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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  December 7, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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i don't want to go outside, it's cold outside. i want to stay here. that's ho welcome to "red eye." i am shop shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey. >> coming up on the big show donald trump holds a second thank you rally with his new secretary of defense, general "mad dog" mattis. and a woman said donald trump has ruined her dating life. it had been over before you know it. and finally a new app designed to be the tinder of air travel and lets passengers hookup there is a joke about snakes on a plane, but i am far too classy to make it.
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>> let's welcome our guest. for the life of me i don't know why she doesn't have a pod cast called the rothman prophesies. he got his hair from his mother and his eyes from a costumes shop. morning show on sirius xm, sam roberts. he speaks at 66 words a minute. christopher hahn. and he is what happened iffy your went on a bender. kevin ben fan. >> the thanks just keep on coming. it is sponsored by trump steaks in fayetteville, north carolina. he hopes to thank every person who voted for him.
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take a look. >> it looks like he hired a guy to do it for him. let's get to the rally. the president started off thanking the vets. >> i would like to thank the veterans of north carolina and they were great. you saw what happened. i have such numbers. oh the numbers are good. we don't talk about numbers. we bring people together, but boy were those numbers good. >> he introduced his pick for secretary of defense. >> in order to succeed with our defense policy we must find the right person to lead our defense department, is that right?
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this is why i am proud to formally announce my intention to nominate general james "mad dog" mattis. he lead in operation desert strong and you saw what happened. it was the way you were supposed to lead it. mad dog plays no games. it is now my honor and privilege to welcome to the stage your next secretary of defense, general "mad dog" mattis. >> mad dog spoke for 30 seconds and got to making america great again. and it wouldn't be a trump rally without immigration. >> thousands and thousands and,000 of people are pouring
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into our country. we have no idea who they are or where they come from or do they love us. a lot of cases know they don't love us. >> lori, they don't love us. in a lot of cases they don't love us. >> should i ask him at the border if they love us. >> trump has such a high standard. >> i find this entire transition fascinating. trump is jumping into this job. he is grabbing the job like you know what. everything from watching who is going up the elevator door to this unprecedented thank you tour to going to this particular town which is a military town to introduce the secretary of defense. i find it fascinating. >> the man is a player for the showbiz, right? >> he does and don't we all love that? don't we all love it?
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isn't it great? >> you can get a look at the back of their hair. >> i don't want to be the one to tell them, even though he said don't say anything, there was a blabbermouth. i heard "mad dog" mattis would be the guy before the speech. >> he has that way of building up the tension. he did surprise everyone with the mad dog mention last time. it wasn't an official announcement last time. now it is official. he did announce that he wasn't supposed to say anything. he said he would say something on monday so here we are. >> this thank you toy is a brilliant move. >> he is not running for election for four years.
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it is brilliant how he got ronald reagan's twin to sit behind him. >> that same guy, he is regan! he is a young ronald regan. i don't get that. >> down to the rosy cheeks. >> i am looking for bonzo next to him. it is incredible. >> you are speaking like trump now. it is incredible. >> it is the best reagan i have ever seen. >> he speaks at a seventh grade level, right? i am too. i am speaking slowly to you. >> kevin, he does speak -- he speaks to the people does he not? >> i think he is fine. i don't know if that is good for president and what will happen if "mad dog"" is the secretary of defense, but you have to keep your fingers crossed. >> how would you say the transition is going? >> i would say it is going fantastic.
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he is a show man and america is ready for a show man. >> it is entertaining. >> the fact he has mad dog as secretary of defense. >> they were like, what's going on? >> his other nickname is warrior monk and you never hear him referred to as that. >> it is very different. >> these ea see more clips. >> moving on is the new air force 1 too expensive? trump thinks so. boeing is building a new air force 1 for future presidents, but costs are out of control, $4 billion. cancel order. he was serious. >> i think it is ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number.
