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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 30, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> pete hegseth has been in wisconsin all day long. he will finish up in the diner. pete, final thoughts in seven sections. >> final thoughts in mike's place. no whining. i heard no whining all morning. >> no whining. just dining. pete, thanks. bill: nice stuff. a lot of news popping. multiple fronts on the trump transition. the president-elect will cut himself out of his own business to focus full time running the country. broke that news today on twitter. as mr. trump nominates two more to be in his cabinet. a lot of news to get to. midweek wednesday. bill hemmer. martha: good morning, bill hemmer. good morning, i'm martha maccallum. president-elect trump was also out to dinner last night. have you heard about this? with former rival mitt romney and chief of staff reince priebus, in a candle lit table for three uptown. who will be the secretary of state, probably came in how are
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you doing, between appetizers and main course. after the dinner, governor romney took time to talk to the press about the evening and about his former bitter rival. >> i had a wonderful evening with president-elect trump. we have another discussion about affairs throughout the world and, these discussions i have had with him have been enlighten and interesting and engaging. i've enjoyed them very, very much. bill: mean he while the trump team announcing two more cabinet picks today. former goldman sachs executive steve mnuchin for treasury secretary and wilbur ross to lead the department of commerce. martha: very close allies of donald trump. peter doocy live at trump tower. a lot to get through this morning. first announcement of the trump organization that came out mid-morning today, peter. why did he not announce this sooner and what do we expect he will do here? reporter: martha, the president-elect says he doesn't have to leave his business by
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law but he doesn't want there to be a conflict of interest and wants to concentrate more on running the united states government. he said legal documents are being drawn up to remove him completely from the organization with his name on it. he says we'll get more details at a press conference in two weeks, on december 15th, his kids will join him at. martha. martha: that is fascinating. a lot more coming up this morning. how that divestiture would happen. in terms of dinner last night and pictures we showed, what do we think is happening with the secretary of state position, peter? reporter: something surprising. something else that mitt romney said when he came out of that french restaurant which was located inside of another trump property, trump international hotel just around the corner, romney said he thinks donald trump has been doing a good job filling cabinet with good people. that gives him hope the next president will lead the united states to its best day. >> from what i've seen through
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these discussions i have had with president-elect trump as well as what we've seen in his speech at the night of his victory, as well as the people he selected as part of his transition, all of those things combined give me increasing hope that president-elect trump is the very man who can lead us to that better future. reporter: romney also conceded that mr. trump did something that is not easy, winning an election and romney says he knows it is not easy from personal experience. martha: that was an interesting comment. he said america's best days are ahead of it which is a line that he used a lot on the campaign trail. that lines up with the make america great line as well. more coming up as well. what about the pick for treasury and secretary? those are the latest two spots to be filled, peter? reporter: they are. they will be filled if the senate confirmed them by two guys that made a lot of money outside the government who are willing and accepted
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responsibility to lend their expertise to the government. first up would be steve mnuchin. he joined the trump campaign as national financial chair and seven months later is set to run the treasury department. he does not have d.c. experience but well-known on wall street and hollywood. he hinted the u.s. will be a much more attractive place to do business. >> we think there will be hundreds of the trolls of dollars that will come back. that will create infrastructure and create jobs. reporter: president-elect also wants well burr ross to be the commerce secretary. he is a billionaire who made his money fixing big businesses in distress. this all fits what the president-elect said on campaign trail, make america great mantra would be turning things around. martha? martha: peter, fascinating. thank you very much. bill: former governor of arkansas, fox news contributor governor mike huckabee.
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thanks for coming back to our program here. >> great to be back. bill: i want to start with trump, inc., can effectively extract himself from lifetime of business he spent creating essentially? >> well i think he can completely extract himself from the day-to-day operations. what i hope he doesn't do extract himself from the principles he learned running businesses. i hope he takes those to washington. i hope he applies them to agencies, that he understands that personnel is policy. and good policy is good politics. if he understands that and employs the same things that made him an incredibly successful businessman, he will be a terrific president. so let's hope he brings those qualities with him to the white house. bill: mitt romney, the dinner last night, i know you're not a fan, however do you see yourself changing -- >> not for personal feeling but i did note, bill, i don't know if your cameras picked it up, in the little clip, both ripes priebus and donald trump were having fillet on mitt romney's plate there was big, big slice
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of crow. i didn't know if you could catch that or not. look irony here it is not so much about the relationship that donald trump has with mitt romney. it is the relationship that mitt romney has with the voters who elected donald trump. because mitt romney said that they were a bunch of suckers to follow him. so at some point mitt romney has to address that i think outrage that is being expressed among many trump supporters is that it wasn't that romney just dissed donald trump, he but that he really took a swipe and spoke contemptuously of the people who made donald trump the president of the united states. bill: i picked up on two things this morning. jason miller earlier said they had good chemistry last night. reince priebus on another network said a decision on secretary of state is not imminent. given that, why do you think mr. trump is working so hard on this relationship with romney? >> you know, that is one i can't answer. i think he wants to show that he
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is a person who is not going to hold a grudge. i think that is an important message to send to democrats. it is an important message to send to republicans that didn't support him. but he needs to surround himself with people who will be loyal to him and will have respect for him. because ultimately he is going to make decisions and his cabinet members will not be out there making their own decisions and going rogue. they will have to say, yes, sir, mr. president, that is your decision, i will go carry it out. they need to do it with a sense of true dispatch. if they can't do that, they shouldn't be on the cabinet. bill: i get the sense, he is testing his loyalty and listening to words that he uses, governor romney, after the meeting. keep an eye on that. picks so far, nominations, et cetera, son people are outside of washington. some people are not frankly. do you believe based on the picks thus far and those yet to come he is keeping his word with his supporters that he carried through the campaign, governor? >> well i think he is and one of
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the things i was really happy about the appointment of minute new smyrna beach chin and wilbur ross, great picks. mnuchin. if they go in and get a lot of unnecessary regulations, particularly on small businesses and entrepreneurs and startups, it would have dramatic impact. the cost of regulation, over $2 trillion a year. the cost of tax compliance in this country is over $500 billion a year. think about that. we don't produce anything by complying with the tax code. all we do is produce paperwork and make it very difficult for the small business owner to comply because he doesn't have the economy of scale to be able to spread that out over his business. so, yeah, i think these are great picks that he has shown so far and these are people who know how to walk in and make changes. now something they will find, bill -- bill: go ahead, quickly. >> let me say this one thing they're going to find out, the
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government doesn't operate like a business. you can't fire bureaucrats and you can't fire legislators. it is a real different atmosphere. that will be a learning curve for anybody who has not served in government before. bill: my sense, results-based administration, whether they're inside government, outside government, results is what will count starting january. i hope you shake the cold very soon. >> me too. bill: mike huckabee on the road. get better, thanks, sir. martha: house democrats now holding their leadership elections behind closed doors this morning. tim ryan taking on nancy pelosi, for the role of minority leader. pelosi has been in house leadership for nearly two decades. tim ryan from ohio, a state that went republican this year. he says democrats must make their case to middle america if they want to regain control of the house. >> i think people remember the election. it was only two weeks ago. and i think their constituents are expecting a certain amount of change to come. if you're a strong democrat,
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you're recognizing that what we're doing isn't working and we want to be back in the majority. martha: so he's got eight members who are publicly supporting him but pelosi is expert politician on the hill. she is expected to win this secret ballot. bill: looks like fights are starting to develop. listen to senator schummer on the senate side for picks. martha: lot of reflection for democrats. bill: fox news alert. we're keeping very close eye on tennessee. a firestorm in the smokey mountains again. thousands running for their lives. some of these images are frankly dramatic. stop you in your tracks as people figure out a way to get out alive. why mother nature may give firefighters an assist today. we'll check in on that. martha: terrifying. more on that. coming up, same storm system brought rain and deadly tornadoes as well and hit a 24 hour day care center in alabama. horrific story. we will show you what happened
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there. bill: also new details on the attacker at ohio state. isis now claims he is one of their soldiers. >> on ohio state campus. there has been, i think some type of terrorist attack. >> why? >> because the guy ran a crowd through a crowd of students. he did it purely. -- purposely.
