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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 21, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> there they go. what a blessing. marco, you deserve this. this country is so grateful and we're thankful for the opportunity. they're picking out their rooms. >> what a way to start thanksgiving week. bill: very nice. morning everybody. want to begin with a fox news alert. tragic day for the men and women in blue. four police officers in three states ambushed and one dying from his wounds. san antonio detective benjamin marconi writing a traffic ticket in broad daylight outside of police headquarters. hours later an officer in florida, two others in missouri, also shot. those three however expected to survive. but the killer of the detective marconi has not been found. there is a manhunt underway. they're looking for a man seen in the surveillance picture saying that he may have information about the crime. >> we're actively pursuing all leads and looking into all motives. we consider this suspect to be extremely dangerous and a clear
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threat to law enforcement officers and the public. bill: the story still developing. much more inside of this hour of "america's newsroom." first however, what a weekend for president-elect trump. a steady stream of prominent republicans meeting mr. trump including former presidential nominee mitt romney and he was not alone as we say good morning on a monday. nice to have you with us. i'm bill hemmer live in america newsroom. short turkey week. >> nice to be back with you. everyone at home. heather childers in for martha maccallum. busy weekend again for president-elect trump still building his cabinet. sitting down with republicans critical of him during the campaign. mitt romney said to be in consideration for secretary of state. bill: later today mr. trump sits down with former texas governor rick perry, once a fierce critic of trump. vice president-elect mike pence saying these are signs that mr. trump is ready to build
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bridges. >> he is preparing to be the president of all of the people of the united states of america and to watch him bringing together people of diverse views, bringing together people that differed with him strongly, seeing him talk to leaders around the world, i'm very confident they are going to see, they will see president-elect donald trump be a president for all of the people and we embrace that principle and we'll work hard to make that principle every day that we serve. >> diverse views. peter doocy live outside of trump tower this morning. peter, how much of a relationship do rick perry and mr. trump have? reporter: heather, perry was unof the first ones during the primary season to say he would want to go work for a president trump administration if there ever was one. if today's job interview goes well he may get to do just that. the texas governor's support in the cycle came early after he
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dropped out of the race and the person he initially endorsed fellow texan ted cruz dropped out as well perry has military experience. he is being considered for the top job, another position that he met with james mattis. ari emanuel, whose brother's was president obama's long term chief of staff currently the mayor of chicago. the trump team says part of what those two talked about was bridging the political divide in the country. so it will be interesting to see how emanuel, one. most powerful men in hollywood could help the president-elect do that trump yesterday took time out of his schedule to meet at his new jersey golf course with the man he demoted from position in charge of the transition team a few days ago, new jersey governor christie, who looked like he was on good terms with the president-elect at least for half an hour
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yesterday. >> peter, how are democrats treating trump's potential cabinet picks? reporter: saying they will make life as hard as possible when he moves to washington. when he comes to congress to repeal obamacare and repeal dodd-frank there will be a lot of resistance, the top democrat in january, chuck schumer says he doesn't believe he had a mandate to lead because he didn't win popular vote. >> i know him. we were in meetings together. i don't know him very well. i know more about him from his presidential campaign which i found disappointing. reporter: those words came 40 minutes after trump tweeted this, quote, i always had a good relationship with chuck schumer, and he is far smarter than harry r. the ability to get things done. good news. how they get along. depends how ask. all eyes turn on the trump tower
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who take as elevator ride up to meet with the president-elect. we'll wait and see and let you know. >> we'll talk more about what chuck schumer says in the second hour. bill: who takes the elevator down. john mccormack, senior writer "weekly standard." how are you, good morning in washington, d.c. the meeting held most attention was the one with mitt romney. reince priebus was asked about this yesterday and said this about the meeting. >> they did talk about opportunities for governor romney to potentially be involved but it was also a coming together moment. i need to lead everyone. i need you on board. i will tell you, it was a very substantive conversation, ranging from all levels of national security, domestic policy, foreign hot spots, conversations that run the gamut. bill: there he is. there is an outline. is there a match here, john, between these two men? >> there may very well be.
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i think that there is serious consideration going on romney will be secretary of state. this is really the first surprising name we've heard so far. originally it was bunch much people who were loyal to the president-elect during his campaign, jeff session, rudy giuliani was originally said to be the top contender for the state department job. apparently trump, president-elect is a little wary of some of the reports about his business interests overseas. romney, what is really surprising, he wasn't just critical of donald trump during the primary but he never actually came around to him in the general election. rings perry you recall, was very critical of donald trump saying he was a cancer on conservatism, right when the primary ended rick perry was on board a official surrogate. romney never got there. surprising that trump would bring him in. that is not entirely out of character. we saw during the trump many campaign reached out to john kasich if kasich would be interested in being
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vice president. i think donald trump has a history of sort of liking to take people against him and bringing him on to his side. bill: the kasich matter was last spring but perry matter was much more recent. perry went to the point where he was showing up to debates and supporting trump. going into the spin room, et cetera. point taken on that. james mattis is intriguing. this is what trump said about him in new jersey this weekend. >> all i can say he is the real deal, he is the real deal. thank you. >> will he have a place in your administration? >> we'll see. >> [inaudible]. >> he is just a brilliant, wonderful man. what a career and we're going to see what happens but he is the real deal. bill: i think the public does not have a lot of familiarity with the the mad dog mat is -- mattis. inside the military they do. what should we understand about his potential? >> i don't think there is anyone
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who is more respected in the military than general mattis. you talk to anyone who served in him.arine corps, they have the talk to the people in the foreign policy establishment, they say the same thing too. every day, officers, privates, who served in the army or the marines and they have a very high opinion of him but people in the foreign policy arena. this is the someone who has experience, knows what it takes to fight isis who would be there. i think that would be reassuring to everyone. he is very tough and exactly the kind of demeanor trump would like with secretary of state. bill: let me put a fine point. you're saying the meetings so far are fairly predictable? >> no. just the early ones. i think mattis is a bit of a surprise of people. he was not strongly supportive of president-elect trump during the campaign. i think first couple announcements, jeff sessions that is to be expected. any campaign will bring in the most loyal people. he is moving into the position
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where he brings in wider group of people. get someone like mitt romney in the administration, first time people will say, wow, we didn't see this coming. bill: senior writer out of "the weekly standard" in washington, analysis from d.c. >> here is futures news of the first lady melania trump and son baron. team trump confirming they will remain in new york city. that 10-year-old baron can finish out the school year. that means a massive security presence for the secret service which will reportedly have to treat trump tower almost as an extension of the white house. how will they do that? bill: conventional so far. >> how do you secure a tower? no-fly zone. bill: 10-year-old about to be blasted into that world too. food luck. good luck. president lentor making his pick for ab with you will jeff sessions get through a confirmation hearing and what
