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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 25, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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have left. thank you for being with us. we hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity." we hope you have a great night. ♪ castro led a revolutionary army taking power in 1959. he ruled as prime minister until he became president in 1976. castro quickly adopted a markist/leninist form of government. joining us is steve harrigan from florida. thank you for joining us this evening. >> thanks. it is remarkable. this is a moment many people here in south florida have been waiting for. fidel castro, a revolutionary figure, who ruled cuba for half
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a century through the ranks of 11 u.s. presidents, was really seen as an evil figure by many people in south florida. caused a split in families and a lot of emotional pain. so already out on the streets in little havana. celebrating the death of a figure they consider a dictator and a tyrant, the cause of so much pain over the past 50 years. there's an announcement that body will be cremated on saturday and then we can expect an elaborate burial service, perhaps with world leaders from around coming to cuba to mark the occasion. a controversial figure in his 50-year rule he brought the cold war to the west. he almost caused a nuclear war in 1962 between the soviet union and the u.s. over the cuban missile crisis. he managed to stay in power through thick and thin. he is seen by both friends and
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enemies as a brilliant orator, a man who could speak for hours at a time. he had an image for television with his beard, cigar and his military-speak. even through economic tough times after cuba lost the economic backing, the soviet union in 1991, he managed to stay in power. the country economically is pretty much where it was when he became to power in 1959, a back water. the relations with the u.s. have been horrible for much of the 50 years, with assassination attempts, bitter rhetoric from fidel castro, blaming the superintendent for all of cuba's problems. that changed a few years ago with the obama administration in a move controversial to many here in florida, reopening and normalizing relations with cuba.
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>> who had to leave their country and often leave family members behind, and really blaming fidel castro for the split, for the loss of property and for the loss of memories and for the loss of family. so there's an incredible
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bitterness towards fidel castro, especially among the older generation of cuban americans in south florida where most of them have settled and become a post-political force. among the younger generation of cubans, that bitterness is much less though and i think there's more support among younger cuban americans for more normalized relations an more travel back and forth to cuba. so there's really a generational split. as you mention, there have been false alarms in the past. this is not a false alarm. cuban state television has con dpirm his death at 90. he has been ailing for a number of years and actually gave up formal power ten years ago. it is not a hoax. but for some cubans fidel castro has been sidelined. one man told me this evening, i thought he was already dead. there have been a number of hoaxes over the years. this is not a hoax. at the moment, especially older waiting for has finally come
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with fidel castro dead at 90, leaving his brother, raoul, 85, still in charge of the island as well as 12 million people. >> what are some of the differences or similarities, steve, that you see between fidel castro and his brother, raoul, and the way that they rule cuba? >> raoul castro has always been a much less public, less charismatic figure since fidel. fidel always seized the spotlight, larger than life and in charge. raoul almost the exact opposite, does not enjoy public speaking. admittedly, a terrible public speaker and less charismatic. he's been in charge of key security positions, key positions in the military. he has made some gradual changes in cuba, certainly not nearly as many as people had hoped for, expected. things like opening up slightly the internet, opening up foreign exchange rates, opening up the
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ability for some cubans to travel abroad, but certainly no wide scale changes. a lot of that people thought was attributed to fidel castro who did not want to see his cuban revolution jettisoned, and perhaps after his death raoul might have a freer hand to move. but keep in mind, this is an 85-year-old man who has been in power himself for 50 years. so to expect any dramatic changes i think might be illusionary. we're really seeing here in cuba the passing of the guard with fidel out and raoul saying he will be out by 2018. it is really a time to look to other generations of cubans and to see how long this communist party can maintain a stranglehold over the island. >> and as the sun comes up in the morning, since we're announcing this news in the middle of the night, what do you anticipate some further reaction being with cuban-americans in florida and across the united states and the world?
