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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 22, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> i will issue notification of intent to withdraw from the trans-pacific partnership. we will bring jobs and industries back on american shores. sandra: but noticeably missing from the list are some of
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mr. trump's biggest campaign promises, including plans to build a wall along our border with mexico. repealing obamacare, and reversing the iran nuclear deal. james, what do you make of those things being left out? >> well, it's important to listen carefully to exactly what he said. he was laying out the vision for the executive orders, that he plans to issue on day one and beyond. sandra: which can easily be done obviously. >> 100 days. repealing obama care something that requires act of congress. i think that why that was excluded. perhaps he doesn't feel like executive order is instrument he will build the wall. he said in the end these are a few of the things. i don't think it was intended as comprehensive statement. sandra: timing is a big part of his decision to lay out these efforts. meghan: deportation force, the wall, two big things he ran on, you're talking about first 100 days. if you're a hardcore trump supporter you would be pretty satisfied by this obviously going forward, building the wall which take congress and a lot
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more effort and energy. i actually wasn't surprised by this. sandra: his critics point out, hey there, look, he didn't even mention the wall as part of his first 100 days. >> he intentionally didn't take on things he will have to work with congress on like tax reform. tax reform, corporate and or individual tax reform could happen in the first 100, 150 days. again he needs to have the bargaining chip on the side. doesn't mention it here. curious that he didn't mention rescinding president obama's order on keeping 5 million illegal immigrants in this country, still caught up in the courts. he could have rescinded that i suppose. but he didn't hit that either. sandra: julie. first and foremost tpp needed act of congress to pass treaties. i don't know what he needs to talking about. tpp is not happening, president obama says is not happening. i want the wall. he ran at wall. repeal obamacare on day one. that is commitment he made. i expect that to happen. i expect him to deport
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11 million illegal immigrants. he said he is going to do that. i expect those things to happen. more importantly i didn't vote for him but his voters expect that to happen. when i hear things like this, if i were a trump voter i would be a little concerned all the reasons i voted for him, whether because of the wall or because of illegal immigration or because of repeal of obamacare, i haven't heard one word about that. if he is doing video like he did. could have addressed. they deserve to hear it. he has got congress. he doesn't need to worry we it. congress is 100% republican hands. very easy sailing for him. sandra: james, go back he is laying out first 100 days. only been president-elect trump for a few weeks here. is he being harshly judged by the media and not in the office yet. >> whatever the subject is, donald trump if media are involved he is being harshly judged. again i was saying he was speaking to the use of executive orders if the first one one days in the video. he was not laying out everything he is going to accomplish. >> by the way on the trans-pacific partnership, this
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is news to the other countries in the tpp they were still, regardless who won whether it was hillary clinton who waffled on it or donald trump, now, you've got china, china is beneficiary of this. i will be curious to see how investor react to it but china is -- meghan: he does make a good point, if he doesn't dot wall, fascinated someone grew up on border state how this will happen and how much it will cost. if he doesn't fulfill big promises the meat and potatoes base of party who elected him and more disenchanted. president obama made a bunch of promises he wasn't able to fulfill. there will be upset core voters. >> most vocal supporters on talk radio for instance, they will hold his feet to the fire. they will be monitoring him every day. sandra: as far as how americans are feeling today, latest cnn -- orc poll revealed 53% sy that president trump will do a very good or good or fairly good job.