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will democrats put up against him. >> they're in the business of conjuring up nightmares and this is part of the effort to delegitimatize president-elect trump's administration and they picked jeff sessions as first target. to the left it is a bug bear. he is from the south. he is from alabama. bill: former ag mike mukasey. he is live in a moment on his thoughts what we can expect. >> general mike flynn, president-elect's pick for national security advisor sparking new controversy on comments in islam, saying it is political ideology hiding behind a religion. we will debate that. bill: there is major headline from the vatican today. pope francis extending the power of roman catholic priests on issue of abortion. what the holy father is doing that could be groundbreaking. wouldn't a deal on car insurance
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vetting. of the statements are old but they're still troubling. the idea, jeff session because he is senator he should get through without series of tough questions, particularly giverren those early things, no way. there are lots of questions that have to be asked. bill: so that the incoming senate minority leader chuck schumer on president-elect trump's pick for ag, alabama senator jeff sessions. there are other democrats also raising concerns about session's past around sessions already defended himself on that. talk about all with judge michael mukasey, former u.s. attorney general. good to see you sir. thanks for coming back here. you know what the job entails. you know it very well. you also know the politics involved in the lead-up to this. can democrats stop sessions from being the attorney general? >> in a word, no, they can't. there is no filibuster. the, they don't have, certainly don't have the numbers in the senate to stop him. and i can't see, more to the point on the merits, i can't see why they would want to on the
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merits. he is superbly qualified. he was u.s. attorney in alabama for 12 plus years where he worked under the direction by the way of rudy giuliani who was working in washington, to help desegregate rural schools in alabama that resisted integration. this is a guy with terrific record. he worked in the, when he was on the judiciary committee, with, with other senators to get the crack guidelines changed from 100 to one, down to a more closer ratio to powder cocaine on argument it was impacting the minority community too harshly. this is a guy who knows all the issues. he knows it from the standpoint of the senate judiciary committee. knows it from the standpoint of the field as a u.s. attorney. bill: he was first senator that endorsed donald trump and campaigned for him early on. you remember the big rally last sumner alabama. that was a big deal for the campaign of trump and getting it
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rolling, getting the attention of the country fixed on his campaign but sessions also, well, they knew there would be a fight over this, or at least there would be public dispute, the trump team did going into it. >> i'm sure they did and they shouldn't shrink from a dispute or public fight f they do, democrats, any out of power party, sort of like children and horses they can smell fear. and if they smell fear, as a result of them backing off on something like this, they will never get anything done. bill: byron york writes, here is why the effort to stop sessions is likely to intensify as his confirmation hearings here. session is senate highest profile and most determined and knowledgeable opponent of comprehensive immigration reform. is that it? >> most determined, most knowledgeable. that tells you quite a lot. that may be it in terms of motive people have to oppose him. that should not be sufficient. and the fact that he takes a
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position different from the position that democrats take on a substantive issue is no reason for turning him down for attorney general. bill: he is also been vocal on gitmo. they don't like that. >> well, tough, because i have been vocal on gitmo too. i think it ought to be kept open. it has three advantages over any prison in the united states. it is remote, secure and humane. and, as far as the cost of keeping it open, the per capita cost would be reduced bringing more, capturing more prisoners and interrogating them instead of killing them with drones. bill: generally speaking what do you think of the immigration issue, how did that play in this election in terms of its outcome in november 8th, do you think. it was substantial issue in many areas. there is a lot of anxiety about illegal immigration and criminals getting in, staying in and not being deported. the president-elect was very emfattic about that, very
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emfattic what he intends to do. he intends to get criminals out. bill: is it more than that, when you think about comprehensive immigration reform, when you talk about the potential for a limited amnesty. when you talk about the wall, what is it that you believe president-elect trump will actually do on this issue? >> i don't, look, i'm not a expert on president-elect trump. he said what he plans to do. i think he is a man who negotiates well, but you have to negotiate from strength and i think the first thing he has to do, to show that he is determined to take people who are, should be deported, that is, princely criminals, who are sitting around without being deported and get rid of them. then he can negotiate about what else you do. if you start talking about amnesty and other steps that are really unfair to legal i am immigrants, and people waiting
6:20 am
in line that is -- bill: when he describes securing border first, a fence, or a wall, however you define it in end on a physical structure? why is that so critical to his policy to start on the border and work inward? >> i think it is critical, he has to show determination to stop the flood of people coming in. and there is no better way to do that than to draw the line at the border f we don't have a border, we don't have sovereignty. if we don't have sovereignty, we don't have a country. bill: is that where you would start? >> i have never run for president so i don't know where i would start but i think it's a good place to start. bill: thank you for your time. while you're talking, by the way, there is a parade of folks going into the trump tower. i believe mr. trump's daughter we saw a moment ago. that continues on a monday. thank you, sir, have a great thanks giving with your family. appreciate your time. heather what is next?
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heather: four officers shot and ambushed across the country in the last 24 hours. are police under attack in this country. >> make no mistake about it, pure evil when you execute an individual in cold blood with no motive. no justification for something like that.
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bill: airport workers in chicago planning to announce a strike date this morning as the busy holiday season gets underway. 500 workers at o'hare deciding to strike after a vote last week. baggage handlers, janitors, cabin cleaners trying to organize with a help of a local union and raise their wages to 15 bucks an hour. union presidents saying they do not expect to shut down the airport you but you can expect disruption. heather: to fox news alert. we're following shock and anger this morning as four police officers are ambushed in
6:25 am
shootings across three states in less than 24 hours. three officers shot in florida and missouri are expected to survive but one of the shootings was deadly. a san antonio detective was gunned down while writing a traffic ticket. police saying that the man seen in this surveillance picture could have information about the crime. >> been advised communications advised that officer make as traffic stop he or she is to have cover. heather: casey stiegel live for us in dallas. casey, how did this shootings unfold in san phone yo? reporter: heather we're learning a little bit more. it happened ironically not far at all from san antonio police headquarters in downtown san antonio yesterday morning when the 50-year-old police officer had executed a traffic stop. he was sitting inside of his patrol car writing a ticket. that is when investigators say a different vehicle pulled up behind the officer's, one not
6:26 am
involved in the initial stop. police say a man jumped out of it and ran up to the squad car and opened fire killing detective benjamin marconi. marconi was a 20 year veteran with the san antonio police department. now police desperately searching for the person who killed him. >> we're actively pursuileads ae consider the suspect to be extremely dangerous and a clear threat to law enforcement officers and the public. reporter: now san antonio police released this photo of what is believed to be the suspect's vehicle and someone they are only calling a person of interest. of course if you have any information about this crime, you're asked to call san antonio police, heather. heather: really unream. what do we know about the other police shootings that happened over the weekend? reporter: there were two in missouri yesterday. in one state, one of them, near st. louis. a similar circumstance. that of a traffic stop.