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>> i think there will be intense celebrations around the usual spots, the coffeehouses where the cuban exiles gather in south florida. i think there will be a real split across the world in how fidel castro is seen. he is seen by many as a revolutionary and a hero, a man that was able to stand up to the united states, battle them and remain in power for 50 years. i think for others he will be seen as a dictator who murdered his political opponents, who threw people in jail, who was a ruthless suppressor of freedom of speech and democratic elections in his country. i think he will be a controversial figurine ne even with a real split on whether he is good or evil. >> i know you have spoken to being cuban-americans. what do you see and hear from them as their hope for the future of cuba? >> i think, again, along
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generation lines there has been a split. i think with many older cuban-americans and with many political figures, cuban-americans who think castro is a thug and a dictator, there are concerns that the u.s. opening to cuba and more normalizing relations with cuba will only put money into a dictatorship's pockets and will only prolong and legitimize the rule of a dictatorship. for others, they say this has been a failed u.s. policy, the embargo against cuba, and it hasn't worked in 50 years and it is time for a change, to try something new. of the obama administration in their opening stored cuba, and basically we've seen the u.s. embassy in havana open up after being shut down for 50 years, increased tourists to cuba from the u.s., and it will likely only grow in the future. of course, that could change
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with the new u.s. presidency. president-elect trump has supported cuban exiles in florida, and you might remember he actually campaigned with members of the bay of pigs survivors, people who fought against fidel castro more than 50 years ago. so the opening obama made might be something that a president trump made try and close. so still between the two countries, the giant u.s. and the 11 million cubans on the island, could change once again with the political shifting in the u.s. >> all right. thank you so much, steve harrigan, fox news correspondent for joining us from florida. we very much appreciate your time. joining us now is juan yakimino, a global network reporter and is in havana, cuba right now. juan, thank you for joining us. can you give us reaction from cuba of the passing?
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yes, could you tell us about the immediate reaction of the passing of castro? >> well, the announcement was made on cuban television by president raoul castro. it came past 11:00 p.m. at night. this is friday night. people are sleeping basically in havana. they will wake up to the news to be honest. so tomorrow morning there will certainly be news on the streets of havana when they wake up to the news. people are in bed at this moment. it is 2:00 in the morning. only people following news and others are up, but the general population is basically asleep. it will be tomorrow when the reaction will be certainly heard. i can assure you there will be -- the streets of havana will be full with people reacting to this announcement that came on
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cuban television late friday night by raoul castro himself. i think it was -- it was a good thing that it was said immediately, like the government had said that they would. i mean the announcement said he had passed away at 10:29 friday night, and about half an hour later they were letting it be known to the general public here in havana. they said tomorrow in the morning they will be providing details regarding the funeral tribute that will be paid to fidel castro, that they said will be cremated abiding by his own desire. >> juan, what do you anticipate that that immediate reaction will be by the general public in cuba? >> well, imagine, fidel castro whether you agreed or disagreed with his policies and his
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government, it is a big personality. he is a big, big figure in cuba. some journalists here on the internet, cuban journalists are calling him the greatest man in cuban history, when you look at the history of cuba they're probably right. he stands tall. he stands big in the history of cuba. he outlasted ten u.s. administrations and hundreds of assassination attempts, mostly devised by the cia. he steered this island nation through hard times, of isolation attempts and suffocation, economic suffocation mostly by the united states, only 90 miles away. i was listening to the reactions, what the reactions could be in miami, but in cuba there will be mourning, i can assure you, because people will feel his death. he is a father figure. he is the father of the homeland, and that's how he will be -- how he will be remembered
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and observed during the funeral tomorrow. that will be my perception, but i invite you to call me again in the morning and i will be to tell you what the streets of havana look like. as it is, i look out the window. people are -- there's nobody in the streets. everybody is actually in bed as we speak. but tomorrow morning, the streets will be very active, i can assure you, even if it is saturday morning because the weekend people take it easy. there will be a lot of reaction out in the streets tomorrow. >> juan, what do you think it was about fidel castro that made him so charismatic? he was certainly known for his charisma. how would you describe what that was? >> well, yeah, he was charismatic indeed. it is hard to describe. i don't know how you could describe charisma. he was personable, he was likeable, even to his enemies. i know that people -- i know
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people who went to read with him and they had concern they wanted to raise, and after they met him, they spoke, it was quite a different story because the man had what it takes to interact with humans. he had that -- he was able to reach out to the cuban people. he was a great communicator. when he spoke in front of millions, he communicated. people listened to him. his message got across, he had that gift. whether you like it or not, he had it, and he used it, and that touched a lot of people in this island. also in the world, because he may have people who did not support him, but there's a lot of people who support him. i would say tomorrow in havana there will be several late inamerican heads -- latin americans coming to pay
