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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 23, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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cable morning news show. we have a lot to be thankful for on this thanks giving. >> thanks for watching everybody [cheering] >> start with fox news alert. calling it the trump bump. we're keeping a close eye on the market this is morning after the dow closed above 19,000 for the very first time in its 120 year history. you know it is second straight day all four major stock indexes reached new record high territory. investors betting on the prospect of more investor and business-friendly government and policies under president-elect trump. we'll keep an eye on it. first we start with president-elect trump's administration now taking shape. fox news confirming that mr. trump has chosen south carolina governor nikki haley to serve as next ambassador to the
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united nations. good morning, everyone, i'm eric shawn. this is "america's newsroom." heather: i'm heather childers. thanks for joining us. bill and martha obviously out today. who is in today, nikki haley. fox news confirms she confirmed offer as u.n. ambassador. hailey no fan of trump during the election backing marco rubio and ted cruz during the holidays. dr. ben carson confirming he has been asked to serve as secretary of housing and urban development. >> mr. trump sat down with "the new york times" yesterday discussing everything from hillary clinton to possible action on climate change. peter doocy in palm beach, florida, where mr. trump went off to mar-a-lago for the holiday. nikki haley as united nations ambassador. what do you know about the
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relationship with her? reporter: we know a lot more. the president-elect gave a statement in part governor haley has a proven track record to bring people together to move critical policies forward for the betterment of her state and our country. she is proven deal-maker, we look forward to making plenty of deals. she will be a great leader representing us on the world's stage. trump's appointment of hailey is shows he is not just bringing people that supported him in the poll because she said she didn't know if trump could win a general election while stomachs for marco rubio in south carolina. because trump did win, the governor born to indian parent is set to join the 45th president's cabinet. she spoke very movingly as the confederate flag was moved from the statehouse in columbia, south carolina, following mass murder in emanuel ame church in
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charleston. she was rumored to be a vp short lister, but now the south carolina governor is set to split time between new york and d.c. as america's top representative to the united nations if the senate confirms her nomination. eric? >> we'll see how that goes. meanwhile mr. trump seems to be backing away from his promise to appoint a special prosecutor to prosecute inhillary clinton. some of his supporters will be upset over this. reporter: the president-elect says prosecution is possibility but if the decision when he takes over to let her off the hook he can explain his thought process to the his supporters. he was at "the new york times" with manhattan with reporters and one of the writers tweeted following. trump says he does not think they will be disappointed, his supporters and i will explain, we in many ways will save our country. the president-elect also indicated a little bit more
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about his feelings showing some empathy for his former democratic rifle saying this. i don't want to hurt the clintons. i really don't. she went through a lot and suffered freightly in many different ways. the president-elect making news about global warming, he is has open mind to withdrawing from international climate change accords and that his main concerns with those, it is costing american companies a lot of dough. eric. >> finally, dr. ben carson as a possible hud secretary. what do we know about that this morning? reporter: we know it is very close to being a done deal. dr. carson told the president-elect donald trump he wanted a few days over the thanksgiving holiday to think the new job offer over but gop sources say that dr. carson is pretty close to accepting the position of housing and urban development director. this comes a few days after dr. carson indicated that his preference to not serve in a
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trump administration in i sort of a formal role but he would do it if the transition team looked at bunch of candidates decided he was the best one and sounds like that is what happened and will be here a few more years. >> we'll see the announcement comes officially. peter doocy live from palm beach heather: let's talk more. katie pavlich, and fox news contributor. thanks for joining us. another day, more announcements. you heard what president-elect donald trump had to say. that governor haley has aboven track record bringing people together among other things. what do you think? >> with governor haley's record in south carolina is the leader. the criticism of her she doesn't necessarily have a lot of foreign policy experience but has experience with american values on a principles and she is very good espousing those views. when she goes to the u.n. which is hostile to american values she will talk about the things
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important to americans. free speech, freedom of religion, tolerance, women's rights in countries where women don't have a lot of freedom. so those are some of the things she can move forward in a very hostile environment. i think she will be able to work with some of the people in the u.n. that maybe we haven't been able to work with before. heather: katie, what do you think pushed her to the top of the list such that she was chosen? was this also an effort to be a little bit more diverse? >> well there has been a lot of criticism specifically from elizabeth warren saying that donald trump's choices haven't been diverse enough but i highly doubt the president-elect is taking advice from senator warren. he is choosing people qualified and capable of doing the job and those who can advance the u.s. interests. one thing that isn't talked about with the hailey choice important to bring up the impact this is going to have on israel. obviously israel is a huge ally of the united states. jared kurschner has ties to
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heather: back to "america's newsroom." a detroit police officer fighting for his life after being shot in the head last night near the campus of wayne state university. authorities say that officer colin rose was investigating a series of car break-ins. he stopped to question someone on a bicycle. that is when a gunman opened fire leaving rose critically wounded. >> it is certainly somber. he is in grave condition and, we're just hoping and praying that he pulls through. but certainly doctors here are doing the best -- these are some of the best. heather: police say that they are speaking with a person of interest, though it is unclear
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what his potential role might be. ♪ sean: so much. >> so much for lockinger up i guess. the bottom line, clinton foundation, whole mess needs to look at with independent view, not a political agenda. i never believed this justice department under obama would seriously look at what she may have done. i do hope that all the things that donald trump said about how crooked she was, that we just don't let it go without some serious effort to see if the law was truly violated. sean: will it be let go? that was senator lindsey graham responding after president-elect donald trump as you know backed off somewhat his campaign pledge to prosecute hillary clinton. mr. trump says that the investigations are not completely off the table but he does say mrs. clinton went through a lot. he doesn't want to quote, hurt her. even noted that the clinton foundation has done, quote, good
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work. republican ohio congressman jim jordan, member of the house judiciary committee and served on the house benghazi committee. congressman, first your reaction that the president-elect -- good to see you. he seems to be giving her a pass. he promised throughout the campaign, saw during the debate that he would appoint a special prosecutor and put her in jail. so what is your reaction? >> well, i mean i guess i can understand the president, his point of view, but equal treatment under the law means just that. and i always remind folks, remember what took place in this investigation. have you ever seen the subject of the investigation's husband get to meet with the attorney general just days before the subject of the investigation's interviewed by the fbi? ever seen five people get immunity yet no one gets prosecuted? five who got immunity took the fifth in front of congress. mr. pagliano didn't even show up when he was subpoenaed in front of congress. we've seen all kinds of things in this investigation we've never sheen before.