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we want boeing to make money, but not that much money. thank you. >> trump may have a point. look at some of the costs for the upgraded air force 1. 300 million, top secret communication equipment, 200 million security features and 160 million pretzels and 120 million publishing air force fun, the in -- air force 1, the air magazine. what does this mean for boeing? we reached out to the company for a statement and they september us this. that's a strange answer. sam, this was one of -- i mean, i think trump had two big issues. build the wall and -- >> no more planes. >> and reduce costs on air force 1. >> it is amazing. trump is so good. first of all it is easy to say we are not doing the upgraded
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plane when you are already a plane owner. like no other president has come in with their own plane already. this plane would be built for future presidents is what the article said. this was not going to be ready in two weeks. this is for future presidents. donald trump does president want -- doesn't want this plane for the same reason he wants to change the laws. he will take advantage. >> why is the plane taking 30 years to build? somebody needs to ask that question. it is a terrific plane. >> thisy have to be careful. when you work at the boeing plant building air force 1 you have to show id and everything, right? >> 30 years to do "red eye"? >> looks like you agree with trump then. >> i get it. it is an expensive plane. he may be doing tit for tat
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and his policy was not that harsh. he makes a point. it is $4 billion for two planes and that seems like a lot to me too. >> looking out for taxpayers dollars. >> what happened to boeing's stock. >> it was down 1% at the open this morning and it closed a couple pennies higher. it was a kneejerk reaction. >> the kneejerk was it was down because of the tweet he sent out before the open and it came back down and closed in the green. >> you have to buy the plane from boeing. there is no other manufacturer of airplanes. he won't buy an air bus for air force 1. >> that's why he is saying what he's saying. we're stuck with boeing so he is calling them out. i like the way he does this. he is using tweets to let people know what is going on. he is not giving anybody a heads up. when he called taiwan, it is like i just like the fact he
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is blind citing everybody. -- blind sighting everybody. >> i want him to bomb china and say, china, you're bombed. asatom emoji. >> one thing about him is he is not predictable. you can't cancel an order for pants via twitter. you probably have to go to the boeing website. >> you know boeing was in a panic though when they read the tweet. >> when they saw cancel order? >> that's not how it happens. it is keeping them off balance and i think that's what they want. >> amazon has a new weapon. it is a grocery store without
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checkout lines. take a look at the future of retail. it is called amazon go. >> use the app to enter and then put away your phone and start shopping. it is that simple. take whatever you like. anything you pick up is automatically added to your virtual cart. if you change your mind, put that back. it will update the cart automatically. you can just go. it adds up the virtual cart and charges your amazon account. >> the first store is scheduled to open early next year. the technology used in the stores to track what you buy is similar to the kind used in self-driving cars like this one.
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>> seems foolproof. why can't women make up their mind about the cup cake? >> to me -- can i tell you that this will change my life? the shopping car rage at the grocery store checkout line and not having to deal with that anymore? it is a job killer, man. grocery store clerks and grocery boxers, those are are great part-time student-type jobs. full time even. >> amazon is killing -- >> when you do the amazon push button do you know you push a button and it automatically appears? >> boxes come in every day. >> the actual button do you have it around your house? >> no. >> clean -- kleenex and razor
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blades. >> i am furious. when wal-mart was killing these jobs and they open up into every small town, everybody had a problem with that. amazon, nobody had a problem with them killing jobs. today, i'm just saying, people love it because it is high-tech. >> people love eye tech. >> can i finish? the point is my wife is addicted. my wife gets an amazon shipment. she either loves the company or banging the fed ex guy. it is ridiculous. here is the point. what if you grab the pickles and drop the jar. who pays? now when i go i don't pay. i walk away and plea tend the other guy did it. who pays? you took it off and the sensor was activated. >> i think you pay for the
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pickles if you drop it. people give them a pass because they are high-tech. they are not getting the slack. >> i think you will see a lot of labor unions pushing back and those who represent them. but it is the wave of the future. we are moving in this direction and we have to trfor . i get it. it is a job killer. but more people are going maybe use grocery services now. it seems like what is coming next. >> we are not even talking about the privacy issue. >> what of it? >> if amazon is tracking your habits and knows what you are buying, that's the world we live in. i am not arguing -- >> you go into 7-eleven and you bring in a coat with all of the pockets. you get the food and you walk out. they have been around forever. it is a terrible idea and it is a job killer and they are tracking your every move. if you don't want to buy foot at the cash register, just
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steal it and nobody loses their jobs. >> you can't steal from amazon go because everything is tracked. >> exactly. you are letting the man win. go to stop and shop and steal the stuff. >> i am with him. >> i just walk out holding it. >> they never question me. >> i got two kids. no way he is stealing. >> why do you need the stores anyway? amazon sends everything to you. off the top of my head they have facilities where they process your order and there is such demand that maybe they are experimenting with a new way they will actually encourage people to go to a traditional brick and mortar. >> they are competitive. >> if you look at their whole brick and mortar, everything
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from mall stores to grocery stores and strip stores, they are all being cannibal liesed. >> that's a great point. it is a bitter enemy of trump. it is interesting with the trul p rally we saw on wall street, technology has not been benefiting as much. >> and he goes after companies. he is calling them out by name and you know amazon is next. coming up, see why donald trump going to the white house is sending one woman to the heartbreak hotel. generosity is its own form of power.
