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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 29, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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soccer team when it crashed into the mountains outside of the city killing 17. >> the flight radar you can see here the plane circling before it went down. >> news of the crash quickly spreading through the soccer world. this is video posted to the team's facebook page showing them checking in for the flight earlier in the day. >> they were flying from bolivia to columbia where they were set to play in the south american club finals. >> the stays mayor calling it a quote tragedy of huge proportions. we will continue to follow the story for you. >> to another alert this morning. i can't take it any more. the chilling words posted online before an ohio state university student rammed his car into a crowd of people pulled out a butcher knife and slashed everyone in his path. >> his possible ties to terror.
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garrett, good morning. >> clayton and heather good morning to you. investigators aren't ready to say this attack was indeed motivated terrorism. but there are indications early on that suggest that could be the case. investigators are now looking at a post, a facebook post which could belong to the attacker abdul artan. he post it had minutes before the attack was carried out. they are working to confirm it was him. one investigator describes the post as a declaration against unfair treatment of muslims. the method used the fact that he was drooifdzing driving a car i a crowd of people and use ago knife. isis encouraged attackers to use
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those things. we are learning bhoer artan the 19-year-old ohio state student. he was polite and attended daily prayer services at a mosque. a student by the same name abdul artan complained to the newspaper, the lat terne, there weren't any places to pray on campus and he thought people were afraid of him because he was a muslim. he plowed his car into a crowd of students and pulled out a butcher knife and attacked them before he was taken down by a police officer. we are talking about how that horrific scene played out. >> he appeared on the sidewalk. i saw one guy (indiscernible n. (. everybody was shouting run, run, run. >> hear a loud bangnd i saw a huge crowd. people like really running and really screaming like something
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is going on. then i heard the three gun shots and for about that same area. >> in all 11 people were injured in this attack. one of them critically. we are expected to get an update on their condition later this morning. clayton, heather? >> garrett tenney live for us. >> ties to terror. key focus as police dig into the suspect's past. peter king said this attack had all of the hall marks of terrorism. >> i would be surprised if it is not terrorism. we can't make a final conclusion but a somali refugee and the type of attack hitting people with his vehicle, using the knife coming shortly after the president announced al-shabaab is based in somalia after isis encouraged people to crash into crowds and use knives as a weap
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weapon instead of guns. there has been a real problem with the somali community as far as having a large number of al-shabaab supporters. >> the community under the nike skoeb. hundreds of refugees such as syria and somalia have settled in ohio. president elect donald trump's growing team going full steam ahead. kristin fish is flooifr us with inside information ahead of several high profile meetings today. >> the most high profile meeting will take place when president elect trump hadz dinner one-on-one with his former rival earned leading contender for secretary of state mitt romney. one topic that is almost certainly going to come up is the fierce opposition to a romney appointment from within trump's inner circle especially
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from kelly ann conway. trump's former campaign manager took a lot of heat on sunday shows but last night she fired off this tweet saying she is still in the president's good graces. donald trump and i working hard tonight. thank you for the privilege of a lifetime president elect united states. he met with another top contender davis petraeus. they spoke for about an hour at trump tower. when he left the former cia director that's it. >> he worked with him for about an hour. he basically walked us around the world and showed us a variety of challenges that are out there and some of the opportunities as well. very good conversation. we will see where it goes from here. i have got to teach this afternoon so that's all i can do. >> that's a good excuse. president elect mike pence says
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the trump team will be making important announcements today and that may include health and human services secretary. a top aid told fox news that georgia congressman has been picked for the job. price has been an outspoken critic of obamacare. also on the schedule for today at least 7 more meetings including one with senator bob corker. another person in the running for secretary of stateside. heather and clayton. >> our own pete hegseth on the list there. >> i know. i saw that. green party candidate jill stein challenges the results of the battle ground state. >> we turn to kelly wright who is live with more. good morning, kelly. >> clayton and heather, good morning to you as well. >> dr. jill stein was not well-known during her presidential campaign but she is certainly making herself known
