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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 28, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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we'll continue our coverage of an active shooter at the ohio state university, a place that had a big win over the weekend. jon: 8 people sent to local hospitals in ohio after a shooting on the ohio state university campus in columbus. the fires department says one person is in critical conditions. the others said to be stable. jo ling: state university warning its student earlier that there is an active short on campus and those student should run, hide, or fight. melissa: that's the standard protocol. run, evacuate if possible, hide if you can't get anywhere, go
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silently out of view or fight. if your life is in imminent danger use the help of the people around you. the school has 60,000 students. jon: this started an hour ago when the emergency management office started sending out these tweets. buckeye alert. active shooter on campus. run, hide, fight. watts hall. 19th and college. avoid area of college. more information to follow. but the information has been coming out in dribs and drabs. as you can manage people are terrified on the osu campus.
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we understand one of the people transported to the hospital is in critical condition. no word on whether the shooter is among those who have been transported. melissa: ohio state ranked as the 9th largest university. agents are responding to the scene. rob schmidt has the latest from the newsroom. >> a lot of this will be a reiteration. but ohio state on the north side of columbus, ohio. 60,000 students, another 40,000 or so faculty as well. we have 8 people shot at this point. that's what we are being told from local authorities on the scene. we have been calling hospitals trying to get an update on the details. one person was take to the hospital in critical >> so one critical, seven in
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stable, that's according to the prior press office and so we are still trying to get accurate number of that. the number has gone up by 1 in the last few minutes. the left-side of the screen you see video coming from the campus, of course, everybody coming back from thanksgiving break. just a terrible time for something like this to happen. the students just saw parents and wondering what is happening and if their children are safe. a terrible situation to be in. that tweet came out, melissa, like you talked about, run, hide and fight and that's in order. the first thing they want you to do is get away, if that's not an option, find a place to hide, mute the phone and try to stay where you are and last resort if nothing else fight attack any attacker. that's the order. that is a material science and engineer building there at ohio
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state and, again, also along with run, hide and fight, a shelter in place, saying if you're on the north campus, the university wants you to stay in place, shelter in place, stay where you are, stay in a safe place, don't move around, don't call 9-1-1 for information. parents, i'm sure, i know how hard but they don't want you calling the police department. don't tie up the phone lines. only call if you have information to give. the governor of ohio, john kasich, of course, saying tweeting out that his thoughts and prayers are with them and be safe and listen to first responders in the situation, but again, just to repeat, 60,000 students on the campus, massive big ten school. they have in central ohio, north side of columbus, eight people shot. we have reported from the ohio fire press office that one has been taken to the hospital in critical condition, seven in
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stable condition. we don't have any information on what happened to the shooter. it's all still coming in. there's a lot of information coming in. we still are working on details. we have a whole array of emails coming in and we we are trying o get hospitals trying to get more information. we will get that as soon as we get it. >> we don't have any idea if if the shooter is down, all that there's an active shooter involved, right? no other details? >> no information on what has happened to that person f he's in custody, has been killed or killed himself, everything is preliminary. this happened at 9:56 when this first came in. an hour and ten minutes. in an situation like this, an hour seems decent time but information is so scattered. we are talking about a massive campus. melissa: right. >> so many places to go, so many place it is shooter could be and there was a lot of police officers you see in the scene
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there. it's just terrifying, really. the saddest thing is for the parents sitting at home, they have no idea what's going on, thankfully with cell phone you can get information rather quickly but a lot of people on pens and needles wondering what's happened to their children that they likely said good-bye yesterday and sent them to ohio. melissa: thank you, jon. jon: i was just in columbus two weeks ago for election coverage, beautiful city, very friendly people, well covered by the columbus dispatch newspapers and that newspapers is reporting that the shooter is dead, that the shooter on this ohio state university campus is dead. no confirmation on that. the columbus dispatch, reputable newspapers, that's their reporting. danny controlson -- colson is with us, danny, as we continue to watch, it looks like police
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are in armored vehicles around portions of the campus, around watts hall where this shooting to be place, what is the priority, what is going through the minds of those law enforcement responders. >> first of all, they have to be sure that they don't have more than one shooter. hopefully that's not the case. i visited a cross-claim scene that took place and they locked down, they ran away and not one person died inside the facility once the active shooter situation began because they had a plan and they knew what to do and they protected themselves. people died outside unfortunately. but once the individual got inside nobody died because they are following the same procedures by the state university and credit for that. jon: so many procedures have
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changed since the high school massacre in colorado? >> yes, you don't wait anymore. it's a bad day for law enforcement, but their job is to get in quick, resolve the situation and neutralize and that's what we are seeing more and more. where we see they don't do that is we see significant carnage. kudos to our state university, a lot of universities don't do this, they apparently dealt with in orientation, they have a system they can tweet or sent out text messages and that's very helpful. notice the most important thing and they can still faculty and staff what to do, they have a real good chance to live if they have a plan in place and practice it. melissa: we heard so much about the buckeye alert system just in the past hour sending messages to students but also students can respond to that alert system and say where they are and send back information; is that right?