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senator graham is right, this justice department is completely about politics and not about justice in my judgment. so, congress has an obligation to do oversight. i think when you think about equal treatment under the law, it is incumbent upon us to get to the facts and the truth here so the american people know there is a standard in place called equal treatment under the law. sean: you laid out what sounds like district attorney or u.s. attorney's case and prosecution potentially. what about the justice department under mr. trump? i mean the supporters will feel betrayed? they will be angry and be hurt around think that he is backtracking on a major pledge? >> well, i mean we don't know for sure what the decision will be. i think jeff sessions will make a great attorney general, will do a great job running the justice department but congress also has an obligation to do oversight. that is constitutional job we have to do. so i think you'll see that continue. in fact chairman chaffetz said we should continue that. the records law looks like it was violated in this situation
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relative to her emails and keeping records while she was at the state department. there is the whole clinton foundation information that came out, a lot of information we have received was from the wikileaks documents we got weeks prior to the, prior to the election. so i think there is a lot to look at there. and you think about mr. combetta , who got immunity, caught on the site reddit trying to delete the post on the site talking about getting rid of information relative to mrs. clinton's email archives, email and her address. you know, look this is some pretty serious things going on here and i think the american people want to know the truth. we can do it right way, do it in our constitutional way we're supposed to, but i think it's something needs to happen. sean: do you think whatever you dig up and house continues to investigate that attorney general jeff sessions would maybe take this and take this material in the case ands i mean it is not up to the president of
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the united states whether or not someone gets charged. it is ultimate responsibility of the top law enforcement officer and that is the attorney general and doj? >> right. i mean no one knows for sure. we don't know what other information we may uncover. what i do have confidence in senator jeff sessions would be a great attorney general and i think he will do his job the way he is supposed to do his job. that is a question for down the road. our job is to do what the constitution requires, do the oversight, get information, so the american people know the truth about what took place while secretary clinton was at the state department relative to the clinton foundation, relative to keeping her records. they need to know the truth. we need to do our job. that is what we have to focus on moving forward. sean: finally, congressman, if you do in fact find the law has been violated, what then? >> well, we have called for a special prosecutor in the past just like, just like mr. trump had, president-elect trump had done.
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so we'll see. i think it depends on what we uncover in the course of our ongoing investigation that would, you know, that, depends on what we find. again i'm confident we have to do our job and we'll do that. sean: all right. seems even though the president-elect trump has had somewhat after change of heart, that certainly there will be ongoing investigations in congress new year. congressman jim jordan, happy thanksgiving for tomorrow. >> you too, eric, thank you. sean: of course. heather? heather: we'll talk about some of those perceived flip-flops coming up. white house policy extending overtime pay to millions of americans blocked by a federal judge. we'll have details on that. sean: new update in the shocking deadly bus crash that killed five little children in chattanooga, tennessee, what we're learning about the driver and the company that hired him. >> many of them were scared for days to talk to us. because of young age, many of them were unable to spell their names.
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sean: we have new details on that horrible tennessee school bus crash that killed five little children. we're now being told that driver, 24-year-old, johnthony walker, had his license suspended afteo. the company that owns the bus has had more than 140 accidents, 140, over the past two years, that did result in three deaths. police say walker was going well over the speed limit on monday when he lost control of that bus and plowed right into a tree. 12 young children are still hospitalized. six of them in critical condition. one mom reportedly saying as the bus sped around the curve moments before the crash,
6:26 am
walker, the driver, asked the kids, if they were ready to die. heather: troubling. well a texas judge butting heads with the obama administration, blocking a new rule that would have extended overtime pay to more than four million u.s. workers. chief national correspondent ed henry has that story for us from washington. so, ed, how much of a help is this to donald trump as he gets ready to take office? reporter: good morning, heather, it is a big deal. this was supposed to go into effect on december 1st and would have increased pay, given time 1/2 and overtime to potentially millions of workers around the country. donald trump wanted to overturn this because a lot of small business owners say it would be a hindrance on them in terms of hiring more people, their bottom line. if donald trump had tried to overturn this say january 21st or 22nd, would have been costly and time-consuming. some people would be paid overtime between december 1st and january 20th.
