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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 5, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> we will be back here in one hour. see you then. >> "outnumbered" the starts right now. sandra: fox news alert this hour, michigan beginning its presidential recount after a federal judge rejected effort by business officials to wait two business days to begin hand counting, five million ballots. green party candidate jill stein is it trying to force a recount. they are going through ballots in wisconsin and stein is seeking emergency court order for a statewide recount in pennsylvania. president-elect donald trump won those three battleground states which hillary clinton was expected to win by 100,000 votes combined. he calls the recount effort just a scam to raise money. harris: fox news alert. live look outside of trump tower
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in midtown manhattan as the president-elect putting together his administration. mr. trump chose a former rival to be his housing secretary. there it is. search for secretary of state is reportedly changing with more names potentially added to the list of the four men we already know about. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today is sandra smith. meghan mccain, host of "kennedy" on fox business herself, kennedy, today's #oneluckyguy former ambassador to the united nations, fox news contributor john bolton, outnumbered and i want to lien init out, on that list. >> glad to be here. harris: happy monday. >> indeed. sandra: busy guy. thanks for stopping here. >> as much as it takes. harris: we'll do the news. >> here it comes. harris: president-elect donald trump tapped former campaign rival dr. ben carson to be the secretary of housing and
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urban development. mr. trump said he is thrilled to nominate ben carson and he has a brilliant mind and. we learned the secretary of state list may have expanded to 10 candidates, includes, drumroll, our own one lucky guy, ambassador bolton. vice president-elect pence says they are looking for quote, the one. >> with regard to secretary of state, we've been winnowing the list, but it my grow a little bit. the president-elect is looking for best men and women to advance agenda we know will make america great. everyone he talked to and has been talked about, whether it be a rudy giuliani or a mitt romney or general petraeus, or north corker, john bolton and others, bring extraordinary background and qualities to this. harris: winnowing the list but apparently the shoulders and hips are getting bigger because the hips because the list is
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longer and i know you're on it. i know you can't go into big detail, once a spectator, possibly a pick, what is the journey like for you? >> i think having been in any number of transitions going into a new administration, or transitions coming out of an administration, it is very important time in the political life of the country. this is a very delicate moment. a lot rides on having a successful transition. for the incoming president, the most important thing is picking the right team in the cabinet, in the key white house staff positions and others because these are the decisions that are going to affect the first months and years of his term in office. so it's, it may look like a complicated, kind of strange process from the outside. each transition is different. you but each president makes his or her own decision in the way they think is going to put together the best team. harris: one thing i would say we're seeing a need for him to lean perhaps one direction or the other with the phone call with taiwan.
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i realize there is a process that has to happen before that person becomes secretary of state. but i would imagine if he would winnow the field down to one, it would give, i don't know, direction for those phone calls that come in? >> well, look, i can safely say i had nothing to do with the decision to make that call although i support it. i have written about the relationship between taiwan and china over 20 years. something i followed very carefully. i'm convinced they made the decision to accept the call or to schedule the call from taiwanese president veryably abe implications were. i don't think it is as big of a deal as some people think. i think it's a signal but it's a large subject. we'll see other indications that donald trump will not follow the policies of the past eight years or maybe longer. that is why we have elections. harris: we'll get into that more i was more to the point whether it is already have somebody in
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mind for secretary of state? sandra: to time being, our co-host meghan mccain has been critical of length of time he is taking to make such a huge post decision is it time? many sources are reporting he will not even make announcement on secretary of state until as early as next week? >> i think he should take as much time as he wants -- harris: now that you're on the list. >> look, different presidents approaching this process in different ways some, george h.w. bush announced jim baker secretary of state after the election. baker was campaign manager. secretary of the treasury. been white house chief of tap, others do it a different way, overall cabinet nominations, follow these statistics he is equal too or ahead. you always want to make the decisions in a timely fashion.