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now flew her efforts to call for recounts in wisconsin, pennsylvania and michigan. wisconsin is already going ahead with the recount. she is arguing for pennsylvania to conduct a statewide recount there. 100 petitioners are concerned about voting machines possibly being hackd in their districts. she plans to take the same action in michigan. >> only just now declared its winner. this is not a partisan choice. this was the states that had the markings most vulnerable to hacking because they went the opposite way of what was expected and sthey had some kin of voting system vulnerability. >> the clinton campaign says it sports the recount efforts as well but are not coordinating with stein. one republican strategist as the campaign involvement is furthering the country's divide and hurting the democratic
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party. >> i think it is one more collapse of the democratic party as realistic institution. >> president elect donald trump calls the recount effort scam but stein depends her actions. >> you can't just create your own pact. >> stein says her efforts won't change the outcome of the election but it is about as she says the integrity of the electronic voting. they are serious about this and raising funds to fight back against the efforts to review president elect trump's victory. >> decision coming as critics
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urge the white house not to mourn the anti-american dictator. as hundreds of thousands pay their respect in cuba donald trump is threatening to freeze a recent that yw in diplomatic relations. if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the cuban american people the u.s. as a whole i will terminate that deal. >> veterans commit suicide every day. president obama signing a bill to help ensure that every phone call to the va's crisis hot line is answered in a timely manner and by a trained professional. this after a shocking inspector general report revealed that one out of every six calls to the crisis line went unanswered. the report also showing 29 percent of veterans to kill themselves were under va care at the time. >> packers highlights for crying out loud. green bay packers keeping their playoff hopes alive thanks to aaron rogers.
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>> throwing 218 yards and 2 touchdowns to help the packers snap a 4 game losing streak. >> resulting in a 27-13 win by the philadelphia eagles. looking pretty awful. thank you green bay. >> reports of a shake-up for the nfl. thursday night football is it getting stacked? >> cheryl casone, is any one watching thursday night football? i forget it is on. >> is your favorite team not doing so well because they are playing thursday night and didn't get enough rest after sunday. that's being ban tored about. the nfl is responding to reports and rumors thursday night football may northbound trouble. ratings have been falling. big name teams viewers want to see. we got the statement from the nfl we are totally committed to thursday night football and any reports to the contrary are
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unfounded. they don't want to open up pandora's box. there's a lot of contracts involved with thursday night football. it would be a big big shake-up if they got rid of thursday night football. >> i know you are a big fan of taylor swift. >> my ipod is filled with it. >> she is getting her own channel. >> direct now. it is a great story for all of us that like to walk around and watch tv on different devices maybe not our tv. a lot of buzz about this. direct tv is launching today no cable, no cord, no problem. it is a streaming service you pay for it separately. doesn't effect your data plan if you have at&t as a provider. for 35 bucks a month you can get 60 channels, 70 month can get you 170 channels. there are two other tiers in between no cbs, no show time no cbs sunday ticket. they are trying to target the
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mobile customers. there is a lot of positive buzz about the move with at&t. it doesn't effect your positive team. >> no sunday nfl ticket? come on. >> they are saying it's coming. i don't know. >> an uber for laundry. >> oh, she is getting her own channel on direct tv. coming up, this is the uber washing machine. we know uber cars. what about having a washing machine that you could use as your own uber car slash washing machine and you could rent it out to your neighbors. electro clucks lux is working o washing machine a smart appliance you can control it from your phone you can put cameras around it it would be an online rental through the web smart phone. it is another way for them to sell brand new pretty appliances. >> come on and use my appliances leave quarters in the thing for
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me. >> holiday shopping. it just started black friday coming up the best credit cards for holiday shopping. if you are going to go out and shop you might as well get points for it. >> thank you so much, cheryl. see you back here. the time is 12 minutes after the top of the hour. it is supposed to be rehabilitating gitmo terrorists. instead it is a five star training class for jihad with art therapy classes. >> it is so bad you want to jump from an airplane. the walk on the wing. >> angels taking flight. the dream cabin filled with victoria secret models. >> i was not on that flight. first a look at weather across the country.
