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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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ruined his hair. i love when you play confused and dumb when questioning certain guests. is it an act, right? >> no, it's not. hi, i'm eric boyne filling in from bill o'reilly. big developmentings in the donald trump camp. the president-elect's former campaign rival, dr. ben carson, confirmed that he has been offered a position in trump's cabinet n a dramatic twist, mr. trump signaled he is unlikely to pursue a criminal investigation into hillary clinton. a short time ago, i spoke with incoming p white house chief of staff, reince priebus. >> president-elect donald trump said today that he was probably
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not going to pursue prosecution, extended prosecution of the clintons, hillary clinton, bill clinton, maybe the clinton foundation. then there was some discussion with "the new york times." is it a little foggy. will he or you or the administration pursue a special prosecutor to prosecute the clintons? >> well, look, first of all, we don't know where all the the evidence is going to lead but what president-elect trump was saying was that he would rather look forward instead of backwards. his eyes right now are looking through the windshield, not the rearview mirror. that was the point he was making in that he is not going to spend his time sitting around thinking about how he is going to prosecute hillary clinton. he is going to think about the future of america for all americans out there. that's where his focus is and what he is saying. if something comes around that is some kind of bomb we don't know about, we will have to take a look at it. he is looking forward to leading this country, not looking to
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further injure the clintons. he has the right attitude about leading america. >> so the investigation will continue as of right now, he'll let the investigation play out and wait to see what evidence comes forward before he decides whether to further prosecute or special prosecutor recommendation? >> i think that's fair. he is also saying as far as he is concerned, he is moving on. now, there are congressional investigations going on that i would assume will continue to go on. he is saying, as far as he is concerned, it's time to move forward and heal america and lead. >> so there have been meetings. yesterday, meetings with television executives, abc, cbs, nbc, fox and cnn and today a "new york times" meeting specifically for "the new york times." as high profile, how did "the new york times" score a one-on-one interview with donald trump and on the record for that matter? >> well, first of all, the meeting yesterday was important
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to start building relationships again in the media. obviously, we don't feel like we have been treated very fairly by the media. i think most people watching would probably agree. you do have to try to heal and move forward and build relationships so things can get better, at least a little bit more fair. as far as today, you have to look at it like your hometown paper. my hometown paper is the kenosha news. i love it. it is something that's a part of my life every day. it just so happens that "the new york times" is a massive organization. that's his hometown paper. i think that's the reason why he felt compelled to give them an opportunity to ask him questions and he did really, really well. he did a fantasticjob. >> reince, yesterday, you guys met with the network executives. i was talking about that earlier. over the weekend, though, on the sunday shows, you sat down with "meet the press" with chuck todd and "the new york times" tweeted this after that meeting. they said, quote, this is a
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tweet from nbc news. nbc news tweeted this. here is their quote. can you rule out a registry for muslims, asks chuck todd. they are quoting you, i'm not going to rule out anything, says reince priebus on "meet the press." before we have you weigh in, here is what actually went down on "meet the press." >> can you equivocally rule out a registry for muslims? >> look, i'm not going to rule out anything but we're not going to have a registry based on a religion. >> so you clearly said you are not going to have a registry based on religion but they tweeted out almost looking like you said you are not going to rule out a muslim registry. is this some of the bias you talked about with the network executives? >> that's exactly the case. president-elect trump has been talking about a standard that is reasonable but firm, if you come
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from a state that is harboring or training terrorists or from a region that is harboring and training terrorists, then your immigration status or ability will be temporarily suspended until a better vetting system is in place. it has nothing to do with blanket restrictions based on religion. here is the problem. it has been since june that this position has been articulated every single month through three debates and here we are today continuing to talk about a registration based on race. all we're saying is it would be nice after repeating something 50 times, you wouldn't get the same question with a misrepresentation and a tweet. so we've been clear. i think the american people spoke on november 8th. they were tired of it. donald trump won in an electoral landslide. >> let's take that one step further today with "the new york times." this alt right controversy and
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meeting, he has disavowed the alt right a couple of times and he did in "the new york times" meeting. it keeps coming up. can you explain to our viewer what the alt right controversy is and where he is on that? >> it keeps coming up. this is the type of thing the media loves to talk about even though we keep saying we disavow it. we want nothing to do with it. we don't like it. we don't condone it. we want nothing to do with it. by name, by parade, over the weekend, by persons that we don't like and don't want to be a part of. i don't know how many different ways and different twists and turns we can say, we want nothing to do with it before people will stop asking the same dumb questions. >> say we are doing "the new york times" interview. i was watching the tweets, live tweeting the interviewer. there were several questions on the alt right kept coming up after donald trump disavowed it one or two times. >> that's true. reporters may have come in late and then gone right back to the question that was already