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martha: stunning story here. isis praising the ohio state university attacker as one of their, quote, soldiers. the terror group claiming responsibility for the attack by the somali-born student. on monday he rammed his car into pedestrians and then got out and started slashing people with a butcher knife. we're now hearing the frantic 911 call for the first time. listen. >> watts hall, on osu campus, somebody drove through a crowd full of people. he is not firing a gun but i don't know who is firing. looks like campus police officer. >> okay. >> we need an ambulance here fast here. there is guy hit on the ground. another person on the ground. martha: so frightening, president-elect donald trump tweeted in response to the incident, quote, isis taking credit for the terrible stabbing attack at ohio state university by a somali refugee who should not have been in our country, he writes. artan was admitted to the united
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states as child of ref guy. before the attack he warned what he talked about was mistreatment of muslims on social media. bill: mr. trump hitting the road tomorrow and thursday for what is being called a thank you tour with his first rally in cincinnati, ohio, but today he is back at the tower working to fill out his cabinet. with me republican tennessee congressman marcia blackburn, member of trump transition team. she was at the tower yesterday. thanks for your time today. >> had a great visit yesterday. bill: let me ask you about that. the a lot of jobs are on the board. which one do you want? >> i have told mr. trump i am certainly a willing participant in the team too get things done. that could mean staying in congress. it could mean coming to a position in the administration. but, bill, that is all mr. trump's story to tell. it is mr. trump's opportunity to make certain that he pulls
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together a team that he knows is going to work together and bring about change for the american people. that is what they voted for. bill: i fully respect your answer. how do you sell yourself at one of these meetings? take us inside of the tower? how does it work? >> i think it's not so much selling yourself. it is more a position of being there to help achieve what he has laid out as his goals. and we know that he is a pro at doing more with less. he is a pro at coming in ahead of schedule and under budget. and that is what you're going to see a trump administration do. that's going to mean there are departments that have to be right-sized and down-sized. it is going to mean congress will have to get busy statutorily working through the process of repositioning and reforming and innovating government for the 21st century.
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i think this is one of the most exciting times that has ever been because you're actually going to bring to bear the technologies and applications and have the opportunity to get rid of divisions and agencies and programs that have outlived their usefulness. you will have the opportunity to go in and instead of 130 economic development programs, let's have one or two. make this something that people actually -- bill: starting to shape up like quite a fight. you know, senator schumer sent some signals yesterday on senate side, democrats are ready to, they're ready for a few battles. is all of this easier said than done? >> i think that it is going to be wonderful to see the democrats try to protect the status quo. after we had an election, as you heard me say for 18 months, this
6:19 am
is outsider year. we would have a outsider nominee for president. this would be an administration that would bring about change and that is exactly what has happened, bill. so if the democrats want to come in line and protect the status quo and say they want more government, centralized in washington, d.c., and they want higher taxes to pay for it, let them take that argument to the american people. i just don't think people are buying it and they're going to stand for it. bill: three quick questions rapid fire. reince priebus said this morning he doesn't think a decision is imminent on secretary of state. does that sound right what you're hearing? >> i think mr. trump is the one who knows will be next secretary of state. bill: got it. thank you tour starts tomorrow. what is that all about? why is it important? >> he won this going to the people and i think this is a way for him to get back out there and to affirm the choices that he is making, making. it is a time for him to say thank you. he is so grateful for the
6:20 am
support of the american people, and to do this tour, i this is well-placed. bill: final question. out of order, but final question, why is he working so hard to win over mitt romney? >> mr. trump has, is someone who practices forgiveness. you can talk to people that have worked with him in business. he knows that securing our nation's place in the world, our security, making america great again is bigger than any personality. he won this election by focusing on principles and on policies and on change. not on personalities. and he is bringing that to bear as he is inviting in his foes. bill: marcia blackburn, thank you for your time. back on keep toll hill. >> thank you, bill the. bill: you bet. martha. martha: president-elect donald trump keeping his word on a campaign promise. >> you have to fight to keep your companies. now do you think anybody in the
6:21 am
obama administration goes to see carrier and say, stay here? i would speak with the folks at carrier and i would say, if you leave, there are consequences. martha: big headline on this today. the new administration expected to announce that hundreds of manufacturing jobs will remain in this country. bill: also the nominee to be of the next treasury secretary, talks about tax reform as his main objective. we'll break down how he sees a transformation of the american economy at home and abroad. next. ♪ tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto®- a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto® was proven
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bill: breaking news, a tornado tearing through the south claiming the lives of at least five people. three victims, alabama, the other two, hard-hit tennessee. several others critically
6:25 am
injured when a day-care center was destroyed. that area under tornado watch until this afternoon. there is tough weather out there. we'll keep you updated when we get it here. ♪ >> carrier, here is what's going to happen. you're going to leave indiana, you're going to leave indianapolis. i wish you a lot of luck in mexico. eni joy the heat. enjoy the heat. i hope you build a really beautiful factory. here is what will happen, every single air-conditioning unit you make, we'll charge you a 35% tax, every single unit. martha: what he called the "art of the deal," folks. donald trump on the campaign trail taking a tough line on a company thought they might move 1,000, 1400 some jobs down to mexico. donald trump didn't think it was great idea. now it looks like it is paying off. carrier reached an agreement with the president-elect and vice president-elect had a hand as well we'll say to keep 1000
6:26 am
jobs in indianapolis, scrapping plans to move part of the operations in mexico. president-elect tweeting i will go to indiana making a major announcement for carrier to stay in indianapolis. maria bartiromo, "mornings with maria" and host of fox "sunday morning futures." >> good to see you. martha: good deal making with carrier. >> real good deal making. >> why did they give in. >> remember eight months ago we learned of carrier's plans and employees first learned they may be on the chopping block. it was horrible story. it was horrible story. part of the reason they agreed, donald trump said there would be tariffs on things coming from mexico. he is threatening he will make it much more expensive if you produce products overseas and try to get them back into the country. amazing to me how many companies are the requesting in line even
6:27 am
before donald trump takes office. apple, considering making iphones in the u.s. others basically saying, wait a second, we want to get behind the president-elect this is really good news. martha: it is incredible. united technologies is the parent company, right, of carrier? >> that's right. martha: they sell the u.s. government a lot of jets and defense equipment. just talk business to these folks, right? some of those deals might be in jeopardy as well. we would really appreciate it if you kept the jobs here. >> exactly. when you consider the fact they will be seeing a huge improvement to their own bottom line by staying in america. he is going to take the corporate tax rate down to 15%. he is going to make it incentivized for companies to actually do business here in the america. that is what it is all about. martha: got to work for both sides. apparently they came up with something working for both sides. that is fascinating as you say. the idea apple would make phones here, steve jobs would personally tell president obama would never happen. he said it would never happen.
