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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 29, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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it features 150 pounds of gingerbread on the inside, 100 pounds on the outside. quite a sight. >> we'll see you back here in one hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. sandra: fox news alert. as we look live at trump tower, a flury of new appointments to the incoming trump administration, including a top obamacare critic slated to head health and hewlett-packard services. plus mitt romney is getting second interview for secretary of state. this is "outnumbered," i'm meghan mccain. host of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis. from fbn, dagen mcdowell. and fox news political, legal analyst, eboni williams. and today's #oneluckyguy we welcome backs from the great state of utah, congressman jason chaffetz. you're "outnumbered." >> great to be here. meghan: i love having mountain state people, as an arizona girl. let's get started. big announcements coming out of trump tower.
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high sources in the transition telling fox news that former labor secretary elaine chao is president-elect trump's pick for transportation secretary. she is the wife of senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. mr. trump also picking tom price to health and human services secretary sylvia burwell and human services. he will meet mitt romney over dinner tonight as he weighs secretary of state. others are still in the the post chen petroleum had this to say about the president-elect yesterday. >> he basically walked us around the world. showed a great grasp of variety of challenges out there and some of the opportunities as well. very good conversation. we'll see where it goes from here. meghan: so congressman chaffetz, tonight, mitt romney is going on his second one-on-one date with donald trump.
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going to be the most dramatic rose ceremony ever to find out who will be secretary of state! it is like a the bachelor. rudy giuliani and people in the back saying i would be a better match for him. who do you think ultimately pick? >> any one of those four choices is pretty good but the idea of donald trump getting together with mitt romney, maybe there can be peace in the middle east if those two can get together. i don't know. they're all four good choices. meghan: you don't have a favorite? >> i'm partial to mitt romney. he resides in my state of utah. huge fan. i spent 100 days on the road when he campaigned for president. all four of them, rudy giuliani, david petraeus is exceptional understanding of the world and certainly the senator has, is more than qualified as well. meghan: dagen, do you agree it is like "the bachelor" in the rose ceremony? >> he owns the miss universe pageant. i felt it was kind of like a pageant initially with all the
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people walking in and out of the trump tower but there is the drama i soak up each and every day, but it does speak to, and you can disagree with me, congressman, to extraordinary rigorous process he is going through in terms of interviewing people. i like the fact he is talking to people who don't necessarily agree with him. mitt romney for example, called russia our greatest geopolitical threat. trump sounds a different tone. lt. general michael flynn sounding a different tone on russia. david petraeus, his entire strategy in terms of troop intensive strategy in iraq and afghanistan, doesn't dovetail with what donald trump said on the campaign trail. his idea of, we need to maybe stay in the middle east even after we're out of iraq, doesn't dovetail with donald trump. is that reassuring? >> well, look, the president-elect is secure in his own skin. the idea he is looking at people that disagreed with him and disagreed with him even as a person i think speaks to the
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strength of donald trump and what he is looking at because he is not afraid to surround himself with diversified thought and diversified people, as he rounds out the cabinet it is impressive group, better than i think most people thought. it is really impressive how much personal time he has taken. i've talked to a couple people that have been in the meetings with him and they're so impressed on wide variety of questions and personal interest he takes in this. really important. melissa: so much is made of the conflict within the transition team. meghan, you and i were talking about this before the show, i might even ask you, do you buy into the idea there is this huge rift and kellyanne conway has gotten rogue? we saw jason miller say on fox news channel that she had donald trump's blessing, that that she asked permission to speak her mind on the sunday shows. i wasn't lead bit surprised she she -- he knew she was going to
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say that. meghan: rudy giuliani and that their loyalty should be paid with cabinet positions. kellyanne conway i was not thrilled with that rhetoric. i find it ridiculous and try to make amends and reaching out as president-elect donald trump is. it will be interesting to see if the internal strife about the loyalists and old school republicans can somehow make amends of in the white house. >> i respect and appreciate loyalty better than anyone, we know the stakes could not be higher than they are around selection of this critically important secretary of state. it is important to pick the best person than the most loyal person. for someone me look at mitt romney pick, that send couraging. that shows first, that donald trump is not as petty as some expected. it was egregious comments on the campaign trail.