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i think it is artificial you have to make it by x-amount of time or you're behind. meghan: i have attention span of a hamster. i'm a total millenial. give me that. this is our most important job, strongest diplomat overseas. will be incredibly important role. will dictate that with he do policy wise. i think it is funny that trump taking mitt romney withing from legs at expensive restaurants. where are youring from legs? harris: it could involve all sorts offing from legs. meghan: i was laughing so hard trying to explain to my friends that don't know politics. it is like a guy takes you out on a date but he is liking other girls instagram pictures. jon huntsman one. people came out, i'm a big fan of possible secretary of state choices. he is clearly still looking. if he hasn't put a ring on it there is other people he is looking at. harris: i like the beyonce song.
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>> i think one thing to keep in mind, i think more than any other substantive policy area foreign policy belongs to the president. all key decisions on american national security, decisions existential in many cases the president is going to have to decide. while the decision is important, no doubt about it, the relationship between the president and secretary of state has got to be critical. one historical example i you doctor to, dean atchison and harry truman. atchison famously said he thought he and truman worked well together because neither in our time in office forgot who the president was. kennedy: you say the state department, is toxic and overwrought and gone rogue. how much time will the secretary of state actually cleaning up
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the state department itself while you have all the global challenges and crises that face you the moment you're sworn in. >> to be effective you have to do both simultaneously. kennedy: not many people can do that let's be honest. >> based on my experience you need a cultural revolution. no the a fix that will occur in six months or four years. this has been building up over decades. i think from the perspective of the basic american interests you have to make the state department more effective advocacy unit for america's interests. failure to do that will continue to cost us down the road. sandra: can we talk about rex tillerson for a second? critics say he has no foreign policy experience how could he be considered of secretary of state. he is ceo of exxon mobile. they have operations in 50 countries around the world. is that something you would take seriously if that is considered by the president-elect? >> i don't want to comment on any specific person, least of all myself but i don't want to comment on any specific person that has been mentioned but i
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don't think there is necessarily a perfect model for secretary of state, just as no perfect model for the president. harris: what are some of the qualifications do you think. >> depends on what you're interested in. depends on whether you think the major responsibility or major focus of your administration will be domestic or not. harris: what should it be, do you think. >> i think ininevitably the dangers america faces around the world, the threats and challenges that built up over the past eight years will require a lot more time and attention than maybe a trump administration really wants to devote to it, given all the problems domestically they have to address. that is inevitable. the point i was making a minute ago. the rest of the world doesn't suit its affairs for our benefit of the things happen out there that the united states simply has no choice but to respond to. sandra: we'll see who will dot responding. i was teasing ambassador bolton before we started show. how did you feel with all those
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cameras on you at trump tower. with the scrum of media. harris: he said i'm used to it. >> i did not say that. kennedy: ever seen him walk into the building? i thought it was jennifer lopez. harris: you said in my head, i'm playing like i've been there. >> at the united nations there is lot of media around all the time. they're always next to it. harris: all right. mr. trump said he would and he now has issued a warning to companies in america who move abroad and outsource american jobs. the president-elect also is responding to the backlash caused by a phone call with the president of taiwan. we talked briefly. we're going to go deeper around tell you what china did recently. we're getting a preview of the media drama, we ask, are we? will we see sort of moves when he gets into the white house by the other media? the thirst is real. more "outnumbered" to satisfy you online immediately following the tv version at 1:00 p.m.
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eastern. fox and hit the "overtime" tab. following on facebook live is appreciated in big, so get there early. right now tweet us anytime. tweet tweet, little birdie, put the handles up there. they will put them up on the screen at some point. i love a good reveal. stay with us.
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harris: the job for first-responders is huge right now and the number of people confirmed dead in a northern california warehouse fire just spiked. it is at 36. they still have much of that burned debris to search. that number we're told could rise. it is tough to identified the charred remains. families of loved ones are asked to preserve personal items with dna on them. all along authorities said kids were in the building. we now know that teenagers may have been there without anybody knowing. criminal investigators will look at the cause of the fire. they say it is far too early to tell us what that will be. when news develops we'll tell you. it is in oakland. we'll cover it as it happens. sandra: president-elect donald trump is doubling down on his threat to punish american companies with tariffs if they move abroad and try to sell their products back to americans.