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tribute to fidel castro, not just america, but others coming to the funeral throughout the world, i can assure you. >> juan, could you describe the relationship between fidel castro and his brother, the current president of cuba, raoul? what was their relationship like? how close were they? can you give us some insight on that? >> they were very close. fidel had other brothers and sisters, but raoul was very close. he was with him in the fight. he was with him as a university student, fighting the batista government that was very disliked by the population. raoul was there with him. raoul was in prison when they attacked in 1963. raoul was with him in mexico when they went in mexico. he was with him when they came to invade cuba. he was with him in the mountains. he was with him all along. so he had a place there. his loyalty is beyond question,
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his loyalty to fidel castro. as a leader, he saw him more -- probably, i could probably say that he saw him more as a leader or a blend of leader and brother, but he was very loyal to that man who guided the best of his talent under very tough times because the situation with the united states was really -- was pretty hard for any third world nation, especially being so close really. so, yes, they were very, very close indied. >> juan, you mentioned how loyal he was to his brother fidel, and raoul being the current president. do you believe that there will be any change or difference now in the way that raoul runs cuba now that his brother has passed? do you think that he has anything different in his mind or in his way of wanting to govern the country that maybe he
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didn't want to impose while his brother was still alive? >> i would say even if that were the case, he would stick to his regular way of handling business in cuba after -- i'm talking about raoul castro after he took over from fidel. raoul is a pragmatic man. he is a doer of things. he has been trying hard -- the economy on track and so that he could be more efficient, better run. he is a military man so that he the enterprises under the military were successful. the same, he is applying it to civilian enterprises, to general companies in cuba, trying for them to operate better. he's a very pragmatic and practical man. he will continue to do that.
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that is the thrust of his work over the last few months and years actually, since he took over when fidel got sick. but raoul himself has said that by 2018 he will leave his job. so there are interesting times ahead for cuba. who will be the next man, we will all be waiting to see that after the term in office of raoul castro ends, which will come in a little over a year. so interesting times ahead for cuba. >> yes. >> and the whole issue with the united states has a different dimension now. of course, you have a new president -- president in the u.s. we'll have to wait and see how it works, but we've had so many years of estrangement and hostility that i hope the two nations that are so close do not go back to that. but we'll have to wait and see.
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>> yes. now, fidel castro ruled for almost half a century, and as we mentioned he was 90 years old as he passed away on friday night. what are some of the things that we have not mentioned that you would like the world to know about fidel castro? >> well, number one, he is -- his deep connection with the cuban people, the sense that he brought to this nation of sovereignty and independence. because when you look at the history of cuba, first you have the spaniards who stayed here for nearly 500 years, and cuba was a colony of spain. in the end as we were getting rid of that colonial status, the americans got involved in the war. this was 1898. and the americans themselves,
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militarily occupied cuba and stayed in cuba until 1902. when they left, of course, there was lots of preconditions that cuba was to meet before the americans would leave cuba. so the kind of government we had in cuba when fidel castro came to power was hard to -- it was hard to consider it sovereign. i need to say this clearly. so after fidel castro, that sense of sovereignty and independence, true sovereignty and independence came, and that will be -- that will be definitely in his legacy, the defense of independence and sovereignty that he brought for this small island nation so close to the united states, with which relations soured unfortunately early after the civil revolution. but that will certainly be one of the -- of the attributes for which we would -- we in cuba will be remembering fidel
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castro. he was, like you said, a very charismatic person, a great political leader. he was one of the big politicals of the -- of the 20th century, and that will not be -- that cannot be overlooked. he will be remembered for that, for his international -- what we would say in spanish, his international protection. certainly placing cuba in the world scene, he did. he placed this small island nation on the world scene. cuba had a big role in the united nations, probably an oversize role. diplomatically when cuba went to africa to assist african nations to gain freedom because castro felt we had a debt of gratitude to them, given the slaves we had
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in cuba, the mixed population we have in cuba. he was a big figure in his standings. i think the world take note of that as they pay tribute to his passing away at the age of 90. also, his very survival after all of these years because he had to survive many assassination attempts and attempts at getting him out of power, and those attempts failed thanks to his figure, thanks to his determination, his strong personality. he will be remembered for that, too. >> juan, in your career reporting in havana, did you ever have the opportunity to meet with him, to interview him, to sit down with him?