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he says it knit e isn't about me. that is the important point. that is about goodwill and best interests of the american people. if he decides after this call-back interview with mitt romney tonight that he is best positioned i trust the president-elect will make the decision regardless of what happened between the two of them. >> congressman david petraeus as secretary of state. misdemeanor, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor for mishandling classified information. as much as donald trump hammered hillary clinton about how she ran her state department, and what was going on with the clinton foundation, do you think that gets him, petraeus into trouble if he is the nominee and has to go through confirmation? >> let's keep in mind, david petraeus had to pay $100,000 fine on a misdemeanor. he paid the price to do so. i think that is a difference than somebody such as hillary clinton who had nothing lobbied against her in terms of penalty. that investigation by the way, there is still a lot of things
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that we still need to learnpetri think is a great american. he has proven himself over decades of time. he made a mistake. it was wrong. it was absolutely wrong. he admits that it was wrong. and he has paid a penalty. at some point you have to move on. melissa: one of the interesting things that people forget that mitt romney and donald trump have in common when they talk about maybe they don't have much in common in terms of world view you were talking about that -- >> channeling you. i know what you're going to say. melissa: they're both deal-makers and turn around guys. donald trump is somebody who had businesses go bankrupt and take over bankrupt businesses brought them back into fruition. mitt romney that is what private equity is all about, you go into a business failing one reason or another because you see opportunity there. you see the way to turn it around and make it profitable. there are people that specialize in that and really go out to make deals. on that level they understand a negotiation. that you look like you're willing to walk away from the table without question.
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in that sense they have a lot in common. meghan: the tone that donald trump took on election night was pitch perfect, putting bygones in the past and going forward. i'm surprised to see some of his staff attacking mitt romney publicly. if mitt romney can get over the election and wounds of the past and donald trump as well, i don't understand why the staff is it taking into their own fruition to go out and attack the candidate. >> they are the voice of the base. they are speaking to, when donald trump's most loyal supporters between new york city and california, when they see mitt romney, they're still angry because mitt romney wasn't even running and he was running his mouth. meghan: if he was secure with rudy giuliani he would have named him as secretary of state. there is something missing there. >> there are conflicts of interest with giuliani partners. meghan: talking about the date night they met several times. he is having dinner with him at trump tower. clearly he is a front-runner for this. it is bad move and only gives
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ammo to the left to attack the next possible secretary of state. melissa: giving voice to that, putting it to rest, is that possible? that she is saying we know you feel this way as the base and taking all incoming, that puts it to rest, eboni, what do you think? >> i think that is the way they're playing it. she had trump's blessing. i don't think anything rogue is happening in the upcoming administration. to your point, dagen, people are mad in the base, i understand that. the danger of the echo chamber is very real. one of the chief criticisms around president obama he had echo chamber. no one to held him accountable. melissa: great point. >> mr. president we disagree, there are facts that look different. that is very, very critical. if that is mitt romney opportunity there that is important to me. melissa: great point. meghan: important to a lot of americans. could obamacare as we know it soon be over? impact tom price as america's health chief will have on the health care law. "gallup poll" says most
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americans will not be unhappy to see it go. the attack on one of the america's largest campuses. why signs point to possible link to terrorism and the former al qaeda recruiter that the suspect called a hero. ♪ for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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melissa: fox news alert. the fbi investigation, whether an attack at ohio state university that left 11 people injured has links to terrorism. law enforcement sources telling fox news that the suspected attacker, a somali-born student seen here, posted an online rant against the u.s. before plowing his car into a group of pedestrians and attacking them with a up abouter knife. and if it wasn't for a quick-thinking campus police officer who shot the attacker dead the carnage could have been a lot worse. agents are combing through his digital history to see if he had contact with any suspected terrorists and for any traces of terrorist propaganda. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us live from washington with more on this catherine, give us the latest details. >> thank you, melissa. fox news confirmed this morning there is a reference to the american-born anwar al-awlaki in the suspect's social media referring to the cleric as a hero and that's significant and we're told deep ily-concerning to investigators because it is