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>> a dire emergency. families and tourists forced to evacuate as the wildfires threaten dolly parton's dollywood resort. it is less than 10 miles from the popular resort including this wedding chapel which is completely engulfed in flames. more than 1,000 people are now seeking refuge in shelters as mandatory evacuation orders remain in place. >> absolute chaos unfolding on the tarmac after a woman opens the emergency door and leaps 15 feet to the tarmac below. the police fearing the woman may have left something dangerous behind t. unfolded moments after the plane landed in houston leaving officials baffled as to what rote vated the stunt.
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>> three weeks after the election one of the tightest congressional races have been called. daryl ice narrowly holding on to the seat for the third term. the democratic challenger applegate with over 2,000 votes. he is happy to serve two more years. >> donald trump winning michigan making it the last state to call the election. president elect trump nearly 11,000 more votes than hillary clinton. it calls for a recount in the battle ground state as well as wisconsin and now pennsylvania. >> he helped casey anthony go free after his daughter was killed. they need serious legal help of his own. >> tom price may be your next hhf secretary. he may have the same distaste for obamacare as trump does.
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this is ridiculous. the american people should not have to keep up with it.
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>> president elect trump the new hhs secretary. the trump team announsays there be big announcements today. >> p on the white house transition team. you remember that political commentator aaron mcpike. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> let's talk about representative pike. he's a doctor and chairs the house budget committee. he is not a fan of obamacare. here is one of many things he has to say about it. listen to this. >> ever since president obama
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the democrat led congress passed obamacare six years ago the law's failures have been piling up premiums deductibles going through the roof, patients losing their doctors millions of people getting insurance cancellations in the mail. this is ridiculous. the american people should not have to put up with it. >> pretty much an indication of where the donald trump administration will go towards obamacare. right? >> that's right. it seems to me tom price is really a no-brainer kind of a pick for donald trump. he was the point person for house republicans through all of obamacare whenever house republicans came to the fyke phones in the capital to talk about obamacare, he was at the front. he also sponsored a lot of legislation on what to replace obamacare with. so he's intimately familiar with that law and will be working closely i am certain with house republicans if he is confirmed as hhs secretary on just how to go about dismantling small
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pieces of the law. >> aaron let's be honest. this is the most unenviable job in washington right now. he has to de couple obamacare. he is at the head of the agency. he doesn't like federal control of healthcare. how is he going to do that? how is he going to walk that fence? >> that's a great question. you point out that it is the most unenviable job. it has been. remember when kathleen sebelius for a long time as hhs secretary had to deal with all of the problems of obamacare. here is an interesting point back in late 2008, early 2009 the obama administration wanted to appoint tom daschle to the role because he wanted universal healthcare to become his legacy. he worked on that in the 90's in the senate and had to withdraw his nomination because of tax problems. that job has been really a bummer for people going forward. this is tom price's fashion. he wants to have better legislation in his mind in place
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and i think he's close to paul ryan and some of these other house republicans and he does know that law so well. >> also wants to overhaul medicaid and medicare major changes in that respect as well. >> yeah, that's right. >> i would also point out you mention he's a doctor he's a orthopedic surgeon. he's an advocate for doctors. he's also an advocate for patients. i think that this may seem like an unenviable job to us. he knows it inside and out. >> there will be a lot of people that will be impacted on this. some people were talking about the time line saying this needs to be one of the first things especially in terms of having an ultimate plan. >> that's right. remember he also hundreds the house budget committee. one of the things we are hearing is they would have to dismantle the law through budget reconciliation. it is not going to be that
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quick. it could take 6 to 9 months to get much movement on it. >> let's talk about some of the other drama going on right now which is the recounts happening. jill steioning pennsylvania to recount there. obviously we have wisconsin recount that is already underway. what is the end game here? >> honestly i think it is for jill stein to get a lot of public relations help with the green party as the democratic party tries to rebuild the democratic party pants a piece of the action. the clinton campaign is not joining in this effort in any real way. of course they have one lawyer who is kind of involved with the process. you are not seeing much of the central democratic party make much of a push here. >> i have a question about that in terms of the money being raised. $6.4 million so far and in wisconsin alone they would have to pay 3 million. >> 3 and a half million. >> yeah, 3 and a half million
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dollars. how do we know where that money is coming from? >> that is a great question. she is obviously gone on this fundraising mission and trying to get activists to raise money for her. i think you are seeing a lot of people who are not happy with the trump election seeing put the money behind that effort. that's not a ton of money when you are talking about an election that costs over a billion dollars 7 million is not a whole lot. >> it is a lot more than she raised during the general campaign. >> that is right. but again it is coming from a lot of activists not hop pee with the outcome of the election. >> thanks, aaron. >> thank you. >> the time is 27 minutes after the hour. 5:00 a.m. on the eastern sea board here. this story is what everyone is talking about a someali born student going on a slashing spree. was it terrorism? >> we have to expect at this
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point in time there are cells here. they are functioning within these larger communities. >> what does president elect trump need to do to fight terror in america? we are live in columbus.
