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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 21, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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to make. bernie is okay, though. he went -- heather: the players look around and keep running. bill: have a good monday morning, everybody. jon: fox news alert as we await new announcements from president-elect trump after high-profile meetings in golf course. good morning to you, i'm jon scott and we welcome a familiar face. melissa: i'm excited to be here, i'm in for jenna lee. a conference call wrapping up with mr. trump holding more meetings today sitting down with former presidential candidate governor rick perry and oklahoma governor fallon with kellyanne conway saying both are under consideration for cabinet post.
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jon: peter live in trump tower. >> good morning, democratic congresswoman who left the position at dnc so she could support socialist candidate for president bernie sanders earlier in the cycle is at trump tower for a meeting with the president elect today. we also know who else is on the guest list for elevator ride upstairs, newt gringrich, oklahoma governor, and texas governor rick perry. governor perry was one of the first prominent republicans to back off harsh criticism about trump not being conservative enough to say that he would go work for a trump administration if there ever was one and it looks like the early support earned him a job interview.
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fiercest critiques. >> he wants to focus out of the gate on repealing obamacare and beginning the process of replacing obamacare with the kind of free market solution that is he campaigned on. from there, we will work on issues ending illegal immigration, reviving our economy through tax reform, rebuilding infrastructure in this country. >> but the democratic senate majority leader chuck schumer said this weekend just because republicans control all of washington come january doesn't mean that the dems are going to make it easy for president elect trump because schumer says he does not believe trump has a mandate by voters to govern because trump did not win the popular vote, jon. jon: peter docey in new york.
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one of his goals seems to be party unity, but his vice president says it goes even beyond that. >> i just want to reassure people that what president-elect donald trump said on election night he meant from the bottom of his heart. and to watch him bringing together people of diverse views, bringing with people that differ with him strongly, i just want to reassure every american that in the days ahead i'm very confident and they're going to see president-elect donald trump be a president for all of the people and we embrace that principle. jon: joining us now communications director for american cross roads, also with us towing, fox news contributor
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and former adviser to president clinton. welcome to both of you. >> thank you so much. jon: there were concerns about who donald trump's appointees might be when the first two big jobs go to chairman of the republican committee reince priebus and senator like jeff sessions, are republicans feeling reassured? >> ic they should -- i think they should be. he was the attorney general in alabama, attorney general in alabama and on judiciary committee so i would go so far to say there may not be somebody more qualified out there than jeff sessions to be attorney general. he's going out to talking to mitt romney, nikki haley that were critics and now he's talking to a democratic congresswoman from hawaii who was one of the first critiques of debbie wasserman schultz.
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jon: doug, are you surprised at the roster of people who are making their way to trump's golf course and trump tower to be interviewed? >> i wouldn't say i'm surprised. i mean, donald trump as senator schumer said was not the recipient of anything more than a plurality of the popular vote. he did win an electoral college mandate but the larger mission as the vice president said to bring people together. his first goal to solidify the party and by interviewing mitt romney i think that would be a fabulous appointment as secretary of state and now to have him reaching out to democrats is a great second step because we need unity and we need success. we are not partisans now, we are all americans. we want donald trump to succeed. jon: we are looking at live interior pictures from trump towers because we are waiting for former texas governor pick
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-- rick perry. he is going to be making his way into a meeting with donald trump, president like -- elect today. that party unity, is something to talk about or actually achieve or are republicans going to get on board with the president elect pretty quickly? >> well, i think naturally they will start to get on board with the president elect. there was a poll today showing a big spike in president-elect trump's approval rating. that's natural after the election. he's going all the right things. some of the people i think are going to do a good job if he ends up selecting them. scott brown, a 30-year individual in the national guard, he retired as a colonel. he was in the veterans committee as a senate. these are good possible pick that is could lead an administration that is looking to bring like doug said both iedz of the aisle and he is on the side to doing that. >> a lot of eyebrows raised when