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another piece of evidence suggesting that artan was self-radicalized. fox's ongoing reporting shows al-awlaki killed in 2011 cia drone strike is the father of digital jihad. this booking photo is from 1997 in san diego where he was pecked up for soliciting prostitutes. despite the arrests to this day al-awlaki's radical teachings are consumed by those who follow al qaeda and isis. new york new jersey bombing, was follower of the terrorist based on his notes. al-awlaki was last seen in a tape by tashfeen malik and syed farook before the couple was killed by police. republican senator on the homeland security committee said the cleric is the common link. >> a lot of individuals we've
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seen of late, whether it was from the attack that happened in orlando or san bernanadino or others were watching some anwar al-awlaki videos on line and radicalized in their own homes watching these videos. reporter: two law enforcement sources tell fox news that artan came to the united states as somali refugee was granted status as legal permanent resident. in august, ohio state student newspaper ran an interview where artan identified himself as muslim and i was looking for a place to pray openly and worried how that would be perceived. there is no evidence that he had help. the fbi has his electronics. we're told the fbi is trying to get the necessary authorities so they can look through the devices if he was reading recent propaganda that called for attacks using vehicles as weapons as well as using knives, melissa. melissa: catherine herridge thank you very much. bring it back out to the couch. congressman, your reaction. >> this campus police officer,
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think about it you go to work that day, you don't expect much will be going on, the next thing you know you're drawing your weapon and take down this person who running people over and trying to kill people. this guy is a hero. he ought to be treated as such and remembered for that. i have requested, or later today i will request what is called the a file on this person to learn how is it that this refugee family came to the united states. you know, let's look at it with a critical eye and understand we have to vet people and understand who they are before they come to the united states. so, let's review that process and see what we can learn there but the self-radicalization, it's a very difficult equation for law enforcement to tackle, it really is. there is no simple solution to that. melissa: it is true, meghan, if you have somebody coming to the country as sincere refugee, seeking safety and becomes radicalized over time, you hear about people that come, have a challenge fitting in and assimilating. in that sense are turned against the country, difficult to protect against that.
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meghan: there is a lot of constant with these stories. 18 years old, polite, went to mosques, i believe every day. was a loaner. used a car and machete in order to attack people, that is most jarring this new trend isis put out to use cars to kill as many people as possible and machetes rather than guns. this is trend we saw in nice, france. this is only getting works. i don't know what the answer is, congressman, i want to ask you, if you don't mind, what do you think we need to do to help with the lone wolves radicalized in our own country? >> it starts at the local community. understanding kids who are not assimilating, who are loners out there by themselves. it take as community to envelope them and bring them in and work with them but there is no simple solution and i really do worry about the invasion of privacy. i don't think you can have or trust the government and monitor everybody all the time in the
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name of security. that is not who we are as a nation. eboni: that is true too. as we're discussing weighing constitutional protections around first amendment and freedom of speech and also, privacy, fourth amendment, search and seizure, right? ultimately it is protection of the people that matters most. and you're right, congressman, we have no safeguards. even if we do the most extreme steps around that but it is even going to protect us. if we're not getting at least that benefit then what's the point? i want to talk about community, often time we talk about the people that become self-radicalized, i hear a lot of blame. it is up to them, they come here and need to a simulate and need to be part of the community and that is absolutely true but i want to challenge us as a community to say, be community members. i see a drown in community in this country and it saddens me and there are repercussions. dagen: consequences of last
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eight year, quite frankly, the failure to acknowledge that this is a war based on an ideology. it is -- when you talk about lone wolves, these aren't lone wolves, to get sebastian gorka the connective tissue between all the salients, nidal hasan, tsarnaev brothers and bomber here in new york and out in new jersey and this man abdul rat tan, the fact they are buying into a jihadi ideology, one of hate and terror, bastardization of islam. but that's what it is. and until we acknowledge that, as a nation we will never be able to fight it. melissa: there you go. a potential showdown looming after obamacare critics and georgia congressman dr. tom price is tapped to lead the health and human services department. could this be the end of the affordable care act or will repealing it and replacing it be tougher than expected? president obama preparing a
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final flury of executive orders, oh, no, before leaving office, despite warnings, that president-elect donald trump could undo them. more on that coming up next. bill assumed it was a costume party. bill assumed his mayo was the best choice. assume nothing. unlike hellmann's, kraft real mayo spreads on smoother and still has no artificial flavors. no wonder the holidays taste so good.