6:27 am
investigators say a man pulled up next to a st. louis police officer yesterday, while he was sitting in his suv and inexplicably opened fire and took off. that officer was hit in the face and is expected to survive. the gunman, later killed in a shootout with police once they tracked him down. a second officer in missouri, also shot yesterday near kansas city. that officer thankfully had non-life-threatening injuries. the suspect, also killed later by police in a shootout. finally in florida on sunday an officer with the sanibel police department was also shot after finishing a traffic stop. but he was treated and released from the hospital. florida cops say the man who pulled the trigger was later caught. so again, we're talking about four separate incidents here, two suspects dead. one in custody and then a fourth armed and dangerous on the run here in texas.
6:28 am
heather: that officer in missouri was shot in the face, still managed to call for help. thanks so much, casey. bill: clearly office under assault. for chicago, a city under siege, marking a bloody milestone. we'll tell you what that is in a moment. heather: plus his nickname, you heard it, it is mad dog. retired marine general that president-elect trump could be naming the next secretary of defense. so is he? we'll talk about that next. >> they have someone like general mattis to sit before us yesterday, some one with legendary military career and talk to him about the challenges amazing america, and our national security, and i can tell you that the president-elect was very grateful. just like mom, you have dinner on the table at 6:00 every night. hey guys, i'm home! of course no one said it had to be cooked. campbell's one dish recipes, designed around one pan and your schedule. made for real, real life.
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bill: bomb tearing through a packed mosque in pakistan capital city of kabul. eight said to be dead there.
6:32 am
fighting isis door-to-door in mosul. thousand of civilians we're told caught in the crossfire. benjamin hall back from duty in iraq in london with the latest what is happening on that front. benjamin, hello? reporter: bill, it has been six weeks since the operations to recapture moat sewell. progress slowed to a crawl. isis resistance remains incredibly strong. suicide bombers out of nowhere. iraqi forces had to regroup in the eastern outskirts of the city. still, they are over six miles from the city center. the streets ahead of them are sensor. forces have to move street by street, house by house to weed out isis fighters waiting to ambush them. meanwhile isis continued to post footage showing their own fighters engaging iraqi troops inside of the city. throughout the campaign they continued to release a steady stream of video showing their own on going battles.
6:33 am
west of mosul there have been successes but by iranian-backed shia militias, who captured the talifar airbase. they continued their move to cut off the main supply route between mosul and syria and they're attempting to surround the city completely. among the shia groups, they are designated a terror organization by the u.s. east of mosul utz backed forces. from the west iranian backed terrorist forces. that is the complexity of this battle. bill: benjamin hall, the latest from london. thank you, ben. heather: thank you, bill. a retired marine corps general quietly emerged as a leading candidate for secretary of defense. mr. trump saying that singing his praises after that sit-down, tweeting this, general james "mad dog" mattis who is being considered for secretary of defense was very impressive yesterday. a true general's general.
6:34 am
general mattis is a retired four-star general serving 44 years in the marines before retiring in 2013. in 2001 he led first marine division personnel into afghanistan and he commanded the same division in iraq during the 1991 gulf war and the 2003 invasion. kt mcfarland, former deputy assistant secretary of defense under president reagan, a member of trump's national security advisory committee and fox news national security analyst. thanks so much for joining us. on top of all that, on at least two occasions we know you've been inside of trump tower as part of his team, his advisory committee on foreign policy what can you tell us, any inside information, either on general mattis's possible appointment or even your own? >> well, you're very kind to ask. yes, i have met with the president-elect and lives briefed mr. trump when he was getting ready for his debates. heather: during the campaign. >> during the campaign. i got to tell you i never seen a
6:35 am
leader who has better intention. foreign policy, national security defense is not the president-elect's skill. he didn't come into the job with a lot of experience and background in it but in talking about the issues, he gets right to the core. he immediately identify what is the key thing is, so doesn't worry about all the other little details but goes right to the heart of the matter. i never seen anybody with better instincts. to have him interview general mattis, i have known for years, and realize what an amazingly capable and qualified man general mattis is, i think speaks well of the trumps good instincts. heather: he will definitely need because of lack of experience which you mentioned. he will need people in those roles who have the experience he can pull from. >> general mattis, who i have known for years, he is just the epitome of what you want your american military leader to be. heather: why do you say that? from your personal experience, why? >> he has done things, two of us we gave a speech together in denver a couple months ago and we met prior to going on the
6:36 am
stage and he was a little, a little unhappy. i knew there was something wrong. what's wrong? i just had to meet with gold star parents who lost kids in afghanistan and iraq and here i am, the four-star general, i'm still standing and yet their children didn't come home. he said that really tears me up. so i look at that quality and say, here's a guy who will not hesitate for a minute to go to war and he will win when we go to war, but at same time he understands the human dimension in the military. that's a great quality to have. heather: why do they call him a general's general he called -- mad dog as well? >> because he is blunt and very straight -- he doesn't worry about sugarcoating things. and one of the reasons he was forced into early retirement, he was head of central command, he spoke up, not in public, but he spoke up in private to president obama and he told him, you know, iran nuke deal isn't a good idea. you will have problems with iran. he talked honestly about the situation in afghanistan and
6:37 am
iraq and for that, you know some presidents don't like you to speak truth to power. they think it's a great compliment to trump he is willing to get somebody to speak truth to power. heather: speaking all that was going on at the time of the iran nuclear deal and president obama said he will double down on that. what does that mean in terms of what will possibly happen to that deal? >> you know, the problem with that deal all along was it was never tied to behavior. we would give them all the stuff up front and they would never have to modify the support for terrorists for example. they would never have to stop the missile program. they would have agreements on what they nuclear energy and weapons program. it was unplugging the program. it wasn't dismantling it. they could plug it in anytime. because we've gotten them all the goodies up front, the sanctions relief, money, international community respect they have now very little reason or insent tiff to continue. so whoever, whatever the next thing that happens in this administration is going to be,
6:38 am
donald trump is going to have confront iran with nuclear weapons and north korea with nuclear weapons. heather: will he follow through on his problem to dismantle it? flynn and pompeo -- >> this is a grown ups are now back in charge, between flynn, between mattis, if he is appointed, between pompeo. these guys understand the threat. they're not afraid to say is the truth. they have been fired for it. flynn and mattis were fired for telling the truth. turns out the advice they gave privately behind closed doors was right advice. heather: you're up for something but you can't tell us what, possibly. >> i'm really honored and flattered to even be considered. yes, i have met with president-elect trump and we'll see what happens. heather: skated by at the top of the conversation. didn't let it go. thank you, k it for your insights. bill? bill: thank you, heather. ♪ >> jimmie johnson wins his
