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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 24, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> yes. >> they forgave immediately. >> set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "the five." have a very happy thanksgiving. we will see you back here tomorrow. this is a fox news alert. a sad note to start off our thanksgiving program. the pentagon confirms an american service member has been killed in syria. it's believed to be the first time since the u.s. put boots on the ground there. rich edson is here to tell us what happened. >> reporter: the pentagon says a u.s. service member died in northern syria from an ied. the department of defense says the explosion happened 30 miles drive from the turkish border. it's withholding further information about the attack until officials determine releasing the details is appropriate. president obama has authorized up to 300 u.s. special
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operations forces to work with groups fighting the islamic state in northern syria. the u.s. military is assisting the syria democratic forces. it's an alliance of kurdish and arab groups to isolate and capture raqqah. of the killed service member, ash carter says, it's a painful reminder of the dangers out men and women in uniform face around the world. to keep us safe. please keep this service member's family, friends and teammates in your thoughts and prayers. this thanksgiving, i hope you will join me in expressing thanks to all our dedicated troops who selflessly protect us every day. the pentagon says eight u.s. service members have been killed in action in the fight against isis since operation inherent resolve began in 2014. this as u.s.-backed forces continue their offensive to capture mosul, an isis controlled city in northern iraq. >> thank you. not to presidential politics on this thanksgiving evening. donald trump's estate is about
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as far culturally from the 17th century plymouth rock as you can get. the florida resort has become the sight of a working holiday for the man who is set to move into a more impressive dig in january. the president-elect is trying to figure out who is coming with him to the white house and who he can convince to stay where they are. peter doocy is with the team in florida tonight. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. before most american families even turned on their ovens today, the president-elect turned up the heat on an american company showing that his first post-elect holiday would not be spent laying low. before his thanksgiving meal, the president-elect was trying to make a deal, tweeting that, quote, i am working hard even on thanksgiving trying to get carrier ac company to stay in the u.s., indiana, making progress. will know soon. the air conditioning and refrigeration company had announced a plan to move 1400
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jobs to mexico earlier this year, didn't take long to respond. posting from its account, quote, carrier has had discussions with the incoming administration. we look forward to working together. nothing to announce at this time. as a candidate, mr. trump guessed carrier would crumble beneath threats of import taxes if they started producing products overseas. >> within 24 hours, they will call and say, sir, we have decided to stay in the united states. we will stay in indiana. or they will go some place else, but they're staying in the united states. >> reporter: also, trying to figure out who will fill critical cabinet posts, like secretary of state. top adviser kellyanne conway tweeted today that she's been getting a lot of correspondence from loyalists worried about putting mitt romney in that job. linked to a political article listing the backers' concerns about romney's histories attacks on trump. then conway tweeted, kissinger
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and schultz flew around the world less, counseled potus close to home more and were loyal. that tweet follows another confusing day of will he or won't he with dr. ben carson who says the president-elect wants him as housing and urban development secretary and is going out of his way to make sure everyone knows he is not hesitating because he is worried about a lack of relevant experience. >> in terms of complexity, i can guarantee you that very little of it comes close to neurosurgery, particularly complex neurosurgery. these things can easily be acquired. >> reporter: more than two weeks after winning the election, trump acknowledges that not everybody accepts the result. he is asking for help from people who voted for him and people who didn't in uniting with this thanksgiving address. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country, strengthened by