6:27 am
it would have gotten super complicated. instead this judge has now blocked it. that frees donald trump up, maybe to do all kinds of other executive actions at the beginning of his time in office. republican lindsay graham saying he is ready to get to work. >> i am excited about working with president trump to do big things quickly. the overtime rule that obama imposed that will require time 1/2 for all employees making below $47,000, which is terrible for our economy. there are some things we could do quickly and we should do quickly. reporter: so the point is now donald trump on his first days in office can focus on other executive actions, whether dealing with energy or immigration policy, rather than dealing with this complicated rule, heather. heather: all right. so that deals with the president-elect, but what about the current president? how much of a blow would this be to president obama? reporter: it's a big blow it reminds us what a lot of the president's critics were saying for years frankly, when you
6:28 am
governor by executive fiat the danger is hillary clinton had gotten elected, a lot of these kinds of executive moves would have been upheld. she would have maybe even expand ad whole bunch of them. instead what donald trump now coming to power, a lot of this will be ripped up. you see obama officials scrambling, the labor department putting out a statement saying quote, we strongly disagree with the decision by the court which has effect of delaying a fair day's pay for long day's work for millions of hard-working americans. the department's overtime rule is result of come prehens schiff rule-making process and we're confident in legality of all aspects of the rule. we're considering all of our legal options. that is fine. they can consider all the options they want, heather, but the point they have less than two month to take action. so the clock is ticking. heather: sure is. ed henry, live for us. thank you. >> good to see you. sean: fox news alert. we're only one minute 1/2 away from the opening bell on wall street. you know it has been a milestone
6:29 am
string of days down there at wall and broad. will the trump bump continue? we'll see. heather: we'll talk about that. president-elect donald trump meeting with the heads of tv networks. did you hear about this big meeting as well as "new york times" also met with them? what kind of relationship can journalists expect with a trump white house? >> many in the press, sean are still in campaign mode. they're scratching their heads figuring out how to stop this guy from becoming president or forming a cabinet in his likeness or actually doing things. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™,
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heather: you're markets open after historic closing yesterday. the dow finished up above 19,000 for the first time ever. people calling it the trump bump. it is 19,000 and holding. melissa francis co-host of "after the bell" on the fox
6:33 am
business network. also on "outnumbered" frequently. what do you think about this? opening above 19,000, which was making history. >> absolutely. this is all about being a trump rally. investors unleashed sort of the animal spirit where they feel all kind of optimism about the future in terms of what trump's going to do on tax policy, freeing up corporations to invest, to grow. also repatriation of dollars which means bringing home profits from overseas that have been trapped there avoiding tax trap of coming back to the u.s. he indicated he will create incentives and encourage companies to bring that money back. to open factories here. to employ people here. they can invest and expand. people have seen him in business before. investors, they know he is going to do it. that is optimism we're seeing in the market. heather: we're hearing apple is talking about moving back. ford making announcement they would not move production at
6:34 am
some of that plant in kentucky to mexico. it is already happening. >> right. heather: what happens down the road when his tax cuts go into effect, when we figure out how he pays for the infrastructure plan, how will it be impacted? >> i think probably the biggest impact coming up is what happens with the federal reserve. they held off on raising race some think for far too long. now yellen has nothing do to, nothing to lose by not raising rates. they would worried about the political implications some people think. there is a lot of thought that the fed could raise rates as soon as next month. that could be a temporary headwind. i don't think that will make the market go lower. that is definitely a thing people are looking at. heather: this is all about optimism. we heard initially, happened as we were talking about election night when everything tanked. >> right. heather: next morning it went back up. >> all you heard before the election how wall street liked hillary clinton. they had ties to her or goldman sachs, people lobbied
6:35 am
her, she was known commodity. the market didn't like uncertainty. didn't know what to think about donald trump. saw limit down on monday night. the market sup 3% since the day trump was elected and he hasn't taken office. heather: trump rally will continue? >> only the future can tell but certainly feels like. heather: melissa francis. thanks for joining us. have a great thanksgiving. >> to everyone out there as well. heather: eric? >> i think you're going to have a very unconventional presidency of donald trump because unconventional. many in the press are in campaign mode, sean. they're figuring out how to stop this guy from becoming president or forming a cabinet in his likeness or doing things, flury of activity in the first 100 days which may in fact undo some of the legacy is of their favorite president, president obama. and they need to get over that. sean: that is kellyanne conway
6:36 am
talking about the media. can they get over that? as you know president-elect trump has at times a pretty combative relationship with the press during the campaign. after initially canceling meeting during "the new york times" yesterday, and he went there in the lobby of "new york times." he had a wide-ranging an substantive discussion with the reporters and editors of "the new york times" yesterday. so what type of relationship will a trump white house have with the national media? doug schoen, former advisor to president bill clinton and fox news contributor. brad blakeman, former deputy assistant to president george w. bush and professor at georgetown university. brad, let me start with you. historically, it has been ad very cheryl relationship, but man, oh, man this started worse and got "worser." will it get "worser" or will it get better? >> i think it is going to be fine. it will be unconventional as kellyanne said. it will be adversarial
6:37 am
relationship as it should be. it will not be on the press's terms. they will use history and convention and protocol of past presidents and it will not work. donald trump is his own persona. he will be his own president. there will be new rules that will be made. you can't point to things done by barack obama and george w. bush, because it won't mean anything. sean: when you say new rules, what do you expect, brad? >> donald trump tweeting. i think he will continue to do that. i think he will continue to do videos in order to go around the press and get his message directly to the public. addresses perhaps from the oval office more than we've seen in order to speak directly to the american people. maybe perhaps less press conferences, formal press conferences. these are the kinds of things and access you are going to see. not going to be out of the other nary because the way trump wants to conduct his presidency. sean: doug, wouldn't more tweeting and videos like a statement, that sort of thing isn't that used to bypass the
6:38 am
press completely to get your message out unfiltered? >> absolutely. i think donald trump will be, eric, the first president in modern history to use alternative vehicles. i think brad is exactly right. and look, the press is one of the most derided institutions in american life. certainly mainstream media. i think public, particularly his constituency, will welcome trump speaking directly. i thought the video was very well-done and i think if trump chooses to go over the heads of the media as he did in the campaign, it is to the good. media will still question him. sean: if you put out a video you can't question him. >> and why can't the president do that? sean: say that again, i'm sorry? >> why can't the president of the united states do that? what's, he can go in the oval office as brad said said and give an address. why can't he put out video on facebook and youtube?
