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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  December 8, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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tune in every night, dvr each night at 7:00 as we get back to basics. stay tuned, bill o'reilly is up next. welcome to "red eye." hello. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levey. andy? >> thanks, tom. xomeing up on the big show. donald trump is named "time" magazine's person of the year. in 2017 news, donald trump is named "time" magazine's person of the year for the second straight year. in 2018 news, donald trump is named -- you get it. and a company cancels their holiday party because trump won the election. trump ruined it and it is hillary's fault. and unlike in jurassic world, his character will not bewaring high heels while be
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-- being chased by dinosaurs. back to you. >> thank you, andy. let's welcome our guests. she is more electric than a flex capasitor. just what i needed. a little r and r. ryan reiss. not sure why he went to north korea, but i bet it had to do with leather boots and caning and thankful leahy is not as sick as his beard. joe devito. let's start the show. nearly a month after winning the presidency he was given a bigger coup. the president-elect beat out other final lists -- finahists , mark zuckerburg and harambe. the honor goes to the person
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who, quote, for better or worse has done the most to influence the events of the year big league. trump has appeared on the cover from august 22nd, october 24th and this week. i think they really tell a story. maybe i am the only one who see itself. after the cover was released some people noticed what they think are sneaky design choices that reveal the magazine's true feelings toward trump. for instance, the m above trump's head looks like horns. others said the aesthetic of the photo is similar to the photo of hitler when he was named person of the year. i don't know. being unfair to trump doesn't sound like the media i know. right? i think the real hidden message is how trump has broken the backs of the media and made them bow down and kiss his boots. they would not want to do this cover. the fact that they use the shame chair and they show the
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chair is aging and fraying and falling apart has been showing their hand and being disrespectful to the man they are supposed to be honoring. they showed more respect to hitler. that's odd because trump is hitler. >> we have guests coming in and out. michael, did he have to fit for this? did they arrange it with him? >> no, i'm sure it is just a photograph. i'm sure he wouldn't bother returning the calls. >> you know they had their cover ready for hillary, right in. >> of course. >> does this matter? the person of the year? >> the m in "time" magazine looking like devil horns is something that happens often. it is a design issue. although i do think the scratch and sniff was --
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>> it is unfair. will donald trump will not put up with that. >> and there is a pitch fork. >> let's see the photos where the m looks like a hop. >> it has little horns. >> so the horns, it happens often, but do you see the hit her comparison? >> i think this whole conversation is justifying the art school. see dad, the phd art was worth it.
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>> they are hacking themselves. they did three covers with horns. this will make an excellent tinder profile pic. >> he loves the photo. i don't think he would appreciate it. >> he has nothing but contempt for "time" magazine and it is well warranted. >> if they had the courage of their conviction they had him melting all during the campaign. you know they don't like him. if they were going to be consistent they should show america melting now. >> if there was a hidden message it would have to be a lot more subtle. we know the mainstream media is so fair in coverage they would have smashed him down hard if they wanted to. what we haven't talked about is the bigger issue and my problem is i don't know if this is an op-ed piece or an unbiased piece of journalism, but did you notice that like in american moses they called hillary clinton.
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leading her to the promise land and it was noted in the piece. i find that offensive. >> you know they wanted to call her an american moses. >> you are talking about hitler. >> she is an american moses. >> an american -- you are comparing her to a prophet? sorry, i just totally railed you. you can still get the news week cover. of course that was -- >> next story tiz the season to over react. thisy have canceled their holiday party because donald trump won the holiday election. he designed the invite before november 8th expecting the party to be a celebration. trump triumphed. they said we envisioned an extra cheer of the
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presidency. election day did not go as we hoped. it is with deep regret we are can selling the -- canceling the party. >> i totally agree with them. i told my niece and nephew, no presents this year. sorry. hillary lost. >> it is ridiculous. they said they were on a trip overseas and when they found out about the election they almost canceled their trip. almost. instead they were like, screw it. can sell christmas for everyone else. >> howie heat can you get? they were on a bullet train and watching the elections on their smartphones. >> they near he spilled their cocktails. >> i read more about it and they said they hired nude male models to be wearing nothing but red, white and blue body paint. i feel bad for them. >> it was a huge let down.