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meghan: back to our top story. president-elect donald trump tapping obamacare critic and georgia congressman tom price to lead the department of health and human services. price has been fighting to replace the affordable care act for years, introducing bills in every congress since obamacare was introduced in 2009. price saying about his nomination, quote, there is much work to be done to insure we have a health care system that works for patients, families and doctors, that leads the world in the cure and prevention of illness and based on sensible rules to protect the well-being of the country while embracing its innovative spirit. some top democrats already slamming the pick. chuck schumer saying congressman pryce is far out of the mainstream what americans want
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when it comes to medicare, affordable care act and planned parenthood. thanks to those three problems, millions of americans, senior families and people with disability and women have access to quality, affordable health care. his nomination is akin to asking the fox to guard the henhouse. this comes as new gallup survey finds obamacare remains unpopular. 53% of the americans say they disapprove of the law. 43% say they want major changes implemented. 37% want it repealed and replaced. these are big numbers. i don't know what chuck schumer is reading. 53% of the country disapproves of obamacare. in my home state of arizona premiums were well above 100 percent for many americans. is tom price the guy to repeal it? >> hallelujah. major plank of the republican platform, one of the first things if not the first thing the congress will do is repeal and replace obamacare. we'll get it out of the house and over to the senate as
9:27 am
swiftly as possible. i hope by the time the president is sworn in i hope he has something on his desk he can sign. millions of people are suffering through this you're right in arizona. premiums doubled. in our own household, our premiums gone up, deductibles have gone up. we get less choice. tom price understands this. he is a wonderful, patriotic human being, orthopedic surgeon for decades. chairman of the budget committee. and as somebody that i have known personally now for years. i got to tell you a rock solid human being. i sent him a text message last night, i will pretend i actually know you. he sent a quick text back, thanks. i'm thrilled for him. he is really just a great person. meghan: what do you think reality that obamacare will be repealed? main platform donald trump ran on, important to so many americans? >> it is going to happen. people like chuck schumer and others will try to slow it down and blame republicans for their inaction but there is mandate from the people. it is something that donald trump committed to and
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i'm sure he is going to follow through on. part of our better way program that we said in the house of representatives, we all ran on this. and we won on it. of course we're going to do it. meghan: go ahead. melissa: he has very specific points how to deal with it. the devil is in the details in these kinds of things. when you look at the plan he put together in particular, talking about giving people refundable age adjusted tack credits, rather than being in exchanges collapsing under their own weight. where insurance companies are bailing because they're losing money on it. they have fiduciary responsibility to shareholders to make money instead. he is giving people tax credits to buy their own insurance. dagen: instead of government subsidies. melissa: if you're on medicare and medicaid you can take tax credits and opt out of that to buy private policies. he has interesting, practical solutions. >> we focused so much on obamacare, obviously given impact it has on everybody's health insurance but tom price will be overseeing medicare which by the way is going
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bankrupt in less than 12 years. when it will be paying out 87 cents on the dollar in benefits. he has got to tackle that. he has to tackle an fda that is overwhelmed. he has to tackle drug prices skyrocketing. if hillary clinton had won, she wants the government to negotiate drug prices for medicare. she wants to cap drug prices. he has to get his arms all around that too. can he do it? >> absolutely. if there is one person i believe in could do it, it is a doctor, this orthopedic surgeon, who is come to congress. set chairman of the budget committee because he is wicked smart and he understands numbers. he has got the right balance between the two. dagen: ultimately if you get the government out of health care, out of health care even in small way, it means saying no to somebody. it means saying no to somebody who is in medicare potentially, like you can't have everything at the cost to the taxpayers who are still working. eboni: point out respectfully, congressman, when we talk about repealing and replacing
