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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 30, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> new after the word. thrilled everyone is getting it. our first war on terror and we win. sandra: you have one big visit coming up. >> jacksonville, december 9th. meet me there. sandra: keep it here for "outnumbered overtime." brian kilmeade will be there. join us. "happening now" starts right now.
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>> also this mom disappeared for weeks ?g and turned up thanksgig day with c#abuse. speculation that it is a hoax. it begin with the president-elect choice for american's top diplomat. >> i am jenna lee. >> and#í i am jon scott. cand pphuponidates for secretaf state have been narrowed down to 4 them mitt romney and guiliani and bob corker and 2 pence is back in washington.
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he announces that repealing of the administration's new legislative agenda. ep we have carl cameron who is following pence's visit in÷a.5 washington. we'll go to blake burrman outside of trump tower where the rain continues to fall. >> reporter: it does continue, day two, and second day in a row of major announcementes from inside of trump tower. center and the president-elect announcing three major pickses as who will be the major minds behind his economic policy. many of the names are talked b. steve manusian. and he will be the treasure and he will be the campaign innocence share. and commerce secretary.
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wilburr ross is his pick. the famed billionaire investor and his number two over the u$at name. for mnuchin and ross, they have sat down on the fox business network. tax reform is one of the main issues that the president-elect continues to talk mn;÷about. di mnucchin said taxi reform. they will try toq@rcñ get it do the first few months of the trump administration. >> this will be something that happens in the first 90 days of the presidency. we'll have a major tax reform. biggest tax reform since reagan. not only a cut in corporate taxes but a large middle income tax cut that will help this country.
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questions who might the president select to be the next secretary of state? he met a second time6w"=÷ here w york city with mitt romney. and trump tr=óñd/ion officials said the president-elect  people. romney and rudy guiliani. and rumored to be david petraeu and bob corker.  this week appear to have come to an end. the trauma for secretary of state continues to bill. ç the pul rickets can do for' country and commence department what he did for the cubs, we would be in good shape. >> they yeah, they pitched him. >> go ahead. >> reporter: they pitched him
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6x t((i and saying if he does f the cubs what he does for the administration. it is a lay up or home run. >> world series in 108 years. you have to hand it to him. >> blake will be there all week. >> vice-president elect mike pence will be meeting with paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. pence ism3wf,÷j[- heading up transition time. pence. >> reporter: he is in theaa)f]p transition officee!)z here in t nation's=fap capitol. and chairman of the financial a potential treasury secretary. ol @&hc% hl instrumental in the
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stop another financial crisis. the trump economic team made it clear. and meet with y3byconnedoleezza rice. in being in being meeting with mr. penceñm> downt capitol hill. hehxqv is expected 3úpbu or 4:0 meet with house7ch speaker ryaç pardon me, mitchlpé mcconnell fade where the meeting with mitch mcconnell is an important one. pence was in the republican house leadership and knows him well. speaker paul ryan. and ityh  will
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door to it door shuttlem÷ñ diplomacy. and pence is charged with running the;& transition and ke and importantjr/ñ emiszary of mx trump. and the republican is getting behind the president-elect. the democrats have made &uimicism and ar'nhñ8ts that there should be a deep dive of donald trump's finances andç£7ñ applied on the economic team. treasure commerce and deputy commerce zshj÷secretary. all of them business people and th washington. m person and that's what trump will!:y put on the economic tea assuming they will be confirmy4f -- confirmed by theú@
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the hamilton tweets from a week ago. and over the weekend, trump tweeting of allegations of massive voter fraud and some people viewed it as him trying to distract us from bigger issues that maybe don't reflect as well on him. but the tweets this morning, paint a different picture. this shows a guy who basically communicates with the american people through twitter. sometimes he tweets about issues that are not terribly favorable to hem. one of them as conflict of interest and this is his preferred mode of getting his press releases out over the course of the administration. i don't think it is foesible to ignore the tweet and pay attention to others.