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>> it is tuesday november 29th. this is a fox news lart. terrorism not ruled out in the violent rampage at ohio state university carried out by a somali refugee. >> we have a vehicle that struck several pedestrians. we have gun shots fired. we have one down. >> we are live on the ground in columbus with what investigators found on the suspect's computer. >> buckle up. president elect trump's transition team has an important announcement today. who could it be? also on the agenda breaking bread with mitt romney. we are live in washington. >> angels taking flight.
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the dream cabin filled with victoria secret models. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> i can't take it any more. haunting words posted online minutes before a somali born student went on a slashing spree at ohio state university. >> nearly a dozen students recovering as investigators looking into the possibility this was a terror attack. >> garrett tenney is live for us in columbus, ohio with new information what we need to know about the suspect. good morning, garrett. >> good morning, heather and clay. investigators continue to look at this, they are not quite ready to say this is terrorism related, but one senior lawmaker says that this bears all of the hall marks of a terrorist attack. now investigators are continuing to comb through the electronic records, the communications of
2:33 am
18-year-old abdul artan the attacker here at ohio state yesterday. they are talking to his family members and friends trying to get a better idea of wasnho he as a person. they have been going through his computer and personal communications and social media. they have dom across the facebook post. this facebook post was made minutes before the attack was carried out and one law enforcement source described it to us as a declaration of against unfair treatment of muslims. if that's the case it would go along with what we have seen it's a student by the same name abdul artane told the student paper back in august when he clan campaigned to the lantern there weren't any spaces to pray on campus and he thought people were afraid of him because he was a muslim. another concerning detail as they are continuing to look into this attack is the methods that were used the fact that a car
2:34 am
was used to plow into a crowd and a knife was used. in niecknees, france, the calle supporters to use vehicles for attacks. isis posted a video online encouraging supporters to use knives for attacks and gave instructions on how to do that. we are learning from students hearing about that scene was like abdul artan drove the car into the crowd and began stabbing 11 students there. automatic oo we have a vehicle that struck several people we have shots fired and one down. >> a couple girls and guys ka i am in they were out of breath and panicked they had seen somebody drive up and basically run over a crowd of people. i heard there was a machete or something.
2:35 am
>> nowth that could have been much worse. this is the officer they are praising for stopping it when he did. he is a graduate of ohio state university. he joined the ohio state university police department back in january 2015. he was there on the scene in less than a minute from when this attack began. officers are praising him. the police chief saying he was heroic here and did exactly what he was trained to do. here on ohio state campus classes will resume again today students coming back after yesterday when they were canceled. everybody in shock. >> some of the social media pictures of students barricaded inside the rooms it really was frightening. >> the question many are asking what does president elect trump need to do to fighter>> reporter: -- fight terror in america. we have with root the people being radicalized, weed them out
2:36 am
before they come into the country. >> there are cells here. these folks are here functioning within these larger communities. donald trump's team needs to go two-ways on this. look at those who are already here regarding the fact that the door has been opened, governor kasich has accepted an extraordinary number of somalis into ohio. he has to accept the responsibility of allowing some like this individual to have been let in attempting to kill americans. secondly we have to do a keeper screening of people coming in. we know the reference communities these folks come from. as peter saidal shab bob al-s terrorist organization. they get radicalized trained and come back. >> what do you think president elect trump needs to do to fight terror in america? log on to fox friends first for
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a live debate at hashtag keep talking. five people survived the plane cash. it was carrying 81 people including a brazilian soccer team when it crashed outside of the mown at thatses. the pilot made an emergency call about the electrical failure moments before the impact. the plane was circling around before it crashed. >> in this video posted to the team's facebook page shows them checking in for the flight on their way to the finals match in columbia before they boarded that plane. he helped clear casey anthony from a murder conviction in the death of her baby daughter. now her former lawyer faces big charges charged in a drug smuggling team. todd mac liplanned to smuggle t drugs into the u.s.
