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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  November 30, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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know tucker is the kardashian on cable news. by the way i'm pregnant i want to announce that tomorrow your day to be king for a d >> welcome to "red eye." hello, i'm your friend. >> coming up on the big show. a a man is banned for life from flying delta airlines after he rudely shouts pro-trump and anti-clinton remarks at his fellow passengers. itence as the question of what gavin mcinnes is up to on the days he is not on "red eye." and are celebrity feminists hurting their cause? some say yes, but their publicist says no. and an albuquerque res september -- resident has a pay as you go policy. back to you, poll. >> thank -- back to you, tom.
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>> she is here pro bono because she is unis knee -- because she is sunny and she likes to share. comedian andrew schulz. before trump takes office and he is deported charles cook. and he has had more blood on his hands than sissyspacek in "carrie." let's start the show. >> delta has a new policy, buckle up and shut up about trump. the airline has banned a passenger for life about yelling about politics from atlanta to allentown, pennsylvania. >> donald trump, baby. this man knows what is up.
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we have hillary [bleep] on here? come on, man. >> that's what i'm talking about. hey, baby, donald trump. he is your president every damn one of you. you don't like it, too bad. >> that was before takeoff. the enthusiastic man was briefly removed from the plane and then allowed back. now delta ceos say he cannot ride with them again. he said this individual displayed behavior that was loud, rude and disrespectful to customers. we require saville tee in our planes and facilities. perhaps there is another airline that would welcome him. trump's shuttle is still around. >> they serve trump steaks on there. baker, i thought this guy was charming. a guy can't celebrate his president on an airline?
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>> he is a guy you want sitting next to you. i fly delta all the time. i am in the air all the time. i have like double diamond super status with them. i never knew what happened back there. i had no idea that's what is going on back there. >> i'm amazed. color me amazed. >> this genteel conversation. it is a party. >> you can hear the clinking of glasses. >> there is flea flowing -- free flowing champagne. >> now charles, this guy was -- what was the worst then he said? there was one off color word in there. >> i think the bit about did you vote for hillary was beyond the pale. >> look, there were two people running. he was doing out reach. >> everyone's timing in this election has been a bit off.
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trump already won. so trump has won the election and then he said i think no one one -- i think there has been voter fraud. hillary all of her supporters didn't go and vote, but thisy rioted and made these protests that was a little late. i don't know why he felt the need to do this. he got where he wanted to be, right? >> i have an answer for you. he was goaded by the woman taking the video. he had his trump shirt and hat on. she said, hate -- she started interviewing him. she was trying to make him do that. >> i think you are making this up. >> did he have on a trump shirt? >> i don't think so. >> he had the clap. >> he was wearing a baseball cap and had a southern accent you would assume he was trump. >> and that's why he won. >> i assumed he was with trump because a had a sunny disposition. >> we established that it has a funny disposition, but you
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didn't vote for trump. >> not answering that question. >> i bet you think this guy should have been thrown off the plane. >> yes. >> you do? >> i do. it is time and place. if this was in a store or in an office where people could freely come and go, totally different situation. but when you are sitting on the plane and the doors close and you are trapped and you can't leave, we all know of the dangers involved in flying and you can't yell bomb on an airplane, you can't get up and be rowdy and start screaming things and trying to aggravate everybody. >> unless you are going to las vegas. >> and it is not so much about trump, but it was inciting some sort of -- it was intending to incite a reaction on the plane. >> he was clapping. >> what if he were drunk which i think he was. >> he was absolutely drunk.
