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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 24, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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♪ >> in just a few hours, about 13 million people will be lining those streets for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first" on this thanksgiving. i'm kristin fisher. >> and i'm heather childers. >> thanks for having me. >> everyone at home as well if you're working on your turkey. happy thanksgiving. i'm heather childers. from cooking to carving we've got you all carving. >> a butterball turkey talk line expert is live to help with your turkey troubles. send us your questions, e-mail, facebook, twitter or instagram. >> and we're cracking the carving code with an expert carver who is live here in the studio. >> but first, it is an annual tradition watched by millions and this year, extra security is watching as well for the macy's thanksgiving parade as 3 million people line the streets of new york to get a glimpse of the floats and performers. >> the nypd out in full force
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with 3,000 officers. there are bomb sniffing dogs, 82 garbage trucks filled with sand and salt to barricade the streets. >> rick reichmuth is live right where the parade kicks off. >> good morning, happy thanksgiving to you all. happy thanksgiving to you, as well. security is certainly a little bit extra tight this year. and we can feel the effects of that. but the nypd says it is secure as it always is. they're used to covering events like this and this will be the safest place to be anywhere around this morning. also, the weather is looking really good at this point. wind is always the biggest problem. you hate to see the wind be very strong because they can't let the balloons fly very high. after a couple of incidences they've had in the past that have caused some of the balloons to hit some of the power lines, that will not be the case this year. the wind is going to be very, very good. they tested those balloons last week at citi field and last night right here at central park
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west and around the museum of natural history, hundreds of thousands of people come out to watch the annual blowing up of the balloons. i will tell you that has become almost as big of an event as the parade itself for people to come out and say watch to see these balloons being flown up for the first time. they're covered in the netting, and then slowly this morning they will let them loose and begin to run down here, down central park west, sixth avenue towards the macy's where it all ends. one thing that is different with security this year is they are closing down any crosstown traffic. in the past, some of the major thoroughfares they have opened up to at least let cars go through mid parade. that is not happening anymore. anybody trying to get from one side of manhattan to the other side is going to have a big problem. might already be used to that after fifth avenue has been closed down because of trump tower over the last couple of weeks. but things at this point are just getting started. and a beautiful morning here for the parade. guys, back to you. >> definitely exciting. so what is your favorite balloon, rick. which one is your favorite?
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>> okay, i don't know that i have a favorite. but there are new ones and really exciting thing this year they have felix the cat. this is the 90th year of the parade and felix the cat was the first balloon was in the parade in that first year so they have redone it and built it in the way that they built them back 90 years ago and instead of being on ropes, it is going to be on poles, tethered. so it's going to be interesting to see a balloon the way it initially was 90 years ago. >> you know what i found interesting? they used to let the balloons go up in the air at the end of the parade. >> yeah. >> until one time it landed in a plane -- >> yeah, it wasn't the big balloons. but they let a bunch of balloons go, and somebody who found one of those balloons later, they got a $50 gift certificate to macy's. but that closed after three years. this was back in 1929 to '31 and they stopped it because one of them hit a plane. >> all right.
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thank you -- >> thank you so much, rick. i've never seen the macy's thanksgiving parade. i'm excited to see it in person. >> we'll check back with you. >> united we stand. president-elect donald trump urging americans to come together on this thanksgiving. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our division. >> and garrett tenney i think is standing by, right? >> hey, garrett, good morning. >> heather and kristin, good morning to you. president-elect trump did not beat around the bush in his thanksgiving message at all that folk used on unity and healing. he ack imagined for a lot of folks emotions are still raw after the tough and at times brutal campaign and he admits that those wounds don't just heal overnight but in time he says he hopes the nation will come together again. >> this historic political campaign is now over. but now begins a great national campaign to rebuild our country,
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and to restore the full promise of america for all of our people. i'm asking you to join me in this effort. it's time to restore the bonds of trust between citizens. because when america is unified, there is nothing beyond our reach. and i mean absolutely nothing. >> mr. trump posted that message online last night after making a couple of announcements yesterday. naming two women to top posts in his administration, south carolina governor nikki haley is u.s. ambassador to the united nations. and betsy devos is secretary of education. devos is a former chairwoman of the michigan republican party, and is seen as a national leader in the school choice movement. on twitter, she said i am honored to work with the president-elect on his vision to make american education great again. the status quo in ed is not acceptable. together we can work to make transformation a change to ensure every student has the opportunity to fulfill his or her highest potential.