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answered during the first part of the meeting. you know, look, we continually disavow, we will always disavow these folks but it also is unfair to constantly go upo any interview and answer the same ten questions every single time so they can keep perpetrating the same themes in these stories. we want nothing to do with it. we want to move forward and we want to lead. >> on the transition, let's move the transition. paul ryan sent al letter saying stop easing the sanctions on the iranians. let the incoming president-elect handle that. you want to weigh in on that request? >> yeah, i agree with what paul ryan is saying. let president-elect trump deal with iran. that deal is a total train wreck. everybody knows it. anything we can do to get rid of it, we will. there are parts that may be very
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difficult to get out of. we are going to take a fresh look at it, put fresh eyes on it. if anyone can renegotiate that deal or do something about it to make it better for the american people and not start a nuclear arms race in the middle east, it is going to be president-elect trump. >> any other requests from the president to just leave alone, leave the keys to the door as he leaves the white house? don't mess with any of these other policy initiatives? >> they have been fairly co-op per tiff in regards to not appointing positions that don't need to be appointed and cooperative with the transition. if you look at what's happening in the transition, you have a president that's coming in that's talking about bringing america together, that's working with people across the aisle, that's talking to our current president, that's taking the steps to interview the best and brightest people in america and you are going to be seeing appointments that are going to make you very proud of where this president is taking the country and we can't wait for the future. >> thank you very much, reince
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priebus, chief of staff of president-elect trump. have a great thanksgiving, for you, sally and the family. >> happy thanksgiving to you too. reactions from both sides to our interview with reince priebus. later, even as donald trump says he won't pursue a case against hillary clinton, she may not be off the hook. our legal team will analyze. stay tuned. (man) my dad and i have the same eyes. same nose. same toughness. and since he's had moderate alzheimer's disease, the same never quit attitude. that's why i asked his doctor about once-a-day namzaric. (avo) namzaric is approved for moderate to severe alzheimer's disease in patients who are taking donepezil. it may improve cognition and overall function, and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. namzaric does not change the underlying disease progression. don't take if allergic to memantine, donepezil, piperidine or any of the ingredients in namzaric. tell the doctor about any conditions including heart, lung, bladder, kidney or liver problems, seizures, stomach ulcers, or procedures with anesthesia.
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my takeaway is, it is not over just yet. your thoughts? >> i think mr. priebus left the door open to additional facts that might come to light through congressional investigations, which i assume based on the statement of congressman chapa and others will continue. it seems as though the trump folks want to have it both ways. they want to say what is politically expedient. we'll look forward and not go back and placate their core supporters that want some sort of investigation to go forward. i would point out that all the discuss about what a president trump would do, sort of object physical skates the reality that the president should not be involved in law enforcement. that's a bedrock principle. it's james comey at the fbi, the department of justice and these members of congress. one thing i wish you would have asked. i'm sorry. eric. you are a good guy. i like you. i wish you would have asked, bha about these accusations of conflict of interest right now in the trump organization where
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he is using the perch of president-elect trump. >> can we just stay on the topic. react to what reince priebus said. we had a wide-ranging interview. we talked about the clinton prosecution and the alt right movement. lisa, on the alt right movement. donald trump several times disavowed the alt right movement with "the new york times." y yet, he was asked again and again what's going on. >> it is a narrative the left and the media are trying to drive. they did that with steve ban nonand jeff sessions. they did it with donald trump. hillary clinton took a step so far as to try to compare donald trump or tie him to the kkk in that ad she ran. this is obviously a smear tactic by the left. what the left does as they do this, because they don't have any issues. clearly, the democratic party is reeling with the shellacking
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they received at the election. they weren't anticipating for republicans to keep the house and senate. this is smear tactics typical of the left. >> can you imagine if you have a few minutes with the incoming president of the united states and you ask him repeatedly whether he will disavow the alt right movement. i can think of 100 things to ask and alt right would be 150th. >> i think what mr. priebus said, they want to try to unify the country and move forward. that's a laudable goal. every american ought to be rooting for that. part of what that means is that the president-elect reaches out to groups that didn't vote in large numbers for him. 92% of african-americans did not vote for donald trump. does he reach out to them in an active way and say, i want to be your president too. >> so disavowing this group