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barack obama appointed hillary clinton to be his secretary of state. there was way more bad blood than those two than hillary and barack obama. >> i think that's true. and governor romney said in 2012 election that the greatest threat to the united states is russia and vladimir putin. obama disagreed but clearly there's evidence to support governor romney's view and general michael flynn and president elect himself have a very different view of russia so i think it would be great to get a diversity of opinions and views on foreign policy at the highest levels of our government. jon: gentlemen, thank you. >> thank you. jon: going to take you now to san antonio, texas. police chief briefing the media
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at police headquarters after the shootings of officers this weekend. let's listen in. >> extremely dangerous to both police and public. you see him or his car out there or see the individual, you believe matches the decryption of the person of the video, please call us, don't approach him on your own and we will entertain any questions that you may have. >> why was this man inside headquarters? >> we questioned a number of people, he was one of them. who are you talking about? >> the surveillance photo of this man -- >> okay, yeah. i don't know why he was in headquarters. we have some ideas why we believe he may have been in headquarters but we are not quite sure, there are several motives that we are looking at. >> in the video he leaned over and do you know what he said to the person? >> i do. we don't know if that plays into
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the investigation but i'm not going to put out too many details on that. [inaudible] >> the original driver was questioned by our only side -- homicide detectives. >> you said -- >> questioned by our homicide detectives. >> you said you questioned a number of people. >> we talked to a number of people. >> but they were all released? >> yes. >> chief, the suspect in the video clearly looked agitated, pacing back and forth. do you feel there's a connection with the suspect's state of mind and what happened four hours later? >> i could only be speculating, so i don't know. i don't want to speculate on that. >> can you tell us why you believe him to be the suspect, main reason? >> there's a number of reasons for that the investigators have
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surmised but based on the conversations of the issue but i'm not going to go into that level of detail. >> can you tell us what time it happened he tried to get into the police department? >> early in the morning. >> yes. >> do you know who he talked to and he left 240 seconds after entering. >> he talked to the clerk at the desk. >> he asked a question and the clerk said that they would help him with that and he said, never mind and walked out. >> do you know what the question was? >> i'm not going say what it was. [inaudible] >> has anything like this happened in san antonio before? >> we are -- we have pulled out all the stops. we have engaged our federal partners, our state partners and our local partners in the search
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for this individual. the search has gone on since -- we started yesterday afternoon and has not stopped all night and to this point and it will not stop until this person is in custody. [inaudible] >> we spoke with him and he was released. [inaudible] >> that was through u.s. marshal service, correct? >> there's a traffic force, i will call this working on this case. it was the person was brought in for questioning and released. >> chief, have you been in touched with your counterparts in st. louis. jon: the police chief, if you're not familiar with what happened there, the police chief was filling details on system whose name they know, but he was in
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police headquarters for some reason and carrying on conversations inside police headquarters in san antonio and got agitated, the man left the building and came upon an officer who was outside headquarters actually giving a traffic ticket to a motorist and he shot the officer dead. they are in mourning in san antonio. they are looking for the suspect. when we get more information, we will certainly bring it to you. casey stagel is live in dallas with more. >> yeah, jon, we are following all of this. the texas officer who lost his life was a 20-year veteran with the san antonio police department and he leaves behind two adult children. detective, this man was sitting sitting in police cruiser writing a traffic ticket when a car pulled up behind his, a man jumped out and ran to police car, shooting and killing detective marconi in broad
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daylight, police have no other motives as you heard other than the police officer was targeted simply for wearing the uniform. investigators have released photos of the suspect's vehicle and a person of interest in the case hoping someone will recognize it and come forward. now, yesterday evening two different police officers in missouri with two different police departments were also shot, one near kansas city where an officer was hit in traffic stop but expected to be okay, that suspect was killed by officers in a shootout and also yesterday a similar situation in st. louis, another police officer shot while sitting in his vehicle last night despite being hurt, the officer able to get back up and have backup brought in. >> the officer said he saw the flashes and felt the glass
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breaking in his windows as the shot came through and struck him in the head. the officer was able to get on the radio and call for assistance. >> now, that gunman was later found and also killed in a shootout with police. and if that wasn't enough, finally an officer in florida recovering, the police department, that officer also shot during a traffic stop yesterday, he is expected to make a full recovery and the gunman is in custody, so again, just to recap, 3 officers around the country hurt this weekend in separate incidents, one killed in the line of duty here in texas. that suspect is still on the run, jon. jon: casey, thank you. melissa: iraqi forces going door to door, how they are trying to keep safe as they advance in neighborhoods.