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in a series of tweets mr. trump brighting quote, the u.s. will substantially reduce taxes and regulations on businesses but any business that leaves our country for another country fires its employees, builds a new factory or plant in the other country and thinks it will sell its product back to the u.s. without retribution or consequence is wrong. there will be a tax on our soon to be strong border of 35% for these companies. this is being met with some criticism. ambassador. what do you think of this concept in general? >> look, this is what he campaigned on. he said he would take what steps were necessary to prevent american jobs from going overseas. you can agree with it or disagree with it but nobody should be under any illusions he was serious when he said it. i do think it is important in the statement he would reduce regulations and taxation. which will i think have a significant impact on businesses besiding to stay here. we'll have to see what happens. sandra: as you were speaking, i
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looked over, kennedy, the dow, another record, 19,200. that post trump, postelection rally continues. as you said, he still talks about lowers taxes and getting rid of regulations that stifle business. what do you make of this, sort of, some people call it a threat to these businesses make with it what you will? kennedy: we have to be encouraging as possible to the president-elect to keep it a free market society. i'm a little troubled by vice president-elect's pence's idea that the free market hurt the united states of america. we don't really have free trade. we don't have a free market in the pure sense so many libertarians long for. i love the idea of cutting taxes and regular -- regulations. i love the idea of businesses being able to flourish in this company but i'm cautious about certain companies picked out and
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punishment that is arbitrary around so many economic libertarians upset with the obama administration. we don't want to see repeat of that with this administration. we have to continue with positive encouragement and this 35% number i fine e find very troubling because if a company is trying to find a way to make goods cheaper for american consumers, that ultimately benefits them. if you're getting a 35% tariff slapped on you, you're going to have to pass that along in higher prices which ultimately hurts the most vulnerable americans. sandra: that is assuming buying power stays the same in the country. this is coming after the big deal last week announced that the president-elect saved 800 jobs at indiana-based carrier. meghan: average ohio worker lost their job, amazing news, they're very excited. i agree with kennedy the devil is in the details. i have a huge problem government dictating what company can be a winner and what company can be a loser.
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at a certain point something has got to give, i agree with you it will cost somebody something somewhere. cost of television made here will go up, when you pay for it at walmart. so i just, i'm cautiously optimistic as you are, but i would like to see how this pans out, which includes his own companies which by the way make a lot of products in china. harris: that is excellent question, someone should be asked of him or someone on his team. my main concern, ambassador bolton, there is rance insurance or explanation we don't repeat what happened with george w. bush in 2002 with the steel industry, they felt like they needed to raise prices because of tariffs put on them, i don't remember exactly the percentage, but a third plus seems high to me. what happened then, they had, reaction was we'll cut jobs and raise prices. maybe some of that was, we're angry about it, but some was legitimate as my understanding that they were feeling the pinch of those tariffs. >> let's be clear.
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in terms of how you treat individual businesses during the kennedy administration when the steel industry, to pick up on that industry said it would raise prices, john kennedy sent the fbi to the homes of major steel executives. i haven't heard anybody proposing that. that is more intervention it than saying that you need to stay in the country. harris: a lot more. >> the fact a lot of international trade agreements we think of them are fair trade, they are not. they are managed trade. it is negotiations do not give you a free trade area. the consequence when you lose american jobs, really is, just like a transfer of american wealth overseas. it is if we decided to quadruple foreign aid, tax people more and just give the foreign aid away. i don't hear anybody proposing that. when you take american jobs away and put them in places where the substitute employees are obviously earning a lot more than an american worker it has effect of redistributing american wealth around the world. personally what i like to see more enforcement from the u.s.
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point of view of breaches of the trade agreements. i think donald trump has stressed that throughout the campaign. i can just tell you as somebody who has been at the state department, it doesn't do much in trade. it is the u.s. trade representative. in arms control agreements almost impossible to get bureaucracy say, russia is in violation, the "v" word as they call it. people don't like to say it. in the trade area it is same way. if we had more aggressive trade representatives it would be a different story. sandra: we'll leave it there. showdown looming on capitol hill. senate democrats say they won't make it easy for some of president-elect donald trump's cabinet picks, calling them swamp creatures. how the battles will play out. newly reelected house leader nancy pelosi thinks democrats don't want a new direction despite pare losses. is she right or is she in denial?