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>> when you do flipper hands it is drunk. here is the thing. if he said let's go cowboys, let's go cowboys and cowboys won the super bowl, the bills lost, guess who is your super bowl champ whether you like it or not. the cowboys. nobody would have a problem with that of the. >> do te have buffalo fans? >> there would be no problem. unfortunately there is trump hate and delta is drawing a line in the sand on their candidate. >> they say to trust the on board crew. >> nothing bad is going to happen. when does anything bad happen on a plane when a hillbilly starts yelling? you don't have to worry about hill bellies blowing up the plane. if this was a person with brown skin yelling on a plane they would have him removed immediately. >> one of the reasons you would be worried and you wouldn't be able to understand
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it. >> also a blowing up a plane. >> they don't blow up planes. >> he would have been, but largely those who were listening wouldn't know what he is saying. if he is speaking english in a foreign accent and said go donald trump and go hillary clinton. >> women me -- remi and mike. >> i represented a number of individuals removed from a plane who are loud and boys truss and alcohol shockingly was involved. it makes for a good headline, but i don't think delta is choosing a political stance. >> would it be the same if they were yelling "let's go clinton." >> they would let him stay on the plane like they did. the people said they were
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cowed by this. >> they introduced a new salad up front. it is quinoia. i am super impressed with delta. >> and they with you. moving on, don't call it it a victory tour. donald trump is going on a thank you tour this week. visiting states that helped him win the election. it kicks of on on thursday night with a massive rally at the u.s. bank arena in sin since, crow -- in cincinnati, ohio and there may be an event in des moines, iowa. trump has yet to settle on key cabinet pooings. most notably secretary of agriculture. after the thank you tour trump will embark on an fu tour which stops in brooklyn and of course westbound wash dc. and of course washington, d.c. 93 to whatever was left of dc. >> that would be 7.
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>> you with your addition. >> what do you think? is this a good idea? it is great. thank people. >> i don't have a problem with this at all. politicians need to build support for their agenda. he is not a popular incoming president especially compared to the last three or four. >> where is he at in the popularity? >> 42% approval rating. they tend to -- >> and he hasn't started yet. >> mckinley and taft. >> he is making that up. they tend to start between 70 -- that's absolute nonsense. >> it is no more nonsensical than talking about a hillbilly. >> did you get offended? >> a little bit.
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>> something tells me, remi, you have a problem with this. >> i think it is unnecessary. i wouldn't say there is a problem, but his supporters as we just saw from the delta story are very much in favor of him and are very happy about him. if his election night speech was to be believed he was intending to bring the country together. rather than going and thepging those -- thanking those who voted for him go to the places where he didn't have a a lot of support. >> that's what the fu tour is for. >> there was a "new york times" piece and it showed a lot of people voted for obama last time and they voted for trump this tievment they said why? he showed up. he did a rally and spoke to them. those people are not particularly republican or conservative. if he goes to those areas he will now have to do more than show up. he will have to convince them
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their agenda has value. whether or not it has value we canada bait. we can debate. >> i don't disagree with that, but the one thing i take issue with is that he has to. i don't think so. you said he has to now show up and show them what he will do. he has four years. >> baker wants to bring andrew in. >> i was trying to be polite and learn my place. >> i think he should do the rallies through the entire presidency. >> honestly, i don't care really that much. i don't. here is the thing, it took me 30 minutes to go like 51st street to 60th street the other day. anytime he is out of the city i am supportive. anything that reduces manhattan traffic i am all about. we should take the christmas tree on a thank you tour. anything that reduces traffic i am supportive of.
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>> thank you, mike. the national christmas tree is from idaho this year. >> really? did you chop it down? >> i did. i went out with my shirt on. it is a massive tree and making its way across the country and will be the national christmas tree. >> what of this thank you tour. it is not like he has a lot to do before the inauguration, right? >> there is nothing to do in terms of laying out policies and del vi ng -- delving into national security. i would rather he focus on the policies hunker down with his intel team and get ready because it will be coming 300 miles an hour at him when he steps in the oval office. if he wants to go out he will play well to the folks who voted for him. as long as it is done properly. if he goes out and is gloating about the whole thing and
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saying told you. screw the other side. then we have an issue. if he says thank you and i appreciate your support and now we have to get down to the hard work, then maybe it works. >> he should be up there in michigan and pennsylvania because you know the democrats will be there. the more they talk, the less we care. >> according to a not at all shocking study it is making people care less. for many people celebs will cost you. they think consumers are doing it because they want to seem relevant and gains attention. adele is the least credible celebrity feminist. she is credible to me with taylor swift and gigi-hadid and the most credible is
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malala followed byily gnaw done ham and patricia ar ket and tv's andy levey. >> is that a rash or a t few? rash or a tattoo? >> who is andy levey? >> baker does this make sense to you, this study? the one you just spoke of? >> the one i just spoke of. >> it certainly does. >> adele e can you believe it? >> you rescued me. i had no opinion. this issue i was not a feminist. >> i feel deeply about the feminists. >> men are talking. >> what do you think? >> what is going on here? i thought this was fox news.