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you can handle being a mom for half an hour. i'm in all the way. is that understood? i don't know what she's up to, but it's not good. can't the world be my noodles and butter? get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. good morning and live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez.
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donald trump took his victory tour to north carolina last night. the president-elect used that opportunity to announce he has official he nominated retired marine general james mattis to be secretary of defense. mr. trump said they will reinforce the military leading to peace through strength. president obama delivered his last major national security speech. he spoke last night at mcdowell airport airbase in tampa, law gnaw ensuring -- huh-uh ensuring them that the u.s. is breaking the back of isis. he said he lead a relentless fight with the help of many. investigators in oakland, california may be zeroing in on the cause of the deadly warehouse fire. a refrigerator or some other appliance could have sparked the fire that claimed at least 36 lives. crews searched 96% of the
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charred building so far. they don't think anymore bodying will be found. the fire broke out when the warehouse was packed with people attending a dance party. >> the man accused of gun down nine black people in a church will go on as planned. dylann roof's lawyers hoped for a delay following the publicity of another south carolina case. that involved the shooting of a black man by a white cop. and the death toll can'ts to climb. the powerful 6.4 magnitude quake. at this time many victims are trapped under debris from fallen buildings. it could be days before we learn the full extent: there is an urgent need for medical equipment. i'm jackie ibanez, now back to "red eye." >> for today's special moment with tom i would like to read
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from a touching column in the "washington post" called trump's election stole my desire to look for a partner by stephanie land. can you give me some music that says strong and cold front and courageous woman? enough of this dating unavailable men half a decade younger than me that will not consider a relationship with me and my two children and dog. i want an equal. a man who will not feel the need to rescue me. i didn't need rescuing. stephanie went on six dates in august. a few seemed promising and then the election on november 8th and the music changinged. i felt sick to my stomach. i wanted to gather my children in bed with me. with thunder raging outside and the winds high enough that the power may go out. the next day she had to break the news to her daughter. when i told her trump had won
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she protested. mom, you said hillary was going to win. a lot of people thought the same thing, i said. i hugged her. a little scared to send her to school in the big sky country of the state where we live. then a man comes into her life. she said i can't. i can't. i am not the op tau -- optimistic as i was. there is no room for dating in this mace of -- place of grief. i lost hope when i saw the words president-elect trump. lori, i think she needs a man about now. >> she needs a good you know what about now. >> oh baby. >> in all seriousness she is the reason hillary lost.
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she is so self-absorbed and unable to respect the presidency and the way we elect the american electoral college. it is what it is whether you like it or not. >> she can find a fellow democrat also in mourning. >> not in montana. how much is her life going to change under -- well canada is already a very red state. she is not changing that much because donald trump is president of the united states. people have to let things go and give people a chance. i was a supporter of the other side. this guy is president and we'll see what happens. relax. everything will be fine. >> sam, i think i have a good question for you. why did she promise her daughter hillary would be elected. that wasn't nice. >> it was the ego of a lot of people that voted that way. people assumed their morality
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was right and everybody would agree with them. of course they thought what was right would happen. they were wrong. the reason the woman is having difficulty dating and it has nothing to do with politics. she is a whiney single mom who is no fun to be around. >> i don't know if the dog is as need ea as her. >> you know why she is not molt fight to find part no, sirs? no one is interested. >> she did go on eight dates in august. she is productive. >> she sounds kind of easy. >> maybe august before the school year. >> in montana? >> she is finding eight single men in montana. >> the big sky state am i wrong? >> it is big sky country.
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i didn't know it was exclusive to that state. it is an interesting assumption and maybe you are right. >> you can date people who can't -- i don't know. what is the answer? >> my wife took it hard when hillary lost and my kids took it hard too. they heard trump was going to outlaw skittles. i had to calm everybody down. i said i think things are going to be okay. i wasn't sure. so far so good. now we have "mad dog." >> from your wife's perspective what is she worried about? >> the media was so wrong that everyone thought -- this is a long story and i don't know if we have time. i don't think we do. >> back in the day we didn't have weather tracking things.
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my brother said we will have night -- we will have snow. overnight it rained and it melted. i told my mom tommy said i didn't have to do my homework. she said your brother is a idiot. when she lost people say it is not possible. there is no snow on the ground. >> in elections people win and people move and you have to move on. >> we are gonna move on. coming up, he is the am buds man of the stars. tv andy levey returns. go to
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welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from the "red eye" news deck. >> trump's thank you tour continues. you showed video of what was trump thanking all of his voters in person. can we see that? >> it looks like people he will not let into the country. >> lori, you brought up watching the people going up the golden elevator doors of the trump tower.