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now two other cabinet picks that could be coming in the next couple of days. dr. ben carson who was at one point mentioned as a potential pick for education secretary, among others, now appears poised to be nominated as the secretary of housing and urban development. and billionaire investor wilbur ross is rumored to be named as secretary of commerce. neither of those announcements are expected today. instead mr. trump is celebrating the holidays down in florida with his family at his mar-a-lago resort. we wish him and all of you a very happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving garrett, good to see you. >> thank you. switching headlines now. a sixth child has died following a deadly school bus trash in tennessee. investigators now saying that the driver went off of his normal route before the bus swerved off the road, wrapping around a tree in chattanooga. some new toxicology tests show that 24-year-old driver johnthony walker did not have drug or alcohol in his system. police say he was going well over the posted 30-mile-per-hour
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speed limit. but it's not clear why he was on a different route. as of now, walker is charged with five counts of vehicular homicide. and a wayne state university k-9 officer who was shot in the head has died. 29-year-old colin rose was shot just a few blocks from the detroit campus marking the fifth attack on law enforcement in less than a week. suspected gunman 31-year-old deangelo davis now in custody. police are offering a $5,000 reward for the murder weapon. as terror groups warn of new attacks on u.s. soil the mastermind behind 9/11 reveals al qaeda's real strategy to destroy our country in a new book about interrogating terrorists, jailed khalid shaikh mohammed says that al qaeda wanted to use america's lax immigration laws to infiltrate our legal and welfare system. al qaeda wanted muslims to, quote, wrap themselves in america's rights and laws for protection, and, quote, rise up and violently impose sharia from
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within. a holiday nightmare for more than 130,000 current and former american sailors. the navy announcing a massive security breach. names and social security numbers stolen from a contractor's laptop by unknown individuals. the breach was discovered nearly a month ago. affected sailors will be notified in the coming weeks. and the fox family has one more thing to be thankful for on this holiday. a new addition. "fox & friends first" writer will and his wife sarah right there welcoming their first child bret cameron case, the beautiful baby boy arrived at 6:30 in the morning yesterday weighing in at 8 pounds 9 ounces and 21 inches. congratulations and best wishes to the happy family. what a nice thanksgiving treat. >> yeah. that's something to be thankful for, for sure. congratulations. the time now is 8 minutes after the top of the hour. do you remember when hillary clinton said this? >> you could put half of trump's
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supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. >> well the turkey on your table, not the only thing to be thankful for this thanksgiving. the long election is finally over. but, not without some political turkeys. we're talking the top five, next. as you've been telling us what you are thankful for, i am so thankful for this amazing family i have. >> and sharon from florida writes, i'm so thankle for these guys. oh, look at. dogs are the best. >> i'm a combat man in okinawa, japan. i want to wish all my friends and family back home in baltimore, maryland, a very happy thanksgiving. i want to wish the baltimore ravens the best of luck this weekend. happy thanksgiving. mommy, your wish came true! if you're going to wish, wish big
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malia, and sasha, by the way are thankful that this is my final presidential turkey pardon. what i haven't told them is we're going to do this every year from now on. no way i'm cutting this habit cold turkey. >> he was on a roll yesterday with the corny jokes. president obama continuing the long tradition of pardoning turkeys before thanksgiving. the two lucky birds named tater and tot were in the rose gordon ceremony. >> this time sasha and malia were no-shows. the white house blaming a scheduling conflict instead. the president's two nephews joined him. >> that's nice. so, as families across the country get ready to gather around a well-dressed bird, there's no better time to take a look back at the year's biggest political turkeys. >> and here to break it all down for us the turkeys of 2016 is political strategist morgan ortega. thank you so much for joining us
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this morning and happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving. >> we're starting with someone who was pretty vocal at times during the primary, senator elizabeth warren. >> yes. so she's one of my top five turkeys because she likes to claim that she is the white knight of washington, d.c. as it relates to wall street. she says she's against wall street being involved with politics. but, she endorsed hillary clinton. and one study showed that for every dollar trump received in donations from wall street in financial services, hillary clinton received at least $539. a lot of hypocrisy there. >> huh. now you have president obama clocking in at number four. he obviously didn't get the election result that he wanted. but there is something specific that he said that made you want him to be number four on this list. listen to this. >> governor romney, i'm glad that you recognize that al qaeda is a threat, because a few months ago, when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical