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>> as a woman, do you welcome hearing from lenah-dunham. >> i don't like dunham. i made no secret on the show. i find her irritating. it is nothing to do with feminism, but i don't like how she conveys her message. >> does it take the machine off feminism? >> no. it has little to do with feminism. the story story is celebritieses jump in a cause so they can stay relevant on social media. they join this social activist cause and they don't really care about it. it is a more selfish thing for them. i don't think it is surprising to anyone that they don't really care and they are not all in. it is ind kind of obvious to me.
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>> isn't fell anymore, you believe -- isn't feminism you believe women deserve equal rights? it used to be -- it started with women get equal rights. >> there is something to it. >> something is true about that. at one point it was a proud label. there was a period of time when they say i am not a feminist. and now it is sort of come back and it is a very popular to say i am a feminist. >> one of the problems is on the left. they don't draw a distinction. if you are white in the eyes of the left and whether or not you are a miner in west virginia or the head of a multi billion dollar company you are the same. >> do you mean a minor or a miner. >> with an e.
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>> charles can't talk about those minors anymore. >> if you are a brilliance and from whack stan you are a minority and a victim and then you are the same thing. the problem is with feminism you have the same dye -- dynamic. people are genuinely put upon and they think the i think the rules are unfair. the problem is the people don't want to hear it from lena dunham. >> she itch rich. >> and grew up rich. it is not that rich people don't have problems of their own, but it is a weird world where your circumstances mean nothing and your characteristics mean anything. >> if i knew you wanted something serious i would have come up with something smarter. >> we have you here for the
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dumb answers. there are other panelists here. >> that was a good answer. >> i thought about it in economy class. >> these saw breb bra tees, that doesn't bother me. it is the sean penn. they are the annoying ones. >> someone who is genuinely committed like angelina jolie. she has been working on her causes for a longtime. >> she does president bother me. >> maybe who has done their time and put in the energy, they should believe in things. purring tech -- pushing particular causes. i think it is what remi was saying. it is this idea in between the other gig you jump on this to stay relevant. >> the distinction is the
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celebrities like angelina jolie and leonardo dicaprio, you are not out there tweeting. they are out there doing it and it is not just to keep their name on it. >> coming up, no shave november. is it problematic? social justice warrer yes, sirs sirs -- social justice warriors. generosity is its own form of power.
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you can handle being a mom for half an hour. i'm in all the way. is that understood? i don't know what she's up to, but it's not good. can't the world be my noodles and butter? get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. good morning and live from mark's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez. fox news is learning of a few more picks for president-elect donald trump's cabinet. transition sources say mr. trump will tap finance steven minnucin is a finance secretary. he will pick billionaire businessman wilbur ross as
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commerce secretary. and president trump dining with mr. romney and he had this to say afterwards. >> i had a wonderful evening with president-elect trump. we had another discussion about affairs throughout the world and the deep discussions i have had with him are enlightening and interesting and engaging and i enjoyed them very, very much. >> the transition team said more you announcements are expected this morning. >> an air conditioning company struck a deal with trump about keeping jobs in indiana. trump said i will be going to ind reasont gnaw -- indiana on thursday making a statement about the ac company staying in indianapolis. that's great for workers. trump spent much of his campaign pledging to keep companies from moving overseas. and sources say investigators have found evidence the ohio
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state university attacker was inspired by isis propaganda. in a facebook post the 18-year-old you allegedly referred to a u.s.-born muslim cleric as a hero. he injured 11 people in yesterday's attack before being shot to death by police. i'm jackie ibanez, now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines you can log on to you are watching the most powerful name in news. fox newschannel. have a great one. in 2003, a bunch of australian guys wanted to miss mustaches cool again so they started movember that more of -- morphed into no shave november. as loyal viewers know i participate every single year but movember has got into the
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social justice warriors. they say it is too gendered and men can't express their masculinity without turning to chauvinist caricatures. they say it is 1950norms with trans phobia. one sunni newspaper called it it sexism saying society views male body hair as natural, but the same is not the same for women. some women are not shaving arm pits and legs and saying no shave, november keep your razors far away from me. i am accompanied by photos like this. just kidding. i would never show you that. instead look at 10 years of tomovember. i haven't changed a bit andrew they say menus it as a way to out macho each other. do you agree with that? >> i don't know.