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>> i had the opportunity to be there where he was and i could see his -- his appeal, his charisma. never did we actually sit face-to-face for interviews, but i certainly followed his comments and his daily political life here in cuba. i will tell you, i can tell you he will be -- he will certainly be remembered by those who agree with him and those who disagree with him, to be sure. >> had you had the chance to interview him, was there anything in particular that you would have liked to have asked him? >> i don't know. i would like to think about that question. >> sure. well, any final thoughts on the passing of fidel castro? >> well, let me just say that for a country like cuba, having a political leader of his
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dimension pave the way for the nation to not only be independent but to claim a sense of national dignity, that that is important when you consider the area, when you consider the third world nation. we have a level of education that is -- that puts us probably up on a par with first world nations. our mental framework as individuals is more first world than third world. as social beings, i would say we're pretty accomplished individuals in society. and i think that is also thanks to in large part to the legacy of fidel castro, but, of course, that coming from someone born and raised here in havana would probably sound self-serving.
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but thank you, interesting times really. >> well, we very much appreciate your joining us this evening and sharing your thoughts with us. thank you, juan yakimina, reporter for the global radio network, reporting live from havana, cuba. thank you very much again. recapping our top lines, cuban tv reporting fidel castro has died. the former communist president was 90 years old. fox new's bret baier takes a look back on his life. >> in the end his speeches had grown shorter, his appearances more rare, but fidel castro's tone remained defiant as ever. >> socialism or death. he loved the hate america at every political term. >> his own political stock, albeit small, soared during the international custody fight for eliana gonzales.
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when the u.s. returned his little prince, castro called the moment a moral victory over imperialist america. the man, born of fidel alejandro castro hughes in cuba came to power leading a rag-tag band of bearded rebels to over throw a dictator. he ended up becoming one himself. castro stood defiantly against ten u.s. presidents. around the world leftists who hated america's influence and power called castro a hero. but for the u.s., he was the all-too-close face of the bitter cold war. and while the world could never completely dismiss castro politically, over time to some critics he seemed more like a caricature with his wiry beard, faded fatigues and six-inch cigars. the man who would lead the small caribbean island to communicatism was educated by jesuit priests and learned his law degree at university of
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havana. he launched his first and failed revolution in 1953 where 30 of his followers were killed while attacking the barracks. he was imprisoned and then deported but made his way back positive an over-loaded power boat. after nearly a decade of koups, riots and political rebellion, the people despaired of the government of batista. he stepped down, left the country, and castro seized power on january 1st, 1959. he held on for nearly 50 years. the most significant u.s. response to castro's communist regime came in 1961 when president john f. kennedy backed the failed bay of pigs invasion where hundreds of cuban exile fighters were captured and sent to prison or killed. the next year american spy planes discovered secret soviet missiles inside cuba. after a 13-day u.s. naval blockade, the soviet union
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backed down and removed the missiles. castro was enraged as the world watched two super powers walk away from a nuclear nightmare. in 1980 castro unleashed an unprecedented human wave of nuc. castro unleashed cubans on americans. mixed in were criminals, murderers, rapists and the insane. the mariel boat lift forever changed south florida's landscape. as cuba's economy collapsed further, cuba unleashed a second load of cargo, 30,000 cubans were coming to her shores again. in 1998, cuba opened its island doors to pope john paul ii, the holy father and the man who changed down cuba's churches shared words.