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shared purpose and very, very common resolve. in declaring this national holiday, president lincoln called upon americans to speak with one voice and one heart. that's just what we have to do. >> reporter: more than 40 years ago, the person who built maralago tried to leave it to the federal government to be used as a presidential retreat. it never worked out until this thanksgiving until the man who bought it is using it as a president-elect retreat. >> thank you. trump continues to communicate with americans on his own terms and in what could be considered a more moderate tone as well. here to discuss that tonight is chief national correspondent ed henry. good evening. >> reporter: good to see you. >> i want to know what the thinking is behind kellyanne conway's tweets and about the secretary of state position, the
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potential nomination of mitt romn romney. then we have mike huckabee saying romney should make a public repudiation or an apology of his attacks before being offered the job. does that track with what you are hearing about the transition team speaking? >> reporter: i'm hearing from a trump transition official is that there has been a conversation going on in private, very quiet, of course, about whether or not mitt romney should issue some sort of formal or informal apology to president-elect trump. does he write a letter? does he put out a statement of some kind? in the words of mike huckabee, as you said, he has pointed out on fox that mitt romney didn't just go after donald trump's policies. he went after his character. these were direct attacks calling him a fraud, for example, and a phony. so if he would be nominated as secretary of state, it seems like that's business that needs to be cleaned up. from what i'm hearing from the official inside the transition about a possible -- i underline
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possible apology from romney, that tells us -- it gives us a clue romney may be a more serious contend are for secretary of state than people assumed at the beginning. if he was not a serious candidate and the other names out there, giuliani, petraeus, romney wouldn't be considering an apology, it wouldn't be brooched by anybody unless he maybe wants this job. >> erick erickson just tweeted that he would be considered moderate on the international station, reassurance, a calming presence that perhaps donald trump might not be. it's not just romney who is the outsider in trump's thinking. nikki haley, the governor of south carolina, was a very sharp tru trump critic. does it seem he wants dissenters around him? >> reporter: that's what's getting interesting. nikki haley was critical about the muslim ban. you would think she would have no place in a trump administration and neither would
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romney. in the case of haley, she's been nominated as u.s. ambassador to the u.n., that suggests a change here. i think it may be a bigger one. look what's going on with james mattis. when donald trump went to talk to the new york ty"new york ti, signalled flexibility on waterboarding. donald trump said he wanted to bring back waterboarding to get tough on terrorists. he told "the new york times," hold on. i talked to james mattis about that. he says it doesn't work. basically, i have changed my position. critics are going to say, wait. he is a flip-flopper, he is back-pedaling. he said one thing in the campaign. now he might govern a different way. there's another way to look at that. it's that the critics of donald trump, including "the new york times" said this is something who was unstable. you can't trust him. if he is someone willing to go behind closed doors, with a retired general, with the respect of james mattis and say,
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you make a good point, i will rethink this, it shows flexibility and a better temperament. >> i look at trump as a pure negotiator in every relationship he has. he starts out with a hard line and is subject to give and take. it's been a transition that is keeping with donald trump's style. one case in point is dr. ben carson. >> reporter: yeah. some of it gets hes s herky-jer. you hear them saying, what's goen g going on here? another way to look at this is that, is he really a conservative? is he going to move to the middle on a lot of these big issues like a waterboarding? in the case of ben carson, it's interesting because he has a specialty in healthcare. now being talked about as housing secretary. that might seem herky-jerky. there were staff shakeups and it
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worked. donald trump is not going to change. if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it. >> very least is going to be a very interesting four years. always appreciate your opinion. thanks very much. >> happy thanksgiving. >> same to you. thank you. let's talk about how the president's national secure did i team and strategy are shaping up. joining me is pete king, a member of the house homeland security committee. happy thanksgiving to you, mr. king. good to see you. >> you too. thank you. >> your observations about the national security picks we have seen thus far. >> i think they're exceptional. particularly general flynn. if general mattis ends up being secretary of defense, that would be outstanding. mike pompeo as ped of thead of is a terrific pick. i served with mike on the intelligence committee. here is a guy number one in his class at west point. graduated harvard. he has been a soldier on the ground. he is uniquely qualified.