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and how many schools have system like that? >> unfortunately not enough. not one child has died in school fire and we do fire drills, we very seldom do active shooter drills, people need to prepare whether it's your church, mosque, synagogue, business, get ready for this because it's coming. you can see where people prepare and they involve law enforcement in their preparation and have a good chance to making it through this. one of the things that's important for everybody to know and that is that these things are perpetrated by people that are blasted out high on adrenaline and adrenaline will carry you for a period of time, it's not very long and the more time you can buy by locking yourself down, getting into a position that you can get away, the more chance you have and then things get better for the victims, often times they kill themselves or they make a mistake and policemen, police officers or sheriffs neutralize
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them. what we are trying to do is buy time so that the police can respond and you have a chance to survive. >> all right, thank you, so much for joining us. jon. jon: joining us mike, former director of the new york terrorism task force. mike, this doesn't seem to be a terrorist incident or could it be? >> we have no idea right now what the motivations are. that's what everybody is trying to sort out but as we know from unfortunately other situations in this same type of scenario, the priority now is to make sure everybody is safe, to lock down and make sure there's no other threats that are out there and then the forensic analysis begins, what was this person's motivation, what kind of weapons, how did he get the weapon, what is their digital footprint at home, who have they been communicating with, what have the conversations been and that will give us an idea as to what type of motivation may have spurred this type of attack. >> we have seen the footage in
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previous circumstances like this where, you know, students who had nothing whatsoever to do with the attack are led out of the building generally, you know, at gunpoint where their hands up in the air or hands behind their heads, explain why that is necessary in a situation like this? >> so it's essential when law enforcement comes and basically encircles the area where the active shooter has been reported, make sure you control the area. no one is getting in and when people come out, you want to evacuate everybody. you want to make sure the shooter is not among the individuals that is coming out. you have to identify people in addition to what you want to do, you want to make sure who is there and who is not. it's very important that we all have cell phones and to have people in the situation say i'm safe, i'm good, that kind of information is really critical as these very quick events happen. remember, this usually does not take much longer than 5 to 10
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minutes in the shooting situations we have seen before. jon: it's been underway an hour and 15 minutes now, the columbus dispatch is reporting that the shooter is dead although we have not independently confirmed that. at least eight people taken to hospitals. michael, 60,000 students at this one of the largest universities in the nation. what do you say to parents at a time like this? >> you say to parents that this is an event that has taken place and it's very unlikely that your individual child is involved just based upon statistics, you pray for the families that are involved in this but what you have to have faith in is that this is a situation that law enforcement and security personnel at the campus have anticipated and hopefully have responded in such a way to prevent the loss of life. jon: let's hope that there isn't any further loss of life. we are told that one person was in critical condition, seven others hospitalized in
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relatively good condition, we understand. we are certainly going to continue to monitor this breaking situation, we will bring you the latest as we get the information. michael, thank you. also brand new developments breaking on the trump transition. as fierce fighting erupts in the inner circle. we will have that for you right after the break. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out
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melissa: brand new information -- jon: fox news alert, melissa. we are getting brand-new information about the situation on the columbus campus of ohio state university. a second station now reporting that the shooter is dead. wbns, cbs affiliate in columbus is saying that the shooter is dead and the police killed that person. we also had that report earlier from the columbus dispatch that the shooter is dead. we understand that a total of eight people have been
