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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 7, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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twitter and let us know what you think. we hope you set your dvr. thank you for being with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> when americans are unified, there's nothing we cannot do. nothing. no task is too great. >> but will it be possible for mr. trump to unite the country? talking points does not think so we'll tell you why. >> we don't care who we hurt or who it destroys. just say it sell it. >> nelson scorching. he is right. united states has become a disgrace. >> battle ship arizona resting on the bottom of the great armored sea fighter is fantastic tangle of twisted steel. >> also today the 75th
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anniversary of the pearl harbor bombing. we believe the japanese back then were a lot like isis is today. caution, you are about to enter the no spin z z zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. will donald trump be able to unite the country? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. today "time" magazine announced mr. trump is the person of the year. then it took a swipe at him right on the cover saying donald trump president of the divided states of america. "time" perhaps the most politically correct publication in the country clearly dislikes mr. trump. they had to make him person of the year but obviously they did not want to do that. however, the magazine is correct in saying that the u.s.a. is a divided country.
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as trump claims that happened on president obama's watch and he will bring everybody together. talking points is not sure that's possible. to illustrate the point, let's take a look at the nation's largest city, new york. presidential election hillary clinton received northeasterly 79% of the vote here. donald trump 18%. big apple rock steady left. remember trump actually said he might carry new york. that was never even remotely possible and here's why. unlike san francisco, which is steeped in socialist ideology, new york city is basically a welfare state. the epic breakdown goes like this. 32% white, 29% hispanic. 24% black. 14% asian. you want diversity come to new york city. in addition, 38% of the population here is foreign born.
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70% not even -- 17% are not even citizens. trying to survive in a tough environment. population of new york city is about 8.5 million. many of them can't make a living. so the government must support them. right now new york city is approaching $1 billion in debt. the city cannot possibly pay off that money. so it will borrow more and depend on you wherever you live to bail us here in new york out. 20% of new york city residents are now receiving food stamps. that's 1.7 million people at a cost of $250 million a month. a month. other assistance to residents more than $100 million a month. 5% of the city's population is on disability. cost? $252 million a month.
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finally, 600,000 new yorkers are receiving payments for public housing. that is 7% of the population. new york city the most powerful financial center in the world is basically dependency. and people receiving disability checks, housing supplements, food stamps, and other direct payments are not going to vote for republicans ever. so this is a one-party city. that will never embrace a guy like donald trump. this is what america has come to. it's largest city falling apart. little desire on the part of the liberal city government here to lift people out of welfare. liberal politicians actually want dependency. for example, if the city were to investigate disability claims, they would find many of them are completely bogus, frauds. it's a react. everybody knows it. but when 80% of the voters continue to support the far left vision, nothing is
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going to change. so even though donald trump is a hometown guy, and believes he can bring america together, the heavy odds are he cannot. the welfare system in many places is simply too entrenched and the welfare system is not going to make america great again. that's the memo. now for the top story. reaction. joining us from austin, texas, karl rove. where am i going wrong here, mr. rove? >> well, i agree with you that it's difficult to achieve unity. i mean, we look back at 1984 and ronald reagan basically just less than six out of every 10 americans supported his re-election but four out of 10 voted for walter mondale. even the most popular presidents are not universally beloved and supported. but i do think it's important the president-elect trump try. because that's what the country wants him it do. the more that he focuses on doing things that spreads prosperity everywhere and move america together
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forward, american also give him more credit. he'll get more political credit. he'll be able to achieve more of what he wants to do. >> okay. nobody is saying don't make the effort. but it's a futile effort. not here in new york city. look, 80/20. hillary over trump. 80 and trump is a hometown guy. >> i get that let's divorce the politics for a moment from what you were really talking about which is new york having a welfare state in which so many people are dependent upon government. and, look, we -- he has got to work at that problem. we know that we can do better. >> no, wait. no. look. you're in texas. i'm here in new york city. i was born in new york city. you go to the bronx and you go to the brooklyn, all right. those are the two real poverty-stricken burrows.
