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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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♪ >> sorry to keep you waiting. complicated business. complicated. >> i've just received a call from secretary clinton. [cheers] >> so all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all america. working together we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the american dream.
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america will no longer settle for anything less than the best. [cheers] reclaim our country's destiny and dream big and bold and daring. we have to do that. we're going to dream of things for our country and beautiful things and successful things once again. >> boy, find throw people in washington who thought that was going to happen, you can't. story of the century. good evening and welcome to a special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, mugness and group think, none of which you will see tonight. we're going to dive into the first 100 days of the donald trump presidency. no issue has been as big for him for the campaign and country this nation. how he plan to deal with that issue if elected president. >> on day one. we will begin working on an impenetrable, physical,
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tall, powerful, beautiful southern border wall. 2 million people, criminal aliens. [boos] we will begin moving them out day one as soon as i take office, day one. >> homeland security and the department of justice to begin a comprehensive review of these cases in order to develop a list of regions and countries from which immigration must be suspended until proven and effective investigating mechanisms can be put in place. i call it extreme vetting, right? extreme investigating. >> well, joining us now for the hour is larry king who used tjessicatar laf. star "the washington times" and molly hemmingway of the
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federalist. it's great to see you all. >> yeah. >> start in this order and then jump. [molly hemmingway there is no question from those watched from afar the campaign unfold. immigration at the center of it. trump made a lot of specific promises on the subject. does he have to keep them? >> i think that a lot of people said that donald trump didn't care a lot about issues during this campaign. he actually did care a lot about issues and immigration was one of those topics that he early and big reason why had support early on. and there is a big desire to people to work on this issue. now, is he going to deport 12 million people? i would say. no. >> right. >> but you get a lot of understanding where is he going with his nomination of jeff sessions. there's a lot that can be done simply through enforcing the law that's on the books. >> at doj, justice department. >> yes. jeff sessions is very much a law and order guy. he very much believes that the laws on the books should be enforced and there is a lot of room for getting a lot done just that way. so, i think that that's probably the best indicator
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of what's going to happen. >> charlie, the wall. >> yeah. >> i'm one of the rare people who lives here. i didn't mock the wall. i think the wall makes a lot of sense are we going to get a wall. >> everybody has walls. there are walls everywhere. there are supposed to be walls. the 19 -- the 2006, i think it was, fence act. both hillary clinton and barack obama voted for, that is essentially, you know, the wall that he was so rid ciewltd for. and i think that a big reason why trump was such a surprise here is because he did pick immigration. and immigration is something that both, you know, democrats have been for open borders for a long time now. and even democrats -- i mean republicans starting to become in favor of open borders. they have been jeered into the corner my gosh i'm a racist if he didn't support open borders. he took both parties bay surprise. >> for sure. >> all the people jumped in behind it. to answer your question about whether we get a wall or not, i don't know whether
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we're going to have a physical great wall of china along the southern border with the big fat beautiful door, but, i think that if he simply enforces the laws that are currently on the books, and gets -- deports people who have committed crimes beyond that and does something about, you know, controlling, stopping the ongoing flow into the country, i think you do that much, and you are like 80% have solved the problem. >> yeah. >> i think a lot of pressure comes off of not only him in terms of keeping his wall promise but also in terms of what happens to the remaining illegal aliens who are here otherwise obeying the law. >> once you don't feel overwhelmed you. we don't agree on this issue. >> only like 57 minutes. >> 58 in that range. what's the argument against a wall? everybody is like the wall. but what is the rationale --
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since you are a rationale person. what is the argument against the wall. >> i actually don't think there is much of an argument against a wall. democrats should have always had a kind of piecemeal but in one approach which is secure the border. whether you are going to do that physically or with border agents. the gang of 8 had 20,000 border agents which is more than donald trump was proposing. i don't think democrats are actually against this. i think they get stared about keeping latino votes. this election hasup ended that block role. see where that goes in the triewrt. if he want thissed to oppose republicans largely. we have a net flow out of mexican immigrants at this time. we had a million last time we did two years ago i believe it is. we will see where we go with this. donald trump can be really smart about this and he can put more border agents there. i don't know if he can build a wall or put in more fencing. put more fencing and agents in, you understand that the