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that's why my nieces and nephews can't get gifts. >> i found that offensive. only male models wearing body painted stars and stripes? do you assume everybody likes that and everybody is on your side in politics? >> if i am correct it is two gay gentlemen who run the firm, right? >> a p are r firm? >> i think he destroyed much of the republican party and he is continuing to destroy parties. could i couldn't they -- they could have a mourning party. >> i am confused. was it a holiday party or election party. >> it was a holiday/election party was canceled. it was a little pre sum --
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pre sum shoe us with to assume your office has the same mitt cal views. i will invite everybody to the catholic church. it is all inchew city. it is all inclusive. >> they represent governor huckabee. >> they are going to keep his paycheck and represent him. >> is his band playing at the event? >> they were the other nude models. >> it is funny that you felt bad for the models that are out of work. is it because you relied on gigs like this your whole life? >> i am saying as an independent contractor i realize the importance of the holiday season. >> i only feel bad for the people who work this. they probably all have the same political views, but who likes to go to those company christmas parties anyway?
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the whole point is to get your christmas bonus and get drunk. >> you have to show up to show you are still around in the business. >> it used to be holiday party and now that it is trump it is christmas party again. >> pr execs are not the only ones freaking out. women are coping with the surprise election results by drastically changing their hair do's like cutting off six inches or going platinum. one woman who dyed her hair black explained i was like, f it. the election deadened my soul. i think i wanted to do something defiant they noted that maybe this is a compensation for not getting what we wanted in the election by changing our hair we can control the outcome. what do you think? are they looking for an excuse to do a makeover?
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>> nothing gives me more courage than a good bowl cut. it drives everything home. i think it is more powerful for a woman to be unapologetically feminine. why do you have to do something drastic and bold and give yourself a comb over. is that your feelings toward life? >> you make a good point. the one woman in the article said i am a woman. hear me roar with a bowl cut. i am not going to drop it. >> i saw the video. >> it was pornographic. >> i got 15 minutes and that's all i needed. >> the thing is they need to do something. >> nothing says strength like having a nervous break down when the see election doesn't go your way. maybe they will not look like
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the ones who lost the biggest in history. she choked harder than those people in north korea in the intro. >> i did. i shouldn't make fun of the north koreans. i am not one of the people who thinks hillary clinton blew it. i think trump won the election. >> can it be both? >> you know who could have been a winner? locks of love. let's put a positive message on this. i'm serious. >> women cut their hair and then give it to kids with kimo. that's a great idea. >> i think that would is been the stronger and more positive answer. >> i think they played into trump's hands. he has a new slogan, grab them by the page boy. >> hook, line and sinker. >> it is hard to get your hands on a page boy. >> what kind of protest is
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this? when is the last time a guy noticed a girl's haircut? >> would you notice something different about me? no, you look the same as you did yesterday. it is mott just for hazing freshmen who deserve it. it is a form of punishments at many states, but should it be? john b king, junior is calling on governors and school leaders to end student paddling which he said would be criminal assault and battery against an assault. it is legal in 22 states and more than 110,000 students were subjected to paddling in one recent school year. the education secretary is urging more supportive disciplinary practices like taking misbehaving students and burying them in bunny rabbits. >> that boy never talked back
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again. i'm surprised there was any paddling. >> i know you are old time so you like the old time stuff. >> i don't know if it works. >> i went halfway down the hall and then came back. the teacher got so mad she forbid me from going to the bathroom and i ended up peaking my pants. if you are a school teacher who can have ta happen to a 6 or 7-year-old child and look at yourself in the face you deserve the paddling. disgusting human beings and that's who needs the beatings and our schools and thas -- that's how you solve the brutality problem. stop the cops from beating up these teachers. >> you just outed her after 30 years. >> she was a miss, right? maybe she is married with a different last name. >> she better be on the run. >> you wet your pants at a later date?