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>> they are likened to fire side chat of fdr? >> it is a way for donald trump to speak to his supporters and he did this in the campaign. it was a double-edged sword. it allows him to avoid the media that he and his supporters don't trust. and on the other times, he distracted in the preferred message to paininging news in all of the wrong ways. he found success bashing the media on twitter and unvarnished thoughts of flag burning or potentially about millions of fraudulent votes, that got him in trouble and distracted for what he wants to be talking about which is his picks for the cabinet. he needs to be careful about the way he uses the medium, over all. it is a way to it reach
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supporters in a direct way. >> have you noticed a change of tone since he was president-elect? >> it seems like toward the end of the campaign, somebody or perhaps he himself prevailed on him to tone it down and be disciplined and not create distractions and then he was elected president. and for a little while there it seemed like he wasn't doing it again. the hamilton tweets got it rolling again. and why is the president-elect weighing in on this particular issue. and since then, he's done it more with the voter fraud stuff and flag burning tweets from yesterday morning and this is something that will remain. he may have been preoccupied with other things for a while. but trump is always himself and he won the election. and i don't think it will be be a compelling reason for him to change his behavior in
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a significant way. >> sarah, he can reach the american people and by pass media and filter, but is there a town side in him using the twitter machine in >> it is an easy way to make unforced errors. there is a reason that politicians are slower to adopt social media than the rest of the world because it presents trouble for themselves. upside of that tweet is not that great. but a down side of a poorly worded tweet it can career ending. they have to be be careful and donald trump approaches it more casually than and other politician. >> we remembered what happened to anthony weiner. thank you both. >> thank you. >> the southeast reeling from a deadly storm system that
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spawned two dozen tornados. and an update on the deadly tennessee wildfires. the challenges they are facing as the scope of the destruction begins to emerge. >> i had an opportunity to confirm my house and gone. ♪
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and give you tax-free money from the equity in your home and here's the best part... you still own your home. call now! take control of your retirement - today! >> slow moving rainfall may doubts wildfires in east tennessee. flames have killed people and destroyed more than 150 buildings in gatlinburg. the system spinning off two dozen tornado and killing at least five people. we have fox team coverage on all of this. first, we go to john scion who is reporting live from gatlinburg, tennessee. the conditions are very
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different today? >> reporter: they are indeed. the fires are out and allowing people to inspect the damage. this home is gutted. and on this side of the mountain most of the homes are private residences. and not vacation rental and making it tragic for those who live here. you can get an idea the intensity. [inaudible] >> we get an idea of the intensity. we are dealing with weather issues there in gatlinburg. if we can get him back we'll return to him. it is important to know the timing. right after thanksgiving and before christmas. >> and so many businesses rely on this season to make the profits for the entire year and in a tourist area like that they will be severely impacted. we'll have rick with more. we saw the rain, that johnathon
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is dealing with. wind is the problem. tell us what is going on? >> ultimately it is drought that we have dealt with for month and a hot summer that dried things out in the deep south. and now the severe weather. you can see the red triangle a tornado was reported and causing fatalities. and the rain moving along with the wind. and a now days ago started the four. they have been burning a better part of the month. and we have more tornado concerns today. and not as big as yesterday. andy we could see a tornado or two pop up. especially on the southwest of the atlanta area. we have a severe threat with the storms moving through. we could see something in the midatlantic as well.
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this is where the fours are. these are the fires burning and we had 35 large fire and now down to 17. the rain filing where the fires are. and we saw wind. and ultimately getting good rain is helping to put out the fires. most of the rain is father in the west. and this will not wipe out the drought. but we might be getting in a better rain in the southeast. one storm right here. and storm to the north and maine. it is worth noting that the drought is going on in the northeast as well. this is welcome everywhere. and the drought in the southeast. and we have another system moving in and 1 or 2 everyones of rain and a lot of places need 15 inches of rain to get us out of the drought. and in the immediate time this
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does help. >> we'll take the rain right now. and johnathon is back with us. and we lost you right when you talked about the intensity of the fire and what folks have to deal with. >> talking about the intensity of the fire and the tree where the bark was singed off by the fire that moved through the neighborhood rapidly. and talking about the rain. we are experiencing it right now. local officials are keeping a close eye on it. and it is parched by droubt for weeks. >> we are having rain now and that should be assistance to the firefighters as far as the fires thatty we have. that will not solve the problem but should assist them. and today, survivors are sharing story and harrowing stories of
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escaping the neighborhoods that are impacted by the fire. and attack a look at dramatic video. this video posted by mike, who is trying to escape from the hard hit area only to find his escape route was blocked and he had to head straight toward the flames. but the good news is that he lived to tell the story. >> we will talk to him in the next few days or so. thank you very much. >> unitedinations security counsel and how sanctions will act the rogue nations nuclear ambitions. plus, nancy pelosi holds on to her leadership. what does it mean for the future of the party, that's next.