5:16 pm
several times is not good enough? >> that's not what i said. you move past. to move past the steve bannon controversy, because he was part of the alt right movement. let's move past it. >> how can you possibly paint steve bannon as part of the alt right movement? >> if you look at breitbart news and what he headed up. i am not making this up. >> he headed up breitbart news. >> as part of the alt right movement -- >> hold on, david, hold on, david. david is talking about the fact that donald trump has reached out to different demographics. this is what the left wants to do. they want to put everyone in buckets. you are this and you are that. what donald trump ran was an all-inclusive message talking about making the economy better, making america great again. things are going o affect every
5:17 pm
american regardless of race, regardless of sex. this is what the left does. they dem gog and try to break the country. there is no unity in the democratic message. >> i need to jump in. we are up against a hard break. i apologize. lisa and david, thank you very much. the head of the naacp hammering donald trump over race issues. is it the organization themselves that are out of touch with minorities? right back. david. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations on your acceptance..." through the tuition assistance program, every day mcdonald's helps more people go to college. it's part of our commitment to being america's best first job. ♪
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donald trump and the african-american community, the head of the naacp is laying into the trump team over what they say is a lack of outreach. >> we have not heard from them at this point. if during the transition process we too not hear from them,
5:21 pm
during the campaign itself, in terms of the serial declining of our invitation to speak to the naacp. i hope and look forward to hearing from the white house and them engaging substantively the issues the naacp and so many others represent. >> the founder of b.e.t. says keep an open mind and give trump a chance. >> if president-elect trumbulls he should be talking about what black americans have to gain, as president obama and as hillary said, let's give him a shot and give him the benefit of a doubt and see if we can find a common ground. that's in the best interest of black americans. >> joining us nigel ennis, national spokesman for the congress of racial equality and from washington, radio talk host, jimmy la bay. the b.e. t. founder says, give donald trump a chance.
5:22 pm
the naacp says, hold on. he is not going far enough. >> my thoughts, my god, he just got elected. he is still in the transition process of putting his team together. we absolutely should give him a chance. a number of african-americans, close to 15% of black males voted for donald trump. many other voted with their bee hinds by staying home and recogniz recognized over the black community has not worked. we need to try something different. donald trump's pitch of what do we have to lose and the fact we have a lot to gain in terms of economic revitalization of our inner cities, school of choice, et cetera, et cetera, things that have been actively blocked by the far left and fortunately many in the democratic party, including the naacp, the leadership of the naacp nationally has not worked.
5:23 pm
i agree completely about bob johnson and president obama, we absolutely should give president-elect trump an opportunity. >> would you like to rebut that? >> i can't rebut it. it is fact and true, give him a chance. i want to point out, donald trump didn't just decline to meet with the naacp but the national black journalists and donald trump is not going to where black people are. donald trump need to talk to broader audiences, many of whom are going to be the 92% of african-americans that did not vote for him. he cannot simply go to his buddy, bob johnson. >> didn't donald trump go to some of the cities that most
5:24 pm
people said he shouldn't bother, he spent time in detroit and michigan and places where there is a large african-american community in. >> he went to places where there are big black communities and he had white people at those rallies. >> typically, a republican would not go to. >> i do not disagree the man flew his guilded jet and landed in detroit. he did not talk to black detroiters, poor detroiters. he talked to the people that showed up at his rallies that came from other places, including chicago. he did not talk to the people that live in those place that is he says are wastelands of deplorable conditions. >> that's actually factually not true. donald trump during the campaign absolutely went to detroit and he spoke to multiple audiences. he spoke to predominantly white audiences and talked about the importance of economic revitalization and bringing in a sense of order in the black community. he spoke to black audiences led by dr. ben carson and others in
5:25 pm
detroit. he went to cleveland black church. i was with him. >> the church in cleveland where many of the people who are members of the church didn't show up. my friend. >> that's not true. >> he is president of all americans. go to where people are. >> finish the thought. showing up in a black church. look, i don't go to a black church. i don't go to any church. there are places that people can go to where you know you are gonna take some heat. you are gonna take some slings and arrows. you say, i can lead this country and i'm gonna show you. i ain't afraid of you. bring your issues and i'll deal with them. >> i have to leave it there. a very heated debate, niger and jamila. donald trump denounced the alt right movement and the
5:26 pm
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one nation in all of human history was built on that bedrock, ours. freedom has made america exceptional, but it can only last if you and i choose to act as people of character. forging character has been the pursuit of hillsdale college since 1844. ♪ i'm trace gallagher. word that another police officer has been shot, this time, in detroit. the wounded officer serves at wayne state university. the school has more than 27,000 students and is located in the heart of detroit. this comes on the heels of four