6:28 am
now looking like it may happen. move on to the interview with steve mnuchin and wilbur ross. commerce secretary for ross, treasury secretary for mnuchin. what do you expect from these gentlemen? >> even if it is a threat of tariffs, we'll look at nafta and rip it up and try to do it again, sounds like it could be disruptive, and people against this, we don't want disruption on trade. but at same time if it is not advantageous to america, wilbur ross will look at it, donald trump will look at it, he will redo it. wilbur ross told me would look at nafta to redo that. there is no tpp. forget about the trans-pacific partnership, this is his quote, martha, it is not happening. steve mnuchin, his top priority is tax reform. in first 90 days of his administration he is cutting taxes. >> that is welcome news to a lot of corporations across the country who may extend operations based on sweet deal for them or better deal for them. here is a bit of the intermaria
6:29 am
had with steve mnuchin had this morning. >> number one priority to sustain 3 to 4% gdp. that is very achievable. this has been an administration last eight years we haven't had enough growth. number one priority will be tax reform. we think by lowering the corporate tax rate we'll make u.s. corporations incredibly competitive and create enormous amounts of money that comes back onshore and creates jobs. martha: exactly what you just said. these guys are wall street insiders, palm beach folks who are trends of donald trump -- friends ever donald trump how do you answer that? >> better to have a business person in charge of these decisions after the last decade not having business people in these jobs because they understand what it takes to motivate companies to create jobs, invest in america. and that is what is critical here. you have got a guy, yes, at goldman sachs, steve mnuchin,
6:30 am
wilbur ross, running a major steel company. they understand the impact highest tax rate in the world. we're going from 35% to 15%. what will that do to corporate earnings. that is why the stock market rallying the way it is as you know. people could say these people have been in business. you don't want someone who doesn't know anything. you don't want someone who doesn't understand how business works and how to motivate companies to invest and create jobs. martha: everyone second focused whether or not the deals are good for consumers. if they are, they will be fine with these people being in charge. we'll see what they do with the hedge fund tax rate they will raise. and mnuchin runs a hedge fund. >> right. martha: that will hold their feet to the fire. >> corporate tax rates and personal income taxes coming down. he is not interested in the so-called fat cats. martha: very interesting. maria. thank you. great interview. bill: power of maria, she talks, markets move. look at the dow. up 75 points at the open.
6:31 am
>> remember when we talked, martha, couple weeks ago i said i would buy the market with both hands. martha: with both hands she said. remember that? bill: i do. we got it. thanks, maria. lifetime of work at his own company is placed to the side. that is what mr. trump says he will extract himself entirely from his business. will that move answer questions about a conflict interest? jason chaffetz chairs the house oversight committee. we'll talk to him live in a moment from capitol hill. martha: wildfire out of control in tennessee. taking lives, forcing evacuations, threatening iconic tourist attractions there. latest on the vicious fire that is on going. >> when you've got end up to 87 mile-an-hour pushing fire, people were basically running for their lives. on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled
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6:35 am
buildings including iconic homes and a resort burned to the ground in gatlinburg. martha: wow. >> they're just telling us to hold back, not to try to get to town right now. >> nasty yellow haze all around the place. we couldn't see anything. i could see sheets of flame coming down the mountain toward us, at a really good clip. the winds were kicking it down. bill: jonathan serrie live now near gatlinburg with more. how bad is the damage where you are, jonathan? reporter: bill, as you can see this mountainside community was hard hit. this house was completely gutted. this side of the mountain, you're talking private residence, not vacation rentals, making the situation particularly tragic. there is a gentle rain coming down. rain has been hard especially i overnight. with it a mixed blessing. the rain brings severe storm conditions. there are heavy winds which at time will fan the flames.
6:36 am
there was even a tornado warning overnight. some of these mountain communities if you get too much rain in one place at the same time there is potential for flash flooding. throughout the areas we are hearing stories of narrow escapes. look at this dramatic video. this shot by mike luciano as he attempted to escape the wildfires only to find his escape route was blocked. he ended upturning around and head back towards the flames, before he finally got out of the area. bill, back to you. bill: tough to watch. jonathan, thanks for being there. we'll be in touch later today. jonathan serrie near gatlinburg. martha: president-elect donald trump reveals his intention to turn his businesses over to his children on december 15th. mr. trump released a series of tweets that read like this. you have to connect the tweets this morning. i will hold a major news
6:37 am
conference with my children in new york city on december 5th teen, to discuss i will leave my great business in total in order to fully focus running the country to make america great again. while i'm not mandated to do it under law i feel it is visually important as president have no way a conflict of interest with my various businesses. americans legal documents are being crafted which take me completely out of business operations. the presidency is far more important task, exclamation point. jason chaffetz from utah is chair of the house oversight and government reform committee which a lot of these issues would fall. chairman chaffetz good to have you here this morning. >> good morning. martha: this is expected. he said throughout the course of the campaign he would turn the businesses over it his children. because so unprecedented to have privately-held company ceo become president of the united states, what concerns you about disentertaining link himself from all of this? >> donald trump is doing the right thing. he wants to get beyond the appearance.