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>> fox news alert. u.n. security council targeting north korea with sanctions. it is something that the united states pushed for. and in the meantime south korea, the president is facing mounting pressure to resign over a scandal. and the south korea president is a staunch u.s. ally and promised to house american missile technology. we have 30000 u.s. service members stationed there. joining me is the author of nuclear show down north korea
10:26 am
takes on the world. and the news today is the u.n. the u.s. wanted to get it through with the support of china, you have questions, why is that? >> the rules as good as they are mean nothing if china doesn't enforce them. we don't call them out. it is up to us. we have not held china accountable. and this president and the one before him failed the american people. >> a republican and democrat president. what about president-elect trump. how does he hold china accountable. >> this is going to it be fascinating. people are saying, don't enknow gauge in a trade war and we need their cooperation on north korea. i think that is the wrong thing to do. that's what we have done since 2003 and when the bush
10:27 am
administration looked to china to solve it for us. and that made themselves a role threat. we have not imposed costs on china with destructive behavior with north korea and nuclear weapons technology. and some point. we will have to change attack. the current approach is guaranteed to fail. >> you are are not a fraud of the consequences with mr. trump. >> i am afraid of everything because there are no solutions. but the point is, we can't continue with the approaches. within four years, the north koreans can hit the lower 48 states with a nuclear war head. there is a limited amount of time to solve the problem. >> and wilbur ross nominee for
10:28 am
commerce secretary. he said what people don't understand about p china. a third are state sponsored and they are not built to it make money. they don't make any moneyy. they are there to produce job and why they sell their products inexpensively. they are not worried about the people. but they are worried about the jobs. not making a profit. and there is a fundmental misunderstanding about the chinese economy and he was not afraid of the potential solutions that mr. trump proposed. a third of the companies are set up not to make money but to create jobs? >> certainly and in that portion of the chinese gd, may be 30 or 40 percent. and attributingible to the chinese worker and skoping you up the u.s. technology.
10:29 am
we have state enterprises and buying chip companieses. we need to stop that. because state enterprises are take our technology to use against us. >> and something that is changing. we know that north korea has nuclear arms and one thing that is unknown and what is happening in south korea. an ally of ours and give our viewers bullet points of what the potential consequences it is. >> this is a conservative government. and she's had good policies and president obama let her take the lead. she's closing down to economicy relations with north core now involved in a influence pedalling scandal. and she left it up to the national assembly if she steps
10:30 am
down. if she goes there could be a progressive government that would support north korea and the thing that concerns me is the president there agreed to house the u.s. missile defense system and china and north korea are livid over this. if they reverse that it is a loss for south korea and the united states. and ronald reagan got nato members to deploy the pershinning to europe. and this is the same thing. >> thank you, we appreciate it. john. >> fox news alert for you. new information on the attack in ohio state. a newy 's -- new's conference. and house minority leader nancy
10:31 am
pelosi frevails. but are democrats paying attention to the mood of the country and what will change for the party moving forward. >> somebody needs to do something andiy we have to have that conversation. and i hope i went into so to speak. for lower back pain sufferers,
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the search for relief often leads here. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy. >> the new's conference.
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this is angelay buyers in charge of the cincinnati office of the fbi. >> the investigation is comprehensive and thorough and we are going through evidence, intelligence and information to determine what may have led to the attack. it will take time. at this point in the investigation we want to ask the public for assistance in one specific area. anyone with credible information about artan's whereabouts prior to the attack at 9:52 to call 800- call- fbi. we know several details about his travels that morning, we want to it fill in time. we appreciate your support and assistance. and i want to thank all of our partners including the ohio state university police department and columbus division
10:36 am
of fire and police and joint agencies on the task force for their work on this continuing investigation. we'll provide up updates as the information permits. i will introduce deputy chief mike woods. >> just a couple of comments to back up special agent buyer's. i am michael wood deputy chief with the homeland security division. we echo the thoughts of the fbi and express our sympathies to all of those involved in the attack on monday. we are grateful no innocent lives were lost and hopeful that victims am make a recovery. and we thank all officials who responded and our training and planning that we have done several years now came in to play and we were happy with the success and the response.