6:39 am
strikes me every tool should be at the president's disposal. sean: he could do that, brad. but some critics say he is voiding to the media and not trying to get pinned down and having a one-way conversation and they would see that as negative. >> it's a balance that has to be struck. i will say this, donald trump will use media in a way that no other modern president has used it. he has mastered it. he understands it. he doesn't have to be told. it is instinctive. the question what kind of balance will be struck with the press with access to the president. i don't think it will be that much out of the ordinary when you look at amount of different kinds of communications the president has at his fingertips. they will get used to a new type of president, with a new type of access, a new type of delivery, if they're patient i think it will work out for everyone. sean: remember president nixon and spiro agnew, mattering
6:40 am
nabobs of negativism, they all said, president-elect says hopes for a clean slate with the media. do you think that is possible? >> i think it is possible. look in the last couple of days we have the possibility of one of his top rivals, mitt romney, becoming secretary of state. a woman of color, governor nikki haley going to the u.n. ben carson and harold ford joining the administration. this is extraordinary trump is moderating many of his views. it is media's job to report, and criticize, but the president of the united states is at his own behest and disposal how to communicate best. when cable news and broadcast media came in, at "the new york times," what is there to complain about? i think the president-elect handled this exactly right. sean: follow your twitter. we'll be doing that. doug, and brad. >> thanks so much. sean: thanks so much. happy thanksgiving to you both. >> same to you. sean: heather?
6:41 am
heather: president-elect donald trump tapping south carolina governor nikki haley as u.n. ambassador. so what do we know about her foreign policy experience? sean: if you heard iran's supreme leader, ayatollah khomeni said? he has a warning for us. pushing congress and president obama not to weaken sanctions against iran. we have what tehran is saying about that. what could happen to the controversial iranian deal.
6:42 am
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6:45 am
as you know pitt and his wife actress angelina jolie are going through a divorce after more than a decade as a famed couple. they have six children. heather: iran threatening to retaliate after republican house leaders urged president obama not to take action to weaken sanctions against iran. speaker paul ryan, majority leader kevin mccarthy and foreign affairs committee chairman ed royce saying they expect congress in the coming days to send the president legislation extending sanctions for 10 years. but tehran says that that move violates the iran nuclear deal. retired lieutenant colonel ralph peters is a fox news strategic analyst and he joins us now with more. thank you very much for joining us. >> happy thanksgiving. heather: to you too would this be a violation as iran is saying? >> no. these are separate sanctions, separate deals.
6:46 am
the problem the iranian hard-liners are used to getting their way. president obama and secretary kerry signed a woefully one-sided deem that does not serve our interests. there was a massive giveaway to iran and the tragedy for us, the potential tragedy, heather, president obama is clinging to this as the last vestige of his foreign policy legacy, awful as it is. he is trying as a lame duck to further loosen sanctions, grant more licenses for u.s. businesses to do business with iranian corporations including some which, revolutionary guards are a partner. here's, what i'm talk become tragedy, here where it lies. by closing off obama is attempting to do, peaceful sanctions, denial of business licenses, control of the u.s. dollar in business trade, closing them off to president-elect trump, leaves president-elect trump only
6:47 am
military option in a crisis. so i think president obama, the great peacemaker is, however incidentally, steering us on a path to a military exchange with iran and i'm convinced that we and the iranians next few years will be shooting at each other, hopefully only on a small scale. heather: in terms of the nuclear deal itself, the president-elect made it clear he does not agree with it. he intends to change it. a couple people you know named in the administration, lt. general mike flynn and mike pompeo as well. >> certainly it's a bad deal. this is not about politics. it is not about get obama, trash his legacy, not at all. this is a deal, merely put, it put iran's nuclear program into slow motion. but the, as research goes on we can not even inspect their most sensitive sites. they're really allowed to continue doing everything. but the worst problem we have apart from the looming military
6:48 am
confrontation, is that president obama has clinging to this deal, this bad deal so desperately, it paralyzed our foreign policy in the middle east, allowing iran not only to capture and humiliate our sailors, run roughshod in iraq. syria, partners with vladmir putin and assad regime. in yemen and gaza. iran is building a new persian empire while we're doing nothing except sending them cash payments. it is a real mess. heather: people speaking out against him, one of those people did that while all of this was being put together, was general mattis, they say some people was forced to retire as a result of that. he also is possibly coming into this administration. what do you think he would be in favor of doing? >> well, i'm not going to second-guess the greatest general in the 21st century. general jim mattis i'm
6:49 am
privileged to know somewhat is a magnificent leader a man of great integrity, deep knowledge, widely read and a hell of a tough combat marine but he is also very measured. so i think based upon the latest intelligence i don't have access and latest developments, general mattis's advice will be wise. it will not automatically be sending in the marines. quite the contrary. if i may add, heather, there is a lot in the media, trump is sporting all these -- supporting generalses that will get us into war, the generals resist war because they know the consequences. if you look back at last 15 years, people got us into iraq and another administration, libya, they were people with no military experience. so jim mattis, i'm 100% high on that guy. most encouraging thing i heard about the incoming administration that he could be sec-def. heather: he is known for all of his quotes. perhaps most quoted general around and he definitely does
6:50 am
not want america to be perceived as being weak. >> no. no, heather, jim mattis is a master, a listener. he is not a shouter. he listens dissects arguments carefully and politely but a lot of the things he said with the nickname mad dog mattis, that is how you inspire young marines to say some of these things. he is very deeply, thoughtful man who will be great benefit not only to our defense and security policy but our foreign policy as well. he is just great. i can't help gushing about him. heather: inspiration not to just young marines, there was 90-year-old marine giving me his opinion. he is overwhelmingly excited as well. >> people love jim mattis. heather: thank you so much for joining us. have a great thanksgiving. >> you too, heather. sean: semper fi. protests over election of donald trump they have been going on for two weeks now, and even more are planned as demonstrators say they will next try to disrupt black friday shopping tomorrow.