9:30 am
obamacare, that is what you guys ran and won on, right? semantically, i'm sitting here looking on outside, this is interesting to me because we know president-elect trump intends to keep two components of affordable care act, staying on your parents insurance until you're 26 and of course the preexisting condition. so when i listen to the statement from senator price, representative price, rather i'm almost like who would disagree with that? one way to look at it, repealing and replacing, indeed that is what happens. for those not interested in that mandate so to speak we want something that works, whatever that is, perhaps there is another way to look at it around improving upon many many important ways. 43% of the americans wan to see that, so that is just another way to look at it. >> we have to drive down prices and make it work for people so they have access. i think tom price can do that. dagen: minimize disruptions because it is a very personal thing, your health care. meantime president obama planning a flury of last-minute executive actions. melissa, this is where you grown, before leaves office,
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despite warnings from republicans in congress. the fact that president-elect trump will have the power to erase many of them. "politico" reporting just under 100 final regulations are under review and could be implemented by january 20th. among them, rules to further entrench obamacare, to stop states from defunding planned parenthood and to ease the flow of immigrant workers into the united states. i have pointed this out before, congressman, but president obama has passed economically-significant, with 100 million-dollar or more economic impact more than 600 regulations out of the white house. >> yeah. dagen: record number of rules. it breaks out more than $800 billion. and that is about 2hundred dollars per person -- $2300 per person in the united states. how quickly can trump roll these back? >> he should do it i am mild and promised to do it on day one. if president obama couldn't get
9:32 am
it done first seven years and 11 months maybe that is clue it isn't that important or he is overstepping his bounds in the last 45 to 30 days of his presidency. if you can do it that easily with an executive order you can repeal it that easily with a executive order. dagen: this is rule by fiat, quite frankly. the only knock on donald trump going into the white house, meghan, people worry that he will do the same thing. you see what you can do with the power of the executive office. meghan: i think president obama sort of egregious use of executive order is what americans hate about washington, d.c. it is what they hate about politicians. i have this image of him in the white house at night in the dark with all his minions around him, signing furiously as much as possible. get as much crap done as possible in the last two, eight weeks until he is out of office. i have no problem with donald trump saying bye, bye, done. i can do an executive order. i don't like executive orders as a general rule you about listen, what can be done can be undone. i look forward to watching
9:33 am
donald trump completely undo everything happening between now and inauguration day. melissa: live bit pen, you die by the pen. you know this better than anyone. if you don't get consensus behind what you're doing, nobody's reputation at stake and promises at stake to keep it where it was. we've seen this with this president. he thought he would hand it off to hillary clinton and keep a lot of things in place. this very rude awakening. we're watching him in the last minute to shore up the iran deal and shore up what is going on in cuba and i think it is a wasted effort. dagen: what were you going to say? eboni: what is goose -- good for the goose is good forked gander. i will not criticize president obama doing it because he is doing it because he thinks it is a good idea. that is what he is been doing. >> more convenient and swifter but that is not the american way. our founders set -- eboni: he is not the first president to use them aggressively.