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transported to the hospital as a result of an active shooting situation on the campus of one of the largest universities in the nation, ohio state university, 60,000 students attend there and it has been a terrifying return from thanksgiving break. that has been underway for a little more than an hour. a second news media outlet reporting that the shooter is dead as we get more information we will bring toyot on happening now. melissa: in the meantime new information on the trump transition, parade of high-profile faces appearing at trump tower as president-elect trump fills out administration, his choice for secretary of state, though, still up in the air. trump senior adviser kellyanne conway speaking out strongly against mitt romney. >> people feel betrayed that governor romney who went out of his way to question the
8:18 am
character and integrity would be given the most significant cabinet of all, secretary of state. it's hard to imagine that kellyanne conway was going rogue there. >> we have more news to share with you, melissa, later on today the retired general portreus will take the elevator in mr. trump's sky scraper for a meeting and tomorrow rate romney is coming back. first about the portraeus meeting after he told bbc radio that he would take a position in the trump administration because if the commander in chief asks you to serve the only thing is, yes, mr. president. the adviser who has been the
8:19 am
faith of the transition for the last two and a half weeks kellyanne conway is the face within her list of people that don't want mitt romney to be secretary of state. that's the list that's growing. the list of people that are inside and do want mitt romney from the trump transition team, a lot shorter, melissa. melissa: thank you so much for that report, jon. jon: for more on all of this let's bring bret baier, the anchor of special report. kind of interesting what's going on when you have the campaign manager kellyanne conway going on television and publicly criticizing her boss' potential nominee to be secretary of state, mitt romney. what do you make of all of this? bret: jon, good morning. she's very smart. it's hard to believe that it would be her getting over her skis on the issue talking about the reaction of the base to a section of mitt romney as
8:20 am
secretary of state. if you look at the tweets, all that she said since, again, it's hard to believe that she doesn't have some blessing from the inside that this has happened. we will have to wait and see. obviously the meetings happening in trump tower is key. david portreus and mitt romney coming back tomorrow. at the end of the day, the trump administration is starting to fill out ahead of schedule and the big positions of defense and treasury, homeland security and state still obviously have yet to be filled. jon: it's just not just kellyanne conway, newt gringrich who has been, you know, very tight with donald trump but big supporter throughout election campaign over the weekend said he thought a romney choice would be disappointing, so, again, another high-profile well-known adviser saying don't pick mitt romney for the job. >> yeah, well, i will just say
8:21 am
there's the sentiment because of all of the things romney said during the campaign. but remember donald trump knows how to orchestrate things for the most attention and knows how to really talk to the media about things and don't be surprised if this is a reveal of something else. i think you have to watch this closely. i don't think kellyanne conway is ahead of her boss that much. jon: we will look more on special report tonight. bret baier, the anchor of that program. melissa: all right, when we come back, we are going to give you any updates on developments in this situation going on at ohio state university. we know eight people have been transported to a local hospital. police in the area saying they have killed at least one subject. we do not know if that means there's another involved. eight people taken to the
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hospital, when we come back we are going to update you on the very latest development there. @p
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jon: fox news alert from the campus of ohio state university where an active shooter has been killed by police, that's what two media outlets are reporting there, whether there might be more than one shooter, though, we do not know yet. you can see the scene is chaotic. 60,000 students told to run, hide or fight. when we get more information on exactly what's transpired there, we will bring it to you live. melissa: two days of tributes begin today in cuba following the death of fidel castro beginning this morning with 21-gun salute. steve joins us live from havana from more. steve. >> melissa the cannons rang out
8:26 am
here in havana at 9:00 a.m. sharp but really hours before dawn tens of thousands of cubans were lining up in the darkness to pay tribute to fidel castro, we have seen very public emotion on the streets, most people guarded but the government taking firm control over the mourning process, shutting down any concerts or festivities or knocking out birthday parties, castro's ashes will be moved across the country to the city, santiago, that's where he began the cuban revolution in 1963. questions on whether he will try to accelerate the pace of economic reform in cuba now without base brother looking over his shoulder anymore. also a big question now remains for u.s.-cuba relations.