6:51 am
but with so many demonstrations over variety of issues, some are asking is the nation about to suffer from protest fatigue? heather: and millions of people planning to get away starting today for the thanks giving holiday. more up next. of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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sean: 2016 is memorable year but may go down as year of protest. protesting variety of issues, from president-elect to police shootings. some are wondering if we're beginning to see a loss in their impact? mike tobin is live in chicago with more on this mike, a big day tomorrow and more demonstrations planned? reporter: biggest shopping day of the year. of course as you know, thousands
6:55 am
of demonstrators will try to grab the spotlight by desending on chicago's glitzy shopping district known as the magnificent mile. organizer with group called chicago alliance against political repression and racism. we will not stand still to retailers to profit that their misery. protesters, many causes, you don't send a message to a receptive audience. >> they may have a message. they may have an agenda but for the most part, these are young people who really don't understand what is going on. reporter: first black friday protest was following the police-involved shooting death of laquan mcdonald. organizer, frank chapman of this upcoming demonstration these got results. they brought about pressure of toppling after police lieutenant and as well as state's attorney. eric? sean: is there a strategy and general focus on demonstrations we're seeing across the nation? reporter: in tick go in
6:56 am
particular, focused on police involved violence and interaction with the minority community. but big pile-on apriled down to the results of election. chicago columnist jon katz says mistake to dismiss the demonstrators and crybabies. he said this is galvanizing of left. >> got to step out of the box a little bit and look what is really going on and what is really going on the left is organizing these young people to get ready for the next election and moving the party to the left reporter: kass says failure to take the demonstrators seriously is the same mistake the clinton campaign made when they dismissed trump supporters as uneducated and deplorable. eric. sean: mike kass knows the street ever the city as a great columnist. thank you. heather? heather: south carolina governor nikki haley says she is grateful for the opportunity to serve as
6:57 am
the next u.s. ambassador to the united nations. she is just the latest addition to the trump administration. what her addition means for possible future appointments still ahead.
6:58 am
>> >>
6:59 am
7:00 am
heather: president-elect trump adding a new member to his cabinet, choosing south carolina governor nikki haley to his team. we could learn more about the new transition developments before the big holiday weekend. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." eric: i'm eric shawn. nikki haley becoming the first
7:01 am
woman in trump's team. this is fascinating. first woman. she is of indian descent. it may not be what those dip gnats at the u.n. will be expecting. >> they have had a lot of women and women of color. so they know something about that. but what we are seeing across trump's transition efforts, he's binding up old wounds in the republican party. nikki haley was critical of trump's candidacy. this is an olive branch to the more conservative wing of the republican party, and one of his
7:02 am
political allies in south carolina gets to be the governor, so that's it. eric: you talk about binding old wounds. what type of strategy do you see going forward? you have got mitt romney at the top of the list for secretary of state. >> it's hard to overstate the good vibrations that have emanated from the discussions trump has had with romney and he has been having about james mat is, retired marine commandant to be the secretary of defense. we have seen a strange new respect in many circles, especially with conservatives as trump is putting together this team. we don't know about secretary of state, obviously. we are still find out about the pentagon and the rest of the national security team.
7:03 am
but i would say this, donald trump has shown he's listening and wants to put together the kind of government that can function with broad-based support in washington. eric: some dire supporters and others may not be pleased with these picks. >> the key to being a successful president is being willing to lose your reelection. you have to be willing to let the polls be damned every once in a while and willing to say i'm going to do what i think is right. i'm going to take a longer view. we remember ronald reagan's first two years in office where the world looked like it was falling apart. the republicans got turned out in a landslide in the mid-terms
7:04 am
and four years later he won the largest landslide in american politics. eric: do you think president-elect trump will be surprising some people. you heard harold ford, jr., a democrat, somebody stu wouldn't expect to be on the list for anything in a trump administration. >> there are jobs, and then there are jobs. there cities window dressing everybody puts in and there are jobs that don't interfere much with the president's daily conduct that don't touch the west wing of the white house every day. there is window dressing you can put in jobs like that. those can be sops to particular constituencies. but what you really came about is who is inside. who is talking to the president
7:05 am
day in and day out. eric: good to see you. hope you take some time off. good to see you. heather: planes, trains and automobiles, that's the story for millions of people heading out of town for the thanksgiving holiday. so what is being done to keep all of us safe? jonathon hunt is watching the skies for us from los angeles and catherine herridge is following security as she joins us live at union station in washington. catherine, what is happening there? reporter: this weekend is game time for you amtrak. it's traditionally the biggest week and. they are expecting 750,000 people toll hit the trains.
7:06 am
that's pretty much where they were last year. to handle the increased flow, they have additional trains running. they have thrown on extra staff. and you can expect to see canine teams, and they are extremely effective at checking and clearing passengers. >> we would always boost our efforts for any holiday security-wise. reporter: the same rules apply at the airports. they want people to pack conservatively. you can expect to see increased security at the perimeter of the train station over the holiday weekend. heather: we heard about the threat of lone wolf attacks.