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the culture is so entrenched no matter what trunch does. no matter how many factories he brings back. no matter what he does. you are not going to break that culture. >> i respectfully disagree. we saw when we passed welfare reform in the middle of the 90's all across this country from new york to the california, and big city, small stickers rural america, welfare reform by saying we are going to place limits on how long people could be on welfare, by making people work, by requiring them to work if they were abled body. that we moved people from a life of dependency on government to a life of dependence. >> some people. >> every one of those people was precious to move from a life of dependency to what god really meant them to be was a free individual living a life of responsibility and dreaming big. look, in the last eight years, one of the most pernicious thing that happened in this country is that systematically and quietly president obama has done undone a lot of what
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that welfare reform law did by making it easier for people to get on food stamps and making it easier for people to get on benefits. you touched on the disability issue. that's not just a local problem. that's a federal problem. and this administration turned a blind eye to the disability problem with social security, ssi, until the federal judges stepped in and made them pay attention to it so my point is this. i hope donald trump says okay, i know how tough it's going to be. but i see in him and particularly in what he did in his campaign, a real interest in helping turn around america's central cities and big cities and giving people a shot. giving people a chance. is he doing that with an education secretary who believes in charters and choice. is he doing it with the housing and urban development secretary who. >> you are not going to get the people on the phony disability react. and there are legions of them. >> stop them. >> de blasio and the local city government and cuomo, the democratic governor of the state not gonna stop them.
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they're not. >> maybe you ought to run for mayor against de blasio here in the next election and make it an issue. because do you think that the people of the city of new york like being ripped off? every one of those people is paying some kind of tax somewhere, some time. and they're getting ripped off in order dependency people out there working. >> more people on the doll on t. you are paying in austin texas for us. you're paying for us. the city can never pay $100 billion ever. the feds keep pumping it. in pumping it. in grant, in grant in. who do you think is paying all that food stamp money. it's not the state. not the city. it's you in austin, texas. this is so far out of control. now, if donald trump can turn this around in here his hometown, he's a genius. he goal down with george washington as one of the greatest presidents. last word. >> he needs to be bending the arc policy in the new york direction. that's why they want him to bring back change and change
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in cities like new york is an important part of that. >> have you got to shed the light on the problem. that's what i tried to do tonight. mr. rove, thank you very much. >> did you it. >> thank you very much. denville washington scorching the national media we will hear what he has to say. later, miller on donald trump strong arming some american corporations. factor is coming right back. ♪ ♪ what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you.
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>> truth telling by actor denzel washington. he is really down on the press. >> if you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. if you do read it, you are misinformed. >> what do you do? >> that's the great question. what is the long term effect of too much information? one of the effects is the need to be first. not even to be true anymore.
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so whatever responsibility you all have to be -- to tell the truth just to be first but to tell the truth. we live in a society now where it's just first. who cares? get it out there. we don't care who it hurts. we don't care who we destroy. we don't care if it's true. just say it, sell it. anything you practice, you'll get good at. including b.s. >> with us now to analyze joe con media reporter for the hill. is he 100 percent right. he gets treated well for the press. is he one of the actors that's reveered by the mainstream media. i wonder what set him off? i wonder what he is so angry about? >> there was a fake news story, bill about denzel washington saying he was now supporting donald trump. >> oh. >> so he sees that and he has a sense of humor about it and no big deal. i'm sure he feels the same way that many americans do, bill. that is an a.p. survey that perfectly incapsulates what denzel washington said which
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was one of the more precise things i have heard. 6% of the american public currently has high confidence in the media think about that. >> they are all in drug rehab. >> something like that. context though. watergate that number was 72%. >> okay. so washington himself was the victim of a phony news story, what they call fake news on the net that said he was a trump supporter, which he isn't. so that's what set him off on this statement right there. but the broader picture is that the national media has gone over the cliff after the trump election. do you agree with that? >> they absolutely have. and it's because i believe, bill, because of wikileaks. where we, every fear that you had about the media, colluding with campaigns. sharing stories in advance. quota approval in advance. debate questions in advance, that was all proven out. and it wasn't speculation. it was on paper. >> email. >> exactly.