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other attacks on law enforcement officers. a detective was ambushed and murdered in san antonio, texas. two other cops were shot in missouri and a fourth in florida. the dow has closed above the 19,000 mark for the first time. as the post-election rally continues to push the stock market to new records. the dow rose 67 points to finish at 19,023. the s&p gained four points to a new high. the nasdaq also up a gain of 17 points. i'm trace gallagher, now, back to the o'reilly factor. >> in the factor follow-up segment tonight, a new pile yon against donald trump. the latest attack on the conference held on saturday in washington where 200 white nationalists gathered to celebrate his victory. >> hail trump, hail our people, hail victory. >> as you can see, some
5:31 pm
attendees gave the nazi salute amid general applause and that speaker filled his speech with anti-semitic remarks and cited nazi propaganda. to be clear, they have no ties with the trump team and that isn't stopping the president-elect's critics to denounce the alt-right movement. >> i think the pressure is building on donald trump to address the subject of race and the blurred lines between what is plainly white supremacy and his base of support. if he doesn't, the responsibility will now be on him if we see some sort of uptick in racial intolerance or racial incidents. >> today, in an interview with "the new york times," trump was asked whether he condemned the alt right p and he replied, i
5:32 pm
disavow and condemn them. joining us democratic strategist, julian and jack king. >> julian, let's start with you. i condemn and disavow. how much more do you want to hear? >> when it comes to things donald trump really doesn't like, whether it is the protesters or the hamilton play where the vice-president was called out or whether it is news reporting. donald trump takes to twitter right away and denounces it in forceful terms. when it comes to prit supremacists and white nationalists, whether it is david duke or the latest incident, there is a kind of mealy mouth to it. >> what is mealy mouth about i condemn and disavow? >> he sends his spokesmen people out to give these ambiguous disavowed. >> he said it. >> here is the point you are missing. it is not until he is cornered by the press where he is forced into having to disavow it.
5:33 pm
until that point, he spends days kind of dancing around it as he has done every fim white supremacy has touched his campaign. >> mr. kingston, nicole wallace said there is a blurred line between white sue prem assists and donald trump's base. is that fair? >> we are seeing the left and allies in the media desperately trying to find tracks after the biggest shellacking they have had in modern history. where was this when the very left wing group disrupting the trump rally violently in chicago last spring? that's a group that president obama has given a warm hug to because they have endorsed him. where there was indignation when other groups were doing the same thing. black lives matter advocates criticism against police. president obama meets with them. where was the left saying, that's not really a good idea. what about the 71 protesters in
5:34 pm
portland who were absolutely arrested for breaking the law? no word from the left, hey, hillary, obama, why don't you back off this crowd? >> julian, you didn't like hearing donald trump say to the "new york times." how about when he was interviewed by 60 minutes, he looked directly into the camera and said this. >> they are harassing latinos and muslims. >> i am so saddened to hear that. i say, stop it, if it helps. i will say this, and i'll say it right to the cameras, stop it. >> how much more evidence do you need that the man is disavows the alt right movement? >> i think those are very positive and what he said to "the new york times" was very positive. to the point of denouncing violence on the left, most of us have denounced the fringe groups that do practice that violence wechlt immediately denounce them and say we don't want to be associated with them.
5:35 pm
in terms of the shellacking that congressman king refers to, he lost the popular vote and still thinks 60% of the public that thinks he is not qualified to be president. donald trump retweeting tweets from white supremacists and questions about the new attorney general. >> i want to ask you about the tweet na the leader for hamilton who referred to women as hos. he referred to women as hos and there was no denouncement on the left. oh, isn't the cast from hamilton cute. aren't they wonderful? aren't they exercising their first amendment right. >> if you ask anybody on the left if they would disavow that, i think they would say yes. >> talk about being proactive. >> jack, you keep getting off the point. when we are talking about a
5:36 pm
history of donald trump retweeting white supremacist tweets. >> he does not. >> the tweet with hillary clinton and the star of david over a pile of money, that came from a p white supremacist. >> i remember her calling people deplorable or super predators. >> if you listen for a second rather than trying to interrupt me. the point is when white supremacist groups come out and actively support him, it takes him days and weeks to actually disavow it. >> i have to go. i need to go, gentlemen. we will leave it right there. if you had to disavow every single statement someone said, you would spend more time disavowing them than creating policy, running the country. up next, donald trump says he will won't actively pursue criminal charges against hillary clinton. does that mean she is off the hook? people say,
5:37 pm
let's just get a sandwich or something. "or something"? you don't just graduate from medical school,
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"or something." and we don't just pull smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia and hand-slice avocado. there's nothing "or something" about it.