2:38 am
a licensed pilot he was arrested in haiti before the ladies and gentlemened deal went down. he faces ten years to life in prison. donald trump's growing team moving full speed ahead. the newest cabinet member expected to be officially announced today. >> vice president elect mike pence is saying the transition team will be making an important announcement today. that could very well include the health and human services secretary. last night a top transition hey aid told fox news tom price had been tapped for the job. the congressman from georgia is an orthopedic surgeon and vocal critic of obamacare. that was seen as a strength. he also met with david petraeus being considered for secretary of state. for about an hour inside trump tower, when he left the former cia director said they had a
2:39 am
good conversation. >> the meeting went very well. he walked us around the world showed us a grasp of the variety of challenges out there and some of the opportunities as well. very good conversation. we will see where it goes from here. i have got to teach this afternoon so that's all i can do. >> trump will be meeting with 7 more people including two others who are on the short list mitt romney and trump will be having dinner together one-on-one. a pierce opposition to romney appointment especially from tell lee ann conway. trump's former campaign manager took a lot of heat on multiple sunday shows. last night she fired off this tweet. donald trump and i working hard
2:40 am
tonight. thank you for the privilege of a lifetime president elect of the united states. almost as if she wanted to let everybody know she is still in the president elect's good graces. >> i don't like mitt romney but i like donald trump. >> there's a plan behind everything they do. >> the time now is 20 minutes to the top of the hour. supposed to be rehabilitating gitmo's terrorist but it is a factory for jihad complete with art factory classes and clay stations. what unt wait until you hear this. >> the best rewards cars to use to get cash back and airline miles. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine,
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artan. >> welcome back. it is known as the betty ford center for terrorists. terror rehab where several
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former gitmo detainees it is a five star training for dropping the bombshell on to the gitmo parole board. flooef justly praised the saudi program which features art thinker pee an olympic sized swimming pool, play station and gourmet meals. the fbi background checks than ever as black friday gun sales sore. more than 186,000 background checks on friday alone. that is the most on a single day since the system launched nearly 2 decades ago. >> gearing up for serious holiday shopping. using the right credit card could save you a lot of money in the long run. >> cheryl casone here to break down the best credit cards for holiday shopping. >> americans expected to spend an average $935 each. there's more competition between
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offers for certain time through out the year. the american express delta sky miles card has a limited bonus 70,000 miles annual fee a little high 195. free checked bags you get a campaign onticket if you sign up for the card. if you are in the market for a new card there's a lot of new options for you. >> thanks, cheryl. pick the card that you need like brian kilmeade. you always are out there shopping like a mcdonalds card. >> especially now that they have breakfast for dinner. gives me the option to charge things and i have to pay all at once. if i go to a cyber deal you have to oh go to clayton. if you know what's going to be on the show this is your one stop shopping right on the couch. investigators right now are lacking into the ohio state attack a samomali born muslim feeling self conscious about praying in public. we have expert analysis you
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won't get anywhere else. if you are in a lone wolf situation of getting attacked how do you attack back. we are going to take a look at that. how do you get refugee status to come from this country to begin with? they have come here by the tens of thousands over the last eight years. we are also going to do this thing called trump transition. more speculation about what could be happening today including naming another cabinet secretary and what will be served at the romney trump dinner tonight. >> will romney give his announcement today? >> i would love to be a fly on the wall for that one. >> we will be right back. stay with us. imate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother?