8:27 am
thousand have fought over the obama administration, will that continue or be reversed under president trump. melissa, back to you. melissa: certainly interesting to watch. thank you so much steve. jon: fidel castro is being mourned in some segments of the cuban population as the death is celebrated by cuban exiles in america which had to flee when castro came to power in 1969. it wasn't until 1911 where u.s. severed relations with havana. >> we are protected by the united states, because the united states has not wont anybody to invest a penny. they do not want investments in cuba. >> according to the u.s. department, there are another 70
8:28 am
fugitives. >> don't you mind, commander? >> you know more than i do because i have not heard of 70 fugitives in the united states. >> maria elvira salazar hosted maria elvira live. so when you got the word that fidel castro was dead, first thought that went through your mind? >> it was new dawn for the cuban people, a new era has begun. jon: you really think so? you think things will change? >> i certainly hope so because that's the only thing we have, is hope. it's a moment of historical proportions. trump is in power or he will be very soon, fidel is dead and raúl is alone with an economy -- jon: i lived in miami, the patriot or fidel castro and
8:29 am
havana was viseral. there's a new generation of cuban americans sort of taking the place of older generation and that they are not as antifidel as their parents. >> i'm so happy you lived here in miami. i long to that second generation, i was born and raised in the united states, but you know, when you grow up in exile and you see the suffering and tears and separation of families and you see the torture of political prisoners, your parents teach you what happened and you see what happened. jon: you interviewed the man, all of those thoughts must have been at the forefront of your mind. this is a guy who has imprisoned political enemies and killed thousands of people to cling to
8:30 am
power, does he not ebbing press remorse? >> yeah, it's true. i was the only cuban american. it's very easy, or easier for castro to have given an interview to somebody that was american or italian but he was talking to the enemy. it took me three years to get the interview. he didn't know i was going to tell him exactly what you're saying. i was trying to be a journalist and impartial and in the middle. absolutely, i was thinking -- when i was facing him, i was thinking of the rafters. we have thousands and thousands of people who have died or disappeared in the middle of the florida straight, eaten by the sharks because they are trying to escape and those are the same rafters that are trying to get to the florida coast today as you are reporting. so i did my job but still we remember and the streets of miami are full of i would say -- a lot of people in miami are celebrating because he is dead, not because he died but because
8:31 am
there's a new dawn for cuba. jon: president obama has extended olive branch to cuba, reopened diplomatic relations, you can fly in airlines to havana now legally which you couldn't do for decades. >> yeah. jon: will any of that be undone, should any of that be undone by the incoming trump administration? >> well, that's why i'm telling you that we are in a historical glorious moment because what obama did was very noble. i think he really tried to reach to the cuban people and put aside the government or the castro brothers, president obama knows exactly what the castro brothers have done but he tried to surpass that and reach a hand or extend the hand to the cuban people. now president trump -- now president trump -- tell, me sorry. president trump needs to see if he wants to -- he really wants to do business with the cuban military which is what's
8:32 am
happening in the last two years. melissa: when we come back we will bring you the latest of ohio state, eight people at local hospital. shooter is dead by reports. we will be right back. . . . you didn't read your
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jon: fox news alert and the emergency appears to be over at ohio state university. it's emergency management office has sent out a tweet saying that the shelter in place order has been lifted.