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meghan: senate democrats might not be able to stop president-elect trump's cabinet picks. all but one need 51 votes for confirmation. they are preparing to put president-elect trump's picks through grueling confirmation hearings, particularly more controversial choices and fighting words from incoming democratic leader chuck schumer
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saying quote, president-elect trump promised he would clean up the swamp and a whole lot of his nominees have had their career in the swamp. so, ambassador bolton, i will to to you first. this makes me so angry because it is so subjective, talking about steve mnuchin a person from wall street. if you're bernie sanders or elizabeth warren this is your definition of the swamp. but if you're someone like me who believes in capitalism is a great choice. why are they putting up this kind of a fight? >> i don't think the confirmation provisions in the constitution were intended to be fought out over philosophical grounds. i would make a distinction between the president's nomination between judiciary on the one hand and executive branch on other. for justices and judges these are lifetime appointments. the stakes are higher. nomination in the executive branch are to aid the president. these are the president's men and women. i think a considerable at of deference ought to be due to those nominees. and thanks to the democrats decision to eliminate the
9:28 am
filibuster except on executive branch nominees, only 51 votes are necessary. so my view is, i've been subject to a filibuster, so you can take everything i'm about to say with grain of salt i think president's nominees get up-or-down vote. no guarranty they will be confirmed. they ought to get up up-or-down vote. if democrats delay as some say it will, they will make it difficult for the new administration to get off quickly, i think that is wrong politically. it is wrong philosophically, not consistent with the constitution. if you don't have the votes in the senate to stop a nominee, that is your problem. harris: also not consistent with american people promised by lead candidate around but the man who has been leader of their party, they would dial up the better angels and get on the high road. what happened to doing that? i'm not saying they have to capitulate pass everything the president-elect wants, that is not even practical but they could do it in such a manner that doesn't violate in ways you just explained? >> you could have --
9:29 am
harris: otherwise, real quick, it divides the country even further. >> it prevents, it is another effort at gridlock, one the outcomes from the election we're tired of gridlock in washington. if you simply extend the gridlock i think it's a mistake politically from their point of view. so i probably shouldn't be encouraging them not to follow it but i do think that the pattern in the past has been, for an incoming president, in his first term in office, that absent some manifestly disqualifying characteristic, you try and confirm the president's nominees on inauguration day. get them in office, get them to work. that is what the president was elected to do. kennedy: certainly you're right. there are different for supreme court justices. a lot of democrat on capitol hill that are upset merrick garland was not given his day in the confirmation process. who is most problematic for president-elect trump, on people
9:30 am
he nominated, steve mnuchin, wilbur ross, elaine chao, jeff sessions, who do you think poses the biggest congressional hurdle for him? >> i think they're all wonderful myself. i think the person who has been most unfairly accused to date is the jeff sessions. i can say that from personal experience. i was at the justice department in charge of legislative affairs in 1986 when he was nominated for supreme court judgeship. i watched what was done to him. i thought it was grotesquely unfair then. he was accused of racism, that the accusations were all off the mark. there were any number of people in alabama who were prepared to testify that to that effect. the civil rights division of the justice department was in the offices, many of its people of democratic senators aiding them against the president's nominee. but he did a number of things as u.s. attorney including prosecuting the top leadership
9:31 am
of the state's ku klux klan for a vicious murder. he moved it into state court so they could get the death penalty. he demonstrated he was qualified as federal judge. it was great that he was elected to senate. i think he will be confirmed. grossly unfair to characterize him. kennedy: what about his record on civil liberties and marijuana? we're headed with a big showdown of states legalize recreational and medical marijuana and senator sessions come out not exactly friendly to the cause? there there is this thing called preemption. we have a federal statute that declares marijuana to be illegal. >> that is problematic for states chosen to that -- >> i think those laws are all unconstitutional. harris: i heard that argument too. >> marijuana brings everything to a stop. harris: kennedy, take it away.