2:15 am
threat facing america you said russia. not al qaeda. you should russia. and the cold war has been over for 20 years. >> morgan, why is he your political turkey? >> it's obvious in that clip. i think he's regretting what he said in 2012 mightily. as we know, the obama administration and the hillary clinton campaign accused russia of being involved in leaks that they believe ultimately led to hillary clinton's demise. and maybe if she had looked into mitt romney four years ago he would have realized russia was a threat and our enemy. >> up next, senator marco rubio. short circuits, you could say, at the debate. listen to this. >> let's dispel once and for all with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. but i would add this, let's dispel with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. the bottom line is this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing --
2:16 am
>> there he it is. the memorized 25 second speech. >> that's the -- >> there it is, everybody. >> that's the reason why this campaign is so important. >> there's a lot of material that you could pick from for everyone. but marco rubio specifically. >> that was pretty bad. and i like marco rubio. i feel bad for him but that had to be one of the most painful debate performances that we saw of the entire election cycle. he could just not get out of that rut. and chris christie looked like a dog with a bone. >> waiting for it. >> yeah. >> that was tough to watch. number two, hillary clinton obviously has to be on this list. but there was something she said in particular that really stood out. >> you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamaphobic, you name it. now some of those folks, they are irredeemable but thankfully they are not america. >> the turkey of the year. >> yeah, so for hillary clinton,
2:17 am
i mean i think that was this cycle's 49% speech. probably of everything that happened the cycle that's probably going to be what she regrets the most. >> all right, so number one, though, is actually not a politician, it is the mainstream media. >> the media, the corporate elite, the washington elite. everybody got it wrong this year. and they should have seen it coming. but, they were so out of touch with the average american people that everyone had their head in the sand and thought it was incredulous that donald trump could win. so the biggest turkey is all of the elites that looked down on him. they were all wrong. >> media doing a lot of sole searching. >> what crazy is they all seem to be still doing the same thing, a lot of them, and then also a lot of folks repeating what you heard there from hillary clinton. so, you know, she didn't lead by example. >> should be a fun thanksgiving dinner for folks. >> yeah. it will be feisty for sure at dinner tables across the country. thank you so much, morgan. >> well the time is now 17 minutes after the hour. fiery explosion, and that's not a pocketful of fireworks but an
2:18 am
e-cigarette bursting into flames in a man's pants. the urgent warning now being issued. ouch. >> and cracking the carving code. we have an expert carver, live for us here in the studio with everything that you need to know to carve the best bird. >> sharpen those knives. and what are you thankful for? ron and cindy from florida writing we're very thankful for our granddaughter skylar, she was a preemie and doctors said she was a miracle baby. we're very blessed. and then penny tweets i'm thankful for my children and my grandchildren. greatest love. aw. happy thanksgiving.
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♪ >> appropriate song, jive turkey. and you're taking a live look at 6th avenue. avenue of the americas here in new york city outside our studio and that will be filled with floats in just a little bit for the macy's parade. well turkey, of course, the star of everyone's thanksgiving but if you're still maybe a little bit clueless about how to carve it. the perfect one. don't worry. here with four simple tips and tricks, author of the master of the everyday meat guide. ray, thanks so much for being with us, happy thanksgiving i'm completely clueless when it comes to this. i've actually never carved a turkey before.
2:23 am
on a clean slate. >> i haven't either except for here once a year. >> the funny thing is i never did it professionally as a butcher. but i did it at home. they waited for me to get there after the day's work and the turkey would be waiting for me. >> where do we start? >> with the all-important 15 minute at least rest. you want the meat to absorb back the flavor. you want it to cool down a little bit so you can use your hand, not a fork where you're piercing and more of the flavor is running out of the turkey. >> don't jump the gun. >> don't pierce it with a fork. you know you waited long enough when you can touch it with your hand. you can use your hand instead of having to pierce it with a fork. start with the legs. open up the back and the breast underneath, you're always using just the very tip of night. going against the body and at the same time you're pushing lightly with your hand. >> uh-huh. >> i'm really studying. >> now you can't cut through bone so what you're looking for is where the bone connects the joint and that's where you're going to cut through. >> all right. >> and take the leg off.