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being with him on the committees, one of the hardest workers, takes it very seriously. especially benghazi, as far as the iran deal, the nuclear agreement. it was mike that found certain parts of the deal that the rest of us didn't know about, hadn't been disclosed. he is an excellent choice. i just think the president-elect is doing an excellent job. he really is. so much criticism he got the first few days. it shows he does certainly know what he is doing. once again, he is one step ahead of the media. >> you talk about pompeo at cia. one of the key -- chief components of that is being a good manager. the cia, like so much else in washington, is a vast bureaucracy that requires a special kind of navigation. does he have those skills? >> i believe he does. as an army officer, as a law school graduate and i have seen the work he has done on the committee and also as far as handling special assignments on the committee, it was his job to
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obtain evidence, coordinate it, put it in a combined package. yes, i think he is. again the cia is a vast enterprise. until someone does it, you don't know if they can do t. i am confident if anyone can, it will be mike pompeo. i think he has -- he has the knowledge from being on the intelligence committee and the depth of his effort. also, he is a person who has been thinking about these issues for many years. i think he's exceptionally qualified. >> i'm sure you remember many years ago senator john mccain called the cia a rogue agency that needed reigning in. do you subscribe to that? does pompeo subscribe to that? what needs to be done if that's the case? >> again, mike pompeo will have to speak for himself. the raw elements of the cia who basically should be more coordinated. in the past, you have instances where some elements of the cia were going off on their own. i'm not saying as far as any
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violations of human rights or anything like that. i'm saying, during the iraq war, i think there were elements that were undermining president bush. they had a different view or weren't pleased with president bush. they were leaking and working against him. i think it's important that this be looked upon as a team. i think again, being a captain in the military and number one in his class at west point, mike pompeo will impose that team concept. hopefully, everybody will go along the way they should. if not, i think mike will be able to t appropriate action. >> have you been approached by the trump transition team for any position within the administration? >> no, i haven't. i have spoken with people in the transition team. i have not been offered any position. i've not asked for any position. quite frankly, being in the congress, i'm really excited about donald trump's anti-terror and counterterrorism agenda. i believe being on the homeland security committee and as a past
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chairman, i will be in an ideal position to be able to really help donald trump, president trump. i saw the president-elect on election night. i was at his headquarters and have had conversations with people since then. nothing involving me. i'm not looking for anything. i'm the happiest guy in the world just looking forward to move his agenda on capitol hill. >> representative peter king, thanks for your time. happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. you too. thank you. donald trump is already causing waves with members of the media. he has scolded several journalists in the past week. is the washington press corps ready for president trump? let's get thoughts from host of fox media buzz howard kurtz. good to see you. >> same here. >> we have seen some evidence that trump is making a correction. then again, we saw this meeting with media executives, television news executives and highly paid afrnchors. we saw this meeting with the "new york times" staffers and
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editorial board. what do you make of them and the contrast between the two? >> well, it's a dysfunctional relationship. but it's the only relationship both sides have. trump may not have -- he is savvy enough to know on some level he needs the press that he loves to attack. going to the "new york times" for that meeting rather than receiving a delegation at trump tower was i am told a sign of respect trying to mend fences. >> it has been over two weeks since his election. >> we're seeing a different donald trump during the campaign when he was confidently doing interviews on on tv. this may be because he is circumventing the press by putting out his own video. but at the same time, he is engrossed in assembling a government which is more challenging for an outsider who doesn't have long, deep political relationships. i don't think he feels the need to be on television as much.
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the down side for him is that the news agenda right now being shaped by leaks and speculation. >> how will his appointments affect his relationship with the press? >> for example, if he names laura ingram as press setting, she's aggressive and strong-willed conservative who will push his agenda. but understands the needs of tv, radio and the web. if he names a more mild mannered personality, it could be a more peaceful relationship. really the tone is set at the top. president-elect trump will set that tone if he continues to attack, what he likes to call the corrupt and dishonest media, then there will be a more contentious relationship. if he seeks to smooth things over, look, he knows how to do this and the press needs to cover him aggressively but fairly which hasn't always been the case. >> this siis interesting. i saw a tone shift last weekend. i was in bedminister, his golf
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club up there. among the media pool waiting outside. saturday afternoon as it started getting colder and colder and people were freezing up there, he would open the door to the clubhouse there as he was greeting perspective appointments and ask, how are you doing? need anything? some of the local new york press said, how about coffee? how about hot chocolate? he said, i'm not supposed to do that, but i will. out would come this spread of hot dogs and coffee and hot chocolate. that was a shift. that's not at all like what he treated the press at all of the rallies where he called them third rate dishonest absolute scum. he was making an overture of good will. >> donald trump can be very charming when he wants to be. he can do it toward both conservative and liberal pundits who have been very critical of him. at the same time, we have seen them do that for a day or two or a week and then a story ticks him off and he goes on the attack.