6:38 am
there is no legal requirement he has to do these things. i'm encouraged by what he is doing and the structure he is setting up. the criticism will come particularly from the democrats. questions about the children, the proximity to their father you but this is a very big, complex organization. but donald trump's financial disclosures, they're available online. people can go look at them already. so i know democrats already have been chomping at her heels wanting an investigation, but information is available online. he hasn't even been sworn in yet. so he is doing the right thing. martha: people across the country have watched you go after hillary clinton very hard in terms of the emails suggesting questions about benghazi all of that. they will expect in your role as oversight that you will be equally diligent under the trump administration. can you pledge to them you will? >> absolutely. my job is not to be a cheerleader for the president but to he provide vigorous oversight. in the case of hillary clinton,
6:39 am
when she was secretary of state, and she was a member of the government, it was the inspector general that actually started and found out that there was classified information in a non-secure setting. so we reacted to that. my goodness, let donald trump get into office. i'm sure there will come a point where donald trump may be none too happy with us but that is the role of congress, is to provide oversight of executive branch. i'm pledged to absolutely do that. martha: i got it. >> let him get sworn in first. martha: understood. i saw jim jordan on your committee, the congressman, basically saying he would pursue issues you all have gone after with hillary clinton. where do you stand on that? are we going to see more investigation of hillary clinton or not? >> well, a political election does not extinguish the need for transparency, truth and justice. and the complexity in which this, the scheme was set up, there is email, federal records issue.
6:40 am
there is the clinton foundation issue. there is the perjury issue. there is the fact that the state department still has its own open investigation on classified material. there are tens of thousands of documents that the state department still has not turned over to the united states congress that should be available. martha: so you have investigations that you have overseen, those are continuing and ongoing, you will have more hearings? >> oh, yes. martha: a lot of people think maybe the country is ready to move on from hillary clinton's issues. that she sort of got the worst punishment imaginable on november 8th. do you agree with that? >> we want to get to the truth. let's at least look at all the evidence and information. i still think that the federal government needs to provide to congress the records that which we sought. so we still want to understand all of that. there is issue relating to the department of justice. we can't just simply let this go. if the president, or the president-elect wants to pardon secretary clinton, for the good
6:41 am
of the nation, that is their option but i have a duty and an obligation to fix the problems that were made with hillary clinton. martha: lots more to talk about here. we'll do it in the coming weeks. we'll see what that arrangement looks like on december 15th. look forward to talking to you about it. >> thanks, martha. bill: former governor mitt romney sitting down with mr. trump and reince priebus. what did they talk about? we'll talk to the incoming chief of staff in a moment. he joins us at the top of the hour. reince priebus is here today. house speaker newt gingrich on the three keys to success in washington mr. trump must abide by. first though here is mike pence. >> i am absolutely confident that he is going to choose the right person in every single one of these cases, that he believes will be best-quipped to move his agenda forward and more importantly the country forward. i'm terrible at golf.
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bill: former house speaker newt gingrich saying there are three big challenges mr. trump must first overcome in order to fulfill his promise. number one, here it is, the normal will try to convince the leader to be reasonable. number two, know that solving symptoms of the problem is not the same as solving the problem itself. number three, the urgent drives out the important. keep focus on the big issues. talk about that with nomiki konst, host of the filter on xm progress and rich lowery, editor of "national review." welcome to both of you. there are gems in this piece whether you're republican or democrat. newt cuts through a lot of this, riff, frankly he would know. he has been there and has done it. >> he draws on his experience in his piece which is quite acute. it sums up to be big and bold and don't get distracted by the small stuff. every new presidency you have a
6:46 am
golden hour, first year to big things legislatively. if the white house and republican congress keep together and keep focus on the ball, repeal a lot of obamacare, repeal a bunch of legislation and regulations and have big tax reform. to achieve that goal steve mnuchin talked about of 3, 4%, which would be wonderful thing for the country. bill: seems like they're hitting on the same themes consistently. nomiki, one line struck out with the from the gingrich piece, i will cooperate but not compromise. said that three days after republicans won over the house after being shut out for 50 years. >> remember that speaker gingrich uses examples of things he said, he didn't compromise on were all bills compromised, welfare reform or balanced budget. tough work with the other side. that is how the government works. with that being said it is a great piece, in theory sounds
6:47 am
brilliant but there are a lot of platitudes. speaker gingrich uses analogy of president focusing on big meat, like if he were a hunter to focus on big game and have people he appoints, go after chipmunks, smaller goals along the way. the problem is as speaker says, use those people to drain the swamp, to commit to your promises but if that were true, those people that he has appointed are part of the problem. they're lobbyists. they're bureaucrats, lifelong bureaucrats. former billionaires or current billionaires from goldman sachs. they have conflicts of interest, if he wants to commit to the promises has to commit to them at all levels of government. bill: they will be judged based on results too. come back to the focus here for a moment. i think you could argue that president obama had same singular focus when he went after health care in the beginning. i would argue that he went after chipmunk gingrich talked about that ronald reagan referred to. i think about professor gates at harvard when that thing blew up
6:48 am
and really backfired and a beer summit. >> yeah. bill: think about bowe bergdahl. he hit some of the traps gingrich is trying to say avoid them at all cost. >> right. he got sucked into the vortex of these media controversies, to some extent, that happened ironically to newt as well in his speakership, that helped undermine his speakership. president obama, you're right, he used this golden hour we're talk about to pass big things, obamacare, dodd-frank, big spending bill. they happened to be the wrong things for the country and didn't work. >> i wouldn't agree necessarily with that i think there are millions of people uninsured and going bankrupt at the time have access to health insurance. we hope it will get better. that is the problem now is, you have republicans across the country in districts who have been campaigning against obamacare, but those in their districts or republicans or democrats are using obamacare. what will you do, strip their health insurance?
6:49 am
bill: i think big problem is this, gingrich summarized it, developing trump as governing system is enormous job. draining the swamp in wash will be enormous job. rich, yes or no, does he do it or not? >> i don't think he drains the swamp. the swamp is never going away. i think he can make the government smaller and more effective, if he works with the republican cop guess towards that goal -- congress. they can make the economy grow. that is the biggest metric here. he set it out for himself in the campaign. one most voters will judge him by, not random tweets. is the economy growing, labor market tighter,. bill: that comes back to results. nomiki, be gracious. >> i agree. all about the economy. i hope that he can bring american jobs back, increase wages, because that is why the democrats lost, to be honest. >> sounds pretty gracious to me, bill. bill: right on. thanks, nomiki. thanks, rich.