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we combined numbers from the polling, but, it -- meghan: shocks me numbers are up so quickly. he has been elected two weeks ago. >> the aura. the aura attaches immediately. meghan: people like me are giving him a chance to lead and giving him a shot? myself at top of the list pleasantly surprised meeting with people like mitt romney, harsh critics of him i wonder how many are democrats. >> i can tell you why, talk about later in the show. stock market hitting new records. people look at 401(k) balances don't dismiss that. i'm a nerd and total numbers geek, that makes a huge difference. it speaks to broad market -- sandra: hold on, safe reaction later, talking dow 19,000 later in the show. president-elect trump addressing another major campaign promise. he says his team is no longer planning to pursue criminal charges against hillary clinton, despite repeatedly threatening her with a special prosecutor on the campaign trail. remember you all the chants of,
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lock her up at mr. trump's rallies? now senior advisor says kellyanne conway says the president-elect is ready to focus on other things. >> president-elect head of your party, tells you joe, before he is even inaugurated he doesn't wish to pursue the charges sends a very strong message and tone and content to the members. and i think hillary clinton still has to face the fact that majority of americans don't find her to be honest and trustworthy. if donald trump can help her heal perhaps that is a good thing. >> after months of hearing lock her up at campaign rallies for mr. trump, do you do you think supporters will respond. >> they expected to lock her up i will say this this is troubling to me. kellyanne conway should know better than this president-elect or president of the united states can't actually lock anybody up. they knew that during the campaign or they should have. they know that as president. in fact, what the attorney, independent attorney general
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would do potentially recommend special prosecutor. for her to make unilateral decision as head of the party he will send some message to presumably the attorney general not to pursue charges against hillary clinton is incredibly dangerous, because there is a reason that politics needs to be removed from this kind of discussion. they knew that during the campaign and certainly know that now. this is very, very dangerous rhetoric how they approach the justice department can and how they approach involvement of political people in the pursuit and carrying out of justice. >> i think that if donald trump were to have any basis for locking up hillary clinton with any urgency he would have to declare her an enemy combatant and send her to gitmo. that obviously is not going to happen. but i think julie's point is well-taken, generally president of the united states doesn't interfere with the workings of the department of justice. he can have influence of creating pressure for appointment of special prosecutor. i think what they're saying here we'll not follow through on that. every indication in the days before the election, department of justice and fbi are still very much pursuing investigation
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into the clinton foundation. there is even some evidence that that might intensify after the election. and so i think that that, that is going to percolate you without whatever the president-elect and kellyanne conway to say. >> if the fbi recommends charges in this clinton foundation investigation, the trump administration, as karl rove said on fox news earlier, there should be a special counsel and the trump administration should completely remove themselves from being involved. meghan: i understand completely beating her and her team into irrelevance and winning absolute historic election is probably revenge enough for him, people like me, i did like lock her up. i absolutely hate hillary clinton i'm a little disappointed right now. calm and compassionate. that is not what i liked about him. few things i liked, this, get her, get the clinton foundationf people, entirely corrupt. why does she get off the hook
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now? >> justice department last eight years has been driven in part by you're looking at the lack of any kind of charges at this point. meghan: make it simple. i don't want chelsea with career in politics. i want to investigate the clinton foundation. >> my now, the obama administration justice department was driven by political purposes in part. look at irs, lois lerner, republican targeting. you had no, no grand jury in email investigation. you had loretta lynch on a plane with bill clinton. james has been involved, james has experienced the vindictiveness of this justice department. >> you're saying i understand how you feel about chelsea, you're saying you want the justice department politically sent into irrelevance that is not what the role of justice department. that concerns me what kellyanne says. >> clinton foundation gets off? julie: the point we have to
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politically pursue our goals to drive her into irrelevance and use wheels of justice department and -- we're not dictatorship or banana republic. sandra: rudy giuliani in trump tower, you know what? historically presidents get into office and they move on. he is there to make america great again. as he told all the supporters. speaking of mayor rudy giuliani, trump supporter and rival mitt romney both considered top contenders for secretary of state poach and newt gingrich and vice president-elect mike pence weighing in. who they appear to be rooting for. trump promising a diverse administration as the president-elect meets with women, minorities, gop rivals and even some democrats. what that says how he will govern. after the show join our live chat at or outnumberedfnc. james rosen is here, you can tweet us.
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see you there.
