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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 27, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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lift it off of the girl. she is in stable condition at the hospital. the truck driver saying he'll cover the medical expenses. >> thankfully. wow. we're back at 4:00 and 6:00. leyland and -- >> well, coverage continues. %'s team holding no punches today. against hillary clinton. as she signs on to a left wing recount effort in some key battleground states. >> i think the american people know this is a waste of everyone's time an money and only for -- to divide this country. >> plus, president-elect trump working on building more of his cabinet. major roles such as secretary of state still unannounced. and the fallout from the death of cuban dictator fidel castro continues. how will it affect our relationship with the communist island and will the cuban people finally find freedom?
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good sunday to you. good to be with you. i'm leland and i'm elizabeth prann. president-elect trump says a recount is not necessary, mr. trump is firing back at the wisconsin recount effort champion by green party candidate jill stein. his former rival hillary clinton is coming out to support the effort which mr. trump calling a scam. our own peter dooci is live outside the mar-lago club. how concerned are they about the effort under way? >> reporter: we haven't heard anybody here or back at trump tower say they're worried. donald trump will be the presidency away from him but there does seem to be a feeling now of betrayal among some on the transition team now that
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some of the clinton campaign's lawyers have joined this recount effort in wisconsin and that is because this morning the incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus revealed on election night, the clinton campaign cut a deal for a concession call to happen within 15 minutes of the associated press calling the rice and since that's how things went down, he thinks they're joining it's legit and prebus said he thinks that jill stein organizer of this entire effort isn't trying to make things right. he thinks she is just out for the limelight. >> this is ridiculous. this is a fund raising notoriety driven fraud by a person who won 33,000 votes in wisconsin to president-elect trump who won 1.4 million so here we have a person perpetrating a fund raising scheme that's lost by
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over 1.35 million votes in wisconsin attempting to undo a 28,000-vote lead. it will never happen. >> reporter: the president-elect commenting on this entire thing this morning. he wrote this. hillary clinton conceded the election when she called me just prior to the victory speech and after the results were in. nothing will change. so the president-elect is not calling hillary clinton out directly here but he is trying to use her words and her actions to convince people on the left that are joining up with this jill stein recount effort to show them that he doesn't think that the person who stands to benefit from a recount, hillary clinton, would want this or at least she said she didn't want it. back when it looked like she would win. elizabeth? >> active on twitter. he named people to be in the administration. what kind of work did the president-elect do this weekend? anymore signaling of names
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coming up? >> reporter: there are going to be eight meetings aft trump tower tomorrow. something interesting we found out about, the president-elect and the current president, barack obama, spoke on the phone for 45 minutes yesterday. the news of this call just came from kellyanne conway, the top adviser. we don't know what was discussed but following a pledge of president obama to make the successor and family as comfortable as possible. at the same meeting, calling mr. obama a good man and making good on the talk about keeping in touch until january. elizabeth? >> very interesting. peter doocy reporting, thank you. litting more insight on this. molly hooper, reporter for the hill. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> what do you make of this recount effort? jill stein vanity project or a shil for the clintons? >> there's reports out there and we know about the fake news going on and people saying that hillary clinton secretly behind
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this. i don't know if that's necessarily the case but she is raising -- jill stein is raising a lot of money for this recount effort from democrats. >> it is money not coming from the green party fringe. >> no, it is not. the thing is she says on her website, full disclosure that not all this money will necessarily go towards a recount because the recount has to be accepted by the states and whatnot. i think that this just goes to show that the democrats are leaderless at this point. you look at what's going on in louisiana. there's a senate race that they could be sending the money to, democratic candidate in that race. but instead, they're giving money to a recount effort of jill stein coming out on twitter lambasted hillary clinton for being involved with. >> is there a risk to the democrats here that at a time when clearly the country said at least in one way or another we're rejecting the stronger together message from before? the democrats are clearly in disarray and now the recount route, if they fail and every