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vast majority of these i will locally immigrants who are here are hard working genuine people who just want a better life and talk about a pathway to citizenship. i don't know what language he has to use but 60% of americans favor that i mean, that's where it's interesting. the trump base build the wall, build the wall. lock her up. all that kind of stuff. the country isn't there and now is he president for all americans. >> you can solve this problem tomorrow if you crack down on employers not to hire i will really. >> pressure from both parties. >> republicans really. it really is the chamber of commerce. >> only people who don't have a chip enter of commerce working in their own behalf are american workers. >> could see trump's impact for decades to come. the supreme court he will nominate one justice we know that and perhaps a number more. here is what he said about supreme court appointments throughout his campaign. watch this. >> once the election is won,
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we will be able to put supreme court justices up that will do a fabulous job. let me aslet me tell you if we e this elections we have three, four, maybe five ju country there will never recover it will take centuries to recover. >> the next thick have to pick supreme court justices. >> the justices i am going to appoint will be pro-life. they will have a serve bent. they will be protecting the second amendment. they are great people and people of tremendous respect. they will interpret the constitution the way the founders wanted it interpreted and that's very, very important. i don't think we should have justices appointed that decide what they want to hear. it's all about the constitution of and so important the constitution
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the way it was meant to be. and those are the people that i will appoint. >> constitution the way it was meant to be. molly, i too think this specific issue is one of the main reasons that conservatives, evangelicals, voted for trump. is he not one of them but they thought we know exactly what she is going to do. is he going to make good on their hopes for the supreme court. >> unweather forecast only times you saw donald trump express humility during the campaign is when he talked about evangelical support for him. he understood that people were putting a lot of faith in him and a lot of trust in him. >> he is going to reward this. he committed to this last week when he said he was going to pit a justins from 21 conservative justices. that's going to happen. all the conservatives are in line to make sure this happened and for the rest of the nominee. this could really be his legacy is returning the court to a more constitutional.
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>> i think he will. i will correct one thing. there was one other moment he expressed humility my favorite a lot of attack ads against me all of them lies. then he paused well not all of them lies. which i loved. the list of 21. is he not going to pick. why wouldn't he pick ted cruz. i know he is not on the list. it kind of takes him out of the political realm which would be helpful. >> i think it would be terrific. >> we would have ted cruz forever. >> he wouldn't be in the senate. democrats would be like -- they couldn't like vote for him fast enough just to get him out. >> true. >> but to along with what molly was saying, you know, it would kind of be a little frightening i don't want him to go anywhere off the list. this is one thing he can't ad-lib. this is the one thing he simply can't be left to his own fre freewheeling. as much as i love when is he freewheeling and off the wall and says crazy stuff. the day that antonin scalia
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died was a terrifying moment. >> it was. >> even somebody who liked donald trump from the very beginning. it was sort of a terrifying moment. okay. he gets everything in the main generally and he understand you don't have to be an expert to run this country in my opinion. but, that one requires a certain appreciation of some of the finaller points that not entirely certain that he gets. which is dang appealing about him. he can make the argument go back to the original argument which is does the constitution mean what it says. as republicans or conservatives believe. or does it just mean whatever you feel like it means and, yeah, pause we want to change it but, you know, go into the changes of constitutional amendment is too much of a hassle. we just want to change it to mean whatever we say it means. that's a great argue: that's a great fight and conservatives should be able to win that fight. i could see a guy has plain
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spoken as donald trump make argument: balance it has for. >> we have to pray that rbg lives forever. >> that would be ruth bader ginsburg. >> those of us who are not liberal. >> you still know who she is. >> it's the second appointment if one of the people from the left leaves the court. i mean, that's a real fight. what do democrats do? they don't have the majority. >> no. there is not a lot you can do. you can, you know, pray a little bit about it. find god. liberals find god about it. >> bring religion back to the democratic party. >> we'll see; you know, how the lay of the land looks when it actually comes out. yeah, i any there have a lot of hope that has to go along with it also the fact that president obama put ofmaker garland. he could have gone for extreme leftist judge not that he was going to get through any of this. he did try to go more
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centrist and i believe hillary clinton would as well. she is more naturally anyway. there is more truth to the fact that republicans, at least trump he has an interest in working with democrats. republicans are very good position in terms of the court that is what i believe turned a lot of these never trumpers into trumpers for this purpose because they got scared about leftist. hillary clinton got into office. and, imre. all the praying. >> how grateful are you that harry reid has put the nuclear option on the table. >> so grateful. >> all right. we'll explore our gratitude in coming segments. donald trump hit obamacare left and right on the campaign trail, of course. now that he is the president-elect, what will he do with it? the president's signature law. that is next. stay tuned. ♪ ♪
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accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claims centers are available to assist you 24/7. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ ♪ >> well, for the almost the length of the campaign, obamacare was the key campaign target for crump. he promised to repeal and replace it repeatedly. but since winning that plan appears to have been dialed back a little bit. here to explain is fox news correspondent peter doocy. >> the first of the winter holidays is here. when they are all over, health insurance premiums for many are set to spike so consumers are curious what the new president will do about it the one certain at this so far seems to be that