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♪ meghan: growing speculation who president-elect donald trump will select as his secretary of state. former new york city may
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rudy giuliani and former republican presidential nominee mitt romney appear to be the top contenders. in fact giuliani is visiting trump tower today days after mr. trump met with romney in new jersey over the weekend. former house speaker newt gingrich is throwing support behind giuliani. >> i think there are huge advantages to rudy giuliani, frankly. you want somebody who will go out and be a very tough negotiator for america and represent american interests in the way that trump campaign i think probably you rudy is a better pick, and has the right temperment because we'll need somebody who is fighter. the world is not going to change just because we show up and say please. if that was going to work, secretary kerry would be -- meghan: vice president-elect mike pence had a lot good to say. >> two men were completely
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focused on the country. completely focused on what is best interests of the united states and america standing fall in the world and reviving our economy at home. i was frankly very impressed. meghan: james you covered the state department extensively. could you wager who you think they will end up picking? >> if i choose one let's say and other becomes secretary of state, fly around on their plane, yeah, you're not getting a ride back from cairo, thanks so much. this is a fraught subject. both are accomplished men. both have some limited history of dealing with international figures. perhaps rudy giuliani a little more so because after all he was mayor of new york and that is sort of the financial capital of the world. massachusetts less so. but i think probably both would represent us well on world stage. that is all i'm prepared to say. sandra: what did newt gingrich mean that rudy giuliani has the right temperment? what kind of temperment does it take? >> you do need to sort of sit and listen to the other foreign
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leaders who often want to complain about very small issues. i known this from dealing with secretaries of state. they would say the foreign minister from russia or someplace else, you know what they really wanted to talk about, it would be something so picayune you wouldn't imagine coming up on their agenda. we need to put speaker gingrich's comments in a bit of perspective. he did challenge mitt romney for the 2012 republican nomination. that might play some role how he is assessing this. dagen: in some part, newt gingrich, i was on set with him or on air with him yesterday, he is talking about the fact that europeans don't want rudy, their attitude anybody but rudy and newt if europeans feel uncomfortable maybe they should be. there is little bit of it. there is also he said about mitt romney he thinks somebody needs to go in there to clean up the state department. if you you want to talk about a swamp, that is major morass.
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meghan: mitt romney quell establishment republicans and have anxieties about donald trump. if i were choosing i would prefer mitt romney, again i think either of these men are -- julie: people like rand paul publicly he would not be able to support rudy giuliani. you need 51 votes to get nomination through congress or senate. i'm not sure how people like lindsey graham, not put you on spot about your dad, i suspect getting mitt romney through senate confirmation would be easier. rudy has a lot of business conflicts with respect to business he has done abroad and problem going forward for him. one thing mitt romney was very right about in 2012 was his view towards russia where he said russia was the biggest geopolitical threat in this country. that is completely not in keeping with president-elect trump's view on the russians f we're to believe president-elect trump is as close to the russians consistantly said he is and wants to re-establish reset button with him paraphrase
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somebody else saying i for all reasons he would go with mitt romney, that he has realpolitik with vladmir putin that sadly the president-elect does not have. dagen: potentially picks not just to run the state department, a lot of people trump named, people he has spoken to is a mix of views and backgrounds and styles and ideas, ideologies, with reference to lt. general michael flynn and mitt romney, their views on russia and trump is pragmatic leader doesn't have hardcore ideology who can rule without being bound -- sandra: should rudy take the head state? the going back. >> we should mention that someone who has been mentioned in consideration is our fox news contributor colleague john bolton, who after all was undersecretary of state and was ambassador to the u.n. and would make a lot of sense. >> rand paul said no-go on him too. >> it is over.