6:50 am
get rid of that cold. you and huckabee, sharing the same glass of water. >> working on it. martha: after the election everybody's defenses are down. everybody has been working so hard. speaking of these two, from enemies to allies, president-elect donald trump breaking bread with one mitt romney last night here in midtown manhattan, the possible secretary of state perhaps, who once slammed donald trump is now giving him praise and likes what he sees so far. the reince priebus the man on the left at the dinner and future chief of staff will join us at the top of the hour. plus a big heist caught on camera. what he is taking and why it weighed so much. ♪
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
bill: judge for yourself. nypd looking for thief that ran off with a bucket of gold, a big ol' bucket. taking place in broad daylight, midtown manhattan, block from our studios. armored truck driver, leaving a back of truck open. man walks by, sees opportunity and take as bucket of gold makes, worth, weighing 86 pounds, worth more than $1.6 million. the bucket was so heavy he struggled after a block. even put it down for a moment to rest. [laughter] wow. he managed to get away, but with all of the surveillance video around here he probably will not get far. i'm saying inside job. martha: you think? bill: these armored guys are all over the city every day. martha: thought to himself,
6:55 am
never been a thief before in my life. there is bucket of gold, maybe i take it home. bill: maybe he knew the driver. think so. martha: maybe? doesn't look like a thief. looks like a guy walking down the street. bill: with a big bucket. martha: if you know that guy you can tell who he is in the video. to very serious subject, tens of thousands of people who have been displaced in syria, as pro-government forces advanced in the war-torn city of aleppo which has been the site of heartbreak and devastation and death for months and months. the government quickly seizing the rebel-held areas in an assault that has killed dozens and dozens and hundreds of really of people. john huddy joins us live with the very latest on the situation from jerusalem. good morning to you, john. reporter: martha, good morning. in fact 21 people were killed in one single attack today on a housing complex, according to a human rights group, that was housing displaced residents. syrian government forces
6:56 am
apparently hitting that complex with artillery fire, with airstrikes, obviously targeting rebel-held positions. as you mentioned, death, destruction. in fact we're getting video in, brutal, just horrific to look at. obviously we can't show that, but you can figure out probably for yourself what kind of devastation we're looking at. that said, here is latest video, fighting for syrian government forces continue to advance on rebel-held parts of eastern aleppo. bloody, vicious fighting i just described. having said that the syrian observatory for human rights which has been monitoring the situation, reports at least 45 people, talking about men, women and children, have been killed since yesterday, again another 21 today, at least. that number could be going up as we speak. and at least 600 people, according to the human rights group since saturday have been killed. the red cross has been operates on the ground in aleppo, said
6:57 am
20,000 civilians fled the eastern part of the city the past 72 hours as estimated quarter of a million people remain trapped in parts of eastern aleppo as the fighting continues, martha. martha: john huddy, thank you very much. we'll be right back.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
martha: president-elect trump sat down with mitt romney for dinner 10 blocks from hereby. mr. trump faces a stuff decision about the secretary of state. we watched this play out quite closely the last few weeks as we welcome you to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." welcome, bill hemmer. bill: a flurry of appointments from mr. trump including picks for treasury secretary and secretary of commerce. a lot of people talking about this dinner between mr. trump and mr. romney.
7:01 am
the former rival having nothing but kinds words to say after the meal. >> he continues with a message of bringing people together and this vision is something that connected with the american people in a powerful way. i have been impressed with what i have seen in the transition efforts. the people he selected as members of his cabinet are solid and effective people. martha: what a difference a few weeks can make. ryan is -- reince priebus wassed the third person you see on the left-hand side. good morning to you, sir. there are a lot of the ways to have these meetings. this is the second meeting that mitt romney had, he was at the bedminster golf course. but this is so public. there were cameras allowed in.
7:02 am
why so public a courtship between mr. trump and mr. romney? >> as you know, we are getting used to having a press pool with us, and that's part of the process. when you are president of the united states and president-elect it's par for the course that you allow a photo with the press. they are stations usually outside or at trump tower. one way other other this was going to be public. so look, i think what people should be seeing here is a huge encouraging sign about leadership and the ability of president-elect trump to talk to the best people in america to make sure that every decision that's made, that the best person to lead our country is chosen for each of these spots. that's what he's trying to do. martha: why is this particular
7:03 am
relationship apparently very important to mr. trump. >> i think he sees a lot of talent in governor romney. nothing certain, and it's still up in the air. he wants to make sure he's talking to snare giuliani, governor romney, senator corker, when he makes the decision, it's the decision that's best for america regardless of back ground. there is obviously a comfort level that needs to take place. that's the piece that's being worked on right now. they had a great dinner last night, very encouraging. but not a don deal. but certainly positive. martha: mitt romney was going out of his way to try to tear down donald trump during the course of this campaign. last night he came before the cameras. he said he was encouraged by the way things were going.
7:04 am
is that enough? was that the apology you all were looking for until. >> there is no quid pro quo here. you have to have mitt romney say nice things so you guys feel like you can maybe bury that videotape about the trump steaks and the trump vodka. >> all those things are important, but the comfort level is the most important. but what people need to understand is answer what i have learned is and i'm sure either you or some of the folks there at fox and other places and people across america, they don't know donald trump. when you get to know this person, you finds out how gracious and personable, a big, big heart. you see that by the fact that he's sitting down now two times with governor romney, a person that has a big enough heart and willingness to put the american people first even in a place of talking to governor romney.
7:05 am
then all he having real substantial personal conversations that are very positive. so that's a big person. a lot of the people wouldn't do that. that's what people should see in president trump. martha: i think it's fascinating to watch all of this unfold. i think a lot of people feel that way. we spoke to mike huckabee and he seems testy about the way all of this is unfolding. watch this. >> both reince priebus and donald trump are having filet on mitt romney's plate there was a big slice of crow. i don't know if you can catch that or not. the irony is it's not so much about the relationship donald trump has with mitt romney, it's the relationship mitt romney has with the voters who elected donald trump. mitt romney said they were a bunch of suckers to follow him. martha: he feels hurt that a lot
7:06 am
of people were grouped in with mitt romney's criticism. you look at rudy giuliani and newt gingrich, some of the strongest supporters from material on have not shown up on that big screen as people who retain positions with the administration. >> i understand where the governor is coming from and president-elect trump understands it, too. that's why this is a sensitive subject and it will take a lot of deliberation. that's why i don't think anyone should expect anything imminent on this position yet. but people should be encouraged by the fact that we have a president-elect that's willing to talk to people who are knowledgeable, talented, very smart, to either choose those people or at the very least glean information from people that we can learn from. don't be discouraged by any of this other than to say that the
7:07 am
right decision will be made for the american people. and i can assurer that's exactly the mindset that president-elect trump has. it's a very presidential, mature position and place for him to be in. and that's where he's at every day. you are seeing it by the appointments he's make across the board. martha: i remember him saying i can be very presidential. >> he's been incredible during the transition. martha: what can we look forward to in terms of this appointment. you said nothing is imminent in terms of the secretary of state. what do you mean by that. >> he's going through the deliberative process in his own mind to cut out the noise and make the smartest decision for the american people. he's president of the united states, nothing is going to
7:08 am
change that. now it's a matter of making sure the brightest and best are around him. that's what he pledged to the american people and that's what he's doing. martha: what's coming next? >> you saw some things today that will be more formalized during the day. steve nmuchin in treasury and wilbur ross in commerce. when donald trump's plans were laid out months ago and the speech was given about the first 00 days. it was steve mnuchin and wilbur ross who helped write those plans. these are people in step man the wheel house with what donald trump wants to do economically and now they are in positions to help carry out that task. martha: what's going to happen when one of his children who he
7:09 am
talks to all the time, we are talking about this deal for this hotel in this foreign country, how is that going to work? >> wait and see. on the 15th the announcement with be made in december in a couple weeks. but what people should glean from all of this, there is a plan being worked on, there are smart ethics lawyers involved. people understood what donald trump did in his businesses before he was elected. it would be nuts to believe he was elected knowing the things he built, the hospitality he's part of, the retail aspect of his businesses three weeks ago and expect all of that to fizzle away the next day. it's not reasonable. martha: we'll look forward to hearing more about that and the rally tomorrow. bill: how are you doing hashtag tucker?