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>> to the clinton people. cnn and nbc news got hurt the worst in wikileaks. >> agreed. >> cnn with donna brazile feeding the clinton campaign actual questions. and then a couple of guys working for nbc basically toting up to john podesta in charge of the clinton campaign when can i ask this? should i ask that? was there anybody else who got embarrassed? >> politico shared three stories you could see on wikileaks alone that's john just john podesta's email. three stories in advance. >> politico, website. >> lawyers actually sending to podesta, here is what i'm going to write. is this okay? >> you know, i have never ever taken any news out of the internet and i understand that facebook now is the dominant news deliverer for the united states of america. more people get their news on facebook than any place else. >> pew research, fascinating study, northeasterly half of american adults, half, get their news from facebook. now, let's be clear what facebook does. they don't have a news team.
8:17 pm
they're not producing the content. they're doing what's called aggregating. they are taking from all these sources, legitimate and otherwise, and putting it up on their trending section and that's where people are getting their news if their friends are sharing it? >> they are not checking it out. >> they need an editor or team of editors there to make sure that news stories legitimate are on there and fake ones fleshed out. mark -- >> all these aggregates were smashing conservatives. somehow the aggregates weren't smashing the left. final question for you. the damage that's been done to the america's image image so pro-hillary clinton. do you think that's permanent damage to the "the washington post," the "new york times," vehicles like this? is it permanent? >> it depends on how you define permanent. from a profit perspective no one has done better this year than the media as a whole. you talk about all these differential places because people are still clicking. even if the integrity is hurt. and here's the thing. the integrity is hurt. we did a survey at the hill.
8:18 pm
we counted up all the major newspaper endorsements for hillary clinton and donald trump. 57 papers endorsed clinton. two endorsed trump. now, with that sort of balance, you would think that clinton would win by 20 points and donald trump couldn't even get 200 electoral votes. he ends up getting more than 300, the most than any republican in 30 years. so while the messenger is damaged, the american people know this. >> right. >> they're not trusting it. >> credibility is gone. >> right. that's why trump was able to win because. >> i think that's true. i don't think people -- as denzel washington said, you read the newspaper, you're miss informed. i think they know they're miss informed. >> social media allows you to fact check. >> that's a lot of burden. people are busy. they are earning a living and have families. >> i have an idea for killing books. james r. hoffa. wouldn't that be a great killing book even though we don't know how he died. >> i do. >> the book.
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>> james concha talking about misinformation. stunning deceit by the southern poverty law center. wait until you hear this. later, tommy laren and dennis miller in the no spin zone this evening up ahead. i love my shop,
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>> personal story segment tonight. "new york post" columnist paul sparey broke a story that says the southern poverty law center covered up a report on hate crimes. left wing group was more than happy to discuss hate crimes against minorities. but totally ignored the white factor in the equation. with us now to explain further monica crowley. it's a little bit misleading for me to say hate crimes. this was a survey about teachers. they asked teachers have you heard any invective, you know, hateful stuff directed to students and if so which
8:23 pm
students and what did they say? >> well, the southern poverty law center partnered with the american federation of teachers which is a big national teacher's uniform mali endorsed hillary clinton. they sent out questionnaire to 1.6 million mostly democratic members. online survey. wholly unscientific because it was self-selecting. >> okay. >> they got 10,000 responses back. they claimed that 40% of those surveyed said yes that they had heard minority students, muslim students, immigrant students getting harassed. >> being disparaged? >> correct. what they don't tell you. >> not too fast. so 1.6 went out. only 10,000 came back. >> correct. >> that's a dangerous sign right there. and in the 10,000, 40% of those who answered said yes, i have heard disparagement towards minorities or muslims. no mention of white students. >> that's right. they did ask that question in the survey. so when they released the findings, what they didn't tell you is that 20% came back and said we had heard
8:24 pm
and it had been reported to us that white students were subject to this kind of intimidation. >> if you like trump or something like that? >> correct. >> 40% minorities, 20% to whites. but no mention of the 20% by the southern poverty law center. so we know that the study was skewed. here's what they said by the way. we asked them for a statement. we did not highlight the statistic in the report because it paled, talking about white people, pardon the pun in reports of minority children being intimidated. so that's ridiculous because if it's a report, you report everything, and then it's double. so you make your point. they just didn't want any mention. >> that's right. and based on the numbers on the 10,000 that responded, you're talking 4,000 students, minority students claim that they were harassed. 2,000 if these numbers are to be believed. >> right. >> of white students and/or trump supporters. >> embarrassing thing. southern poverty law center used to do good work. it's now a political organization. now, miss monica has been