6:39 am
seventh nascar sprint cup championship! bill: under the lights too. cool-looking shot. jimmie johnson took him his seventh nascar championship. big finish miami homestead speedway. tying johnson with hall-of-famers richard petty and dale earnhardt for most chips of all time. the racing star taking the title after a wreck leaving some competitors behind. johnson drivingly the wreckage and getting through two restarts. that is what you have to do sometimes. you have to drive around the wreckage and make sure you steer clear of the other shrapnel. booed for him. -- good for him. heather: charlotte, nascar motor speedway. big fan. still to come beyond nascar, president george w. bush mostly staying out of the spotlight since leaving the white house and staying silent on his criticism of his successor. will president obama do the same for president-elect trump.
6:40 am
new comments that may give us the answer. bill: heather, president-elect trump's pick for national security advisor coming under heat for comments about islam. incoming white house sheave of staff is coming -- chief of staff is coming to flynn's defense. >> he believes no faith in of itself judged as a whole but there are some people in countries abroad that need to be prevented, there are some people that need to be prevented from coming into this country. that is where 99% of americans are at. whether it's bringing cutting-edge wifi to 35,000 fans...
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or keeping a hotel's guests connected. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink. ♪♪ holy night
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♪ sleep in heavenly peace ♪ sleep in heavenly peace
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what makesheart healthysalad the becalifornia walnuts.r? the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at heather: chicago spiraling violence reaching a grim milestone over the weekend. the city surpassing more than 700 murders so far this year. to put that number into context for you, it is more murders than new york city and los angeles combined. this according to analysis of the medical records by "the chicago sun-times." the newspaper making it front page news with this headline,
6:44 am
violence hits home. and of course the year not over yet. ♪ bill: lt. general michael flynn, trump's pick for national security advisor taking some heat for things he has said about islam. incoming chief of staff reince priebus putting those remarks into this larger context. >> phrasing can always be done differently but clearly there are aspects of that faith are problematic, we know them. we've seen it. it c isn't blanket for all people of that faith. mike flynn is one of the most highly respected intelligence officers in america, someone who the president-elect respects and trusts and he is unbelievably gifted, smart person that will lead that post with honor and dignity. bill: now there is this. marianne marsh, former senior advisor to senator john kerry and kate ity pavlich.
6:45 am good morning to you. katie, is this a big deal or something that has to be parsed carefully when you examine the words that have been spoken? >> look i think general flynn could have been more specific in his remarks but obviously he is discussing radical islam and the argument that he somehow islamophobic is really old, tired argument that has gotten people killed in this country and general flynn and donald trump want to try and get rid of the radical islam problem we have in the united states and overseas, for eight years president obama has refused to name the enemy which is radical islam and we've seen it hit home here in turn with political correctness in the fort hood shooting and san bernanadino. it is very clear for decades radical islamic terrorists taken advantage of tolerance and freedoms that americans offer them in order to use their religion to attack us here at home and abroad. i think they're trying to get that to stop. bill: marianne, what do you think of this? extraordinary things how
6:46 am
elections can be 180s on policy, or conversations or approach or attitude? it is pretty extraordinary. go ahead and start there. >> what is interesting to me, bill is this shouldn't be a surprise to anybody. this is a exactly what donald trump said he would do throughout the campaign. and the problem continues to be if he declares war on muslims that is exactly what isis wants. they want a holy war. remind everybody no one won a holy war in the history of mankind. they use it to recruit more terrorists have more attacks and make it tougher for us to win the war on terrorism and against isis. that is what they have said all along. if we go down this path, not only will it be muslims, i think you could see it with other groups because just as reince priebus said, we're only doing this until we get a better way of vetting muslims. you can hear the trump people say same thing about mexicans until we build a wall. bill: this is, let me just play one of the clips from august.
6:47 am
michael flynn was in dallas when he said the following. >> islam is a political ideology. it's a political ideology. it definitely hides behind this notion of it being a religion, and i have a very, very tough time because, i don't see a lot of people screaming jesus christ with hatchets or machetes or rifles shooting up clubs and it is like, it is like malignant cancer in this case. it has metastasized. katie, go ahead and start there. that is the kind of blunt talk if you want to use that phrase that donald trump is drawn to and that clip right there, would show you how a relationship could begin between these two men. go ahead, katie. >> they're addressing the issue. let's not forget radical islam is not just recognized by michael flynn or donald trump and recognized by islam and
6:48 am
those who practice, majority of those who practice it. they recognize there is a problem within their faith that has the address. there is a lot of people in the muslim community fought against radical islam and they don't want that part to define the rest of it, they actually agree with michael flynn. to go back to what marianne said about isis and idea of a holy war, isis already declared a holy war, religious war on the united states and on the west. this is reason why we see them saying things like, "allahu akbar!" before all of the attacks. there is reason why you have them saying this is their god and they're doing in the name of their religion. so let's not act like we're the ones who are somehow waging a war on them religiously. they started this around they're trying to finish it and the trump administration tried to do the opposite of obama administration in naming the enemy. bill: marianne, go ahead, remind you what priebus said there are some peel that have radicalized and some people have to be prevented come into this
6:49 am
country. on the face do you disagree with that. >> first let me address what katie said. there is reason isis featured donald trump in their recruitment videos since last spring at least. that should tell you everything. number one. number two, reince priebus said the muslim religion, until we get a better way of vetting it. so that is a pretty broad statement there. and you can certainly see where that could extend to other religions, other people, other things. that should be chilling to everyone. and i think that is the issue here. this is a lazy way to fight terrorism. because it compromising our values. and as we're held up as the greatest democracy on earth, to everyone in the world, the rest of the world looks to us, and says they're willing to compromise their values and their democratic way of going about this to justify these actions and that is the problem with all of this. bill: you can call fort hood workplace violence? >> terrorists taking advantage, and -- >> hold on. hold on.