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he would call it little more than a public reasons campaign. castro underwent surgery for intestinal bleeding and quietly cre ceded power to his brother raoul. by the end of the month, the national assembly formally elected raoul to succeed his brother. castro remained largely out of the public eye, with one notable exception, in march of 2012, he would welcome a second pontiff. pope benedict xvi. they met privately at the end of his visit, despite the pope's vocal opposition to their government. he asked the holy father, what does a pope do. still, castro's conspicuous
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absence fueled constant rumors about his health. when president obama announced the softening of u.s. sanction against cuba in december 2014, president raul castro spoke with the american president by telephone, welcoming the announcement. but the man who brought communism to cuba, fidel, made no appearances and had no public comment on the end of the cold war freeze he'd ushered in more than a half century earlier. many on the island considered castro a charismatic leader who brought education and medicine to the masses. but to america's cuban exiles, he was forever hated. responsible for cuba's economic ruin. in washington, bret baier, fox news. i'm patricia stark. stay with fox news and for the latest updates. we now join tucker carlson tonight. nne conway poured gas lone on the flames when she
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took time-to-out of the thanksgiving holiday start tweeting on the topic. receiving private communications about romney. some loyalists warn about against romney as secretary of state. she followed up flew around less. counseled potus more and were loyal good checklist. some interpreted that tweet as a sign conway favors a trump loyalist for secretary of state like former new york city mayor rudy giuliani who has been publicly campaigning for it. >> since i left mayor, this is a rough estimate, i have been in 80 countries. 150 different foreign trips. >> but mr. giuliani's international business ties are seen by some as a potential conflict of interest. a third option may be retired general david petraeus. the former cia director who also sounds like he wants the job. >> i have been in a position before where a president has turned to me in the oval office in a difficult moment and turned without any
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pleasantries and asking you as president and commander-in-chief to take command of the international assistance force in afghanistan. the own response can be yes, mr. president. that can present problems, too. since trump has already appointed lieutenant general michael flynn to be his security advisor looking at james matis as potential secretary of state. and it could also get awkward since petraeus pled gguilty to handling classified information. during the campaign, of course, mr. trump invoked petraeus' process saying hillary clinton got off the hook in comparison. >> we are going to get a special prosecutor and we're going to look into it because you know what? people have been -- their lives have been destroyed for doing one fifth of what you have done. and it's a disgrace and honestly, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. >> wow while there may be infighting over secretary of state position there are some signs of unity among mr. trump and critics. earlier this week mr. trump retweeted an article written why, yes, national review
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which ran a never trump edition during the republican primaries that prompted a response by brit hume when donald trump is tweeting national review can peace on the right be denied? to answer that question our political panel is back. ian, you work at the national review. is peace at hand? >> no,. >> you seem like. >> i'm all for making peace. we're not there yet. it's a time of detaunt, i think. more accurate. it's sort of what i said earlier. a lot of criticisms that we leveled at national review against donald trump early in the cycle i think still stand regardless of the fact that he won the presidency. so it's going to be the task of donald trump to reassure a lot of his conservative critics that he doesn't -- that he is not actually guilty of, you know, the things that he was accused of. on very good evidence. i think we had very good
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reasons for leveling the criticisms that we did. we have said editorially we want donald trump to succeed, this is an exciting time. it's a frightening time in a certain respect but exciting time for conservatives with a pluck congress led by paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. >> arguing toward what ian is saying a team of rivals and having counter balances in there who are check on the president? >> i agree. that's what president-elect trump has done by selecting nikki haley who has been very outpony spoken critic that speaks to trump's character. the fact that he is willing to put people around him not just yes men and yes women. that's true leadership. that's what we want. honestly as conservatives, our thing is always about who is the most qualified? it's not about who is the most loyal. what race you are. what gender you are. we don't check those boxes. we say who is the most qualified person for the job who has the least baggage at this moment.