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>> she wouldn't let me go to the bathroom from now on. >> oh, i thought you held it for months. >> katie, paddling. >> i was thinking to myself, what a range, a spectrum we have of kids getting cuddly dogs and the play-doh events and safe spaces. paddling still happens? >> i don't think it is the same one. >> is this the same school? there is a range of emotions i can't keep up with. >> i didn't get paddled. our teachers would push us around a little bit. what about you? >> the important thing is the therapy is working for you. i didn't know corporal punishment was allowed. one of these states is florida. that's the state where the
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teachers are sleeping with the students. is this abuse or fore play? i don't know. >> you perked up at that, michael. some consider it fore play. >> i was excited to hear this was legal in some states. >> maybe you need to teach the kayaking class. i think it is interesting that we are talking about this at the younger age, but as you mention as the children get older they seem to be regressing because once they head off to college, that's when they seem to need the petting ft soft animal -- petting of the soft animals. it didn't improve kevin bacon's attitude in "animal house." >> that's right. i don't think -- the kids getting paddled are not going off to the ivy league schools with the sensitive care. the kids who get paddled, they
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are going to trade school. >> then they join a frat to work out these various homo-aggressive things instilled in them. >> they nurn into like little ivy league prison -- >> the whole idea in this conversation is -- >> miss yager, turn off the tv. >> livelong and prosper? not if you are a woman. that's coming up when we return.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez in new york. the murder trial of dylann roof is set to resume this morning in a south carolina courtroom. roof is accused of gunning
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down nine people. they opened the case by saying he fired the handgun more than 70 times, 60 shots. prosecutors say he was trying to insight a race war. the recount of votes is over. the same federal judge who ordered the statewide recount put an end to it according -- in accordance with the michigan court ruling. the recount was initiated by jill stein. she finished a distant fourth in the race and they ruled that she has no legal right to request a recount. they are appealing to the michigan supreme court. and word from south korea this morning that the parliament there has now formally interest interest -- introduced an impeachment movement. this sets the stage for an impeachment on friday. they allowed a corrupt confidant to extort businesses. congress sent president obama a bipartisan bill.
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speeding government drug approvals and bolstering research on cancer and other diseases. it is part of a final deluge of legislation for the 114th congress which is scheduled to adjourn on friday. the president vowed to sign the measure. leaders in oakland, california are now looking into strengthening their city's regulations for smoke alarms and building exits. this follows the tragic fire that killed 36 during a dance party last weekend. investigators say there were people living in the cluttered warehouse even though it was not zoned for residency. more charges may be coming. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "red eye" for all of your headlines log on to if you are like me and most of america you have been banging your head against the wall to figure out a way to get women involved in stem careers, science, technology, engineering and marketing.
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the professor of jiek -- psychology at the university of washington said no more captain kirk jokes. she took a computer science class and they peppered it with star trek jokes and other male oriented pop culture references. they went on with their discussions and went on to become engineers and girls turned to social sciences and medicine. i know how she feels. in college the psych professor wouldn't shut up about "mad about you." she conducted a study with engineering and physics and found when high school girls see star trek posters in a computer science classroom they are less interested than taking it. girls still opt out. it is only when an alternate image is presented by replacing geeky objects with
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art and nature posters. so that's all women need. it is a make over to spruce up the computer lab. stop talking about dungeons and dragons. whatever works. joe, you are our sexism expert. what do you think? is it nature or nurture? >> i think it is funny she had a bad experience in high school. imagine holding a school grudge that long. imagine carrying that torch. first of all if she thinks star trek posters will be the most awkward interaction women will have with guys in the stem field she's dreaming. if that's what is keeping women out of these fields, this is nonsense. you can't have everything be completed cal law --
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callibrated to what you wish and want. you don't have men saying we need more laser battles and car crashes and chick flicks because we don't care about that stuff. it is a great idea. we don't insist that be done to make -- well make it better for us. if you are a woman who is interested in these fields, then go and do it. there is a difference between people preventing you from doing it, but we need to roll out red carpet and throw rows, but please be an engineer. you have choice. you know what women have? choices. >> i bet you have been in a couple of computer science classes in your day. >> i am always trying to impress tv's andy levey. stem stands for science technology, engineering and math and not marketing. >> oh, it is math. >> further and maybe more important, i have my degree in information technology and i was the only girl in pretty much all of my classes. a, this is not true.
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>> there is not star trek posters all over the walls ? >> here is the problem. there is all of this core curriculum going on and kids are not exposed at a younger age that you can build an app and put a rocket to the moon. you can visit mars. show kids and girls especially what they can do with science, technology and math and mottle them they should go into coding and computers. that means nothing. how about go into an awesome career. >> they need to be marketing better then. >> well played. >> if these women are being scared away by aesthetics, doesn't that mean anything? >> have you seen these guys? no wonder they hate the star trek jokes. it is nature versus measure tour -- it is nature versus nurture. historically they are the
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genius es. this is something that if you are a woman who has an interest in stem you will have watched star trek going up. >> i never watched star trek going up. >> i get it. he is saying in general. are you a genius or a a moron? jie i love that they -- >> i love that they refer to the culture like a dominant masculine tee. >> it is not dominance. >> all of that testosterone. >> it is not us using star strength to keep you out. there is no guy in the world would say i would love to go out would you, cindy, but have i to go and play dungeons and tag -- dragons.