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expert seems to think they will and a recount and overturn the results in wisconsin, pennsylvania and in michigan together, there's going to be a pretty loud thud when it hits the ground. >> well, you know, i really don't know how big that thud is going to be given the fact that this truly seems to be a jill stein effort. i mean, if you look at the hillary clinton folks who have come out on media and the posts on media, brian fallon said we'll have a lawyer present just to make sure everything is going okay but even we acknowledge that overcoming even the smallest of deficit which is in michigan is going to be nearly impossible. >> well, but they're still showing up. >> they're showing up. >> we have the trumps moving headlong into the transition which for reporters covering it unlike anything we have seen. used to be you had to hear the whisper campaigns and maybe a snippet of a source on the outside. and all the people who are
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possible candidates for each job -- i will serve the president-elect no matter how and then from the insiders we get something like this. from kellyanne conway. >> number of people who feel betrayed to think that a governor romney would get the most prominent cabinet post after he went so far out of his way to hurt donald trump, there was never trump movement and then mitt romney. >> and this is an isolated. we had newt gingrich on this morning also talking about mitt romney really, really pulling out the knives. this is not -- stab you not in the back but in the front. >> it is unusual. and that's one thing that we can learn from the trump campaign is that there's no such thing as normal these days in politics, especially politics that are successful. if you look at donald trump. that said, kellyanne conway has a loyalty i would think to newt as she was involved in his campaign in 2012. there are a lot of people upset within the republican party. those people who feel like they stepped away from donald trump,
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you know, you do have the loyalists who stuck out their necks to support him in the race and those who did not and did the opposite like a mitt romney. however, mike pence is also key in this transition team and mike pence behind the scenes would like probably a mitt romney more so than a rudy giuliani. this individual has to get through the senate. >> right. you also have to wonder on a case especially watching this play out on cable television how much people are arguing really for the best interest of the candidate or of themselves. so motives are also suspect in that case. molly hooper, from the hill, appreciate it. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, ma'am. >> absolutely. all right. fox news sunday right on right after our show, reince priebus, the fellow you heard from in peter's hit had a lot to say. he sat down with chris wallace and sat down with ohio congressman tim ryan who's running for nancy pelosi's job and trying the take on nancy pelosi and this evening at 5:00
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p.m. a special broadcast by our own chief political analyst, the trump revolution great insights there into how trump did it. bret at 5:00 p.m. eastern tonight. the story we're following all weekend. two stark contrasts over the death of fidel castro. those in cuba mourning the death of the dictator, we're seeing exiles rejoicing in the streets of south florida. here with a live look at the celebration in miami's little havana is rick eleven that will. we saw the celebrations yesterday. is it a similar atmosphere today? >> reporter: elizabeth, miami police just moments ago closed travel here southwest a-street so the people move out into the street and celebrate the death of a dictator. i want to show you the front page of the most popular newspaper in south america.
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it says a profile shadow of fidel castro. never more. the death of a dictator and this party started in earnest friday night after word leaked out finally as many people hoped for, the leader of that communist country did, in fact, pass away at 90 and they poured out into the street here. singing and chanting and hear them doing right now and celebrating this change in cuban sul chur. they -- the people here believe that castro is responsible for decades of oppression, jailing and killing thousands of dissidents. stealing the homes and silencing the opposition and millions of these people and many of these folks were forced to flee cuba. boarding small boats for a treacherous 90-mile journey to florida where many settled and in fact cubans, exiled cubans make up almost one half of miami-dade's 2.5 million
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residents. the folks out here say they will keep on celebrating for as long as they can. >> rick, what is the scene like in cuba 90 miles south? >> reporter: well, the scene in havana and across cuba is very, very different. it's much more somber tone and many will tell you they're not going to celebrate the death of a dictator in cuba. for whatever it's worth, publicly people are mourning there. privately, some have expressed hope that castro's passing could lead to a relaxing of rules down there. and perhaps a freer country, a freer cuba. that remains to be seen but i can tell you, elizabeth, this is only growing bigger by the hour and the folks here show no signs of letting up and probably continue celebrating beyond the burial of castro december 4th. >> rick leventhal reporting live. thank you so much.