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we're not quite sure which donald trump we will be getting in the white house. >> it could be carrot and stick at the same time, depending on the need. >> indeed. >> howard kurtz, good to see you. >> thanks. the navy is trying to determine the extent of a data breach that exposed the personal information of more than 100,000 current and former sailers. it says the social security numbers and other sensitive detd details were on a contractor's lapt laptop. there's no evidence it has misused. a bomb south of baghdad killed 56 people today. isis is claiming responsibility. authorities say the target of the car bomb attack appears to have been a bus carrying pilg m pilgrims returning home after a religious observation. firefighters are washg woor around the closck in israel.
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they believe it may have been set by politically motivated arsonists. how will history remember the obama presidency in its fight against terrorism? sheer wh fox 17 in nashville, a sixth child dies from monday's school bus crash. officials are saying that the bus was on a road that was not part of the approved route. the 24-year-old bus driver is charged with vehicular homicide. in san francisco, the hunt for two men who escaped from a santa clara jail last night. they cut through the bars of a second floor window. they were apparently -- two other men were immediately captured. this is a live look at milwaukee from fox 6. one of the big stories there, wisconsin election officials say they expect jill stein to ask for a recount tomorrow. friday is the deadline for such a request. this comes after a group of election lawyers and data experts raised the possibility
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this is, of course, the final thanksgiving for barack obama as president. tonight we will look back at his performance in the area of national security. we have fox team coverage. catherine herridge, why the president has not been able to keep one of his first promises, to close down guantanamo bay. first, james rosen at the white house with a look at how history will look at president obama. >> most modern presidents
3:24 pm
compile a record that is mixed. so it is for obama and his prosecution of a war on terror that he inherited. after three teams of isis terrorists killed 130 people in and around paris one year ago, president obama underscored the constraints on him and other western leaders. >> when you are talking about the ability of a handful of people with not wildly sophisticated military equipment, weapons, who are willing to die, they can kill a lot of people. >> reporter: three weeks later, isis-inspired terrorists shot and killed 14 people in southern california. the rise of isis in sear why yr iraq and its ability to recruit online, including on u.s. soil, all after mr. obama dismissed isis as the junior varsity, left americans uncertain whether their commander in chief had a firm handle on the problem.
3:25 pm
>> i don't want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy yet. >> i don't think history will judge the administration have been very effective. we have seen the unraveling of the region, whether it's libya or yemen or syria and iraq. we have seen an increase of terrorism in international theaters, western europe, airports and now in america. >> reporter: as a candidate, then senator obama vowed to shift the war on terror from iraq to afghanistan. >> if another attack on our homeland comes, it will likely come from the same region where 9/11 was planned. >> reporter: mr. obama authorized a troop surge in afghanistan and brought bin laden to justice. >> a small teams of americans carried out the operation with extraordinary occura extraordinary courage and capability. >> reporter: it gave rise to a 58% increase in the formation of islamist terror groups, a term the president refused to use
3:26 pm
even as he touted his success in rolling back isis. >> in both iraq and syria, isil has not been able to reclaim any significant territory they have lost. >> reporter: president obama treated the war on terror like other global issues in that it was his aim to enlist regional allies and to help train them so they could carry the fight to the terrorists on their own. >> james rosen on the north lawn. thank you. right after the election, president obama all but conceded he would not be able to close guantanamo bay. that would represent a major defeat for his administration. tonight kathericatherine herrid what happened and what could still happen. >> guantanamo will be closed no later than one year from now. >> reporter: on january 22, 2009, president obama signed an executive order. one of his first acts as commander in chief to shutter the guantanamo detention camp. at the close of his second term, the promise is unfulfilled.