6:50 am
bill: hang on, marianne. >> this is not muslims coming into country. this is vetting people who live in terrorism hot spots coming into the united states. we have the right to do that. if the left acts like that means muslims that is their tolerance and bigotry. >> reince priebus said muslims. >> talking about people living in countries that are terrorism hot spots. it is about the terrorism, vetting people before we get here. we have refugees who have been in the united states who either carried out attacks on american citizens or planned to carry out attacks on american citizens. it is about putting american citizens first. bill: i'm well out of time. i appreciate the debate. thank you, marianne, thank you you katie. heather. heather: good debate. is the head of the nsa on thin ice with president obama? why admiral mike rogers could be in danger of losing his job. bill: the pope with a bombshell decision on abortion today. what he is saying about a policy next your insurance company
6:51 am
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6:54 am
we should fit into your life. [ laughing ] not the other way around. [ clock ticking ] heather: france is taking a new stance on abortion. in a letter released this morning, the holy father saying all roman catholic priests will have the power to forgive abortion, extending indefinitely a measure he put into place last year. father jonathan morris, fox news religion contributor and he join us to talk more about this. how is this different? it extends in terms of timing something he already discussed? >> that is true. this is more of a policy change, more than a change of doctrine. first of all pope francis makes it very clear abortion is a grave sin. secondly what he is doing, no sin, no human action is bigger than god's grace and mercy. and that i think what he's
6:55 am
saying here, remember, there is always a new beginning, we can always start over. let me just make one other point. it is not priests who forgive sins. it is not the church that forgive sins. only god can forgive sins. based on scripture what jesus says, what you bound on earth, will be bound in heaven, what you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven, that is the foundation for sacrament of confession where the priest is minister of god's grace. i'm not god. pope francis is saying clearly god is bigger than our sins. heather: it extends ability to provide forgiveness. >> abs solution,. heather: to priests where previously in some areas of the world only a bishop could do that? >> that's right. the reason why in the past, not in the united states, but in other places, currently even, that has been he reserved to the bishop, it is to make sure the graphtry of abortion -- gravity of abortion, taking of a life would not be minimized.
6:56 am
pope francis recognizing it is so prevalent in so many places we don't want to put obstacle for people to come back, i to begin again i want god's forgiveness? heather: more people come back to the church. >> come back to the god and a relationship and friendship with god. heather: this isn't the first time he made a move some consider controversial. he had statements that he had about divorce to couples as well. >> you know, on my social media this morning there are people saying oh, that is wonderful, on the other hand there goes the liberal pope francis trying, trying to diminish the seriousness of abortion. he is not saying that in my opinion. what he is saying is, god is bigger than even our biggest mess-ups and our biggest sins. i love it. i think it is fabulous. heather: we'll see what the trump administration, how they take this, he has a lot of moves -- >> listen, pope francis and donald trump are on the same page on abortion as far as i know. based on what they say.
6:57 am
heather: thank you so much. appreciate your insight. >> you're welcome. bill: donald trump called it a, working weekend and there was a parade of meetings and saturday and sunday. parade of meetings continues today. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate
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7:00 am
bill: president-elect trump pushing ahead on this transition. he's shifting focus from national security to dough necessary particular policy and economic concerns. we are awaiting the announcement to get some more aappointments before thanksgiving. i'm bill hemmer.
7:01 am
this is heather childers. heather: mr. trump back home in manhattan conducting interviews with high-profile visitors. over the weekend he met with matt romney and kellyanne conway describing the open process. >> this is what outsiders do. politicians try to keep things behind a hinged door. but he's a man of the people. what do we have to hide? he's meeting with a diverse group of people from all backgrounds, all raise and test thissities, both genders, and most people who meet with him won't be in his cabinet, that's a numbers thing. but they will have all given
7:02 am
their advice and counsel and shared their vision. bill: mark, good morning to you. at 5:00 friday afternoon he said it will be a working weekend, stay tuned for updates. i have been trying to think about previous transitions, i can't recall the constant churn of meetings that we have watched be it from the front step of a clubhouse in new jersey or the trump tower. >> he's not doing it like anybody else did, but that's what you get when you elect an outsider. this is sort of symbolic of it. this is less than traditional, sort of more like the apprentice. you have all the contestants come up and meet donald and talk to them.
7:03 am
maybe he's giving them assignments to go out and do an ad campaign for our foreign policy, then we'll come back and have a panel to discuss whether you are fired or not. bill: was this one-on-one time, was trump leading the questions? was it a free give and take in or perhaps it depended on the individual. mitt romney got the most attention of the weekend. what comes of that? what's your guess? >> i think it's important symbolically he was considered whether he gets the job or not. donaldonald trump's job is to ue the republican party behind his administration. elements of the party as an establishment figure, was the last republican nominee. having that meeting and the photo of the two of them having their differences is a good thing for republican unity going
7:04 am
forward. bill: james mattis, secretary of defense is what he's talking about. in a way i would suggest it could be trump's way or perhaps the republican way of righting some of the wrongs they perceived on behalf of the current commander-in-chief. what do you think of that? >> mattis is a great, great marine. this is a guy who has donald trump's respect. but he was also urged by the never trumpers to run a campaign against donald trump but he declined to do it. this is a guy who is respected by all sides of the conservative movement, whether you are for trump or against trump. and he's a great, great general. he's a thinking man's general. there is a famous quote from him, he said i'm going to need with you, do not cross us,
7:05 am
because if you do, the survivors will write about what we do for 10,000 years. bill: i first met james mattis on the floor of a bombed out building in kandahar in 2001. and the respect he gets from his men and women is phenomenal. we talked about what happened and what could happen. what do you think about a potential surprise? what comes to mind? >> we have had so many surprises already. just the thought that mitt romney could be part of this administration is a surprise. anything could happen. but i think his picks so far have been really good. mike pompeo is a surprise. he is a fantastic choice to be the director of the cia. in a cabinet position, everybody who saw him and knew him the last few years.