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we appreciate it. while civility is hard to find in washington these days it is usually a bipartisan event when speaking of the dead. not the case with fidel castro. his death sparked a war of words, some politicians celebrating the death. and others pounced on president obama for being too soft on the former dictator. derek kenny here with more. as controversial in death as he was in life. >> you know, you see i it playing out there. havana, cuba, versus miami. two sides playing out here and washington, as well. you know, in the short term, the future of u.s./cuba relations largely decided by republicans and particularly president-elect trump. over the last few years, we have seen the obama administration take steps to reopen both political and economic relations with cuba but that could change under the new administration. this morning, on fox news sunday incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus said like all of the bad deals the u.s.
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made, mr. trump plans to renegotiate u.s./cuba relations. >> what that deal is yet to be determined but there's going to have to be some movement from cuba in order to have a relationship with the united states. and i think the president-elect has been very clear about this. >> florida senator marco rubio's been a castro regime biggest critics in cuba and after the death he said on nbc's meet the press he is not expecting to see dramatic changes from the communist nation. >> the bottom line is as far as the practical day-to-day affairs, that transition happened a decade ago. it's a symbolic milestone and practically cuba today is governed contactually the same way as 48 hours ago. >> president obama is receiving criticism for the statement released yesterday offering his condolences to the castro family. today senator bernie sanders is defending the septemberments and on cnn's "state of the union"
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said it's important for the u.s. to work with those that it disagrees with. >> the united states of america has relations with china. we have had relations with brutal dictatorships all over the world. the goal is to see that we can improve our relationships with the people of cuba, to do what we can to improve mare economy and make sure that the younger generation does better than the older generation. >> as of right now, fidel castro's funeral is scheduled for december 4th and waiting the find out who if anyone the u.s. is sending as an official representative. >> and also, if the obama administration is going to consult with the incoming trump administration to see how they feel about that pick. garrett tenney, thank you so much. elizabeth? after the break, the political panel with more on the efforts to recount key battleground states won by president-elect trump. and why hillary clinton has jumped on the bandwagon just weeks after the election.
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plus, remembering a fire fighting hero who lost his life trying to save others. and gun fire breaking out in the heart of the french quarter leading multiple gunshot victims and new orleans police scrambling to get medical help. >> i got one shot in the chest. i have one shot in the hand and another one shot somewhere else. i can't tell right now. i need that ems asap. ♪ ♪ see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive.
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one of the top stories today, the clinton campaign joining the recount effort in wisconsin. president-elect trump calling it a scam. let's bring in the very fair and balanced panel. ron is a former chief of staff to the senate republican conference and mark levin a member of the virginia house of delegates and both have been on the show. i want to start with you, if i may, mark. i want to play a sound bite from hillary clinton, it was after the debate october 24th. take a listen and then get your response and ron's. >> donald said something -- well, he said a lot of things that were troubling but he said something truly horrifying. he became the first person
10:20 am
running for president, republican or democrat, refused to say that he would respect the results of this election. that's a direct threat to our democracy. >> i think i know how you respond but is this an epic waste of time or ensuring the confidence in the american political system? >> i don't think it's going to overturn the election but i think it doesn't ensure confidence. because of what donald trump said, a majority of voters believed it was rigged. a moiinority of clinton voters believe it was not. let's show it's not. hillary clinton accepted the results of the election and wasn't her decision to do this and -- >> but it is say, okay, i'm going to support this. >> you know, it's happening and she is going to be counted. the lawyers will be there. at the end of the day, election machines can be hacked. it's one of the reasons why in virginia i have supported saying paper records of all voting and
10:21 am
do that in 2020. show american that is the votes are accurate. >> ron, i have a feeling you are going to disagree. >> this is a gigantic waste of time. >> and money. >> and money. the obama administration has said that the election results should stand, that they believe in them. completely uncutting jill stein's effort. this helps jill stein. does it help her? we have a -- i have a full screen quote to put up her in the interview on npr and she basically said -- i don't have it in front of me which is why i'm waiting and not necessarily going to change the outcome. >> that's exactly right. helps her with the fund raising going on. costing millions of dollars and in the "milwaukee journal" in wisconsin and the green party said whatever money is not spent is spent on their campaign schools. the recruitment. so this is not exactly -- when donald trump says it's a scam i believe him. this is not certifying the election result. she said it's probably fine.