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meghan: rand paul doesn't like a lot of people. dagen: rand paul needs to drink some bourbon and relax. >> we all do. dagen: don't get me started. meghan: i'm well on my way. >> what a show. meghan: thanksgiving. dagen: speaking of ladies and gentlemen, team trump saying committed to building a diverse administration including women, minorities, gop rivals and even some democrats. just yesterday mr. trump met with tulsi gabbard a democratic congresswoman reportedly under consideration for several cabinet positions. on saturday met with michelle michelle rhee. she was also with her former nba star and mayor, kevin johnson. administration insists their team will represent a cross-section of america. >> talking about diversity. he met with women and people of
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color this past weekend. he met with them here. met with them in bedminister. president met both of those. we're really very hearten and very touched by number of people. diversity including people from across the aisle. people who are traditionally more democratic and progressive, coming together to offer him advice, perhaps vie for a spot in his cabinet, but willing to give him counsel and willing to share experiences and have candid conversations about their views and their backgrounds. dagen: since the election mr. trump also met with former gop rivals. we're talking about mitt romney. also rick perry, ted cruz, meghan, is it important do you think to have a mix of people across genders and ethnicities? meghan: first person to have a female campaign manager win an election. i'm sorry. legitimately that was actually like a life goal of mine. i wanted to do what kellyanne conway did, but happy she ended up doing that he already showed to me is open to diversity. i'm one of people i want best
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person for the job. don't care who it is, no matter what race religion, i want america cleaned up. tulsi gabbard fascinates me. she is rising star in. bernie or bust person. first hindue member of congress. she ends up working for donald trump my mind will be blown and renege about everything about donald trump not being open-minded to the other side. there is part of me she joins. she is big advocate for syria and very harsh critic of the obama administration foreign policy. dagen: michelle rhee, we were talking about public schools and common core. she is a incredible advocate for basically school reform. >> my sons were in the public schools system in the district of columbia when michelle rhee was chancellor there, whatever the actually title is, she was more or less run out of the town. she was accused of being racist for policies she was pursuing taking on teachers union, despite the fact she has african-american husband.
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but i think that is a very significant, not yet a selection from donald trump but an expression of interest in michelle rhee how he might deal with education in this country and particularly teachers unions. julie: larger thing does anybody else think this is the "apprentice" where you're auditioning. sandra: no, that is just you. julie: not just me. i have seen a lot of people in previous administrations get announced when it is time to announce, right? you don't parade a whole group of people -- sandra: why not? dagen: not "the apprentice." you know what i thought? he did own miss universe around knows how to run a beauty pageant. that is what it looks like. they're going in and out of trump tower. meghan: i like it. it is quelled my anxieties about donald trump seeing all the people he is meeting with, the diversity of opinions and political parties and perspectives, especially foreign policywise, been a lot more open in my vein than i thought he was. i actually like it. julie: aren't you concerned he does not end up going with tulsi
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gabbard or mitt romney ends up going with the same time of people. sandra: what is the same type of people owe ails picked? julie: rudy giuliani, newt gingrich, the yes men. the people that won't stand up to say you're not right about that around on every bad inclination i have. meghan: if i were a democrat i would hold my criticism warranted. advice to all liberals faux hysteria on line and everywhere will get you knowwer. why you lost the election because everybody is hysterical about every little thing. wait until he warrants something that does outrage. julie: steve bannon warrants outrage. dagen: he listened to kellyanne conway, why he won? because of a lady. it was on, it was off, now it is on again. president-elect trump meeting with the editors of "the new york times." this on heels of big powwow with network news executives around reporters. what it all mines when it comes to the press and our incoming president. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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sandra: fox news alert for you. we're awaiting president-elect donald trump's rifle at "new york times" building here in manhattan where he is set to meet with top executives there. earlier this morning he abruptly canceled that meeting accusing the paper trying to change ground rules at last minute. "the times" denied the charge. now the meeting is back on. one day after mr. trump met with tv news executives and anchors at trump tower, in a session some media outlets described as contentious. after that meeting however, senior advisor kellyanne conway described it as very cordial and as a chance to hit the reset button with the press. here she is earlier today. >> president trump and the media have to share joint custody of the nation and its people for the next four or eight years. he is the president and they are the press and they have to find a way to mutually assured, i
9:31 am