9:32 am
>> speaking of puffing and passing, nancy pelosi in denial. minority leader fresh off fighting back a serious challenge to her leadership post. she says she doesn't think her party doesn't want to take course despite the beating democrats have taken at polls over and over again. >> you tell democrats want a new direction and then, go to you what are you going to do differently? >> i don't think people want a new direction. our values unify us and our values are about supporting america's working families. that is one everyone is in agreement on. what we want is better connection of our message to, to working families in our country and that clearly, in the election showed that that message wasn't coming through. kennedy: perhaps clearly they need new leadership, if there is disconnect not only in the supposedly unifying message but also the way that message is put forth, then why isn't she being held accountable for that loss. >> kennedy, i know you're a
9:33 am
expert but is haight-ashbury in her district? kennedy: in san francisco, i believe it is in her purview. >> we're back on marijuana again. kennedy: speak for yourself. [laughter]. >> there is an old saying when your enemy is committing suicide doesn't interfere. i think why many leading republican political figures said if they want to reelegitimate her to be minority leader in the house by all means let them do it. i think, normally you look at an election disaster like they have had for eight years, look at the barack obama's done fine but rest of the democratic party has been decimated of the they lost control of house of the they lost control of the senate. if you want to continue with same leaders, same policies, same approach that brought you to the brink of disaster by all means. kennedy: have same outcome? a lot of california billionaires stood up and we don't want to rebuild the party. we don't want to reinvest in that because so far -- harris: her challenger in the
9:34 am
house, representative ryan, not paul but tim i believe, her challenger brings up the point all of this aside she you suffers from very similar situation that hillary clinton did, that is being perceived as being in touch and not out of touch because of her wealth, because of her elitism. i use ism, because at her level it gets that way. she is separate and apart from. so her position right now in a culture that seems to be as hungry for populism as what we just saw in britain and other areas of the world. there is a mismatch right there. her problems are bigger than what she thinks about the republicans. i would say they exist in her own party. meghan: like ambassador bolton i agree, i'm thrilled she has not seen the writing on wall and has iron grip on power around not letting it go. more like "game of thrones." she won't get off the thrown even though disasters are going around everywhere. if you're next generation of democratic leaders, chris murphy, tim ryan, cory booker,
9:35 am
you have to be enraged basically watch your party continue to commit suicide for next eight years. how they can't see in the face of all these harsh realities that they don't need leadership change -- sandra: she didn't see it that way. she says there is silver lining. meghan: she can spin it how she wants. sandra: jobless d.c. dems will run for governorships. the states received infusion of talent. kennedy: what a self-awareness. >> lose another 30 or 40, send them back to the states. her problem is world view. they called them coalition of as sendant, young people and minorities. that didn't happen this time around. i tell you something else i think republican party is fully prepared to site for the votes of hispanic-americans, african-americans, all these minority groups as they get into the economic mainstream. they're going to become more conservative and more republican.
9:36 am
we'll get their votes. you watch. kennedy: treehouse democrats that voted against nancy pelosi, they're just worried. harris: quickly at news point, kevin mccarthy just said earlier today that obamacare repeal vote will occur very soon in the new congress. it is interesting. remember she gave us the line, we'll know what it is in it when it passes. that is very much, almost could call it nancy-care. it will be part of her legacy. >> it will be a short legacy. harris: all righty then. kennedy: most vulnerable americans are left at wayside, they pretend they want to do the most good but all they do is harm. president-elect donald trump firing back amid crittism of the president-elect accepting congratulatory call from taiwan's leader. he claims the media overreacted. this is that a dramatic it shift in our relations between taiwan and china?