4:17 pm
something will happen quickly. >> decisions have been made that by the president elect that is he wants to focus out of the gate on repealing obamacare and beginning the process of replacing obamacare with the kind of free market solutions that he campaigned on. >> the vice president elect language there is key because he suggests there could be a little bit of a wait between the affordable care acts' repeal and something else coming along to replace it mr. trump said recently the gap won't be too long. >> we're not going to have like a two-day period and we're not going to have a two-year period where there's nothing. it will be repealed and replaced. >> obamacare repeal is the first of seven steps to improve the healthcare system that mr. trump lists on his website. other billet points state lines. allowing customers to deduct the cost of insurance premiums from their tax returns and letting more people utilize health savings accounts something long favored by conservative think tanks.
4:18 pm
the republican cock has voted dozens of times the last few years to get rid of obamacare but they haven't been 00 same page as the person in the white house until now. many experts anticipate speaker of the house paul ryan playing a major part in shaping the next big healthcare law. >> we are so eager to get to work with our new president-elect to fix america's pressing problems. >> something republicans are weary of right now is canceling popular parts of affordable care act like covering preexisting conditions but that is something the next president says he is okay with keeping in. tucker? >> oh, the great peter doocy live for us. back with us jessica tarlov, democratic-- strike that gist. charlie hurt jewel of "the washington times" and molly hemmingway the main reason to read the federalist. the obamacare thing, obviously the president-elect is acknowledging that no preexisting conditions keeping your kids on to 26
4:19 pm
are really popular he is not going to tamper with them. if you don't tamper with those two provisions you actually have obamacare. >> no. you don't. the thing is obamacare is going to die no matter what. it's going to die under the weight of its own horribly writtenself. republicans own this at this point. what is interesting is who president-elect trump chooses as lead advocate here. we will know when he names someone for the health and human services, whether that will be the lead policy advocate. is he just going to defer to congress? and even there you have differences of opinion. senator mitch mcconnell has deferred to bill cassidy the senator from louisiana who just wants to tinker with obamacare. the house has much bolder proposals but even they retain -- most of them retain keeping 26-year-olds on heir parent's healthcare plan and making some kind of provision for people were preexisting conditions. so this is one area where we really don't know what's going to happen except that we know that obamacare is
4:20 pm
done. >> it is totally unsustainable as a math question unless they repeal math. >> i would be in favor. >> as a liberal arts guy i'm in favor of that. if you tell insurers that they can't account for risk, which is basically what you're doing when you say they have to take people with preexisting conditions they are no longer selling insurance. i'm not saying virtuous. it's a good deed. it's not really insurance. once you accept that why don't we just wind up with single payer? aren't we going to? >> well, i mean, this has been the problem if from the beginning with obamacare. whether obamacare fails under its own weight which i'm sure it will. or not. we have crossed the river. the government is going to be involved in this and they are going to be paying for people's healthcare forever. and politicians will never take -- they are such with such wusses. they will never take away
4:21 pm
health care. we have gone with the constitutional conservatives. we could have voted for ted cruz who promised us how many times he was going to repeal obamacare when obama was still in office. all of it lies. those republicans are the ones that were standing around when we got obamacare. that was the game, right there. so, yeah it may be pared back. >> numbers for it they got it against their will. enough minutes to get it done. we move quickly. democrats organize well when we know we have 10 minutes. >> house, senate,. >> we still have obamacare. >> that's actually a very deep point. >> hey now. >> more seats lost nationally not just at the federal level. >> and is he so popular. we were just talking about this in the green room. obama is so popular. and the democratic world is crumbling beneath him. it's so strange. >> it is strange. would going to get to that. donald trump prides himself on making deals, negotiations. that's what he does for a living. so when he changes his mind on policy, should you be
4:22 pm
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you foundi'm a robot! rawr yeti and found a place to service it, too. ♪ jingle bells now when you're ready, you can sell your old car and find your new one all on you know us for shopping, and now we're there for every turn. >> happy thanksgiving to you and yours live from america's news headquarters i'm leland vittert. tragedy in syria this thanksgiving day. american soldier killed in that war-torn country. u.s. central command said the soldier died after being wounded by the blast by an
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improvised explosive device. central command gave no other information but added it will release more as it becomes appropriate. so far that soldier has not been identified. the 2016 macy's thanksgiving day parade is now history. and after a massive security presence, all the parade's millions of sightseers were kept safe. they lined the streets in new york city for blocks. one woman said there were so many police officers that you couldn't help but feel safe. more than 3,000 officers lined the streets as spectators watched the various blow b.a. loan balloonsd by charlie bound. now back to special. ♪ ♪ >> is it political evolution? that depends on how ask? over the past year and a half president-elect trump has changed his mind on some issues. that's not always a bad thing, obviously. it is interesting though. fox news chief national correspondent ed henry is on that question.