8:25 pm
has been interviewing over at trump tower for something. i'm not going tomorrow bare was you and ask you what or anything like that. but i am going to ask you this question. why would any human being, not just monica crowley, any human being want to be the white house press secretary? [ laughter ] >> really? >> you know tony snow, the late tony snow brilliant at a it. >> i knew him well. >> i used to go snow, how can you stabbed there, every day, when you know these people are just trying to kick the living daylights out of your boss which will be the same thing with trump. >> our colleague dana perino did it brilliantly as well. if you are representing a republican president, it's always a tougher job. it's hell on earth anyway. >> why would anybody want to do it. >> well, look, first of all, serving the president, a president you believe in and believe in his policies and his ageneral day want to help him communicate that message to the american people, to the world. also to serve your country. i mean, i am a true patriot. and, look, a lot of people talking about a lot of
8:26 pm
different positions. >> now, you worked with richard nixon for years. >> during the last years of his life. >> so you understand the process and the trump people over there. they know that but if you do take a job as a white house press spokesperson, you have to say what they tell you to say. remember larry speaks and nixon i thought was going to punch. wasn't that larry speaks. >> ron zeigler. i thought he was going to punch him. >> it is a very tough job. >> very tough. >> apart from being president himself, probably press secretary is the toughest job. but when you believe in the policies, you believe in the agenda and you believe in the man at the top, then i think you go out there with a certain passion. >> would you be confrontational out there if you got that job? >> well, let's be clear. >> you're distorting everything? >> this is one of many jobs. there is a lot of people being considered. >> sure. >> look. i think donald trump is going to come in and smash every existing model,
8:27 pm
including diplomacy, including economics, and including dealing with the press. one thing that i would advise donald trump to do in going over the heads of the elite media which he has already done so well is his first press conference as president should be with regular americans. forget the "new york times." forget. >> let the folks come. >> in go to them and allow them to ask the questions. by the way, richard nixon used to give regional press conferences so he dealt with regional press. local press, and they really appreciated that as well there are different models and i think trump is going to rewrite the book. i'm not going anywhere yet bill o'reilly. >> and if they hire laura ingraham she is going to bring a bazooka she could carry. >> she would be amazing in that job. >> you would have to get -- charge money to see her with the press. that would be very good. monica crowley everybody. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. young conservative woman annoying the american left. we will talk with tomi lahren and miller on trump strong arming american.
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>> unresolved problem segment tonight, being conservative in the media, 24-year-old tomi lahren who works at the blaze has been appearing on some far left programs. >> i have never looked down on someone because of their skin color. to me, true diversity is diversity of thought. not diversity of color. i don't see color. i go after hillary clinton
8:32 pm
she is as white as they come. [ laughter ] >> you don't see color? so, what do you do at traffic lights? [ laughter ] >> well, that was stupid. ms. lahren joins us now from dallas. so, how did you -- first of all, how did you hook up with glenn beck's the blaze? >> well, bill, i went viral a while back. i think it caught the attention of mr. glenn beck and the blaze and we had a great network here. we have a lot of diverse voices as you well know. and he saw me. he thought i had a little bit of potential and little bit of fire so here i am. >> all right. so you were at the university of nevada, las vegas, right? >> yes, sir. >> and while you were there you were doing political commentary on the internet? >> i was doing round table show for unlvtv called the scramble i hosted it and produced that as well. i started at a very young age. i got my first talk show when i was 21 years old out
8:33 pm
of san diego. another independent network called one american news. i wanted an internship. after the blaze denied my internship, actually, bill here about a year and a half later i ended up right here at the blaze and they have to pay me. >> it was all internet driven when i was coming up and your age boston university and then went to scranton pennsylvania and went to a regular television station and dallas, denver and back to new york. you went immediately to the net, did commentary. you're not a reporter. you are a commentator, correct? conservative commentator. >> right. and i have used the internet to my advantage. because i feel that you can reach out directly to your viewers there you know, the mainstream media doesn't necessarily foster conservative voices and give it a platform like it deserves outside of fox news and the blaze. sometimes you have got to go directly online. that's what i have been able to do. either they love me or hate me they are watching me. >> how did you become a conservative. you're from south dakota. that's a conservative state. were you raised in a family of conservatives?