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5:40 pm
thanks for staying with us. in the "is it legal" segment, is
5:41 pm
donald trump dialing back? >> he is not going to spend his time thinking about how he is going to prosecute hillary clinton. he is going to think about the future of america for all americans. that's what his focus is. that's what he is saying. if something comes around that is some kind of bomb that we don't know about, we'll have to take a look at it. his point is he is looking forward to leading this country. he is not looking to further injury the clintons. >> joining us now to analyze, elise and kimberly. we heard him saw he will leave the door open but further evidence needs to come forward fwhchlt skr it is almost as if they are outsourcing it to congress. >> the presidential role is not
5:42 pm
to direct the attorney general what to do. that's not what president historically have done. president trump, when he is there as president, will not be directing whether it is attorney general sessions or whoever it is, directing them as to what they do. the attorney general in their role are supposed to be independent at what they are doing and not be answering to that. >> are you in agreement? >> i am. basically, the role is specific. there are separate distinctions in terms of checks and balances. let the attorney general do his job. he can review the current investigation that is were on going at the fbi prior and also congress. what i don't think is going to happen that president-elect trump when he becomes president saying i'm not going to abide by this and i refuse to allow you to prosecute if evidence came forg. he is going to let the system
5:43 pm
work and the different divisions and branches run their investigations at whatever might be on going. >> the a.g. is not completely independent of the president. he serves as the behest of the president. >> he can suggest but he cannot direct to say, i order you to appoint a special prosecutor. that is not within his purview under federal law to be able to do that. >> lis, we understand loretta lynch never listened to what president obama wanted her to do? she was completely independent? >> when the president goes out and makes speeches, i am upset. justice was not done. the attorney general is listen tog the presidential speeches. of course, there is that kind of soft power as opposed to the hard power, which is written in the rules. let's look as an example in history. nixon tried to say to his attorney general, fire the
5:44 pm
independent counsel. his attorney general re-signed over that. that did not work out very well for nixon. there are laws in place, soft and hard power. they have to be aware of that political reality as well. >> this shows a message that donald trump, president-elect trump is saying he is not looking to divide the country or have petty politics or be vindictive. he is looking for the law to be upheld and followed and for each of these different departments to honor their obligation? >> less than a minute. the fbi investigates. why can't they bring the indictments? >> the fbi is an invest gay if i have branch. they investigate. they then bring that material over. >> proffer the evidence to the attorney general who then reviews it and makes a charging decision. >> based on? >> based on the facts in the investigation. >> only? >> and not the politics of it. that's the way it is supposed to be. i am talking to you about what
5:45 pm
went on over the last three or four months with comey, fbi and loretta lynch. >> we are talking about that. >> we leave it right there, kimberly, lis. bill's new children's book "give please a chance" is in bookstores now and makes an outstanding christmas gift for kids. also, bill's history book "killing the rising sun" remains the number one book in the country. you can get it for free if you sign up for a premium membership on billo' when we come back here can the war on cops. four officers shot in four cities in 24 hours. harsh rhetoric from groups like "black lives matter" fueling the violence against the police. that's upcoming. twins. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. with our most vitamin d three ever. hey, need fast try cool mint zantac.
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in the "unresolved problems s " segment, police are on edge following the shootings of four officers. at least three are believed to have been ambushes against police including one that led to the death of san antonio police detective, benjamin marconi. >> i think the uniform was the target and the first person that happened along was the person that he targeted. >> the suspect in detective marconi's death is now in custody facing a capital murder charge. the impact of anti-police rhetoric in groups like "black lives matter" is facing intense scrutiny. joining us, jonathan. our thoughts and prayers go out to these officers families. what is causing this wave of violence? >> you picked the perfect name for this segment, unresolved problems. the reality is you have a
5:50 pm
problem that has caused and has escalation. there are two groups that are causing this basically. you have the inner city and the breakdown of the inner city. the lack of city government involvement in rebuilding those inner cities, the lack of police tactics being upgraded as things change and also the lack of family. you have the escalation of this problem by groups like "black lives matter" which fit the definition of terrorists, fear and intimidation. when you have groups like this to exacerbate the problems, it is never going to get solved.