4:27 pm
>> it was a centerpiece of president-elect donald trump's historic campaign. ♪ loccampaign. [lock her up] >> pledge to drain the swamp in washington while pledging to bring her opponent to justice. >> it's donald trump not in charge of the law of our country. >> because you would be in chile jail. >> now trump's key supporters are concerned the incoming president is backtracking on that promise and others. especially after meeting at the "new york times" where mr. trump told the reporters and editors he thinks prosecuting clinton, quote, would be very, very divisive for the country. >> well, so much for locking her up, i guess. i can understand wanting to put the election behind us and heal the nation, but i do hope that all the things that donald trump said about how crooked she was, that she just don't let it go without some serious effort to see if the law was truly
4:28 pm
violated. >> senator lindsey graham, a long-time trump critic cited what he called a mess at the clinton foundation and other big problems. though mr. trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway insisted the former secretary of state has already paid a heavy price. >> i think hillary clinton still has to face the fact that a majority of americans don't find her to be honest or trustworthy but if donald trump can help her, then perhaps that's a good thing. >> the pivot is part of a larger trend for president-elect trump. backtracking on several key campaign promises. those concerns seemed to be bolstered by a new video released by mr. trump which showcases his plans for the early days of his administration. >> my agenda will be based on a simple core principle, putting america first. >> the video may be more notable for what it fails to mention, specifically any plans for repealing obamacare or building a on the southern border. >> whose going to pay for the what you will? >> mexico. >> mr. trump's pledge to build a wall, of course, was a defining aspect of his candidacy. but congressional
4:29 pm
republicans seem to have other ideas. for how to secure that border. here is what house majority leader kevin mccarthy told fox when asked about the wall? >> when you look at a wall but also have the technology today with uav's you can look out 40 miles ahead. the at raiterrain is different. you can't build in a specific place. >> while candidate trump was emphatic about tearing obama care to pieces -- >> -- real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing the disaster known as obamacare. [cheers and applause] >> after lobbying from president obama to keep as much of the law as possible, in trump said in his first post election interview with the "wall street journal" he favors keeping at least two key provisions. one that protects individuals with preexisting conditions and another that allows people that remain on their parent's plans until age 26. even those changes may prove to be too difficult with senator minority leader
4:30 pm
chuck schumer saying it will prove to be too expensive to only keep those items. >> he won't be able to do it even after his meeting with president obama said i want to keep the good things. you can't keeping the good things without keeping aca. >> in fairness president-elect that video laying out what kind of executive actions can he do quickly. building the wall and changing obamacare will need buy in from congress and will not happen in the first few weeks anyway. nonetheless, some plaintiff trump's early comments still have his supporters wondering exactly how he will move forward. tucker? >> ed henry, ladies and gentlemen. does this show that mr. trump is willing to negotiate on positions of course it does. the question is what extent is he willing. jessica tarlov joins us again along with charlie hurt along with the great molly hemmingway. this ought to be welcome news to you jessica tarlov, that he is despite the grotesque and stupid caricature in the press of him as this right wing crazy
4:31 pm
pretty ideological and at heart a negotiator? >> i think that's right. i would take issue with the fact that it's just characterizations because he did say a lot of the things that the press then ran with like we're going to ban all the muslims. he said that and mainstream that. donald trump has no or >> -- it doesn't mean that he is a right winger. >> he is definitely not. one of us and given a lot of money to us. >> us being? >> democrats. >> i mean over the years. and he talks about it freely that you do whatever you need to do to get what you want. i think this infrastructure bill this trillion-dollar infrastructure bill 'f. we find out it's infrastructure spending and not just tax breaks, developers is going to be a great thing. i see on criminal justice reform which no one is talking about there is great opportunity with donald trump can he gin the likes of rand paul and scott.