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you said it was like a bizarre willy wonka? >> i was thinking that. the golden ticket is like the golden elevator. we are on the same page. >> sam, you said you are starting to think that finding west world spoilers is easier than trump spoilers. west world is over. >> i know. spoiler existed for a week or two. >> you said it is amazing how rt behind him. i actually thought he -- do we have a side by side? i thought he looked like the original captain marvel. >> i think reagan was a model for captain marvel. >> wrong. fred mcmurray was. >> you know more about comic books than me. kevin you said you --
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>> kevin, you don't know what will happen to mike and "mad dog" now that he will be secretary of defense. did anyone outside of new york get that joke? >> it doesn't matter. it is 3:00 a.m. >> what jokes do they get anyway? i will say the last few times i have been here andy hasn't even been here. he has zero very built. he has zero credibility. >> how was your colonoscopy? >> it was a lot of fun. >> i was going to ask if you had anything to plug. now i am not going to. trump rips boeing for the cost of the air force 1. you know boeing panicked when they saw that tweet. cnbc said boeing called the trump team after and said the price of air force 1 can go
12:35 am
down if spes tau us -- specifications are lowered. >> am i supposed to comment? was that a question or a statement. >> i am putting out information. >> what did you say? >> never mind. it is a whole list of places you will be. something about a pod cast, but it's gone now. it is easy for trump to say we are not upgrading the plane because trump has his own plane. mt is slower and not as big and it has 2700 nautical mile shorter range. >> why would they make a 757 smaller than a 747. it is 10 bigger. >> it doesn't work that way. 747 is a jumbo jet. >> what is a 737? >> they are smaller. >> it doesn't make sense
12:36 am
numerically. you need two engines to cross the ocean. they do have a movie theater and air force 1 does not. >> are you like what kind of plane is this? no movie theater? what are you going to tell me next,. >> you said who will pay for the pickles? apparently you are. anybody that drops pickle jars will be charged to your account. i break stuff out of rage sometimes. i am going to pay. >> and they will have managers and they can help out. >> i didn't see a manager in the clip lori is you said more
12:37 am
about the privacy issue. the way the tech works is this are cameras and microphones all over that can track each movement and by giving the noises it makes it is you. as long as you put an item back on the shelf, that's the only way you are not going to get stuck not paying for it. >> if there is an accident a manager will make sure you don't pay for that. >> that is one advantage to having a brick and mortar space. >> you asked why they need these stores. they will open early next year. and that's about it. this is about licensing the technology to other companies. that's my guess. >> a woman said she can't date because trump won. you said relax and everything will be fine.
12:38 am
are you sure? >> i am a radio host and a former aid, but i have been -- i have faith in the institutions and i think our institutions are bigger than one person or generation. i think we survived a lot of things in this country and we will is survive the next four years and thrive. god bless america. sam, you said the reason this woman is having trouble dating is not politics, wut but she is not a fun person. is there often a connection? >> we are talking politics and we are all fun people. having a good time. >> with the exception of chris we don't talk about them 24/7. >> yeah, no, you're right. that gets boring quickly. >> you end up with a drum kit that your rye will will you.
12:39 am
>> you are saying this on national television. now she knows it is there. >> before i start hitting it, i am done. >> thank you, andy. >> you can't fight sit hall, but if you like the mcrib you may have to.
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live from america's newsing hs i'm jackie ibanez.