5:51 pm
we try to get nfl members to stein a petition so that they could stand so they could commit to to standing during the national anthem. people are not interested in committing to change. that's the problem. same thing with the nfl is the same thing goings on in the city. we need people to commit to the change. >> what about from the top down in these cities? mayor de blasio is telling us
5:52 pm
son if you're engaged with a police officer, be careful what you say to them. >> stupidity. mayor de blasio are a communist. many people in black laiive matr are communistcommunists. these are people that use that to escalate their cause. so there's causes that are running underneath. i think we saw the collusion of all of this over the campaign over the last year where the press was colluding with the lip rale left and black loifs mive . thath ahead, no one and nothing is safe. the best of dennis miller sounding off on the 2016 election insanity. we'll be right back after this.
5:53 pm
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of miller time, the 2016 election has been a comics droem and it gave dennis miller a near endless supply of material. here's dennis's take on some key moments in this election cycle. ♪ >> voting. do you think they're doing to show up in november or a lot of people going to stay home because they don't like either candidate? >> i think i'm going to vote because of allegiance to the troops when kids put their life on the line for you you've got to get out and vote. do i think there's any point to it anymore? no. i've told you, i think it happened already. when you look at the list, irs audits, deals with iran where they get billions of dollars, netanyahu turned away at the white house, black lives matter get into the white house, sanctuary cities, obamacare, no border. i don't want to sound like deep throat. >> can you tell me what you know? >> you tell me what you know.
5:56 pm
>> i think there's been a coup. i think it's happened. i don't know who the next president is but i don't think they're going to be able to undo what's done. i look at hillary who now is coughing more than betty davis in a welsh coal mine. no one is vetting her. benghazi, 30,000 scrubbed e-mails. it happened, man. this's been a weird takeover. >> five days left, miller help me, help me. i'm not sure how much more i can take. >> before we get to it i gotta say the concerts dates with jesse you and i are doing great. i sent out an e-mail blast. actually i wasn't an e-mail blast. i sent it to hillary marked top secret confidential. everybody will get it. >> wikileaks will have it like that. >> two ticket to the gun show. >> now you say you've given up
5:57 pm
pretty much on the country ever coming back to its traditional -- >> i don't mean it will be a smoking hole in the -- >> no. but becauyou vote because of ths >> yeah, it will be like scandinavia. >> it's cold over there. have you been to finland? global warming has not hit finland. very kol. >> no, no it hasn't. but once again, this stuff is going to be jammed down your throat. and i'm telling you if she wins next tuesday and you wake up the next day, you don't want to be gang audited. when john podesta is the chief of staff -- >> he's not a fan of mine. i don't think he likes me at automobile. >> he may not take the job. he may want to get back to his male modeling career on the runways of milan. ♪ >> you're gloating, miller, about the election. you're actually gloating.
5:58 pm
>> for god's sake, bill. if you want to call it that. they're not doing themselves any good. upper case democrats are now being asked to be lower case democratic and they're not answering the call. >> i always thought it would be delish. i didn't know it would be this delish. every day i watched then unfold on the left, it's like ten times a day for it's beautiful. >> and if you don't think they would have gloated on their side, are you kidding me? >> of course. if they hate trump now, wait until he policy starts to work. >> just the idea of his policies. now when i was in school, it was the vietnam ir ra and very intense demonstrations but there was something to demonstrate about. now there isn't really issue yet. it's just a matter of we don't like him and we're not going to accept the election or we're going to be disruptive even before the fact. i mean it's kind of crazy. >> here.
5:59 pm
you know what side i'm on. i would tell the kids and the democrats in general to keep on doing what you're doing. i thisnk you're on to something. grab this opportunity and run with it, run way out to the left because you're starting to look like gene hagan's character in "sing in the rain" who didn't get how over her career was. >> what are you going to see, mr. lamont? >> "sing in the rain". >> now is a good time to remind you that ticket to the spin stops here live show starring mill wer, o'reilly and watters make great christmas and hanukkah gifts. you can catch them in tulsa, oklahoma. more information on the website.
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please remember, the spin stops right here. we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, president-elect donald trump getting serious blockback from some of his strongest supporters as he backs down on his promise to pursue criminal charges against hillary clinton. good evening, welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. for months on the campaign trail mr. trump attacked his rival for conducting the highly classified business of the united states over a private unsecured e-mail server. all while she was secretary of state. >> i think hillary is very weak. i think she's pathetic. i think she should be in jail for what she did with her e-mails. okay? she should be in jail. hillary clinton should be in jail. you know it, the fbi director knows it, everybody else knows it. she sho