4:32 pm
see enterprise zones popping up. jack kempf style. we can get things done together. more concerned about his appointments. >> are you concerned about mike members or heartened by mike pence, charlie? >> i didn't think he was a very good pick at th at the tim. i think he has proven to be a an extraordinary vice presidential nominee and extraordinary partner in terms of he has had a very good effect on donald trump. and i admire him immensely. i stand corrected. he was a great pick. one of the most appealing things about all of this, none of us is going to be 100 percent happy with what comes out of this administration. there is no doubt about that. conservatives are right to be worried about a lot of things, i think, starting with obamacare. one of the things that i think the greatest things that has come out of this election is you actually have a -- you know, for decades we have had both parties working in concert with congress and the white house.
4:33 pm
they both own the same party. they will just do anything. they will give away the store. we now have a divided republican party, a suspicious, at least a suspicious republican party where you haveepublicans that control congress and they are suspicious of the republican president in the white house. that is a fantastic thing. that is exactly the way the founders designed it and that's what they -- you know, they wanted there to be that check on the executive branch. and i think that's a terrific thing. >> huh. do you buy that molly? >> i'm huge fan of gridlock. i hope that's what will happen. >> i am a little bit worried that in fact you seal a lot of deals being made that is going to make conservatives very unhappy. chuck schumer is a long-time ally and friend of donald trump. donald trump has funded his campaigns more than almost anybody else. they have relationship that goes back -- chuck schumer is not a stupid guy. is he going to be working with donald trump. he has already been cozying up and being friendly with him. loot of other democrats understand they need to be
4:34 pm
friend will with him too. >> what's the conservatives should freak out. >> they need to remain committed to principles and open-minded and broad-minded. i think it's a danger how much donald trump is committed to deal-making. but also an opportunity there. we really do finally have a chance to reach across divides. fix immigration problems. work on national security. fix obamacare there is a real opportunity here if people are open enough to take it. >> i think that's totally right. all right. donald trump, the dynasty destroyer. is he one. do yoduring the 2016 campaign. mr. trump took out two of the most important families in american political history. what is next for the bushes and clintons still nursing their wounds? straight ahead we will take that up. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ introducing otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream.
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from everything i see has no respect for this
4:39 pm
person. >> well, that's because he would rather have a puppet as president of the united states. >> no puppet. no puppet. you're the puppet. >> it's pretty clear. >> excuse me, one second. >>. no the simple fact is, donald. you cannot take. >> more energy tonight. i like that. [ laughter ] >> i was asked the question. >> i didn't want -- it was my obligation as a businessman to my family, to my company, to my employees to get along with all politicians. >> so donald trump started his career as aide enter but now his most famous project may be in demolition. almost single-handedly trump toppled not one but two political dynasties perhaps the most powerful in the last century the clintons and bushes, of course, is this the end for those political families? back with us jessica tar lo democratic strategist. charlie hurt and molly hemmingway of the federalist. jessica tarlov, this man under estimated by everyone overturns not simply all of
4:40 pm
washington, new york being and los angeles as well but the bushes and clintons. they are gone unless i'm missing something. >> wriewr not missing something. i actually think the effect on the clintons is a lot greater than it on the bushes. >> why? >> i think the clintons had at this particular moment kind of further to fall in a certain way. i mean bill clinton is still one of the most overwhelmingly popular figures in modern political history or he was before. this we'll see how the polls look in the next few montsd. clinton foundation largely heralds for great work. now the narrative is the opposite of that daily caller report how many fewer donors only five donors came to the clinton foundation in the last three or four months which is well below where it was. we are talking about that and whether they are actually charitable people. these are people committed themselves to public service throughout their lives. these are different than the bushes who i believe took a principled stand against this nonideological candidate. a lot of people felt that way. they were champions of the
4:41 pm