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sources telling fox news that president-elect donald trump is getting ready to name one of his key overseas post. reports say he will name terry bran branstadt as ambassador. he was an early supporter of the president-elect. mr. trump is going to iowa for a thank you rally. the trump administration is taking the credit nor bringing jobs back. they will invest $50 billion in the economy and create 50,000 jobs. they plan to merge with t-mobile which was stopped by the obama administration. he said he will go with the deal because he won the president presidential election. where the green party is calling for a recount. the federal appeals court ordering it to proceed while
12:44 am
the state appeals court is ordering. right now it is whether the recount stands. veterans gathering in hawaii marking 75 years since the bombing of pearl harbor by japan. that attack which killed more than 23 hundred people. the prime minister will be attending the ceremony. the first time a sitting japanese prime minister will attend the site. he will attend services with president obama. and speaker of the house paul ryan is ushering in the christmas season on capitol hill lighting the capital christmas tree. it has been a tradition since 1964. this year's tree is a spruce from idaho. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "red eye." the mcrib has many
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fans. none more ardent than a young california woman. angry she couldn't find the unlimited forked m. >> this year mcdonalds, they decided to give regional managers the power to decide whether to sell the mcrib at their location. apparently only 55% of mcdonalds franchises nationwide have decided to sell them. there are 10 mcdonalds in santa clarita and none are selling a crib. specifically the mcdonalds next to inn out is not selling it and it was replaced by an all day breakfast which is a really poor substitute. >> as do i. the mcrib is part of the thanksgiving day tradition. >> to be honest, the removal
12:46 am
of the mcrib from the menu has uh 23ebged it by -- has affected my family. every thanksgiving my family would order a 50-piece chicken mcnewingett. mcnugget. it was a tradition in our family. now it is like my family's holiday spirits are messed up and broken. so basically what i am trying to say is that i come to you in this matter and i hope members of the council can help and speak to these mcdonalds managers because i tried calling the hotline and they like don't take me seriously. >> the council was deeply moved by her request. >> thank you for your time and listening and happy thanksgiving. >> let's fix the last part. >> thank you for your time and listening and happy
12:47 am
thanksgiving. [clapping]. >> lori, you were moved by her speech. >> to tears in fact. she was sincere and you have to admire her commitment. first of all she is adorable. if i was interviewing her i would adopt her in a hot second because of her passion and desire to follow through. >> do you think they have juicer diction -- jury -- jurisdiction into.. >> i refused to accept they don't have it anymore. >> you know, i think we can
12:48 am
have both breakfast all day and the mcrib. i think she has to wait awhile longer and things will get again. they switched that. that was something good. >> that's a big deal. people love that. >> it is so over rated. >> breakfast all day? >> it is completely over rated. everybody is freaking out over mcdonalds pancakes. you can get a better breakfast. >> you have never been this at 10:05 and not get an egg mcmuffin. >> he is on in the mornings now on sirius and you wanted the breakfast sandwich. now this breakfast is over rated. >> i can see the passion in your highs. >> i just like that she couldn't even say mcrib. she was saying macrib.
12:49 am
she was like can i get the macrib? go back to your crib. the pink hair, come on? >> if you are representings for for -- yourself in court -- she wore a tie. >> i dare say it is over rated. if it is so delicious why not limited time? do we run out of forks? >> if you don't operate year-round you are people goings to the town officials to bring it back. >> i think that was their strike that quo all along. >> that is one of the best simpson videos. it is hilarious. >> coming up, hooking up in the high skies. but first, say my name, kennedy.
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jie uh highway red eye lob -- lobster men. david and tom shillue are coming by.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" ryan reiss, katie linendal, michael malice and joe devito. >> now you can swipe right during a flight. air dates is hoping to become the tinder of air travel. it uses their itinerary to hookup with other passengers on the same trip. there are potential risks bike having sex with losers. the company's ceo says the inside of a plane is safest place to have a date. they are considering only letting females to initiate the conversation. kevin -- >> why start with me? >> why would you use this app? >> you have to switch seats? it is like trying to switch seats. you know what i mean? unless are you flying
12:55 am
southwest you are in 18e and your honey gal is in 24f. you have to say can we switch? >> you have to do the leg work. i go to the bathroom and take care of my business. >> does that count as the mile high club. >> it does for me. >> lori -- you are a gal, what do you think of the idea. it seems like -- >> i have an even better idea. they need an app to leave people alone. i take public transportation and people want to strike up a conversation all the time. >> how are you going to get laid that day. >> i just want my downtime. >> you have a friendly face. i need to work on -- thank you. >> you are approachable. >> people ask directions. they think they know me from somewhere. i look like someone's friend
12:56 am
from high school. and i really just want to be left alone. is this for sex, but is it for -- >> of course it is for sex. that's the only thing that exists. it will have the same problem with tinder and the other apps. a guy will use it and link up with a girl on a flight and they will be like should we just go to the bathroom. the girl will say i don't know what you thought this was. i thought we were just having a conversation. i'm like, what did i download it for then? >> this is a problem across the board. people have different ideas about what is going on. chris, why did i go to you last? >> here is the thing. after stories like this you say thank god i am married. sometimes i say i wish i wasn't married, but that story said, yeah, happy i'm married. >> which stories make you
12:57 am
sad? >> we will talk about it on another show. that does it for me. what a full and under withful show. i'm tom shillue and see you next time.
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jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic. visit and see how affordable renters insurance can be. "special report" up next. thanks for being here. donald trump says thank you to the people behind his surprise election. he says no thank you to a multibillion dollar deal for new presidential airplanes. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington. i'm shannon breen in for bret baier. the man behind the art of the deal wants to get rid of the deal to buy two more presidential airplanes. donald trump said the costs are totally out of control. meanwhile, trump continues to maintain control of the process of filling his cabinet,ç meeti with more candidates today. tonight the president-elect continues his thank-you tiour o battleground states that put him


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