 illegals. now the facility coming as illegal immigration reaches a crisis level. with border patrol stopping 23% more illegals this year than ever before. >> a man is threatened with a $40,000 fine for putting up flyers after his trump campaign signs were stolen and then vandalized, so the new york city man hanging these flyers all around town offering a $5,000 reward for information about anyone who grabbed his trump signs. but now he's the one in hot water. the city threatening to fine him tens of thousands of dollars for damaging those trees with staples. officials later deemed the fees unjust so they lowered them to $1600, instead. that's his fine. >> huh.
2:44 am
well, one of the nfl's biggest teams, the best team,in big trouble, and kickers make history for all the wrong reasons. >> fox news headlines 24/7, sirius xm 115 here with some highlights and low lights. >> low lights the operative word. good morning guys. a record setting sunday in the nfl. not really a good record. now is the record of the green bay packers who have no more time to follow the advice from quarterback aaron rodgers of two years ago, remember he said relax. sunday night football, redskins up 16-10 on the packers. until kirk cousins would connect with jamison crowder for this 44 yard touchdown. cousins, three touchdowns. the redskins win big last night 42-24. four straight losses for the packers. 4-6, washington now tide for second in the nfc east with the giants. who won again. they're two games behind the cowboys who won again. just call them the bad news bengals. a triple play of futility.
2:45 am
not only do they lose to the bills they lost two of their best players. a.j. green reportedly tore his hamstring on this play first quarter, could be gone for the season. the running back bernard also reportedly done for the year with a torn acl. how's this for a kicker? on the same day that saw colts kicker adam vinatieri nfl record for accuracy crack his first field goal in 45 tries we saw the most missed points on any nfl sunday. all in all twelve extra point attempts no good. ten kickers did it. how many kicks must a place kicker miss before something is amiss? the answer my friends is blowing in the wind. previous record was ten. >> wow. >> wow. >> like over 100 missed extra points so far this season. they added twelve to that list yesterday. >> one out of 45 isn't too bad for that one kicker. >> i was interested in what happened before the game yesterday with the vikings. tell us about this. >> this is actually, a fox sound guy was in the wrong place at the wrong time essentially. here watch this.
2:46 am
>> ooh. >> oh, no! >> oh! >> so, the minnesota vikings, you know i keep thinking about driverless cars. and, poor guy now he was all right. he's running out of the tunnel just trying to get to his end. they say timing is everything, and you kind of have to -- thank god there's no twisted metal. >> oh, no. he's like hey, it's safe to go, you can go. it's like when you go to disney world and the trade is coming and you get sort of trapped on main street. hey, is the parade coming? no, you can get out of here. >> how can you not see those guys coming, though. >> i think it's just like an accident right into the intersection and down goes frasier. >> in defense of the fox sound guys they're talking to other people. they're not paying attention. >> all right, well. >> thanks, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> we got a minnesota vikings fan in pete hegseth.
2:47 am
i guess that's what they do to fox sound guys. if you saw it yesterday, just running down a fox sound guy coming out -- what's coming up on fox this morning? >> it's going to be -- it's going to be -- it is going to be a very exciting morning on "fox & friends" this morning. we're here in my hometown of forest lake, minnesota, to give away a beautifully remodelled house to an incredibly deserving veteran. army ranger deployed 12 times. we're going to talk to him. you're going to meet him. also the sponsors of this, u.s. bank and freedom alliance that have put this together to find that vet and finance this home and we're going to reveal it live on "fox & friends" as well. we're going to move those trucks. show that brand-new house to this very deserving oing to be morning here in forest lake, minnesota. >> and it's the first time that they will have seen the renovations to the home, right? >> that's right. so you're going to see it live, both outside and then go inside the house with them and see their reaction. incredible individual, his wife, they're lovely, three children. it's going to be a special morning. >> like that show fixer-upper on
2:48 am
hgtv. >> that's right. except it's going to be military vehicles. >> move the humvee out of the way. more "fox & friends first" when we come back. ♪
2:49 am
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welcome back. a public university apologizing after telling students to protest president-elect trump. university of new hampshire women's studies program posted on their official page asking students to come to their office and make posters for a rally last week. this post was taken down but another advertising the event is still up. the university is troubled by the posts and did not advocate for any particular candidate. a brewing controversy has coffee giant starbucks speaking out. they do not have to call out
2:52 am
names or write them on cups after this prompted a -- >> write my name on a drink because i want trump. i spoke with corporate office. i could have any drink i want any name i want on it. is that correct? >> is that correct, ryan? >> yeah. i want -- >> you can call the cops. >> mr. trump supporters asking baristas to write his name on their coffee cup to let the company know there are unhappy customers. writing names on cups is a fun ritual and not a requirement for stores. spell my name wrong all the time. now to a fox business alert. a popular toy pulled off the shelves. >> fox business is here with what every parent needs to know. good morning, cheryl. it was discovered a fascinating way. two grandparents bought this
2:53 am
tonka truck for their grandfather. they put it in their own truck. on the drive home it caught fire. the fireman himself put it out. there are some pictures. it caught fire a second time when they went back to toys-r s toys-r-us. needless to say, they're recalling the toy. >> you don't want it exploding. batteries from apple on the iphone 6s, what's going on here? >> a lot of folks were complaining about the phone shutting down. they've realized this is a bigger issue for this particular model of the 6s. only manufactured between september and october of 2015. apple in a rare move, this doesn't happen very often will replace the battery or give you a refund if you've paid for a replacement battery because batteries were dying and the phone was shutting down. >> lots of problems with batteries in the cell phones. walmart having the shoppers
2:54 am
skip the black friday lines. >>, they've been seeing an increase online over the last few black fridays. the company is going to start online deals on black friday. forget cyber monday. at 12:01 a.m. on black friday, there will be all kinds of deals to online shoppers only, televisions, cameras and a couple of drones are some of the special we've seen so far they're teasing ahead. walmart trying to change the game and frankly to keep the customers coming back. >> if you're in the market for drones. >> i tried to convince my wife to get one. what do you need one for? >> of course i want it. thanks, cheryl. the time six minutes before the top of the hour. the hectic holiday about to getaway worse. the trouble at one of america's busiest airports. goodbye to good friday. one town trying to rename
2:55 am
holidays because they're culturally insensitive. e-mails pouring in after this.
2:56 am
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2:59 am
to happen this week causing mass chaos at one of the busiest airports during one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. gas prices are dropping. the national average as of now. $2.14. but for some areas. but it's below $2 in other areas. now it's time for your responses. bloomington, indiana wants to change the names of two major holidays so they can be inclusive. they want to replace columbus day with fall holiday and good friday with spring holiday. >> is this an example of pc culture gone too far. >> shocking. crystal on facebook writing. if they're going to rename the holidays, they should get rid of them and not celebrate at all. stupid to change the name. don't want it. don't have any holidays. darryl tweeting this. this is one of many reasons that we the people voted to drain the
3:00 am
swamp. the pc culture is destroying our history. >> john on facebook says i think any town that wants to change the name of traditional holiday should not celebrate them. >> yeah. >> lept us know what you have to say. "fox and friends" starts right now. bye. good monday morning to you and your family. it's thanksgiving week. november 21st, 2016. imt ainsley earhardt. we started with a terrible story. a fox news alert. police officers are under attack. four cops shot across our country in a matter of hours. two of them ambushed. we're live with the latest. >> terrible. meanwhile, donald trump back in the big apple after a marathon of meetings all weekend. the man known as mad dog mattis who could soon be in charge of the war on terror. call it


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