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>> didn't we play d and d? >> i was kicked out of the dungeons and dragons club. that's how nerdy i was. >> they drove me from the public library. >> what did you do? did you have behavior problems? >> i thought oh monsters and wizards. then i got there and i thought wait a minute. this is math. this is not cool. are putting curses on people. >> please, if anything they are low on charisma points. >> you have to wait. you can't do curses on level one and two. coming up, we journey to the land of levey. half time is next. and a brand gnaw episode of the pod coast is available. go to
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welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed in the "red eye" news deck. trump is "time" magazine's person of the year? you get this guy elected and he is person of the year? the real lesson is trump has made the media bow down because they knew he didn't want to pick him. making person of the year is not an endorsement, but i believe they already had one of these written for hillary. she clearly whoa have been
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president of the year. >> and would have deserved it. >> i am guessing it would have been nicer than the piece that was written for trump. >> and the furniture would have been more modern. >> winning the presidential election? big deal? >> there is no doubt. instead we barely remember who she was. i agree that the horn thing is a design oddity that happens all the time. my only question would be that knowing that wouldn't you think time would be more careful because it has happened before. maybe it is a feature and not a bug. it appears those the biggest devil horns you said if there was a hidden message it would
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is to be more subtle. if you turn it upside down hidden in the chair in like the upholstrey are the words "bleep [electoral college. it could be a coincidence. >> pr firm cancels the holiday party. they were on a bullet train following along on their iphone he said i thought of cutting the trip short. >> i thought of something. you said most guys in pr are gay. >> the ones who own the companies. >> i was going say you are correct. >> i always wait for you to criticize me. >> katie, you asked if this was a holiday party or
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election party. >> this was never a holiday party. this was a clinton is president peter. >> and you said it was pre sum presumptuous to assume that all employees share their sentiments. he said he wasn't worried about blow backs. everyone gets where we are coming from. he did not care. >> post election haircuts. nothing says strength more than having a break down because your candidate lost. we talked about a woman who
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can't go on diabetes because trump won. >> she can't go on dates because nobody wants to hear her yapp. i went on a date and she said are you a trump supporter? >> katie, i feel like you don't like bowl cuts. >> i am wide open. it is not for me, but it is bold and drastic. it is like the comb over and you have to make it drastic. i wasn't putting anyone down. that wasn't my intention. >> you said a guy doesn't notice when a girl gets a haircut. >> it is a point of reference. >> it is repeating.
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>> they are calling for an end to paddling. you said those getting paddling are not going to ivy league schools. they are going to the trade schools. elitist much? >> look at you. >> i would imagine, tom, that it is possible that someone might misbehave in school and then go to a top tear college -- top pier college -- top tier college. shame on you and your elitist friends. paddling has been linked to negative outcomes. what if a teacher wants to blow off some steam? where are the paddles being made?
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>> excellent point. >> and where are they being kept? >> they are prominently displayed. >> they are on the wall. a little raw hide. >> in a fraternity? >> i guess. star trek jokes are making it uncomfortable for women. she writes it is only when an alternate image of computer design is presented and art and nature posters they become interested in. maybe they are interested in art and nature and not computer science. >> that's a different class. maybe if they could acclimate themselves to star trek posters and instead of crying in a heap and getting new haircuts they may be advancing the cause of women better instead of being whine knee bozos. >> star trek tar wars thing -- the star trek, "star wars"
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thing you tried to do? >> yes. >> that's a wookie mistake. i tweeted something like that four years ago. and lastly i am with you with dungeons and dragons. they are like the video game without the video. the guy says you are entering -- really? i am? >> you weren't entering kidly. >> i am gone. coming up, high heels are extent. jurassic park footwear after the break.
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good morning and live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez in new york. thousands are turning out in hawaii to mark the 75th anniversary of the japanese attack on pearl harbor. the ceremony was held directly across the harbor from the final resting place of the battleship uss arizona that went down with 1177 officers and crew on board. they brought the crowd to its feet. >> you can bet the men and women we honor today and those who died that fateful morning 75 years ago never took a knee and never failed to stand when
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they heard our national anthem being made. [applause and cheers]. >> president-elect donald trump moving to fill another high level post in his administration. mr. trump reportedly picking lieutenant general john kelly to head the department of security. he was the head of the u.s. southern command and served three tours in iraq. he is the highest ranking officer to have lost a child in combat. he was killed in afghanistan six years ago. the death toll from wednesday's earth quiek in indonesia continues to rise. disaster officials say it is up to 102. they caution it could go higher even though one person is still listed as missing. search and rescue crews are going through the rubble, but being hampered by power blackouts and rain. the dow jones industrial and
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s&p 500 and stock prices moving higher in japan. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "red eye." when jurassic world came outlast year, many wondered why he spends the whole movie running away from dinosaurs wearing heels. it was strange, dare i say, and sexist. her impractical footwear was a source of controversey. this was also the fact that all of the dinosaurs were female and their trainers were male. they at least fixed the footwear problem. jurassic world said they are co-writing the next installment says the image of
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boots said see you soon bryce howard. this was really big. this was a really big issue. were you offended by a woman running in heels? >> did you go to the theater and watch jurassic world? i have to say that's all i could focus on. it is like playing the avalanche flock game. you thought at any point she is running from dinosaurs. she might, might take off the heels. this happened the whole movie. like it was maddening. by the way, howard said she never intended to go to the jungle in flats. kick them off. >> that has its own problem. >> you would be three times as fast, heaven forbid. >> she defended it. she doesn't have to be in men's wear and flats to out run a t rex. that's what women can do.