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. the recount battle now
2:51 am
intensifying as green party candidate jill stein challenges the results in a second battleground state. following the new developments there is kelly -- >> jill stein says her efforts will not change the outcome of the electronic voting. wisconsin is preparing to go ahead with the recount and now stein is arguing pennsylvania should be next. stein says -- she plans to take the same action in michigan. >> michigan just now declared its winner. this is not partisan. it had the markings of most vulnerable to hacking. they wept the opposite way of what was expected. they had voting system
2:52 am
vulnerability. >> critics offer her efforts are a waste of time. >> this is a joke. thinks a fundraising scam for her party. it's going to raise money. if she really cared about the outcome of wisconsin and michigan, she wouldn't have campaigned there. siphoned away the votes that would obviously have gone to hillary and have given her the state. even david axelrod says the recount effort is worthless tweeting recounts are cathartic, may help bring closure. i can't think a race with these spreads that have been overturned in recounts. president-elect trump is said to be angry over stein's efforts. he's raising funds to fight back. heather and clayton. thanks, kelly. meanwhile, this story, twitter under fire after verifying foreign radical groups twitter accounts by rejecting one from a political group. >> carley shimkus 24/7, sirius
2:53 am
xm 115 has more on the story. talking no doubt with all the controversy about blocking cons -- >> twitter says they're crackdown on hate speech by suspending accounts. a lot of people saying this move does not make sense. twitter giving the muslim brotherhood english speaking account a blue check of approval despite their ties to anti-semitic propaganda. texas senator ted cruz suggesting the move could be dangerous, telling the washington free beacon it makes the brotherhood seem like a free group while spreading their radical version of islam. back in february, the house judiciary committee approved legislation recognizing the muslim brotherhood as a terrorist organization. this verification comes two weeks after twitter suspended accounts belonging to at right group leaders. saying the twitter groups prohibit targeted abuse and harassment and we will suspend
2:54 am
accounts that violate this policy. twitter has declined to comment. if i wanted to go hiking to meet hillary clinton, i might run into a lot of other people trying do the same thing, right, carley? >> right. shortly after the election, a hillary clinton supporter spotted the former candidate on a hike near her home in chappaqua new york. then this guy ran into clinton as well in the woods. this is a viral trend of people claiming to be hiking to try and run into hillary clinton. tweeting how long do you think you have to hike outside chappaqua before you bump into hillary clinton. david ips cough who appears to be in the woods as we speak says i don't think the kids in the blair witch project spent this much time lost in the woods. >> i don't think there's a name for that yet. >> stay safe out there. victoria's secret models board a plane and clayton you're not on it. >> i didn't have a ticket. >> it ended in france.
2:55 am
victoria's secret fashion show is set to film in paris tomorrow. they posted this to instagram with the caption, bonjour paris, the angel has landed. it will air on december 5th: clayton, will you be joining that? >> if i can watch in my sweatpants. usually when i fly, i wear terrible outfits. >> you have to be suited up in duds like this. >> i'd wear this. bingo. the time is about five minutes until the top of the hour. traveling over the holidays is already a nightmare. today it's about to get a whole lot worse. >> the strike you need to know about before you leave the house. a is for alll the way back. r is for read my mind. and i... can't see a thing.
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s... see you in the morning. polaris, from united.
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it's two minutes until the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening. classes resume at ohio state university as investigators work to figure out if the knife attack was an act of terror. 11 people recovering after a somali-born students started slashing suspects, shot dead by police. president-elect meeting with former governor mitt romney again today as the secretary of state race intensifies. big announcements could come today. he said buckle up. workers at o'hare airport demanding better working
3:00 am
conditions and a 15 an hour wage. we'll continue to follow the wildfires in tennessee. >> you want strike at o'hare now. that's right. >> "fox and friends" starts now. bye bye. it's tuesday, november 29th, i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with a fox news alert. a muslim refugee attacks an american college campus running down people with his car before jumping out and slashing them with a knife. his anti-american post just minutes before that massacre. what we're learning now about the hero cop who likely saved many lives. we're live there in columbus. even more breaking news overnight. raging wildfires turning tennessee into a tinderbox. an inferno burning up popular tourist attractions around around dollywood. the trouble not over yet. the price appears to be right for president-elect trump. set to name


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