8:34 pm
>> a family of conservatives but more so than that, just a family of hard-working americans. i grew up knowing that if i wanted to achieve something in life, i was going to have to do it myself. i was going to have to pull myself up by boot straps and go get it that lends me to the conservative world view and school of thought. more hard working than growing up in a red state. >> how old were you when you startestart form a political opinion. >> i don't know. when did i started talking? i guess that would be the answer. >> were your parents political people? always in that venue? >> my parents are conservatives but not necessarily political. i like the art of debate. i like the art of conversation. and i also like to pick apart the mainstream media because i think in large part they cater to the coast and large section of middle america that is ignored. we have viewpoints and opinions and voices as well as evidenced by this presidential election. and they're just starting to hear the silent majority get a little louder. >> why do you think some people your age are on the left? >> well, first of all, they
8:35 pm
go to liberal institutions as we have seen time and time again. that's where the indoctrination begins. it really doesn't matter what you experience in childhood whether your parents are liberal or conservative. did you go to a public university and you're going to be indoctrinated one way or the other. i went to unlv i witnessed that and experienced that. they take the left feeds us as well conservatives and republicans are bigoted, cold-hearted and racist. they want nothing to do with this party or world view. that's because the liberals have controlled the narrative. >> all right. so you believe that the younger generation when they get to college are kind of brainwashed. i don't know why they would accept that though. you know, look, when i went to college, it was vietnam era. there were a lot of lefties there. they were trying to brain wash we just say hey, look, at least i did. i'm going to think for myself. finally you go on with this guy trevae von. daily show. took over for jon stewart. i was a guest on stuart's program a number of occasions. you know that noah is going
8:36 pm
to try to mock you and his audience is there to support him. does that bother you at all? >> no. because someone has to have the guts to do it. i knew walking in that i was going to be walking in to a crowd of people that wero boo m. >> i didn't think you came off bad. i thought you made your points fairly articulately. >> does it bother you personally that he is not going to give you a fair shake. >> not at all. you can't expect them to play fair. get a little louder and expect your voice to be heard. >> why can't you expect to be fair. >> i don't expect any liberal show or comedy show or anything from the mainstream media to be fair. i have already accepted that. they are not going to be fair. they are going to label to you high lesson but keep going. >> i know they're not but -- well, look, did you a nice job. you're an interesting person. and we appreciate you coming on tonight. >> thanks so much, bill. >> we come right back, it will be miller time, madonna blaming women for trump's election. and president-elect strong arming companies. miller is next.