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so people mentioned have a lot more baggage than mitt romney did in terms of their qualifications. >> anger among conservatives than you are both letting on. to give you one quick example. i mentioned earlier that my twitter account was running 9 to 1 among conservatives. jim in tuscaloosa alabama. you said 9 to 1 against snake mitt romney. that's false. closer 500 to 1. go on social media conservatives are furious at the idea that mitt romney may be secretary of state. ian, last word? >> well, i think this is in part a sort of knee jerk loyalty to donald trump. has he given signs that he is going to be a principled conservative the way that's traditionally been understood? i think there are some signs that we could get progress in that direction. but i don't think the case is closed yet. and so for conservatives who want to push forward a
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principled agenda, that needs to be the first focus, not just falling in line behind what donald trump wants. >> carrie last word. >> he needs to be expansive leader and people who are not just going to toe the line. >> i suspect this conversation will continue among conservatives and all americans. ian and carrie sheffield thank you for coming in tonight. >> thanks. >> colleges around america are totally yes, melting down. they continue to melt down after the election. campus craziness is straight ahead. plus, president-elect donald trump is spending the thanksgiving holiday at march larlg go club: standing guy discuss what it will take to keep the president-elect safe there and in trump tower just
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>> students across america continuing to retreat to
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safe spaces overcome microelections. left with the fallout that left them badly injured. covering campus craziness spreading all around our nation. she joins us with the wildest stories of all. great to see you. >> great to see,. >> i had thought i had heard the worse of it and the craziness. i heard a maryland they asked what are you thankful for and the student had interesting answers. >> they said what about obama's presidency? are you thankful for. are you thankful for president obama and they said yes and they said why? >> must be really big answers. >> they said they didn't know or they said because he's cool. when i worked at campus reform a few years ago i went to usc and made a video asking if they thought president obama deserved his nobel peace prize they all said yes and i asked them why and they said because is he cool. they. >> they didn't have any foreign policy depth. >> is he funny on the late
11:44 pm
show. being funny is kind of cool. when it comes to who the president is, you know, i'm more concerned about the policies and how they are going to effect. >> bring your a-game. >> effect people instead of if he's cool, you know. >> maybe that's why some of the millennials stayed home. >> absolutely. obamacare, particularly, is a disaster. and it's one particularly for millennials. in order for it to work they had to give millennials a bad deal to pay in and spend more money than they would spend on paying the penalty plus whatever extra health expenses would have. they are not looking out for you. but i guess is he cool. >> g.w., george washington university right in my home there of washington. they have also got a little campus crazy snz goods on. >> so there was a bunch of student groups. they wrote a letter to the administration saying that campus police protection for them is an act of violence because the fraternal order of police union endorsed donald trump. and some of these police officers. >> these are the police officers trying to protect campus -- >> -- correct. their protection is an act of violence because some of
11:45 pm
the police officers, fraternal order of police. i wonder if they realize though that the police officers that aren't on their campus are, you know, other places in d.c., so if they are really arguing for that, they are having police everywhere in d.c. could be an act of violence. you would think that probably they would want to have police walking around d.c. >> if you are walking the streets after a party which students would do. you would like if god forbid something would happen the campus police tbloob to help. >> you they said instead donate more money to multicultural center. i highly doubt if there is a murderer chasing you would call the multicultural center. >> a woman was supposed to give a lecture about cyber security and she wound up talking about internet trolls and lecturing students on white privilege. high school kids when she was showing sexis sexist tweets were shouting out. these kids weren't in high school and she was a grown
11:46 pm
up. unable to contain herself and stick to the actual subject which just seems after the election went the way it did, nobody feels that they have to control themselves anymore. >> crazy stories. we appreciate it thanks and all of you at home please keep an eye out for these stories. tucker loves them and so do i. email them to campus craziness at big job to protect the president-elect. one person who knows how to do it and get the job done is standing by. a former secret service agent joining us live.