7:06 am
this is a guy who is a west point grad. he patrolled the berlin wall as a foot soldier. he's the guy along with tom cotton to exposed the obama administration's secret deal with iran to allow them to inspect themselves as part of the iran deal. this is a guy who is very smart, very perceptive and he will have the intelligence community's back. >> admiral mike rogers post as nsa director could be in jeopardy. president obama is considering removing rogers at the recommendation of defense secretary ash carter and other intelligence officials. catherine herridge is live in washington with more. reporter: the allegation is james clapper who is the nsa director's boss and ash carter
7:07 am
advised the wise house rogers should be removed after two since don't where cyber secrets were stolen. in this letter the head of the house intelligence community is calling on clapper and carter to testify before the committee as soon as possible. there is a statement from nor john mccain red any suggestion that admiral rogers should be fired is certainly unwarranted. he has my full support. senior sources tell fox news this looks like a case of sour grapes because nsa director is now in the mix to lead the intelligence community under a president trump administration. bill: we have breaking news. a disturbing trend continues. four officers shot around the cub triwithin 24 hours. former d.c. homicide detective
7:08 am
rod wheeler weighs in against the rash of violence against men and women in blue. >> i can't be sure of anything. i think like everyone else we'll have to wait and see. heather: president obama says he will give president-elect trump space to lead, but there may be limits to his silence. where should presidents draw the line criticizing successors. bill: there are signs of potential compromise and democrats in washington. can they find common ground. if so, what would be the first order of business. >> i think blue collar america voted for donald trump more on democratic issues than republican issues which he professed.
7:09 am
7:10 am
7:11 am
7:12 am
heather: the u.s. navy comes to the aid of 3 iranian sailors stranded in the persian gulf. they gave them a new battery and water. iran not so nice when they found u.s. sailors adrift in the gulf. americans were held for 15 hours and finally released after intervention from washington. >> if there are issues that have less to do with the specifics of some legislative proposal or
7:13 am
battle but go to core questions about our values and our ideals, and if i think it's necessary or helpful for me to defend those ideals, then i'll examine it when it comes. bill: president obama not ruling out criticism, but says he does not intend to be a constant critic. john sununu good morning. he has long talked about how he has admired the way that bush 43 showed him the transition in january of 2009. what -- how does he act living in washington, d.c.? >> well, george h.w. bush got
7:14 am
credit for his letter to bill clinton saying he wasn't going to criticize him and george w. for not criticizing president obama, and it was recognized asking with very classy. i don't understand why president obama starts treading in areas where the opposite of being classy is obviously not classy. bill: he will be 55, 56 years old when he leaves office. he has a lot of years ahead of him. you wonder when these issues of obamacare come up, climate change, the paris deal, what does he do, say or act on that? >> he had a failed presidency, 8 years in which he didn't do much, and lost the respect of the country around the world. i suspect that even if he does comment, nobody is going to pay much attention to it. bill: really? >> i feel that way.
7:15 am
a lot of people feel that way. a lot of foreign leaders who are puzzled about the u.s.'s unwillingness to lead the last few years aren't going to be impressed by comments coming out of the president that they didn't respect while he was president. why should they listen to anything he says after he leaves president. >> bill: chuck schumer will be the senate minority leader and nancy pelosi may or may not be the minority leader in the house. that leaves barack obama perhaps the leader of the entire democratic party? >> and so what? bill: sorry? >> so what? this is a party in which the leadership you just outlined
7:16 am
except for obama are in their 70s. it's a party that's drifting. if he wants to try and be the leader of a failed party in his post-presidency. fine. but in order to find good reason to speak, you have to have an audience that will care about what you say. i frankly don't think after he has gone through his failed presidency anyone will care about what he has to say. bill: the premise is he would have the loudest megaphone. >> and don't you think chuck schumer and nancy pelosi would resent that? they are trying to lead a party against a presidency of republicans and and senate and house controlled by republicans? if he's going to interject himself, he's undermining them. bill: let's talk about
7:17 am
republicans. does mitt romney have a slot as a cabinet member in the new administration? >> the that's up to mitt romney and president-elect trump. whether mitt chooses to and is up to best them. they have taken a major step for the party and for the country by coming together at that meeting and coming out of it rather amicably. bill: what do you think of sessions and pompeo out of the gate so far? >> i don't know pompeo and flynn that well. i do know sessions pretty well. i expect his experience as attorney general in alabama, and what i think has been a mellowing experience in the senate will stand number good
7:18 am
stead as he goes to confirmation. and when he gets confirmed, i think be a pretty good attorney general. bill: were you surprised at the speed for which the first three announcements were made? >> i urged them to take their time. you don't get extra points for doing them in november instead of december. you just have to get it tidied up by inauguration. so take your time and do it right. bill: do you think the quality is in question? >> not at all. i am just urging them not to continue in haste. take your time and when the president-elect is comfortable with the decision, that's when they should come out. heather: anything is possible.
7:19 am
protests erupt in north dakota. protesters clark with police over an oil pipeline. bill: a string of police shootings. two of them being called ambushes. that's next. >> this officer was a husband web is a husband, he has three children. he was protecting our streets. he was shot twice in the face without provocation. this gives us a very, very strong idea of how dangerous itl is to be a police officer. aw man. hey, wait up. where you goin'? here we go again.
7:20 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
bill: members of the u.s. coast guard showing a lot of bravery to rescue fishermen off the coast of massachusetts.
7:23 am
the rescue teams arrived by helicopter and boat. they plucked the crew from the boat before it goes down and bringing them back to dry land. back to safety. heather: a string of police violence across the country. four officers shot in less than a day. one of them killed in solution. an officer in critical condition after being shot twice in the face. also in missouri, a police officer injured and suspect killed in a cityst outside of kansas city. a manhunt is intensifying for a suspect who ambushed and killed a policeman while writing a traffic ticket. they are asking for anyone with information to come forward. >> we consider this suspect to be extremely dangerous and a
7:24 am
clear threat to law enforcement officer and the public. when officers make a traffic stop, he or she is to have cover. heather: rod wheeler, thank you for joining us. benjamin marconi is the officer who was killed in this shooting. he was a 20-year veteran of the force. that stands at 127 police killed in the line of duty in 2016. 58 of those deaths from gunfire this year alone. >> this has been one of the most pun precedented years i have ever seen when it comes tomorrow attacks against law enforcement officers across the country. i can tell you two things are causing this.