9:34 am
george w. bush has used them very, very aggressively. >> you are right. dagen: more economically significant rules -- eboni: economically sure but talking about executive orders. dagen: let me be clear. we're talking about more than 600 rules came out of the white house. that is a record. eboni: i'm not disputing that. i'm not disputing that. dagen: more than president bush, more than president clinton. eboni: if you talk about the strict economic benefit impact, sure but in totality it is really not very much different than president george w. bush. dagen: it is more. it is more, it is -- wildly above what other presidents in eight years have done. eboni: not numberwise. not totality, dagen. dagen: i have the numbers. president bush was in the 4 hundreds and president obama. i have research. >> so we have in congress what is called the rains act, the idea pull back on the reins a little bit and the economic impact of $100 million or more, you have to get the concurrence of congress.
9:35 am
eboni: i'm not disputing that. >> i wish number is zero. i think it should be zero. but at least that would slow the president down, because i think executive branch taken far too much power. the way our founders set it up, it is not supposed to be the most expedient, convenient way to do that. eboni: i understand it congressman, you i understand from president obama's perspective, if he feels, not saying that he does, if he feels he has congress not cooperating. >> tough luck. eboni: i guess i don't criticize -- >> as president obama says, elections have consequences. republicans have dominated in the house and they won the senate again and there is a mandate, there is a mandate from the american people. they don't like this. now the courts have jumped on immigration, on overtime rules. eboni: i like that type of impact from the courts. when you over reach you should be scaled back by the courts. i don't disagree. >> this shouldn't happen in the first place. dagen: this kind of rule by fiat though is reason that donald trump got elected. i will tell you why.
9:36 am
because people have been significant around for eight years, my wages are not growing. this economy feels really lousy. when you put a horrific burden on business in this country, in terms of rule-making done by one individual elected to highest office and all of his cronies surrounded him, that is what he has wrought on this country, in terms of making it harder to do business in this nation. wages don't grow, jobs don't get created and we have a new president with different party. eboni: executive orders are not new under obama's administration. dagen: i will have the numbers in overtime. how about that, more than 600. it was only -- eboni: more than 400 by be b i saw it. we'll talk about. dagen: i know i'm right. hillary clinton email scandal is far from over. congress continuing its investigation. now "judicial watch" reportedly set to push for clinton to hand over emails she exchanged with president obama on her secret account. congressman jason chaffetz has been leading one of those investigations.
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♪ melissa: she may have lost the election but that doesn't mean hillary clinton's email scandal is going away anytime soon. president of a conservative watchdog group that went after the former secretary of state tells "the washington times," quote, nothing has been settled and they may seek other documents including messages clinton exchanged with president obama from her secret account. in the meantime democrats on congressman's chaffetz oversight committee calling for him to investigate any possible conflicts of interest president-elect donald trump may have with his business dealings. in a letter democrats on the committee writing, quote, you have stated publicly you hold mr. trump to the same standards as president obama and secretary clinton. and you have not taken steps to conduct basic oversight of these unprecedented challenges.