8:36 am
the scene is now secure. it goes onto say that all classes on the columbus campus are canceled for the remainder of today. this apparently started with some kind of a vehicle attack at watts hall, a suv rammed a building or doorway, ran over some people or collided with some people and then there was a report of a shooter on campus. one perp we are told is dead as a result of police gunfire but also a report that a second assailant may have been involved. so we are trying to straighten all of this out but the good news is the situation does appear to be at an end all under containment according to ohio state university police. in the meantime some new numbers breaking on how the government wastes your tax dollars. what the federal fumbles reports
8:37 am
released. what are the numbers like this year? chief congressional correspondent live on capitol hill with that. mike. >> jon, good morning to you. oklahoma senator calls report federal fumbles, a little bit of a football reference there. one hundred days the federal government has dropped the ball. let's take a look at some examples. federal government spending nearly a half million dollars to study the sites, sounds, tastes of the medieval periods and what world hospitals here, $1 billion in hospitals and infrastructure projects for the palestinian government, some of which were told are unusable or unsustainable. language -- langford has been talking about the report,
8:38 am
$180,000 to develop a way to count sea population in america and $15,000 spent by the national science foundation to study how court rulings make people feel. expect fiscal conservative like senator from oklahoma to continue to beat the drum about being time to tightened things up. jon: has you pulling your hair out, mike emmanuel. thank you. melissa: the judge accepting the accused murderer's quote, unwise decision, what that decision was and the impact it could have on the trial when our legal panel weighs in nothing says "treat yourself" like red lobster's holiday
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melissa: tensions growing of president-elect trump's wanting to be mitt romney to be
8:42 am
secretary of state. former campaign manager going on blitz as she questioned the idea of such a harsh critic of mr. trump getting a top position in his administration. >> it's breathtaking the type of message that i've received all over the country. the number of people that feel betrayed that think that a governor romney gets prominent post after he went so far to hurt donald trump, there was a never-trump movement and then there was mitt romney. melissa: joining us karl rove, a fox news contributor, karl, so great to have you. she had so much discipline, she was so on point through the whole campaign, it's impossible for me to believe that she's gone rogue hating on mitt romney. there's a method to the maddens, what do you think it is? >> well, we don't know. there are two explanations for this. one is that it's authorized that
8:43 am
romney is said to go out -- that donald trump has said go out and say these things about mitt romney, let's hang out to dry and i had a meeting with him, let's hang him out to dry and i will go with somebody else and we can attribute it to grassroots influence. she said she's given advise to trump privately and now she's making it publicly. i don't know which one it is and we may never know which one it is. this is destructive. first of all suggest that donald trump is weak when his inner core, closest advisers are publicly telling people this is the advise i gave my chief and he isn't listening to me. it makes him look weak. melissa: karl, is there another explanation, is it possible that it gets the shooting out of the way, anything that gets over with by doing this?
8:44 am
>> sure, he -- if you want to reason to blame it on, yeah, but you're the president elect, you can always say, i made my choice on the basis, i thought this was would be the best person for the job who is in sync with me on my policies, i look at a lot of capable people but i have settled on x, this one is going to make it regardless of what he does, if he settles on romney it's going to be his closest advisers told him not to do it, if he settles on somebody else, there was anger about romney and he couldn't stand up to that anger. better to have given advice in private and let him make his decision one way or the other. you can tell him, i'm getting negative feedback about romney. this will blow up a great deal of your base but do that in private. here is the long-term ramification. inside the washington the most important thing that the staff can provide the president is unvarnished advise but if you have people giving advice, well,
8:45 am
i think you ought to go with romney if you have kellyanne conway blasting it. what happens if the president adopts this as as amo? melissa: or he wants to show that he's his own guy and makes another decision, but regardless -- >> he gets to show he's his own guy not when he's cite sized or advice given in public. he is the decisive leader when he makes a decision. melissa: you bring a decision how well outlooks mesh on how to manage countries around the world. there are a lot of places that they differ. might there be some advantage to that, ultimately good cop-bad
8:46 am
cop team where trump says i'm going to start a trade war with china and really hold ground on this and romney goes to the country, boy, you know he's sort of a lunatic, he will do it, could that be one advantage? >> well, there is in the private discussions with foreign leaders, yeah, it's amazing how often you do get people, well, the president is advised to do x, unless you do x, he might do x. that kind of stuff happens all of the time. it happens sometimes in the personal contact between foreign loaders, if you -- leaders, it may force me to do that. that kind of thing comes into play often and it could be. but look, here is the bottom line, the president elect of the united states is entitled to make his decision and the decision is best made when his advisers, in my opinion, privately come to home and don't publicly comment. if he decided it was good to authorize her to do it. it's not in his long-term
8:47 am