3:27 pm
mr. obama blames a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers. >> with reintespect to guantana. i have not been able to close the darn thing because of the congressional restrictions that have been placed on us. what is also true is we have greatly reduced the population. >> reporter: when he took office, there were 242 detainees. nearly seven years later, through controversial deals, owe be a obama administration transferred 182 men to other nations reducing it to 60. in the final days of his second term, the president's team is negotiating the transfer of so-called high value detainees, including a man who they say is on par with 9/11 planner. he pioneered the strategy of striking soft targets, including this nightclub.
3:28 pm
>> he was transferred in 2006 by president bush with the other super high value detainees to guantanamo bay. letting this guy out would be really bad news. >> reporter: there are 15 left, including the five men charged in the mim telitary system with plotting 9/11. they confronted this group who are too dangerous to transfer out of u.s. custody. their detention and interrogation have made it impossible to prosecute them. on the campaign trail, candidate trump promised to expand operations and reinstitute inteinta interrogation programs including waterboarding. >> we are keeping open. we're going to load it up with bad dudes. >> reporter: after meeting with retired general james mattis, a candidate for defense secretary, mr. trump softened his tone stating mattis believes there is more to be gained by building trust and rewarding cooperation. the administration signalled
3:29 pm
it's getting back into the detention and interrogation business with a republican controlled house and senate. there may be fewer blocks and new concerns for civil liberties and human rights advocates. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. now to a different kind of war. it takes place on america's streets. the targets are police officers. a detroit area cop became the latest to die in the line of duty. we look at this open season this holiday season. >> reporter: wednesday night, 40 emergency vehicles accompanied the body of an officer from a detroit hospital to the medical examiner's office. after he became the 59th officer to die from a gun shot wound in the u.s. this year. rose was shot in the head white working his job with the wayne state university police force trying to handcuff a suspect just off campus. >> he shot him. you know? we heard one shot and then we looked. the officer went down. he shot him twice. >> reporter: the 59 deaths mark a 74% increase in gunfire deaths
3:30 pm
of police officers over last year. according to the office down memorial page. a total of 131 officers have died in the line of duty this year, up 13% compared to 2015. president-elect trump campaigned as a get tough on crime candidate. >> a trump administration will protect those who protect us. we will stop this tremendous surge in crime. >> reporter: now the international association of chiefs of police is looking to the incoming trump administration to take action. >> we're hoping that a real good look by the president-elect and his team by putting together a national criminal justice commission might be one of the answers we need to look at a holistic approach for once. >> reporter: they report there have been 20 ambush killings of police officers so far this year, the most since 1995. san antonio detective benjamin marconi was killed while sitting in his car.
3:31 pm
a suspect said he dp knidn't kn the officer. >> i was in several custody battles. it's the situation i was in. i lashed out at somebody that didn't deserve it. >> anything to say to his family? >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: it has been 50 years since a national criminal commission was established. that commission made over 200 recommendations to congress resulting in more funding and the creation of the nation's 911 system. >> thank you. the news involving police is not bad tonight, will car reports from los angeles on how officers are going beyond the call of duty to connect with people in one of southern california's most dangerous neighborhoods. the means of communication may surprise you. >> pump your arm. get low. >> reporter: in of a los angeles neighborhood emotionally scarred from brutal anti-police riots in the '60s, a group of kids and coaches have come together for football practice on the only grass field seen for miles.
3:32 pm
>> are you ready? >> yeah. >> are you ready? >> yes. >> reporter: they aren't just preparing for the next opponent. every run, pass and touchdown is tack maling the trust gap betwe the community and law enforcement. >> trying to change that, you have to get your hands dir s di. work with the kids that are 9, 12, so the relationship that they have with law enforcement is completely different. >> reporter: the goal, keep the kids on the field and off the streets. so the coaches, all los angeles police officers who patrol during the day, have traded one uniform for another. men totoring the players. >> rather than just arresting and moving on to the next problem, we're preventing a problem before it even starts. >> reporter: for many, the police officers have become family. >> they are like another dad. more parents to us, they give us good advice. all cops are not bad.