7:07 am
reporter: no one can point to additional security that reflects the threat from lone wolf attacks. but you will see viper teams. crisis response teams used by amtrak, and they have the ability to have a surge capacity to deal with terrorism or criminal activity. >> we'll have our viper teams out. these are the teams of tsa law enforcement teams. you will see more of that. they will be running the rail safe operations where there is a visible presence in stations and terminals. >> there is nothing specific or credible for this holiday weekends. but based on everyone we have spoken to in our reporting, everyone is cognizant in the recent calls by isis for the unconventional attacks, especially using trucks to
7:08 am
create mass casualty incidents. heather: and the brooklyn man claiming planning an attack in times square. eric: jonathan hunt is live from los angeles international airport. one of the busiest in the country. last night i went by la guardia and the line count highway was amazing. how are the airports coping? reporter: la guardia is always a disaster. here at l.a.x. it seems to be going smoothly. everybody is gearing up for huge crowds through the airport this holiday season. so far at this early stage things moving smoothly. l.a.x. one of the three busiest airports over this holiday
7:09 am
season along with atlanta and chicago. 27 million americans expected to travel by air over the next few days. 2.3 million of those will go through l.a.x. itself. so when you talk about those kinds of numbers, it's not just about getting through the terminal and on to your plane. it's also about getting to the airport in the first place. traffic was pretty busy as the sun rose over lax this morning. it will be similar at airports throughout the country. so the message for everybody involved in getting passengers on to their planes and to their destination, allow plenty of time. it's all about scheduling yourselves properly and packing light, and make sure you have plenty of time so you can get to
7:10 am
spend thanksgiving with the family. eric: the tsa has always had heavy security. do you think it will be even more intensified over the holiday season? >> there are more tsa agents than ever before on duty. overtime is being aloud for all those tsa agents. as people go through the airports, the tsa says they are able to cope. lines they believe will not be unbearably long. that they have enough to get everybody through. they are look always for a needle in a haystack. they are confident they will find it if it is there. the police at lax say they are ready for anything. >> we are constantly check-in tell jones sources. we have great relationship with the our federal partners. we are looking for threats, we
7:11 am
are doing training virtually every week on whatever may be coming our way. we have great people here and people should be comfort by that. reporter: as you look at airports across the country, it's going to be busy everywhere. so as they say in local news every year, pack your patience. eric: happy turkey day. heather: i'm flying out tomorrow after work. guess where i'm flying out from? la guardia. why defines of immigration slaw could soon put a giant whole in the budgets of sanctuary cities. president obama will be leaving office with the democratic party in disarray. is there anyone left in the ranks who can right the ship?
7:12 am
>> when you talk about the vice president being the face of the party now, that tells you how december mated the party is.
7:13 am
7:14 am
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won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. heather: the race for governor in north carolina still tied up in knots with allegations of voter fraud.
7:16 am
democrats say mccrory should concede, but he wants every count. a conservative organization is asking the courts to block the results until it verifies same-day registration. eric: sanctuary cities across the city potentially face the risk of losing federal funds if they refuse to cooperate with immigration officials. one congressman took actions last july to use the power of the purse to deny some department of justice funds. and he says all it takes to go into action is a simple signature. congressman, good to see you this morning. you say this fund cutoff could be implemented on day one? >> yes, eric. in fact using existing law and
7:17 am
the power of the purse, i have seen to it that the top 10 sanctuary cities in america have already been certified as violating existing federal law, and therefore everything is prepositioned for these 10 cities including chicago, new york, the entire state of california, they will lose all their federal law enforcement money if president trump choose to, the president can cut off their money january 20 if they do not hand over criminal illegal aliens in their custody. eric: this is something the obama administration doesn't agree with. >> as chairman of the subcommittee in charge of funds for the department of justice. i quietly persuaded loretta
7:18 am
lynch to implement this policy. using existing law and the influence of the power of the purse that the founding fathers wisely entrusted to congress. i did it quietly and didn't embarrass anybody. it's prepositioned. eric: prepositioned but hasn't gone into action. >> attorney general lynch already notified every city and state in the country unless they cooperate 100% of the time those local jurisdictions lose all their federal law enforcement money. that's already up on the department of justice website. it has been official policy since july 7. the purpose of this election. america wants us to get the job done. i have take care of it, the job is done, and president trump can cut off their money because it's
7:19 am
been policy since july 7. eric: i want to show the folks what you are talk about when you talk about the top 10 cities. you are talk about 332 million or more. california $60 million in grant fund from the d.o.j. california, $3 billion, new york $1 billion. how can they owe a refund to the federal government? >> because that's the official policy of the department of justice that it persuaded them to post on july 7. the department of justice notified the cities unless you change your sanctuary cities and comply with federal law all the time, you are no longer eligible. and if you continue to defy and get rid of your sanctuary policies, they will owe a refund' every dollar they ever
7:20 am
received from the federal government under these department of justice programs. and these are minimum figures. the state of california if they will not change their law will taxpayers $1.2 billion. city of chicago will have to write a refund check to american taxpayers for $91 million. and mayor deblasio, you get to choose between protecting illegal aliens in your custody or refunding. eric: congressman, they are saying they will protect sanctuary cities and protect you be documented immigrants in their cities. let me play a sound bite of mayor deblasio who yesterday vowed he will not cooperate with federal authorities except for some crimes. >> if undocumented people feel local police forces are
7:21 am
deportation forces, it will hurt the work of law enforcement and make it harder to keep our cities safe. i think people in their tone community will set their own standards. but we have to set the national policy. >> that is his decision. if the mayor of new york, chicago, governor of california want to protect criminal illegal aliens in their jurisdictions, that's their decision. but don't ask for federal money. the pu policy instituted, if you want federal money, follow federal law. everything is prepositioned for new york, chicago, california to lose their federal money. but it's their decision. if you want to protect criminal aliens, don't ask for federal money. those days are over.
7:22 am
if you don't change your policy you will have to write us a refund check. that will get their attention. eric: they vow not to cooperate. we'll see how this goes. i wanted to know who i am and where i came from. i did my ancestrydna and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. just to know this is what i'm made of, this is where my ancestors came from. and i absolutely want to know more about my native american heritage. it's opened up a whole new world for me. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at the medicare enrollment deadline is just a few days away. changes to medicare plans could impact your healthcare costs. are you getting all the benefits available to you? call healthmarkets and we'll help you find the
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7:25 am
heather: president-elect trump back away from some of his campaign promises. he said he doesn't want hillary clinton to be prosecuted over her emails and softening on a border wall. on top of all that, a fox news contributor. thank you very much for joining us today.