would say non-destruction. sandra: obviously an effort to do something here, james rosen. can he hit the reset button? >> first allow me to say if i am the child in this bitter custody battle and i'm consigned to join custody of donald trump and news media i fear for my development whether i will ever make it to college. so, perhaps there is some room for growth here, i would say. there is no question, if you read "the new york times," if you logged on to their front page, i love new york time, i love obituaries and book review and feature stories. dagen: obituaries. meghan: brilliantly written. dagen: lee on russell, that was great. >> if you logged on to the front page found literally five to six anti-trump he had headlines. you didn't have to make it to the editorial page to figure out where "the new york times" stood on donald trump. same with "washington post." if they're worrying what kind of access they will have and worried what kind of
9:32 am
relationship they have this is lot of their own making. sandra: he won the election going after the press, meghan. meghan: i love it, watching "the new york times" to squirm. this is chickens coming home to roost for their liberal bias for so long. my other favorite aspect liberals are mad at them because they said hillary clinton had 80% chance of living. i hate "new york times," far most biased reporters i encounter on and off the campaign trail. i am happy america sees publication for what it is. i don't feel bad for them. they have a lot of work gaining america's trust. you may like the the owe waries and book reviews but i haven't read it in years. sandra: we found out because he tweeted, julie, as we often do. the meeting with "the new york times" is back on 12:30. look forward to it. we have live shot up of the lobby of "new york times" building here in manhattan. what kind of conversation will be --
9:33 am
julie: he caved and you will have on the record and off the record meeting. he pulled it. i'm not going do do that ultimately he did. he didn't change his mind. they didn't change their mind. he is doing exactly what he said he was going to do. score one for "new york times." zero for donald trump. at end of the day it is bad to pick a fight. dagen: he did. >> he won. julie: president of the united states it will be very hard to do. he can tweet all he wants. people still take, some people, a lot of people still read "the new york times," still read "the washington post," still watch fox news. still watch cnn if you go out there and ream people out -- >> those are very different entities. sandra: we don't know that he did that by the way. that was based on one or two accounts. julie: not talking about that, he does it every day on twitter. meghan: 80% chance of hillary winning, having so many anti-trump articles, not obviously talking to the kind of voters they should have been
9:34 am
interviewing, i know liberals straight up angry and feel lied to by "the new york times" and every liberal outlet. don't you agree. julie: i agree. meghan: maybe get new journalists and reassess how they cover conservatives. julie: that are not data people. they're compiling polls. meghan: bias of entire election mitt romney, my mother, my father, all republicans everywhere. this is not just donald trump specifically. don't you think they need to look at themselves. julie: they did. arthur sulzberger junior, wrote a letter to the subscribers, asked the question did donald trump's sheer unconventionality lead us to other news outlets underestimate support among american voters? we reported on candidates fairly but need to rededicate ourself to fundamental mission of "times" journalism. which means we didn't attack him enough. we need to go after him enough.
9:35 am
julie: to answer meghan's question, we know a lot of "new york times" reporters personally, i consider them to be friend i said this before many times. we sit in a new york city bubble. meghan: i do not. julie: you may not. >> i'm in washington bubble. julie: we all talk to like-minded people, we liberals, including people that work at "new york times" we all talk to each other. sit in a little bubble i said this before, our mistake was not acknowledging that there is a bubble, there is world outside of our little bubble that when we go and fly out to places like ohio or fly out to places like arizona and we look at what we consider to be people who are not like us we come home to apartments in manhattan. talking about liberals. dagen: using to his advantage already has, most journalists are this bitter cocktail of arrogance but then insecurity. so they're arrogant but they still want to be liked. julie: talking about him or journalists. dagen: talking about journalists. they will want to be liked.
9:36 am
they will attack him but oh, i want access. did you like my article? that is the classic "new york times" reporter. meghan: i said this the day after the election, you can't be a commentator on the left or the right if you don't have friends or know people you associate with who are supporters from both sides. i know people who ride or die for donald trump. i knew people who felt the same way about hillary clinton. if you're only associating with a certain group of people what led a lot of that. >> i have a lot of friends in the the national press corps. these are people who i respect and admire, enjoy drinking with, et cetera, aforementioned bourbon but i know a lot of these people felt, came to regard donald trump as embodiment of new fact itch, to maintain objectivity toward him even as republican nominee was to collude with facism and saw it as option jettison objectivity. i never saw it as luxury suddenly decide given nominee doesn't deserve or warrant my
9:37 am
fairness as reporter. >> we're awaiting for the meeting to happen. that is the lobby at "the new york times" building here. donald trump says they cover him inaccurately and with a nasty tone. he will meet with them shortly. we'll keep an eye on that for you. meanwhile we're keeping an eye on the dow today. did you see this? it toppedded 19,000 today for the first time ever! happened just a bit earlier. whether president-elect trump is to thank for the stock market rally and how long it could last. last.