10:22 am
>> let me agree with ron. i think jill stein should commit every penny goes back to the people that gave her the money and not used as a fund-raiser for the green party. >> she won't do that. >> she should do that. we should call on her to do that. designed for a purpose for the recount and not using it for the green party. >> we have seen donald trump put up a number of tweets this morning and took the high road and then respond. how should he be handling this? it's a lot of money, a lot of people need to work and do the recount especially if it's more than one state right now and just wisconsin. how should he be handling the response? >> look. he's sent out a series of tweets now. we know how he feels now. no question about it and made the point and leave it to the campaign. what he is doing with those series of tweets is unusual for a president-elect but he is getting around the mainstream media making sure the voters understand what his message is and i do respect that. >> in the end, you don't think this is damaging to the democratic party? >> look.
10:23 am
this is not taxpayer money. this is legally allowable. jill stein has every right to do this. if it brings more confidence in the elections if they haven't been hacked is a good thing and good for people to remember, we need to get rid of the electronic voting machines. they shouldn't be hackable. i like it to happen in virginia 2016. >> do you think that will happen? >> i have to say it's hillary clinton looking like a sore loser, looks bad. second of all, say these voting machines, they're internet proof. they're not connected to the internet. >> doesn't matter. >> cannot be hacked. >> they can be hacked manually. >> up to the states. >> absolutely. more and more states are moving to paper records and michigan and wisconsin have paper records and largely pennsylvania is the problem. shame on pennsylvania. they need to fix that and more and more states are doing. we should have confidence in the elections. >> well, we will have you back to see how this goes. like we talked about, it's a lot of money spent and people
10:24 am
working to do this. >> private money. not public. >> but millions of it. thank you very much, gentlemen. i very much appreciate it. >> thank you for having us. let's go ahead, when we come back, israeli fighters fighting back in the fight against isis. why one aircraft is taking to the fight in syria. and how will president-elect trump's foreign policy team take on the islamic state? we'll talk about it coming up. former army special forces captain benecolens will weigh in on the trump current cabinet picks. we'll be back. beneful is really excellent. the first ingredient is chicken. (riley) man, this chicken is spectacular! (jessica) i feel like when he eats beneful, he turns into a puppy again. you love it, don't you? you love it so much! (vo) try new beneful healthy weight with chicken. now with real chicken as the number one ingredient.
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israeli fighters say they were defending a border region of syria when they fired on and destroyed a truck carrying four islamic state militants they said were attacking personnel. does this mark a shift in israel's response to the civil
10:29 am
war in syria? >> reporter: elizabeth, since the start of the civil war in syria, israel avoided getting directly involved in the war there and maintained a policy to return fire if they were ever attacked and that they would also prevent the transfer of weapons between the regime, assad regime to groups like hezbollah and today according to israeli officials a patrol along the syrian/israeli border came under fire from an islamic state affiliated group. the israelis returned fire and took out the machine-mounted pickup truck that had four i.s. fighters there, as well. appears to have taken it out by aircraft, by a missile. israel says this isn't a direct involvement in to syria. they have no plans of getting deeper involved there. they want to maintain the quiet along the border there. and this was a one offing. larger question, though, is,
10:30 am
does this represent any type of shift on the part of isis and other mill grants groups? they try to stage a larger presence along the israeli/syrian border, that's sort of a larger question. as this unfolded this morning, there's a large battle going on for aleppo. regime troops continue to push deeper and deeper into rebel-held area of the large syrian city of aleppo. this is the big fight we are seeing day in and day out in syria these days, elizabeth. the russian-backed troops or regime backed by assad push deeper into aleppo and increasingly rebels are pushed out of allotted territory that they held just a few weeks ago. and the assad regime is asserting much more control over places like aleppo, damascus and other places across syria. elizabeth? >> very tense. connor powell reporting live, thank you. let's bring in captain ben
10:31 am
collins who served three tours of duty in afghanistan. good to see you. thank you for taking time off the slopes in aspen for us. as you look at this, there's something in the military world you used to use the word a lot of ground truth. and here in washington, the obama administration seems to be telling everybody including its citizen that is the fight against isis is going pretty well and things in syria aren't that bad. and the u.s. has the upper hand and then you listen to what conor powell just had to say. i know you heard it. seems that the ground truth is different. >> well, it certainly is and the reality is a tactical victory will come in mosul, there's still fighting in raqqah to take place but as many have rightly pointed out, this is more of a, you know, a theological problem that we have right now because a lot of those, you know, isis fighters will move from iraq into syria, syria to turkey and