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i can't grow fatal hair. >> but i support it and i ying ying -- and i think women body hair is gross. that's mott just my opinion -- that's not just my opinion. it is evolution's opinion. darwin feels like that. there is a reason women have less body hair. for years men said i don't like it. that's how it works. >> darwin had quite a bit. >> because women like it. women like our body hair. i don't know why i am here. we don't like theirs so shave it it. >> did you shed your body hair because men pointed at it and said, i don't like that. >> have you ever been to the jersey shore? men shave their chests. >> do you want to sleep with those guys ? i don't want to go anywhere near the shaved chest. the complaining about no shave november, i just think people are bored and they have
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nothing better to do. i love that toxic masculine tee is coming up again as a trm under this topic because that's ridiculous. i think it is a symbolic gesture of saying educate, learn, be healthy. it is a wonderful thing. to resort it to some sort of gender role or identification or whatever they are complaining about is a good thing. >> guys want to get involved and so let them. >> they seem to know nothing about it. facial hair was out of fashion. there was a fear and it was a pronouncing in politics. if you look back to the 1950s the only people who had beards were the rebels and the communists. fidel castro was disliked by many newspapers at the time because he was bearded. the idea that there is a 1950s masculine at play here is wrong. >> i never thought about it.
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fonzi never had a beard, did he? >> now i have to worry about following charles. >> next time i'll come to you first. >> i give remi a lot of credit for saying the pool complaining are bored. they have to uncork their heads from their asses. this is part and parcel of the problem. >> that's why they have no hair. >> in part this is one of the reasons why trump won. i am not disappearing down a rabbit hole. the mentality that you can attack something like no shave november and i don't even know what you posted. the idea that that's a problem for these people is astounding to me. quit being so self-centered. it is not enough that -- we talked about this before in the green room when we were drinking champagne. it is not enough for the progressive liberal side. most of these people probably
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sit on the progressive liberal far left side. it is not enough to have rules saying everybody is equal. that's a great thing. but it is like a swarm of hungry locusts. they want everybody to think the same. that's my point and i took forever to get there. >> it is fine. coming up, half time with andy levey.
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welcome back. time to find out what we got
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wrong or what we may have missed. >> please welcome. >> a man banned for life from flying delta. you don't know why the guy felt the need to do this since his guy already won. ii think he was goaded by his friends jack and daniel. >> you saw. she did goad him. >> she didn't need much goading. >> he was excited. >> remi, i'm with you. of course this guy should have been thrown off the flight. and it has nothing to do with politics. anybody who stands on a plane and screams like that -- i will go further. he should be banned by flying with the f.a.a. >> have they done that before?
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>> they have a list. not terrorist of course for something like this. >> you said if this guy shouted let's go cowboys nobody would have a problem. >> standing up in the middle of an airplane and screaming whatever you want you think nobody would have a problem with that? >> i have done it it. >> by accident? >> yes i was watching a playoff game. somebody hit a last second shot. we are in the air and i went, no . literally half the plane thought i was open. guess what, i am not on any lists. i can scream no. you combine do it. you can do it. >> again, it is my calm, rational and reasoned opinion that an air marshall should have shot this guy. >> tom, you said delta wouldn't have banned this guy
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if he was pro-hillary. i don't think it was the content of the speech. it was what he did. >> everyone is yelling on planes. >> not like that. >> they yell to their friend. they leave people -- they lead people in chants. >> when sean hannity and i take our plane it is a quiet flight. >> i was treated to a lot of speeches. i was out in the jazz club and they were talking about oh what a tragedy. and everyone is having a hillary cry fest. can't i just listen to some jazz? >> right, i agree with you. >> millions of viewers shocked that tom goes to the jazz club. >> trump is going on a thank you tour. you said you don't have a problem with this at all. i don't either. it is the only part of the presidency. >> he likes the crowd and
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that's what he wants. >> especially if they take his twitter feed away. they will need it. >> they won't take his twitter feed away, will they? >> i honestly don't know. i think those who try might end up dead. after awhile the things will kick in. >> i don't think they will let him near accounts, but they will give him his own>> i thinkl notice. >> who is this donald trump character? >> remi, you said if trump's election night speech was to be believed you should go to the states that didn't vote for him. i guess the key there is if trump's election night speech was to be believed. >> i am wondering who wrote that speech and if he or she still has the job. nothing after that speech resembles anything of what he said that night. >> i'm with you anytime trump is in new york city. i am mad that the idea he may
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not spend the next four years living in the white house the whole time. have you heard he may split his time and stay hear? we can't have that. >> what are we going to do. >> baker, you prefer trump spend this time hunkering down and working on policy plans. good one. >> i was wondering if you would get to me. i thought maybe i used my quota in the first half of the show. >> the first half of what you said was bleeped. >> celebrity feminists are hurting their cause. baker, you had no real opinion on this. what do you think of this, if anything was learned perhaps there was a minor epiphany about the political views. booy -- beyonce and taylor swift and others may have a moment of introspection.