7:10 am
the show is going great, so congrats on all that. i get the sense trump is working hard on the romney deal and trying to figure out if the chemistry is right or not. >> for sure. with all these picks you are seeing not just chemistry between the president-elect and the nominee, but you are seeing an intentional plan. tom price at hhs, what's the point of that? he will be the guy to tries to repeal and replace obamacare. what's the point of elaine chao in transportation? so there is a reason. on the romney question, it's harder to see. one of the key questions about the state department is what do you do with all the climate change work john kerry has been doing. that is one the main focuses of the state department in the second term of president obama.
7:11 am
all this global warming stuff. where is romney on that. there is a basic policy question and i don't know the answer to that. but if he became secretary of state, that would be one of the first questions he faced, what do you do with all this stuff. in the bigger sense i think you are right about that. he pick has a purpose based on the campaign we just came through, tucker. >> exactly. that's exactly right. people underestimate the degree the which presidents in their first term try to activate what they talked about on the campaign trail. the mandate is the campaign speeches that the voters voted on the basis of. if you want to know what he's going to do, pull up the last five speech he gave on the campaign. the state department is one area where we are not sure.
7:12 am
does romney have a foreign policy vision close to the candidate articulated on the trail? i don't know. i haven't seen that. it's a little bit confusing. but maybe there is something else going on. bill: the rally in cincinnati, i think the house-be rocking. there is a press conference in two weeks on how he withdraws himself from the family business. see you tonight at 7:00. tras.martha: kevin mccarthy is t the microphone. mike pence vowing to have a busy 100 days in the white house. first on the list with obamacare repeal and replace. bill: deadly twisters tear together south overnight. we'll take you to some of the
7:13 am
hardest hit areas. at least five have been killed. >> we live a quarter mile across the field and we heard all the commotion. the building toirp and other stuff scattered all over the pasture. does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of patients had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. in fact, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. do not use if you are allergic to taltz. before starting you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you are being treated for an infection or have symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to.
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7:17 am
they have a busy agenda for the first month of the trump administration. donald trump announced he will officially separate himself from his business and focus solely on running the country. i'm interested on your thoughts on mike pence. he already feels like a very active vice president in terms of getting this legislation rolling. >> i think he's the first ambassadorial appointment of the incoming administration and he will do a terrific job of it. mike pence is a straight shooter, a decent guy, a good man to be around. he tells you what he thinks, he does the make judgments quick or harshly. and if he's not going to be with you, he tells you.
7:18 am
you can have a long-term relationship with him. you can call on him for advice and counsel and he's a straight shooter with keen insight. i think he will be an even better pick once he gets into office. martha: you look at the things they want to get through the first 200 days. they want to repeal and replace obamacare and do some serious tax reform. those are two of the biggest ones out of the gate. can they work with democrats on that? >> they don't have to work with democrats on it. they have the votes and that's part of the strength of the trump win. it's also -- martha: they don't have the filibuster majority they would need in some cases. >> that's true. the question is how big is their chance to revamp' things and is it so over the top democrats will filibuster and can they make the move.
7:19 am
it's more about what trump and pence do, it's what do they put forward. once they do, i think you are going to see -- one of the things you will remember is who -- look what senators are up in 208. these are all red state democrats who will be on the ballot in 201 tight. they are not going to be looking for a fight, i don't think, if there is a reason they can work together. you won't see a lot of those democrats up in 2018 looking to fight. i agree with karl. the pence pick is being shown to be a brilliant pick back when he did it. you have got a guy who hasn't been in government who has become president of the united states. he needed exactly this kind of vice president. someone who has been governor and been in washington. served in congress. knows these members on both sides and can help turn these
7:20 am
policy ideas into law or at least put them out for a vote and maneuver that for them. and i think a lot of the cabinet picks are helping to do that the same way. no matter how much democrats don't like it, some of these appointments or nominees, they are petty smart in terms of who has to be confirmed by the senate, who doesn't, who those people can reach out to to help a coalition of votes be put together to make it successful. martha: you laid out a scenario that looks like there will and lot of action and legislation that gets pushed through in the first couple months. it's good to see you both. we'll see you next time. bill: the danger is not over as the devastation is revealed in tennessee. what is next for those looking for something that they have lost. so much of their lives. isis responds after the attack
7:21 am
on ohio state. how .we deal with the potential for lone wolf attacks there and elsewhere. >> there is some type of terror attack. the guy ran a car through a crowd of students. i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment. you'll never know unless you go. i did it. you can too. ♪
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7:24 am
bill: in the state of tennessee they are picking through the ashes in a popular tourist area of the state. in gatlinburg they have taken down 150 buildings. two men are trying to get out of a in the road. this goes on for five plus minutes. they escaped and got out with their lives.
7:25 am
but this was right on the edge of danger. even the county mayor was not spared. >> a couple hours ago i had the opportunity to drive through town and confirm my house was gone and my business of 31 years is gone. it's a little numbing to see the extent of the damage. bill: it may not be over. the fires came too close for comfort for dolly par tons theme park, dollywood. how did you guise fare? >> actual -- how did you guys faish? >> very well compared to our neighbors in gatlinburg. we feel blessed by it. but there was a lot of preparation that went into it. our team and the firefighters worked on an emergency plan. unfortunately we did lose some cabins we are still surveying
7:26 am
that part of our business because because there are a lot of areas in the county that up until last night were still inaccessible because of fire and we'll be checking those. but it's definitely was a near miss for us. bill: is the worst over for you or not? >> i believe so. we received a good deal of rain overnight which is also a blessing. and i think that will help the firefighters that are still trying to put hotpots out. but it is a -- it's been a difficult time and i think now we are trying to look and see where the light at the end of the tunnel is. i think the mayor of gatlinburg said that yesterday. that we are a resilient community and we are going to start to look and see what the future holds.