10:32 am
turkey back into europe so they're going to have a problem. we might find our own kind of home grown or own attacks rising once isis is pushed out and the army in the battlefield. i mean, it is the -- kind of a global jihadist threat i think we haven't taken identity to certainly not in this administration. >> you say within this administration, this administration's done and just about two months, a little bit less. going forward, day one, january 20th, how does president trump at this point change american foreign policy to affect some change inside of syria? one of the things if you destroy isis' command and control and ability to operate in raqqah, destroys everything like ald or pushes them to our shoerls? >> what are the national
10:33 am
interests? we have heard that from individuals that have been talked about. you know, what are the u.s. national interests and so many players involved in this. obviously russia. russia has massive strategic national interests in syria. i would say much more than what certainly have but we have some tactical coinciding interests of defeating that enemy so the first thing i think trump's national security team will have to do is first define who what are the national interests? how far are we being to go to support them and when's the desired end state? i think the people we have seen mentioned understand that. >> well, to that point, though, you study these things. all you national experts talk. kt mcfarland, michael flynn, mike pompeii cia director. those are three names we know right now on the national security team. what is the vision of goals or
10:34 am
perspective goals you laid out? >> well, you know, first off, you know, certainly with -- i was extremely excited to see the addition of kt mcfarland. she is one of the most prominent women in the national security domain. if you go back, this is somebody that literally started in the national security domain, typing the presidential daily brief in 1970 working for kissinger and now writing it. she has an immense knowledge base to which to draw upon. you know, specifically, now general flynn, you know, general flynn in afghanistan wrote a paper. i think it was in 2010, where he said, look. the fact is that just killing the enemy, just targeting the enemy is not enough. we have to understand the enemy. so the most important terrain is human terrain. understand the culture, what drives them. when's going to be the end state? when you look at kt mcfarland and the vast experience in terms of china and russia, somebody like general flynn who certainly
10:35 am
understand the human terrain portion, i think you will have about the best advice that president trump will be able to draw from and here we are 15 years in the war in afghanistan. what are we trying to accomplish? that's something i hope they discuss. what are we going to try to accomplish in iraq? >> we know general flynn and kt mcfarland slightly different view on the semantics of this war and shown that clearly on air with us. ben collins, enjoy the slopes. i hear there's a storm out there. i hop you get a few more freshies. thanks, buddy. >> thank you. >> be safe. after 15 years of war as ben talked about in afghanistan, eight of those years under president obama, how will donald trump run our fighting forces? little bit different than the discussion about national security. a new fox news documentary on how we fight examines that very question. >> cotton and pompeio are
10:36 am
confident president-elect trump is ready to be commander in chief. >> donald trump has said to me in private and he would eliminate the automatic spending cuts to the defense budget, increase the defense budget and rebuild our army and our navy and air force and marine corps. >> he'll bring around him real leaders who understand the traditions and the importance and how to create an effective fighting force and soldiers will be far better off in a trump administration than in the past eight years. >> it is an hour long special entitled "fox news reporting: how we fight." it takes a very cles look at where the u.s. military stands today, some of the problems it faces and how president-elect trump could fix those. check out the special today at 3:00 p.m. eastern. now, some domestic headlines. early morning shooting leaving a person dead and nine injured. shaking a major tourist
10:37 am
attraction in new orleans. it happened in the well-known french quarter. police arrested a suspect. there's no word on what motivated the shooting. one of the victims also arrested on firearms charges. the shooting happened despite an increased police presence for the bayou classic football game and as well as thanksgiving weekend. ♪ a song sends chills down your spine. hundreds lined the streets of savannah, georgia, to say good-bye to a well loved firefighter. the savannah fire department said master firefighter michael curry died from an aneurysm rescuing people after a dock collapsed on a river street. a member of the fire department for 14 years, he leaves behind an 8-year-old son. coming up after the break, hackers target a major american subway system. we'll tell you where after the