3:33 pm
you should respect the police. then they will give you respect back. >> reporter: it's working. the three housing developments in the program have seen a 50% reduction in homicides since the bears hit the field in 2011. this year, violent crime super across los angeles but has dropped here. the program so successful, it has branched out. officers filling in at father/daughter dances, tutoring and going to parent/teacher conferences. >> one, two, three. >> football is a carrot. we are using that as a way to mentor and be a focal point where we are helping them out to do better things in their life. >> reporter: parents tell us if a program like this can make teenagers respect law enforce innocent in south los angeles, then it can work anywhere. >> that would be so good to see. working holiday for the president-elect. we will talk to the panel about donald trump's progress in filling out his new administration up next.
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as a country, we have just emerged from a noisy, passionate and sometimes divisive campaign season. >> it's my prayer we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country. >> the president and the president-elect both speaking about thanksgiving and their hopes for the future. mr. trump says it's a working holiday in palm beach. he will be residing there throughout the weekend. he had some time for work today and some time for tweets. he said --
3:38 pm
that does appear to be true. carrier responding in a tweet, quote -- let's bring in the panel, tom rogan, tim farley, hosting and managing editor of morning briefing, potus, and daniel helper. this suggests that trump's plea to american industry to stay in the united states appears to be working, at least to some small extent. an announcement by ford they are reconsidering their decision to manufacture lincolns in mexico, keeping them in kentucky. what do you think of that? >> i think first in the ford case, they said they were not going to move out of the country anyway. in the case of this carrier incident, i'm not sure what donald trump can do to make
3:39 pm
them -- he said during the campaign he was going to put taxes and heavy taxes on them. that would require congress. at the least, it indicates that he is pushing for what he was trying to do. he is looking good in this transition. i think this has been about the optics. it's about looking presidential and trying to at least look like you are living up to the promises you were making. this is part of that. >> we don't know exactly what the conversation took place, what they actually said. it's a continuation of trump promising. it's him trying to come through. he will eventually have to come through. people will hold him to his word. people wonder if countries are leaving. you gotta expect there will be made in the usa bill in congress. he has the legislative support on capitol hill to get something done to try to make these companies do it, if he's not able to just negotiate without making some sort of legislation. look, people will hold donald trump to his promises. the voters will. they will respond. it will be very clear.
3:40 pm
right now it's talk and optics. it's nice. it looks good. but eventually he will have to deliver. >> i take a slightly different approach. i think this is pure pr. the president-elect knows coming in the only way functionally you are going to be able to speakpee american companies is to reform the corporate tax code. it's a simple fact. the exodus of wealth, the obama administration tried to prevent it through actions through the department of treasury. it hasn't worked. there's too much financial incentive for companies to move to lower tax locales. if he does that, if he can get a corporate tax reform through, then functionally, i think he could actually accomplish some of this. that will be the pivot. he knows that. this is thanksgiving everyone be happy and eat your turkey and jobs will stay here. the real turkey will be consumed -- not consumed, come next year. >> i want to shift gears to the potential nominee for a cabinet position whose name has not been
3:41 pm
discussed that much. we're talking about wilbur ross for commerce secretary. as the ap said in an article about ross recently, quote, the billionaire investor considered the king of bankruptcy for buying beaten down companies with the potential to deliver profits. what do you know about wilbur ross? >> not much except what i have been reading. and that he was a democratic supporter. he worked with bill clinton, worked are russia on deals. a big democratic fund-raiser. foll it's not the top of the line position. i think people are waiting to see what happens at state, defense, which we have heard names floated. commerce secretary is kind of one of those names that, all right, that sounds cool. they will have to do something with trade. he is very much in sagreement with donald trump. i'm not sure what this sends other than he knows a guy in business.