never trump movement. and i think that clintons are also flashier than bushes. you know, they want to be out there. they are more high society types. >> that's totally right. >> this hurts the clintons more than the bushes. >> i have arrested ha time believing, charlie, considering all the works it does ending childhood obesity, ending poverty, ending disease, insect infestations, all the good things that the clinton foundation does that people won't continue to give it money. [ laughter ] >> i mean, it saves lives. >> except that the clintons are involved. no, i totally agree that the clintons are finished. and republicans should be. >> foundation over, too, right? >> yeah. she is going -- she is going to be making speeches for like 20,000 dollars. and she is not going to do it. i mean all of the -- you know, everything went out of the. >> speaking of the rotary red lobster. >> everything is kind of interesting. pause i think they could be finished as well. but, if donald trump turns
4:42 pm
his presidency into a disaster with all sorts of questions about become scratching and all the kinds of things that allowed him to beat the clintons, then i think that the bushes could -- could survive that. and come back. this administration about big things and overhaul the federal government and do a lot of good or the country. i think that the bushes could be finished. >> i never -- i understood the not just theburn family the -- didn't like trump he was rude to them and rude in general. stylistically didn't like anything about him. i never understood what they were for. what was their program in contrast to trump's program? >> right. >> open borders? more foreign -- i didn't get what they were for. >> i think they were more interested in preserving george w. bush's legacy. this is why the american people deserve credit in taking down these two political dynasties. they are the ones who made
4:43 pm
sure that jeb bush was not the republican nominee. and they are also the ones who made sure that hillary clinton is not our next president and we really need to credit them. this with a renunciation of bush foreign policy, i think. this is where we need to be careful about whether bushes really are done. there are couple ways that they could rise up again and one is that george p. bush is very popular office holder in texas and he is a rising star. >> he -- trump. >> he did. the other thing you will see a lot of bush getting back in with this administration. good to pay tension attention to foreign policy position. how many people who adopted foreign policy will get their way. >> architects of the iraq war end up in charge of foreign policy what was the point. >> exactly. down through the river nile looking for the weeds with the little basket with george p. bush in it. >> or chelsea clinton. >> or mitt romney secretary of state. >> it sort of amazing. we need to have a christmas
4:44 pm
special. we will have a lot more information where we wound up. we will come back to our fantastic panel in just a minute. the press went under the microscope in the 2016 election. a lot of bias was exposed. will anything change? that's on the table next. ♪ ♪ ...when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases, and softens to unblock naturally. so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax. for over 100 years like kraft has,natural cheese you learn a lot about what people want. honey, do we have like a super creamy cheese with taco spice already in it? oh, thanks. bon appe-cheese! okay... it's your tv, take it with you. with directv and at&t, watch all your live channels, on your devices, data-free. switch to directv and lock in your price for 2 years. offers starting at $50/month.
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♪ >> well, four the past year it's been pretty hard to ignore the bias in the press because the press weren't hiding it at all they were reveling in it the hard part will be to fix it will the press dot postmortem to fix the problems. don't hold your breath for that are we in for more of the same or will something totally weird happen. back with us jessica tarlov
4:48 pm
charlie hurt and molly hemmingway. monthly learn the self-inflicted wounds that the press inflicted upon itself seem to ensure the rise of alternative media because like nobody trusts the "new york times" or nbc anymore. i know i don't. >> well, the media really did a bad job this year. they haven't come to terms with the bad job they did. they said they read the polls wrong. the problem was the way they covered the campaign from the beginning to the end. the way they treated trump voters and clinton and her voters. not understanding anything about the dynamics of this race. and they have a chance to recover if they come to terms with how much they failed. they have shown very little indication that they are willing to do that. earlier this week christian amanpour accepted an award. journalists are always giving each other awards and i don't understand that accepted an award where they doubled and tripled down on all the things that everyone had gotten wrong during this election season.