9:42 am
americans across the country have flooded our committee's offices with thousands of calls, in strong support of the investigation, jamming our phone lines with more calls than we have ever he received in response to any other issue. so, congressman, let me start with that part. what do you have to say about that? >> you know, democrats find themselves in a difficult position because they never thought they were going to lose this election and certainly lose it at this level. i love that they have you suddenly found this deep desire and principle of openness and transparency and need to have documentation. where have they have been for the last eight years while this administration's been there? nevertheless, donald trump has not yet taken office. he hasn't been sworn in. he did provide a financial disclosure you can go on and look at all of these financial interests that he has. that's out there as public record. but, he just named in the last couple of days who is going to be his general counsel. he is trying to fill out a cabinet. when we get to january 20th
9:43 am
and he is sworn in and president of the united states things are different than while he is now still a private citizen. melissa: he has a big and complicated business in 35 different countries. having his children at the helm of it. it presents a big challenge in terms of transparency. in terms of making sure you don't even have, set aside what legally may or may not be there. you just don't want to be dogged by scandal the way the clintons were. how would you suggest he deal with that? >> he has to comply with the law. reince priebus, chief of staff trump will be in full compliance. melissa: more than that. >> give him a chance. he hasn't been sworn in yet. pretty hard to criticize him or suggest there should be an investigation by congress when the guy hasn't been sworn in yet. democrats are showing their hand, oh, this is what we're going to accuse him of when he hasn't been sworn in yet. meghan: listen, i agree he hasn't been sworn in yet, i
9:44 am
don't really care until somebody halls. hillary clinton i care about. is she getting off scot-free? i loved lock her up, every time it came on tv, lock her up! i loved it. he said he will not go for word an investigation. i didn't like it. is she going to get away scott-free for everything? >> remember, congress they don't give us handcuffs. the prosecution is left to the executive branch. but there is still a lot we need to learn. remember state department has 14,900 documents they have not given to congress, plus 10 of thousands of additional documents. you have issues that the fbi has not commented whether they're doing an investigation or not doing an investigation of the clinton foundation. dagen: based on "fox news reporting" they're investigating the clinton foundation and they have the cheryl mills and aides laptops that weren't destroyed. >> we have a lot of other things that are still moving parts out there. this was never a politically-motivated investigation. and just because there has been a political election does not mean we stop doing what we were
9:45 am
doing. we have an duty and obligation to provide oversight. that is our constitutional responsibility. it is bigger and browder than just hillary clinton. there are still, state department still has its own open investigation into security clearances. of course we'll continue to look at it. of course we are. eboni: you should i agree with that but here is the other thing, house oversight committee, it is not house oversight committee of democrats or republicans. if something comes about raises suspicion would you be comfortable that? >> absolutely. as chairman of the oversight committee i have at duty and obligation to provide oversight. my job is not cheerleader for the president. if administration steps over the line of course we'll go after that. there is always somebody doing something stupid somewhere. there are 2 million, hard-working people that patriotic but when they step over the line we'll look at it and get to the truth and reveal it, hopefully in a bipartisan way. eboni: final question, you're
9:46 am
right he hasn't been sworn in yet, he can't have done anything wrong that, but is there a way donald trump can get in front of this, around the appearance of impropriety. dagen: he is getting in front of it. he has some days and weeks. go ahead. >> the fact it has so much exposure, hey, look, when you're the president of the united states, every single move, every single thing will be criticized. a lot of people are saying, there should be a blind trust. my understanding, at least to the information i saw, barack obama doesn't have a blind trust. let's understand, there is a congressional research service has done some history on this. then there are laws on the books. so we'll let it play itself out. dagen: there will be a corporate structure that satisfies everybody even legally. transition time is well aware of that. >> yeah. eboni: we'll see. looking forward to it. melissa: growing outrage of the removal of the american flag on one college campus after students allegedly burned the flag to protest the presidential election results.
9:47 am
what angry veterans are saying. plus reaction from mr. trump himself. ♪ >> this stands for all of the veterans around the whole nation, everybody, who fought for this flag. it is more than just a symbol. >> too much blood has been shed for our country, for our freedom. troduces jeanette and her new mobile wedding business. at first, getting paid was tough... until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and ta-da, paid twice as fast! see how at quickbooks-dot-com.