7:25 am
we haven't had support of our elected officials. we haven't had the support of our current president. we had what i call anyone and dime support from him. we have a number of community who feel as though they can take their agreps against the government by using police officers. police department will have to change their tactics in terms of dealing with individuals on the streets and traffic stops. now more police officers are assigning other officers to assist even on traffic stops. >> in terms of the staffing it will take for these officers and some attempt to try to keep them safe. we have officers are not applying for these positions because of the fear. >> two reasons. one is because of the w fear.
7:26 am
look what happened in baltimore where these six police officers were thrown under the bus in the freddie gray situation. i think we'll get that support from the trump administration. then we'll begin to see the pend slum swing where we get the toonls resources we need to stop this craziness. look at this officer. 20 years to the force in san antonio, texas. this officer didn't have any blemish on his record's whatsoever. you have a thug on the street think he can walk up to the police car and shoot this officer in cold blood. heather: you mention the trump administration being different and the obama administration. what about the justice department itself. what role do they need to take? >> stlenlt question. you and i talked about this last year.
7:27 am
the department of justice starting with loretta lynch in the current administration needs to be much more vocal in support of their local police departments across this country. we haven't seen that. we haven't seen it from the obama administration. that's why i call it the anyone and dime support. contrast that to donald trump. he made it clear all along he will stands with police officers and give us the tools and resources we need to keep awful our community from the east coast to west coast safe and secure. we'll hopefully see things damage in the future. heather: unfortunately we have had to talk about this topic way too often. thanks for joining us. bill: terror attack plot foiled days before the beginning of the season. heather: the cast of "hamilton" not giving up their shot at
7:28 am
getting a message to vice president-elect mike pence. >> i'll leave it to others to determine whether it was appropriate.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
heather: a new terror attack foiled in france'. there were plans in the works for coordinate attacks against several targets. reporter: six out of seven people arrested were not yet known to intelligence services. french authorities say they were planning a specific attack in france, but they wouldn't give more details on that. four suspects were detained in
7:32 am
strasburg sunday. two others were arrests in marseille. the suspects are french, moroccan and afghan. they may have spent time in iraq and syria and were expecting a delivery of weapons. the target could have been the paris area. just last week paris remembered 130 people who died in coordinated attacks. but the interior ministry saying there is an enormous threat in france and he warned it was impossible to limit the threat to zero. >> i truly hope this show inspired you to uphold our american values and work on
7:33 am
behalf of all of us. bill: by now, you know that happened. the cast member of "hamilton" during the curtain car lecturing vice president-elect mike pence who was in the front row with his daughter. mr. pence taking the high road yesterday when he said this. >> when we arrived we heard a few booze and we herd some cheers and i nudged my kids and reminded them that's what freedom sounds like. but a the end i did hear from what was heard from the stage. i wasn't offended by what was said. >> this a lot to recap from over the weekend. howard kurtz host of media buzz, how are you doing? let's start with mike pence. that answer was first class, by the way.
7:34 am
>> absolutely. very conciliatory, not wanting to make it into a cultural fight. this was a stunt by the cast of "hamilton" designed to grab attention and it worked. this is nothing less than the icons of american culture refusing to accept the election of donald trump and mike pence. this is cast members saying we think you are such a threat to the country we are going to break character and denounce you. bill: had he said congratulations, hard fought battle and you won, and people from all over america come to see our show. but here is not what he said. here is that across or who plays aaron you are about. >> the global community demands we make statements when there are important issues facing us as a community. we wanted too spread a message
7:35 am
of love and unity. bill: you know what barack obama would say, he would say don't boo, vote. >> nice try. that was not a message of love and unity that was a protest it was a finger in the eye to the 1 million americans who voted for donald trump. to do it in a play when the vice president-elect was with his namely was rude. bill: the lead guitarist for bruce screen sting. a guy comes to a broadway show for a relaxing night out and he gets a lecture from the stage. it's bullying. you don't single out an as you yens member and lecture him from the stage. >> the vice president-elect is more controversial than the
7:36 am
character in the play who shot and killed a guy. bill: this was part of the show opening. there was an impersonation when she did the following. >> i love my husband. president barack obama. and our children. sasha and malia. bill: it went on from there. it felt like a script that had been thrown together over the weekend. >> it was just mean. melania trump is someone who doesn't seek the political spotlight. there was nothing funny or amusing about that and it makes me think this is why so many people, the kind of people who voted for donald trump are angry
7:37 am
at the mainstream media and the cultural elite. we had an election in this country less than two weeks ago, here they are mocking trump, mocking trump's wife, saying hey, he wasn't our choice, we may oppose him on policy grounds. bill: she is getting hammered online, social media. all the people whom thought it was unfair in 2008 and 2009 who didn't like the election of obama saying he was a muslim, now they seem to be giving donald trump and mike pence the same treatment. we are at the start of a cultural war that may not end anytime soon. bill: the first three minutes of that show took three shots at the election of donald trump, and the people who voted for him. howard kurtz in washington, d.c. heather: snl also getting in on
7:38 am
the "hamilton" trump feud. >> i heard you went to see "hamilton," how was that? >> it was good. i got a free lecture. >> i love you, mike. it's the reason i'll never get impeached. heather: donald trump wasn't amused. bill: snl is having the best ratings in 8 years. heather: they have a right to make fun of him. he has a right in the to agree with it. bill: have you seen the "hamilton" show. heather: no. bill: i have and it's an excellent show.
7:39 am
tensions flaring in north dakota. signs of come below mice between the president-elect and the incoming senate minority leader. they have talked and apparently they agree on some things and mr. trump is in for a tough fight otherwise. >> we should work out something that's strong and good. but i'm open to it. reporter: this is a kumbaya moment. >> there are other issues we'll oppose him tooth and nail.
7:40 am
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oh, that's graceful.