10:37 am
as mentioned, our investigators assigned with the a ttf. and counter terrorism unit are working with the jttf to provide information on the background of the attacker and trying to work that time line of information if we can. from the club's police perspective. this is a two- part investigation. first part is component that we are working with the fbi in relationship to the attacker and any motive that he may have had. and the second component is the investigation of the police involved shooting. they are two separate components. we are making sure wea clear pi place. deputy bash will talk to you about the aggravated assault on the victims and the shooting. >> hello, i am richard bash and
10:38 am
i am the deputy chief here in columbus. the columbus division of police critical incident response term has been tasked in the criminal investigation of this incident. this investigation will include the assaults committed bite assailant and use of deadly force by the ohio police officer. this incident as with others, is a criminal investigation. and conducted just as any other criminal investigation will be conducted. it is an open investigation. some details will not be shareded until the conclusion until all criminal proceedings. these investigations are exhaustive and take a great deal of time to complete. and our focus is on an accurate and complete investigation. and no stone will be left unturned and it will be
10:39 am
submitted to it ron obrian's office. his long-standing policy to present each and every police shooting that results in death to a grand jury. i don't expect this to be an exception for them to review that for consideration. and if you have additional information about the incident and not yet spoken to a police detective e. 614- 645- 4146. that is the number to our homicide section and we greatly appreciate information you give us. thanks for your time. >> and so if there are questions, we are willing to entertain them now. [inaudible] >> yes. [inaudible]
10:40 am
>> you want to address or would you like me, go ahead. >> to repeat the question. she was requesting how mr. artan arrived in the united states and program he came in to. he was a somali refugee that was here now and came from pakistan from where he arrived but not get in further background in the united states. [inaudible] >> i really can't answers as far as the immigration program. that's not what we are involved in. [inaudible] >> as i previously stated. all we know at this point, we believed he may have been
10:41 am
inspired by lal- a laki. it is too soon to draw conclusions. [inaudible] >> we are looking at facebook post and determine the authentication. that leads us to believe he may have been inspired by allawki. >> i don't have that information available. i am sorry. [inaudible] >> so the question was, do we know upon if this was pre-meditated or if he came up with the plan previously or decided that morning. we are trying to work on the motive and when he came up with that plan. that's why we are asking anybodiy's assistance that may
10:42 am
known has whereabouts. >> [inaudible] >> i can't goat get into that investigation right now. [inaudible] >> no, as i have said, we believe he may have been inspired by isil. in the past they have claimed responsibility when the assail apt is dead and can't refought that. that make its pretty easy for them. [inaudible] [inaudible] >> so that is a very long
10:43 am
question. if i could have you try to summarize that. he's basically trying to determine what was isis out there. putting this information out there and this is a method. we have seen those methods used already. and we don't know if that is something that he is getting from isis put out there or inspired by other attacks. we are trying to determine that motive. [inaudible] >> we know that he purchased a knife that morning at walmart on the west side of columbus. but we don't know if that was the purchase that was used in the attack. we know that a purchase was made that morning. [inaudible] >> right now there is a lot of
10:44 am
holes in that. we have basic information about the purchase of the knife and the time of the attack and we know we have footage from osu university and where the vehicle was. it is that time in between the purchase and the arrival on campus that we want to fill in and want public's help if they saw something. and what time it was. and help us to fill in the type line. [inaudible] >> i don't have an exact figure. it was several hours from the purchase to the attack. [inaudible] yeah, that is part of the investigation. there is no determination why ohio state and why that particular building or that street. that is all of the information we are trying to decifher.
10:45 am
and why he went there. we don't know that. we'll have to check with ohio state on that. [inaudible] we believe it was coincidence with ohio state and the alarm went off the friday before. we believe it may have been a problem with the alarm. and it went off that morning and a 911 call reporting the alarm. and so we believe that the alarm related to the floorine leak was all coincidental. i will not say 911 call. but a staff member from osu that they had a leak and we contacted that person and interviewed them. that was monday morning. [inaudible] >> and the deputy chief can speak to that investigation.