2:24 am
when the lug comes off you have the drum and the thigh. so the "v" shape in that bend is where that is going to be and you're going to cut that. drew out there, and then in here is just a straight bone that runs like this so you're going to open it up. always open things up so we can see. >> that's getting complicated. >> well, you're just going to grab this and you're just going to, with the tip of the knife. trim the bone as you do it. >> careful. careful. >> it will just come right off. once you get that bone out you can slice your dark meat up and it goes right on your platter. >> all right. >> then you got to take a piece of the wing off so it's out of your way. you leave the one little piece on so it has stability. now you're going to take the breasts off in one piece. >> oh, man i have a feeling -- >> the bone in the middle. just go on the side of the bone and with the tip just one it along that bone just the tip so you can get your hand in here and open a little bit.
2:25 am
this bone is curved. with the tip of the knife as you're pulling away a little bit you're just going to follow it. >> you have to have a really sharp knife. >> you've got to really get in there. >> i'm kind of pulling a little bit you don't want to rip the meat. just the tip is freeing it from the bone so it comes off in one nice, solid piece which allows you then to slice it directly. you want to peel your skin back because a crisp skin will dull your knife. >> what about a power knife, is that better? the power knife? >> i don't think so. >> yeah. >> bus you can't -- because you can't really get into the small area like that. the most important thing with the best is you see these lines. that's the way -- you want to go against that so you're going to have the big end showing hold it a little bit and slice right against that -- >> oh, you slice your breast meat. got it. >> we have mashing teeth. by doing that it will pull. that's why it will feel tender. >> the reason we're studying
2:26 am
this so closely is we're going to have a carve-off at the end of the show. heather's been talking a lot of smack. >> it's on. >> thanks. >> an eighth inch to quarter inch ask what you want to slice. not paper thin. it will dry before you get to the table. >> thank you to your lovely wife for cooking this for us. >> a lot of work involved in cooking these turkeys. >> thank you, ray. see you back here in just a little bit. the time right now is 5:26. almost the bottom of the hour. an unprecedented security bomb knifing dogs, snipers and thousands of police officers lining the streets. >> we are live as millions of people flock to new york city for the famous macy's parade.
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the macy's thanksgiving day parade. and if there's one thing that can cheer hilly up right now it's balloons. >> oh, that's a good one. yes. going back to the convention. >> and bill clinton during the convention with the balloons, he was hysterical. good morning to you, happy thanksgiving, i'm heather childers. nice to have you here. >> thrilled to be here. i'm kristin fisher. thanks for starting your day with it. it is an annual tradition watched by millions and this year extra security is watching as well for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> hmm one of my favorites. spidey. as 3 million people are expected to line the streets of new york to get a glimpse of the floats, the performers, but on top of that the nypd will be out in full force with 3,000 officers. there will also be some bomb sniffing dogs and 82 garbage trucks filled with sand and salt, kristin, to barricade the streets, keep us safe. >> that is a ton of trucks. rick reichmuth is live right
2:31 am
where the parade kicks off. happy thanksgiving. good morning. >> happy thanksgiving, and good morning, yeah, they say this is one of the safest places you could probably be anywhere because of all the security. and, that it's just another day in new york city where they're used to covering security like this. we're up here at 77 and columbus, kind of the beginning of the parade route right at the museum of natural history. kind of fun to be at this spot because you get to see all the balloons in one spot together, all of the floats, and very shortly all of the clowns, and the bands, and everybody will be right here at this very spot, beginning to see all of the excitement for the parade. but this is the big day. security obviously one of the big concerns. but they're feeling very good that they have things under control, including not allowing any crosstown traffic. in the past some of the major thoroughfares like 42nd street have been opened to cross-town traffic. that has been closed down this year. so manhattan, which is a little bit tough on traffic at any point is going to be even a little bit more tough today.
2:32 am
although everybody's just going to be along the parade route. 3.5 million people here enjoying this. weather for it, looking really good. sometimes you have very cold and windy times. and when that happens they have to keep the balloons really, really low because they can't have them wavering high in the air. today because winds are under 10 miles an hour we are going to be looking just fine. weatherwise, by the way, for the rest of the country, show you a weather map. looking good today. most of the country is going to be seeing spectacular sunny day. a little bit of rain, a little bit of snow across the northeast. but it's going to be pretty light, and then out across the west, we are going to watch a couple of systems pulling in to coastal areas of northern california, oregon, washington, dealing with some rain and some mountain snow which they need. other than that, everybody is looking good. that same pattern holds true for tomorrow. if anybody's looking ahead, i think guys, a lot of people do some shopping tomorrow. i can't imagine it. but they do it. >> not me. not me. >> i will be resting after eating all the turkey. >> i'll be working. but i will be resting.