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melissa: fox news alert on intense fighting in or around mosul. door-to-door searches in the city's east outskirts and looking for potential suicide bombs after several attempted attacks today, benjamín is live. benjamín, welcome. >> frankly progress has now slowed to a crawl. isis resistance remains as strong as ever with snipers in many of the streets and suicide vehicles from many different angles. iraqi groups have had to slow up and recrew up. six miles from the center itself. there's been reluctance by the u.s. and allies to use
8:19 am
overwhelming fire power to avoid civilian casualties, forces have to move house by house to weed out the fighters. isis has continue today pose footage showing own fighters engaging iraqi troops inside the city. throughout the campaign they have released a stready stream of videos showing on ongoing battles. some of the first aid the residents have seen in over two years but more than a million people are still said to be in the city. meanwhile to the west of mosul there have been successes but iranian shiite militias. they have continued to cut off main supply route. one called hezbollah, a terror organization by the u.s. the u.s.-backed forces move from the east and iranian from the west.
8:20 am
it's a reminder of just how complex the battle for mosul really is, melissa. melissa: thank you so much. jon: with conflicts around the world president-elect trump faces a tough decision, one top contender mattis, who is he? a man who knows the general very well joins us next. mr. trump sparking concerns about nato member calling alliance obsolete but what does the nato chief have to say about working with a president trump?
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jon: nato chief says he look forward to working with president-elect donald trump. he touched on the election and
8:24 am
on u.s. relations with our european allies. >> i'm welcoming the incoming administration in washington. and i look forward to working with president-elect donald trump. the partnership between europe and united states has been rock-solid for almost 70 years. a partnership that has always received bipartisan support in the united states. will make the transatlantic bond even stronger. jon: spending increases is a top priority but not a new demand. during election campaign trump called for increasing contributions from nato allies. melissa: president-elect trump
8:25 am
holding meetings at trump tower including top post as secretary of defense. over the weekend trump met with mattis. yesterday after their saturday meeting trump tweeted, quote, general james mattis being considered as secretary of defense was impressive yesterday. a true generals general. he's also a fox news military analyst, sir, thank you so much for joining us. i know you know the general well. i've been die to go get your impression, what do you think. jack: anyway, nicknamed by his troops. i know jim mattis. this is a terrific choice if this is a decision that president-elect trump is going the make and it looks like he's
8:26 am
heading in that direction, why? he's a experienced commander and thoughtful and insightful and absolutely conversive with all, with all of the global security challenge that is are currently facing the united states and he knows that the indispensable item that is going to help provide stability and security to the world is strong american leadership. and we have had -- not had in the last years. mattis understand that and knows a strong military is essential. melissa: and he's blunt. one of the reasons he got name mad dog is he's not afraid of speaking true to power. this was a problem before when he was delivering messages maybe to president obama about how things are going, does that sound right to you? >> no, it's absolutely true.