10:46 am
>> that's correct. we have a bystander that was shot in the bottom of the foot. [inaudible] >> only gun that we believe was there was that of a police officer. [inaudible] i can't really elaborate. it is an ongoing crim malinvestigation. and we know from some of the witnesses that he instructed him to drop the knife more than once. that much we do know upon. [inaudible] >> i don't have any indication that they do or did. i don't know if anybody else has the indication of that being the case at all. [inaudible] >> that will be a part of the
10:47 am
autopsy. we have not received a final report yet. i expect that any day now. none yet, thank you. [inaudible] [inaudible] >> not that i am aware of. deputy chief woods and angela. >> i will repeat the question. was there any contact or knowledge of law enforcement of the suspect artan and the fbi had no knowledge of him or contact with him and he was not a subject in any investigation. [inaudible]
10:48 am
>> so the question is about the lone wolf and being out there in social media. law enforcement does our best within the limits of the law to see what is out there in social media to prevent these types was attacks, but we can only do so much. and some of these people there is no indication. and we believe that post was that morning and if it is authentic by him. that will not help to prevent the attack. [inaudible] >> so to repeat that question. in reviewing his facebook post was there anything obvious to pick up on to indicate that he
10:49 am
was a potential problem. i can't comment where we are on the facebook review right now. i know know that it is ongoing and takes a while to get through the proper legal processes and them conducting the reviews of electronic and social media accounts. [inaudible] he wanted to know basically from what is told in the media, people are saying he was a nice, polite young man know and asking whether or not we found anything different in our introduce. i can't disclose what we are learn nothing the intruchlt that is part of the ongoing
10:50 am
investigation. [inaudible] >> i really. really -- i'll l to chief woods. >> as far as real ration, we would tell the dmaunt feels threatened, contact the local police. and we will send officers out and we will investigate that and take the appropriate steps. we have not heard that. anything or seeing that, but if we get those calls. we will definitely act upon them. [ inaudible ] >> i have not met or spoke with the officer personally. and as the deputy chief mentioned because it's still an ongoing investigation, any contact has got to be right now from our standpoint as official. we're waiting to do that
10:51 am
official interview with him and his shop will take care of that. [ inaudible ] >> can you answer the question about speaking to the officer? the question was, you know, how is he doing and have we had contact with him? and i've spoken to him several times. and given the circumstances, he's in good spirits. and continue to be impressed with his humility and his concern for the victims. and he's hanging in there and that has been our main focus. and we really appreciate columbus police and the fbi taking the lead on the officer-involved shooting and the investigation. so we can focus on taking care of the victims and the officer. >> it's too soon to dra any conclusions whether or not this is terrorism. we have a long group to go.
10:52 am
we have a lots of evidence and digital media to go through. uncover a troef of information for us. so we really can't draw any conclusions at this point. [ inaudible ] >> i can't really discuss what we found in the search warrant executed on that residence. we found several electronic media, but i really can't get into who had access to what media. in that house. i really don't want to get into the numbers of the details of things that were found in that search warrant, sir. >> four more questions. [ inaudible ] >> well, we executed a search warrant on the house. >> we will execute a search warrant on the vehicle that's used so we could have access to everything inside that vehicle. and then any other search warrants we may need to get into anything that we find inside that car. right now cpd executed can the
10:53 am
wand and i think the fbi has executed -- >> at the house. >> another one at the house. [ inaudible ] >> the vehicle -- you asked if the vehicle was registered to him. and the vehicle was not registered to him. i believe it was his brother. [ inaudible ] >> i believe i've already answered that question, but to repeat that, any validity to isis claiming responsibility. it is too soon to draw that conclusion. we believe he may have been inspire ed anwar al ah i can. they've been known to take credit when the assailant is deceased and cannot cooperate in that. [ inaudible ]
10:54 am
>> so, we've gotten cooperation with the people that we have spoken to. we have a great community outreach relationship with the somali community as does columbus police and we're hoping that they will not see any retaliation and we are here to pursue any type of civil rights investigations should that happen. >> i'd just like it close real quick with this is the second incident in columbus, ohio, within the last year. so what i'd like to remind everyone is that this can happen in new york city, it can happen in columbus, ohio, or any small town in the united states. so what we're asking again is if you see something that's unusual, let us know about it. call the fbi, call the columbus police. and question follow up on that and that's one more step that we can use to maybe prevent one of these attacks in the future. thank you. >> the remark that could raise eyebrows in the law enforcement community around the country