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the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird". breathtaking. a sumo wrestler figure skating? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money heather saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. bill: at least one person injured and sister oh these protests. hundreds of protesters confronting police as the crowd tried to push back a barricaded
7:43 am
bridge. officers used tear gas to push the protesters back and it turned into a riot. reporter: the local sheriff's office described the clashes as an ongoing riot as the anti-pipeline protesters have tried to push back a bridge -- pushed past a bridge that has been blocked since october. the officers used water cannons and what some protesters called tear gas. the confrontation took place a mile from the uncompleted section of the pipeline where
7:44 am
work has been put on hold by federal agencies. it's slated to carry isle from western north dakota to illinois. the protests are being held by the standing rock sioux. they are afraid a leak might contaminate their drinking water and they are concerned about damage to sites they consider sacred. the pipeline company says transporting oil by pipeline is far safer than doing it by rail or truck and no sacred sites will be harmed. heather: the incoming senate minority leader hinting he may be able to find common ground with president-elect trump.
7:45 am
mr. trump tweeting, i have always had a good relationship with chuck schumer. he's far smarter than harry reid and has the ability to get things done. shierm had this to say on "fox news sunday." >> surprisingly on several issues donald trump echoed the scriewts of democrats, not republicans. getting rid of interest loopholes and cleaning up the swamp. we challenge him. work with us. heather: the challenge has been thrown out. hi, heather. heather: i want to talk about
7:46 am
trump's tweet. he's smarter and harry reid and he has an ability to get things done. lisa, do you agree? >> what a compliment. i agree with donald trump. i think chuck schumer is much smarter than harry reid. he wouldn't let republican amendments through when he was majority leader and he took the unprecedented and traumatic steps of invoking the nuclear option. i think senator chuck schumer will be more judicious of when democrats try to use a filibuster. but they don't have a filibuster proof majority there. democrats look at 2018 are defending 23 seats, two independents that caucus with democrats. really look at 25 seats and 5 of those states democrats will be defending are states donald trump won by double digits.
7:47 am
>> jessica, in terms of where they could come together, where do you think are the primary areas where they can come to some agreement? >> i would like to say i don't think we should be saying whether chuck schumer or harry reid was smarter. infrastructure for sure, the transportation bill is something that rattled republicans, that donald trump is always talking about big spending projects. i think criminal justice reform is somewhere where they can come together. i think we can work together there, and donald trump has proposed a new deal for black america and i would like to see enterprise zones popping up all over the country it was smart for chuck schumer to make it clear there wouldn't be compromises for obamacare.
7:48 am
those things are hugely popular and they are going to have to stay. heather: chuck schumer coming out very strongly about obamacare, dodd-frank and saying there will not be compromise on that. >> why, there is going to be -- i think donald trump is not particularly an ideologue like we have seen in republicans past. there are going to be big ticket items that donald trump will push forward that people like senator chuck schumer will not appreciate, one being obamacare, two being immigration, three rolling back executive actions and regulatory reforms that some democrats might not be willing to embrace. transportation might be an issue where donald trump could find more friends with democrats than republicans on that issue.
7:49 am
potentially tax reform. it's interesting to note. senator chuck schumer was the one in 2014 that recognized the fact that obamacare was a huge mistake politically for democrats. it's important to keep that in mind in look at senator chuck schumer and how he's going to run -- heatherrun -- heather: listening to what you both said, there seems to be compromise. why are aren't they giving the president-elect a chance? >> the amount of people protesting versus amount of people sitting at home saying donald trump is our president is vastly different. a lot of these people are an aists. give it a few weeks.
7:50 am
this is as person who ran a hugely controversial cam paint way he went after minorities and the language about muslims. we need to give people a few weeks to cool off. the appointment of jeff sessions is hugely controversial for the left and many on the right. >> it shouldn't be. heather: more appointments to come before thanksgiving. bill: jon scott coming up next on "happening now." jon: the president-elect is coming under fire in the media. the new term some media outlets are tossing around and what it could signal about their treatment of the president-elect in the future. a south carolina judge halts jury selection the trial of dylann roof. is he competent to stand trial?
7:51 am
bill: winter is moving in early. severe weather moving in from the central rockies to the northeast. s and temperatures are going south. january this dean is tracking the storms. with savings of up to 30%, with an initial discount just for signing up. take control of your rates. visit a local office or call liberty mutual today at liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. liberty stands with you™. ♪ i want a hippopotamus for christmas ♪ ♪ only a hippopotamus will do at the united states postal service, we deliver more online purchases to homes than anyone else in the country. and more hippopotamuses, too. ♪ so whatever your holiday priority,
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bill: a fox news weather alert. winter is coming. this is the scene in upstate new york. what's up, janice. reporter: you knew it had to happen. i saw snow snowflakes outside the office a minutes ago. the coldest air of the season has arrived. current temperatures, a lot of 30s. you have got the wind chill and
7:55 am
that makes it feel even colder than that because we have the winds across the great lakes. you can see the snow flying east of lake ontario, that's where we could see the big pileup of snow. you have the water temperatures 40s to 50s. then you have got that cold air moving over the lakes. that's why we have lake-effect snow warnings. the bull's-eye 6-12, 18 inches of know, and i'm sure the ski lovers are loving this. us dane wednesday an area of low pressure bringing snow, rain and the potential for severe weather tuesday and wednesday. the biggest california peek of the year, and that will continue eastward into new york perhaps for the mails wh -- mort macy's
7:56 am
thanksgiving day parade. northern rockies and central rockies, we could see the potential for rain in the morning on thanksgiving for the thanksgiving day parade. i will see what i can do. hopefully our turkey will help us out. bill: it's a good thing we are getting the winds now as opposed to thursday. reporter: they can do it in the rain but not the wind. heather: snoopy and kermit on the loose. more cabinet picks could be announced today for the incoming administration. the latest from trump tower and the president-elect's ongoing meetings.
7:57 am
7:58 am
. . .
7:59 am
bill: hit of the weekend, vikings game, minnesota, pregame . >> oh, no. bill: that was not a set-up. technician from fox sports. he got run over by defenseman. that was the easiest play he had
8:00 am
to make. bernie is okay, though. he went -- heather: the players look around and keep running. bill: have a good monday morning, everybody. jon: fox news alert as we await new announcements from president-elect trump after high-profile meetings in golf course. good morning to you, i'm jon scott and we welcome a familiar face. melissa: i'm excited to be here, i'm in for jenna lee. a conference call wrapping up with mr. trump holding more meetings today sitting down with former presidential candidate governor rick perry and oklahoma governor fallon with kellyanne conway saying both are under consideration for cabinet


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