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what they believe is important to the peasant class. >> whoever said that is one smart son of a bi it tch. >> maybe have him on the show. >> i did write that. you get out here and the lights are hot. i forget these things. i'm glad you did that. that's smart. if those are your answers you better smarten up. >> you said you don't like lena dunham. i thought she was one of the more credible. >> why is that? >> she doesn't shut up about it. i assume people think she really does believe it. >> maybe she does. she doesn't inspire me and people want to be more of an activist. >> i love adele. >> she was on top of the last believed.
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>> it is shocking. >> you said the problem with feminism is it is too hard. >> as a 9th wave feminist i strongly disagree. >> they have nine waves now? >> it is just me. >> what did you have to do to get into that group? >> >> i really don't. >> one guy did a study and he reached a similar conclusion and found the u.n's image is shifting to a starstruck organization and especially harsh, baker, you won't like this, 83% of those surveyed thought angelina jolie became a u.n ambassador. >> that doesn't seem right. >> if people didn't run down angelina jolie in my book are not okay. >> she is single now.
12:40 am
go get yours, man. i see what you're doing. >> the reason men have more body hair is because of testosterone. >> that is a lie. 93% of feminists have more testosterone than men. maybe you should do your research. we need a half time on half time. >> you are a horrible human being and i am done. >> thank you, andy. coming up, why people are ruining the dakota pipeline protest. first, kennedy. >> hello "red eye" moon calves. will jill stein's recount rock the boat? camille foster and jimmy falah will join me and i will speak with the good doctor ron pull. ron paul.
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good morning and live from america's news headquarters. i'm jackie ibanez. president-elect donald trump said he struck a deal to keep jobs in the u.s. air conditioning company carrier will keep nearly 1,000 jobs in indianapolis. carrier was a target by mr. trump during his campaign after they announced plans to move to mks mix. to mexico. donald trump and mike pence will announce details of the agreement on thursday. and nancy pelosi is trying to hold on to her position. pelosi is being cal lened in a vote -- challenged in a vote today by ohio congressman tim ryan.
12:45 am
ryan says a change in leadership is needed following hillary clinton's recent loss and the democrats' position as minority. >> she says two-thirds of the caucus has already signed up to vote for her. >> those are not the numbers we have. there is a lot of con -- consternation in this and we have a shot to win. >> a former nfl player is headed to prison. darrin sharper is headed to prison on charges he raped two women and drugged two others. he retired in 2011 and won a super bowl with the new orleans saints. hundred of airport workers are now on strike. those striking are nonunion workers including janitors and wheelchair workers. they are seeking higher wages of $15 an hour which is $10.50 an hour. and mcdonalds is trying a new ingredient, fresh beef.