7:27 am
bill: what are you hearing from family and friends, what are you hearing from nearby towns. such a large area has been affected by this. >> there are a few things. there are a lot of families that are affected. but the most important thing for us is this is a very giving community and a giving area. our businesses are focused on helping others the next couple days and there has been tremendous outreach to help those families that have been dispoliced and businesses that are looking find out what's next. as i said, a very resilient people as well. it was difficult for the settlers to settle here, and it's really grown into such an amazing world class destination for families, we are looking to see how we can help bring it back and bring folks back in.
7:28 am
bill: a lot of people reaching out to figure out what we know. we are trying to figure out the best sense of the company on the ground. thank you for your time today. martha: president-elect trump saying pry sport one for hissed a -- priority one for his administration is to get rid of obamacare. some calling his pick for health and human services is the nail in the coffin. bill: the tax man is going after your internet. why your bill could be going higher. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people
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7:31 am
martha: at least five people are dead after storms tore across the south overnight. they prompted two dozen reports of tornadoes. three people died in a mobile
7:32 am
home in northern alabama. a fourth person was critically injured. the storms destroyed four buildings in their paths. a husband and wife were also killed in tennessee as the storms moved north. parts of the south remain under a tornado watch at this hour. >> the president made it clear, he wants congress to convene in several january to take up the task of repealing and replacing obamacare first. bill: the republicans are gunning for obamacare as job number one in the new administration. tom price, a fierce critic of the affordable care act. house speaker paul ryan speak moments ago about all this, and he is as expected on board. >> this law is hurting families in america. this law is cancelling insurance plans people wanted. this law is giving people
7:33 am
repeated double digit premium increase. it's raising deductibles so high it doesn't even feel like you have insurance. so we have to bring obamacare relief as fast as we possibly can in 2017, and that is our plan. bill: john barrasso heads the committee. this is going to happen. republicans under president trump will repeal and replace obamacare, is that right? >> that's absolutely the plan, that's what the american people voted for. people want relief from a healthcare law that raised costs, raised premiums, raised deductibles and taken away their care. tom price is the right person at the department of health and human services to do that. he's a doctor. he worked with patients. he knows the importance of taking care of families and
7:34 am
giving them relief with what's happening with the healthcare law. he has went in state legislature in georgia and he knows states are much better prepared to deal with these sorts of things than washington one size fits all approach. bill: the democrats will give you a fight on this. chuck schumer on the senate side said this yesterday. >> between this nomination of an avowed medicare oh point and republicans threatening to frye privatize medicare, it's clear washington republicans are plot ago war on seniors next year. >> what do stu say? >> when you take care of the obamacare laws. they have taken money away from our seniors to pay for obamacare, it shows it's the democrats at war with seniors. we want to take care of people across the country so people can
7:35 am
get the care they need at a lower cost so families don't have to worry about the headaches they had over this costly and complicated obamacare scheme. i want to work with people on both sides of the aisle. the democrats said we know better, we know what's right and we are going to do it our way. they wrote the law behind closed doors in harry reid's office and people were left out of the decision. we want to make sure people are involved from all over the one and strictly the state we want the states and individuals to have freedom and flexibility and choice that they don't have in obamacare. bill: tom price was an orthopedic surgeon before going to congress. and he has had his own plan to repeal and replace. not a single republican voted for obamacare. how many democrats would vote for repeal and replace? >> we were able to put a repeal
7:36 am
bill on president obama's bill last year that he vetoed. we'll be able to do that with a president trump in the white house, he will sign that. the replacement won't be a 2,000 page bill that we wheel down to the senate. it will be a step by step, smooth transition over a couple of years to make sure we can fully replace the patient-centered care the people want. bill: that bill weighed a lot and we saw the pictures. how do you think mr. trump is doing so far? >> i think he's doing very well. you take a look at this cabinet he named. we can start with tom price, a doctor who has experience taking care of families and has served in a state legislature. contrast that with obama, his first secretary of health and huge services. he brought on somebody who is a lobbyist for the trial lawyers. you take a look at who's focused
7:37 am
on the needs of the people. donald trump made an excellent choice with tom price. also i think the selection of mike pence as vice president. i talked to the vice president-elect last evening, you cannot find a more solid, steady, sure footed individual to thereby assisting the president of the the united states. bill: i would assume a republican majority has a lot to do with your optimism. >> i'm optimistic about the future of our country as well as our party in terms of jobs, economy, national security. i think the american people are in for a future that i'm very optimistic about. bill: john barrasso, the republican from wyoming. glad to have you back. martha: a battle in new york city, it's fit for kings and
7:38 am
queens and bishops and knights. the world chess championship between russia and norway has lot of political implications and we'll have a winner before long. laura ingle live in lower manhattan. what an interesting assignment you have this week. >> we are live right now. we are in lower manhattan and here it is. this is considered the super bowl of chess. not only will one of these two players walk away with the title of world's best chess player today. but they will share the purse of a little over a million dollars. the excitement has been building for nearly 3 weeks as these two players. they are the world chapel yums of norway and russia.
7:39 am
it ended in 10 draws, one win each. talk about anticipation. chess enthusiasts know matches can last a long time. but today's games are littled to one hour each and could take as little as 20 minutes. there is a political backdrop to all this drama. one is a vocal supporter of vladimir putin and russia's annexation of crimea. a newspaper reported that the norwegian hired a company to protect him from hackers. the two men are the youngest to meet up for the world championship that's being held for the first time here in new
7:40 am
york in 21 years. they hope the high-profile location of manhattan will help spark interest in the sport. over 6 million people logged on to click in and pay feed to watch these matches being filmed by a professional camera crew with all sorts of different angles. one thing is certain. someone will be deemed a winner, and i'm not allowed to sit in the chair, but i am allowed to touch one of the chess pieces. you want me to make a first move? i have never played. martha: good start. martha: if they drink all that water they will have to leave the table a few times i think. that's a lot of water for an hour-long match. bill: isis is responding after
7:41 am
the attacks at ohio state. sparking new questions about how we deal with lone wolf attacks. colonel ralph peters will take that on next. >> if you drive your car through a crowd of people and murder someone with a knife, are you not a terrorist? >> i didn't say the man wasn't a terrorist. i was working in the yard, my chest started hurting
7:42 am
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martha: the ohio state terror attacks renewing questions about border security and how safe we are at home. the somali born student rammed his car into a group of pedestrians and slashed people with a butcher knife is being praised by isis. president-elect trump responding to this on twitter. quote, isis is taking credit for the terrible attack that ohio state university by a somali refugee who should not have been
7:45 am
in our country. retired lieutenant colonel ralph peters joins us now. so that is not typically the response that we would have seen from president obama. what do you think? >> president obama can never admit he's wrong about anything ever. and he's obviously wrong about isis and islamist terrorism in general. one thing i have high hopes for in the incoming administration. that doesn't mean we'll rush out and putter immigrant in jail or close the borders. what it does mean is we need to apply common sense. in that case it means you have to break muslim-americans into different community. iranian americans have been a terrific success story. pakistani-americans make great
7:46 am
contributions be turkish-americans. but we do have problems with some groups. somalis have been a problem because they don't integrate. they concentrate, they refuse to integrate, and this political correctness has resulted in of all states, minnesota becoming the per capita greatest exporter of recruits for isis in the united states. minnesota. we saw this attack in columbus, ohio where there is a similar somali concentration. this is not meant racially or based on religion, but culturally. the one requirement all immigrants have to show is the willingness to become americans, to sign up for our values. when a large group refuses to do that, naturally they deserve greater surveillance if they are producing per capita so many terrorists as the somali community has. i'm sorry, but that's how it is.