2:33 am
>> thank you so much, rick. have fun. united we stand, president-elect -- president-elect donald trump urging americans to come together this thanksgiving. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions. >> garrett tenney is live in washington, d.c. with that. and some new cabinet picks. another day, some more announcements. good morning, garrett. >> good morning, heather and kristin. that's likely what we'll continue to see over the next couple of weeks. now you'll remember throughout the campaign, though, we heard mr. trump say time and again how he wanted to make america the greatest it's ever been. well, in his thanksgiving message to the country he repeated that idea, but said before that can happen, we need to heal and come together. >> we've just finished a long and bruising political campaign. emotions are raw and tensions just don't heal overnight. it doesn't go quickly. unfortunately. but we have before us the chance
2:34 am
now to make history together. to bring real change to washington, real safety to our cities, and real prosperity to our communities, including our inner cities. >> earlier in the day, mr. trump added some diversity to his administration with the nomination of two women to top posts. south carolina governor nikki haley is u.s. ambassador to the united nations, and betsy devos as secretary of education. many republicans were quick to praise devos' nomination. she is a former chairwoman of the michigan republican party and a national leader in the school choice movement. on twitter, devos said, quote, i am honored to work with the president-elect on his vision to make american education great again. the status quo in education is not acceptable. together we can work to make transformational change to ensure every student has the opportunity to fulfill his or her highest potential. we're also now hearing mr. trump has finalized his picks for two
2:35 am
other cabinet posts, as well, which could be announced in the next couple of days. dr. ben carson as the secretary of housing and urban development and billionaire investor wilbur ross is rumored to be named as secretary of commerce. no announcements expected today as the trump family celebrates thanksgiving at the mar-a-lago resort in florida. happy thanksgiving to them as well as all of you. >> thanks so much, garrett. >> happy thanksgiving. harold ford jr. another name being tossed around yesterday. >> thank you. >> you got it. >> across the globe, our brave servicemen and women who cannot be with their families, they're celebrating thanksgiving on bases, and on ships all over the world. >> aboard the "uss eisenhower" sailors are feasting on nearly 5,000 pounds of turkey and 1,000 pounds of ham. plus all the fixings. and what is thanksgiving without football? >> yes and troops in afghanistan taking part in this turkey bowl. and this is at bagram air field. thank you for your service and happy thanksgiving to all of
2:36 am
those folks. >> just because they're overseas you can't stop the tradition. >> their families are missing, as well. >> the time is now 5:35. and a motive behind the madness. why kanye west could score a $30 million payout from his breakdown. and uh-oh. s&l your turkey still frozen? well, apparently you don't have to worry because a butterball expert is here to help and we are answering all your questions up next. going to be very busy today. >> and you've been telling us what you are thankful for, robert in new york writes i'm a proud american who's grateful for all the blessings of life and liberty. i'm especially thankful for my sister ursula and my dog lucy. >> and anthony on facebook writes i am thankful that new leadership and a new direction is coming for the country come january. >> hi i'm cadet ryan collins at the u.s. air force academy. a shout-out to my family and
2:37 am
everyone who served in the military before me. happy thanksgiving, go alabama, roll tide.
2:38 am
2:39 am
2:40 am
all right, guys. do not let this thanksgiving nightmare happen to you. >> save the neck for me, clark. >> okay, eddie. >> oh. >> the pressure is on. but, it is not too late, if you need some turkey help, we've got it. and it's not us. >> no, definitely not want my advice on this topic. we've got butterball turkey talk line expert janice stall here to answer all of your turkey questions. >> good morning. happy thanksgiving. >> good morning. thanks for having me. rescue has arrived.