10:55 am
from the fbi special agent who said it is too soon to call it a terrorism. this after a somali immigrant who arrived in this country in 2014 after spending seven years, we might mention in pakistan, attacked his fellow osu students with a car and with a knife. 11 people injured. he is dead, and there you heard the investigation into the actions of abdul artan goes on. >> joining us now are catherine herridge whose been standing by listening with us as we were miming for any headlines. there seems to be more questions than answers at this time, catherine, let's just start bit by bit. what about the question of whether or not this individual had any help. what did you hear in some of the answers that were provided today? >> well, what we've heard at that news conference and what we know through our own reporting here at fox news is that there's no evidence at this had time that there was any assistance in the planning of this attack that there was outside direction
10:56 am
from a terrorist group like isis in iraq and syria. in fact all of the evidence based o whan we just heard and our own reporting here at fox news points to someone who was self-radicalized by consuming this ideology on the web. either isis, but in particular this american cleric anwar al al awlaki who was killed by the cia in a drone strike but he's gone on to inspire people to act on behalf of terrorism. the other thing that jumped out is that they're trying to pinpoint his actions on the day of the attack and there's several hour gap between the time that he purchased a knife at walmart which may have been the knife that he used in the attack and then the arrival on the campus there. so they're willing to fill in that time line, but everything at this point points to someone who was inspired, but they're not calling it a terrorism at this stage, jenna. >> talk to us a little bit about the investigation and how it goes from here, catherine, based
10:57 am
on your source. we're knowing about this cleric anwar, we've heard about him before. we know about the facebook posts. what is there to investigate? why such residence from calling it what it seems to be? >> well, i can't speak for the fbi, that jumpled out at me from the news conference as well saying that it's too soon to call it terrorism. in some cases it may depend on how you're defining terrorism. some people see a high threshold where there's a certain amount of planning and that there's direction from overseas, and then there are those who i would say are in the middle of the spectrum where they become radicalized and they search on the web for the tools they need to launch the attacks. so for example, learning how to make an improvised explosive device and then there are those who are simply inspired to act because they are consumers of this propaganda. and they do so at very short notice. so that the broad spectrum, but just look at the facts here. they're saying there's evidence
10:58 am
that he was a consumer of this isis propaganda in the last two weeks. isis put up propaganda calling for attacks using vehicles as weapons, also for using knife attacks. and my contact say they did not think this was a coincidence. they're working on the premise that there was probably a connection and then also, this consumption of propaganda from the american clerish anwar al ah law i can. this is the common thread you see in almost all of these successful domestic terrorism plots in the united states, and what most people don't realize is that anwar was a u.s. custody in 2002 until he was let go with the say-so of an fbi agent. we had this guy, we let him go, and he went on to become really the godfather of the digital jihad that isis has so successfully exploited and that al awlaki to this day, he still inspires people with that
10:59 am
message of hate and it looks like that was also the case here unfortunately at ohio state, jenna. >> we want to underscore that point. anwar al al awlaki isis, still the crossover ideology. regardless of the name -- >> the witch's brew. >> 45 seconds left, catherine. i know the secretary of the homeland security made comments on this today. what can you share about that? >> really very consistent with the news conference that everything points to someone who is self-radicalized, inspired by terrorist propaganda and not directed to act by a terrorist organization overseas, what which i said is kind of the highest threshold or standard for a plot inside this country, jenna. >> a lot to watch, catherine, thank you very much. we appreciate ysh expertise. a lot of reporting and we'll continue that here on "happening now" and tomorrow as well. >> and two days away from marking one year from the san
11:00 am
bernardino attacks from syed farook and tashfeen. >> such a good point to consider. we'll be watching that. thanks for joining us everybody. >> "america's news headquarters" starts right now. and we begin with a fox news alert. the president-elect announcing he will lee his business empire. as more people join his administration. hello everyone, i'm shannon bream. more high profile meetings today at trump tower as mr. trump tapped two people well known on wall street to run the nation's economy. steve mnuchin and billionaire investor wilbur ross for commerce secretary. we are live outside trump tower, peter, what do we know about the process disentangle himself and leave all of his businesses, which are multiple? >> reporter: shannon, we just found out that the chairman and president of the trump organization is stepping down.


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