3:42 pm
>> any meaning in this to you? >> donald trump has named -- there are ten people we know of in the donald trump administration. this will be the third billionaire. it sends a message to a lot of people that, wow, he is really rewarding a lot of people who are rich and people who are wealthy. like our previous discussion, it will depend on whether he can deliver. right? his resume as a turnaround artist might be perfect for this job. donald trump campaigned extensively saying that we need basically a turnaround artist. we need somebody who can revive this country, who can make america great again. wilbur ross could be the perfect person. we shouldn't prejudge people by any means based on their wealth or lack thereof. nor should we look at his cabinet appointments, wilbur ross, betsy devos, she's a billionaire and trump himself. look, it remains to be seen whether or not what his plans actually are as tim says and
3:43 pm
where the trump administration will take this. >> i was struck when i saw -- i think it was on cnn early in the campaign, they did a focus group. one woman said, you know, what is it you like about donald trump? it was very pithy but enlightening. he is rich. i want to be rich. this guy is rich. it's a measure of success. >> it is a measure of success. i think what actually this says to me, this perspective appointment is that trump is going to push hard on something that unifies i think the wide diversity of the republican party. the disunity is bubbling below the surface. it has been pain epered over wi some of the appointments. his desire to get rid of regulations. you bring in someone like this who has that reputation of restructuring companies. it does suggest that will be an early priority if he does pick him. i think a lot of republicans would welcome that. >> there is internal dissent
3:44 pm
about romney. we are trying to read into the tea leaves over this. here is a tweet from kellyanne conway. then the follow-up tweet from conway. then she cites the previous erick erickson tweet in which he says, as secretary of state, romney -- he is referring to here -- he would provide stability and a calming affect internationally. trump would be smart to do that. tom, you want to take that? >> it can't be david petraeus after all his heroism in terms of dedicating his life to the country and because of the cia scandal and how much
3:45 pm
president-elect trump hit hlt l hillary clinton on the e-mail thing. it would be hip of courypocrisy. romney is known because of running as the republican nominee. they like him. they feel he is old-school realist, in terms of the outreach abroad. he would be a popular pick. >> give you 15 seconds. >> kellyanne is on the re reservation or off. there's a possibility she's channelling donald trump. there's possibility there's dissent within the transition team. we don't know what's going on within there. if she's going off the reservation, it's the first time really trump staffers, the most loyal, have really took swipes at donald trump himself in the midst of a very important decision. >> coming up next, how democrats are still plotting to end the donald trump presidency, even before it starts. when you have a cold, you just want powerful relief.
3:46 pm
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3:49 pm
selection valu validates the kid of boring behavior trump modeled on a daily basis. >> i think he is thinking of many different things as he prepares to become the president of the united states. and things that sound like the campaign aren't among them. >> well, we all know that harry reid will soon be long gone but that democrats and trump's opponents are taking up his torch now. launching a full-out assault and seeing whatever sticks against the wall whenever it comes to donald trump. we just saw this letter from
3:50 pm
arren and also ranking member he a elijah consumption of the house oversight committee in which they wrote the comptroller of the gao saying we are writing today that the gao conduct a review of trump's taxpayer-funded transition. we are concerned about the array. you address several concerns including conflicts of interests business holdings of in trump and his family. violations of proceed coal and mr. trump's communications with foreign leaders and transparency related to thous of taxpayer funds in the transition. because the transition will last only until january 20th, 2017. we ask that you begin this review as quickly as possible. timp tim, we can see where this is headed. >> yeah, so farther democrats have been using the approach the personal attack. yeah, reince priebus keeps the trains running on time. steve bannon, ouch wits. that's basically the approach that democrats seem to be taking. they will be in better shape if they argue.