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>> [applause]. >> they can run in heels. >> what they need to do is put posters of boots in these computer labs and other things women like and they will solve the problem overnight. and why does the woman can't -- have to hate the dinosaurs? what, she can't be a paleontologist? >> laura dern was in that wonderful combination in the first. >> the one thing i look forward to is realism. you can out run something the speed of a car, but it depends on the footwear. >> they are always returning from the dinosaurs when they would just be caught and eaten. >> it is not enough. i want the meal leads to be in heels. i want them to say oh my god, he is so brave. maybe because he is running from a dinosaur. maybe because he is in heels. i thought it was -- he caught
12:48 am
my eye. it was distracting to me and i am no feminist. >> i assumed they are the easy spirit heels because i remember the commercial where the women playing basketball. >> do you remember this commercial? >> i thought it was interesting it says actual game. i had uh hot of money on this. it says actual game played in easy spirit heels. >> they are getting ready to run like you would never believe. >> i have seen too many monster movies where the woman trips. then you say i am empowering you, baby. later. the guy takes a chick and
12:49 am
shoves her to the zombie to get more time. even the zombies are like, i didn't know you could do that. >> i was distracted by that. uh loft ladies in heels. >> the greatest gift of all time is after the break.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye," anthony cumia and ben kissel. get along little doggie. the item on every cowboy and cow girl's christmas list. roll em out raw hide. >> it is a fun sad -- saddle that fits your dad just right. now you can have a pony ride just right. don't worry, mom. you can pony up too. put on the velcro straps and kneel down.
12:54 am
>> no more ripped collars and no more stretched shirts and no more broken jewelry. it is time to play with your kids again. >> it is time to play with your kids again. i don't like those ripped collars. do you? >> this is a great toy. i think everyone should have it under the christmas tree. i don't have kids of my own which makes it strange. why are they showing pictures of ivanka and donald trump? >> it is a daddy saddle. i don't like where halfway through the commercial they say it is great for moms too. i don't think so. it is a daddy saddle. >> that was invented by michael jackson. you can call him daddy, but you don't have to be a daddy.
12:55 am
>> they have been around for years. they will ride daddy anyway, so why not have a saddle. >> who ever invented this is on bath salts. maybe the next version, the version 2.0 will have an ipad on it. >> the whole thing is weird to me. i am out. i have nothing to contribute. >> it is a daddy saddle. >> before everybody is perving out i thought it was a cute commercial, notwithstanding the fat. i'm with you that they had to say it is for mommy. you are not running in heels, but throwing on a daddy saddle? >> what are the gifts -- what are we getting for the holidays? what do you need? i have a website and there are
12:56 am
300 options. >> do you get a percent testimonying -- a percentage from the gifts? >> drones augmented reality. there is actually a pony saddle and it does not involve an adult. >> it is a daddy saddle for when you don't have a daddy. >> is it real? >> it's real. >> does it work? >> the who's your daddy. >> that is somebody made in indiana. >> christmas has been ruined, man. >> it is hillary's fault. >> even if hillary was elected they would be selling like hotcakes. that does it for me. i'm tom shillue. we have 10 seconds left.
12:57 am
if i climb down here do you want to get on the saddle? >> come on, get on there. >> ya!
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as donald trump names a trio of top advisers, apparently including another general, the democrats are backing down from a fight over one of them. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm james rosen in for bret baier. where donald trump boasted of knowing more than the generals, tonight as president-elect he is surrounding himself with retired military leaders, with all indications that he is planning to name a third general for a key position in his administration. this occurs as "time" names mr. trump its person of the year. c correspondent peter doocy


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