10:38 am
break. we'll take a closer look at president-elect trump's cabinet picks so far and the major positions that are still open. ♪ you're the one that i want
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we're going to finish this mission. anything we find is ours. do you want to trust a bunch of black water marks? i mean the rush, i've never felt anything like it. if we stay here we're going to die. then we die. they say there's no such thing as a free ride unless the ride is hacked. that was the situation for riders in san francisco. multiple fare payment machines shut down. hackers even had the following message pop up on the giant computer screens. we're waiting for the message. evidently it said you hacked. in case you had any questions. >> we take it if it's a free ride. >> comforting. yes. president-elect trump has been moving quickly to fill the cabinet and some pundits predicted the choices, others had been traditional in the fact
10:43 am
of being unorthodox. here with more on the latest of the pk's potential choices is crystal fisher. what can you tell us? >> the big news this morning is that we really got to see just how divided the trump team is over mitt romney considered for secretary of state. con way and gingrich were vocal in the opposition arguing a slap in the face to many of the trump loyalists to feel betrayed. >> speaking for most of the trump supporters, while we'll support president-elect trump in whatever he does, i think he would be enormously disappointed if he brought mitt romney in in any position of authority. >> i'm not sure we have to pay for unity with the secretary of state position. >> conway quick to add to of course support romney if that's who trump ultimately picks. some of the other top contenders is former new york city mayor giuliani, tennessee senator bob
10:44 am
corker and retired general david petraeus. >> it's not a matter of warfare. there's opinions and, yes, it is a team of rivals concept if you were to go toward the governor romney concept, but i think that should tell all americans about where president-elect's head is at which is a place that will put the best possible people together for all americans. >> now today we are also learning more about mr. trump's for education secretary. jerry falwell jrds, the president of liberty university said he was offered the job last week and turned it down due to personal reasons and that position is open and secretary of defense. i think it's important to keep in mind despite the openings, the trump transition team ahead of schedule. this point in 2008, president obama had yet to make any appointments to his cabinet. so just a little historical perspective for you. >> i think we have big headlines coming up.
10:45 am
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come january 17th there will be a new first lady. the new title for melania trump will be a full-time job but not making an immediate move to the white house. here with us now for perspective, anita mcbride, former chief of staff for laura bush and discussing the responsibilities ahead for melania trump. i want to ask you because you have seen everything that goes on behind the scenes. can you set the scene for us? >> it's more than people realize. it is a multi-faceted job and requires someone who's willing to put themselves out there on the very complex responsibilities that come there. i mean, people think that it is just running events and parties at the white house. well, you really are a caretaker
10:50 am
for the white house as a museum, as a historical, you know, part of our nation's history. you also have this awesome responsibility of having to maintain the family life and sanctuary for the president that's necessary when every single problem comes to the president's desk and then you do oversee events at the white house, but also, you have this automatic platform to take on issues that you care about. >> is there anything that stands out to you in history looking at, let's say, jackie conditiondy or laura bush or michelle obama? is it more public or always been really a focal point for the american people? >> i think it has become more and more public and with that greater expectations that the person who is in the position does something with it. and i think we have seen the evolution over time that the women who have occupied this position used it for things they care about. lady bird johnson, arguably the first of our nation's conservationists, first ladies.
10:51 am
and jackie kennedy, of course, with her care of the historical significance of the white house and obviously launched the white house historical association which to this day protects the artifacts and acquisitions of the white house. laura bush traveled around the world on global health initiatives. mrs. obama is focused on a domestic epidemic with childhood obesity. >> we talk about the different initiatives. we don't know what mrs. trump will choose. she's talked about cyber bullying. >> right. >> when do you foresee her making that decision and also -- the second question to ask you, not moving immediately. is that overplayed? as a woman you put your family first regardless of whether or not you're moving or taking a new job. family comes first for so many moms. >> that's an important point and shown us what she is made of. true to herself. she's made a decision that's important to her and her family.