2:41 am
>> yes. so our first question for you, how do i know if my turkey is done? how do i insert the thermometer? >> oh. super easy. so, you're going to check the thigh and you want the thigh to be up to 180. you want the breast to be at 165. and if you have a stuffed, check the toughing for 165. and we have great videos on that actually show you where to put the thermometer for placement. >> oh, okay. and hopefully not a lot of people are waking up with this problem this morning. the turkey still frozen. >> oh. unfortunately people are. >> oh, no. >> but we can get you through that. what you're going to do is fill your sink with some cool tap water. you're going to place the turkey in the packaging, breast side down, you're going to change that water every 30 minutes, and we can get it defrosted. it's about 30 minutes per pound. you can actually cook a partially frozen turkey so we can get you through it. and if you need any help we're
2:42 am
texting today, too. so you can always text us. >> it's going to take some time. if you have a frozen turkey -- >> bill hemmer has a 30 pound turkey so 30 minutes for every half a pound -- >> 30 minutes a pound. >> oh, okay that's a lot. >> so do i need to cook the stuffing before i place it inside the turkey? >> no, not at all. not at all. you can -- you know, as long as you're just using bread and things like that. if you're using egg or sausage, things like that then yes, it's fully cooked. >> so how do i roast my turkey so it gets those golden brown tan lines because apparently it's headed for spring break in cabo. >> absolutely. on facebook -- >> the turkey bikini. >> no. you just got out a little bikini out of tin foil, place it over the turkey, when you put it in the oven it all stays in place, when you take it out you peel the tin foil off and bingo. >> are you messing with me? >> i didn't know it was a thing. >> no, this is an actual thing.
2:43 am
people really do this. >> all right. i want to see that. somebody that does that send us a picture, please. >> that's crazy. all right. so, how do i get my turkey to stop sudsing? is a soapy turkey recoverable? >> no. >> so it's better to have a frozen turkey than a suddensy turkey. >> absolutely. >> why would someone get their suddensy turkey? >> you know, a lot of people want to wash them. they think that you need to wash them. do not wash your turkey, please. >> i think they saw it in a movie, actually. thank you so much. i know we're going to have a lot more questions headed your way. >> oh, yes, we'llville plenty. >> we'll be right back here so don't go far. we'll have our turkey carve-off. >> i'm going to get you heather.
2:44 am
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2:47 am
from new accusations that kanye west went to the hospital to dodge millions in bills. a music insider says that west was admitted for a psychotic break after canceling his tour. he would have lost $30 million for stopping the concert. but his insurance course any money lost due to medical issues. the singer's rep is denying the claim. man i wonder how kim k. is doing. an e-cigarette explodes in a man's pocket sending sparks flying inside new york's grand central terminal. you can see people running away inside a wine store as fire shoots out of his pants. what? >> his pocket started engulfed in flames. there were, you know, there were sparks. and i thought it was fireworks, like fourth of july. >> man. it's unclear why the vapor pen suddenly blew up. the victim will need surgery for his burns. wow. >> there's a joke in there,
2:48 am
somewhere. i'll leave it to you to give that. >> well the rules don't apply can describe the career of hollywood ledge end warren beatty. it also happens to be the name of his movie. let's step in with michael who went one-on-one with the larger than life filmmaker. >> that's right. first project in 15 years, heather. i sat down with him to talk about what finally brought him back to the big screen. >> what was it about this project that brought you back? >> interested in. and i've always been really very amused by howard hughes. i never met him. but i feel i've met everyone who ever met him. i just -- the stories that i would hear always made me laugh. and i didn't know whether i really wanted to make a comedy, or a dramedy or a drama, or whatever that i thought i would just tell a story and see what
2:49 am
happens. with me it's usually a cast. and the level of intelligence, and integrity, and wit, and humility, that these two have, i thought oh, that's a love story that i'm interested in. >> can i give you some advice? >> yes. >> never trust anybody. >> when you arrived in hollywood, what was your experience like at that time? >> when i came to hollywood, i was lucky because i had a good start. and then i was about to do the kazan movie and i was lucky and then the movie worked. and then i think the big word that comes into play would be access. you know, access to the people that you would want to learn the most from in hollywood. you know. >> yeah. >> great directors, great producers. and actors. i do think that young actors, and actresses will be directing and producing movies sooner than
2:50 am