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sandra: president-elect donald trump and his team defending him taking a call from the leader. saying congratulatory message and aware of our country's policy with china. mike pence accusing the media of double-standard, watch. >> waters here seem like a little bit after tempest in a teapot. striking to me president obama would reach out to murdering dictator in cuba an be hailed as a hero. president-elect donald trump take as courtesy call from democratically elected president of taiwan and something of a media. sandra: a thing in the media indeed. check out some of these headlines, "new york times" saying president-elect calls are
9:42 am
upsetting decades of diplomacy. political calls he calls president-elect a bull in china shop. "l.a. times" raising specter of diplomatic crisis. meantime mr. trump tweeting about issues slamming china for devaluing american currency and heavily taxing american goods. ambassador you alluded to this at top of the hour. what overall do you make of this? media seems to be making something of it? >> i think they have gone completely hysterical, the call is something new, since the derecognition of taiwan in 1979 but doesn't necessarily foretell a massive shift in policy. frankly if there were a massive shift in policy after the inauguration upgrade relations with taiwan, i would be in favor of it. friend of the united states. it's a democracy. it is free and open society. and the notion that beijing under any interpretation of the one-china policy can tell an american president who he can speak to because under what
9:43 am
circumstances is just ridiculous. if people are upset get used to it. some protocols are going to change. sandra: if you had to do it all over again you would say take the call? >> i had nothing to do with it. when an american president can't talk to democratically elected lead of taiwan which meets every customary international law definition of statehood, if we can't talk to democratically-elected leaders there is something wrong. sandra: meghan? meghan: when i first heard of this i saw a tweet this is how wars start. what is happening? what is going on. taiwan, has a free election is democracy by anyone's standard their president decides to call our president and we'll kowtow to communism and china who has been bulling us and other people internationally for a long time. let me get this straight, we'll let what we do get dictated by china any love it. i thought it was fantastic.
9:44 am
if you pay attention to what is going on hong kong and what china does to legislators in honk coning and around the world. i think this liberal tis -- hysteria. be careful with your outrage. the sky is always falling. it is never falling. harris: i want to go back to the news for a minute. the facts are not fungible. less than a week before the phone call was made, china flew a parity of long-range capable bombers for a long time. two u.s. officials tell this to fox news. november 26th, two chinese h-6 bombers along with couple escort planes around the island of taiwan from main mainland china, taking off and landing from two separate chinese military bases. your thought. >> waiting for 3:00 a.m. wake-up call. already happening. why are they doing it now. because it is reflection of beijing's perception because of eight years of american weakness. i used to ask weakness,
9:45 am
reminding them in the 1990s, chinassed missiles and other bombers on the shore across the straight from taiwan and bill clinton sent two carrier battle groups steaming toward the island to show our resolve. you now, i asked people if china did that today, do you think barack obama would respond the same way? i have yet to find a single american who raised their hand. so now, they're doing in effect exactly that. sure we can destroy taiwan because they want to see if they back us down. this is the kind of -- harris: interesting point. >> they're reflected in south china seas, they're building islands. if you want hegemonic china keep doing what we're doing last eight years. kennedy: this is foreign policy weave seen eight years. something a lot of americans rejected when they went to the polls and voted for donald trump. they don't want to be dictated to. it is not that people want to start wars and start bombing places like iran and north korea and china and russia, but you
9:46 am
know, the point don't tell us what to do, if that means violating protocol i think that is one of the greatest things about living in a postmodern political world, sometimes we have these traditions and protocols for reasons that people can no longer remember. and the world has changed a lot faster than when these dinosaur rules were, sometimes arbitrarily put in place. and you know it is also going to be a very interesting time diplomatically, because i don't see this president necessarily, as a warmonger. he has made some curious statements and i think his diplomacy will look vastly different than what we've ever seen. and you know, it could be -- meghan: strong national defense is warmongering? harris: she made a good point. she had a choice the president of taiwan. she could have called the current president after what china did. she didn't. she called the incoming president. >> first democratically elected female national leader in chinese history,thousand years.
9:47 am
-- seven thousand years. sandra: more and more state and local governments vowing to defy president-elect trump's proposal to deport illegal immigrants, some cases using taxpayer dollars. is this right way to go? should he strip their federal funding as punishment?