10:52 am
and my feeling about this position is that each person gets to pick how they want to do it. they rewrite the position description. every single time of a new occupant and she's set the stage. this is how she gets started. she'll take care of the family first and roll out issues she cares about in due course. we also know at this point mrs. obama fully considered not moving to the white house. in 2009 and wanted her girls adjusted first ambassador she did that. she made a different respect and respected that choice then and this one now or we should. >> certainly there's very little on the job training or you get straight into the job role if you will. who helps her roll out that initiative? because it's not easy and you have to be politically correct and you have to move your initiative forward. how do you go around that? >> i think this is the -- within of the great things that you get to be able to pick a staff. that you can work with and that
10:53 am
supports you but also also ultimately there to support the overarching responsibility which is what the president's agenda is and every first lady i have met with and i study this now as american university. this is my line of work is legacy throughout our history. each of them picks something that they feel passionate about. it's true to them and they surround themselves with people that can help them execute that. when the president of the united states takes the oath of office on january 20th, 2017, the first lady has an automatic powerful platform to use it in the way they want to. >> from your personal experiences, what are some of the biggest challenges? she never had a private life. she had her own career and then her husband is a public figure in new york and a national scale and has been for his entire career. is it the privacy? is it the fact she will have to go back and forth? what are the challenges that she's going to be facing? >> you raised one of the big
10:54 am
challenges right at the beginning and that is now trying to lead a private life in a very public eye. there's a great fascination and interest that americans have about their first families. they want to know everything. what you eat. what you dress in. you know? where your child goes to school. we feel this connection to our first families and want the know how they live their life. that is definitely a challenge. but it's also an opportunity. and there's an opportunity to also pick things to work on that really do impact the american people. and i think at the end of the day where every single problem comes to the desk of the american president and usually half the country likes you and half the country doesn't, for the first lady it is different. you get to pick and choose and have an impact and people really appreciate you took this platform and did something good with it. >> anita, thank you so much. you have a perspective and thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. thank you for having me. great interview. coming up, you better watch out, you better not cry and that's
10:55 am
not because i might sing. misbehaving kids don't just get coal in this place. find out why they're getting a visitor bearing gifts, as well. nobody likes. we don't like the talk. we prefer action. this is going to be huge fun tonight. >> oh no! what if a company that didn't make cars made plastics that make them lighter? the lubricants that improved fuel economy. even technology to make engines more efficient. what company does all this? exxonmobil, that's who. we're working on all these things to make cars better and use less fuel. helping you save money and reduce emissions. and you thought we just made the gas. energy lives here.
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you nightmares, i don't know what will. kids usually expect sugar plums this holiday season but in europe, they have a creepy rival. it's krampus in austria. it is a traditional sidekick of santa claus. he hands out punishment for bad kids. i would say that it's probably not positive reinforcement. >> how bad are kids in austria that parents had to dream this up? >> i don't know because if you see those characters, they actually are pretty terrifying. i don't know if i would show it to my 2-year-old. gives me nightmares. >> kids, he doesn't fly and make it to the u.s. don't worry. a lot of news this weekend for holiday weekend. >> a lot of news coming up to be talking about. >> chris wallace previews that coming up next. he's got prinreince priebus. big news he makes and the guy on
11:00 am
the left, tim ryan to take on rp to be the house minority leader. >> don't want to miss that interview. thank you for joining us. we'll be back next week. i'm chris wallace. the death of fidel castro ignites a new debate of u.s. relations with cuba. today, the live reports on the celebration in miami. the mourning in havana. and whether donald trump will follow through on the campaign promise to undo efforts by president obama to bring the two nations closer. we'll discuss the breaking news with president-elect trump's new white house chief of staff reince priebus. it's a fox news sunday exclusive. then, we'll ask our sunday panel about the latest on the trump transition. the battle over who he'll choose for


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