8:27 am
he's a straight talker, he speaks his mind clearly. people know exactly where he's coming from. i'm not talking about somebody who is bombastic, someone who is thoughtful and presents his views in a firm manner and is widely respected in the congress and much respected among the troops out there and listen, just because we are going to put -- assuming we are going put a military guy as secretary of defense does that mean therefore we are more likely to go to war because we have a military man in charge of the department of defense, quite the contrary. military people after years of exposure to war, know the horrors of it, implications of it, always want to make sure before we use that option that all other options, indeed, have been exhausted and this is what remains. that's mostly where senior military people are coming from and that's where james mattis is
8:28 am
coming from. if there's one answer, fight and win. melissa: in the meantime, i want to move you to our other topic, president obama speaking briefly with russian president vladimir putin at the summit in perú this weekend. the president urging greater efforts to end violence in syria as government forces backed by russia pushed rebel areas in aleppo. we have the syrian -- the russians and the government there pushing against their own people, assad against his own people at the same time, you know, you have isis, how do we untangle this and what do the president's words mean at this time? >> well, it's extraordinary the narrative that he clings to that somehow he's working towards a peaceful solution when he squandered so many opportunities
8:29 am
to turn a momentum against the assad regime so we could get a political solution, in 2011 the moderates came to the white house and were seeking arms and assistance, the obama administration said no, in 2012, clinton,portaeus all recommended the same thing in 2012, he refuses, in 2013 when the chemical red line is crossed, the same national security team except kerry is now replacing clinton, recommend military strike against the assad regime. the purpose is not retribution for using chemical weapons, the purpose is to change momentum against the regime so we can get a political solution and he refuses and he refused in 2014 and 2015 to establish safe zones that would be harbors for this human catastrophe that's taking place. so it is really frustrating when you are conversing with all of
8:30 am
the decisions, melissa and recognize while we are not the cause of the civil war, but we have contributed to it being protracted. melissa: quite a mess to inherit. thank you for joining us. we appreciate your time. jack: good talking to you, melissa. jon: how this is similar to the treatment president obama initially received? we will go in-depth. also speaking of both leaders, what president obama is saying now about potentially criticizing his successor after he leaves office, we are live with an update on that
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melissa: right now president obama says he will withhold any criticism of president elect trump but adding that he may not stay silent once mr. trump takes office. sticky, stuff, mike. >> no question about that, melissa. president obama first president to remain in washington after his term and his philosophy is so different than president-elect donald trump that leads to questions about how much he intends to comment on issues in the news and those matters facing the new occupant of the white house. last night in perú mr. obama was asked about how much he intends to speak out and whether he withhold public criticism of mr. trump.
8:35 am
he wants to be respected to the office and get the president elect put forward his plans and arguments without somebody popping off in every instance but he reserved his right to comment. >> if there are issues that have less to do with the specifics of some legislative proposal or battle but go to core questions about our values and our ideals, and if i think that it's necessary or helpful for me to defend those ideals, then i will examine it when it comes. >> the president praised former president george bush saying mr. bush could not have been more gracious when mr. obama took office. mr. bush was asked about this issue by our colleague sean hannity two years ago. >> i don't think it's good for the country to have a former president undermine a current president. i think it's bad for the
8:36 am
presidency for that matter. >> president obama is remaining in washington after his turn to allow his daughter to finish high school but that may lead to temptation by the former president and the media to try to get him to weigh in on major issues facing a new white house team melissa. melissa: interesting stuff, mike, thanks for that. jon: new questions about how some in the media are handling president-elect donald trump with indications some journalists are refusing to, quote, normalize him. our own howard, host of media buzz has this take. to be normalized would be created as just another president elect, a normalized process would provide skeptical coverage a aggressive coverage but would fit within template, trump is not a legitimate
8:37 am
president and doesn't deserve to be treated as such. joining us now our media panel today kelly, columnist and comment air writer for washington times and olvaeira salazar. do you see indications that significant number of reporters out there in the mainstream media do not want to normalize the president elect? >> yes, it's a administration of what they did in the general election but they called it a different name. the fact that you couldn't compare donald trump to hillary clinton because donald trump was, you know, he could blow up the republic. jim at "the new york times" actually wrote a column about this and justified his own media reporters, his own political reporters bias against going hard against donald trump. this is a administration of the liberal elite media trying to intellectualize against trump.