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>> thank for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. miller time segment tonight, donald trump is establish ago tough guy approach to u.s. companies leaving america to make more profit
8:41 pm
elsewhere. >> companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. it's not going to happen. it's not going to happen. >> and jing us now from santa barbara, the sage of southern california, dennis miller. so you agree with trump putting the arm on these companies saying, hey, if you take the jobs in mexico or other places, you try to sell back here, 35% we're going to charge as a tariff, do you agree with that? >> first off, billie, i want to say how touched i was to watch the professor higgins henry moment had you there with your protest gay tomi, she wa protestorprotege with to. you could major in numbers or letters. >> i majored in covered wagons. try to go --
8:42 pm
>> now, listen, here's the thing that's been happening to this country, billy is we're going to let air conditioners made by carrier leave up to this point but let zika carriers into the country. and that's what we had to change. i kind of like the trump's changing it. i think that -- i might even think of leaving the country now that i know it's in such good hands. but i like trump coming in and flipping the table. i think the whole game is screwed up. and so when he wants to lay a 35% tariff on him, i like it. listen, i think you have to go big at this point. i think greatness in a president is determined by the historical deal of the cards that they get. this country is right on the cusp line right now. and trump has a line for greatness if he thinks big and i would start playing the bully pulpit. >> good you're not offended by the conservatives free trade we embrace. you think it helps him. >> conservatives have turned
8:43 pm
into margaret whining at marcho at this point. he is introducing me to asian cats bringing 50 billion. in it's all so beautiful. >> out there in santa barbara you must hear an awful lot of whining still about the election. >> yeah. >> one of the top whiners is madonna. she has said to billboard magazine, quote: it feels like women betrayed us. percentage of women who voted for trump was insanely high. women hate women. that's what i think it is. women's nature is not to support other women. it's really sad. men protect each other. women protect their men and children. women turn inward and men are more external. quote, unquote, madonna. so women are the villains in electing trump, miller. and you say? >> i say just look at her in the hats and all that, billy. she is standing there in a
8:44 pm
cone bra trying to act like she is margaret thatcher. it's madonna. the only reason madonna is madonna she only needed to be madonna that badly. i don't think anything she says serious. nor i do give it favor. she just another person. i think she blew the election when she said she would give sexual favors to anybody who voted for hillary. yeah, don't do me any favors. right there, i think that's where the election went south. >> wasn't she going to move too, madonna? she wasn't one of those movers, was she? i'm going some place if trump is elected? >> no, no. i think she has lived overseas for years in england. listen, it's a teachable lesson as president obama says. madonna is a pop star. whenever she talks about politics, and i have liked some of her songs over the years, not many, because they are a little mindless for me. you have got to remember when she was doing all that vogue stuff, that frame was empty if you know what i mean. over the years i have liked some of the songs. not like i'm looking admah
8:45 pm
donna for political situation. she is madonna. >> she is attacking fellow women. i was offend dollars. i don't know. >> she doesn't know what to do. >> listen, billy. i have just got to point out pop stars kanye said some things. why did they finally put him in involuntary commitment because he said he would have voted for trump. that was the final straw. >> that was it he was out of here. >> then he had to go away. >> one of the quick reminder the spin stops here shows in 2017. see everybody in tulsa, oklahoma. next night in redding pennsylvania in arena. omaha march 24th. and next night tacoma dome in washington state and west bury island, new york on june 17th. tickets make great christmas gifts. joy behar slanders donald trump. right back with it.
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>> back of the book segment tonight. did you see that today is the 711th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. one of the most dastardly attacks in american history. less than four years later u.s.a. had its revenge defeating japan after dropping two adominic bombs. now japanese prime minister abay wants to visit pearl harbor. with success martha maccallum when is that visit going to be. >> the president as most people know goes to christmas over the thanksgiving holiday. he will visit and lay a wreath. he want to make it clear that japan never wants to repeat the ravages of war that we're were seen on that day. it's a big deal. he has been said wanting to close the chapter on world war ii. a lot of people wonder why president obama wasn't there today. >> that's why he wasn't there today. is he going to do it. >> it was.
8:50 pm
it's a unique opportunity swlut survivors, many of whom are in their 90's who will probably, some of them, make it for a moment like this again i remember ronald reagan hawk anniversary ronald appointing to hawk at 40th anniversary of d-day an incredibly poignant moment. he spoke to them directly and admired them -- >> and pointing to normanldy, france. >> missed opportunity, i think. >> president obama never embraced war culture. in fact on "killing the rising sun", i asked the living presidents to write letters, bush, older bush, younger and jimmy carter where they would have supported harry truman, done the same thing. all three said yes. i don't believe barack obama would have. it would be interesting to see if abe, on the 27th of december, apologizes for that attack on