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9:42 am
for the first time since 1999. wait, record high or first time since '99? all four, got you, that is the stat. dagen: including small cap stocks. sandra: that's a big deal, right? that doesn't always happen. as a new cnn/orc poll, 40% say they have a lot of confidence for donald trump to handling the economy that outpaces barack obama, ronald reagan ahead of their nomination. dagen mcdowell, fox business network cover this all day every day. how much should the average american look at rally antiit to the trump election victory? dagen: the trump election victory and what a donald trump administration will likely do in the first 150 days. that's what is driving it. things that benefit companies an benefit your average american. it is cutting corporate tax rates. it is reducing regulations hand over fist. it is cutting individual tax rates.
9:43 am
it is something that will juice the economy and this is broad based rally. sandra: part of the discussion too, dagen, sorry, i open to the couch in just a second, but so many wall street analysts, some. biggest and successful wall street analysts got this wrong. they said a trump victory would be a massive selloff. dagen: mark cuban came out and said that maybe not a billionaire depending how he is invested his money if he bet against this kind of rally. maria bartiromo talked about this non-stop for months. that it makes so much sense. something very simple. you cut corporate tax rates and benefit companies and benefit the people who work for the companies. you benefit the people that the companies will hire. you make business easier in this country. that is what donald trump -- sandra: catch maria bartiromo every morning 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. on fox business network. meghan: i love maria bartiromo. sandra: we all do.
9:44 am
meghan: what is bottom line for average americans though? people don't know about the dow. trump will be like "brexit," economy will tank. complete and total opposite. what does the average american what does it mean for paycheck and taxes? >> means companies respond to these initiatives from his administration, presumably by hiring more, lifting wages, expanding and maybe not moving corporate headquarters canada like burger king did. one interesting aspect of this, and i would love your take on it is, trump in addition to promising pro-growth policies, initiatives designed as enticements to business, he is also talked about, or incentives, that is the correct word. he also talked about potential sanctions and negative incentives. dagen: trade restrictions? >> no, i'm talking about levying higher taxes on companies that move their jobs overseas. so penalizing companies if they don't dot kinds of things that promote growth here at home. dagen: that could bear out in the stock market if people really take that seriously, if it happens, but you know -- >> he talked about it.
9:45 am
dagen: but he also had discussions when ford decided to keep production of one s you uv in the united states. so far people are betting on broad economic growth, some inflation. infrastructure spending plan which is right up a democrats alley, that sun with the reasons you have small company stocks at all-time highs. julie: way he constituted it is actually not. word of caution, what you said, market doubled under president obama. you saw election hinged on fact those gains in the market didn't trickle down quote, unquote to the average person who is still very worried about their pocketbook and making ends meet. so i would say that the market benefits shareholders and companies, but it remains to be seen whether it benefits those very same people that voted for donald trump hoping that he is going to make their -- dagen: average american is shareholder because they own stocks through mutual funds. julie: if they believe the market benefits them, if they believed the market benefits them, then obama would have been through the roof with the economy.
9:46 am
>> should be root for a crash instead? julie: root for a rally but cognizant of fact did -- sandra: i'm so confused by what you're saying, julie. julie: market rally should be great and. sandra: we're seeing one. julie: politically what i would caution president-elect trump market rallies -- sandra: hold on, president-elect trump does not have obligationhd make decisions based on direction of stock market. he shouldn't. fed shouldn't. julie: politically, what we all have to be cognizant politically a market rally as we have seen over the last eight years -- >> julie is arguing for redistribution it policies. that is what she is doing. julie: i'm not arguing. politically, not policy perspective. >> got it. dagen: julie: something to keep eye on. dagen: market is the about on better economy and better days ahead for everybody. julie: shareholders have done well. sandra: we'll leave it there, can felons be trusted as emergency responders? that question raised after new
9:47 am
report exposed some of the department's hiring practice. we'll have that report next. all finished.