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harris: jon scott coming up in the second hour of "happening now." >> will anyone be held accountable for the the inferno that killed at least 36 people? >> major victory for protesters in north dakota. army corporation of engineers reject as permit to build a pipeline there. 75 years after the attack on pearl harbor, how one was honoring those who fought. top of the hour. harris? harris: thank you, jon. meghan: new efforts in several places across the country to help illegal immigrants to avoid deportation. lawmakers in california would use grants and donations to fund free legal help. in addition to san francisco proposal we talked to you about last week, five million dollars in taxpayer money to defend
9:52 am
illegal immigrants there. chicago is using one million dollars in taxpayer money to provide legal help to 3,000 residents facing deportation. mr. trump vowed to cut off federal funding to any sanctuary city that resists his policies. ambassador bolton, if i were a tax paying resident of any of these cities i would go absolutely crazy. >> absolutely right. trump's threat cut off money rests on proposition money is fungible. if they're taking out money and being repressured by federal money there is something to it. remember when arizona couple years ago passed laws that were intended to restrict illegal immigration. we were told that was preempted by federal law. they couldn't do it. here are states and localities trying to do the opposite. i think this is an issue maybe politically appealing in these particular urban areas. i think we had an election on this subject. if that is what they're going
9:53 am
pursue, the trump administration going to respond as you just indicated. meghan: i don't nod haw people of san francisco was voted on this election and universally rejected. people don't want illegal immigrants staying in their cities and don't want everything that happened in the past eight years? harris: i think there is opportunity here, and i don't know if the current administration would like to do it on its way out the door. might be time for someone with the current administration acknowledge the place and time we are with sanctuary cities. i know one of the president's close bestties, rahm emanuel came out in chicago would do everything to protect it as sanctuary city. kennedy: what about protecting people from gun violence and let them defend themselves. harris: what about the crime situation they have on weekends in chicago. might be time for him to do that. at least acknowledge this would be something that needs to be looked at. there is definite divide in country. donald trump is in the position
9:54 am
to go one way. democrats will get left on the curb, and i don't know maybe they're comfortable being there on this issue. it is one really hallmark of this campaign. sandra: going back to kennedy's point, the headline in the washington time, chicago pushes a million dollars fund to protect anxious immigrants from trump deportations. rahm emanuel has much bigger job to do, to protect the residents of city of chicago has a major problem with violence. to be talking about this, saying we'll do everything in our power to insure immigrants remain safe, secure and supported. he is not focusing on political problems this the city. >> that shows political blindness. this is mobilize the base and hispanic-americans and fire them up saying we'll spend money to protect these illegal immigrants. it didn't work in the general election. harris: no. >> despite predictions of wipe out of trump and other republicans among hispanic-americans it did not happen. i think actually people are much more sensible than these democratic political leaders.
9:55 am
i don't know what smoking not to bring up that -- harris: wow, ambassador. >> to paraphrase lincoln, whatever it is give them more of it. harris: a lot of marijuana talk in the show. kennedy: i'm wondering how, how is the president mechanically going, the president-elect going to do something like this? will it be by executive order? again we have to be careful of hp hypocrisy. that was the thing about president obama drove people crazy with his lech sieve actions on -- executive actions on d.r.e.a.m.ers around education and everything else. when put the court system he had several defeats. harris: does mr. trump have advantage with bicameral situation for republicans? majorities hinge and change on some issues but at least that is a good base to come from. they're all on the same page. kennedy: that is my question, how do you do it? executive action and legislatively?
9:56 am
>> a lot would have to be done by legislation. this is debate way we undermined federalism, transfer money to the states and direct them what to do. why don't we stop transfer of money and let states make up their own mind maying maying their own mind maying maying we'll.h? meghan: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. hey guys.... daddy, it's pink! but hey. a new house it's a blank canvas. and we got a great one thanks to a really low mortgage rate from navy federal credit union. pink so she's a princess. you got a problem with that? oorah oorah open to the armed forces, the dod and their families. navy federal credit union. tand the alzheimer'sf association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight.
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harris: there is some overtime. >> i'm ready. harris: going from the tv version of us to online. click on the "overtime" tab we're going online. now "happening now." intentionally leaving his young son in a hot car to die will learn his punishment. >> we are covering all of the news. >> it is a death trap upon and house of horrors. >> at least 36 people are dead many of them teenagers after a warehouse goes up in flames. >> i want to find my brother. >> now the grim search for victims. >> western recit


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