7:26 am
what's going on? >> i don't know. it's 15 days since the election. and donald trump has basically backtracked on a half dozen campaign promises. he said he might amended obamacare instead of repealing it. he told the "new york times" he might cut a deal on immigration with democrats they will agree on. he says he's changed his mind and water board and backtracked on prosecuting hillary clinton. that's a lot of changes. heather: in terms of hillary clinton, it's not his decision there to begin with. in terms of obamacare, do you think he's trying to get along with everybody right now? >> i guess that's not what people elected him to do. every politician backtracks on campaign promises once they get
7:27 am
into office. but people voted for him because he was an outsider who was politically incorrect. if he starts acting like a typical politician, he will destroy his brand and lose support. heather: the mention of possible secretary of state mitt romney, establishment, and the announcement we just received today about nikki haley being the ambassador to the u.n. in terms of the appointments that he's making. can you gauge whether he will keep certain promises or thinking about it in terms of who he appoints? >> i'm less worried about his appointments. i think it's important that he unite the republican party. i don't think that necessarily means his positions will change.
7:28 am
the key is to have especially on foreign policy is to have appointments with people who know national security. general flynn is a great choice. he's a guy who got what was going to happen in iraq. general mattis would and great choice for secretary of defense. he's make good choices so far in his cabinet. what's worrisome is his desire to please whoever he's talking to. he sits down with the "new york times" editorial page and in a single interview, that's a worrisome development. heather: who do you think he's listening to. he said the first thing he's listening to is himself. do you think there is someone giving him this advice. take interrogation, for example. during the campaign he said
7:29 am
we'll do waterboarding and worse. and all the rest of it. then he had one conversation with general mattis. he said we'll give them cigarettes and beer and that will work just as well as waterboarding. where he brought a lot of experts in to know about interrogation. and he concluded that after talking to a lot of people. but it sound like he had one job interview, and all of a sudden he flip-flopped. it seems tough when the president-elect takes the position of the person he spoke to last. heather: this is laura ingrahm. he's not president yet by the looks like donald trump already pardoned a turkey for president. >> what he's doing on clinton is almost as bad as what the obama
7:30 am
administration did. he should tell the justice department you follow the law wherever it leads you. if you clear her, that's fine. heather: tomorrow is thanksgiving and i hope you have a good one. eric: at the donald trump centrallies was the chant of "lock her up." now as president, he's back off that pledge. heather: some not too happy. and star-studded mannequin challenge. did you see that. how long can they hold that pose with famous faces?
7:31 am
7:32 am
7:33 am
7:34 am
>> donald trump back away from his campaign promise to see that hillary clinton goes to jail. mr. trump telling the "new york times" in an interview that she has been through a lot and he doesn't want to hurt the clintons. the author of "clinton cash" talked to megyn kelly. i was on your show talking about how inappropriate it would be for president obama to intervene, and it's equally inappropriate for donald trump to do the same. if he wants to pardon her at the ends of the investigation. if the department of justice decides they are not going to prosecute, they are fine to do that. heather: congressman issa, did
7:35 am
he have any business saying what he said? >> i thinked the president-elect is in a good position to create a balance between the last administration that clearly interfered, made statements about guilt or innocence versus the compassionate statements the president-elect made. there is a distinction. he proposed jeff sessions, a hard-charging individual who in alabama in 1981 pushed through desegregation and prosecuted a klan member. he's picking the right people and i believe he will stands aside and allow the process to work the way it's supposed to. but he's entitled to talk in terms of compassion. maybe a side of the
7:36 am
president-elect people having seen. >> i think there is a lot more than hillary clinton, as someone who ran investigation, you follow the facts where they lead. there were lots of people including in and out of the clinton foundation for whom there were questions about their conduct. but having said that. the president saying it's time to the greatest extent possible that the office of the president move on and not punch below but rather deal with the big issues, foreign policy, national defense, finding the right people. one of the things president select trump has done well including nikki haley is to veatch outside the come sport zone that people around him would have had and find really good people. the governor is somebody who -- her family comes from india, her
7:37 am
indian name is less easy to pronounce than nikki haley. and she'll do a good job just as i think rudy if he is appointed will do a good job. and obviously general mat is is an outside the box but an amazing proposal for secretary of defense. judge the president-elect by his actual actions of the people he's putting in place, not by his show of compassion. heather: what about all of those folks when who voted for donald trump when he talked about appointing a special prosecutor and sending hillary clinton to jail? they feel like he lied and is going back on his word. >> we'll be asking the president elect to reactivate some form of meaningful special prosecutor so the next time a cabinet nebraska
7:38 am
or somebody involved in the government is accused of doing wrong, you won't have the inherent conflict of interest. i any there will be legislative discussion with the new president. they will be meaningful in order for him to keep his promise of draining the swamp or as i like to say, taking the swamp things out of the swamp. heather: does it continue to prove different rules for different people. some people have to follow the law and some people don't. >> i think we are way premature on the work of the f.b.i. and others. this president i'm positive is going to let his attorney general and the f.b.i. director do their job. i don't believe there will be interference. having said that, the president has a right to speak in terms she has been through a lot. i want to move on. i want my presidency to be successful. all of us who voted for donald trump voted for donald trump
7:39 am
because he said he would get things done in a way that 1 years leading up to his presidency clearly hadn't gotten done. that's a lot of what we'll judge president trump on. heather: explain to meed the difference between what president-elect trump did in terms of speak out and what president obama did when he commented on hillary clinton with this ongoing investigation in october a year ago, i don't think it posed a national security problem. a lot of people said that was putting undue influence on the investigation. >> i think there is a huge difference. compassion that might lead to not incarcerating her is what donald trump showed. what he showed was that he has sympathy or empathy for the situation she is in. that's different than the president saying there isn't a smidgen of evidence or not enough to prosecute. donald trump is not an attorney.