people of my generation. >> rules didn't apply to warren beatty until he met annette bening and then game over. >> they're still married. >> they are. >> it's been a long time. >> incredible couple. you can check out for more celebrity interviews and follow me on twitter and instagram. we'll have more of that interview around 6:15. >> stay tuned for that. >> happy thanksgiving by the way. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> you're heading out to the dinner? >> absolutely. >> you're cheating. the time now is about ten minutes until the top of the hour and countdown is about to begin, we're putting our new skills to the test in a carving competition. kristin, that's not fair, better not be practicing. >> a knife. >> who can carve the best bird. do not miss that. now more of your messages, proud
2:51 am
father derek tweets these two, i'm so grateful for. we can tell why. thankful for his expanding family. new baby thomas and puppy derby. >> so cute. but first let's check in with clayton morris standing by for what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> happy thanksgiving. we have a jam packed show. this is my favorite show of the year to do. we have best black friday deals and best gadget and hundreds of dollars off tvs, wi-fi routers and awesome stuff and we'll do a little turkey carve. abby thinks she's going to beat my streak. not going to happen. nine minutes until the start of our show. we'll see you in a couple of minutes. ♪
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but, you've got hum. that's like driving with this guy. all you do is press this, and in plain english, "coolant", you'll know what's wrong. if you do need a mechanic, just press this. "thank you for calling hum." and if you really need help, help can find you, automatically, 24/7. because you put this, in here. hum by verizon. the technology designed to make your car smarter, safer and more connected. put some smarts in your car. ♪ >> hilarious, i wonder how many
2:56 am
songs include the word turkey in it. we should find out. a live shot prep for the macy's thanksgiving day parade here in new york city which gets under way around 9:00 a.m. one of the mini floats heading down the road. >> my family will be on the p r parade route watching. >> for others who aren't thinking about the parade, we have black friday deals and more than three dozen retailers are keeping doors closed today in the name of family. >> thank goodness, i'm not a fan of black friday. >> costco, t.j. maxxx, marshall's and cabela's and game stop and dillard and staples and sam's club. >> walmart, target, best buy, all of those will be open. >> to shop or not to shop on thanksgiving, a hot topic for our viewers.
2:57 am
long overdue, maybe there's hope people will put the importance of family over the greed of business. thank you, i agree. >> that's just great, now i have no excuse for leaving immediately after eating. no, you do not. >> so gary says, stores should be closed. thanksgiving is a time for family and reflection. >> and dave says, not every person is against working holidays, a number of them do it for the extra pay. >> that is a fair point. >> especially before the holidays when everybody is spending money. >> we hope you have a good one. what would thanksgiving be without a little pigskin action. >> start off with an appetizering of vikings and lions and for the main course, the dallas cowboys, the best record in football. they face off against the nfc east rivals, the washington redskins. that game is at 4:30 eastern on fox.
2:58 am
>> that is what we'll be watching, and for dessert, the pittsburgh steelers taking on the colts. without star quarterback andrew luck at 8:30. >> but right now earlier in the show, we learned how to carve the perfect bird. now we're putting our skills to the test with a "fox & friends" first facebook. >> i don't know if we've learned but we tried getting ready. >> i'm getting suited up. >> we're going to start actually. >> right now. >> you stand there and give the countdown. >> countdown clock is on and -- three, two, one! go! >> i'm going with the leg. i remember you said that. >> oh, man, this is -- harder than i thought. >> drumstick. there we go. >> very good. >> i can't remember -- >> impressive, yes. >> what do i do now?
2:59 am
this was the -- we're going to do that. and i'm going to go straight for the breast [ buzzer ] >> we're out of time. i think we're out of time. >> that's all. i only got a drumstick. >> who won? well, i think you won because you follow through with the thigh and right with the breast. started hand doing it so -- i would have -- i have to tell you, i don't think i could do it in 30 seconds totally so that's pretty quick. >> this turkey falls off the bone. you don't even need a knife. you can do this with a butter knife. >> i haven't eaten meat in three months. i can't do it but it does smell delicious. >> i have eatonmeat so i'm going
3:00 am
to taste it. >> i might, i might -- >> at least you're eating leaner meat. >> it's thanksgiving, i'm allowed to have one piece of meat. >> thank you for coming by. >> we hope you have a good thanksgiving too. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye! >> good morning, it is thursday, november 24th, 2016. happy thanksgiving, everyone, i'm abby huntsman. what major moves from team trump, the president-elect welcoming another woman to his white house team. who is it? let's just say the unions aren't going to like this one. >> on this holiday, a message from the president-elect. >> it's my prayer on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country strengthened by shared purpose and very, very common resolve. >> wait, donald trump is calling for healing. there are people in the mainstream media who will not


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