9:48 am
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meghan: new concern about fdny hiring practices after the "new york post" reveals unprecedented nine ex-felons are
9:51 am
among the new graduating class of probationary firefighters one who did jail time for gun possession. critics accused fdny loosening hiring standards following a 2014 bias lawsuit. while others say everyone deserves a second chance. here is the former fdny commissioner howard safir. >> this is bad policy. i'm all for redemption. if they committed a felony that is flaw in their character. police and fire departments are some of the most honorable professions in the world. my view if you committed a felony you should certainly be very last in line behind people who did not commit felonies to join the department. lowering standards is the wrong message especially in emergency services where lives are at stake. meghan: do you agree with mr. safir? julie: i do agree and disagree to some ex-extent. if you're going to be cop or firefighter, you should be person graduated at top of the class.
9:52 am
i don't care about anything else. these are people who actually save people's lives. having said that you should not be precluded if you are at top of the class from having one of these jobs if you are a fell lon before because i really do believe in second chances. i feel justice reform that i feel strongly. if you're somebody that paid your dues to society and clean for a long period of time, then i don't think what you did previously should be held against you. you have to be qualified. >> going to assume they're going to be qualified. the question what is the nature of the prior felony offense which they were behind bars? some would be more concerning than others. for example if they were embezzling that is not as much concern if for example, the crime were arson let's say. you know, or certain other kinds, right? gun possession, for example. sandra: wholly defer to the former commissioner on this because he knows what it takes, right, to keep people safe? to keep new york safe and if he says this is not standard that
9:53 am
would be good for to play out this job, who am i to disagree with him? dagen: feel like falls back on giving people another chance and second chance and not just capable but highly qualified for this job, and they are willing to put their life on the line, for me, or any of -- sandra: should they ever been ahead in line of somebody who never commit committed a felony? dagen: if you go through the application process and you are more qualified than somebody underneath you, yes. julie: i agree. meghan: stay tuned we'll see what happens. james rosen, thank you so much. our one lucky guy james rosen is very busy man. heed ted a new best-selling book, four weeks on no, times best-selling list. not just a shameless plug. it is really cool book. next. sandra: moms dig it.
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sandra: here is a stocking-stuffer idea for you for the holidays. our own one lucky guy is the editor of the best-seller, a torch kept lit, great lives of the 20th century. james, please tell us about this "new york times" best-seller. >> you're very kind to ask. it's a collection of eulogies that william f. buckley, jr., late conservative icon wrote or delivered. one section for president of the united states. j-fk, nixon, reagan. section for pop culture figures like johnny carson and john lennon. a torch kept lit is only place in the world where you find
9:58 am
conservative economist milton friedman alongside jerry garcia of the greatful dead. sandra: fun. >> friendship is one of recuing themes in the book. dare say for those our viewers who give a torch kept lit as a gift whatever the occasion will deepen friendship with the. julie: what was good about william f. buckley promoted intellectual consearch tim in the movement. we need more that. >> i will do my impression. i would sooner be governed by the first 2,000 names in the boston telephone directory than the factory of harvard university. sandra: there is something for everyone in this book. elvis, john lennon, jerry garcia, princess di. >> 30 of 50 cases eulogies in the book, buckley knew them personally. he is drawing on his own experiences with these people, his own correspondence of these people. he was a best-selling spy novelist.
9:59 am
he was great literary touch and light comic touch and used it to conjure people and allow the raider to meet people as bill buckley knew them. this is sweep few of the 209th century. dagen: anybody around as good as bill buckley? >> present company excluded. there can never be anyone as good as bull buckley. anyone as good as beatles. sandra: l.e.d. zeppelin. >> they're not around. the answer is no, he was one-of-a-kind. what would bill buckley made of this election and donald trump and rest of it. we can't know with certainty, i think bill buckley would have been dismayed by the coarseness of our discourse. that is why a torch kept lit is doing so well there is hunger for civility and wit. dagen: brilliant writing. my mother is giving copies as christmas gifts. >> thank you, mom. sandra: "a torch kept lit." james rosen on the couch. we'll keep it here for more of
10:00 am
james rosen on "outnumbered overtime" on the web and numbered fnc. we're back on tv at noon eastern. see you then. "happening now" starts right now. % toward the holiday season. and a package explodes inside of a man's home. the question is now, was he a target? and


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