7:40 am
he's not trying to practice law or determine guilt or innocence. when you look at his statement, even if he makes an assumption, i think she has done things wrong. he doesn't try to enter the way president obama has in the past where he's making judgments on the law. that's not the manager we are making president of the united states. he's somebody who lets others who are skilled in those areas make decisions and that's where we go back to the appointments. you see an administration that's coming together with great appointments. heather: thank you so much for joining us. in other words to people, calm down, give him time. eric: they may be calming down, but over at the democratic party, there is help wanted. this as the president prepares to leave office. coming up, we'll take a look at
7:41 am
what it could achieve if there is an overhaul. >> if you draw a map of the country, who went where, it's red from sea to shining sea with heavily concentrated populated pockets of democrats.
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
>> you may want to check your credit card statement. hackers hit the garden and fourther locations including radio city concert hall it happened between notch last year and october of this year. so part company is not saying how many people were impacted. eric: democrats are in disarray after the drubbing in the
7:45 am
election. charles krauthammer says he thinks the president may be in denial. >> if you draw a match the country who went where, it is red from sea to shining sea with concentrated heavily populated pockets of democrats. this is real trouble. the problem is because of the decimation of the party, they have no bench. when you talk about the vice president being the face of the party, that tells you how decimated the party is. eric: the national co-chair of maverick political action committee. and former ohio congressman dennis kucinich. congressman, let me start with you. what would your prescription be for the democratic party? >> they have to start rebuilding from the grassroots up.
7:46 am
years ago you would have people turn up for meetings because they felt an affinity on social and economic issues. but i would say we are at an historical point where both parties are voting a different way. it's not about one person. the whole idea that if we get the right person at the head of the party everything would be okay is wrong. the party is organized at a neighborhood level. that's where you have got to get people involved again. and that will involve a real platform that delivers on the economic issues or at least espouses things that relate to people's practical aspirations. eric: bernie sanders was spreading that message during the campaign.
7:47 am
do you think there can be a grassroots efforts to change the democratic party? >> there was a grassroots evident to change the democratic party. it was squashed by the elites. you saw from the face of the democratic party, i was there at the dnc. i saw the most liberal platform instituted in modern history at the dnc. there was a grassroots movement. but what the democratic party needs is not to rebuild that movement. but the elites blew them off. they put in the ordained candidate. and they didn't trust their voters so that's why they lost heavily this year. >> as i said in my ope my op-edu have to start with the principle
7:48 am
of respecting the voter. there were 16 different candidates. i think fundamentally when you look at the millennial voter. people don't care with partisan politics and building a party. what people want are solutions and someone to deliver in washington. since 1992 power going between the two parties, almost every two to four years it changes. who controls the house, the senate and the white house. one of the reasons we are seeing such a dispair it and schizophrenia with who the american people put in power is they are sick of the system and they want solutions. but you have to respect that and you can't clear the field and put in a candidate who stinks to high heaven. >> i agree with morgan. i think she is absolutely right. people are moving away from political parties.
7:49 am
the primaries were actually grid challenges. so this medium, television, the rise of social media is changing it all. there will be a more independent voter whose impact will be felt inside a party or outside a party. politics has changes in america. eric: do you think you will see a renewal in the democratic party by the mid-terms or 2020? >> that remains to be seen. i think the democratic party lost its bearing years ago when it started to take money from corporations and corporate interests. blurred the continues between the party and put us on a path of where we are today. eric: dennis, morgan, thank you. happy thanksgiving. if you are a democrat you will probably be thinking about a lot over your turkey.
7:50 am
heather: no politics on thanksgiving day. more snow is in the forecast in you are traveling for some states across the country. will it impact your thanksgiving travel plans? janice dean on deck next.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
eric: a mother in california giving her daughter an extra reason to thankful this thanksgiving. megyn barker gave birth to her very own grandson. the baby was born thankfully healthy last month. >> this is the biggest gift anybody can receive is becoming a mom. to have my mom give me that gift
7:54 am
is unexplainable. >> the attachment for me was not an issue as people predicted. in my mind it was biologically their baby. i was just a deluxe easy bake oven. she said she would do it all over again if they want a little brother or sister. heather: winter weather could throw a monkey wrench into thanksgiving plans. a pair of systems are bringing more snow to parts of the rockies, the upper midwest and northeast. janice dean live from the fox weather center with the cold and snowy details. reporter: the busiest travel day of the year. let's take a look at it. much of the map looks good in terms of airport delays except for the northeast because of volume. a couple airports in the
7:55 am
northeast, newark and la guardia reporting around 30-minute delays because of heavy volume. then we have our storm system to the west. we are expecting travel delays in chicago, indianapolis. the storm system continues to move over the o'river valleys. -- of the ohio river valleys. the rain could come later in the day in new york city for the thanksgiving day parade. a little bit of rain for the northeast and some snow for new england. but here is the parade forecast. 45 degrees, light winds, which is good news. because they can't get the balloons up if they have gusty winds. cooler across the northern plains and the upper midwest.
7:56 am
63 in denver and 50 in seattle. eric and heather happy thanksgiving to you. eric: president-elect trump's white house team is slowly taking shape. the ambassador to the united nations happened to be a fierce critic of mr. trump during the campaign. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> president obama paying tribute to 21 americans awarding them the presidential medal of freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor. before the ceremony, take a look at what they did. probably the most star-studded mannequin challenge ever. take a look at it. ellen, tom hanks, bill gates, michael jordan. wow, frozen in place as tracy
8:00 am
ross, the daughter of diana ross recorded the scene. heather: diana ross looks fantastic. congratulations to all of them. >> congratulations to those who received that award. heather: happy thanksgiving. happening now starts now. jon: we again the fox news alert. president elect's trump administration shakes shape with another appointment today, the president elect tapping the south carolina nikki haley to be next embassador to united nations, good morning, welcome to happening now. i'm jon scott. >> i'm in for jenna lee. first woman and minority selected for cabinet and they have not always seen eye to eye, governor hailey was occasionally critical of mr. trump during the campaign and she was an early supporter of senator marco rubio oas candy but the governor issued a statement says she would be honored to represent america on the world stage.


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