8:38 am
jon: do you see tit same? >> my main crp -- concern of the latinization of the networks, we are not here to be dictating to the voters and my main concern is that the news outlets and news mediaia i could become latinize. media outlets are serving their own interests and in the case about normalization, we in the latin america we do not have to be moral judges, we don't have to be dictating moral lectures to the voters. mr. trump won by 60 million votes. the country had spoken and we are no one in the news outlets to be saying to the voters that they were wrong or that they were right n. latin america
8:39 am
where my parents come from, that's what's happening or that happens very often. we have to understand that we are not only talking to the american public but democracies, we are talking about latin america who looks at u.s. press, media outlets with respect or admiration, we copy the american school of journalism, what is happening here is sending a message, not only to the u.s. voters but latin america, asia that look how we cover elected officials or politicians in the way that they would like to. this could have a lasting effect, not only for us but for other democracies. jon: try going on venezuelan tv and criticizing -- >> absolutely. look at cuba. it's very good that we are so robust and so strong but we have to be very careful because we
8:40 am
have a very big responsibility and that responsibility, cuba press, venezuelan press, north korean press would love to have the power and would love to have the reach that we have with voters and that responsibility brings -- that power brings great responsibilities. that's my take. jon: kelly, you note ironies in the fact that reporters have changed their tune over time about donald trump, the former candidate, now president elect. >> yes, in the primary, in the gop primary you had liberal bloggers who basically said, you know, donald trump is a moderate and he's a better fit for the presidency than a marco rubio or a ted cruz that are going to take the country in the wrong direction. jonathan at the new york magazine basically wrote a piece on why liberals should embrace donald trump, saying that real threats again are cruz and rubio and that there might be some good that comes within a donald
8:41 am
trump's presidency. the day after the election jonathan tweeted, he goes, i think this is the worst day of my life. what a melo dramatic turn. this is not being truthful. after the election just wrote an article last week and saying, there is no such thing as a good trump voter. 60million americans who voted for donald trump. not one of them is good in his eyes. it's just the -- the hypocrisy is unbelievable. >> and we saw that -- sorry. we saw that in spanish media in the u.s. we saw that exactly what she was saying, we saw it in spanish television in this country. not mega tv or other spanish outlets. we have to understand and immigration, nafta, méxico was one of the core issues for the trump presidency. nonetheless we understood that we needed to stay in the middle.
8:42 am
we needed to cover things as they were coming, right now there is terror in the immigration or in -- i should say in the hispanic community because we do not know what mr. trump is going to do, nonetheless we have to stay in the middle and we have to cover. we are story tellers, we are reporting what's happening, not telling the voters what to think including the 70% of hispanics that voted against mr. trump or in favor of mrs. clinton and 30% we need to preserve and we need to give everybody in our community a fair chance to look at mr. trump the way he is, now how we imagine he is going to govern. jon: when media questioned the legitimacy of this new incoming administration, kelly, people in portland who go out and burn things down because they are unhappy because their candidate didn't win. >> if you watch cnn which some
8:43 am
of your viewers may do, you'll know against general flynn, islamophobia comments, with senator jeff sessions, all they want to do is talk about 1986 hearings. this is just further dividing our country and fear mongering and something that the press should look at people's records and look at the fact of the matter that donald trump is interviewing a bunch of people across ethnicities, female, male, he's having democrats over today, so he's definitely trying to get the best people for his cabinet and that's something that should be praised. jon: kelly and maria elvira salazar, thank you for being our media panel today. >> thank you. melissa: terrible day for police departments across the country after four officers are ambushed an shot in three different states.
8:44 am
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which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. melissa: fox news alert shock and anger as four police officers are shot in three different states in just 24 hours, one dying of his wounds, san antonio detective gunned down while writing a traffic ticket in broad daylight. hours later three officers in florida and missouri are ambushed. all three of them are expected to survive but many people asking what can be done to better protect our men and women in blue? a former member of the fbi joint terrorism task force, you've also written two books on community policing.
8:48 am
is it right first of all to connect these four things because they happened in a short period of time and it's a tendency to lump them together and say there's a problem that unifies them; is that right? >> i believe in part it's right because the justice department has made it very clear over the past four years when it comes to policing in the country they have neglected police officers with regard to not providing them with the tools they need to address crime and it's something that has to be fixed and it can be fixed. melissa: do you blame the feds on what is happening in the local level? >> look what happened in baltimore, police were harmstringed and couldn't do their job. now you have people lunatics and many are career criminals which we will get to in a minute because that's part of the solution. melissa: you actually weighted out a three-step solution.