interest or short-term interest. it makes whatever he ends up doing look weak and if he didn't authorize her it's even worse. melissa: he likes to defy conventional wisdom. what do you think is best for the slot? >> this is a very personal decision. a lot of it involves the chemistry of the president and the nominee for the secretary of state and also the relationship between the the national security adviser and the secretary of state. look, the national security adviser is somebody we don't talk about in this drama but the national securityadviser has to be able to work hand in glove with the sect -- secretary of state, some by secretary of defense, some by secretary of state but a variety of opinions. this has to be somebody that the secretary of state can work with and whom the secretary of state respects and whom the national security adviser respects because they'll be knit up very close, one as advocate and
8:48 am
executor and one as process leader that helps shape the offense of the president and probably last person -- when president trump says, i heard all of the advice, cia, everybody, national security adviser, what do you think, they play an important role in this drama. melissa: absolutely, karl rove, great to see you, thank you. >> thank you, melissa. jon: bargain hunters are heading online with cybermonday but great deals may have started even before today, what every shoppers needs to know
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melissa: cybermonday is well under way as consumers look for the best digital deals and the event maybe in danger of
8:52 am
exclusive title. businesses are also offering the same deals in their stores. small business advocate and owner of the mark's groups, a business consultant firm and also a columnist for "the new york times" and for forbes. the most annoying thing over the weekend, 108 million other people, i went shopping online over the weekend, today dawn in the same stores were sending me notices of deeper discounts. so bishoping over the weekend i hurt myself, am i alone? >> let's give it up. we can't figure it out, can we? we never are going to know when we will get the best price. we will be talking a few years later and remember the thick called black friday, it's all going away is what i'm expecting to happen. you well know this as many friends and business associates. we shop for stuff before
8:53 am
thanksgiving and there are deals being done. sure, retailers are holding off with big discounts but you can get discounts way before then. black friday as well. sales were down in store sales throughout the country on black friday. people are shopping more online and retailers are realizing this. they are responding to this so they can maximize what sales are. melissa: we did go out an black friday, my kids insisted, it was like they were all excited, we've heard about this and we want to go to a store. i tried to tell them that it was going to be awful. we went to best buy. we stood a line for about a second which was all hype. there was not a lot of people there. was that the experience all around the country? >> it was. this is what's going on in retail in america. it used to be everybody would go to a store like in a christmas -- melissa: right.
8:54 am
>> so instead of fighting the online sellers, most brick and mortar stores are embracing the online world. stores like wal-mart, target, cvs, they are offering shoppers ability to order online, go right into the store and pick up stuff. nordstrom is doing the same thing. even cvs. on the other side of the chain amazon who by the way will account for one every two dollars spent online over the holidays according to report, they're still now moving towards brick and mortar because amazon is realizing, look, we are going to open up bookstores and retail outlets because it's not just about being brick and mortar and being online, it's a matter of converging the things together. melissa: you wait too long it's matter no matter how the deal is. real quick, what's the best day? >> the biggest shopping day of the day is not black friday, the big deal is saturday before
8:55 am
christmas. if you were looking for biggest bargain on store and online, that's where you want to buy. melissa: i think they are out of stuff. jon: man who confessed to killing nine people in church is found competent to stand trial for their murderers. does this ruling affect his ability to plea not guilty by reason of insanity all ahead in the second hour of happening now
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. .
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>> new information on those devastating landslides in italy. two towns in the north hit particularly hard by those slides after days of torrential rain. now drones are surveying the damage. the video shows roads cut off, many homes in accessible as hundreds of people are displaced. those landslides triggered by floods over the past few days and more bad weather is forecast for region. volunteers are still working to contact families living in homes that remain under threat. poor italy. they have had a couple of terrible earthquakes and now this. all this torrential rain and landslides to boot. melissa: the pictures are really horrible. the damage is amazing. we'll be back here in an hour. i'm coming back. why not. >> please do. enjoy having you here. "outnumbered" starts right now.
9:00 am
sandra: fox news alert. ohio state saying shelter in place warning has been lifted and scene is secure after reports of an active shooter on campus. the fire department says seven people were rushed to the hospital. latest reports two are in stable condition. no word on the others. after osu, one of america's largest universities, incident a series of tweets telling students to healther in place, and quote, run, hide, fight. correspondent rob schmitt joins us live from the newsroom. we're getting word the situation is secure but we're still waiting to hear anything about this shooter and his motive. reporter: sandra, so many conflicts reports at this point. we're not sure if we're dealing with one suspect here or more than one. we're not sure if the suspect or suspects are dead at this point. we've heard an array of conflicting reports. we can tell you the most important thing as you said the scene is now over, it's secure.


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