12:46 am
they are testing burgers made with beef and cooked when ordered. tests are are being carried out in seventh 5 restaurants. a -- in 75 restaurants. a burger sounds good right now. for all of your headlines log on to have a great morning. hippies, you are not helping. they are talking about outside activists trashing the camp and turning it into a hippie hottinanie. they are are talking about white people colonizing the camps. they are coming in and taking food and clothing and occupying space. these people are treating it like it is burning man. she added that the outsiders are relying on the generosity of native pool. people. it is just because they can. another post told would be
12:47 am
protesters not to bring drugs and booze saying this is not burning man. do not bring your party at the expense of these people fighting for life and death. up to 3,000 protesters spent time at the north dakota property since august in an effort to stop the pipeline project they say will damage the ecosystem. remi, what do you think? >> white people, what are they doing? cultural appropriation of the protestors ? >> they are committed to their cause. it is not just about staying relevant on social media. they are committed to the cause. >> the white people or the native people? >> the natives sitting there protesting the pipeline. >> do you think the white people should stay away? >> i don't like classifying people by their rigs. it door door -- dash by their race. it doesn't seem right. >> is it their fight? in the civil rights era -- >> i don't remember because i am not old like you. >> i wasn't around in that era
12:48 am
either, but the idea that there is a -- should these white people be there? >> it is not the skin color, but there is a degree to which they are attracted to protests. they don't even like the topic, but like the idea of protesting. they missed the civil rights movement and they recent that. they want the sense of excitement so they turn everything into the civil rights movement even when it is not. this is a perfect example of that. >> what do you think? baker, tell me. >> what are you thinking? >> this is one of my favorite stores. i am not afraid to say a bunch of these privileged -- i am not saying all are privileged, but trust fund white babies up there appropriating this whole thing. >> do you agree with them? >> no. they should stay the hell out of it. they are missing the point.
12:49 am
sure, donate, but don't go there and trash the place. every festival i ever attended turned out as a big pile of garbage. they will be up there cleaning up the mess. have you ever been to the dakotas? it is brutal. do you think they will stay? there may be a handful committed bike retalked about the with -- like we tacked about. they will leave and find something else to protest about in the warm climate of san diego or something else and the native americans will be left holding the bag. >> as somebody on the panel who has been to burning man, burning man has strict rules about cleaning up your garbage. you can't even pour water on burning man. and every piece of wood brought out to the desert has to be taken out. they have nothing to worry about. >> i think they are slandering the burning man. >> they are slandering us. we are the victims and not the
12:50 am
tau dakota people. >> you leave it as you found it. >> that's right. here is what i don't understand. what is the issue with water? why can't they just go around the native americans. >> if there is a pipeline i love it. i have to go. >> mobile wants to talk about the issue. >> the issue is coming up, the coma, coma, coma cafe.
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pay attention. we have one more segment. rob long and mike baker again. >> the campaign in albuquerque, next next is relying on karma to stay in business adopting a pay as you feel policy. welcamerica. the customers are even allowed to pay nothing at all. the eat restarted off as a pop up food stand and then opened as a full restaurant after a go fund me campaign. the owner says most people are fair and honest and want to contribute. even if people are homeless or struggling they want to contribute or pay what they can. >> most people are fair and
12:55 am
honest and want to contribute. even if they are homeless or struggling they want to pay what they can. >> then you don't have to feel interior. >> what do you think of the pay as you can? >> you know what, whoever is running this -- >> that guy looked like you on opiates. >> it is one of my brother's. i actually respect them for doing this. i think it is a bit of a naive view and palm will take advantage of this and call me cynical. but i respect the idea and hopefully it works. i have more of a cynical view than this person does. >> it will attract people to
12:56 am
him and i think it is -- >> no. >> why do you think they are going to -- who says they stink? the guys look like baker. >> the cheaper the food the worse the people smell. have you had the dollar store? it is not bloomingdales. it is very difficult to eat in that environment. it is very important. it may not be that cheap. they will leave extra money. >> did you better me with a multi sylabic word. >> it doesn't work. >> what about a strip club or massage parlor. >> it is a pay as you can situation.
12:57 am
>> it has to be a minimum of $1. it is a great value. >> charles cook and mike baker. see you tomorrow. i'm tom shillue. see you next time. #givingtuesda.
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>> "special report" next. this is a fox news alert. president-elect donald trump has had a busy day. just moments ago, we learned he has selected a treasury secretary nominee. according to two sources. he is steve mnuchin, banker, fund raiser, movie producer. this comes on top of couple other major hires today. the biggest, of course, coming out with word of this treasure are ry secretary nominee. correspondent peter doocy is live outside trump tower in new york. busy day, peter. >> reporter: very busy day here in rainy midtown, manhattan, bret,


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