8:49 am
it's always two officers that respond to everything, that sounds ideal but tough. it requires a lot more man power. >> yes, it does. when i was on the job, you get a minor call like in this case of the officer shot parking ticket, you're alone. you can't afford that anymore. so either you have two-man patrol cars or two patrol cars and, yes, it costs a lot of money which leads to problem-solving number two. the trump administration is going to be tough on crime. what they will have to do is provide funding, where do they get funding? cutting foreign aid to countries that are not friendly to the united states, perhaps take some of that funding and put it in police departments or take funding from the prisons where they've got hbo and all kinds of different benefits and give it to the cops. melissa: yeah, you also say there's a problem with judges and that's a controversial judges, what's your beef there? >> very controversial. we find that most of the people killing police officers are
8:50 am
criminals, they have criminal records 50 yards long and that's because of soft liberal judges. maybe i'm the first person to say it, you've got civilian review boards for cops around the country, maybe we need to think about civilian review boards for judges, very controversial, i know they will oppose it. judges make decisions that affect our very lives more so probably than anyone else. and i don't think it would hurt to have civilians look at what kind of decisions they're making and why they are making these decisions. melissa: interesting. steve rogers, thanks for coming on. >> thank you very much. jon: today kicks off a very busy travel week. millions of americans planning to hit the road or board a plane for the thanksgiving holiday. but weather is complicating things for an early snowfall is causing flight delays and problems on the road. >> i think it's absolutely crazy. i went to bed and it was winter wonderland
8:51 am
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jon: let's check out what's ahead on outnumbered, what do you have? sandra: vp elect says the administration will try to repeal obamacare out of the gates but the new senate minority lead e vows they will regret the efforts. the battle has already begun. >> president obama says that if president trump reaches certain values will speak out after leaving office or should he do so and do like other former presidents and keep quiet? sandra: outnumbered, please join us on the holiday shortened week. jon: we will. sandra: see you then. jon: now fox weather alert, season's first major snowfall could cause problems for thanksgiving travelers, laura is outside fox headquarters with
8:55 am
more on that. snow will stick around for many people in the northeast, but as we knowinger as you see this kind of cold weather come in it brings headaches along with mother nature's chilly gifts. if you're out on the roads, meteorologist warns visibility could go clear to near zero in a couple of miles. that's what we have been seeing in the last couple of days, things could get dicey for folks traveling i-90. snow warning in effect until tonight. there were several inches of snow in north spots. high wind gusts, low visibility on the roads, it's the right combination to make traveling challenging and dangerous. >> we have been sitting inside watching it come down and each time we look out, every check point it seems like there's more snow out the ground.
8:56 am
so it's starting to get loud. >> maybe loud for a while in minnesota, the state patrol reported 340 crashes and more than 550 spin-outs over the last four days as the snow swept across the state, heavy snow also falling in parts of nebraska and dakotas, if there's any good news here is it will not last long. all should move out by tomorrow leaving kids and snow lovers taste of winter. not a lot of fun in you're traveling out there, jon. jon: i was a little stun seeing my backyard coated in white yesterday morning. melissa: huge tree comes crashing down on an suv. what happened to the people trapped inside? a survivor story they are calling nothing short of a miracle. a terror attack stomped in tracks, arrest police have just
8:57 am
made, we are live with that story as well roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges.
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melissa: see you back here in an hour. you too. >> we haven't scared you off? you will come back? >> without question. that sounds great. "outnumbered" starts right now. sandra: fox news alert. four police officers shot. one of them killed execution-style in four separate attacks within a 24 hour period yesterday. right now a manhunt in san antonio, texas, for the killer who pulled up in a car and gunned down an officer in his squad car while he was writing a ticket. in st. louis, an officer shot twice in the face while driving in what police are calling an ambush. he is expected to survive. two others short and injured. one in gladstone, missouri, the other in sanibel, florida. the victim in san antonio attack, benjamin marconi and the suspect is still on the loose. we'll give y


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