3:51 pm
s about conflicts of interest number one he campaigned on draining the swamp. in the "new york times" he says there is no conflict of interest. he may be on good legal ground but political standpoint he may have a more difficult time. democrats are getting ready for confirmations. just remember when we get in the situation where we have people in front of these committees. how many people remember tom daschle when he was going to be the secretary of health and human services. he was to be a shoe-in. wound up having problems with the auto service he had and taxes. wound up not getting the job. there will be democrats laying in wait and suddenly to do. so the harry reid approach is probably not going to work. you will probably see a lot more of this approach as to whether or not donald trump has conflicts of interest because that may play to even some people supporters of donald trump. >> dana, we spoke last night about it. republicans especially in the senate have this dud cud dal. nuclear option in place and
3:52 pm
perhaps mcclaw could, as much as he respects the dignity and traditions of the senate might expand that nuclear option. >> that's true. harry reid expanded it itself and they're going to take advantage of it the only thing really holding him back is the supreme court and that is where the democrats really fight it out. i think depending on who, of course, donald trump picks. assuming it's some sort of mainstream conservative, democrats will use donald trump's supreme court pick lay the work how they will win the 2018 and 2020. we will see a lot of identity politics. a lot of picks that another conservative on the supreme court will roll back roe vs. wade and voting rights and various liberal policies that have been in place for many years. at least those are the -- that's how it's going to be presented. that, i think, is where the democrats will have the most success if they do it -- if
3:53 pm
donald trump picks, again, a mainstream conservative and if they do pick their fight the right way. >> ed rogers. tom, writing in the "the washington post" said if the democrats carry this process on too far it could really be damaging to them not because of the nuclear option but he writes quote on the outreach front i would encourage the identity politics and continue black lives matter >> it's a long quote. but it's a quote that's out. because democrats have suffered this oblivion,
3:54 pm
frankly in pennsylvania, michigan, you know, wisconsin. the functional element here is all these democrats changing tune to join trump's camp. democrats seem to be abstinent and playing to the far left as you see with the evolve role of elizabeth warren sanders taking on this frontal leap. see who is going to be the next head of the dnc. those are the issues that put the democrats in a difficult position. functionally what schumer will try to do in the senate is take a medium tact big battle over the supreme court. frankly i don't think trump picks someone who makes a big push about roe v. wade. i don't think he cares about that as much as he says he does. that's what we see with schumer on infrastructure spending they will use that as their sport of pivot. >> all right, tom. coming up next. the panel on thanksgiving.
3:55 pm
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we to the a few more seconds left with the panel. let's ask them about their specific personal thanksgiving traditions. tom, do you want to start. >> my thanksgiving traditions grew up in the u.k. spend it moral normally with my grandfather pacific marine doesn't like my facial hair. it's good fun. we had a nice little thanksgiving dinner. quite basic but enjoyable. i think that's probably in the finest american tradition. >> fantastic. dana. >> well, i have a couple kids at home and we just try to invite as much family who will come. and i think we had 11 or 12 of us and it was wonderful. my turkey is at home and it was great. we have lots to be thankful for. it's great to be an american. grateful for military service and saddened to hear about the loss of one in syria today and, of course, i have a great family that i'm very thankful for as
3:59 pm
well. >> my wife diane makes the most amazing new england clam chow der. that's one of the traditions woe make every year. look at it there you go. wouldn't you want to have it right now. >> those aren't potatoes, neither. >> they are. potatoes and clams and secret ingredients which i can't tell with you? very large clams. >> very thankful there is leftover and i will be having some this evening when i arrive home. >> fantastic. i'm very thankful. i'm heading to the family gathering my sister among four siblings has taken on the role of cooking thanksgiving dinner. never not once asked me to do the dishes. so i'm thankful for that thanks for watching "special report" tonight. i'm doug mckelway. happy thanksgiving to you and yours. good night from washington. a special edition of tucker carlson tonight coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪
4:00 pm
♪ >> sorry to keep you waiting. complicated business. complicated. >> i've just received a call from secretary clinton. [cheers] >> so all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all america. working together we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the american dream.