4:49 pm
and so it's troublesome and i'm worried because they need to start reporting facts instead of pushing narratives and need to do that? i do think call you overstatement i don't think calling christian amanpour a journalist. she is a commentator. they need to be systematic changes. one thing she did get right is donald trump has completely figured out how to bypass the media that's is good how they come to terms how they no longer hold this role as gait gate kee. they are going to be completely meaningless. >> that is the story. the press has much less power than we managed they did. and i don't think that's necessarily good. as loathe some and indefensible as they are. don't you want some commonly recognized source of credible information. >> absolutely. you know, the alternative as we saw in this election is atrocious. and as you say, it's not just the alternative media that cropped up in this, by
4:50 pm
the end of it. donald trump had reached like almost this sort of ronald reagan stature in terms of being able to go over the press. over thed me werenned a talk directly to people. whether it's with his twitter account. he was talking directly to people. what was sing there about it is that people would come up with these stories about him, just slandering him and every single one of those things seemed to kind of sheath him in teflon so the next one bounced off. >> so i think most people in washington assume once he actually becomes president inauguration in january they will stop with the diveeght, everything will go right back to normal. have the white house briefing every day. some credible person say i'm the press secretary. i don't necessarily believe that's going to happen. >> i don't think so. i think he will have some adult who checks his tweets before they go out hopefully or something of that nature because i think it's totally unpresidential or unprofessional to be tweeting some of the tweets
4:51 pm
he does. i thought his hundred days youtube video was fantastic because you can't be mad at thed me were for interfacing with the public if you talk it to them directly. we will see more of those fire side chats whether they are 2 minutes long or get longer than that i think that's smart for him. i don't think the coverage was as crazy as you guys do from the left on this. i think there are were a lot of stories. countdown clocks when was the last time gave a press conference. donald trump stopped giving them at the end. i'm done with this. made up ludicrous stories. donald trump did a lot of ludicrous things. these were made up. i understand the liberal media wanted to run wild with it or overblow. david duke is in love with this guy so you can't like him. number one mistake and this is on the democratic party and liberals is that we painted all trump supporters with the zen screen xenophobic
4:52 pm
racist brush. some lied and said they were voting for hillary and undecided and voted for trump. >> this alt right stuff. filled ballrooms and all of a sudden they speak for conservatives. >> alt right is concerning. i'm not somebody who calls them supremacist. steve bannon says i am the messenger of the alt right. >> if you mean conservatives who rethinking what it means to be conservative, put me in that category. if you mean some nut case with creepy hitler salute. >> i'm told we are taking a commercial. we'll be right back. it was, of course, an amazing election year. but we are still thankful for a lot that happened and for what may be coming up in this coming year. our thanksgiving gratitude next. ♪ ♪ hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer
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>> considering today is thanksgiving. why not take a little time out of the show to consider what we're most thankful for. jessica, what are you thankful for? >> going old school, family and friends. with good people around me. colleagues. and actually, i want to thank all the conservatives in my life who did not make me feel even worse than i already did on election night. no one rubbed it -- some guy outside of fox started chanting lock her up at me and asked if i was ever going to be on television again that wasn't great. [ laughter ] >> thankful segment. >> fine, i take it back. family and friends and kind colleagues. >> charlie hurt? >> definitely family and all that. but another thing that i am absolutely thankful for in a political sense is that we do have a government of, you know, separated branches where they are jealously guarding their turf and i
4:58 pm
think the best chance of like an honest conversation, honest disagreement that we have seen in a long time. and that's a very, very positive thing. >> yes, i agree with that completely. molly? >> i'm actually thankful for this week for a friend of mine i'm graght her life. she was buried earlier this week barbara pauling. she was maybe of my cox she faithfully served her congregation for decades. her work included so much reconciliation between people. as we sit down and have dinner with people we might not always agree with, good model about being peace makers in our community and. >> if you came out of her funeral feeling inspired good for her. i am thankful for my neighborhood. all whacko liberals. obama sticker. come that way. i like them all all. weird little bias fear where even though we hate each
4:59 pm
other's political views. pick up newspaper and mail. reminder politics isn't everything. really grateful to come home to that every night. >> that's nice. powerful. >> not powerful. [ laughter ] >> it's a big deal. >> actually always think that no matter how crazy it is. i go back and i think they all think i'm secretly liberal because they like me i can't actually believe what i believe. >> we are so much greater than our politics. >> it's true. >> posh to remember that. >> that is deep and true point. thank you all. you were excellent. jessica, molly, charlie. that is about it for us on this special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." tune in every week night at 7:00 as we get back to the very basics. happy thanksgiving to you and your loved ones. good night and we will see you next week. ♪ ♪ ♪ e
5:00 pm
with -- and intense. >> thank you so much. >> believe me. his campaign was unlike any


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