8:51 pm
pearl harbor and apologizes for all the pain and suffering that japan directly caused during world war ii. >> he is not expect to. when president obama vice ided hi visited hi visited hirishimo db- >> we don't have anything to apologize for. >> and with will perspective -- >> you don't agree with that. you don't agree with that. >> i'm not comfortable with generations later people apologizing for the acts, whatever it is, things happened in a context based on history which you have pointed out so clearly in your break book. >> apologize to china, korea, filipinos. what japan did in world war ii is a kin, word of the day, to what germany did. the atrocities, invasion, fascism, no difference. just that hitler was such a
8:52 pm
monster and covered far more intensely than hirido and tojo and other idiots over in japan. i think he should apologize. but that's me. >> we'll see. >> the view, you have -- >> i have something completely different. >> all right. i'm never going on "the view" again ever. here is why. roll the tape. >> he is not right in the head. donald trump has never appeared stable to me when he has come on the show. no, he has not. >> all right. so there is joy behar saying the president is not right in the head. enough. that's abc news, these aren't some clowns running around the entertainment division. that's abc news. that's a disgrace. ratings for that program are down fairly significant. >> they are down. in 2014 they were 3.1 million now 2.8, bigger deep between 2015. as you rightly point out they moved them from entertainment to
8:53 pm
the news division because they thought the comparison would be more favorable in the ratings but they lost about 300,000 viewers over the course of that time. it is interesting to note that donald trump has done very well in the recent polls we saw. his favorable ratings are up 17 points since august. they are out of step in hammering him across the board as they do on a daily basis. >> i don't object to them hammering donald trump. not at all. they are liberal people. they want it ham every hto hamm. but to say he is not right in the head that's disrespectful not only to the president-elect but to the whole process. that's it. no more "view" for me. >> what could tempt you to come back on? >> nothing. never go there again. martha maccallum, everybody. back with the tip of the day. day. latest on♪
8:54 pm
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tip of the day and update on bowe bergdahl. first the bill o'reilly christmas store. we have everything you would want having to do with the factor. those are the ties that i wear. hat. mugs. place mats. place mats -- floor mats. all right. and jackets and shirts and you name it, we have it. bill o'reilly premium members have big discounts. if you become a pm you get a free book of your choice. you can have ten books if you give ten gift certificates. all of the money i get goes to charity. now the mail, north reddington beach, florida. can the president pardon a person who has not been found guilty of a crime, if not isn't
8:57 pm
bowe bergdahl innocent until proven guilty? you will remember richard nixon was not found guilty but given pardon from president ford. if president obama pardonsberg dahl, two things must happen. he must admit his crime and president obama must admit he was wrong in glorifying him. president doesn't have to do any of that, all he has do is sign a pardon. terry hughes, bill you say don't be truculent when write together factor. well you're truculent. life . hey bill, i'm a business student. any advice? >> avoid confrontation if you can, liam. students have no power unless a teacher is actively hurting one ignore their blajer.
8:58 pm
it doesn't matter. teresa, chattanooga, tennessee. our family is happy to hear that legends and lies of patriots is returning on sunday evening. will the series be on dvd? yes. a good episode on the american revolutions, unsung hero webs african-americans, we hope you guys check that out. laura couch, riverside, california. we bought "give please a chance" for our 5-year-old granddaughter and purchased five copies for the preschool. very nice of you guys, laura. i hope they like it. bill, it's about time a book like "killing the rising sun" honored americans in the pacific war. it was full of herror. you're right. thank you.
8:59 pm
and finally, the tip of the day. we have a pod cast associated with the factor run by one of our producers robert samuel. featuring the inside story on bowe bergdahl. hope you check that out on, itunes and other places that i have no idea what they are. also a book called "all the galant men", a first-hand account of pearl harbor. it is worth highlighting. the man was there, he is still alive. and if you really want know what happened at pearl harbor, you may want to read that book. factor tip of the day. that's it for us today. check out fox knew factor website. different from also we would like you to spout off about the factor in anywhere in the world. if you wish to opine, the world of the day, do not be a poltroon. love that word. now tomorrow we will be live because trump again is speaking, this time in iowa, i believe. and when donald trump speaks, anything can happen. so we will be here when anything
9:00 pm
happens. we hope you will be too. again thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please remember that the spinst. we're looking out for you. . breaking tonight president-elect trump stuns critics and supporters alike as he appears to soften his stance on a key promise to strike down one of president obama's most controversial executive orders, welcome to "the kelly file," everybody. i'm martha mccallum in tonight for megyn kelly. the president-elect who said the so-called once dreamers brought here as children will all quote have to go. but in a wide ranging interview with "time" magazine, after they announced him as their quote person of the year, mr. trump now says that he will kill president obama's executive order but he tells "time" maga