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meghan: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first to jenna lee with what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now." >> hi, meghan, announcement that will grab attention over next several days, who the white house is sending to cuba to attend the funeral of fidel castro. we'll get you caught up on that. massive wildfires raising out of control in tennessee. what is standing in the way of firefighters fanning flames. "making a murderer," why a a an author said the jury got it right. meghan: looking forward to it, jenna. eboni: one school is facing backlash as it stands by the decision to stop flying flags at a campus including the american flag. 1000 veterans gathered at hampshire college following incident where the students allegedly burned the american flag on campus to protest the
9:52 am
presidential election results. the school says removing official campus flags was meant to promote meaningful and respecul dialogue and point out students are still allowed to display fashion. critics including springfield mayor who joined on the protest says it is offensive. >> veterans given their blood, sweat and tears in order for people to lead the lives they have want to lead, whether good or bad or we agree with it, that opportunity is not available to them in other countries. show the proper respect to the flag, show the proper respect to our veterans. eboni: president-elect donald trump weighing in on twitter adding that nobody should be allowed to turn about the american flag, if they do, there must be consequences, perhaps loss of citizenship or, a year in jail. congressman, i want to come to you on this. i know you spent the thanksgiving holiday in the middle east, serving thanksgiving dinner to the troops and with the troops. what do you think they must think of this type of display? >> gosh what are they teaching
9:53 am
those kids at that college? look i had honor and privilege spending my thanksgiving on a the san jacinto, cruiser off the arabian gulf, off the coast of iran. this gentleman i sat with, his wife was having a baby in florida. his third child. i hope i got that right. five months at sea, pilot of helicopter and his wife is having a baby and can't imagine what he thinks of people disrespecting flag. these happen to be utahans, people, 385 people on the ship protecting america. what honor of privilege. they had rank advancements. it was really one of the great highlights being there. we have marines out there in bahrain, that happens to be in bahrain, people who are serving. this pilot flew me in on a seahawk helicopter, he is from
9:54 am
south carolina, serving his nation. all the way from their families on thanksgiving. that is hard. eboni: meghan, obviously from high-profile military family, what is your reaction to this? meghan: only piece of art in my apartment is giant american flag. you imagine how i feel about this. if you want to take the flag down go to walter reed for a day. i think it is disgusting. everybody at am hearse college lost their minds. hampshire. >> hampshire. dagen: what is interesting, donald trump about burning american flag, you should lose your citizenship, which we don't lose in this country or spend a year in jail but it was scale -- antonin scalia in texas v. johnson makes flag burning freedom of speech under first amendment. as repugnant as we find it, as repugnant as antonin scalia found flag burning he understood
9:55 am
what the constitution meant. that is what he did. that is what these men and women are protecting, first amendment rights as horrible as it looks. scalia called them weirdoes. meghan: totally agree with you. i hear what you're saying. i look at the college, if you read further into the story, they lowered flag out come to the election. they're doing, that is kind of amazing to me, that the school is doing this. they also cost $60,000 to go to this school. median income in this country is $54,000. what a luxury to sit at this school and burn this flag. wow, those kids are really privileged. eboni: spoke about it last week, i hate extraction of patriotism on campuses but in community. i think that is again, we're going full circle here. that is where the pride around belonging can come from. that could be a food resource for it. i would hope the college and other communities go back to that we can disagree right, but still find pride.
9:56 am
>> i lovett rans are out there -- love the veterans flying the flag and wearing jackets. more power to them. good on you. eboni: well-earned, absolute hely. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. all finished. umm... you wouldn't want your painter to quit part way. i think you missed a spot. so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? aleve, live whole not part. painter: you want this color over the whole house? the medicare enrollment deadline is just a few days away. changes to medicare plans could impact your healthcare costs. are you getting all the benefits available to you? call healthmarkets and we'll help you find the medicare plan that's right for you. hi, i'm doctor [martin gizzi.] it's a new medicare year.
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meghan: thank you so much, congressman chaffetz. getting on a train to go to d.c. >> i will be watching to see who gets the rose, who actually gets
10:00 am
it. dagen: then the crying in the back of the limo. do we is cameras? melissa: we must, come on. meghan: we're back tomorrow at noon eastern. "happening now" starts right now. >> evacuation orders are underway in east tennessee as a fire consumes several buildingeds. >> our entire lecture hall went down to the basement. we couldn't get service in the basement and we couldn't contact people. >> students react as one of their own is accused of carrying out a knife attack. why he did continues? >> and proclamation comes out. >> and tensions flare as a north dakota governor


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