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>> president-elect donald trump has been splitting his time between trump tower peer in new york. trump national golf club in bed minister, new jersey. and luxurious club in mar-a-lago. what challenge does that
11:50 pm
present for the security service. one person who can answer is secret service agent jonathan wackro. presents significant challenges in terms of the size and scope of the place. >> absolutely. if you think if you talk test test cutters protecting it. >> exactly it goes to the unified structure of the security program that's being put forward and coordinated by the secret service. the challenge though at mar-a-lago is the size of the residents. it's 110,000 square feet. >> how big is the white house? >> 55,000 so it's half. and it's an active building. so there are gusts that are there. gusts that are impacted. club gusts. so that presents a whole
11:51 pm
different type of screening, security issue that needs to be, you know, addressed. again, it needs to function as a business. so, the secret service needs to be mindful of that while protecting the president-elect and. >> his family, obviously. >> exactly. >> here at trump tower, i think i will take my wisdom from you first of all because you know more about it than i do. cab driver today i don't know his name. i was trying to get back over to fox from my hotel because it was several blocks away i gave up and he told me to start walking. new president. that's all he said. you know what he meant which is because the new president is in trump tower, they are shutting down blocks. there is donald trump trucks out there. we have to do this to protect him. >> new york is facing the perfect storm right now. president-elect residing in the middle of manhattan, it's the holiday season so you have all of the tourists that are coming in, there is this absolutely convergence right on fifth avenue. the security perimeter is just going to get more secure as we get closer to his inauguration. and then really after
11:52 pm
january 20th, you're going to see a very significant lockdown of that area once he becomes president. >> now, there was a report in the "new york post" today on your point. and i think they said roughly $3 million for the veto service to lease out space at trump tower so they have a command center. we're not giving out secret information. the clintons have had command centers at their properties. joe biden and i know the vice president in delaware had -- they leased out space on his property. here manhattan real estate this is a whole new endeavor. >> it absolutely is. listen, it goes to our protective methodology veto service. you need a unified command center. especially here that you can be in close contact with the nypd, other law enforcement agencies to have this comprehensive security program be executed on a daily basis. >> without giving out secret information. what would the command center have in it god forbid there is an emergency. >> a fusion center. taking in intelligence. taking in the security protocols that are in place. you know, it's adjusting to the changing environment. you know, the perimeter
11:53 pm
post. the interior post. it's monitoring the alarms recollect the air censors, everything that needs -- >> -- big job, obviously. >> very big job. >> monumental you know about it we appreciate you coming in and giving us that insight. >> thanks a lot. >> millions of americans plan to be traveling this weekend. here to tell us what mother nature has in store for them fox news rick reichmuth joins us from the fox weather center. what are you seeing. >> nothing but good news for you. travel wise we are not bad. a little bit of activity around the great lakes. nothing that's going to cause a big problem. the central part of the country is looking great today. and really kind of for most of the weekend. any action we have is out across the weather service, take a look at this, if you are flying home yet today not a delay to be found at any of the we start to see participation move in through southern california. the west is storm dr. we like to see that drought going on years and years.
11:54 pm
by tomorrow rain and even mountain snow down towards southern california. eventually by sunday afternoon in across parts of the four corners and take a look at this. across the southeast to northeast we have incredible drought going on as well. this is a peek ahead tuesday into wednesday. take a look at that spots, four inches of rain and that is nothing but good news across parts of the east. >> wow. makes me feel good because people get mad at rick reichmuth when he brings bad news. not his fault, folks. he is trying hard. he brings good news. thanksgiving miracle. love to do it. >> come up, it's your turn to choose the news. what stories do you think deserve more coverage? that were ignored
11:55 pm
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>> it's that time again for you choose the news. we ask you what stories we should be covering but aren't. winning submission comes from rod peck 2002 who tweeted us about the effort to turn tampa, florida into
11:59 pm
sanctuary city. here's the story: >> mayor buck horn ohio met at the white house was out the town when the letter was delivered. the mayor is aware of the request and will consider it. rod peck we are working more to get you on this story. we are reaching out and activist to see if they will come on the program next week when tucker is back. subject news abuse is back. you have seen egregious example of bias or dumbness. tv segment don't make it dumb about me because tucker won't have me back. send at tucker carlson tonight at that's about it for us tonight. thank you for joining us. don't miss the premier of fox news reports, how we fight it will air 3:00 p.m. eastern on sunday. some of the top ranking officials in the military.
12:00 am
including defense secretary incoming national security advisor. as for us, we will see you back here 7:00 p.m. monday for the next edition of "tucker carlson tonight." a special edition of "the o'reilly factor" is up next. have a great weekend. ♪ welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck. >> coming up on the big show. 134 trump supporters feel betrayed after he says he will not push charges against the clintons. the president-elect hem will be here to respond. and british students are being taught that movies like "beauty and the beast" and" alladin" are sexist. at least they have "song of the south" and some reasons why you may think a guy is creepy. tom? >> thank you, andy. i


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