7:47 am
martha: you have to essentially claim when you come to this country you will respect the law of the land above any other law. that's a basic tenet that is interesting when you break it down. not also mallees in america are like this young man and we want to be clear about that. but as you point out, the population in minnesota and also in ohio has been problematic. what would you do about it? >> i think we need to be much tougher about who we let into the country. if you are coming from a culture that practices widespread female genital mutilation as somalis do. somalis being sent back to visit their family and they have to
7:48 am
undergo this horror torture. he sheer she should not be aloud into this country. we have a right to choose. one point i want to stress because i don't want it to get lost in all this. not all muslims are terrorists. so we have to focus on the troublesome groups. we don't want to pay the same amount of attention to iranian americans who serve in our military, a great success story, they came out after the shah fell. they are anti-khomeini, they are not terrorists. let's be honest about the failures. i'm hoping the new administration in a decent, law-abiding way will get control our immigration system. martha: it seems one way to go about that is to ignore the group and religious designation.
7:49 am
but if you are unwilling to certify you put the law of the land and the government of the united states at the top of your list, if that's something you can't say you will do, that should be a deal breaker, right? >> it should be. there are a number of things -- i just think it's a very bad idea to suddenly give immigrants a wide range of benefits from the government. the immigration story that led to success in our country is for immigrants to struggle. i have more respect for hard-working illegal immigrants than i do for legal immigrants that are sucking benefits off the government. terrorists say lone wolves not not be a terrorist. if it looks like a terrorist and smells like a terrorist, they are terrorists. bill: down in charlotte, the
7:50 am
prosecutor andrew murray talking about potential charges after the charlotte police shooting. >> the investigation was complete. the law enforcement agency turned it over. the case is presented to my homicide team which analyzes evidence piece by piece and considers how state law would apply in the case. then the group makes a recommendation whether charges should be sought. in the final step, i personally and thoroughly review the entire file. i can tell you in this case i thought it was important enough to have additional senior attorneys weigh in. so my executive team and my previous homicide team members join the present homicide team for this review. bringing together a group of 15 career prosecutors. their recommendation was
7:51 am
unanimous. that bears repeating. 15 career prosecutors and their recommendation was unanimous. under state law under the threat of great bodily harm allows someone to respond in such a way to negate or stop the threat. it applies to private citizens and police officers. on difference is by the nature of the work they are asked to do on behalf of the community, police are sometimes required to run toward rather than run away from dangerous situations in order to protect the public. several federal civil court ruling are instructive in cases of officer-involved shootings.
7:52 am
essentially the law says we have to determine whether it was reasonable for the officers to believe he needed to use deadly force. the u.s. supreme court found this reasonableness must be judged from the perspective of a reasonable officer on the scene rather than 202-20 vision of hindsight. it's a split-second decision in rapidly evolving situations. the constitution does not require police officers to wait until a subject shoots to confirm a serious threat of harm exists. i'm going to discuss the timeline of events and profitable facts. september 20, charlotte-mecklenburg police officers were conducting surveillance at an apartment complex on old concord road to locate a person who was not
7:53 am
related to this case. officer vincent parked his unmarked van in a complex parking lot. both were work undercover and they were in plainclothes. basically the sergeant was in the back with tinted windows. and officer vincent was driving. officer sought. at that point officer vincent was concerned their cover may ha mr. scott back into the suv and drove away. officers remained in the unmarked van. we now know that at this point in scott went to a nearby convenience store.
7:54 am
investigators later discovered time-stamped receipt in the suv that led them to the store where they fund surveillance footage showing mr. scott parked outside and then entered the store. i'm about to show you a video of mr. scott parking directly in front of the store and walk into the store. i'll call your attention to his right ankle as he goes to close the door.
7:55 am
>> he's pulling up in the white suv. he gets out. the door isn't all the way closed. please watch his right ankle as he turns to close the door which on the right side of the screen. there. that's an isolated picture of that scene. the bulge you can see here is consistent with a holster and gun that later was described by officers and located at the scene. within minutes mr. scott returned to the apartment complex where he parked beside officer vincent's van. when he parked beside the
7:56 am
vehicle he backed in. so you have the police officer. you have him back in with the driver's side doorss close to each other. mr. scott opens his door, he takes out a cigarello, a small cigar and he puts in marijuana in from a bottle and rolls it. the pill bought of marijuana was later recovered at the scene. at this time the officer decided the marijuana did not warrant an interruption of their surveillance operation. officer vincent told fes told investigators we are not worried
7:57 am
about a little marijuana. that changed when the officer saw holding up a handgun. he decided to leave and come back with marked cars to make an arrest for the marijuana and further investigate mire arm. these observations are corroborated by both officer statements as well as a radio traffic in which sergeant pendergast. i'll play you that radio traffic.
7:58 am
st. paul this radio traffic is important because it corroborates the fact that officers saw mr. scott with a gun before any action was take. officer vincent and pendergast decided to return to the parking lot with their undercover vehicle and instructed the officer to join them with a marked patrol vehicle.
7:59 am
approached the passenger side of mr. scott's suv. at this point he saw mr. scott reach for holster. he yelled, gun, gun, to his
8:00 am
fellow officers. miranda said that mr. scott looked at him and pulled the gun out of the holster and began yelling drop the gun, drop the gun. ran to the suv and try today break the passenger side window with the baton. as he did this, he reported a gun as he was seated in the suv. after the officer broke the window, he saw mr. scott take a deep breath and exit the suv. officers vincent, all saw the


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